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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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Hey guys I need little help with a name. I’m thinking of changing to Fennec or Fenn. Possibly Fennec and Fenn for shot. What the temperature on this one?

If its any help I’m a studio art major so it’s probably not the most pretentious thing I’ll be called in my life.

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So like many nonbinary individuals I have spent many a years questioning my identity. For about 2 years I’ve stagnated at the word queer but I feel it doesnt truly get to the roots of who I am. I still deeply identify with it but I want to experiment with labels again.

While I constantly question my attraction to men and am currently not comfortable saying I’m not attracted to men at all (due to a certain fucking someone I cant get out of my goddamn head) I know I’m attracted to women. I know lesbian is a term a lot of enby peeps feel comfortable using I personally feel like it is too closely tied with personal womanhood for me even though I deeply relate to the experiences of lesbians. Especially because I am so feminine in presentation. I realised the word I identify most with in my attraction is sapphic. But the problem is I’m not female-aligned… like at all. I’m not male aligned either, I’m just not aligned. Am I allowed to use the word sapphic if I dont Id with womanhood?

Because personally for me even though I dont Id as a girl at all in any way, my being afab inherently impacts me in every area of my life. Because I look like a girl. I dont plan on changing any physical features with surgery any time soon either. And sapphic just feels so right, but I know a lot of cis lesbians and bisexual girls get really upset when nonbinary people use language that they use as well. I just domt know what to do because I really feel a connection to the word but I’m also afraid people will see that I’m sapphic and think it’s okay to use female-coded language with me. Can I get anyone’s thoughts on this? 💛💛💛💛

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I’m late, but day 5 of online pride @enby-life <3

I live in India. So, I obviously can’t be out to like, 90% of the people I meet because I don’t know what they’ll do or think. The first time I came out to my friend, she denied it. Apparently, I was too ‘normal looking’ to be gay, which… what??

Still haven’t told anyone except for my dad that I’m enby. He was somehow totally cool with it, which is surprising because he’s very religious. He kind of showed a couple of LGBT people in Hindu mythology, like a cool warrior trans man and an enby like me. 

So, I’m out to my dad. Just him. It’s better than nothing and I am grateful for his acceptance. Stay safe and have a nice pride, everyone🏳️‍🌈

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cis people: its hard to remember your pronouns bc you dont look trans :/

cis people: but also if you look too much like a freak you’re attention seeking :/

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Hey by the way it’s totally cool if you have an unaligned gender that doesn’t fit the agender label. The idea that all non-binary genders have to exist between agender and male/female bigender is an oversimplification at best. You can just exist. Gender is like color. Do what you want.

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idk why but, it makes me really happy that the same friends who use he/him pronouns for me also occasionally call me mom. it kinda feels like a casual way of acknowledging all of my pronouns, not just the ones they use the most, y’know?? [even tho i know that’s not why they do it]

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Hi guys! In honor of Pride Month, we’ll be giving you an LGTBQ+ prompt/idea a day (or at least we’ll try)!

June 5:

“Hi, i’d like one scoop of gay?”

“Two scoops of lesbian, please”

“Sorry we’re out, but we have bi if that’s fine, or I can check in the back”

“So Pan comes in a pan instead of a bowl or cone.. is that okay?”

“Um excuse me I think this tastes transphobic need a refund and would strongly recommend you throw out the entire batch”

“Hi i’d like straight?” "Sorry sir, we don’t serve that here. Down the street, though, they’ve got some.”

“Yeah can I get a side of cuffed jeans”

“Our gender-neutral bathroom is only for patrons, sorry”

“Hey um excuse me this music is atrocious I demand it be changed to girl in red at once”

“Can I have two spoons? My boyfriend and I are sharing this.”

“Omg they sell the sample spoons with little fake scoops of ice cream I have to make these into earrings

"Omg this is better than a gay bar…look at the walls! They’re rainbows!”

"They’re having a raffle and the winner gets to completely redecorate from the bottom up this is awesome!”

“Do you have ‘pining for a straight’ as a topping?”

“Can I get a few pints to go? It’s for me and my friends”

“Do you have cottagecore toppings, like dandelion honey and violet jam?”

Please add any other suggestions

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nonbinary + Wynn name association

requested by @doctor-sherlock-strange

nonbinary: someone who doesn’t identify solely or at all with the binary genders

name association: fairies, springtime, sparkles, rays of sunshine

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