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railytate · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Favourite moment from e3…… I can’t remember how it actually went because I’m drawing this ✨at 3am✨but this is the general vibe. Sans crowd though
But yepppppp the idea of a Laurel wreathed frond-adorned grumpy halfling pretending to be a toddler. Nancy.
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eremiie · 8 months ago
Basketball player!Eren would try to teach you how to play but if you're a little too good, he'd get super competitive and absolutely destroy you.
"Ahaha good job baby. Now give me the ball back 😁"
like he’s a sore ass loser so when you actually are doing good he gets serious with you
like this mf would deadass dunk on you and you’d fall over, like mf did you forget your 6ft??? fuckin MOVE
then when you’re on the floor he’s like “aw my poor baby im sorry,” like nah bitch move im not playing with you no more
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sleepysnk · 24 days ago
Heyyy mamas. I miss our little group 🥺🥺🥺
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a-lonely-star-gazer · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Redflower | Ruby rose | Its Also A Gun
“We’ve lost something and seen what loss can do to people.                   But if we gave up every time we lost                                                                      then we’d never be able to move forward.”
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kilruas · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie "Infinity Train" »» PV 3 
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captainofthetidesbreath · 6 months ago
This has been the Nein's week, and assuming 141 opens on their arrival at the Blooming Grove on the same day, that week is still going. 28 Brussendar was the first day of the week, and 3 Sydenstar is the last day of the week.
Tumblr media
Assuming that 141 picks up exactly at their arrival of the Blooming Grove, the week of 28 Brussendar to 3 Sydenstar has spanned 18 episodes. Making that same assumption, that 141 will in part be on the same day, 3 Sydenstar will span across 9 episodes.
2 and 3 Sydenstar is essentially a weekend; this is what Essek has been doing with his weekend, since he's only been with them since the end of episode 131.
124 progresses into the morning of 28 Brussendar shortly before the break as the Nein send the threshold crest into the Empire. It continues on through the day as they meet with Essek, and it ends the afternoon of the same day as they teleport to Nicodranas.
125 opens still on 28 Brussendar as they take an ally visitation tour through Nicodranas, Emon, and then Rexxentrum. The episode ends on the same day as they bed down at the Cobalt Soul, visited in the night by various dreams.
126 opens the morning of 29 Brussendar as Beau and Caleb examine each other for more eyes. It progresses through that day as the Nein do some shopping and speak with Astrid, and it ends that night with a date between Beau and Yasha.
127 opens the morning of 30 Brussendar. They go to speak with Astrid in the morning, then go on to the heist at Vergessen. The episode ends in the afternoon, as Caleb, Jester, and Veth are prevented from teleporting by Trent.
128 opens still on 30 Brussendar. The Nein escape to Nicodranas, and the episode continues through the afternoon for a couple of hours. It ends sometime in the late afternoon of the same day as three of the group go into the Folding Halls and the remainder of the group escapes through a Plane Shift.
129 opens still on 30 Brussendar as most of the group collects their bearings and the other three sprint for the exit in the Folding Halls. It ends on the morning of 31 Brussendar as the group returns to Zadash.
130 continues through 31 Brussendar get the families settled, do some shopping in Zadash, then find some respite at the Blooming Grove.
131 opens on 31 Brussendar as Yasha proves herself to Kord. It continues into 1 Sydenstar as the Nein leave for the outpost and end up off-target. They travel through the day, and they arrive at the outpost the morning of 2 Sydenstar. They, and Essek, leave for Aeor.
132 continues on 2 Sydenstar as they arrive at Aeor, confer with the rangers, and fight some undead frost giants at the entrance.
133 opens again on 2 Sydenstar as they fight some frost salamanders, then explore the ruins a little before setting a trap at the entrance. It progresses into 3 Sydenstar as the group desperately tries to get a long rest. It is interrupted by the Takers.
134 opens on 3 Sydenstar as they pursue Lucien and Cree, meet an Aeormaton, and finally get that long rest in the early hours of the morning.
135 opens sometime in the afternoon of 3 Sydenstar from their long rest. They continue on, get Devexian settled, acquire a heresy. They end the episode falling.
136 covers literally an hour of 3 Sydenstar at most as they touch down, discover notes on time travel, run through the knee-high water, and leap into the Astral Sea.
137 covers a couple more hours of 3 Sydenstar as the group explores Cognouza.
138 is another like two hours of 3 Sydenstar as they battle Cree, break time, free Yussa, and watch Lucien claim the aether for himself.
139 is slightly more than an hour of 3 Sydenstar as they have supper, then fight round one with Lucien.
140 is maybe an hour at most of 3 Sydenstar as they defeat Lucien and welcome Molly back among them.
141, assuming that it picks up exactly on their arrival at the Grove, will open on 3 Sydenstar.
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mendokayalways · 4 months ago
Matt rolling a 3 when the party is sneaking out of Emon has the exact same vibe as Murph rolling for lair actions in Fantasy High
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fieryartemispublications · 4 months ago
One of my favorite things about Aabria DMing within the universe of Exandria is that, as she puts it, “gets to say stuff and it’s true!”
Like the lore drop that Gilmore is a part of the secret council of Emon in ExU ep 3. Ashley looks directly at Matt and asks if they/she already knew this and Matt just shrugs. It’s really cool to see Matt get to discover his world and sides of his characters with the rest of the cast as a PLAYER. There is something magical about it because for a large part of this game, he knows about as much as the rest of the players do. He gets to learn as they do, as we do!
And you know what this means… in the future, it’s something Matt can build on in his own games.
I’m living for the cooperative storytelling.
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elliesgaymachete · a month ago
Listen I’m just saying episodes 1-2 are something new, episodes 3-10 (?) are the Briarwoods arc so feasibly episodes 11-12 that Amazon added would potentially be setting up for the second season that Amazon also picked it up for and you know what’s the next major arc after the Briarwoods so....
Chroma Conclave attack Emon in LOVM 1x12? 👀
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eremiie · 8 months ago
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sleepysnk · 7 months ago
Soldier Eren + nurse college student who is just trying to survive through bullshit. 😌😌
ugh imagine 😩 the ideas you had were just so immaculate
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grogblogging · 10 months ago
I think maybe using sadistic dming wasn’t the best choice of words on my part. It’s not the choices leading up to the encounter, it was the encounter itself that just felt wholly unbalanced. Completely benching 2 players and having your players on the verge of tears isn’t a good thing. Talisien shouldn’t have been pushed that far, because the man felt he was absolutely useless for like 2-3 hours. Being a fair but harsh dm is good, but I can’t imagine putting priority of that over my players and friends being that agitated and stressed. I couldn’t imagine making multiple of my friends be on the verge of tears or nearly ripping their hair out from frustration and still feel good about it.
so remember the chroma conclave arc? it’s one of the core parts of campaign one, starts with a bang, takes the party through several mini arcs, and culminates climatically with a brilliant victory?
in the very first episode of that arc, the party fights raishan when she lands in emon and starts killing people. and we all enjoy travis’ face when matt tells him ‘19 misses’. but imagine matt at that point went, ‘ah shit this is unbalanced, raishan is way too high-levelled for the party to fight right now, better make her weaker so it’s fair’ and the party kills raishan. and then the next time they fight a dragon matt does the same thing. and on and on. until they’ve killed all the dragons in three episodes and the whole thing is over
i’m sure that would’ve been great fun for the players in the moment, and that kind of game is totally valid if it’s the one your table wants to play. but without proper adversity, there’s nothing to overcome -- and adversity and drama is the ‘red meat’ of what the critical role table enjoys about dnd. scaling down enemies for the sake of balance would fundamentally change the story matt is trying to tell. and it wouldn’t be the tone of game, campaign, or narrative that the table wants. and sure, it might be more balanced, but it would be so at the cost of the kind of game that these people actually want to play
you’re absolutely right in that it would be wrong for a dm to prioritise their narrative or mechanical goals over the actual enjoyment of their party. but sometimes the enjoyment of the party is in the long-term experience, rather than the moment-to-moment gameplay. the critical role approach has always been to prioritise grand victories, with strong narrative payoff born of necessary struggle, over short-term empowerment
so like, i do understand what you’re saying, but i think that the assumption that this encounter with the tomb takers should’ve been ‘balanced’ is a fundamental misunderstanding. these are powerful villains. we KNOW they’re powerful villains. for them to suddenly be weakened just because the m9 made the decision to fight them far earlier than by rights they should have would not only weaken the story but also the very experience that the critical role table is trying to have
i really don’t think it’s our place to speculate about how the players at the table felt during that encounter in 123. i’ve no doubt they were stressed and frustrated, but the actual extent of that we can never know for sure, and ultimately it’s none of our business anyway. all we can do is assume that this is the kind of game they want to be playing, with long-term payoff rather than short-term empowerment -- because if it wasn’t, if they really had such fundamental issues with the way matt dm’s the game, and has been dm’ing it for years, then they simply would not be playing the game with the enthusiasm and engagement that they demonstrate every single week
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kmackatie · 3 months ago
Originally asked by @jamieylnn on this post: "84, 102, or 119 for the intimacy prompts with Shadowgast". I got around to another one of them. It's less fluff and a bit more angsty, but this is where my brain went with it.
Thanks again to @mllekurtz for taking my spaghetti-thrown-at-a-wall mess and helping turn it into an actual coherent meal. <3
request a prompt here
84 - sky watching Shadowgast, post canon established relationship, canon compliant, 2108 words, cw: brief fatalistic thoughts
Caleb stepped onto the roof, hands tucked into the pockets of his linen pants, feet bare and hair untied. He found Essek in the middle of it, lying on his back and hovering a few inches off the ground, one hand held up as he seemed to map something in the stars above.
He paused, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, taking in the sight of moonlight against Essek’s skin. The shifting, gentle light was like a caress, catching on the smattering of freckles across Essek’s cheeks, the traces of silver still lined around his eyes, and glinted off the jewellery delicately clasped to his ears. He had come out here sometime while Caleb was bathing, the bedroom empty and the open window the only indication that he hadn’t teleported away completely.
They were in Emon, Caleb visiting Allura under the pretence of collaboration in magical education when really it was an excuse for Essek to spend some time investigating some interesting dunamantic pulls he had discovered in the jungles to the south of the capital. It had been three weeks of exploring, discovering, and relaxing in the way that Essek and Caleb do, days filled with academic pursuits while taking advantage of the fact that Essek didn’t have to hide, could just be Essek. They had their Tower, though it wasn’t used much, each more content to take the time to enjoy the open air and sky above them.
But, like all things, it had to come to an end. They lingered as much as they could, on the journey back to Emon. Had slowed down the pace, spending more time in the Tower than exploring outside of it, until they couldn’t justify the delay any further and Essek teleported them back to the house they had rented.
Essek’s easy smile had become strained during their dinner, as Caleb spoke of his students and the plans he had been toying with for the next semester, answers taking longer to come when Caleb would ask for his opinion. He could recognise the signs, having seen them before, but he knew that Essek would only talk about it when he was ready to.
He stepped forward, feet scuffing intentionally against the loose dirt and pebbles. One of Essek’s ears twitched, the only indication that he had heard Caleb’s arrival. Essek continued to stare up at the sky, hand pausing in its tracing before he pulled it back. His violet eyes were shining in the low light, the stars reflected back, an endless void that Caleb could lose himself in if he looked too long.
Pausing, Caleb debated for a long moment before he eased himself down onto the ground next to Essek, groaning slightly as his muscles protested the movement. He envied Essek’s ability to hover, the rough ground was not kind on his ageing body, but it was one trick he had never quite got the hang of every time Essek had tried to teach it to him.
He stared at the skyline of Emon, Allura’s tower in the distance, a beacon on the edge of the Cloudtop district, the few lights still lit up in the houses around them. It was still, quiet, and every bit of his focus was on monitoring the small movements of the drow next to him. The stuttering rise and fall of Essek’s chest, breath ragged and uneven, hand flicking through somatic gestures and arcane runes as if by habit, all while his eyes stared at the sky above, unblinking.
It was a long moment before Essek blinked and broke the silence, his voice rough and low.
“I miss the sky. This one… this one is different. It’s not Rosohna’s sky. I did not think— I should not miss it.”
“It is not that different—”
“Except it is,” Essek cut in, voice sharp. “Rosohna’s… it isn’t a perfect match for what would be in the sky above Wildemount. It’s based off the Bright Queen’s memory of what it once was, over thousands of years ago. The sky has changed since then.”
“I wasn’t aware of that,” Caleb admitted, drawing one knee up to his chest and wrapping an arm around it, eyes still focused on Essek’s face.
“No. You had no reason to be. You weren’t there for that long… and you had more pressing concerns.”
“Fjord never did see that ceremony.”
Essek laughed hollowly. “No, he did not.”
They fell back into silence, and there was a tension there now that wasn’t there earlier. A wariness to the way Essek’s shoulders hunched ever so slightly, as if he had to brace himself for whatever was said next.
And Caleb didn’t want to ask it, didn’t want to bring it up, but he knew that if he didn’t, then this would fester and he couldn’t bear anything being a reason for Essek to stay away.
“Do you regret it?” He saw Essek flinch, a barely perceptible motion that he would have missed, hadn’t he been looking for it. He clarified, “Not… not taking it. I mean— well. Us, the Nein. We threw your plans into disarray and Jester… and me. You would not be here if not for us, you wouldn’t have had suspicion placed on you.”
“There would have been suspicion on me eventually.”
“And Shadowhand Thelyss would have had a plan for that,” he pointed out with a rueful chuckle. “Or at least, the glimmer that we saw of Shadowhand Thelyss would have, and if he was anything like Bren, well… plans upon plans.”
There was a long beat before Essek replied.
“I would not change any step that I took that led me to you—”
“I don’t doubt you on that, meine Liebe, but—”
“I don’t say that for you,” Essek snapped, holding a finger up between them while his eyes didn’t move from the sky. “Just… just let me finish.”
Caleb merely nodded, biting his lip at his instinct to respond.
“I don’t say that for you. I say it because sometimes I need to remind myself of what I have gained. I don’t… it’s not regret. Or rather, I did not know quite how much it would bite. I did not anticipate the… the vastness of it, of displacement.”
Caleb got the sense that Essek wasn’t finished, so he said nothing, just waited and watched, hands itching to reach out, to comfort and hold.
“I miss home. Not… I know I have one with you. My towers, my laboratory. I did not expect to miss it quite so much. The eternal night, the easy access… this hiding. I hate it. I hate it.”
Essek scrubbed a hand across his eyes, and Caleb’s heart ached. He knew what it was like to not be able to return to a place that he wanted to, a weight that nobody who hadn’t experienced loss understood. He lifted a hand towards Essek, but before his fingers could connect Essek flinched back, turning away from Caleb.
“Essek, Liebling.”
“No— don’t,” Essek gasped, curling in on himself. He hunched over, still somehow hovering a few inches off the floor, shoulders raised. “Don’t give me your sympathy. I bought this bed and now I have to live in it.”
Caleb could not help the way his heart clenched at that, the fondness for the jumbled saying seeping through his own pain, his own realisation that this had been brewing for far longer than he had realised. He should have seen it. Should have realised that all the times Essek snapped recently weren’t just due to the exhaustion of being in the sun, that when Essek chose to trance before Caleb had fallen asleep he did so to avoid conversation, that the times he had tracked him down to the ninth floor, the moment of vacant expression before a smile kicked in was more than just troubling thoughts. Caleb had to swallow around the lump that had formed in his own throat. There was a sudden hollowness in his stomach as he realised how much the situation was affecting Essek.
It took a moment to realise the hollow gasping sound wasn’t coming from him, that despite the swirling storm of his own emotions, his shoulders weren’t shaking and he wasn’t falling apart.
Essek was.
Essek, who had tried to hide his worries from Caleb. Essek, who had to be coaxed to state what he needed and wanted on a good day. Essek, who could command and demand his way into any room but would barely make eye contact when he truly cared about the opinion of whoever he was talking to.
This was exactly why he hadn’t said anything, why he didn’t show it. He was as bad as Caleb in his determination to carry his own burdens.
But there was something Caleb had learned, that he had an advantage on Essek in learning, and that was that burdens were immensely easier to carry when shared.
Shoving away his own guilt, carefully, ever so carefully, Caleb inched forward and placed a hand on Essek’s back. He felt Essek tense under his hand, but this time he didn’t move away. Swallowing, Caleb took that as encouragement and shifted again, hand moving across Essek’s back until his arm was wrapped around Essek’s shoulders.
Essek gasped, letting out a heartbreaking sob before leaning the tiniest bit into Caleb’s grasp.
Caleb just waited. Not demanding, and not expecting, just hoping that Essek would take the comfort offered.
Slowly, Essek turned to Caleb, fraction by fraction he shifted until his shoulder was against Caleb’s chest, his forehead tucked against Caleb, and he was sobbing into Caleb’s shirt. Caleb held him, hand moving in gentle, soothing circles on his back as he murmured in Zemnian, nonsense phrases and observations about everything he loved about Essek.
When he judged that Essek may have calmed, when the sobs became sniffles and Essek stopped clutching Caleb’s clothing like he would drown without the lifeline, Caleb leaned down and pressed a kiss into Essek’s soft curls.
He gently ran a thumb under each eye, drawing away what dampness he could as shining violet eyes blinked up at him.
“I’m so—”
“Shh, Liebling, it’s okay. There is nothing to apologise for.”
Essek’s eyes closed, as he let out a shuddering breath.
“It is okay to mourn what you had, Essek. It is okay to acknowledge what you have lost, even while you acknowledge what you have gained. One doesn’t cancel out the other. Looking back… it is not a bad thing.” He was saying it as much for Essek as he was for himself. They had always been similar, had always understood each other in a way that no one else did. It could be a crutch, could be their downfall, but instead it led to a partnership that was equal, that felt so right, like it was always meant to be. He wanted to be that support for Essek, the way Essek always was for him. “When we visited Blumenthal, and I said goodbye, you stood with me. In the T-Dock even, you would have helped me, without question. You have ever since, even when all I wanted to do was rewrite time so I could step back and do it all again.”
“It is not the same.” There was little conviction in Essek’s tone, it was barely a protest.
“No, it isn’t. But what I am saying is that it is okay to have dark days, to have days where it is all too much. That is why I am here. To remind you that you can do this, Essek. That it is worth it, that you are strong enough to get through it. And on the days where you aren’t, where you need quiet and to escape, I will be here to hold you.”
“You won’t always be here, when you’re teaching and I’m off… wherever.”
“We can both teleport, distance and time are meaningless with the right determination.”
Essek half laughed and half hiccuped, an odd choked off noise that Caleb had never heard him make before. A grin started to grow across his face as Essek looked taken aback at the noise, and it was far too cute for Caleb to let it go.
He leaned forward and kissed Essek, chapped lips pressing gently against carefully looked after ones. Drawing back, Caleb presses a second kiss to the tip of Essek’s nose, another between his eyes, his forehead.
“I love you,” murmured Essek.
Caleb smiled, shifting carefully to lie back, adjusting and holding Essek to his chest as he went.
“Come. Tell me about the differences in the stars.”
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oryms-braincell · 3 months ago
Critical Role plottwists and shocking moments
Vox Machina
Oh, Kima was right! Who would've thunk?
The last name is revealed to be "Cassandra". Oops?
Cool, Uther is making Emon a democra- WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE
Garmelie is WHO NOW?
What's my mother's name?
There's this random NPC with blonde hair, a blonde beard, shiny golden armor and an automaton that is writing a book. ...wait, usually Matt voices the NPCs.
What do you mean the resurrection ritual failed even though you rolled high?
The Mighty Nein
Where's my son?
Well, we wanted to find the guy who sold the Beacons to the Empire, and I guess we did find the guy who sold the Beacons to the Empire, can we, like, unfind him now?
My name is not Viridian.
Oh, huh, do you think Astrid had no spell slots left or...?
Sprinkle is WHO NOW?
Do you think if we hadn't been kicked out of Darktow, like, 3 minutes after arrival, we would have actually found him?
There was an attempt at an ressurection, but fate had other plans. Unfortunately, some people prefer to spit in the face of fate.
The Crown Keepers
What's your alignment? Oh, Chaotic Good? Think again, bitch.
Oh, I'm not talking to you.
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nell-le · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is that my sim in rainbow? 
A sims challenge by @hufflepuff-sim​
The idea of this challenge is to make the same sim, but in the colors of the rainbow, using every color as a the main theme of the look.
Use the tag #rainbowsim so everyone can see your creations.
Nobody tagged me, but I still want to participate in this. I chose Erin and Emon. It was pretty hard to choose male looks with particular color. 🤯
I tag everyone who wants ~
⬇ CC-list under the cut ⬇
1: Dress/Socks/Shoes
2: Dress/Sweater/Socks/Shoes
3: Dress/Shoes
4: Hat/Jumpsuit/Sweater/Shoes
5: Glass/SweaterVest/Sweater/Skirt/Socks/Shoes
6: Top/Pants/Shoes
7: Hat/Dress/Shoes
1: Hat/Earrings/Shirt/Pants/Gloves/Shoes
2: Hat/Earrings/T-Shirt/Shorts/Socks/Shoes
3: Hat/Earrings/Jumpsuit/Shoes
4: Hat/T-Shirt/Shorts/Socks/Shoes
5: Hat/Earrings/T-Shirt/Pants/Shoes
6: Jacket/Pants/Gloves/Shoes
7: Hat/Earrings/Cardigan/Pants/Shoes
Others CC: Hair 1/2/3/Mask/Poses 1/2
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utilitycaster · 7 months ago
Wizard Breakdown Tracker #3, episode 133
Greetings and salutations to the exercise I have set upon myself, which is to say deciding the relative mental stability of Wizard NPCs who have been subjected to the Mighty Nein. My intent is to do this at least until Trent Ikithon has fucked off this mortal coil and/or been thoroughly deposed and humiliated.
As a reminder Caleb Widogast is a member of the Mighty Nein and a PC and therefore excluded from these calculations. Wizards who haven’t been seen or heard from lately and about whom I don’t have anything funny to say about will not get a full blurb, but as they re-enter the main narrative so will they re-enter the list. Currently, this is the Essek Thelyss Show ft. Trent and the Volstruckers with guest appearances by Yussa and Allura.
Currently sidelined: Oremid Hass, Known Gem Wizard Hotsauce Lutefisk (I am going to reuse this stupid joke name for him until it doesn’t make me laugh at my own joke anymore, which will probably be never), Pumat Sol (who I hope is having a great day), Ludinus Da’leth (who I hope is not but in true laissez-faire rat bastard form, probably is).
Vess D wasn’t there/morning time in Eiselcross or at her job or anywhere/they snuck in and took her life/and we noticed that her spellbook’s gone and that she’s covered in red eyes.
Trent Ikithon: Okay with the caveat that it’s been a very long time since I saw the entire movie and our only update is Artagan taking a moment from his busy schedule of traveling the globe in the direction of the sun such that he is always technically day-drinking to tell Jester that Trent’s biding his time, I’m getting real Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame Frollo vibes. Except instead of Catholicism and lust, it’s nationalism and an unquenchable thirst for power and control, and also he does not feel guilty in the slightest. He’s not at Hellfire levels yet but he will get there and I am slightly disappointed that due to the constraints of a D&D game we do not get an even more fucked up version of the song Hellfire.
Conclusion: 6/10. Slowly stepping it up. Also here’s the great thing: while we know Caleb is going to come after him next, he doesn’t, and the Nein didn’t tell any world governments about the threat of the city unless you count the Tal’Dorei Council via Allura, which means for all intents and purposes they just disappeared into Eiselcross...except Trent also knows Caleb disappeared for five or six years once before and reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. If Caleb weren’t dedicated to the noble goal of ending the Volstrucker program ASAP, he could just chill for a year or so and then pull a really stellar Surprise Bitch move and maybe just get Trent’s heart to explode.
Essek Thelyss: He got a good night’s trance and weird physical affection from a giant ape Caleb and he was healed by Caduceus and he had a serious conversation with the first true peer and one of the first friends he’s ever known about how high-level wizardry may not necessarily corrupt absolutely. And, of course, soup. I mean they are about to head into a terrible battle but he’s at full health and spells and he’s a valued member of the team and his friends love him SO MUCH.
Conclusion: 5/10. There is a distinction between a breakdown and being in a very high pressure situation, and he got some nice moments of respite this week. With that said do I think that post-battle, should he survive (HE BETTER) a whole lot of anxiety will come crashing back? Yeah.
Astrid Beck: With Trent in a holding pattern he’s got to be turning up the mind games on her; I have to imagine he suspects and then she suspects that he suspects and it’s a whole mess, but I’ve said that already. But also just like, in general, I think her speech to Caleb back when he first contacted her was genuine in many ways and specifically I think she was likely to have been Trent’s New Golden Child and then suddenly that got yanked out from under her for still more mind games; I think her difference in demeanor between that meeting and the dinner was partially Trent being present, but partially her having realized in the interim that she will likely never have anything to show for two decades of pain and doing terrible things and nonstop bullshit.
Conclusion: still keeping her at 8/10 until further notice but like. Astrid’s having a bad time.
Um actually Eadwulf is the monster? The hero’s name is Grendel: Okay meanwhile here’s my totally unsupported Eadwulf headcanon of this week which is that he meanwhile always knew he was not the favorite and probably never would be and while I doubt he ever had particularly noble goals I would not be surprised if he had an exit strategy. Personally I hope he tries card-counting in that casino in Ank’harel and gets kicked out posthaste and then tries being a wizard/some kind of divine caster multiclass in Vasselheim and also gets kicked out but finally becomes like an old-school hermit figure somewhere in the woods of Issylra and Campaign 3′s party runs into him.
Conclusion: also keeping him at 4/10 until further notice.
Allura Vyesoren: It’s time to acknowledge that this episode covered a span of like...8 hours? And presuming the Nein are sort of trying to keep a normal sleep schedule, maybe, and using a comparison of Eiselcross being at a comparable time zone to say, Nicodranas, and it’s 5 hours into the night for them, and we know that around mid-day for Nicodranas was early morning for Emon...honestly she’s probably relaxing with a glass of wine. Unless Wensforth contacted her.
Conclusion: I’m going to let Allura have a good day. She’s at 2/10 because the threat of Aeor will be in the back of her mind but also she’s seen a bunch of idiots kill dragons and Vecna and they didn’t even have a wizard.
Yussa Errenis: Experiencing a great disturbance in the Astral Sea, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and then just like, kept doing that.
Conclusion: I decided to really go all out last week on the infinity jokes and left myself nothing to go on, huh. Anyway this breakdown goes to 11 (out of 10).
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bixbiboom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A tweet from Aabria Iyengar @.quiddie which reads: “Episode 3 of Exandria Unlimited is just an hour away! After meddling with ash holes, the group seeks a Runechild! Witness their glorious (and dangerous) return to Emon tonight! ✨💜✨” /end ID]
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2small-frog · 5 days ago
hehehe happy birthday @oliveid!!!! ur so very lovely and i'm so so glad to be able to call u my friend!! i hope u know i am mentally giving u a big fat hug
so! on top of your gift of avior today 🙄(/lh) i wrote u some birthday headcanons :33 i hope u have a wonderful day shawdy
character(s): david, gavin and xavier x reader
reader's pronouns: unspecified
cw: none!!
Tumblr media
his inner chef gordon ramsay comes out
this dude is using all of his cooking experience to make you an amazing birthday dinner
and he's not a baker by any means, but he knows how to follow recipes so he is also baking you a cake :3
so by the time you make it home, the table it set and candle-lit
and he's waiting for you by the door, dorky grin plastered on his normally stoic face
he completely blocks your view of the kitchen and dining room, instead instructing you to close your eyes and trust him
... sus but alright
you do as he says and let him guide you by the hand into the table
when he lets you open them, you're blown away by the image you see; a delicious looking meal, a homemade cake cooling on the countertop and a small black box on the table
he tilts your face up to look at him, "happy birthday angel. i love you so much"
this man knows how to make one (1) cake and it's marble chiffon
but he thinks it's a cute idea– using the baking skills you taught him to make your birthday cake
of course, he lets caelum help him too
he also enlisted in the help of your friends to keep you distracted for the day so he could have time to prepare
with the cake all iced and ready and your favorite meal on the stove, all that's left is your gift
a book! one that you'd read over and over but never had the hard copy
he'd seen online that the book was hitting a five-year anniversary and had a limited edition copy to celebrate
he's very nervous, really. d(a)emons don't really celebrate birthdays much past twenty and he's never cared about a human enough to actually celebrate theirs
he just wants it to be special :,)
he's been so excited to celebrate your birthday with you,, you have NO idea
this dude LOVES birthdays and giving people gifts and making people smile
it just makes him feel so warm and fuzzy inside, even more so because its you and he loves you
he tried to bake you a cake and..... let's just say he should stick to sportsball
but it's the effort that counts! he made it all from scratch– no box mix or anything! and he iced it with your favorite colors even if it looks a little wonky
and he loves giving gifts that are actually useful,, and using the pottery headcanon,,,,,
he made you a really nice vase as a present!!
and on the bottom, he engraved "happy birthday, i love you <3"
(and brought your favorite flowers to display in it, of course)
what a cutie patootie
Tumblr media
@thephantomslibrary @theodorebasmanov @cryptixmoth @sunberrybush @myanettes @oliveid @bug-likes-monsters @dangergays
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