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alien-slushie-art · 15 days ago
Dolores: *overstimulated*
Mirabel: *hands her sound canceling headphones*
Camilo shifted into someone: *frowning at his reflection*
Mirabel: Camilo! *glomp* Come help me prank Isa!
Camilo, unshifting: Yes!
Luisa: *feeling overworked*
Mirabel: *hugs her* Wanna talk about it?
Julieta: *stress cooking*
Mirabel: Need some help Mama?
Isabella: *locked herself in her room because shes frustrated*
Mirabel: *slides a hand made card under the door* Love you!
Pepa: *gets stressed because shes trying not to Thunder*
Mirabel: Its okay to be upset. *hug*
Bruno: *is sad*
Mirabel: Tio Bruno wanna know what's in your future?
Bruno: What?
Mirabel: You and me sitting in that corner, watching Rat Novellas!
Antonio: Hows my gift supposed to help the village?
Mirabel: I'm not sure, so let's find out together!
Mirabel's Gift is being everyone else's rock, and seeing the best in them. It's like a sixth sense. If one of her family members is down she knows where they are and deploys helping maneuvers!
The Madrigals: This is Mirabel, our emotional support daughter/prima/sister/granddaughter!
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thiscastielkinnie · 5 months ago
A shorter one but anyway. He’s a bean fight me >:^( Thomas:☕️🤨🎩📰 Rob:🥰✨🕺💅
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marlynnofmany · a month ago
Life as the Emotional Support Neurotypical can often mean being the keeper of to-do lists, an auxiliary brain. Other times it means being a bearer of light in the darkness, a hand up out of the deepest depressive hole.
And other times it’s simply being an audience for accidental comedy when things get absent-mindedly left in strange places. For years the highlight in this household was the TV remote in the pretzel box (in the pantry), but now we have a new contender: the saltshaker in the microwave.
No, it wasn’t turned on. Yes, he thinks this is just as hilarious as I do.
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kindaawesomebutnotreally · 4 months ago
Humans find out that there are all shapes and sizes of other intelligent species... But humans are the ones known for being smol. Aliens almost unanimously agree that humans are adorable and must be protected and loved. And humans are having a hard time with saying no
10' tall alien: *gasp* Little tiny!
Human: I am a highly ranked officer!
Other even taller alien: Daawww they cover themselves in so many pretty colors and shiny things.
Human: These are symbols of rank which means I should be respected and dignified!
First alien: C-... Can I hold you? 👉👈
Second alien: Please? 🥺
Human: *visibly flustered* I- erm- well-. Nnn... May-... Sh-shut f-face!
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freyagreyson · a year ago
Tumblr media
True story.
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iwouldfuckthemaster · a year ago
The Master (any of them, but I personally imagine this with Dhawan) takes you to a planet that serves as a sort of mental health getaway. Only problem is that when you two get there, you find out Humans are not allowed on the planet because they are often times "disruptive to the calming atmosphere." The Master finds a loophole and fills out some paperwork, claiming you are his emotional support human. Because of this, he has to give you a collar and keep you on a leash for the entire visit.
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vodkassassin · a year ago
I'm sitting here... trying to decide between 9 and 11... and decide to leave it to you. It's too early to think. :D
Hehe I love my son who i twisted incredibly away from any canon gave severe PTSD and Depression. I gave him an emotional support human
Snippet: Barricade didnt fight in Mission City bc he didn’t want to (transformers)
Barricade's cables tensed as Malakai wrenched open his driver-side door and slammed it shut behind her. He was still and silent when she threw herself into the leather seat and curled inward, shaking so hard he could feel it. Her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly with white knuckles, and she leaned forward to rest her forehead on the upper rim of it.
He didn’t move a single plate as they both sat there, him listening to her sob and her muttering insults at herself, asking herself why she was always so stupid.
It didn’t take a brain quicker than a quantum computer for him to realize she was blaming herself for this, and something about that made his spark contract sharply, and he was sitting in holoform in the passenger's seat beside her before either of them could blink.
Tellingly, she didn’t even notice him for about two good, long minutes. He counted.
Even then, it took him resetting his vocal output loudly before she jerked upright and stared at him with wide eyes.
“Shit,” was the first thing out of her mouth. “D-Did I just get in the wrong car?”
“No,” he told her, bewildered, watching as she whipped her head around to look at the interior of himself. Or, her car, technically.
He could see her confusion grow into alarm as she spotted all the telling signs that it wasn’t, in fact, the wrong car- the peach air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, the sheaf of papers in that battered blue folder scattered on the dashboard, the worn, pine-fresh washed throw blanket spread over the backseat. Finally, she turned back to him with fear in her eyes, and he withheld a wince despite being in holoform.
“O-Ok, why are you in my car?”
“Technically, I’m not in your car,” he told her before he could stop himself, spreading his empty light based human-looking hands to show how empty they were, out of habit.
She stared at him.
Barricade bit his lip. “Um, I am your car?”
Malakai blinked, eyebrows coming together to meet in a furrowed look, and she didn’t move from where she’d plastered herself to the door. Away from him.
Barricade resisted the urge to pout. He didn’t want her to be scared of him. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go- though, he wondered sardonically to himself, how was this supposed to go? He, basically a pure stranger, magically appearing in her car with her and telling her he’s was the car?
Primus, but Barricade was an moron.
“I’m- ” he tried again, and then sighed, stretching his hands forward instead. Action spoke louder than words, after all. She shrank back even more, impossibly, but he didn’t reach for her, instead focusing on his holoform and making his hands light up softly, and appear see-through like the light it actually was, instead of the synthetic hard light it had been.
Malakai’s eyes bugged out as she switched her stare down to his hands, and Barricade sighed.
“I know I’m basically a stranger and you have no reason to trust me,” he admitted, and her eyes darted up to search his face, “but I’m asking this anyway. Pass your hand through mine.”
“Wait,” she started, aghast. “You want me to hold your hand? Wh-“
“No?” Barricade cast her a befuddled look. “No, I don’t- Listen, just try it, ok? It’s not what you think, I promise.”
They both sat there for a moment, within his cabin, just staring at one another. Malakai’s gaze kept flitting from his lit-up hands up to his face and back again, caution in their depths. Barricade liked the expressions of humanity so much more than he’d ever cared for the emotions expressed through the electromagnetic fields that cybertronians had. Humans and their eyes and expressions and body language… it was all so much more. So much warmer. So much more present.
Neither of them said a word, and for a good few minutes, there wasn’t movement either. Barricade held his breath the whole time, even though he had no need to breath anyway.
Suddenly Malakai shifted, ever so slowly, sitting up straighter to lean in an inch, and then another. Hesitantly, she stared up at his face, into his own holoformic eyes, searching for something. When she seemed to find what she was looking for, her hand darted forward, only to stop a good distance away from his own, still outstretched palms. He gazed calmly back at her.
When nothing happened, she hesitantly reached out further and made to grasp one of his hands in hers- well, tried, at least. She gaped openly as her own limb passed harmlessly through the light particles that made up his own.
“You’re a ghost!” She shouted, and Barricade did wince at the pain the sudden high decibels sent though his audio processors. He hastily turned down their level of perception.
“I’m not!” He told her earnestly, because, what? He gestured at himself- or rather, his holoform. “I’m… well, this isn’t actually me. It’s a projection of light particles. Kind of like a hologram? I’m not actually sitting here with you right now- even though I kind of am…”
Barricade was terrible at this whole explanation thing. He should just stop.
Malakai inched forward, settling more into the leather seat and less glued to the door frame. Her face still held a trace amount of alarm, but she seemed to be less afraid at the knowledge he’s just given her, for whatever reason.
“I-If you’re not here, then where…?” She made to ask, before freezing where she sat. Her eyes grew even wider as she slowly, sloth-like, swiveled her gaze around to take in the interior of her car with new vision.
“The car…” she whispered, and then cast him an almost accusing gaze. “You said you were the car.”
Barricade took in a breath, relieved that she seemed to be getting it at last. “Yeah, that’s me.”
Malakai stared at him. “How?”
“Uh,” he blinked at her. “Well… I’m an alien species… a mech? Is that what you call us? In your fantasy stories anyway. But I’m not fantasy, I’m real.”
“You’re an alien robot?” Malakai asked him, the answer spreading across her face, as well as terror. She shrank in on herself, curling up in the seat and trying not to touch the rest of the interior as she made the realization that she was literally inside of him. “A giant alien robot?”
This time, Barricade did pout. The light vanished from his hands, re-solidifying into it’s hard state, and he crossed his arms almost petulantly. “I’m not a robot.”
The sudden absence of light made Malakai flinch slightly. The human girl glanced over at him from the corner of her eye, from where she’d been regarding the steering wheel with a strange intensity. “But you are an alien.”
“Isn’t that what I said?”
“Ok, but- then why are you here?”
Barricade looked at her, unable to articulate an answer.
She huffed, “I mean, why are… why are you my car?”
“I don’t know,” Barricade said, bemused. “You’re the one who bought me, you tell me.”
Malakai stared at him for a long minute, just long enough for Barricade to begin to feel uncomfortable - or, more uncomfortable than this conversation already was - before groaning and burying her face into her hands.
“Don’t say that,” she complained. “It makes it sounds like you’re my slave or something. Buying you… god…” the last part came out in a mutter beneath her breath, but Barricade’s audial input still picked it up.
He shifted in the faux leather seat, giving her a moment to collect herself. If it had been him Primus knows he’d have prefered he just leave him alone to think. But, well… that was a bit difficult to do, seeing as where they were sitting was, in fact, Barricade. And he wasn’t about to just shove her out and drive away. She’d been through enough tonight.
Malakai gave a long sniffle, swiping her sleeve across her eyes and leaning back in her seat with a gusty, explosive sigh. She stared sightlessly at the dashboard, and it was a good few minutes of silence before she turned her head slowly to look at his holoform.
“Since you’re, uh, my - the car,” she began quietly, expression saying that a part of her was still finding it difficult to wrap her head around that fact, “then you… you were there for… all of that. And… and pretty much everything else,” she finished, sitting back in her seat with wide eyes. “I mean… I basically take you everywhere. So… you probably saw all of that, didn’t you.”
“Yeah,” Barricade gave a delicate cough, feeling a bit sheepish as he watched a mortified blush steal across her face. “I, um…”
He paused, glancing out through the tinted windows at the building she’d rushed out of. His sensor pinged in a distant fashion, telling him that Bradford and his friends were still within the front room. He couldn’t help but glare at the entrance.
“Wanna run them over?” He asked, without intending to actually verbalize it.
Malakai stared at him.
Barricade winced, trying again, though he realized it was just digging a deeper hole, so to speak. “Crash into the storefront? They’re still there.”
“Oh my god,” she whispered.
“You just told me you’re an alien, that you’re my car, and now you say you wanna murder my boyfriend?”
Barricade bristled. “He’s not your boyfriend anymore. Or are you gonna just let him get away with how he just treated you - how he’s been treating you this whole time? And it wouldn’t be actual murder,” he complained, “just, a little… nudge.”
“Nudge,” she deadpanned. “By crashing my, you, uh - urgh!”
Barricade smothers a grin.
Malakai throws her hands up. “I’m not gonna be that chick who goes ballistic after being dumped and drives a vehicle into the front of the restaurant her suddenly-ex boyfriend is in that they talked about in tomorrow’s news story!”
For some reason, Barricade notes, she isn’t as tense as she was a minute ago when he’d revealed himself to her. Odd.
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thewrathofquietminds · a year ago
If I could offer anyone advice for writing it would be to find that person who just eggs on all the weird, crazy ideas you have no matter how bad or good they are or how flat they fall, and just keep that person around your whole life because that support means the absolute most js. Anyway happy Tuesday.
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tdp-inaccurate-quotes · 2 years ago
Some Elf: Why do you have a human with you? We kill them on sight when they cross the border.
Rayla: Excuse me? He's my emotional support human who just happens to be my boyfriend thank you very much!
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multiverse-milkman · a year ago
Ya'll get one of those life long emotional support best friends like in the movies?
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davidtennan-t · 2 years ago
The most recurring thing in these audios is that Donna always believes in the Doctor and it is the best thing ever
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marlynnofmany · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes the internet spying on me actually gives me ads I want to see.
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kindaawesomebutnotreally · a month ago
Art prompt: You’re a dragon’s emotional support human
I don’t really expect free art. Just imagine what this would look like and feel good about it :)
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rabid-catboy · 2 months ago
If your homie isn't okay with you holding onto their arm for almost an entire class period are you even really friends
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faeratil · 5 months ago
My dog is terrified of loud noises like thunder or fireworks or the low battery of a smoke detector or the broom falling over in the kitchen.
I call him my fraidy-pup.
But what does he do when he gets scared?
Crawls on top of me if I’m sitting or nuzzles his face into my side if I’m standing until I’m holding him like a baby.
I am the emotional support animal in this dynamic.
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nael-opale · a month ago
Madrigal family x hand holding
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pictures 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
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uhmerrylies · 4 months ago
Because if you will let things scare you without trying, you won't achieve anything.
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sheathandshear · 2 months ago
I’m glad that people are starting to move away from “wink wink nudge nudge he’s (always he) special but not ABNORMAL” depictions of autism/ADHD/SPD/what have you but sometimes I think people are being pressured to swing too far in the opposite direction, where if characters aren’t immediately recognizable as having this discrete diagnosis, that’s ableism and Bad Representation.
I think there’s value in writing characters who are clearly neuroatypical but in a way that’s hard to pin down, that doesn’t conform neatly to one DSM-V category or another. Neuroatypical diagnoses describe real experiences in a groupable way but they’re also not laws of nature, they’re culturally and temporally dependent. Even within the Western medical model, what’s considered absolutely “characteristic” of XYZ condition changes.
And the consequences of that often have to do with expanding those categories — understanding gendered presentation of female-socialized ADHD vs. male-socialized ADHD, for example, or racialized diagnosis of ODD vs. autism. Which is good! But I hope that we can also acknowledge that just... humans are diverse, “neuroatypical” and “neurotypical” are not neatly divided opposites, and there are a lot of people who live in cousin-y grey areas where their experience of embodiment/themselves/other people/the world overlaps but is not identical with people who meet more of the “characteristic” features of recognized defined conditions, and exploring those experiences in fiction enriches rather than detracts.
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yb-cringe · 6 months ago
The idea of joel and lizzie being married in empire smp is. Amazing. Like Joel really went to conquer this piece of land and was threatened by this half fish half axolotl monstrous aquatic queen of the sea and went “thats. can— are you single?”
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a-confused-asexual-mess · 6 months ago
Kikimora: why do you keep saving the human?? You don't even like her!
Hunter, dragging Luz to safety and kicking Kikimora's ass: OHANA, BITCH!
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