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#emo lol

thanks! some music im into rn is beartooth, the used, mcr, 100 gecs, injury reserve, death grips, tyler the creator, frank iero, and like idk just a bunch of emo shit

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Cut and dyed my hair. Now I look like a little girl. What are we gonna do now ? 🥺😳

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One year ago, i was kinda cute being a little emo shit

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i’m not mad you decided to hurt me. i’m barely hurt. i see you and i care about you and you don’t need to be scared of me

i’m not mad. just come back. 

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jesus christ i have no one lmao

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I feel like everyone has liked fall out boy, panic! At the disco, tøp, and green day when they were like 12-14

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I guess we all do things for each other

Walk in the rain for the sake of another

And I’ve been noticing lately

It always seems to be me

Getting too little when I’m giving too much

Guess I’m learning this big heart is nothing but a curse

When it only brings me crashing down

I’m still alone

Nobody’s around

I guess we all do things for ourselves

Only reach out when we need help

We all want our own lives until a holiday

Where we write in cards that nobody could take their place

But the envelope was sealed that day

And they saw online it your birthday

In a world where everyone puts themselves first

I’m learning this big heart is nothing but a curse

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These days idk if I’m changing for myself or just to impress the people around me

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<div> —  mr. bright side, the killers </div><span>jealousy, turning saints into the sea<br> swimming through sick lullabies<br> choking on your alibis</span>
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the lamb and the lion, all in one body,

devouring and dissolving each other,

becoming more than each could ever be on their own.

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I need you
to drive me to distraction.
I need you
to give me something
from which to run.

I need you.

Because I write best when I’m hurting,
because I make best when I’m sad.
Because words about pain
are the most satisfying ones
to carve.

I need you to unsettle
my mind,
my heart,
to remind me that I have shelter
because shelter is everything you make me crave.

I need you to drive me away
from you.
To make me forget
how much
I need you.

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It’s 4:00 am and I’m refusing sleep to watch Johnnie Gilbert and Alex Dorame

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Dust and Ashes?
more like Wake Me Up (2003) by Evanescence

“I wanna wake up now”


“Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up”

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