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People trying to decide if Scott is teasing empires s2 or 3rd/last life s3
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redwinterroses · a day ago
Ok, so I just saw your post about the Desert Duo inadvertently setting up in Pixandria and then my brain decided to make it sad with the fact that means Jimmy dies in a land that was friendly to him in another life.
Jimmy always feels... strange in Pixandria. There's something about the horizon line that always feels so weirdly familiar, but just off... Like seeing someone in a crowd that you think you recognize, but then getting a better look and realizing they look nothing like the person you thought they were, and you're not really sure why you thought that in the first place.
He's safe here, he knows. Pixlriffs is a fierce and loyal ally, and the sands of Pixandria welcome him always. And yet... and yet there's a feeling of dread in spite of the friendliness. Something he can't quite place.
He asks Pix about it once. Well, not really asks.
"This desert is weird," he says, as they lean on a low sandstone wall and sip honey-sweetened water from leather flasks. The slime delivery has been fully unloaded, and they stand in the setting sun, letting the warm desert breeze dry the sweat from their cheeks.
"How so?" Pix asks, curious.
"I'm... I dunno, really." Jimmy tilts his head and squints at the horizon. "I just feel like I'm forgetting something every time I'm here. You know that nagging feeling that you left the smelter running or something? It's like that. But the whole place."
Pix squints at him, then his eyes go unfocussed and he does that spooky, far-away thing he does sometimes. Jimmy looks to the side, uncomfortable, but it doesn't last long—Pix can be "away" (what they collectively termed it, without really discussing) for hours some days, leaving whoever he's with to gently lead him into some mob-proof shelter. But this was only a few seconds before the haze faded and Pix took a deep breath.
"Ah," he said. "Yeah, I know the feeling you mean."
And that was that. Jimmy had a nagging suspicion that Pix knew exactly why the desert set his hindbrain to itching, but the copper king didn't offer and Jimmy found he couldn't ask. He wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know.
Maybe it was just that every time his feet sank into the sand, he thought of red eyes and dynamite hiding in the dunes and a bunker waiting to doom those it meant to protect.
Maybe it was just that the heat radiating off the sand felt more suffocating than warming. That he could remember what it felt like for those hot grains to grind into his knees as he knelt, peering through a narrow gap toward an oncoming army.
Maybe it was only that the heat that made his throat ache with phantom pains every time he landed on the sandstone roof of Pix's manor, causing him to rub at his neck and the small, star-shaped scar that sat in the hollow of his throat.
Or maybe, he thinks, as he trudges up the final dunes of a ruined and abandoned Pixandria, the desolate Codlands dead at his back, it's something even worse than that.
To the south, a flower forest beckons—familiar in the worst way. He sets his steps toward it, with the vague notion of "home" niggling at his mind. Sand was already drifting up the unfinished walls of Pix's great Anthill, filling its hollow center and slowly being buried—a strange and unnatural mountain in the middle of a dead desert.
A shiver runs down his spine, and he wonders if it's possible that the old superstition about chills from someone walking over your grave were true.
And he wonders if it's possible to walk over your own grave, a thousand years before it was dug.
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vyvernnn · 3 hours ago
Im tired of people pretending that jimmy doesnt get the most bitches in empires because he absolutely DOES
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louvesqueee · 17 hours ago
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Flower husbands, also I miss empires so bad :,D
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iz-thistle · a day ago
Guys I need help identifying this Empires SMP member. I can’t remember who this is
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braimerlucas · a day ago
no way.
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lonely-million-universes · 2 days ago
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my heart gets so happy to see characters i love brought to life ❤️⚙️
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codes-and-stuffs · 2 days ago
watching joel's pov of empires is legit SO funny bc he is just Not In The Lore. he walks up to jimmy and ignores the literal demon like five feet to the right and is like "hey what's up want to be my best man btw. weird stuff going on amarite". the build is so so incredible tho like What The Fuck How Did You Make This
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flora-en-llamas · a day ago
Can I have this dance? 💃💃💃
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Some Wither Rose Alliance dancing doodles bc I've been missing them so much :(
(btw I see only fwhip and gem as siblings, sausage it's just their friend lmao)
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empiresdaily · a day ago
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summer time roseblings
[image description: a digital drawing of geminitay, mythical sausage and fwhip dressed in modern summer clothes. gem is wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, shorts, a crop top and has a purse over her shoulder. sausage is wearing a sun hat and a button up dress, and has a brochure in one hand. fwhip is holding onto gem's arm and is wearing a baggy tshirt and sunglasses, and has a fanny pack across his chest. they're all smiling contentedly and looking off screen to the left. end id]
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he1ian · 2 hours ago
HELs hellliann hello may i rq a doodle of gemini tay from empires mayhaps 😏😏
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hope you like er :-]
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coveredinsun · 20 hours ago
reminder that e!fwhip CANONICALLY knits. if anyone even cares
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bellflower-islandsparkle · 20 hours ago
Okay but imagine an AU where the Candy versions of Jimmy, Mika and Lauren and the Cookieborn version of fWhip run the Ocean Queen's bakery during her time as the server's Emperor.
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vampirescott · 2 days ago
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i have feelings (they are for her)
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braimerlucas · 2 days ago
dont do this to me sausage…
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jodragen · 2 days ago
I adore it when people freak out at teasers, like empires season two has been hinted at a lot in the last week or so. So I figured the this is gonna start on or close to the new minecraft update, like season one did. It started on an update day if I remember right.
Now Scott’s gone and posted a picture of his avatar on twitter with two tone eyes and now I’m also getting excited.
Like, Sir, I want to draw the pretties... You seem to have become my muse lately so let me see all the pretties!!! I needs the Pretties!
and the pretties need to last more than a week for a change!
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renchanters · 18 hours ago
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daisy-mooon · a day ago
Y'all I think Scott's teasing empires. The two toned eye is green and yellow look kinda like 3rd life last life lives but you can't be green and yellow life at the same time so there's my two cents. Also the skin at the bottom looks a bit like a jesters or a fantasy thing, and most people have the same skin but with a few alterations on for 3L/LL. Empires Season 2 seems like a viable option.
Alternatively, he could have made his green life and yellow life skin early, then copied one side onto the skin for the shot. This is slightly more complicated but not really that hard since all he'd have to do is upload one skin and copy the details of the other half onto it.
But most importantly if it is empires - I think he's supposed to be a jester. This means everything to me.
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ao3org · 20 days ago
It's Finally Happening - Changes to Dream SMP, 3rd Life/Last Life, and other SMP fandoms!
Some exciting changes are coming to Video Blogging RPF over the next few weeks! We are happy to announce that Dream SMP, 3rd Life | Last Life SMP Series, Empires SMP, and a number of other Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft roleplay fandoms will be getting their very own fandom tags. These changes will be starting 10 May 2022, beginning with Dream SMP.
We want to thank you for your patience both in getting to this point, and in the coming weeks as these changes take place! Our volunteers have worked hard towards this change since 2021, and we will do our best to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.
How will the Fandom tags change?
Many SMPs have their own rich lore that is separate from what is going on in the content creators' lives. In the past, everything has been housed in Video Blogging RPF, but that doesn't recognize that there is more than just RPF in these fandoms. We are creating new tags so that you have a place to explore the fictional lives of the characters in these worlds.
Other SMPs that are not listed below may also get fandom tags eventually. We are constantly evaluating new SMPs as their fandoms grow, and we plan to continue making more fandom tags for them in the future. Just keep tagging the SMPs your work takes place in as a fandom so that we know how big the fandom is!
If you already use a fandom tag like "Dream SMP" or "Last Life" on your fic, your works will be filterable and searchable under the new fandom tags once we finish moving everything! These new SMP fandoms will be set up as subfandoms of Video Blogging RPF. If you are only using the Video Blogging RPF or Minecraft tag, we recommend either adding or replacing that with the relevant SMP fandoms - although if you'd prefer, you can of course just keep your work in Video Blogging RPF.
Here is a list of the new fandom tags, if you would like to update your works now!
Dream SMP
Origins SMP
30 Day SMP | Free Trial SMP
3rd Life | Last Life SMP Series
Evolution SMP
Empires SMP
Afterlife SMP
Hermitcraft SMP*
Outsiders SMP
Epic SMP
Shady Oaks SMP
Cogchamp SMP
Bear SMP
Fable SMP
*The currently existing Hermitcraft RPF fandom will be renamed to Hermitcraft SMP, so that wranglers will be able to make use of the new SMP guidelines.
Additionally, users will not be required to retag their works. This means that you should not report a work to Policy & Abuse that does not use the new SMP tags.
How will the Character tags change?
Because it can be confusing and difficult to find works about characters when their character tags are only a content creator's real name, we will be renaming characters of these new SMP fandoms to include usernames. Here are a few of the planned character tag changes:
Darryl Noveschosch → Darryl Noveschosch | BadBoyHalo
Zak Ahmed → Zak Ahmed | Skeppy
Noah Brown → Noah Brown | Foolish Gamers
Charlie Dalgleish → Charlie Dalgleish | Slimecicle
Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) → Phil Watson | Philza
Brendan Thro → Brendan Thro | Sneegsnag
John Booko → John Booko | BdoubleO100
Anthony Viviano → Anthony Viviano | Bigbst4tz2
Oliver Brotherhood → Oliver Brotherhood | Mumbo Jumbo
Jordan Maron → Jordan Maron | CaptainSparklez
Unfortunately, we are not able to create separate tags for the streamer’s main RP characters at this time. Any Technoblade (Dream SMP), Technoblade (SMP Earth) etc tags will still continue to redirect to Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF).
From a wrangling perspective, it is difficult to distinguish when tags are referring to the character or to the content creator when the character and the streamer’s username are the same. This is especially true when it comes to relationship or freeform tags involving the character/streamer, and because often two different works will use the same tag to mean different things. For example, if a work is tagged Technoblade-centric, we cannot tell if they are talking about Technoblade the streamer, or his Technoblade character from Dream SMP, or his Technoblade character from Origins SMP, or even his Technoblade character from SMPEarth. In addition, we would not want creators to feel like they need to tag multiple variations of Technoblade’s RP characters if the work involves an ambiguous AU version of his RP personas - and that issue would only further compound across relationship and freeform tags. However, we hope the creation of RP fandom tags can be used as an alternative by creators to show if their works are about the RP characters. We also hope that they can help users filter for the content they are looking for, or filter out any content they are looking to avoid.
However, sometimes a content creator will play other characters that have distinct names - like Dream also playing the characters of DreamXD and Ranbob. Right now those characters are both redirected to the "Clay | Dream" tag, but they, and others like them, will now be getting new character tags of their own.
NPCs such as Xornoth or the Samsung Smart Fridge, and Minecraft mob characters like Sally the Salmon or Michael_Beloved the Piglin, who previously did not have tags at all, will also soon get character tags.
This should make it easier to find works about a variety of characters! If you're already using tags like Ghostbur, Ranbob, or Sally the Salmon, you won't have to make any changes for your works to be searchable under the new tags.
How will the Additional tags change?
Additional tags related to the SMPs will be adjusted to use the new fandoms.  Here are some examples:
Logstedshire on Dream Team SMP (Video Blogging RPF) → Logstedshire (Dream SMP)
Empire of Pixandria on Empires SMP Setting (Video Blogging RPF) → Empire of Pixandria (Empires SMP)
The Maze on Outsiders SMP (Video Blogging RPF) → The Maze (Outsiders SMP)
NPCs, Alter Egos, and mobs can now get additional tags of their own, such as this:
Winged Xornoth (Empires SMP)
Simp DreamXD (Dream SMP)
Ghostbur-Centric (Dream SMP)
We know this is a big change, and we hope that it will make it a lot easier to navigate the various SMP fandoms and find the works you're looking for. Please remember that, while we believe that these new canonical tags will help, you are not required to use them. We hope that these new tags will provide more ease of access, clarity, and visibility than what is currently in place.
Once again, thank you for your patience in the coming weeks while these tags are in flux. Our team has been working on this for many months, and we’re all very excited to share these changes with you!
Several Minecraft SMPs will get their own fandoms.
Streamers of those SMPs will have their tags edited to include their usernames.
Alter-egos, NPCs, and mob characters of those SMPs will be canonized in these new SMP fandoms.
Please be patient with us, as implementing this many changes will take some time!
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empiresdaily · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
okay hear me out. pix with tats
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