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shelovesplants · 2 days ago
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My emotional support dragon❤🦎
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madrewrites · a year ago
sir please that’s my emotional support daydream
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alien-slushie-art · 15 days ago
Dolores: *overstimulated*
Mirabel: *hands her sound canceling headphones*
Camilo shifted into someone: *frowning at his reflection*
Mirabel: Camilo! *glomp* Come help me prank Isa!
Camilo, unshifting: Yes!
Luisa: *feeling overworked*
Mirabel: *hugs her* Wanna talk about it?
Julieta: *stress cooking*
Mirabel: Need some help Mama?
Isabella: *locked herself in her room because shes frustrated*
Mirabel: *slides a hand made card under the door* Love you!
Pepa: *gets stressed because shes trying not to Thunder*
Mirabel: Its okay to be upset. *hug*
Bruno: *is sad*
Mirabel: Tio Bruno wanna know what's in your future?
Bruno: What?
Mirabel: You and me sitting in that corner, watching Rat Novellas!
Antonio: Hows my gift supposed to help the village?
Mirabel: I'm not sure, so let's find out together!
Mirabel's Gift is being everyone else's rock, and seeing the best in them. It's like a sixth sense. If one of her family members is down she knows where they are and deploys helping maneuvers!
The Madrigals: This is Mirabel, our emotional support daughter/prima/sister/granddaughter!
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uhmerrylies · 4 months ago
Because if you will let things scare you without trying, you won't achieve anything.
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c-ptsdrecovery · a year ago
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seidenbros · 12 days ago
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Pusheen really loves her sleep and cuddles
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truelove-is-forever · 2 months ago
Please don't hurt my emotional support gays, they're all I have.
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citrus-selfships · 3 months ago
For selfshippers who feel bouts of sadness for no reason in particular, your f/o understands. They will be there for you. Whether you want some alone time, cuddles, a distraction, they will be more than happy to oblige. It’s always okay to feel sad, even if there’s no certain reason for it.
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eccobluu · 3 months ago
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It’s ok ✨
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congratsitsanenbaby · 6 months ago
*holds my stuffies' hand and does the thumb rub thing for emotional support*
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zoluna · a year ago
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hello, welcome to another episode of I’m Feeling Depressed So I Am Once Again Projecting On Luffy
headcanon; luffy may be calling everyone that’s emotional a crybaby, but deep down he is a crybaby himself
(and zoro is his emotional support BYEEE)
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teamfreewill56-blog · 6 months ago
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petriquartz-occultshop · 3 months ago
Friendly reminder
That you are always in control, even when you feel like you aren’t. If you are currently feeling down or defeated, remind yourself that you are on your way up, and try to view your current experience as a valuable lesson. Take this as an opportunity to grow and to be aware that life is seasonal and things are constantly changing.
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crazycatsiren · 3 months ago
Me: "I need some retail therapy."
Me: *buys a bunch of books*
Me: "I feel much better!"
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cyxnidx · a month ago
idk If this will be too much but can you do another kenma x reader? probably something like fluff- pls and ty😭
one word: YES.
We love our soft Boi. he gives the best cuddles, argue w the spirit in your house.
pairing: kenma x gn!reader
contains: validation of emotions,emotional comfort,a lot of cuddles,a movie,and food.
plot:exams are catching up to you, stressing you out your mind. Soon, kenma finds out.
I got distracted by the comfort levels so there’s a chance if you’re emotional you’ll feel this deep in your heart. i didnt shed any tears, you did.😭
Tumblr media
»»————- ♡ ————-««
“Pudding?” Kenma calls out for you, closing the door of your apartment. Though you don’t share it, he has the extra key since he usually likes to visit. Though, he expected you to come running at him due to the sound of his voice, he was greeted with complete silence.
“..Pudding?” He calls out again, placing his bag down and taking his shoes off. Quietly, he walks towards your room and notices you passed out asleep on your bed, laptop, textbooks, papers, pencils and a whole lot other stuff surrounded the small space around your body.
He’s shocked by this as he never seen your room but so dirty, even then, he hadn’t ever seen your school things basically placed any and everywhere.
He moves everything to the side, sitting on the floor in front of you. He began to poke your cheek, “Pudding..?” He whispered quietly until he heard a slight noise.
“Pudding, get up. Please?” He asked quietly. You opened your eyes, meeting his beautiful, golden orbs. “Kenma.?” You asked confused.
He watched as you sat up and looked around your room, noticing you left everything out. Messy and all. Quickly, you scrambled to your feet, rushing to pick everything up.
“I’m so sorry you had to come in and see this, I had just fallen asleep and disregarded it!-“ you panicked.
You felt hands wrap around your waist, stopping you from moving. “Calm down.” He turned you to face him. “Tell me,, what’s with the mess? You barely ever have this much out..”
“I-I’ve been studying. For exams, of course.” You explained, hence the room covered in text books and papers.
“Yeah, but..” he paused, looking at your eyes, “were you up all night?”
You began to panic. Kenma was big on your mental health and how you took care of yourself.
“No- I’ve just been tired lately, and-“
“Why’ve you been tired?” He asked. At that very moment, you knew he knew the answer. It wasn’t considered a prediction anymore.
“I-I’ve been studying til around.. 2? 3am? For the exams. I found out late and panicked so i decided to study to get myself caught up-“ he cut you off, kissing you gently.
“No need to explain yourself about it. I understand that it can be stressful, it’s been stressful for me too.” He sighed, “I haven’t been able to play my games lately, let alone see you as much as I’d want.”
He brought you into a hug, your head on his chest, hands holding you close. “That said, you don’t have to stress yourself out emotionally, or in any way for that matter.”
He looked at you, “It’s okay to take breaks, it’s okay to feel stressed out, it’s okay to not want to study. All of that is valid.”
“But if I don’t I’ll probably fail the exam—“
“If you fall asleep during the exam, you’ll fail as well. If you’re late, it’ll add more stress. When you get there and your emotional or mental state isn’t that well, you’ll get stressed even more.” He explained in a soft tone. “Baby, please. Take a few days from studying, yes?”
You looked at him, eyes watery, gloss covering them before small droplets fall down. You buried your head on his chest, small whines slowly making their way out, slowly getting louder.
“Hey, hey. Look at me.” He said, getting your attention. “Tell me. How’re you feeling at the very moment?”
He noticed you were about to start crying again, and brought you closer. “You dunno,, do you?” He guessed, taking your choked hum as a yes. “Well, let me take a couple guesses. I bet you probably have a headache. Body’s likely to be aching. Eyes droopy, emotions all fuzzy.” He paused. “Stressed for sure. From what I can tell, you haven’t been eating like you’re supposed to be. Emotional and mental stress getting to you. Doubtful thoughts and all.”
You looked up at him and nodded weakly. He smiled at you softly, “It’s okay, baby. Let’s clean this mess up and get you right, yeah?”
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Kenma helped you clean your room, talked to you for a bit. Helping you unwind, understand how you feel and all. He ran a bath for you and told you to relax while he prepared food and a movie.
When you finished your bath and got dressed, you were met by Kenma who was walking to the couch with two plates in hand.
Of which contained your favorite meal.
You looked to the screen, reading your favorite movies title. He looked at you with a genuine smile. “C’mon, pudding. Your food’ll get cold.” He said, patting a place beside him.
You jumped into the couch, smiling at him as he pressed play on the movie.
And once you both finished your food, you cuddled, continuing to watch movies. You sat in his lap, him covering you both with a comfy blanket.
You both fell asleep together, the first time you slept stress-free in a while.
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seelenbalken · 7 months ago
Sometimes your better half doesn't need you as a lover. Because love is so much more than having sex & laughing together.
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ergoiblog · 4 months ago
I’m scared of the person I’ll be once Homecha ends. It feels like home here. This show can’t end please it’s my emotional support system
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soft4hardthings · a month ago
Letterkenny but it’s funny texts
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Pt. 1/?
Inspired by @chimichangajawa​​
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eccobluu · 3 months ago
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✨Beluga buddies to keep you company✨
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gray-paladin · 5 months ago
I know Lumity is my favorite Owl House ship, but I kind of want to see a polyamorous relationship between Luz, Hunter, and Amity. Luz is already in a relationship with Amity and has great chemistry with Hunter. Or Hunter and Amity form a ‘My Abusive Parental Figure Caused Me Great Psychological Harm’ group with Luz as their emotional support.
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