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#emperors coven scouts
covenscouting · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
the coven scouts see pretty much everything, no way they don't dish out hot gossip and develop theories about the emperor
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realmargesimpson · a month ago
So. I reblogged a screenshot of this a while back, but no really what is this?
Tumblr media
Putting aside Belos’ mask and key blueprints, there’s a book opened up to a page on something called a, “Grimwalker.” On the right is a list of regents, but we can’t read what they’re for. Three of them (the Galdorstone, palistrom wood, and selkidomus scales) we’ve seen so far, but we’ve yet to see the others.
On the right however, is a diagram. From what I can tell, it’s the lifecycle of a humanoid figure, the grimwalker I assume? But what’s most interesting about this figure is their eyes. They’re a reddish magenta. And who else has eyes like that?
Tumblr media
So that leaves the question, is Hunter this “grimwalker?” Is that why Belos is keeping him under his wing? Which leads me to my next point.
After we see this book, Hunter and Belos have a talk about his “place” in the Emperor’s Coven. Belos says, and I quote, 
Tumblr media
“Everyone has a use Hunter. Kikimora has her intricate little plans, the scouts carry out orders, and you...? Well, the Titan has big plans for you.”
Tumblr media
“And it would be such a hassle to find a replacement.” 
Belos is clearly only keeping Hunter around because he needs him for something. He never says what though and only says, “the Titan has big plans for you.”
So what is Belos going to do with Hunter?
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golden-guard-cult · a month ago
Soulmate AU prompt for Hunter???
I really like the idea of the “classic” red string one, I don’t really see much of it around.
Also just the image I have of him trying to follow the string when he’s bored is just- HHHHHH
Red String (Soulmate AU! Hunter X Reader)
Im a sucker for soulmate AU’s.
Tumblr media
Hunter never really paid any mind to the red string tied snugly around his pinky finger.
He had other things to focus on after all. He prioritized his coven duties over all else, the Emperor trusted him, so he had to follow through to make his Uncle proud. His daily life kept him on his toes; scout the Boiling Isles for any shifty activity, fulfill tasks and complete missions assigned to him by Belos, attend coven meetings, occasionally helping Belos through his curse outbursts. He was a very busy person, he didn’t have time for “red string nonsense” as the Emperor had put it.
Emperor Belos’s string is severed, something Hunter noticed a while back. There was still a knot around his finger, but the line withered a few inches down. The Emperor says that wild magic was the cause, Hunter initially believes him, but he’s inclined to think that maybe his Uncle had cut it himself. Belos encouraged Hunter to cut his own, to assure no distractions in his life, but when Hunter held up a pair of scissors to the red thread, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.
He’s heard of soulmates before. The guards that get assigned to his entourage talk about it every now and then; speaking of their own soulmates, that nothing can compare to them, how meeting them was an experience they wouldn’t trade for the world….as a teenager, Hunter inwardly gags at their lovey-dovey speeches.
They’re over exaggerating. Finding your soulmate can’t be that great.
The string fades once it’s a few feet away from him, he assumes it’s because he’s far away from whoever’s at the other end of it. Hunter’s never bothered to try and follow it, if he’s far from them then it would be too out of the way to go searching. He doesn’t have the time for that.
But during one particular mission assigned to him by Belos, he is required to travel outside of Bonesborough. The Emperor had asked him to seek out a mythical fleece, said to be capable of healing and purifying anything. Strong enough to even bring the dead back to life. The fleece is rumored to be located at the foot of the titan, which is possibly the greatest distance away from the castle that he’d ever been required to travel. Hunter would need to take a route overseas if he wanted to reach his destination as soon a possible.
He’d found his destination after a lengthy period of time, but his efforts were fruitless. After searching and finding nothing, he went to a small town in that area and asked around for it. It turned out to be a simple folklore. Disheartened, annoyed, and tired, Hunter began making his way back to the shoreline where the ship he was given for this assignment was wading.
However, a tug at his pinky stopped him.
Hunter snapped his head to his hand. The red string tied around his finger was glowing, and for the very first time, was not faded at its end. Instead, he could see the full string, trailing along the forest floor and back in the direction of the town he was in.
He was shocked, bewildered. He really should be getting back to the castle soon, to report to Emperor Belos. But the tug of the string reached his heart, pulling it along with him. Hunter had never felt an impulse so powerful— the want to follow this thread and see where it lead him. Almost like he was under a trance, he followed it. The red string wove through the trees, over rocks, around bushes, and led him back to the quaint little city. The closer he got to the other end, the more it glowed- the harder it tugged.
His surroundings blur around him, and he doesn’t even realize how fast he’s walking or where he is before he bumps right into someone.
Hunter tumbles backwards from the rough impact, falling on his back and groaning. His helmet falls off when he hits the ground, rolling into the stone path. He sits up and rubs his shoulder that he landed awkwardly on, his eyes squeezed shut in pain. The male is vaguely aware of who’s in front of him.
“Ughh…” He groans, “Who—“
Then he hears a gasp, and then the loveliest voice he’s ever heard.
“It’s you!”
His eyes shoot open, and he is greeted with the most breathtakingly beautiful person he’s seen in his entire life. Hunter finds his heart stuck in his throat. His face is warm and his chest feels full, entire body exploding with a tingly sensation. He feels his heart skip a beat, and he’s rendered speechless.
“This is so embarrassing. I’m so sorry that I bumped into you, not really how I wanted our first meeting to go..!”
Hunter stares, managing to speak through his awe, “It’s— It’s alright.” He wants to slap himself for stuttering.
The person before him has beautiful (H/C) hair, striking (E/C) eyes, and a beaming smile that steals his breath. They seem to be in the same trance, observing him carefully. Then, their smile widens.
They reach out a hand for him to take, and after a few seconds Hunter snaps out of his stupor and accepts it. When their fingers touch, it feels like a small jolt of electricity passes through him.
“I’m (Y/N)!” They introduce, shaking his hand once he stands, “I guess we’re soulmates!”
Their smile is infectious, and Hunter finds himself smiling back as well, “I’m Hunter.” He replies with an awkward, flustered laugh, “And yeah! I guess we are.”
Tumblr media
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toh-tagteam-au · 18 days ago
I just found this AU and I'm loving it! Dunno if you've answered this before, but how did Emperor Belos react when he found out about Luz? How did he find out about her?
Belos finds out about Luz when castle scouts were organizing search parties for the newly-escaped basilisks, who manage to get out earlier than canon due to a major lightning storm that hit the Isles (which also allows Luz to fully cross over into the Demon Realm – the makeshift portal in Yesterday's Lie needed electricity to function, which lightning would supply). He originally thought that she was one of the basilisks, at least until Hunter reveals that he had interacted with Luz before in the days after the storm. Hunter basically asks Belos if he could help her, and then Belos drops the bomb of Hunter taking full responsibility.
At first, Belos doesn't care about Luz more than her purpose of keeping Hunter in line. She was pretty much worthless to him because she couldn't really offer anything else – she couldn't do magic, she was a 7 year old with no knowledge on the Boiling Isles, and she didn't come through a portal (having a portal really would have been the main reason why a human would be interesting to him). It's terrible to say this, but she was more of a "pet" used to teach Hunter responsibility, and Belos probably wasn't expecting her to last long.
That's until the Azura Incident happens. The moment he realizes that a 10 year old was able to keep his forces in limbo for a month, claiming half of the scouts and leading them against two of his coven officials on equal ground, he starts to realize that Luz has other uses. He starts legitimately manipulating her like he does Hunter, shaming her for her humanity but also giving her encouragement when she protects her brother (you may have noticed that two of her major scars come from taking hits for him). Her training picks up, and she's molded into being a perfect partner.
I just realized I may have over-answered lmao but yeah! Belos is terrible you get the gist.
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ganiling · 2 months ago
golden guard: *shows up without his mask*
emperor’s coven scouts, not recognizing him:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pizzaboat · 2 months ago
Lilith wasn't even necessary for the emperors plan. He just wanted eda out of the way and then he would've probably had he killed at any moment after if she became an inconvenience..
Like she didn't have her own badge for a reason it seems. Coven scouts magic isn't bound so a good chunk of it isn't being fed to whatever.
Gosh. That sucks. She was just a cronie to him. Told she was super special but at the end of the day her title ment nothing. She knows Jack shit about what he's planning.
I guess this is why Rayne's rebellion needs to be a plot, or at the very least the main characters need to get some info off of them because they're ten steps behind him.
And whatever he's planning it's horrifying enough that Rayne wants to stop it and was disgusted the entire time they saw the vision play out.
But anyway, Lilith was made a fool of by the emperor and I wanna punch him and his plan needs to start the process of being stopped.
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yggdrasil09 · a month ago
Just got done watching the latest episode of the Owl House, and it was so good!! Like when you view what came out, your hunger for lumity and Hunter content is sated.
But that not what I want to talk about, not right now at least. My chosen topic of discussion is what is seen in the first minute of the episode.
Tumblr media
Look at this!
This book answers some of my questions that have been in the hamster ball my brain calls a head. We'll start from bottom to the top:
First off, we now know why the emperor wanted Hunter to, well hunt/slay a Selkidomus, for it's scales. The Next question I had was, how did Matt's brother have a map to what is essentially a collection of booster crystals for magic? The older bro is apart of the emperor's coven and was tasked by Belos to either scout the site or retrieve a certain amount of Galdor stones. Finally, there is actually two reasons why Palistrom Wood is being over harvest, at least one or both are Belos's fault.
Along with what is presented on the page to the right, I have two theories.
1.) Belos is in the process of making a new body, one that can do magic without a staff mind you, to escape his curse.
2.) The emperor's curse is soul bound and this is how he's been keeping himself on the side of the living, by hopping into a newly made body once the old one can't handle the curse no more. This theory also might be another reason to devour palisman magic, to keep the body stable when it starts to tear down.
What do you guys think?
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someowlhouseaccount · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Emperor’s Coven stuff in people’s rooms!
Eda & Lilith: S1E19
(This is probably Lilith’s room) Two posters: a recruitment poster, and some kind of artwork poster.
Amity: S1E15, S1E18, S2E05, S1E06
In Willow’s memory: a large framed recruitment poster, a large banner, and a doll of a coven scout. On the day of the castle visit, she still has the large banner, and an added recruitment poster featuring Lilith. In S2E05, we see she’s covered up the framed poster with a gallery of Grom photos presumably. Also somewhere in her house, there’s a room with an Emperor’s Coven banner and another recruitment poster.
Gus: S1E19, S2E05
A small book about the Emperor’s castle on his desk after the field trip, which is still there in S2E05.
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myowlhousesideblog · 7 months ago
Stranger: Chapter 2
Based of a post by Nikkydash where Luz is disconnected from the Human Realm while being trapped in the Boiling Isles. Each chapter takes place during the next year. Chapter 1 Luz is 14, Chapter 2 she’s 15, ect.
Stranger: Chapter 2
The low shrieks from Luz’s scream alarm woke her up. The sky was dark, and Hooty was probably still asleep.
She stretched her legs and curled her upper body under her blanket, so soft and warm in her relatively new bed.
Eda had wanted to get her one after the portal had first been destroyed, but Luz refused.
It just made the whole “Trapped in the Boiling Isles thing with no way home.” too real.
Too set-in stone.
A month went by.
Then two.
Then the day she was supposed to return home came and went.
She caved.
Luz curled up in that bed and refused to leave the covers, unable to stop thinking about how her Mami must be terrified, how she’s probably panicking and talking to police. Calling and sending her text after text that Luz would never receive.
That first week she hardly slept.
Now even after seven months of missing her deadline home, Eda still concocted little pearls of sleep pollen for her to dissolve in tea when she feels it’s going to be an especially hard night.
Luz reached her hand out and grasped the bone antler frame of her bed, using it for leverage as she stretched her back and yawned.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t burrow back into her soft sheets. She needed to get up early today and help Eda and Lilith fill hundreds of bottles with potions and elixir’s that the sisters had been brewing over night.
Luz stumbled around her room as she got ready, pulling on a large dark purple human hoody with white stripes on the biceps and cuffs. The weather on the so-called Boiling Isles was getting colder, and even though she missed her cat hoody, she was now thankful to Lilith for making Eda save something so similar to it, especially since it was definitely warmer.
The human artifact stall was gone.
Nearly everything that could have been sold had gone to the highest bidder.
Now what mostly remained were human clothing items since Lilith insisted that was what they kept, for when Luz grows into them.
Clothes, and a large red metal bat that Luz saved from Eda who wanted to sell it as a hammer for roof tiles.
Quietly walking down the stairs, Luz peaked into the living room to see the sisters both passed out on the couch. Worn out from a full day and a half of brewing, mixing, and repeating.
Carefully, Luz tugged a Jackalope fur blanket over the two and went into the kitchen where hundreds of various bottles, jars, vials, and even leather flasks were already labeled and ready for filling.
“let’s see,” Luz whispered to herself, tongue sticking out in concentration.
“Snake oil… goes in the large boring bottles.” She opened a cabinet over the stove and pulled out one of the several hundred clean parchment funnels Eda kept. She made sure to get it into Luz’s head that you DO NOT want to even slightly mix potions for fear of the end product morphing into something extremely hazardous or outright useless.
Each bottle got its own funnel, which Luz used to carefully fill with three ladles worth each, before grabbing a clean empty bucket to ditch used funnels into.
Luz repeated this process with the different products, and by the time she was nearly done, the sun was up and Lilith was stirring from the couch.
Now that she was pardoned by the Emperor, Eda was no longer limited to using a tent that she could pack up on a moment’s notice. Especially now that her magic that allowed her to do so was gone.
The sisters debated back and forth whether to keep the tent and have Luz deliver, or to invest in a more permanent stall like Mortons.
The argued about this for days, but the decision was quickly made when Luz was out on a delivery, only to be snatched and held hostage.
Her kidnapper was a large, red, and scaly creature with several insect like legs. They had apparently once been personally arrested by Lilith and now they wanted revenge.
With a rusty blade to Luz’s throat, they started to make their demands.
Lilith didn’t let him finish his first sentence.
After sharing the curse, Lilith had managed to keep some of her magic.
She put it to good use.
Luz was terrified. The Kidnappers grip tightened on her for a second, before going slack.
Something wet and warm ran down the back of her hoody.
The kidnappers body dropped behind her.
Lilith ushered her forward, telling her not to look behind her while Eda scanned the area in case the kidnapper had friends.
Luz let the Clawthorn guide her home.
This was the first time Luz felt she might actually be able to trust Lilith.
She wasn’t allowed out of the Owl house for several days after that, Amity came by to bring her the homework she had missed and to keep her company while the sisters went out scouting the market for rentable shop locations.
“Good Morning!” Luz chirped, finishing up the last few vials of Guaranteed Lucid Dreams. Lilith slumping to the stove to make a pot of tea, eyes half open.
“Good mor-“ she tried to say, a deep yawn interrupting her. Luz grabbed a handful of small disks of wax which she then balanced on the lips of the vials, before activating a fire glyph which she ran over them to seal the containers. Finally done, Luz dramatically plopped herself down on one of the kitchen counter stools.
The moment she was able to rest her feet after standing for the last few hours, Luz felt a weight she didn’t even know was there build on her shoulder. Resting her head on her warm arms for just a moment wouldn’t hurt, right?
“-WAH!” Luz’s head shot up. King was trying to grab something across from her before losing his balance and dropping to the floor.
Eda snorted. Luz could have sworn she only closed her eyes for a second, but the countertop was now full of gelatinous eggs, flying boar bacon, toast with grey jam, light apple blood, and tea.
“Glad we all had a good nap.” She chuckled, snorting again at her apprentice’s reaction before gulping down her harder apple blood. Lilith delicately bit into her toast and used her other hand to push away King, who was trying to use her dress as a ladder to get back on top of the table.
Luz filled herself a cup of her own apple blood, hoping the cold drink would help wake her back up.  
Lilith eyes crease as she watched her over a sip of tea.
“Are you having trouble sleeping again, Dear?” Luz shrugged, not making eye contact and choosing to instead focus on eating the edible parts of her eggs.
“I mean… I was able to go to sleep earlier, but woke up around 1:00 I think. Took about an hour before I could fall back.” She mumbled, lifting her fork to her mouth, but before she took a bite she added.
“I should have taken a pearl.”
“Why didn’t you?”
Luz’s chewing slowed, her shoulders drooping a bit.
“I was fine! Really, but…” she scraped her fork on her plate. “…My phones at one percent…”
The sisters stilled, their eyes turning down in sympathy.
Luz explained to them several weeks ago how she only had about five percent left and what that meant. How she had no way of recharging it, and once it reached zero...
All her videos, all her photos and contacts.
She would be truly severed from the human world.
From her Mom.
Her Mami…
“I’ve only been using it to check… To see if maybe something got through, really…” she gulped.
“Ok, yeah no I’m lying…” her fork clattered to the plate.
“I’m scared I’m gonna dream about her… and I’m not gonna remember what her voice sounds like.” Luz whimpered.
“What if I forget… ”
Luz jolted, Eda had her serious face on and Luz wasn’t sure what to do when that happened.
“First off, when I said we were getting you back home, I MEANT IT. Its gonna take a while, but your gonna get there. Second, I haven’t seen my sister with red hair in 30 years and let me tell you, that shit-“
“-is burned in my brain for the rest of my existence. That’s just hair. Kid, you’re not gonna forget. Its gonna take a more then a bit of separation for you to lose what you mom saying your name sounds like. Besides-“ she leaned back in her chair. “Your forgetting magic. Illusion and Oracle junk is GREAT for bring out old memories. I once tracked down a oracle coven member willing to make some extra snails, because King made a bet with me that I couldn’t prove that he ate my lunch. I bet they would be happy to broadcast some memories.”
Luz couldn’t help the small smile from her story, despite Lilith’s disapproving eye role.
She’s right, there were plenty of ways to access the past on the isles.
She could use those to help her get by while they search for another way across.
Luz didn’t notice the tears streaming down her face, or how Eda was frantically asking what she said wrong, she just knew that she needed to hug her right now. Luz flung herself at the witch and broke down smiling. Confusing the sisters who let her let out all her worry’s and fears.
The day was done, about a 5th of the potions and elixirs were sold at the markets today. The Clawthorns felt their extra time creating the extra amount of product had been worth it. Though, they were still trying to iron out the most efficient way to brew larger batches of potions that take days to create.
Luz laid in bed looking at her scroll. An empty cup of sleep pollen infused tea at her bed side. Photos from Penstagram of the most scenic spots between the Titans toes flew by as she scrolled, waiting for the pollen pearl to kick in.
A pleasant numbness began to enter her mind and drift down to her own toes. Luz giggled to herself, imagining little people taking selfies on top of her big toe nail.
The pictures began to take longer and longer for her brain to process, and finally when she realized she had been staring at an AD for The Knee ski lodge time-chairs, she tucked the scroll away in her bed side drawer, and pulled out the cracked screen of her phone.
A soft click and her muscle memory directed her to her video folder, where she clicked a video of her Mami trying to feed the ducks at a pond by their house. They had gotten sandwiches and her Mami had bought an extra bag of chips at the shop just to throw at the birds.
Luz laid her head back, a soft smile on her lips as she watched her Mami urge the ducks towards the edge of the pond by breaking a chip in her hand and tossing the pieces into the water.
She watched her Mami through the cracked screen, and listened to her coo at the baby ducks tucked on top of their mothers back like a fluffy boat.
It played for maybe 20 seconds.
20 seconds before the screen froze on her Mami’s face all scrunched up in glee, the high noon sun reflecting off her glasses, and her mouth mid-laugh.
The screen went black.
Luz clicked the phone.
A power bar filled the screen. A sliver of red indicating the empty battery.
Luz lethargically ran her finger over the edge of the cooling metal of her once warm phone.
She clicked it again.
The same image.
She clicked it again.
The same image.
Luz blinked into the darkness of her room. Feeling the device in her hands, her mind soft and fuzzy from the Pollen Pearl.
‘That’s it then.’ She thought.
Luz pulled the phone to her chest and curled around it.
‘You’ll just have to wait to feed the ducks again Mami.’ Luz’s whole body started to relax in sleep.
‘I want to bring Eda with us next time.’ Was her last thought before she fully drifted off.
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dreamerkingtv · 26 days ago
Y'all, imagine Willow saying "My name is Willow, and I speak for the trees. Cut down one more, and I'll break your frickin knees!" to a bunch of Emperor's Coven scouts, or maybe even to Belos himself. I feel like that'd be funny.
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megadan94 · 2 months ago
Now that we know Odalia isn't a very lawful person, that puts Amity's desire to join the Emperor's Coven, and her hatred of cheaters, in a different light.
Before, when we thought the Blight family was a part of some "nobility" or something, we could've assumed that she inherited her lawful "by the books" attitude from her mum. But now, I really can't see that being the case.
What if, instead of wanting to join the EC for her parents, she wanted to join to take them down? She seemed to want to fight her way into Blight Industries, maybe this is a fantasy of hers? To burst into the factory with an army of coven scouts, and arrest them for being the cheaters they are.
Maybe in the absence of parents she could respect or rely on, she latched onto the more legitimate seeming Emperor's Coven, who she thought could bring justice to people like her parents. It's not like her parents could object, this is literally the government they're talking about.
But now that they're apparently willing to work with her parents, that might actually drag down her opinion of the EC, making her see them as just as bad as Odalia. What if that's the final straw that turns her against the EC? Imagine the shock to Odalia, to know that her daughter is not only willing to defy her, but determined to, so much that she'll betray an organisation she's invested so much in just to do so.
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flamestar50 · 4 months ago
Amphibia but if they got transported to the boiling else instead.
So each girl gets transported to the boiling isles due to the box instead of the door and is teleported to different parts of the Boiling isles. Anne meets Eda and basically, episode 1 plays out but instead of Anne choosing to stay by her own will, Eda lets her stay considering she has nowhere else to go, besides she did save Eda from a jail trip. They make a deal, Anne helps out, and Eda helps look for her friends and find a way home. Unlike Luz, Anne is reluctant to learn magic. It’s the last thing on her mind considering her friend’s circumstances. Eda doesn’t push her either considering humans cant do magic. But she does make Anne do chores and run errands resulting in a couple of shenanigans along the way. Then we get to The intruder, where Anne is basically taking videos with king being his adorable self when it starts to rain. The episode plays out per usual and Eda heads off to sleep. King notices that Anne is worried about her friends, especially with the rain. King comes up with a plan to conduct a potion to help them track her friends. Despite Eda specifically stating not to try ANY magic business without her supervision Anne agree’s and they head off collecting ingredients including Eda’s elixir which they mistaken for a different ingredient. While they’re at work Eda wakes up in the middle of her nap realizing she needs to take the elixir and quickly. As she looks for it she realizes it’s been stolen but at that point, it’s too late. The episode goes pretty much the same, Anne and king thinking it’s an invader but realizing it’s Eda, and they basically realize they should have listened to her. Anne turns on her phone as a flashlight only to find the video she and king had taken earlier. Pausing it to exit out she realizes the circle has a symbol in it. One thing leads to another and there able to save Eda and Anne learns a new spell. Now small time skip to Anne being forced yet again to run some errand that takes her into the woods where she finds * drumroll please* MARCY.
Marcy has been role playing you, a typical mage student, trying to sneak into hexide but was caught and thrown out. But to her surprise, she was noticed by the detention track student. Despite her not being able to perform magic she makes friends with them quickly and is able to sneak into the school and learn all she can, without performing actual spells. While scouting the woods for ingredients to complete a potion she finds Anne. The girls are beyond thrilled to find each other and share their adventures. Once Anne tells Marcy about her glyph discovery Marcy is quick to learn more and complete her greatest dream. Becoming a witch. With Marcy’s will to learn and Anne’s information, they are quick to learn spells. Well, actually Marcy is the one to discover them and forces Anne to learn them saying they will most certainly need it for the future. Soon enough Marcy forces both Eda and Anne to go to the convention where they find none other than Sasha.
Now Lilith has been trying to hunt down her sister fr the longest time now, and with Anne and Marcy, it makes things 10 times harder. When Sasha is arrested for several offenses she is brought to Lilith. Lilith is shocked that a human could cause so much trouble in the boiling isles, but when she realizes Sasha is connected to the humans helping her sister, she realizes she could use Sasha to help capture her sister. They make a deal, Sasha helps capture Eda, and Emperor Belos will help them get home. That’s where the convention comes in. Sasha finally reunites with the girls where they hang out at the convention. One thing leads to another and Anne realizes Sasha is trying to capture Eda. In an attempt to escape Marcy sets off several glyphs causing an explosion to distract the crowd while they each run off in different directions. Eda runs off being followed by Lilith where their canon battle takes place, Marcy is chased down by the guards for disturbing the peace but is able to fend them off due to her magic, while Anne is chased by Sasha leading to their fight. Eda and Marcy escape but the explosion from before causes the ground to split below them, leading to the famous, “ Maybe you’re better off without me” scene. Lilith saves Sasha taking her away to the emperor’s coven. Eda and the girls escape unharmed, continuing their lives from then on until Agony of a witch. One thing I forgot to mention is that Marcy shares her notes on glyphs with Sasha, Leading her to practice what she can on magic to prepare her for her next fight with Anne.
That’s about it if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer.
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kprapture · 22 hours ago
Luz: Freeze, Emperor Goons! You’re surrounded by the Bad Girl Coven!
Scout: I don’t see anyone, you’re bluffing!
Luz: Oh yeah? Whistle to show them, guys!
*Amity, Willow, and Gus aggressively trying to whistle but just spitting*
Scouts: ……
Luz: Ok…..Clap then if you can’t whistle!
*weak scattered clapping*
Luz: Forget it, just leave.
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toh-tagteam-au · 23 days ago
Since Hunter has some sort of persona when he has his GG mask on or at least amplify some of their traits (like how his confidence shoots through the roof) does Luz also have some sort of persona when wearing her mask?
And also if it's not too lengthy how does she act in general? I'm sure people know her face as the face of GG and only wears the mask as either presentation in front of Belos or battles. Do other people just assume she's Hunter most of the time if she wears her mask? (only when she's not with Hunter of course)
Good questions!
I honestly think it's less the mask that brings the over-confidence out, and more the position of Golden Guard itself. The way Hunter interacts with Kikimora in the last bit of Escaping Palismen is pretty much the same level of snarkiness he has in Separate Tides, and all the times we've seen him act otherwise has been in moments where he doesn't have that "Golden Guard" rank backing him up (working together with Luz where holding that rank would have gotten him killed by Kikimora, or in disguise at Eclipse Lake where he would have gotten caught if he pulled rank there, even surrounded by coven scouts).
That being said, Hunter and Luz don't act all that different while in full uniform (they do get mistaken for each other frequently, since being interchangeable is their whole deal). Luz has that same sort of brat "I do what I want" posturing that Hunter does in canon, at least when interacting with someone she sees as an enemy. She doesn't immediately go hostile without good reason, unlike Hunter who sort of throws his weight around. I'll say Luz is a more mellow, "good cop" GG. She's definitely more friendly with the scouts than Hunter is, who keeps a professional distance while she is making friends.
Without the GG rank backing her up, I imagine she's the same as Hunter: more likely to pull cheap tricks to get what she needs, unused to interacting with people outside the Emperor's Coven, etc. Probably more likely to work together with people/make truces.
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the-black-lyte · 9 days ago
Feck it ToH oc time
These are mostly just sketches and colored artworks but if y’all are interested I could do detailed explantations on em
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Characters are:
Juniper “JP” Beckett (Half Witch/Half Human)( She/He ) ( + Stolen coven scout uniform design )
Snickerdoodle and Pebble ( Pet and palisman of JP )
Lucky [Name not permanent, still deciding] (A beast JP saved from the emperors coven, based on HTTYD Light + Night Furies )
Unnamed Bestie Witch ( Bipedal Demon )
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dfury · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wild Coven 
Color: Silver
Symbol:Rising sword with three lightning bolts and red wings against the background of the Uroboros.
In the Boiling Isles, they are also called the Wild Hunt, Ghost riders, Raging army, Curse of the Blood Moon.
The Wild Coven is basically a gathering of wild witches to fight Belos, back in the days of the Savage Ages. His original goal was to prevent Belos and his followers from banning Wild Magic. The last uprising forced the remains of the Wild Coven to flee to unknown seas and lands (Iriy) to the north. Exiled but not surrendered, they were able to settle on new lands. Нungry for revenge, they attack the Boiling Isles. Most often during the Blood Moon, storms, or before the holiday of the Winter Solstice (Yol). Wild Coven Witches scorns the Emperor's Coven, Emperor Belos, and the branded witches (witches who support Belos' rule and the Coven system). And some witches even despise the Titan himself. Part of them (older generation mostly) want to return to the Boiling Isles, albeit by force, and also to repay those who drove them. The other members have come to terms with the fact that they will not return to the Boiling Isles. They are more happy to raid and loot the local population. Most of the inhabitants of the Boiling Isles consider them to be ghosts, or some kind of temporary magical phenomenon. Therefore, many try to avoid meeting with the Wild Coven. The Emperor's Coven tried more than once to solve this problem, although the emperor himself did not consider it worthy of his attention. Belos believes that the rumors of the Wild Hunt or the Wild Coven are lies and excuses designed to undermine his power. Despite this, some of the Emperor's Coven witches dared to hunt down the Wild Coven, wanting to end the wild witches once and for all. But only a few of them who survived and kept their minds could tell what exactly they faced. Others simply disappeared without a trace.
Tumblr media
Designed for both covert movement and open combat. They do raids and reconnaissance. Specific specialization is indicated by the color of the sleeves. (Same as in the coven system.) Healing - Blue. Abominations - Magenta. etc.  So most of the population of Iriy is illiterate, witches, unlike warriors, were taught to read and write.
Tumblr media
The elite troops of the Wild Coven are shapeshifters, or, as they are also called, berserkers. Witches who, with the help of magic, can turn into dangerous beasts. In battle, they are the vanguard of the Wild Coven, fearless and instilling fear into the enemy, ready to tear the enemy with claws and fangs, to strike with swords, axes and magic. Emperor Belos wanted to destroy all shapeshifters, because they cannot be controlled. They will never be accountable to someone they do not consider their leader. And their magic cannot be blocked. Simple witches considered them bloodthirsty creatures who live by animal instincts and a thirst to kill. They were equated with the damned. For years, shapeshifters endured persecution and extermination. Therefore, persecuted, they joined the ranks of the Wild Coven.
Tumblr media
Other names: Steelskulls, bucketheads.  Also in the Wild Coven, demons and other creatures that do not possess magic are fighting. They are analogous to the Coven Guards. They perfectly compensate for absent magic with the possession of different types of cold weapons. The armor was created after the expulsion of the Wild Coven from the Boiling Islands, that they could instill fear in the enemy. 
Horns, feathers, and so on, only experienced warriors have the right to attach to their helmet. "Bucketheads" - a joking nickname given to them due to the fact that their main recruitment is not the most educated population of Iriy. Although some warriors tried to learn to read and write.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cavalry is the backbone of the Wild Coven strike force, designed for both raids and full-scale combat. Skillful tactics, modality and discipline make them a dangerous fighting unit. Nightmares are used as a means of transportation, demonic horses that are easier to train than the Unicorn, and better tolerate the cold climate of Iriy.
Trivia: I was inspired by the myth of the Wild Hunt (Wilde Jagd). According to legend, the riders of the Wild Hunt are ghosts or elves or witches.
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raptorian · a month ago
Kikimora and Belos one shot
Kikimora walked solemnly towards the doors of the throne room. The scouts had turned up nothing- not a single trace of the Golden Guard. 
Belos had seemed a bit- unhinged ever since Hunter had disappeared one day. He ordered search party after search party, causing chaos amidst the castle. It had been extremely annoying since she had to try and organize it all herself. 
Even with all of the search parties, they all had the same result: nothing.
And now she was the only one left to take Belo’s wrath- all because of that little brat Golden Guard.
Taking a deep breath and straightening her uniform, she slowly opened the heavy doors.
In the darkly lit room, Emperor Belos was sitting down on his throne, a hand covering his face. Black mud was slowly leaking through his mask and covered his hand along with random puddles and splotches of it dotting the room. The smell of decay had especially become more apparent ever since Belos spent more time in the throne room.
He glanced up, noticed Kikimora, and gave her an icy glare.
Kikimora walked up and knelt quickly before him,
“The scouts haven’t reported anything new. We’ve searched all of Bonesborough and the surrounding area- but we’ve come up with nothing.”
“What about the Owl House?”
Kikimora was a bit taken aback, certainly not expecting it to be mentioned, or at the very least, this quickly.
Still, by his request she had ordered a search party not too long ago and the results were . . . Interesting.
“A small search party went out to investigate it and the area surrounding it not too long ago, however, the Owl House was nowhere to be found. A garden, tower, and a large crater were all that remained. The scouts searched for any tracks or clues as to where they could’ve gone, but were unsuccessful. It and it’s residents had disappeared.”
Belos’ hand raked the throne arm and more black mud seeped through the cracks of his gloves.
He slowly got up and walked right over to Kikimora, black mud increasingly trickling from his mask and onto the floor.
A few tense moments passed as he simply stared at her, unmoving.
“Very well. Call back all search parties immediately.”
Before she could stop herself, the question spilled out, “why sire?” 
Kikimora immediately caught her act of misconduct and swiftly covered her mouth with a hand. How did she let it slip out? This was it. She was done for.
Belos took another long moment to stare at Kiki before turning and walking back towards the throne, “before this, I had noticed Hunter was starting to grow close to the human and more distant from the coven, often disappearing during the day. If he were to run away, the Owl House would be at the top of his list.”
His fist clenched tighter.
“If he is with the Owl House residents, we mustn't scare them with all of our scouts. This minor disruption must be dealt with quickly so as to not delay the Day of Unity any longer. Even so, we must approach with some shred of patience, and trust me,” 
a sharp spike shot out from his arm and clipped Kikimora's arm, 
“I have been very patient.”
She flinched slightly at the pain and covered it with one hand, thinking back to Hunter.
“Now do you understand?”
Kikimora kept her eyes to the floor and nodded slightly, “yes, Emperor Belos.”
“Good. Now make yourself useful and inform the other coven heads to keep an eye out for Hunter and the human.”
Kikimora nodded once more and started walking towards the doorway and out of the throne room.
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