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#emoji spell
mintchocolateships9 months ago
鉂o笍馃崚 i wish everyone that sees this a very sweet february 馃崚鉂o笍
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le-nora5 months ago
An emoji spell to easily manifest prosperity into one's life:
"I trust in the Universe and the wealth it has in store for me. Money falls freely into to my hands like leaves from a lush, green tree."
馃挍 to charge, reblog to cast.
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tarot-dreams12 days ago
a high energy emoji spell.
may your week have the most positive vibes.
only highs. no lows.
like to charge. reblog to cast.
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stonerfae2 months ago
馃崅mabon affirmations馃崅
馃寱 i am in balance with the universe
馃崕 i am grateful for an abundance of blessings
馃敟 this season will be filled with great experiences
馃崄 as the leaves change i change for the better
馃尀 the light i shine on others returns to me tenfold
馃Аso mote it be馃А
鉁╨ike to charge, reblog to cast鉁
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jendohi2 months ago
馃鉂旔煐愷煆 馃枍锔忦煣p煃 馃挙馃馃崹
馃崬馃枃锔忦煡 馃馃挕馃Ψ 鈽 馃枃锔 馃棷锔
馃専馃悶鉁 馃Ь馃悰馃枑馃徎 馃崚馃イ馃崉
emoji packs 鈽
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yourwitchmama4 months ago
Emoji spell to bring money and abundance into your life~
Say out loud or in your head 鈥渂lessed be!鈥 Or 鈥渕ay it be so鈥
Likes to charge, reblogs to cast
Manifestation music
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thewitchywitcha month ago
~My loved ones are illness free~
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emojispells4u3 months ago
Emoji spell to keep your loved ones safe from harm. Likes charge, reblogs cast 馃敭
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selestiaaala year ago
I attract all good fortune.
You attract luck. You are affluent. You are safe. You are loved. You are everything. All good comes your way, period.
likes to charge, reblogs to cast.
follow me if you鈥檙e feeling extra cute
blessed be, bb 馃挄鉁
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mintchocolateshipsa year ago
鈽侊笍馃嵂 i wish you a happy and safe november. it鈥檚 going to be a good month 馃嵂鈽侊笍
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In 2 months things will be completely different; everything you hoped and wished, and dreamed of having and wanting is NOW yours !
To claim it like, reblog , and to boost spell comment 11:11
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le-nora6 months ago
An emoji spell to clear away all the negative energy that is sent towards my heart and soul. With the bright, white light surrounding my body, I am Divinely protected.
馃 to charge, reblog to cast.
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lonely-witch3 months ago
Money emoji spell馃獎
Money comes to me easily and safely馃捀 The money I spent is returned to me threefold馃獌
Blessed be!
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mystiicwinter7 months ago
馃馃馃 emoji spell for a glow up 馃馃馃
I am becoming my best self. I am evolving in all aspects and I transform into my desired self. I love myself and my body, I am confident in who I am and I take care of myself. I am lucky in all aspects of my life, I achieve all of my goals and I have amazing friends. I am happy with my life which is filled with harmony and peace. Miracles and opportunities happen to me every single day.
like to charge 馃寛 reblog to cast
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cowniesa month ago
鈼 锞燂健Emoji Pack 喙 鈼 路饜⿶馃鈥嶁檧锔 虂 號-
馃崄馃馃崅. 馃崕馃崳馃ア.馃エ馃嵂馃
馃崣馃ァ馃崥. 馃嵍馃嵓馃. 馃Ц馃崬馃ギ
馃馃崢馃崰. 馃馃崶馃崸. 馃崻馃ェ馃嵁
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yourwitchmama8 months ago
Emoji spell to manifest abundance and positivity
With the most emotion, energy, and good intention as you can... Close your eyes, like to charge, and reblog to cast 馃寵
417 hz BANISH negativity music for cleansing
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thewitchywitcha month ago
~It is easy to find accurate information that I haven't encountered before~
猸怢ikes charge, reblogs cast猸
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lofijazz10 months ago
A simple emoji spell to burn the fucking stock market and hedge funds to the ground. Like to eat the rich, reblog to throw their money in a bag and disappear into the night.
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