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emotionalhardcore · 2 days ago
Too cool for Sophie’s Floorboard? Confused by Soulseek? Want to feel like a skramz kid in the mid 00s? Or just curious to explore a BIG part of 00′s Real Emo Internet Culture? Then this post is for you!
I have, underneath the “Keep reading”, compiled my favourite emo blogspots on the internet! ENJOY!!! And please share and visit the blogs, as I put a lot of effort into this particular (and every blog put a lot of effort into their own posts)
el basurero del emo
South American emo and screamo barely gets any traction online, and that is a huge fucking bummer. I am particularly fond of most emo n’ skramz that comes out of Chile, and all the bands that are worth checking out can be found on this blog! (Asides from Tenemos Explosivos...)
The quality on the downloads are as good as it can get, it’s pretty obvious that el basurero del emo puts quality over quantity. The quality also shines in the writing, as almost all posts in the blog contain in depth information on bands. It’s in spanish so if you don’t speak it then please google translate them, as it’s really They also have released two compilations of South American emo that can be found here.
Behind “el basurero del emo” we have Enzo Raffler, mastermind behind emoviolence band “mis suenos son de tu adios”. Probably one of the people who are most involved with screamo in South America. So by all means go support him however you can!
This Endless Breath
This blogspot is specified in emo/screamo from the 00s! Lots of GREAT deep cuts for all of you who wish to get insane amounts of obscure skramz knowledge.
Just like “el basurero del emo”, this blog is not extremely active BUT This Endless Breath is quite active on their youtube channel. So if you’re iffy about downloading a whole bunch of random screamo then you’re in luck.
What makes this blog so amazing, in my opinion, is the sheer amount of obscure shit it has. If you are into the more well known side of screamo, then reading through the bands list will be mindblowing because holy shit there’s barely any mainstream stuff in here. The only bands close to more well known are Blow Up, Isodora Crane, Love Lost But Not Forgotten and Vincent Black Shadow (AND I THINK THIS SAYS A LOT!!! BECAUSE MOST OF THESE ASIDE FROM LLBNF ARE NOT KNOWN!!!)
Desperate and Lonely
Desperate and Lonely is a total classic when it comes to emo blogging. Really good quality downloads, rarely untagged files and full band discographies! Desperate and Lonely is an example of what a proper skramz blog is all about!
To adress the elephant in the room: No, I neither read nor understand russian (the language this blog is in) But with the magic of this amazing skill called common sense, the blog should not be difficult to browse through. Just don’t forget to click on “read more” so you get the whole stuff! I do wish I understood russian, as it appears that the blog, aside from writing a lot of info on the bands, also sometimes interviews the bands! I google translated the The Pine interview and trust me it’s GREAT so I think the other release should be equally good.
Angry Emo Nerd
THIS right here is my absolute favorite emo blog! Even if it no longer is active, the amount of bands it left us with is more than enough. Some stuff comes untagged and in bad quality/missing info YET it’s definitely my favorite for finding old emo.
Not too mainstream and not too obscure, Angry Emo Nerd has the perfect balance for the aspiring emo nerd! I am reminded of a line from a The Saddest Landscape song (”flipping through the record bins... it’s all a little too obscure... and im just looking for something more familiar”) Sometimes you don’t need to download screamo that is TOO obscure, personally I find it overwhelming.
Anyways! Most of the stuff you might find here can also be found on his youtube channel! If Simon B doesn’t have what you are looking for then this channel might!
drifting with the ice
Compared to all the other dusty ass skramz blogs, “drifting with the ice” is fresh and new! The blog seems to have started in April 2021 and has been pumping out pure quality screamo both in the blogspot and their youtube account since then.
Every post contains what seemingly is as much information as possible, with high quality pictures of the releases being hosted. Seriously, even if you have a hard time sitting down and reading, the sweet writing style this blog is written in makes it very fun and interesting to read through.
I haven’t visited this blog enough to say more, but it’s such a good one that it deserves to be mentioned in this list. Can’t wait to see this blog keep going!
That was all I had to share! It feels obvious but I will say it anyways: If you have the ability to support the bands then please please do it. Especially if they’re still active. Like, I doubt that some obscure 90s emo band that only released one demo tape will get economically destroyed because you downladed them off a random screamo blog. BUT if the band is relatively modern and active then all money and support can be used for the wellbeing of the band, and in return, for the wellbeing of the scene.
Let me know if there are other great blogspots you like!
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randompaw90 · 19 hours ago
i wish more ppl in the scenecore community knew abt nanbaka, i feel like the art style is very fitting for the aesthetic. plus everyones hair styles!! theyre very reminiscent of scene hair sometimes!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
theyre just very enjoyable and futamatas art is fun to see! i love her color usage so much.
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sora-no-miko · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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