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#emmett is yelling
Carmel frappe and herbal tea!

already answered herbal tea!

caramel frappe- favorite video game?

ooohh! Detroit Become Human honestly! it has so many elements that i love in games- really beautiful and powerful visuals, your choices effect so much in the story, the audio design, the world building! i fuckin love it

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vanilla chai,rose hip tea,herbal tea and sparking water ?

vanilla chai- are you in love?

no (not quite yet) but am deeply in like

rose hip tea- describe your first kiss

uuuhhh awkward, in a movie theater with her mom in the seat next to me 😬

and i kissed her and was like,, oh wait i’m not a lesbian?

herbal tea- you’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?

uuhh something caramel-y or apple-y, preferably both 👀

sparkling water- describe what qualities you look for in a person

kindness, shares a similar sense of humor, loving, adventurous

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Hot chocolate and italian soda? :)

hot chocolate- are you an affectionate person?

i’m super affectionate!

italian soda- describe your dream date

we have a whole day together. you come over in the early afternoon and we start making bread in my kitchen, the kind i made earlier in the week. we let it rise, and have a late lunch on a picnic blanket i brought the grass beween the graveyard and the pond downtown. and we come home and put the loaves in the oven, trying to distract each other playing video games while the bread bakes. and we take our bread and the makings for smores outside, where i impress you by being really good at building a fire (in a fire pit, be safe). and we have bread and we talk and make smores and dance

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Hey dear, can you please chekout my blog since i’m trying to spread awareness of my sister’s condition to get help financially. I might msg you many times on different blogs but i’m trying my best to spread this post since we badly needed help. Thank you for understanding!

of course! i reblogged the post that’s on your blog, i wish you the best going forward! 💚

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dude i just followed you and πŸ‘€ but also love your posts abt stimming! reading one of them made me stim immediately lol

ahdzjzzf dude that’s so sweet, thank you sm!! i’m glad i could bring you some happy stims!

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Which mutuals tho πŸ‘€ -🐌


well one of them has known i kinda have a thing for him for while

and theres another 1 or 2…

chances are if i reblog someone’s selfie i think they’re cute 👀

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47 and 100? πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

47- honestly, what’s on your mind right now?

uuhhh i want more cake but that requires going inside and like,,getting it? also i want to stay on the porch a lil longer

100- is there anyone on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with?

oh i can def think of a few mutuals i’d love to take on a nice date 👀

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