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skunkbrat · a minute ago
deciding that there are a lot of things that are hazy about rogue’s childhood in her mind, one of course being her name and the other keystone being her birthday - i think when she and mystique and destiny celebrated it was on the day they adopted her, so she’s just accepted that as her birthday because whatever it actually is has been lost over the years
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kil9 · 21 minutes ago
oh my god i knew it was coming & i always thought "yea thats fine its not a big deal, he'll be fine" but now that its happening 😭😭 i make jokes but now im crying irl.... taemin i love you so much i'll miss you so mcuh !!!! 🤧 i'll wait every day & keep listening to ur music... im sorry i said mean things about u i was trying to be funny on the internet i didnt mean it !!!!!!! your music is my fav in the world and i love you so much !!!!!
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inferioritycmplx · 26 minutes ago
i just want everyone all the time at any point in any region to see byakuya hugging toko, okay-
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intermundia · 27 minutes ago
One year ago today, I published my first story.
Reflecting back on the last year is astonishing, just because of how much my life has changed. Both the act of writing, and the incredible community I've found online, have given me so much courage to do keep living and to make improvements to my life in the real world.
It's strange to me that I've gained so many followers in the last few months, who weren't here during the fall and have no idea what I'm talking about haha. I've been pretty open in the past about mental health problems, and how bad my relationship had gotten.
I had forgotten that I deserved better, and forgotten that I had anything to contribute to the world at large. People liking my stories and thinking that I had value, it makes me emotional now to even think about. Without you guys, I doubt I would have ever kicked him out.
The last year has just been a trip. 370921 words; 131247 hits; 8096 kudos. So many hilarious, kind, and brilliant messages, so many of which I failed to respond to (yet). So many hilarious, kind, and brilliant people who I now consider to be friends.
Thanks everybody, I love you all. I wanted to have a chapter done to celebrate in appreciation, but I got vaccinated yesterday and it delayed things. Worth it though!
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blairlynfox · 32 minutes ago
One thing most dont assume i would like is reading. I get it im blonde and I model, but you know what makes the world a better place? 😉 intelligence, thats my biggest turn on.
I guess you could say im a sucker for conversations that prove to be out of this world, what would you talk about if you could talk to anyone? Living or dead? 🤓
I wanna see some inner nerds 💖 someone to share an intellectual conversation with me about the universe and what makes it all work!
Is it fate? Science? Coincidence? Maybe karma?
Tumblr media
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thathcwriter · 35 minutes ago
Underrated Comfort Things
Hair washing
Whumpee admitting how scared they were/are 
Caretaker pouring out their feelings because “I thought I was gonna lose you.”
Whumpee only wanting a specific person to comfort them. 
Caretaker getting as emotional as Whumpee
Whumpee asking for something specific after being rescued
LIMITED PHYSICAL CONTACT (due to restraints, medical intervention, forced time constraints, etc)
Whumpee’s thoughts pointing out how soft/warm/gentle Caretaker's comfort is.
A moment of disbelief upon initial reunion, especially if it’s long enough for Whumpee to doubt if it’s actually happening. 
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seraphrodisiac · 54 minutes ago
i am once again asking why ppl don’t like cas. what has he ever done to you. he’s perfect
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officialhhtn · 57 minutes ago
MP3: Pro-Tee & King Saiman – Emotional Blackmailer
MP3: Pro-Tee & King Saiman – Emotional Blackmailer
Artist Name: Pro-Tee & King Saiman Featuring: None Track Title: Emotional Blackmailed Recorded: 2021 Music Country: USA Category: MP3 DOWNLOAD   Pro-Tee & King Saiman – Emotional Blackmailed Mp3 download  Pro-Tee & King Saiman comes through with another hit track tagged Emotional Blackmailed .  Download Free Audio/MP3 of the song here. Download, Stream & Listen to Pro-Tee & King Saiman –…
Tumblr media
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kangaruined · an hour ago
ok love
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crooked-smile-girl · an hour ago
Out to dinner with friends
To celebrate his majesty’s birth
Across the table leaned
The guest of honor
Half drunkingly asleep
In slurred speech he says
“I bet you liked it when those niggers raped you.”
Loud enough for everyone to hear
I just smiled
Pressed against the razors edge
Blinking away the tears
And on he carries
Airing all of my dirty secrets
For everyone to hear
While I sit somehow composed
Like stone
Afterwards going back to retrieve his forgotten wallet
The waiter sees my grief
No longer able to be kept hidden
A gentle hand place upon my shoulder
And the soft words
“You deserve better.”
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yay-depression · an hour ago
my parents and i were not a good match like personality wise. bc i was born with anxiety and hyper sensitivity to a man that thinks all emotions should be like beaten down and a woman who thinks that you need constant attention or you will die.
who decided this combo?? it was a bad combo?? my parents wanted to raise a child that was humble so they like avoid giving me super direct praise but I was born with anxiety and had just like shitty self esteem growing up so it just made me even less self-confident.
like?? my mother a slightly overbearing and nosy woman who is very emotionally loud, which is not a good combo with me, an introverted child with inherent trust issues and an over-active brain that already detects all of the emotions tenfold.
my dad?? the wreck,, is an emotionally negligent person who is absolutely awful at any kind of positive reenforcement and thinks that life is hard and instead of being upset by it you should simply ignore your emotions and get on with things. pair that with me, an emotionally starving child with incredibly low self esteem and a whole stack of mental health disorders, who feels so strongly about everything that they think they're going to burst at literally all times and is literally a target for all the shitty things people could say at school and such.
like idk what universe entity put me as the child to my parents but god did they fuck up.
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serial-update · an hour ago
Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manorama's emotional letter for Bondita
Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manorama’s emotional letter for Bondita
Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on The Episode starts with the police investigating Anirudh’s family about Manorama. Inspector blames everyone. Anirudh says you are just blaming us. Inspector says she was your wife, you all will be going to jail now. He asks constable to search the haveli and get evidences. Bondita recalls Manorama’s words.…
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literatureaesthetic · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I'm so emotional right now... we hit 10K!!!
Tumblr started off as a place for me to share my love for books. I wasn't expecting anyone to follow me, or even care about what I thought. I never would've thought that I'd reach 10 fricking K!!
This blog has become a place of comfort for me, and I'm so grateful for every one of you that follows, likes, shares, interacts or even just reads my random posts.
I hope this blog has become a safe space for you, just as it has for me. Ily 🖤
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Every gosh darn day I think about Jenna Sommers how she gave up life as a college student on campus to look after her nephew and niece when she was practically their age and she had no experience as a parent and her sister had just died and she did it anyway and she was strong and tried her best and how she was kept in the dark so much but she always tried her hardest to understand and look after Jeremy and Elena and how when she had just be turned, when she was confused and alone and absolutely terrified, her first and last choice, her dying choice, was still to save her niece Jenna is the epitome of doing what is right, not even because it's right and noble and good, but because someone has to and it looks like it's going to be her.
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ferallune · an hour ago
at first i didn’t pay much attention to stagekara kiminisasagu but now each time i hear it my heart just clenches
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lovelyincorrectbts · an hour ago
I went on twitter for half a minute and saw someone say "the galaxies couldn't all fit in felix's eyes so some of the stars spilled out and disguised themselves as freckles" so if you need me I'll be crying in this corner over here-
Tumblr media
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