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Good evening! We have some updates on our Unus Annus varsity jacket kickstarter! We are well on our way to getting launched tomorrow!! Here I have the tender for our newest pin, one that I’m debating will be the bonus pin, as per tradition.

If you havn’t heard yet, I’m Ender and I’m making a Unus Annus varsity jacket. I’ve already made several unus annus related merch before, mostly enamel pins but I’m so excited to get this jacket made.

If you’d like to know when we launch, please head over to the pre launch page! Here you’ll be able to sign up and see when we go live. Expect it at the same time as the videos release. ;3

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Well would you look at that, it’s another enamel pin kickstarter by @kwillow! This time we’ve got some more “candy-themed animal” soft enamel pins, just in time for the holidays!

Will add the Kickstarter link in a reblog in a sec. If you like the project, we’d appreciate reblogs/signal boosts as well–thank you in advance!

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