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#emma is so good

This is delightful. The tired servants. Eccentric dad. The whole classic regency romance movie thing but with a more historically accurate twist. What we would consider underwear? Nah fam. Drawers? In maybe 20 years or so. This is chemise, petticoats & pussy out times my dudes.

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Paulkins with A please 馃ズ

ngl i took a lot of artistic liberties bc im not. 100% on whats goin on in the pose shdfk mayb im dumb!! anyway i took it and made it sad im sorry :(( 

sometimes you jus gotta hold ur half-possessed bf while he sings to you………………

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why yes i do think of dumb elaborate headcanons that have the sole purpose of having jevil and seam reunite amicably bc the idea of them having a reunion that isnt happy makes me very sad, also i didnt feel like typing this all up again so here are some screenshots

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How many kids do you want to have in the future?

Yeah… I imagine Norman being immensely happy just from getting together with the one he loves (thus the number won’t matter) while Emma wanting to have a big family 

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