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how-much-for-a-whump · 14 hours ago
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Güllerin Savaşı 48. Bölüm
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random-fandom-whump · a day ago
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Supernatural S02E02 ↳ RFW's Favorite SPN Whump Moments
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whumpyourenemy · 7 months ago
Hidden Injury dialogue that makes my heart just stop beating
'Whose blood is that?'
'Do you know how pale you look right now?'
'You're burning up'
'You're sick'
'You can barely keep your eyes open.. When was the last time you slept?'
'Take off your shirt. Don't give me that look'
'What was that? You winced.'
'You've got to do better than that if you want to fool me'
'Walk then. Come on, walk towards me. I bet you can't even take a step'
'You're hurt'
'I know you're hurt. And I'm tired of waiting for you to bring it up'
'You can trust me' (Whumpee denies it) *Caretaker gives them a pat and leaves. The first aid kit sits in their place
'I knew it, you're sick.' 'Go away'
'I'm fine'
'Don't give me that bullshit'
'We need to get you to a medic NOW'
'I just need to rest'
Caretaker desperately shaking whumpee awake, calling their name over and over
'How could you let it get this bad?'
'I'm no use to you, injured' 'You're even less use if you're dead'
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whumpypepsigal · 11 days ago
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Stranger Things s04e03: “I can't stand to see those dull eyes of Eddie's break again. I really, really can't.”
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whumpwillow · 7 months ago
the ‘awkward villain roommate’ trope
okay let me explain. the villain has been mostly redeemed. or is at the very least, trying. they’ve given up their evil lifestyle, gone to live with the hero team, started to see the error of their ways and reflect on their past mistakes, but...it’s still awkward for them to be around everyone.
These are people they’ve hurt before. These are people the villain knows don’t trust them. Villain is pretty sure the team doesn’t even want them there.
Villain tip-toes around the house, trying to be as quiet as possible. Don’t scare anyone. Don’t be a nuisance.
The team watches their every move, waiting for the moment they’ll snap. As if they could revert back to their old ways, as if they could possibly harm the people who took them in at their lowest point when they could have killed them.
They walk into a room and the conversation comes to a dead halt. Laughter dies down. The light fades from their eyes.
Villain takes their meals and eats privately in their room from then on, not wanting to disturb the pleasant atmosphere the team has with each other. Not wanting to stand under the withering glares and wary eyes of suspicion and fear.
Villain wants to be a part of their world. Wants to be accepted. To not be seen as a ticking time bomb.
They’re trying. They just don’t know when it will ever be enough.
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whumpalicious08 · 2 months ago
Have not posted in yonks but I think an underrated whump trope is branding.
Like, the act of it is so demeaning, especially if it's a defiant/strong willed whumpee, and it has long lasting whumpy effects too.
Imagine whumpee stripped, bound and gagged, forced onto his knees and held there by whumper's lackeys. He thrashes as whumper approaches with the iron, chest heaving in and out with exertion. His eyes, defiant through everything else the bastard had put him through, are now wide with unbridled terror. He shakes his head, just once, as whumper brings the white hot branding iron to hover just below his throat. A lackey tangles his hand in whumpee's hair, pulling back painfully for a greater access angle. His desperate protests are muffled by the gag stuffed haphazardly in his mouth. Whumper meets his horrified eyes for a second, offering him a wolfish smile, before pressing down against his skin. The unadulterated agony in the scream that whumpee lets out makes whumper's skin tingle in excitement.
Imagine whumpee's wails turning into whimpers and choked gasps of pain as the iron dulls to it's normal charcoal colour, and whumper finally removes it, along with chunks of whumpee's charred flesh. Imagine him sobbing unabashedly at the acrid stench of his own skin burning, at the pain that comes over his body in waves, soaking the gag with his tears.
Imagine the recovery period, in which whumper will regularly press his fingers into the still healing wound whenever whumpee misbehaves or rebels, drawing forth a loud cry of anguish from him. Imagine whumpee breaking down, giving in and begging for whumper to release him.
And then, of course, we have the aftermath. Imagine the shame, the humiliation whumpee must feel.
Whumpee's been injured on a mission with team mates. The gash is leaking blood onto his shirt, and the others take notice. They pressure whumpee into removing his shirt, growing more adamant when he's reluctant, inadvertently revealing the brand.
"Oh god - what's he done to you?"
"You should've said something!" "You think I'm proud of this? That I want everyone to know what that [email protected]%#er did to me?"
"Why didn't you tell anyone!?" "You make me humiliate myself in front of you, and still have the nerve to ask me that!?"
"Is that - whumper's initials?" Whumpee swallows harshly, bitterness at the way his team mates forced the reveal out of him colouring his mouth. "Well. Now you all know. I hope you're satisfied."
"We could've helped you, whumpee." "Yeah? How? By branding your names on top? It'd be fitting, actually. At least whumper never disguised his orders as aid."
"Now, you guys want to take a picture or can I put my shirt on again and finally go get some [email protected]#$%ing rest?"
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esperosisdoeswriting · 2 months ago
Prompt #486
"[Villain]? [Villain] are you there?" [Hero] rasped out as they blindly clawed at the ground. Their body too weak to move, their eyes too weak to see.
"I'm here." [Villain] coughed from just a few feet away from them, "I'm here."
"Are you alright? Did- did you get hurt?" [Hero] asked, blood pouring out of them in rivers.
[Villain] looked down at the metal impaling their body, then looked back at [Hero]'s crumpled form.
"Nah. You took all the damage from [Super Villain]'s attack yourself." [Villain] replied.
"Thank god." a smile pulled at [Hero]'s lips as the last dregs of life faded from their body, leaving them as nothing but an empty shell.
"I'll see you soon [Hero]." [Villain] promised.
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whumblr · 3 months ago
Whump dialogue XXXVI
"Do you know what I did to them?" Whumper purred, a hint of pride in his voice as he circled Whumpee.
"I've seen the scars," Caretaker bit back in reply.
"No, I mean..." Whumper made a gesture and they both watched as Whumpee dropped to their knees in front of them without any hesitation. "Do you know what I did to them," he repeated in a more sinister voice.
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whumpberry-cookie · 3 months ago
Caretaker needs some comfort too:
"Actually, I would really use a hug right now"
"It's nothing. I was just having a nightmare. Don't worry, we're safe"
Caretaker breaking down by Whumpee's bedside as soon as Whumpee falls asleep, because he knows Whumpee most probably won't survive the recovery and Caretaker has no one else beside them in this world.
Caretaker being so much bigger in shoulders and height than Whumpee. To hug him, Whumpee has to stand on tiptoe, and their arms don't reach eachother while embracing Caretaker.
Caretaker who never loses his temper, after some dangerous mission just covers his face and lets out the silent tears. He whispers with a tight throat "I was so worried about you".
"Everything will be okay. Everything will be alright. I promise. It'll be okay" saying while cradling dead Whumpee in his arms.
Whumpee's asked by someone to tell out loud what Whumper was doing to them. Caretaker is listening silently. He grabs his temples, as if with fatigue. Suddenly he slams his fists on the table, dumping the dishes on the floor and yells "FUCK!", then huddles covering his head with his arms and bursts out crying. Whumpee didn't expect this kind of reaction.
"Those are just few scratches, don't worry about them"
Caretaker refuses to sleep because he's too afraid that when he wakes up, Whumpee would be gone again.
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straight-to-the-pain · 3 days ago
Characters who are haunted more by the things they did to avoid the pain than how much it hurt when they couldn’t
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aceofwhump · 2 months ago
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Anthony on the verge of a breakdown vs Benedict trying to help
Bridgerton 2x06
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stoic-whumpee · 13 days ago
Prompt #95
A character who has been used and exploited too many times, who has been pushed into doing terrible things without another option. A character who every single choice they were forced to make made had led to more downfall, who is never offered a second chance. They don't believe they deserve a chance to be happy anymore.
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random-fandom-whump · 24 days ago
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Stargate Atlantis S03E14 ↳ RFW's Favorite Stargate Whump Moments
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whumpyourenemy · 8 months ago
Little things in the hidden injury trope that give me life more than water does
Tying something between their teeth to stop their cries from being heard while they treat themselves in the dark
Bloodied bandages stuffed into the gap between the wall and the bed
Whumpee wearing long sleeves/pants but their bandages still finding a way to peek out
Blood running down their limb from inside their clothes and dripping onto the ground
Bloody footprints
Bloody handprints
Faint bloodstains on the floor that whumpee can't get off no matter how hard they scrub
Whumpee limping as soon as the other person turns their back
Dark undereyes from obv no sleep
Those sexy beads of sweat and pale skin
Leaning against wall/ furniture whenever they get the chance
When a normally talkative character is quiet
Controlling their breath while they try to complete normal tasks but then doubling over and gasping for air behind closed doors
When they peel back the bandages to check their injury and it's gotten worse
Whumpee trying to bring it up with someone but then deciding against it when the other person starts talking about future plans
Someone in the team feeling like there's something wrong with whumpee but not knowing what so they don't bring it up and then the GUILT they feel afterwards holy
Whumpee FINALLY fainting - behind closed doors and being found by someone later or just dropping to the ground while they're with someone else
I mean just imagine character A talking and thinking whumpee is beside them and whumpee just drops out of frame with a sigh and a thud
Whumpee trying to tell the others that they're fine and that they can handle it while they're literally bleeding out on the ground
Bonus! The scene afterwards when whumpee wakes up and their wounds are bound in those crisp white bandages instead of the bloodied, dirtied torn pieces of clothing they'd used before
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whumpypepsigal · 10 months ago
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Outer Banks s02e09 & s02e10: “I’m Gonna Be A Better Man…Just Like You. Okay? Just Like You.”
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whumpwillow · 7 months ago
underrated trope: platonic bathing
whether the whumpee is hurt and caretaker is washing off their wounds, whumpee is too sick & feverish to be left alone, or whumpee is recovering from something traumatic and caretaker wanted to offer them some warmth and comfort...i just think it’s really soft when a caretaker helps bathe a whumpee in a platonic sense
having the water be just the right temperature so whumpee can feel warm and comfortable, but not burn up or increase their fever
caretaker washing out wounds, carefully cleaning blood and dirt off of skin, perhaps salt from lashes
caretaker’s slow, gentle movements as they scrub whumpee’s chest and back and arms
gingerly cupping their face, making sure not to get soap in their eyes. skimming the tips of their fingers over whumpee’s cheekbones, the bridge of their nose, their temples, any scars they might have...
caretaker having whumpee lean back so they can pour water over whumpee’s hair, then lather it with shampoo and run their fingers over whumpee’s scalp
whumpee closing their eyes to prevent the soap from getting in, but also because they wholeheartedly trust caretaker with their entire being
just...characters being completely undone by tenderness. the intimacy
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dvrlingwhump · 10 days ago
Whumpee was waterboarded for months. They've refused to shower or bathe for the longest time, but Caretaker has finally, gently persuaded them into letting Caretaker help.
It starts very slow. Whumpee turns the tap on, dressed in a bathing suit or whatever they're comfortable in. Caretaker is in the room, careful to keep a watch on Whumpee.
Eventually, Whumpee decides to sit in the bath, in the shallow water. When they're ready, Caretaker half fills a jug, pouring the water on Whumpee's body at first whilst Whumpee's knuckles turn white clenching at the sides of the bath. Caretaker sings various songs whilst they do this to try and remind Whumpee of where they are.
The hair washing is the hard part. That requires Whumpee to tilt their head back, and for the most part, they manage, though their arms are shaking violently. Caretaker keeps singing, cautiously keeping an eye on any other signs that Whumpee is having a flashback, before carefully pouring the water over Whumpee's hair.
Whumpee jumps initially- quickly insisting that they're fine- before Caretaker gets some shampoo, beginning to massage it into Whumpee's hair. Whumpee begins to relax- shoulders not quite so tense, not trembling quite as much.
The second jug of water doesn't go as well as the first.
This time, Whumpee jumps, bringing their hands to their face as they begin to cry. Caretaker drops the jug as once, pulling Whumpee out of the bath and onto the towels.
"It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, you're here with me, it's Caretaker. You're safe. It's over. Its alright."
please don't interact if your blog is nsfw
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In their fevered state, time stretched out and the few minutes Caretaker was gone seemed like hours. When they returned, Whumpee was curled up, tears streaming while they whispered to themself "Knew they weren't coming back... I'm alone..." "No, no, no- I'm here" Whumpee looked up with glassy eyes "Caretaker?" They sat on the edge of their bed and squeezed their hand "I'm here. And I'm not going anywhere."
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whumpberry-cookie · 6 days ago
Heartbreaking thing Whumpee can overhear
(Cw: pet whump, disability, abandonment, charaters death, implied interrogation, implied war)
From Whumper (when Whumpee's a devoted pet)
"I'm getting bored"
"I need to find myself a new one, some prettier one, healthier"
"They break so easily. What fun would it be to keep something broken"
From Caretaker
"I'm tired"
"How am I supposed to tell them they would never walk again? It's going to crush them"
"Helping them is just... it consumes so much energy. And I just don't know how much I have left... Do you think I'm a bad person?"
"It's hard to look in their eyes and smile like we both don't know they aren't going to make it"
From Leader
"I sympathize with their tragedy, but I can't afford to jeopardize the mission for one wounded man. We're leaving them behind. Whether you stay with them is your choice"
"Pain is not a sufficient excuse. I take into account only the facts, and the fact is that they took a vow of silence and broke it. They are the traitor"
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straight-to-the-pain · 7 months ago
I need more characters who cope with trauma through relentless enthusiasm, who are hurting on the inside but smiling on the outside, who will always be there for their friends even when they need someone to be there for them. Sure it’s fun when what they’ve been through is clear as day to all who meet them, but I really think that characters who try to hide it, who you would never know are hurting if someone else didn’t tell you, are kinda underrated.
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