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I’d rather like a female villain character that has a well written story and much intimidating to the audience (such as the ones below, but it depends on you if they are annoying or not) than a female villain character whom the canon must force me to love because she has “a sad backstory” and just stated to be “intimidating” when she’s actually making me wanting to shake her head like a maracca due to immeasurable amount of anger.


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What your X-Men Crush says about you:
Logan: You have daddy issues
Scott: You desperately want this man to get the therapy he needs.
Jean: You have mommy issues
Ororo: You have a taste for women who are better than you in every conceivable way, and you are aware of this.
Warren: You want sugar, hold the daddy
Kitty: Your type is 'the girl next door'
Rogue: You just want someone who seasons their food
Piotr: You saw the ‘non-threatening’ part of the Himbo description and went nuts huh
Charles: Either you’re in it for James McAvoy or you have a crush on Picard. Both are valid
Hank: You like your men well-read and just on the side of cultured... Or you’re a furry. Maybe both.
Kurt: You have acquired a taste for ✨sexy Catholicism✨
Emma: When you say “step on me mommy”, it’s unironically.
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It’s Emma Frost’s World and We’re All Just Living In It 

by nickyxy

Summary: Peter’s worst fear has come alive when Dr. Cho assigns Emma Frost, the most popular girl in school, as his new AP Chemistry lab partner. Emma shows Peter a side of Midtown High that he didn’t even know existed along with a way for Peter to talk to his ultimate crush, Bucky Barnes.

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hi y’all!! here’s yet another hs au from yours truly. doing somethin a little different this time and trying to put some new characters in the mix. don’t worry tho…. there will be lots of winterspider content next chap… 

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Laura Kinney, after being an out trans woman for a bit: "I love being a woman but I find femininity stressful to preform."
Gambit, cis dude trying his best: "Maybe you just need time to adjust?"
Emma Frost, proud trans woman, carrying a large amount of fine suits, flannels, and other types of clothing for Laura: "Darling, you are a butch woman. Lots of trans woman are. I have bought you a new wardrobe."
Laura, dumbfounded at the act of kindness: "Would it be weird if I call you mom now?"
Emma, expecting this: "Not at all dear"
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