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twilitty · a month ago
The fact that Edward was the only cullen to not have a bed in his room is so funny like I just know Emmett bullied him nonstop for that
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twilightinanotherlife · a year ago
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twilightofficial · a month ago
Emmett right before he got mauled
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kaquiche · a year ago
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ladyeliserose · a month ago
Character dorm rooms part 164:
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notafraidofstopping876 · 8 months ago
Emmett: If a British person is named shaggy does it kinda feel like being named fucky?
Carlisle: The first time I watched Scooby-Doo I was distraught
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bellas-bad-breath · 5 months ago
So like can you imagine Eddie boy getting ready for an assignment at school, looking through his bag and realising he lost all of his pens. Naturally has a break down only to find out Emmett had them the whole time and was using them as teeth to look like Diego from ice age
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enchantedpersephone · a month ago
rosalie&emmett | character thoughts
warning: heavy topics and traumas addressed Oh my goodness!! I'm so frustrated that there's not enough fanfics about Rosalie and Emmett!! Like, Come on, folks!! Do you all realize how much love, trust and patience it must have taken for them to even begin to bond like a real couple? How much pain and trauma did they have to overcome to build a strong and lasting love? This couple is full of hurt, comfort and sweet moments involving their love story! Rosalie went through pure hell as a human and Emmett was a human who always provided for and cared about his family. The two have a kind of sad way of hiding their true feelings and thoughts to show the world a more playful façade when it comes to Emmett, and an indifferent and cold façade when it comes to Rose. Their love story has so much depth and is so beautiful sad, and it's awful how s.meyer just didn't do either of them justice in the books.
Rosalie was cruelly abused by her fiancé and his friends and left in the dark alley for dead if Carlisle hadn't saved her. And every time s.meyer writes about her, it's as if she's still the daddy's pretty, frivolous little girl. Like, there's so many wrong things with her descriptions of the character and her character's backstory that I won't even begin to analyze it because I won't be able to stop pointing out the massive holes in her character build!
Anyway! Then there's Emmett, the gang's joker and airhead, but is he really? Another poorly made character build. Emmett acts as a clown for the Cullens, a life he accepted because he knew he couldn't look back after he'd been turned. However, according to the Twilight Guide, he visited his family shortly after to help them out financially for the last time, as he was the provider of the house and took care for his parents. Then Emmett is turned into a vampire and bonded by what is known as a "vampire soulmate", but Rosalie has her own traumas to overcome, and with a guy she chose but doesn't really even know him, so like, you're saying that nonsense of the Cullens mentioning to Bella that "Emmett and Rosalie have an active sex life, they're always getting married and yadda yadda yadda" was that easy and simple?
Like, literally s.meyer missed a great opportunity to give depth and credibility to his own characters, if there they had explained that before "this frivolous and clueless fact was brought up in the saga" that there were actually steps taken before that, such as a medical consultation, psychological treatment, physical and emotional support. And then, of course, yes, after "overcoming this first trauma, they were able to work on their intimate life". Because nobody jumps from A to Z without having to go step by step, man! And seriously, trauma like this is never overcome that quickly either - sometimes emotional relapses happen, along with triggers and often it has nothing to do with the current partner, sometimes it's all about little things in life that can cause triggers even more if it's not properly treated. So you can't convince me that Rosalie was cured of all her physical and emotional pain after being turned into a vampire. If that were true, she wouldn't crave vengeance, and she wouldn't want a baby and a human life after being turned. She would be a different person as a vampire; none of her human attachments, sentiments, or dreams would affect her as a vampire. So, certainly, the premise of being mentally frozen only works until the author decides so, and "minor things" like trauma and abuse have been conventionally put aside. This includes other characters with the same trouble, including humans, werewolves and vampires, such as Esme, Alice, Bella, and even Leah. Everyone suffered in some way and on some level, but their traumas were quickly handled and forgotten as the plot needed. The only one to be mentioned at least a little better, but still conventional for the plot, was Bella in New Moon. However, as I said in my Twilight Analysis, the other things she went through during the Saga were toned down and never fully addressed.
Oh, and now I should mention that Edward also has a medical degree like Carlisle? And that he has the advantage of listening to people's thoughts and yet when he saw Rosalie, he kind of preferred to run away to Denali, if I'm not mistaken, because somehow either Carlisle or Esme said their intentions of turning Rose to be Edward's mate and she just went along with that idea believing that Edward would be with her someday... Like, man, the girl is 17 years old and was abused, left for dead, then transformed for personal reasons by a third part in all this messed up plot, to then chase a vampire who didn't want anything with her...? Like, the absurdity of this narrative is colossal, I can't even! Seriously!
So, yeah, I can't take anything seriously about the way s.meyer presents Rosalie and Emmett since it always looks too personal, as if she doesn't really like the character, and honestly, she also lacks a better character construction.
And, perhaps, even a lack of empathy and a little bit of research into the brutal past she attributed to the character. Like, why make a character the victim of such horrendous abuse, be saved by Carlisle so that in time she would fill the space of companion of the boring Ed boy. And if I'm not mistaken, one of the reasons she was also changed was that she was also very beautiful, even there, dying in that alley. Like, is this real? Is it really happening? What a horrible fate befell Rosalie and Emmett, who undoubtedly deserved much better than that!
I've only read two fanfics that address this aspect of the characters that was totally ignored by the author and I swear I wish there were more fanfics like this! A lot more!
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lenoreamidala · a year ago
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emmett & rosalie: the twilight saga
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sethclearwatermybeloved · 7 months ago
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emmett cullen! requested by anon!!
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emmettslunchegg · a year ago
Alright pals it is time to pirate Midnight Sun and find out exactly what the fuck was going through Eddie Boys head when he licked Bella’s tear
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twilitty · a month ago
Do you think the Cullens would like amusement parks?
I think it depends on the Cullen. Let's discuss it!
his children (*cough cough* Emmett + Bella) use it as an excuse to bully Edward
Edward doesn't deserve that treatment. He is so good and kind and wonderful
one time watched Edward fall three stories from the top of a ride and had to run to the hospital so he could use his Doctor Influence to get him out before they tried to put an IV in him or take his pulse or something
loves to watch Reneneneneneneenenenenesme have a good time
loves to watch Emmett and Bella bonding
she doesn't know why Emmett and Bella enjoy the amusement park so much, but she's happy they're happy
loves to hear the children giggling and having a good time
loves to watch Edward die of humiliation
loves to watch Renenenneneenennenenenennenenenenenensme have a good time
goes on the kid rides with Esme so they can watch the children have fun and laugh
hell yes
he is truly chaotic
one time unbuckled Edward while on a loopty loop
that was the seventh best day of his month
one time convinced Edward to eat a corndog
one time witnessed Edward lose at every arcade game... even those scam ones.
convinced Alice that dresses are suitable amusement park attire. then watched her buy sweatpants from the park gift store and walk around with dare devil on her butt the entire time. the pants were hot pink. she was not happy.
broke those punching bags at the arcade in front of a bunch of little kids then blamed it on Edward
Edward got kicked out of the park
doesn't enjoy the rides
one time had to wear hot pink sweatpants with dare devil on the ass because Emmett convinced her she could wear a dress
one time had a vision that Edward yacked up a corndog behind a food truck... she tried to warn him but was too late
yes and no
he enjoys the excitement and feeling all of the happy emotions of the humans
there are a lot of humans... when he does go he can't go for long because he tends to get a little hungry
no, he's a killjoy
he doesn't feel like he deserves to feel happy or experience anything enjoyable (he thinks he's like satan reincarnated or whatever, we all know this) so he sits stoically
one time Emmett and Bella unlatched his buckle on a loopty loop and he fell three stories
it was humiliating
he now refuses to go on roller coasters
Only if she's going with Emmett.
not a fan of crowds or loud noises so, by default, she doesn't like it
when she and Emmett go she truly goes full chaos twins
one time helped Emmett unlatch Edwards buckle on one of the loopty loops and watched Edward fall three stories to the ground
he had to act injured to not blow their cover. had to go in an ambulance to the hospital and everything
Yeah. it makes her feel more human and she likes to feel like she has some connection to her mortal side
she will occasionally go with her school friends, and even tho it's not very scary for her (she's raised w vampires and met the Volturi at like 3 weeks/8 years old) she still pretends to be super scared
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moonice20408 · a year ago
Smeyer really wrote nothing but girlboss x malewife couples, and is too blinded by her own misogyny to see it
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ohyoudosmellgood · a year ago
that one bear in 1935:
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geriatricsloth · a year ago
brain empty except for the fact that emmett and jasper threatened to take edward out of bella's bedroom and how that would've played out
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notafraidofstopping876 · 8 months ago
Esme: What did you do at school today?
Emmett: Learned about dragons.
Esme: Your class learned about dragons?
Emmett: I learned about dragons. I don’t know what everyone else was doing.
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bellas-bad-breath · 4 months ago
Was listening to Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and came up with this 🥲
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in-the-cracks-of-light · a year ago
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The Olympic Coven — Human Days — Emmett McCarty
“Emmett didn’t hold grudges, and I probably ought to have been more grateful for his easygoing acceptance.”
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simply-ellas-stuff · a year ago
Tumblr media
Flagrant - (of something considered wrong or immoral) conspicuously or obviously offensive.
So you're telling me that Emmett and Rosalie's relationship is flagrant, but Alice and Jasper are... what? perfect?
Is Edward literally saying here that Emmett likely-had-to-help-Rose-through-sexual-assault-trauma Cullen doesn't know every single one of Rosalie's thoughts like he's a mind reader too?? That Rosalie is so self absorbed that she cares not for what Emmett (the man whose life she essentially saved, her soulmate, her vampiric mate) thinks or feels??
... Am I the only one who thinks this is wierd?? Does Edward really think so little of his siblings??
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emmettsleftnut · a year ago
I like to think Emmett and Bella have adapted to Esmes distaste for swearing by saying “mother trucker dude” to which the other will always quietly respond “that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick” none of the other Cullens have any idea what it means and get slightly more on edge each time they say it.
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