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definegodliness · 2 days ago
Catch your every particle
As long as I breathe, I take you with me. I've given up on letting go; Alas, I love you helplessly.
Sighs that once infused my pillow No longer emanate your name, Yet my rib-cage still absolves you All the same.
I breathe, It is my only known liberty.
I will not hold my breath, Not for you, that I want you to know, But my chest must clench In restricted air flow, As I catch your Every Subatomic particle.
As long as I breathe, you Exist within me;
My every fiber longs you so...
Your love has made you Inescapable.
22-9-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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mysticalbitchhh · 2 days ago
Affirmations ✨
I am at peace.
I spend my time doing things that fulfill and enrich me.
I pour positivity into myself and others.
I radiate kindness, love, empowerment, inspiration, motivation, confidence, and genuine energy. 
I speak my mind when necessary.
I am working in my dream career. 
The people around me are uplifting, supportive, positive, emotionally intelligent and available, empathetic, kind, fun, driven, and motivating. 
I have a close circle of friends who empower and support each other. 
I am becoming more empathetic to others.
I feel at ease in any situation or conflict.
I have what it takes to achieve my goals.
I am worthy of pure love and friendship.
I am worthy of kindness.
I am worthy of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. 
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dilfbogarde · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
emotion (1966) dir. nobuhiko obayashi
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palmer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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definegodliness · 20 hours ago
Heaven unfolded
We lingered outside In silence, and I was trying to find The already known constellations To tell you of their age-old stories, But to my surprise The heavens seemed to have shape-shifted.
My eyes trailed the light globules Tracing brand-new constellations.
We looked up to the distant stars, and it Was as if They were witnessed For the very first time And each connection Sparked A new myth:
You and I in a dance As old as light.
I wanted to tell you The heavens were made for you; I wanted to speak of each saga, unfolding Before my eyes in fantasized lines Inspired by your Enrapturing aura,
But there were drunks passing by; Friends talking, and other Reminders The world existed Of more than just the two of us.
We had inched closer, magnetized, And both of our hearts Stopped At the slightest touch Of my thumb caressing your spine
Like a clandestine question Longing an answer:
Your deepest sigh.
You were so beautiful and quiet, and I -- Felt so beautiful and quiet For the first time
In love.
--- 24-9-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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nobrashfestivity · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, Emotion 1966
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curseofmxcbeth · 8 months ago
How to make yourself feel again 
Sit outside and feel sunlight on your skin. Focus on the feeling and let your imagination go free. Don’t think about what is stressing you. 
Go for a walk barefoot on the grass and breathe. 
Have a technology break and just sit. 
Drink a glass of cold water. 
Read your favourite sad book. Sit and immerse yourself in the story. 
Listen to your favourite meaningful songs. Preferably use headphones and blast it. Sing along to the lyrics and focus on the words and melodies. 
Read poetry gently. Really think about what it means. 
Sit and cry. Just let everything out. 
Reminisce the past. Think over everything. 
Write all of your thoughts and feelings down. 
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wintermaedchen17 · 3 months ago
Und vielleicht ist ab diesem Punkt einfach Schluss, vielleicht ist es jetzt Zeit sich zu verabschieden. Das einzige was uns bleibt ist dankbar zu sein, dass wir uns kannten. So sehr man sich auch an manchen Menschen festklammert, am Ende bleibt doch nur die Erinnerung und ein trauriges Lächeln.
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