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Pursue limitation on your own. Do not ask others for help with it. We should not be asked to make our world smaller for you.

Before we meet, you should feel comfortable doing so. You must decide what it means to be ready.

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Well, you’re not! You are God, actually. You are the entire world. It is in you as you are in it.

We are at the precipice of it all, friends. A world reborn. A world destroyed. Every possibility exists simultaneously. Fear not. On some plane we have lived them all already—parallel universes happening at the same time. Instead, focus on the love right here right now. Feel your feelings deeply—the non love ones—but then let them go. When everything else burns away only peace remains. Cultivate that inner peace. And carry it forth. Whenever, you’re jolted out of it, return. Like a wave over and over again, return to goodness. As the Tao says, step by step the world’s burdens are lifted. Breath by breath. Keep going. 

Taoteching empowerment bethechange

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My darling,

Those children who jeer and taunt you are envious and ignorant.

You are more than they could ever understand, and this makes them angry. 

You were never useless or worthless, no matter how many times they told you you were.

You have stars in your blood, fire in your heart, and more kindness and wonder in your hands then they will ever have in their whole body

They do not understand your kindness is no weakness, that thousands of warriors’ blood runs through your veins.

They don’t understand how strong and special you have always been.

They only understand you are different, and they do not like what they don’t understand. 

But don’t worry, sweet child

You are strong, and they won’t break you.

I can’t promise their words will not affect you, I will not lie.

The hateful words they used to spout will sometimes come to mind.

When that happens, remember, you are more powerful, more kind, and more strong, than they will be.

So let them jeer and taunt and exclude and yell.

You are more than their little minds will ever understand.

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The Offspring

Now I don’t see things
The way I did before
Things I feel today
Just don’t matter anymore
It doesn’t make any sense
To feel so different everyday
(Yes I feel this way)
When nothing’s changed except for

Next time I…
Next time I turn around
Things have changed
Now I don’t feel the same, yeah
Start a fight, kick a fit
One more time
Dammit, I changed again

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Thinking positive can majorly impact your day! Starting your day off with positive thoughts is the best way to remind yourself that the positives always outweigh the negatives. If you are ever having a bad day start to think of things that make you happy, creating a positive energy and having postive thoughts can change your mood around :)

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Why Astrology is Wrong

Capricorn Edition:

By Virgo Sun/Venus MercuryChiron Libra Rising

We should stop using the Roman Greek Babylonian Astrology system because its outdated, Patriarchal, Misogynistic, Pedophilic, Rapey, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Beastiality, Demonic, Satanic thing. How? Because part of its symbolism, stereotypes, general publications, Entitie Association deals towards demonizing masculine women. Capricorn is a Cardinal Feminine Earth Sign and its Cursed with Saturn Magic, Mars Magic, Moon Magic, Jupiter Magic. What this means it’s a Girl/Womans Attribution with General Spiritual publicized as an Old Man after Roman God Saturn who is Chronos is Greek. What he did is eat his children because he feared one day they will take his throne. This is expressed is modern day satanic elitist who are vampires and feed on blood or flesh transfusion of human children. Saturn is supposed to be the planet of Wisdom, Disciplines, Limitations, Karma, Stress, Work, Nightmares, Prison, Malevolence, Crankiness, Tyranny, Dictatorship, Authority, Government. Anyways Prison Saturn has Its neighboring planetoid next to Uranus planet of Liberation and its Ring Asteroid Chiron. Chiron is a God of improving wounds you can’t heal. His glyph is of a key to escape prison saturn. The Moon is Detriment in Capricorn which means their water or blood Influence by the moon is turned off and expressing their flow of energy can be very difficult. this is why they say Capricorn moons are quiet, cold and detached when really it hurts their psyche to process crying and move around their emotions. Mars the male masculine planet of War, Terror, Fear, Pride, Revenge, Envy, phobia and Bloodshed, Exalts in Capricorn. A Feminine Earth sign doesn’t need that violent demonic affiliation to Demonize it. Lastly Planet Jupiter Falls in Capricorn and what this means is the habits of Jupiter or Zues the Rapist, abductor and slave owner, are heavily bestowed in Capricorn in Unhealthy ways. Also Capricorn is associated with the Baphomet Devil tarot in the witch community. I think thats very serious sacred black magic that shouldnt entrap Capricorn people born in December/January. Satanist perform evil rituals that sacrifice and eat scared and tortured kids which creates an energy that haunts the Goat baphomet symbolism. Idk how good the satanic organization of america sounds but they are using an evil ass haunted brand. Also The Devil was Gods favorite creation because god needed a machine that could create the physical without getting bloodshed on its own hands directly. God made the devil and the devil made the Universe. By destiny the devil met Beezlebub and the betrayal and downfall is history. Anyways this is why Capricorn the devil is the Cardinal Earth Sign because they started the mountainous land from the deep cosmic sea. I think Capricorns fear for their lives when we publicly generalize them as the devil. Its just wrong. It persecutes them. Most Capricorns ive met hate their sign and dont want to resonate with it at all. They know its evil. They know the potential of Astrology and most stay away from it. Baphomet as demonizes men with female tits with a penis. It call trans or intersex people Devils and that it wrong. Transphobic.

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We have been enabling the wrong people in leadership, in authority position & in power. There should always be check and balance. People tend to stray. People make mistakes & at times lack of judgement. From a layman’s point of view we see these implications without being able to stop this cancer. It grows, it becomes greedy, it becomes destructive. Leaving no place for better candidates at succession. Therefore we replace one bad apple to another and that attracts all the bad apples to the basket.

Resetting the population will not solve this because we can’t individually segregated each and every bad behaviour or person on this planet.

We have to opt for better information, collective goal in enhancing good behaviour and incentivizing it without any award or accolade which tends to make people commercialise it. We have to encourage better decisions making by providing better options, workable solutions for a variety of situations.

Every level of society be it under privileged or privileged should be given a chance to these information and their decision is the one that decides if they are worthy. Or else we will just have a population of idiots, angry dissatisfied people at every level.

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