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crownofvelaris-blog · 3 years ago
So I'm rereading EOS and let me tell you,
The whole scene where Dorian and Rowan walk into Rolfe's office just to see Aelin chilling in Rolfe's chair?? Amazing. Everything about it was just great. Aelin pretending to be Celaena, the boys going along with it. ROWAN'S "i'm not on the market" AND AELIN'S "she must be a rare, staggering beauty" and the whole Aelin just messing around with these emeralds. Then Dorian looking at Rowan and he's just looking at Aelin with pride. And, my favorite part, Lysandra shifting to look like Aelin and when she walks into the room Rolfe is just "wHat dEviLrY iS tHiS" I don't know about you but that entire scene made me giddy.
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basaltdriver · 4 years ago
Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise, guided by the hand of Hellas himself. I don’t care about anyone or anything other than Maeve, my beloved blood-sworn queen--
Elide: Ugh I’m on my period-
Lorcan: here take the SHIRT OFF MY BACK i also tore it into strips for you to use also i washed ur clothes bc the other lady was busy. is ur leg hurting? here’s a magical brace. can’t run fast enough? i’ll carry you across this mountain range and also I Wanted to Go to Perranth With You™, lol ur my Wife™. maeve who?
Elide: ....
Lorcan: ....
Lorcan: ....
Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise.
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janarunneck · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
WIP🖤 I sketched him during vacation and some friends said he was too pretty so his name from now on was gay lord 🙈 (no, offense for all homosexuals: they were just jealous of him)🙈 and I just can‘t draw ugly guys😂✌️ . Thank you for 1.5k!!!!!! On insta and on tumblr. That‘s my present for you😊 . Character belongs to SarahJ Maas
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sjmaasbooks · 3 years ago
If you're still confused
Aedion=Lysandras boyfriend
Lysandra= Aelins girlfriend
Aelin= Rowans wife
Rowan= Lorcans boyfriend
Lorcan= Elides boyfriend (and bitch)
Elide= Manons girlfriend
Manon= Dorians girlfriend
Dorian= Chaols boyfriend
Chaol= Yrenes husband
Fenrys= everyone's boyfriend
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crownofvelaris-blog · 3 years ago
Dorian: you tell me you love me
Dorian: you sacrifice yourself for me
Dorian: and here i am, welcoming you back with open arms
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venisenvy · 4 years ago
I'm 3/4 done with EoS and all of a sudden I'm rooting for Manorian more than any ship ever. Dorian's been through a lot, and seen some shit, but who knew he was freaky enough to wanna get down with Manon? King in the streets, Valg in the sheets amirite
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middengard-bookwyrm · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
my name is aelin ashryver galathynius, and i will not be afraid
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ice3dragon · 3 years ago
Why Elorcan is endgame
It really comes down to 3 things: how they met/bonded, who they are on their own and how they are when they’re together. They weren’t mates (Rowaelin), friends (Lysaedion), post one night stand awkward couple (Manorian), doctor-patient taboo (Chaorene) or shared a common heritage (Nestaq). They were simply 2 people who met each other by chance and travelled together for a while. Their bond formed through their companionship with one another while travelling. Observing each other, learning each other’s mannerisms and connecting with each other through empathy. There was some distrust and animosity at some points but they worked through that and learned to trust each other. Lorcan is a brutal and strong warrior, who gives no extra thought to the cities he’s destroyed or the women he’s bedded for his pleasure. For him, a weak girl should be of no concern to him. At best, Elide was Lorcan’s travelling companion, at worst, a burden that slowed him down. But he still stayed by her side. And that’s what’s most ironic about this pairing. Lorcan scoffed at Rowan’s love for Aelin, saying that “love ruined a perfect weapon”. And then he falls in love himself and gives up everything for her (RIP shirt). He literally chose Elide over Maeve and himself. When he figured out Elide had the Wyrdstone, he could have taken it then and there, which he should have if he was putting Maeve first. But he didn’t. And then when they were cornered, he summoned Maeve to give Elide the chance to escape and live. Even though he knew Fenrys and Gavriel were sent to kill him, so Maeve most likely would have ended his life once she got to him. As for “I wanted to go to Perranth with you”, it’s the only time he speaks of what he wants rather than what Maeve desires. Elide is observant, cunning and resourceful. With Lorcan at her back, she is even more of a force to reckon with. The only time she stood up to her uncle was with Lorcan at her side. Possibly cuz Lorcan would shred him to pieces. Possibly cuz she feels strong enough (with him there) to do it with her own bare hands. For the bastard demi-Fae who only knew death, bloodshed, cruelty and servitude to a dark master, she made him see a life worth living. “You make me want to live, Rowan” He wondered if Elide Lochan had somehow made Lorcan want to do the same.
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absolutemaastrash · 3 years ago
Throne of Glass Bar Crawl
Aelin: fireball
Rowan: sex on the beach
Aedion: craft beer
Lysandra: margaritas
Dorian: fine wine
Manon: bloody mary’s
Chaol: Busch light
Yrene: water
Elide: wine coolers
Lorcan: sips from Elide’s bottle when she isn’t looking
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glendatheginger · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Marion or Elide, the Oracle Incarnate. “In the shadows and glowing lights within, with the headdress and dangling beads and dark red robes…the oracle incarnate. Serene, exquisite…and utterly forbidden.”
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misspatsyjanereads · 3 years ago
Friendly reminder...
Aelin was put in the coffin without a shirt on. Those iron chains are the only clothes she’s wearing on top.
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