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100 Days Of Productivity - 38/100 and 39/100 Completed

The weekend was incredibly relaxed and that meant that I decided to take some time away from the Internet in order to enjoy some time with my family before I start getting assessments to complete. On Saturday I spent the day shopping with my parents. Whilst we were out shopping (following government guidelines) we went for some lunch together. Over lunch my dad asked me what modules I’m studying this semester, if I’m enjoying them, how useful they are, if we’re preparing for our dissertations already and what I want to do once I graduate. It was a really wholesome experience and I’m so glad he asked me, although I think he’d have preferred a shorter answer from me!


Sunday was another relaxed day spent at home with my family. Before lunch I made sure to read the psychology articles that were left in my ‘to read’ list for the week. I use this as a way of keeping up to date with recent events in psychology and also trying to decide what I should write my dissertation about. After lunch I spent three hours watching a pre-recorded lecture and taking notes from it to prepare for a seminar I had on campus on Monday.


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Day 8 - What is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

In my humble opinion (and please don’t take that as an offense), I just love the fact that some weird and mostly introverted nerds come together on a dying plattform to talk about all the interesting stuff they are learning. :D

No, but seriously, I love the community, the super caring people on here, the support you experience and all the amazing help you get here. Most of all, all the new friends you make are worth it!

Love you all,

Nadja xx

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october 17. 2020

soo i kind of dissapeared for nearly 10 days but I just hit a bit of a slump and couldn’t do much work but i’m back (hopefully)

an update: i got an unconditiobal offer from one of the universities i applied to which was pretty amazing espeicially so quickly, it wasn’t my first choice but its still pretty amazing in my opinion!!

also i know i am very behind on the community challenge but i’m just going to keep doing it at my own pace!!

day 3 : why did you create your studyblr?

because i want to use it as a tool to motivate me and to maybe make some friends :)

day 4 : how long have you had a studyb?

i have had a few studyblrs over the year from 2016+ but this one i have had quite a few months but only started using it at the start of quarantine.

day 5 : have you ever done a challenge before?

not successfully

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100 Days Of Productivity - 35/100, 36/100 and 37/100 Completed

The past three days have been incredibly relaxed and have allowed me to have time to reorganise my brain in order to process all the changes that keep happening in the world right now. On Wednesday I had a relaxed day at home finishing some lecture notes. In the afternoon I had some free time so I spent it learning more Korean on Duolingo and now I have finished Alphabet and Alphabet 3 (I’m still working my way through Alphabet 2)! I want to at least finish the Alphabet section and some of the basics and phrases by the end of the month because I’ve only been studying Korean for 20 days and I’m really enjoying it.


Thursday was another relaxed day spent at home preparing for the in-person seminar I had on the afternoon. I spent the morning reading through my lecture notes in order to refresh myself and this helped me prepare for the lecture recap quiz we do in the in-person seminars for my Conducting Research in Psychology module. Whilst in the seminar we got told we could do the work at our own pace or we could all do it together so I chose to work at my own pace. I managed to get all of the necessary work done about 10 minutes before everyone else so I started making notes from the seminar slides.


Yesterday was another relaxed day at home which was spent preparing for next week and making sure I had downloaded all of the materials I need for my lectures and seminars next week. During the process of doing that I also caught up with my emails whilst listening to some podcasts. After I had finished that I had nothing else planned so I decided to give myself some time to play Animal Crossing. Two hours after I started playing Animal Crossing I decided to create a list of extra curricular activities I might be interested in participating in like taking a sketch note course, going on walks more often or getting back into painting.

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Hello studyblr community!!

I just thought maybe I should introduce myself ( not that it particularly matters but we move )

- My name is Aynaz, I’m 19 (almost 20)

- I’m a second year medical student

- I’m a Capricorn (I love reading horoscopes)

- I’m interested in cardiology, orthopaedics and acute medicine currently

- I live in the UK

- I don’t have lots of hobbies but I guess I love reading books, particularly young adult fantasy 😍😍 and watching kdramas

I’d love to get to know more people! Please like or reblog this if you’re an active studyblr so I can check you out and follow you :)

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𝕆𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟜𝕥𝕙, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘

31/100 days of productivity

I have reached the one month mark! (yay me!) Anyways, I hope you have a great day! 🧡
  • Read Don Quixote
  • Listened to German podcasts on Spotify (erklär mir die Welt, coffee break German)
  • Went for a walk
  • Undusted the book shelves
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100 Days Of Productivity - 33/100 and 34/100 Completed

Monday was a relaxed day spent at home and attending an in-person seminar. I spent the morning at home doing some preparation for the week ahead. It was incredibly cold when I got onto campus for my seminar so I decided to sit in a café and get some lunch whilst also reviewing my lecture notes. The seminar was about crowd behaviour and the bystander effect which was incredibly interesting and showed how people act when in crowds and how they respond to emergencies.


Yesterday was a relaxed day spent at home taking part in an online seminar and doing some readings for lectures and seminars I have later in the week. The online seminar was about happiness and optimism and the affect they can have on people’s lives. The rest of the day was then spent organising how I will spend my free time this week, mainly trying to figure out when I can take part in the online lessons (pre-recorded lectures about how to write a dissertation) that aren’t as important as my lectures and seminars. This allowed me an opportunity to organise what notes I need to make and how much reading I need to do over the next week.

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𝕆𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝟙𝟚𝕥𝕙, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘

29/100 days of productivity

A pre-study pic and a wallpaper I made! Happy Monday! 🧡🎃 (the stickers and pictures (and other content) I use to make wallpapers are not mine, credits to the original owners)
  • Studied German duolingo + textbook (reading text samples + Verbzusätze, die trennbar und untrennbar sind)
  • Listened to German podcasts on Spotify (news in slow German, coffee break German)
  • Visited my favorite breakfast café
  • Cleaned the attic
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100 Days Of Productivity - 31/100 and 32/100 Completed

The past two days were incredibly relaxed and provided me the opportunity to relieve some stress. On Saturday I went on a day out with my parents and it was such a brilliant day. I regret not wearing warmer clothes though because it was really cold! After I got home I read some psychology articles whilst eating pizza and listening to BTS.


Yesterday was another relaxed day and I got up at 6:30am to prepare for BTS’ ON:E concert that was starting at 8am. The concert was amazing and I cried a lot because it was my first time watching them perform live and not within a pre-recorded performance. After the concert ended I went downstairs and my dad said he was making spaghetti bolognese for lunch! I started taking some lecture notes after I had finished lunch but I really wish I had started taking them earlier because I still have some left to finish.


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New Studyblr Alert!

Is this me procrastinating from doing work? Lets call it productive procrastination hehe

Hi, I’m Chi-chi! 

About me:

  • First generation Nigerian American
  • First Year Osteopathic Medical Student (OMS I)
  • Future Ob/Gyn


  • Everything Afrobeats
  • Working Out
  • Dancing (mostly Afrobeats and Konpa)
  • Anime and Manga lover
  • Studying 

Why make a studyblr?

  • I love the studyblr community so I decided to come and add a little color as a POC student
  • To share my experience with applying to medical school as a non-traditional student
  • To share my experience navigating the world as a twenty something POC woman
  • More study motivation as I get unmotivated like you wouldn’t believe lol
  • To meet new friends! So don’t hesitate to send me asks, messages or any other way to interact :)

Inspired by

I’m so excited to have finally joined the studyblr community! 

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10/10/2020 20:33

Day 12 - How much time do you spend on studyblr per day on average?

Not much, less than an hour a day

Day 13 - Do you have an ‘aesthetic’? If yes, what is it?

“Your aesthetic is Gay” - @guardianatlast

🎶Red Desert - 5 seconds of summer

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100 Days Of Productivity - 30/100 Completed

Yesterday was a really relaxed day spent at home playing Animal Crossing and organising myself for the week ahead. In the morning I organised my bag for next week, making sure everything I need is in there and that my iPad is charged enough. I then made sure my face mask and my student ID lanyard were with my bag so I can pick them up at the same time as my bag. Then the rest of the day was spent playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and finally finishing my pumpkin patch!

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