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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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#emo core

me nd my bf hav been playin a moshi monsters rewritten game which iz basically juzt moshi monsters but ai/code reuploaded :3 itz actually rlly fun!! and they say haz a lotta scene thingz with it. which i cant deny ^-^!! so if chu have sum time nd wanna play it then jus go here!!!

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I don’t think I’ve posted my guitar before. Her name is Lolly (after my childhood imaginary nightmare creature lol)it’s been my only guitar since about 7th grade. I think she looks cool imo

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Anyone live around San Diego who would maybe want to start a band after quarantine by any chance ?

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heyhey!! im lookin for sum cool outfitz nd stuff nd wanna know if u guyz have n e good site recommendationz!!! preferably cheap cuz. yknow :3

(psst. a site that ik that sellz good stuffs for cheap is punk’d image)

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hi I need new friends someone pls talk to me or ft me me

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There was a black out at my house and my assignments didn’t save so I emailed my professors and started again then the college board logged me out while I was watching the instructional video so it didn’t save yet again and I sobbed for a good 20 minutes while trying to finish my work. Somehow I’d rather have this problem from 7pm to 2 am rather than get up and go to school and cry every day.

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More and more of me keep spawning, idk what to do. We battle to the death, but every time one dies two more pop up. Any solutions welcome.

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