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Any Suggestions?

I would like to learn Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, but it all seems way way too difficult to me since I have no Asian background. It looks complicated, so I might need to learn for kids level. Which ones do you recommend I use and what language should I try first? Thanks! 😁👍🏼

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My current shelf: it’s birdy, bookish, colourful, and entirely me c: Had a mock MCQ thingy today that went pretty well, and I’m currently studying while enjoying the raindrops against my window and some good old Taylor Swift. 

Life’s a bitch, or so I’ve learnt. From my fundraiser being cancelled to disagreements here and there with friends, I will say that life is also one wonderful gal if you handle her well through her low points. The sun will come out eventually, but the rain can be pretty beautiful if you pause through all the chaos to look at it. 

I hope you’ve all been having a fabulous week <3 

♫ Come In With The Rain - Taylor Swift

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Felt very productive today! My mom and I cleaned the house, well most of it… Then we went to Goodwill to donate a lot, and I mean a lot of things we don’t use or need anymore. The workers that helped us unload were so fast! We tried to do other things, but we’re worn out. Now time for rest!!

100 Days of Productivity sheet is from @emmastudies 

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It’s my first day back at university tomorrow after winter break, so I decided to spring clean my iPad, ready for the new semester to start. I do all of my planning and take all of my college notes on my iPad 2, using Goodnotes (I know, original.)

I am honestly SO obsessed with @emmastudies digital planners and wallpapers.  I always set a new wallpaper for the month on my iPad and laptop, I try to keep the same theme on both. It’s kind of the only continuity I have control of in my life. Midwives don’t really have very much control over much. I mean we’re at the whim of yet-to-be-born babies.

I love having my wallpaper be an overview of the monthly calendar. It just looks so damn ORGANIZED! Ha.

As you can see I don’t have many apps on that first page. Everything is shoved away in folders. Kind of like how it is in my real life. Like I said - continuity. ;)

Good luck to everyone starting a new semester this month!

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I promised that I would do some shout-outs of my favourite blogs as part of my 300 follower celebration so here are just a few of my absolute favourites. I’m like 90% sure I’ve definitely forgotten some people so I might do a part 2 of this later in the week! 

@emmastudies - of course everyone probably knows and loves Emma but she’s honestly been such a huge inspiration for me with this blog so I had to mention her!

@ingenuestudies their icon is absolutely adorable and I love everything they post.

@adelinestudiess another big studyblr account but yet another huge inspiration!

@stillstudies such a minimalist aesthetic but I absolutely adore it!

@problematicprocrastinator as a fellow student and writer I can relate so hard to her blog and I love everything she posts!

@piiess yet another blog with a gorgeous minimalist aesthetic but Pat also continues to be inspiration to me constantly.

@athenastudying Meike was one of the first blogs I ever followed on here and I adore everything she posts! Yet another inspiration.

@tbhstudying because her videos are incredible and I watch them religiously.

@studyquill another person who’s videos I am addicted to and her icon is perfect.


@z-oologystudy because she’s my best friend and honestly I probably would never have started this blog if not for her.

Every person on this list is an inspiration and is amazing. Without this lot I would not be the studyblr I am today so thank you all! 

I’m also doing blog rates as part of my celebration, check out the rules here!

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Hi #studyblr world. My name is Lynn, and welcome to my newbie studyblr page! I’m currently an accounting major - about to graduate hopefully in December. I created this blog so I could improve my study habits and to  prevent myself from taking it too easy before I graduate. Fyi: I’m a PRO-crastinator. I don’t know how I made it through college with the current study habits I have right now. But I just know it’s not the kind of student I want to be for the rest of my life.  Lol. After I graduate I plan on studying for the CPA, maybe apply for grad school, and hopefully find a good job. Hopefully through by committing to this blog, I’ll be able to navigate through life a little easier lol. :) 

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