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#enby visibility
profeminist · 2 months ago
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"just not seeing enough people talking about carl clemons-hopkins, the first out nonbinary actor to be nominated for an emmy, and the nonbinary flag gown they wore last night"
Carl Clemons-Hopkins on IMDB
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jollyladyshark · 2 months ago
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Look I love Hilary Mantel’s books and lectures and she’s smart and thoughtful but what she said about trans stuff the other day was neither and I feel gross about it
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birds-and-the-enbys · a year ago
Nonbinary peeps r not boy/girl lite but we r also not trans lite
We still experience discrimination -Altho yes it is often differunt from the discrimination binary trans ppl face sometimes it overlaps and it still exists!!!
It still hurts to be misgendered and dead named and be assumed as our agab!!!
We still struggle to be seen and recognised by lots of cis allies even those in the lgbt+ community!!
A lot of us still experience social and/or body dysphoria!
👏Nonbinary people are valid and our struggles are important and deserve recognition 👏
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starcrossed-snowyy · 6 months ago
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i am not mad, just dissapointed
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caswarrenart · 8 months ago
Work by trans and nonbinary illustrator Casper Warren
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You can support my work by following, reblogging, DMing me for a print, and/or tipping me on ven/mo @c_art . Thank you for sharing! 🌈
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genderfluid-focus · a month ago
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17 - 24 Oct is Genderfluid Visibility Week, right before Asexual Awareness Week begins, can't wait :D
Here's the link to the original post!
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finley-myself · 7 months ago
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I hope everyone had a nice Trans Day of Visibility
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u-u-h · a year ago
This is just a reminder to Cis people to consider your words on Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Day of Visibility; some of your trans friends and followers may or may not want not to be wished a happy TDoR or TDoV.
Some may choose it as a day for celebration of life and survival and progress, or as a day of mourning, or a bit of both, but that's a personal choice based on personal experiences. Just show them your support and offer to talk with them if you can handle it, set boundaries for the conversation if you need to. Be there if you can, and try to support the community. 💗
(Feel free to reblog, but no shenanigans on this post please. TDoR is on November 20, TDoV is March 31.)
[There are a lot of thoughtful comments and replies in the notes. My original post wasn't as positive; so I edited it to reflect what I learned from other people. I appreciate everyone's contributions. Feel free to reblog their additions.]
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tgoldenart · 8 months ago
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I am a day late, but here is a piece I have been working on for Trans Day of Visibility. The Archangel Michael (after St. Michael by Luca Giordano) is both a symbol of healing and protection. They are a fierce leader in opposition of evil, and fight against forces of insidious hatred while promoting healing and growth.
On trans day of visibility, as well as every day of the year, we must honor those who have fought, lived, and died in order for us to feel safe enough to celebrate our visibility and freedom. We must love our trans siblings and understand that visibility without protection can do more harm than good. Trans people are strong, beautiful, and worthy of all the love, protection, healing, and visibility this world has to offer.
I am so incredibly proud of the trans community and all of the incredible leaders who have led us to where we are in society today, but there is still so much more work to be done. Please take the time to read up on and fight the recent anti trans legislation that has been passed in Arkansas, a bill that will specifically target and affect trans youth, who are some of the most at risk members of our community.
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everythingenby · 7 months ago
Happy lesbian visibility day!!!!
💗 to lesbians in the closet
💗 to lesbians of colour
💗 to lesbians who use he/him pronouns
💗 to lesbians who lost those they love because of their sexuality
💗 to lesbians who thought they were bisexual at first
💗 to the lesbians who are just questioning their sexuality
💗 to anyone who defines their sexuality as a lesbian regardless of race or gender
💗 to the lesbians who deal with homophobia at any point
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ollovae3 · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
First, Terec and Ceret from the High Republic comics, then my gal Myna!! A trans Clone Commando!! Had a ton of fun getting to draw them, and I hope you like how they turned out!! 💙💮🌸 💖💕💖
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carver-noah · 3 months ago
Are any other trans or non-binary folks just in a permanent state of angry as hell
I’m always angry and I don’t know what to do about it
I don’t want to be mean or bitter but I’m tired and it’s like I have to be tough because other ppl don’t give a shit about my feelings in real life
(I’m not on T I just mean the whole discovering who you are thing sucks)
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genderfluid-focus · a month ago
Happy Genderfluid Visibility Week!!
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Link to the twitter post!
If you're genderfluid and not on twitter, you can do the same here with this post!
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zer0rebel4 · 7 months ago
It is lesbian visibility day! reminder: BIPOC lesbians are valid
neurodivergent and disabled lesbians are valid
intersex lesbians are valid
Gender Non-Conforming lesbians are valid
Trans lesbians are valid
Enby lesbians are valid
Varioriented lesbians are valid
ace and aro lesbians are valid
Pronoun Non-Conforming lesbians are valid
Genderfluid lesbians are valid
Agender lesbians are valid
Lesbians as a whole are valid and real, and deserve to be able to show their pride ❤
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dralorart · 4 months ago
This is Evan, an American artist currently living in California. He's a trans man in need: he's currently on the verge of living in his car due to inability of paying the rent. He's currently looking for roommates, but most importantly he needs our help and support so he's opened a gofundme. Even the smallest donation can be the biggest help for them!
The link is here, you can further read his story:
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