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if u guys hvnt read pumpkin night , PLZ check it out

its like my favorite manga rn the gore is so good (о´∀`о)

the characters r so good too i am in luv

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my twitter is now all set up! all my art and just my art in one place for easy viewing. new art is always in the works. come over and have a look :)

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Reneissance fair but instead of everyone pretending it’s the Middle Ages or whatever we all pretend it’s the 00s. People show up in period accurate scemo outfits and one of the stalls/games is just trying to steal from a hot topic. You can watch live dramatic recreations of MySpace drama wars instead of jousting. Dahvie Vanity is in the stocks and you can pay 1 kandi to throw something at him. There are detailed sculptures to scene queens crafted entirely from monster energy cans. There’s a fourloko drinking challenge at the bar.

Tribute bands are recreating warped tours. There are scene hair/makeup/clothes tutorials. A competition for the best MySpace ends in drama over a stolen gir backpack. The scene queen of the fair is crowned and immediately trades in their tiara for 10 cans of monster tour water from 2009. Someone chugs a fucking glow stick and ends up in the hospital. Welcome to …

sceneaissance fair 2021

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i wanted to recreate this pic from before i came out but i just couldn’t understand how i was sitting

-he/it-truscum DNI-

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