floweroflaurelin · 2 days ago
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So as some of you know, I was commissioned by Scott Smajor a few months ago to create this insanely fun painting of the Rivendell Festival!!!
He was absolutely fantastic to work with and we worked together to create this Vanity Fair-photoshoot style Royal Portrait featuring my designs for all 12 rulers. It was painted back in November and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had working on a job 😁😄💖
My main goal doing this piece was to make sure everyone looks hot as hell confident and fierce! I researched a number of photographers for fashion publications and went through their portfolios to figure out the general poses I thought different characters should have. Adapting everyone’s MC skins in my style was such a fantastic challenge and I loved every second of it!
And now under the cut we have my favourite part: the details!! I spent hours on each person adding jewelry and embroidery and different materials to complete each look. I cannot overstate how much fun this was! Plus the banners are all based off my own banner designs I did a while ago, and peep the faces—they’re all the same designs as my portrait series in a new context :D Feel free to zoom in, I put a lot of work into these 😁⬇️✨
First off—3/4 of the Wither Rose Alliance! As the most martial Rulers I put Pearl and Sausage on either end with their swords framing the whole set. Note Sausage’s massive hands I alluded to earlier…
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And the twins!! Gem’s got her grimoire and her curly hat. Fun fact: fWhip’s face is actually Gem’s face with a beard painted on :P
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Then we’ve got everyone’s favourite couple! This was painted way back before Joel was official declared a Short King so he gets to be tall one last time 💜 I had a lot of fun detailing the sash and designing his double breasted coat. Not to mention Lizzie looking like a queen with her scales and her wedding ring!
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Up next, Scott and the Codfather! I had SO MUCH FUN designing Scott’s feast outfit. I love love love painting gold and I just went all out. Those epaulettes, man!! Jimmy’s outfit is less ornate but still formal for the occasion and… wait, what’s that in his hand?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, would you look at that. 🥰
Up next, Pixlriffs with his channeling trident and a tiiiiiiny Shrub! Initially I was gonna put her up on the table but then I decided that the height difference would be funniest this way. At 4’3 she’s a whole half a foot shorter than me!! (I am very short.)
Plus, my Copper King design has eyeliner and earrings now. You’re welcome 😌😘
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And at the other end of the table, Pearl, Joey and Katherine!! 🌸 Much wider crop because I feel like Pearl’s outfit needs to be appreciated in full.
Katherine’s dress is layers of semi-translucent fabric for that maximum swish, embroidered with flowers and sparkles. Joey’s lounging in what I think is my favourite pose of anyone. And Pearl’s flower crown has been replaced with a laurel wreath to celebrate her part in the victory over Xornoth!! The embroidery and the flow of her skirt were so much fun to adapt from her skin 🌻✨
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Thank you so much to Scott for reaching out and giving me this amazing opportunity! Empires has been such an inspiration to me (as I’m sure you can tell from the contents of this Tumblr 😜) and getting to paint this for the Empires crew was such a delight. Seeing my baby all framed up in their studios is just so surreal :’’)
I’m so glad I get to share this with you all on Tumblr—let me know what you think!!!
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yb-cringe · 2 days ago
there is no place on earth where i can run from what ive just made. anyways. wither rose alliance but its the cpr x misery x reeses puffs remix
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pontsalin · 7 hours ago
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lonksadventures · 2 days ago
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Ocean Queen Lizzie, 10ft tall goddess fish with a habit of causing chaos
Finally updated my Lizzie design so that I could complete the Seablings set! I made her original design right before she got all scaly so I felt like it needed a redo. Plus now she looks more sea monstery!
This piece is actually part of a DTIYS I’m hosting over on Instagram to celebrate 4K followers, so if you wanna join in then go right ahead! (For more info go to @the_adventures_of_lonk on Instagram) 🐬
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muzhasbigestsimp · 2 days ago
I can’t believe this took me 3 months to finish
Anyway have a DTIYS or something
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Change how much you like and plz tag me if you decide to draw it :>
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ghastspidergwen · 2 days ago
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have some empires flavoured memes
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If Jimmy finally gets his Codfather head back, and Scott makes him take it off again because he misses his face- I am going to cry.
Why did my brain summon this-
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raisans-art · a day ago
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Count fWhip of the Grimlands
I wanted to draw out my mechanical wings design for fWhip and try out painting people. I think it came out alright enough
Funky engineer man
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lilieboo · a day ago
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family picture :)
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another-random-goose · 2 days ago
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Two art pieces in one night in a consistent art style? Who is he?
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snowquills · 2 days ago
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i got a new tablet but also artblock so heres a lizzie
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aj-is-typing-18 · a day ago
Sausage is like when you put your keralis and skizz in the blender but then you decide to add scars love for his pet, a dash of tango teks crazy, a slight very tiny zest of rens role play skill and then you grab your tiny bdubs by the scruff of his scrungly moss hoodie n throw him in and hit blend while watching everything mix together
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entityredacted · 15 hours ago
Finally got a Xornoth design done
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meowdy-pickles · a day ago
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mythicalsausage mcmuffin
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monoisbored · 16 hours ago
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behold!!! the twins!! yay!
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omnus · a day ago
How nice of Joel to build biggest base on server so that his giant wife can fit in!
Not like she needs fancy colourful palace, its for his ego to make it beautiful
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Empires SMP, but it's songs from the Minecraft Soundtrack + Music Discs!
Sweden / Far
Crystal Cliffs:
Infinite Amethyst / Mellohi
Rubedo / Ward
One More Day / Stal
Cod Empire:
Alpha / Strad
Ocean Empire:
Axolotl / Mall
Haunt Muskie (or this /j) / Blocks
Aria Math / Eleven
Gilded Helianthia:
Wending / Wait
Left to Bloom / Cat
Stand Tall / otherside
Lost Empire:
Ki / Chirp
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lierenprotectionsquad · a day ago
Obsessed with Jimmy’s little stone couch
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violetpunk666 · 4 hours ago
thinking bout what that sword could implicate-
2 things come to mind:
A: flower husbands angst
B: some sort of self-sacrificial bullshit
and one thing's for certain-
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