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#empath quotes

It’s hard for me to think of you with someone else. Thinking of you touching them the way that you touched me. Letting them see you the way I did. But that’s the thing they’ll never see you the way that I did, because I couldn’t just see you. I could feel you and everything that you felt for me. That’s my curse I feel everything

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- I won’t forget any favor, nor any betrayal.

- It takes time, for me, to react.

- I dont fit in.

- Damn, my compassion…

- Lost in all the possibilities (mostly negative ones).

- Am i a fraud?

- I won’t tell you things about myself. But I will listen to yours.

- I just want to be understood.

- I’m just too self-aware, to act foolish as most do. 

- I don’t understand this world, and this world does not understand me either.
- I will just burn it, inside myself… 

- Sing for me. 

- Who am i?

- I am too focused on the future that i forget about now, sometimes.

- Tell me all the good things, that I forget… 

- I think I loved the possibility, and maybe not you.

- Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction.

- Show me affection, show me kindness.

- Don’t judge me. 

- You like my flesh, or my soul?

- I want it all, or none.

- Don’t let it die, water me, water our bonds; so I can breathe…

- Sorry, I needed my alone time.

- Make me feel comfortable, if you want me to talk to you. 

- I never learn; this world is full of wolves, in humans clothing.

- You do your best for everyone, but when you need them, all you get is their back…

- If i reply you on the phone, you matter to me. Cuz usually I don’t answer people on phone. 

- I don’t like talking about my personal things. But I can listen to their darkest secrets, wtf.
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- It’s not you, it’s me; I just have high expectations. And when they are not met, i get disappointed.

- I can’t sense the world as you can, and I lose track of time.
Help me be grounded. 

- When you ask me things about me, I be like “why are they asking me”, why would you wanna know me? 

- Feelings, if I can’t control them; then they won’t be able to live as they are.
But they’ll keep whispering, in my dark times. 

- I need someone who really mean it, when they say “how are you?”. But who cares, right?!!! HAHAHA.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- You can see all the darkness in this world. Yet you still want to believe every little piece you see that may bring hope. But they don’t..!
And you still hope.
(INFJ contradictory) 

- Hold me, or just my hand.
Feel me, feel the warmness.
Or at least look into my eyes.
Cuz I am not capable to speak it.
You need to uncover it. 

- I will hide it; my past, my feelings, my thoughts, my ideals, my favorites, my identity, everything about my true self.
Until I truly really totally trust you.
(And my trust is fragile)

- My feelings weren’t asked, nor important. So I learnt to suppress them. I couldn’t speak them. I surpressed them, and surpressed them, then started to feel no feeling, I was numb… Now I can’t find or tell how I feel, even to myself.
Now, if i have to speak emotions, or feel them sometimes, when I’m so forced, I start crying.

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…being empathic it’s very very hard to get over on me…unless I allow you to but that’s highly unlikely….lol…true story

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