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Julieta: It only takes a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Bruno: Once Mamá forgot me in the parking lot.
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So..I really liked the movie, and I’ll probably post more content with more characters later on. [DO NOT TAG AS A SHIP, JUST DON’T..] Translation for the Spanish text under the cut:
Tumblr media
El harapo - rag lo siento - I’m sorry regalo para un recién nacido - A gift for a newborn mi ruana tejida a mano - my handmade ruana (literally hand-knitted) Por que - why sobrino - nephew barahijas - trinkets Mucho Gracias - Thank you so much Soy un gran idiota - I’m a huge idiot
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I wanted to take some time to give Mirabel her own door because I know technically the front door of Casita is her door but I mean she needs her own room right? So here’s her door! Can you catch all the family members on her door? (And yes ALL family members are on this door, even the fathers) 🥲💖💖
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Madrigal triplets in the art style of TTS ✨
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“Hombre y Mujer” Bruno Madrigal x reader
Authors note: I literally have no excuse or control with the direction this went, I also don’t really like it but alas.
Tumblr media
“Come again?” His voice trembles, he is unsure of what his mama just said. A thick swallow expands his throat, the room is silent but he can feel the cloud forming over Pepa’s head.
“ I’m not asking you to marry her if you don’t want to Brunito,” there it is, the soft name he knows she knows weakens him, the one she used to use when she was a kinder woman, when he was only a child. “I am only asking you to please meet her, I won’t force anything upon you, those days are long over mijo.”
“Mama no puedes estar hablando en serio. We just got him back.” Julieta intercepts, trying to reason, she knows her brother is reaching his breaking point, any moment now he would flee to his room and stay there for days on end.
“Please, calma, solo pido que la conosca.” She tries once again, “their situation is rather delicate, their mother died at childbirth, their abuela raised them, she is worried they will be left to fend for themselves, and you mijo, you are unmarried, i just want to look out for you, for the family.”
“Mama just promise me you won’t push it.” Julieta says, taking notice of the way Bruno has stilled on his seat.
Night approaches faster than he would have liked, he is sitting at the table, Mirabel to his left, an open chair to his right where you will be seating soon. His niece squeezes his hand briefly, a reassuring touch; all eyes are on him, everyone is aware of the situation thanks to Dolores who is sending him condescending looks. He had debated whether to look into the future for any outcome regarding you, but he is terrified, terrified of what he will see, he prefers to leave it at that, some things are better left in the dark. Dolores squeaks, a signal to everyone that Abuela and you are fast approaching, the room is tense, even Camilo has refrained from doing any kind of snarky remark or shifts in appearance. He is not sure if they all pity him or fear the wrath of their matriarch if they as so much breathe too harsh.
“Welcome, welcome to our home, to our Casita.” She announces, footsteps now obvious to everybody else; he feels sweat trickling down the back of his neck, his knuckles rasping the wood of his chair as he mumbles lowly. “Knock, knock, knock on wood” before standing up, turning around to face you. It’s the first time he has seen you, with being away for 10 years hiding in the walls and no one liking him in the village are more than enough reasons for him to not visit it often. He can’t deny himself how beautiful you are, your face soft, your fractions gentle and still your eyes hold a storm that not even your kind smile can properly hide.
He manages to not mess up the dinner, to control himself from mumbling too much or trowing salt too often over his shoulder, he knows his family wouldn’t mind, but old habits die hard and he still fears the disapproving eyes of his mama. Your abuela looks his way, her eyes expecting, excited almost, did she really not care you would be given off to “the seer”? The bad omen, the evil eye that haunted the town from his tower as the town used to call him.
He clears his throat, he can feel everyone’s eyes watching him, begging him not to, he can feel his mother’s eyes on him, they are pleading but surprisingly gentle, a look he hasn’t seen in decades; and then he looks at you, you don’t look happy, but you don’t look sad, you just look at him as if your life depended on him and in a way it did, he was about to change it, for the better or for the worst.
“I…”he begins, nerves taking a hold on him, his hands itching to touch the wood, to feel the salt under them, his fingers twitch and he can feel the pressure beginning to build on the back of his neck, he knows something is coming, he can feel the pain beginning to roar the longer he tries to hold it.
“Yes Brunito?” His mother pushes a little, he is about to decline politely, to explain he doesn’t want to seal your fate to his, that you could do much better than him, but as his mouth opens the words that leave it startle even him, they take him by surprise, they freeze him in the spot as his mind struggles to catch up to them, but he can hear his family, he can hear the gasps leaving some and the sigh of relief leaving his mother. He blanks out after that, vaguely aware that you have left and he is supposed to be at the church tomorrow at noon.
The wedding is small, private, only his family attend and your abuela. It’s over faster than he would have imagined. There is not a big celebration after either, no party or people dancing to loud music. There is only a dinner, is quieter than usual, everyone eats, talks, a few questions are asked, you smile kindly at his family, you don’t show any resentment or dislike towards them. You still haven’t talked to him, or looked at him, he can feel the crippling anxiety rising within him, his knuckle keep rasping the chair every 5 minutes as he mutters to himself. Dinner wraps up, a small round of congratulations are offered to you both, and before he knows it he is leading the way to his… your shared bedroom in silence.
The first thing you notice about him is his height; 7 feet frame your ass, he is 5.9 on a good day. He doesn’t look creepy, doesn’t look evil or scary for that matter. If anything he looks like a scared child who is too afraid to look too closely at something in fear they may break it. He fidgets with his hands a lot, his fingers trace over wood more times than what you manage to keep count on. He mutters to himself constantly and you can feel him looking at you from the corner of his eye. Is hard to believe this is the same man the town keeps warning you about. His family is kind, they try at least, to make you feel welcome, Mirabel specially, she is kind and talkative, but you can see the way her words are laced with a promise, she protects her tio, she is making sure you know that. In a way it feels ironic, everyone is congratulating you even if they know this wasn’t an union of choice.
Bruno walks you to the room, the one you will both share, is a silent walk, the night has fallen over and as you approach the seer’s tower his imposing doors growls at you. He doesn’t look anything like the man in that portrait, and as he approaches the door his eyes flash green momentarily, the magic burning behind them. You had never seen this part of casita, but the towns people had always complained how many stairs his room had, that everytime you wanted a vision you would have to climb thousands of them, only to come back disappointed; but to your surprise the room barely has any, perhaps in a different time, when he was a different man the room had contained as many as everyone claimed, but now it barely have a few, they lead to a second floor, where a round giant door resided closed.
The floors are wooden, a dark wood that contrasts with the pale sand color adorning the walls, big green curtains cover the windows, and clocks and hourglasses could be seen almost in every corner, accompanied by bookshelves and rugs, and near the big bed you could spot a bowl of salt, and one of sugar, it seemed to always be on reach for him.
“I-I have a hammock to sleep in. You can take the bed.” He says, gesturing to the corner of the room, where a hammock could be seen tucked in. He doesn’t seem to expect anything out of you, at least not tonight and if anything he seems more nervous and fidgety than you would have imagined.
“It’s okay, I appreciate it.” You try to smile at him but he won’t meet your eyes, mumbling lowly and excusing himself with barely audible whispers as he moves away. And so it begins, a routine you have both settle on. He sleeps on the hammock and you on the bed, and besides a few good morning and good nights you two barely actually talk. The same cannot be said about his family, they have warmed up to you and by this point, almost a month in Camilo feels comfortable enough to shift into your appearance to joke around, and Dolores has decided you are to be her new best friend as you both spend a lot of time together, time you wish you could spend knowing the man who refuses to open up to you, he spends most of his days in company on Mirabel, talking or putting on plays with his rats. He seems normal, too normal, nothing creepy happens around him, no glowing lights or glowing eyes, and apart from his usual habits you can’t say you have seen him use his gift at all.
Is during dinner that night that it happens, he seems out of it, more than usual, his family seems to notice, asking him if he is feeling okay, he has his hood drawn, covering his eyes, he has barely touched his food and everytime you try to look at him he avoids your gaze, and only replies with a soft nod and a quiet whisper about having a headache.
“Bruno.” Pepa warns, what is she warning him about you aren’t sure, but he won’t bulge, as you have come to learn not even Julieta’s food can heal all issues when it comes to their gifts.
“Tio do you want me to help you get to your room?” Mirabel offers softly, sitting next to him, and for no particular known reason your blood boils a little when he replies to her with more than one word. You want the trust he has in her. You want him to open up to you, but you understand, you know this is his family and to him you are still an outsider. And perhaps you will be all your life since he doesn’t seem willing to let you in. Everyone goes back to their conversation, no one pushes him any further and once dinner ends you both part ways, he disappearing off to somewhere in the house and Dolores volunteering you to do dishes with her so she can tell you all about her date with Mariano.
You haven’t heard from him at all when bed time arrives, no one seems to mind and the shyness that comes with asking about him stops you from inquiring. A sick feeling on your stomach begins to settle as you slip into the bed, alone, you wish he would share it with you, that he would open up to you, you don’t dislike him, he is kind, at least you have seen him interact with his nephews and sisters, he tries to be quiet, to not take much space. You only wish he would let you in, to know him, how long would a marriage truly last if you are only strangers. It’s hard to conceal sleep but eventually the tiredness of the day wears you down into a slumber.
Noise awakens you, Bruno is not in the room, there’s voices speaking, almost screaming over one another, you can hear Julieta asking for space and cabinets doors opening and closing. Getting up the bed you quickly open the door, from the hallway is clear something has happened and you push your feet to move forward, to walk down the stairs faster, your heart feels as if it will explode out of your chest as you approach the kitchen, you can see the family gathered around someone and your worst fear comes out to surprise you once you manage to make way only to find Bruno siting in the middle, a gasp leaves your lips as you take on his appearance, tears burning behind your eyes.
His eyes are green, so bright green is blinding to look at, the glow is strong, but you can clearly see the shadow of destroyed blood vessels underneath, his face is pale, and blood is running down his nose, his arms are lifted forward, trying to grasp onto Julieta’s dress. He looks so lost, the terrifying realization that when his eyes glow, he is blind, he can only see his visions but he is blinded to the outside. His panicked expression breaks your heart, feet moving forward on their own accord you end up in front of him, hands finding his hair as you run them through it only to hold on to him and move him forward onto your dress, it doesn’t matter if his blood stains it, you push his face onto it, feeling his arms instantly circle your middle.
“Julieta..” he begins trying to speak but you can tell is taking a lot out of him just to form the sentence.
“Shhh is okay, estas bien, estoy aquí.” You call out today him, trying to comfort him. The sound of your voice makes him tense automatically, he tries to move away but you hold your stance, you hold him to you, your hands moving to his jaw, gently moving his face in the direction of yours.
“Bruno.” He tenses, your tone is firm, reprimanding but soft and devoting. It’s the first time you have said his name out loud. The sound rolls like honey out of your lips.
“Let me be here for you. We are one, we are hombre y mujer.” You remind him. ‘The holiness of marriage’, that holds you both together in sickness and health. He feels you crouch down to his level; he can’t see you but he can feel you moving closer to him. Your hands softly caress his cheeks, pushing the hair out of his face, holding him, never once moving away, never scared of the sight before you. He closes his eyes; they burn so bright you can see them from behind his closed eyelids, and he finally relaxes into your touch.
After he feels strong enough to walk you help him to the room, Julieta and Luisa help you move him, and she explains to you how his visions sometimes can pain him immensely, how he looses control of them when he represses them for too long, it anguish your heart to hear this. Once in the room Bruno tries to move from where Luisa has settled him on the bed, and before he can as so much open his mouth your hand is on his shoulder, pushing him back down, it’s been too long of him sleeping on that hammock, he needs a real bed. He tries to complain, to excuse himself and tell you he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable but you won’t have it, shushing him and telling him to relax, que se esté tranquilo. He knows he won’t win this one, settling back down his eyes toning down, returning to their natural hue as he closes them, his hand rubbing his forehead gently.
The bed dips next to him, shooting anxiety all through his body as he starts to mumble once again, crossing his fingers and holding his breath until you are completely laying in it. You move slowly towards him, turning to face him before listing your hand and softly tangling your fingers on his hair, pushing his head to rest against your neck. His breathing quickens momentarily, your fingers run through his hair, a comfortable silence settles over the room and he finally allows himself to relax enough to move his arms around your frame, his fingers caressing lightly the skin of your waist. He is so quiet you think he most have fallen asleep; you are about to close your eyes and relax into his touch when his voice suddenly breaks through the quietness.
“I was alone for a very long time.” He says. The statement taking you by surprise, this is the first time he has willingly opened up to you. “No one would get close to me, I was the bad omen of the town, the seer, only giving terrible visions and unforgiving destinies.” He continues, his fingers faltering for a moment on their movements.
Your fingers move a little faster, reassuring m him that you are here, that you are listening to him. You feel him breath in before continuing.
“I-I didn’t want to tie you down to my misfortune, I didn’t want you to have to sacrifice your life by marrying me, you know, but I froze, and I couldn’t focus on the words, and once I saw I couldn’t take them back i became terrified, terrified to get close only for you to leave, to leave like they all did.” He concludes and you can feel the way his body shakes, the wetness accumulating on your dress from his tears, and so you treasure it, this moment of weakness, of vulnerability he is gifting you.
“Bruno.” You begin, moving his face slightly upwards to look at you, his glazed over eyes staring at you, waiting for a reprimand or a complain at his over sharing, he is ready for you to tell him how you don’t care about any of this, how you are only by his side because he made the mistake of confusing his words. But it never comes, instead he only sees affection in your eyes, he only sees softness and understanding, he holds his breath, closing his eyes when he feels your hand softly caress his face, your nose coming close to his and rubbing it slightly against his own.
“Tú eres mi futuro amor. I’ll be here, ready for you, whenever you want to open up, whenever you need someone.” You whisper to him, taking in the way his eyes widen, and his grip on you hardens. His eyes move to your lips before quickly looking up to meets yours again, his hands softening on you before squeezing again.
“Can I…” he begins unsure of how to proceed before you nod in affirmation, his lips moving softly to graze yours while his eyes close, your hand moves back over his hair, pulling him to you before closing the space completely, crashing your lips with his, feeling his breathing change pace as he moves closer.
His lips are soft, the stubble along his lips tickling your skin. Your hands move across his hair, tangling themselves on his curls, pulling slightly and you can hear him hiss. Your lips parting, allowing him access to explore further. He surprises you, you wouldn’t have thought he would be such a good kisser, his teeth nibbling your lips lightly. Your hand trails down his back, pulling the fabric of his ruana up, trying to get it off him, he doesn’t mind, allowing you to remove it, sitting himself up and allowing you to straddle him, a blush covers his face when he sees your hands moving to the hem of your dress, moving it up and leaving you bare to his eyes.
He gets nervous, shying away and placing his hands on your waist, his eyes focus on your face, he refuse to move them from there.
“You don’t need my permission to look.” You offer him, trying to ease some of the nerves off of him. Hesitantly he complies, trailing his eyes down, you can see the blush spread through his cheeks, his hands trembling as he moves them over the soft skin of your back, burning your skin on their wake. You lean forward, capturing his mouth once again in a kiss, playing with the button of his shirt, giving him enough time to stop you if he doesn’t feel ready, but he doesn’t, he allows you to remove it completely. Your fingers trace his chest, feeling the subtle salt and pepper trail of hair that adorns it before moving up to trace his shoulders, feeling them and moving your hands over his back. The muscles pulling taunt at the attention.
He looks at you, studying your face as you study him in silence, as you trace every fragment of skin you can reach.
“Eres tan hermoso.” You whisper against his lips. His face turns a deeper shade of red and you can feel the reaction your compliment has on him immediately, the bulge in his pants painfully pressing against your center.
You move your hips slightly, experimentally, feeling for a reaction out of him. He whimpers, tightening his hold on you before dipping forward and hiding his face on your neck, planting soft kisses there as he begs for you to do it again. A quiet moan escapes you, the friction building up wetness between your legs and you can feel him becoming more confident as he nips at your neck, his hands moving slowly around you to feel up your chest.
“Y/n” he calls out to you, he sounds broken, desperate, and you remove yourself from him, allowing him space to remove his pants, his eyes are cloudy, a light green hue taking over them, his mind fogged over by the comfort you bring him.
“Bruno” you tease, “ tocame cariño” you moan out for him.
A groan escapes him as his hands move up your leg, feeling the soft skin of your thigh. He feels nervous, unsure, his insecurities prickling at the back of his mind, making him doubt himself; but you take notice of this, moving your own hand over his leg, reaching the pulsing member resting against his stomach. He jumps when your hands touch him, a whine escaping him when your finger wrap themselves around him, giving an experimental stroke, making him throw his head back, his mouth opening slightly as a moan escapes him. Your mouth trails kisses along his jaw, biting softly at the skin of his neck as your hands speeds up its movements, but he quickly stops you, his hand moving to grab your wrist.
“Si sigues así me voy a venir.” He says, face flush red and eyes half lidded.
“We don’t have to do more than this today…” you begin to say before he interrupts you.
“I want to feel you.” He says, his eyes glowing green at the idea, he tries to close them but your reassuring touch distracts him enough to forget about that aspect.
Your hand moves to his arm, pulling him over you to the bed, laying back with him over you, your legs parted, allowing him space to be in the middle. You are aware this won’t last long, you doubt he has had a partner in decades, but the satisfaction of seeing him so undone is more than reward enough.
Grabbing his hand in yours, you guide his fingers up the inside of your thigh, closing your eyes as they get closer to your core. You feel him suck in a breath when they reach your folds, feeling the wetness collected there and you guide his fingers over the area before removing them, your eyes focusing on his face. He dips his face down, looking in the direction of his hand on you, seeing the way his fingers work on you, snapping his head back to yours when a soft moan escapes you, making his cock pulse painfully. He repeats the movement, pressing his finger harder as he moves it slowly over your bundle of nerves, watching you as soft whimpers and moans escape you. You can feel his middle and ring finger gracing your dripping hole, adding to the sensation building up from his attentions in your clit. You can feel your orgasm fast approaching as you dig your nails on his forearm.
“Bruno…” you moan softly his name, feeling him throb against your leg at the mention.
“Vente cariño, dejame sentirte.” You don’t think you have ever heard anything more erotic than his voice in this moment, this surge of confidence he is feeling at the reactions he is managing to get out of you are a treasure you want to hold onto forever.
“No.. amor, quiero venirme alrededor de ti.” The simple phrase sends him in a frenzy, removing his fingers as a groan escapes him, moving himself over you, kissing you before aligning himself with you, he is so painfully hard; a long moan escaping him when the head of his cock pushes past your lips into your fluttering hole, the sensation making you mumble incoherent words as your nails dig into his arms.
He closes his eyes, needing to take a moment to breathe before continuing, groaning as he finally burries himself inside of you.
“Estas tan apretada.” He grunts out against the skin of your neck before kissing it softly.
“Move please, I need you.” You beg him, your voice higher than usual, your forehead sweaty and your cheeks flush, the stretch of him feels delirious and you can’t wait to know what it will feel like having him ramming into you with all he has.
Your wish is his command as he moves his hips back, pushing them forward, his eyes roll to the back of his head as pleasure shoots up on him. He settles into a rythm, deep, fast thrusts that leave you breathless, the building pressure behind in your lower abdomen intensifying with every push of his cock into you, his face is the pure expression of pleasure, his eyes glowing, half lidded and his mouth opens, lewd sounds he wasn’t aware he was capable of making escaping him as he burries is face on your neck.
“No pares amor.” You manage to chock out, feeling your orgasm about to explode.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, dejame sentirte cariño.” He grunts out against your skin and those words are enough to send you over the edge, your walls tightening around him, a high pitch moan escaping you as your legs lock around his back. The feeling of your fluttering walls around him push him further into madness, tangling his hands on your hair he sucks a mark on your neck, before pressing himself impossibly closer into your body and speeding up his thrust, unrelenting his pace as moans and grunts escape him, feeling himself closer and close until the pressure building in his core snaps, making his movements sloppiest as he spills inside of you.
“Are you okay?” He asks once his breathing normalizes, his usual fidgety self is back, the anxiety of his performance now taking over him.
You nod at him, a lazy smile playing on your lips as you pull him closer to you.
“I have never been better mi amor.” You mumble out to him, kissing him softly, tangling your fingers on his before squeezing his hands. Accommodating him on your chest your fingers find his hair, playing with the strands as you lure him to sleep and for the first time in decades he falls asleep faster than he remembers, no thoughts plaguing his mind, only you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey all! If no one saw this yet, I figured I'd post it here!
The cast/team behind Encanto is having a watch party on Twitter for Encanto Sunday, January 30th at 2pm PT/5pm ET!
Sounds like they're gonna be answering questions from fans during the viewing while on Twitter!
Think it'll be a good time to get some real good answers from everyone about the movie!!
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Tumblr media
bruno n kids..............thats all
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Imagine taking a warm bath with Bruno. He lays there in your arms finally letting go of all his daily worries while you gently comb his wet hair. You listen to him tell you about his day, occasionally pressing soft kisses on the top of his head.
Oh how he loved those moments with you. Those moments where it was just the two of you, enjoying each other's company, your bodies pressing against each other, your tender hands running through his hair, his hands caressing every curve of your body.
In that exact moment he truly believed that the only thing that ever mattered was you and him.
(Writers of tumblr I am BEGGING YOU use this as a prompt)
Tumblr media
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Ouch my hands
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mxrphine-administered · a day ago
Listen, I need more of your Bruno hand gifs. Please.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
10 more hands coming right up (btw lovely fic you got there)
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artandfandomstuff · 12 hours ago
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Little peeps riding a skateboard]👌
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Mirabel: Thoughts on Lemon Joy?
Bruno: Nice name, 10/10, definitely would eat it based off of the name alone.
Mirabel: ...It's a dish soap?
Bruno: Nice name, 10/10, definitely would have eaten it based off of the name alone if I hadn't known it was a dish soap.
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clownmoontoon · a day ago
Tumblr media
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madjazzhatter · a day ago
Tumblr media
Young Florencia and Bruno
This takes place around the first time they met!
Fun fact, Bruno and Florencia are both 5’4”
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professordickinson · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I think Bruno knows that the gift is giving everyone else this added pressure on themselves the same way he did so my man is about to make a blowout. Also I don’t think Bruno still lives in Casita in this AU, maybe in the sewers or something and has a side job outside the city and beyond the mountains.
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Tumblr media
Another sketch little Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel from @c-rose2081 ‘s Flightless au💕 based off this beautiful drabble they wrote:
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I'm not sure if you've done it but could you write a wholesome one for yours and Bruno's wedding day?
He's all nervous and you're excited and you both are experiencing different things until the actual ceremony happens and you're both happy to be together.
Thank you ❤
{A/N: I love this! It's super cute and I haven't suprisingly enough done anything similar to this before!}
{Word Count: 1983}
{Warnings: Extreme fluffy content}
Throughout the small Encanto, church bells rang, their sweet tones marking the beginning of a monumental moment for the village. There would be no room for misintentions, everything was required to run smoothly and according to the predetermined plans set forth by the head of the Madrigal family. “Everything HAS to go perfect! The entire Encanto is relying on this wedding to go on without a single hitch,” the town's fearless leader preached, her hands gently brushing down the front of her son’s guayabera.
Bruno's body shifted uncomfortably under his mother’s fingers, his neck craning back as he tried to avoid the contact of her knuckles against his cleanly trimmed face. He felt vulnerable and exposed without the faded green of his ruana to hide behind.  “Mama, please. I-I know this has to go well…It will go well.” a sharp breath sucked between his lips as he broadened his chest, palms resting against Alma’s shoulders. “I-I can finish getting myself ready on my own, I’m 50 years old. W-why don’t you um- just, go see if Pepa needs some help getting Antonio ready?” 
The tension in Bruno’s body seeped into the open air of the room, the respected elder sighing in response. “I know I am putting a lot of pressure on you my Brunito…but I just want this all to go well for you. Y/N is so very good for you mijo, I want you both to have such an amazing special day to remember.”
His mother’s sentiment was something he cherished deep within his heart. The two may share a complicated emotionally draining relationship at times, but their love was still strong. He loved his family with everything in his being and he couldn’t wait for that sentiment to extend out to you as you finally merged into the mixed bag of Madrigals. His head was clouded with an array of emotions as he watched his mother press her time worn hands on either side of his face, lips blessing each cheek. “I’ll give you your space.” 
A twinge of pain pulled on the strings of his heart as he watched his mother exit the room, the nerves inside his chest beginning to build as he was left alone with his thoughts. Admittedly while his mother’s nagging was grinding his patience, having her presence close by did take his mind off the overwhelming monster that began too bare down on his brain. What if things didn’t go to plan? He didn’t want to ruin yet another wedding. What if he said the wrong things to you, somehow swayed your mind and left you questioning your choice? Would you leave him then and there? What if he messed up the vows, made a huge fool out of himself in front of the entire Encanto? Everyone's perspective of him was already askew, what would they think if he embarrassed not only himself but you as well. 
The tides of uncertainty thrashed against the lining of his stomach, as his brain began to forge fake scenarios and unlikely what if’s. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t- 
“Aye there’s the man of the hour!” Agustin smiled, fingers fidgeting with the cuff links at the edge of his sleeves. “Only an hour left until you and the love of your life create a bond set in time. Dedicating yourselves solely to each other for the rest of your days” he dramatically spoke, slinging an arm around his brother-in-law's shoulder. 
“Y-yeah….about that. What if I- What if she- What if I Bruno this entire wedding up, ya know? What if I say something and mess her whole day up and she regrets ever saying yes to me” Bruno panicked, hands wringing around each other anxiously.  
A laugh bounced around in the taller males throat, he shaking his head amused. “Ah, the wedding day jitters. I remember those. I got myself so worked up on my wedding day, filled with a whirlwind of emotions, that I accidentally burned myself practicing my vows. I was so busy focusing and panicking over what to say that I wasn’t paying attention. I let my hand get too close to the flame. Caught my sleeve on fire and everything.” He nodded, lips pressed firmly in thought as his index and thumb cradled his chin. “I thought to myself, there’s no way such a beautiful graceful woman would still want to marry me, but I was wrong. Julieta loves me for who I am, and…..I’m sure Y/N feels the same about you.” 
Bruno couldn’t fight the way his lips tugged up ever so slightly in the corners, his body relaxing under the others words. “I just- I don’t want to let anyone down I guess.”
“Just be yourself. This is your wedding day too amigo. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks, you’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. Just worry about you and your wife. Trust me..” 
It was crazy to think that the love of your life, the man you were about to betroth and confess your undying love for, was grappling with the idea that you could so easily change your mind. How could this man ever think for a second that you could ever just choose to not love him, as if it was a choice you had free control over. Your heart had been stolen many months ago, the idea of just taking it back willingly seemed entirely fictional. As you sat with Pepa’s hands strategically placing pins throughout your hair to hold selected strands in place, you couldn’t help the content puff of air that slipped past your lips. As your mind wandered and reveled in thoughts of your soon to be husband, you hardly even noticed when your bridesmaid finished with her handy work. “There! All done, que linda!” Pepa smiled, her arms wrapping around your shoulders as she gave your body a gentle squeeze. “Do you love it?” 
A small hm bubbled on your lips as you turned your head in various directions, trying to admire the beautifully styled do from various angles. “I think it looks absolutely perfect. Do you think Bruno will like it?” You ask, a shimmer of teenage excitement and giddy lighting up the room. 
Pepa couldn’t help the way her heart clenched, a cloud forming above her head. “I think he’s going to love it. I know how much he cares about you, I think you’ll take the breath right out of him.” 
A ripple of thunder echoed through the room, Mirabel gently grabbing her aunt’s arm with a chuckle “Tia pepa, your cloud? You're gonna get Tia Y/N all wet and Delores just finished her makeup.” 
Sniffling, Pepa ran the back of her palm against her eyes with a smile. “I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m so happy for you and Bruno, you’re the perfect fit for my brother.” 
Warmth spread over your cheeks as Pepa clutched her hands tightly to her chest, tears in her eyes as she glanced you up and down. “When Bruno first brought you home, I was skeptical. I was so quick to judge you and I didn’t even know a single thing about you.  Now…I can’t imagine a second in my life where you aren’t here as part of the familia Madrigal. You’ve been there for each one of us, not just Bruno. You give the best talks in the house, and I speak on behalf of all of us when I say having you as part of this family is a blessing.” 
Tears formed in the ducts of your own eyes, your fingers fanning your face in an attempt to wick them away, denying them their right to fall. You let your arms snake around Pepa’s torso, two more sets of arms wrapping around both of you as both Mirabel and Delores overlapped their bodies on top of yours. You were so excited. You loved this family so much. You had grown to love each member individually for who they were, not just for the gifts they held. You loved Bruno, and his family held no exception, they were just as valued and adored. As time ticked on, you couldn’t help the way your heart swelled with excitement knowing that any minute you’d be face to face with the man of your dreams.
 When the moment finally came, your bodies face to face with each other, the sensation of mariposas fluttering through your rib cage pulled a smile across your lips. You’d been waiting all day to see him, and now that he was in your sights, you couldn’t dare pull your eyes away from him for one second.  As the ceremony proceeded, you could sense a wave of unease flush over Bruno’s body, his fingers clutching his candle for life as beads of sweat formulated on his brow. Nonchalantly you let your upper arm rest against his before glancing up at him, the look in your eyes speaking a thousand words. Reassurance between the two of you had become more than words and praises. It became looks and silent gestures that the two of you could exchange publicly without causing attention. This was one of those gestures. “With these two candles, both husband and wife shall step forward and exchange their vows. Let the love you both hold individually ignite the flame of the candle you shall both share as the fires of matrimony carry you through the remaining years of your life. Bruno, step forward.” 
Swallowing the wad of saliva and nerves that had gathered in the back of his throat, you watched in anticipation as your soon to be husband moved forward. 
He could do this, he could do this. Closing his eyes, Bruno gently touched the flame of his candle to the fresh virgin wick of the beautifully decorated white candle on the altar in front of everyone. “Yo, Bruno, te tomo a ti Y/N, como mi esposa. Prometo serte fiel en lo próspero y en lo adverso, en la salud y en la enfermedad. Amarte y respetarte todos los días de mi vida.”
Your palms grew moist as you realized the collective crowd was longing to see you repeat the same steps. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you took Bruno’s hand with your free one, stepping up onto the altar along side him. Without hesitation, you touch the flame of your candle to the newly burning one, the flame growing stronger and brighter. “Yo, Y/N, te tomo a ti, Bruno, como mi esposo.Prometo serte fiel en lo próspero y en lo adverso, en la salud y en la enfermedad. Amarte y respetarte todos los días de mi vida” 
A wave of thunder crackled through the church, you trying your best to suppress the giggle building up in your chest. The minister lifted the candle from the table, gently placing it in both of your palms, before smiling. “With the power I have, I now pronounce you two husband and wife. May the bonds of your marriage forever burn as bright as the flames of this candle. FELICIDADES!”
The church erupted into celebratory jubilation, Bruno’s body suctioning against yours as you both walked out of the church, candle happily placed in your hands. He was over the moon, enthralled to be by your side. The feeling was mutual as you leant up and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, forehead gently grazing against his as you whispered out. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together mi amor.” 
He smiled, lips pressing to your ear as he lowly whispered back “and I can’t wait to take you home tonight, mi vida. Don’t get too tired at the celebration, we have our own after party tonight.” 
Your cheeks tinted a pale rose, you couldn't wait to see what your husband had in mind for the two of you later.
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manehead · a day ago
Reassure me
Reader has a really hard time expressing her feelings while being busy (honestly just a little dense), so Bruno gets insecure about himself.
warning: angst but yo, I am not that cruel to not let it end in the best way possible :) so comfort at the end;
“Do you love me?”.
You kept your eyes on the papers you had been writing for days, continuing to add words and then just erasing them as they didn’t feel right. “Sure”, you answered absent-minded, not even questioning why Bruno asked it in the first place.
“Bueno”, he said after some time, and you couldn’t not notice the way his voice trembled at the end. “What?”, you asked confused, finally looking at him, noticing he was sitting with his legs crossed on the bed. “Nada”. You frowned, “It doesn’t look like nada, amor”. “It’s really not that important”. He tried to smile apologetically, but you could easily tell he was hiding something.
You got up from where you were seated and kneeled in front of him. “Bruno”, you called, as the man kept his concerned gaze on his lap. “Angel”, you repeated softly. He gave you a weak smile because of the nickname, but he quickly turned away. There was definitely something wrong.
“What’s bothering you, mi vida?”, you questioned again, trying not to get away your worry, feeling it’d make him feel worst.
“Do you have second thoughts?”, he asked, still avoiding your eyes. “About what?”; Bruno groaned, standing up in order to walk away from you. “About us, about me”, he bursted out. You blinked a few times, processing his words.
“Qué? No! Why, do you have second thoughts?”, you also stood up.
“No!”, he exclaimed, looking as shocked as you were.
“Then why would you even ask me that!”.
Bruno sighed loudly, shaking his head. “Don’t get me wrong, I trust you, so when you say you love me I don’t — I don’t doubt your words. Es qué—“, his eyes wondered around as he thought about the right way to express himself, “It’s been weird and— and confusing lately. You are always so busy and absorbed in your work, and at first I understood the situation, lo sé cómo you usually get when you feel the urge to write, but honestly? You have been basically avoiding me the last few days—“;
“Por favor, let me finish”, you shut your mouth, biting your tongue, fighting the urge to talk. “I would come to you during the day and you’d be too distracted to even talk to me, I mean, I just asked you if you loved me and you didn’t even look up!”, he began walking up and down the room nervously. “I’d hug you and you’d be already trying to get off of me, or I would hold your hand and you wouldn’t even notice. I’d kiss you and I’d feel like you just happen to be there, waiting for it to end as quickly as possible in order to come back to your writing”, you felt overwhelmed by his speech, the guilt building up in your body so quickly it made you sick. Did he really think all of that?
“I tried, I swear, I tried not to have doubts, but it is so hard— I —“, Bruno was on verge of crying, “Yo te quiero con toda mi alma, and I feel like you don’t. It hurts me. It’s like you are somewhere up in the sky and I am right here, on the ground”, he eventually let the tears fall on his face. “I don’t know, I guess— I am just too insecure…”, he whispered to himself, not even daring to look at you.
You wanted to punch yourself. You were aware that after all those years alone with his thoughts he needed to feel loved, to hear how much he meant for you. And yet all you could do was doing the exact opposite.
Rapidly closing the gap between the two of you, you brushed away that tears with your fingers, kissing him with so much passion and urge. You wanted him to feel your love, that love he felt you didn’t have for him— Dios mío. You felt his arms holding you tightly, grasping desperate the fabric of your shirt. “I am here”, you whispered on his lips, “I’m not somewhere else, I am here with you, Bruno”. “Are you?”, he questioned doubtful, the hurt in his eyes hitting you like a fist in the stomach. How couldn’t you notice how worried he had been these days?
“I swear Bruno, if I could in any way let you spend even just a few seconds in my brain, you’d see how much love and admiration I have for you, you— I am serious, you have no idea”, but Bruno didn’t seem to be listening, still holding onto you like his life depended on it.
“You drive me loca por ti, amor”, you whispered, cupping his face in your hands. This time he looked at you. “How?”, he asked, and you felt the need in his voice to be reassured. “Well… where do I begin with?”, you caressed him with your thumb. “It’s the way you wake up in the morning, your arms around me so protectively, your beautiful dark curls all over the place, so soft”, you intertwined your fingers in his hair, quick to lay it back on his cheek, not wanting to let go; “It’s how you mumble my name when I’m still asleep, or how you blush when I kiss your shoulder to wake you up. It’s how you are always smiling at me, so much that it makes me melt Bruno. How you are so kind to everyone despite how awful they can be sometimes, how joyful you are when you spend time with your family, when you try to help Julieta in the kitchen until she basically has to drag you out of there, or when you and Camilo would put on a show, how you are always telling Pepa not to worry about her clouds, or keeping quiet around Dolores, and I could go on more”.
“How excited you get when we talk about anything, from the reason why we are alive in this world, to the tiniest matters”. Bruno was captivated by your words, his hands shifting from your back to your waist, still keeping you as close as possible.
“How proud and jealous you can get and, oh—“, you lowered your voice, tracing the lines of his lips. Bruno shivered, slightly closing his eyes. “Mírame, angel”, he obeyed, giving you his full attention. “The way you’d look at me from across the room, and how I’d feel your eyes on me burning, the way I feel alive when you touch me, when you make love to me, ah, querido— I am helpless. How you say my name so lovely, so desperate, how you whisper sweet things to me when we are so close— I would think about it all day, especially when you are not with me, you know?”, Bruno nodded. Of course he knew. He knew how much it hurt not having with him all the time, not touching you all the damn time.
“How green your eyes can get, that emerald, gorgeous green. How supportive you are, not just of me, which I really appreciate, but with anyone who needs an hand. How proud you are of your telenovelas, how handsome you look in your ruana, which I may or may not steal from you sometimes. How sensitive you are. How you’d do anything to make others feel better, how you laugh so loud or soft, I’d do anything to always see you laughing”, you saw how your words were slowly affecting him, but you wanted to give him more. He deserved more. He deserved all.
“How you wouldn’t hesitate to defend the ones you love, how you dance with me, when you spin me so graciously. How your hands are always so warm, how you caress me so gently”, your hand left his cheek to find his hand, so that you could intertwine your fingers with his, kissing his knuckles. “How you’d light up when I call your name. How your freckles are invisible to the eyes of the public, but so vivid to me, because I get to do this—“, you kissed delicately his nose, and his cheeks, and then his forehead as Bruno‘s body relaxed under your gentle touch. “I would never get tired to do this”, you looked at him right into his eyes, “Not when my entire soul loves you, mi amor. And I won’t get tired of telling you this, ever, because it’s true”.
Bruno brought his lips to yours in a craving kiss, “Te amo, te amo, te amo—“, you kept on repeating like a lullaby, “Te amo Bruno”. “Te amo también”, he managed to answer between the kisses.
You laughed a little. “What?”, he interrogated. “It’s just— I almost forgot to tell you that I really love when you moan my name—“, “Sí, sí, got it—“, he blushed, rolling his eyes at you. “Ay, as if you are really annoyed!”, you grinned as he raised his eyebrows, “Don’t tempt me hermosa”, making you giggle. “Maybe later, because I actually forgot to show you something”.
“Like—?”, he glanced at you suspicious.
“You didn’t read the story”, you explained, loosing yourself from his hold, gaining an objection from Bruno which only made you chuckle, quickly grabbing the papers you were still working on, then handing those to him, “There”.
Bruno red the first lines, and as he went on his face heated and his eyes grew wider. “It’s just a draft, so it’s obviously not perfectly written, but the subject is very, very important to me”.
“Is it about—“, he looked at you surprised, “me? All this time you have been writing about me?”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Can’t get my mind off of you, so what can I do about it?”. “Increíble, tú eres increíble”, he mumbled under his breath, shaking his head amused, then embracing you as he made you spin in the air. “I think my heart is exploding, mi alma”, he admitted in your hair. “Good, because that’s how you always make me feel, don’t ever forget it”.
“Okay, you’re getting cheesy”
“Oh, cállate. You love it”.
“Mh, yeah, I do”.
“Can I keep these?”
“Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone else to have those. But I still have to check a few things—”
“Dios mío, it’s fine like this”
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amateurasterism · a day ago
Can I request a short fanfic of Camilo and his S/O on their birthday?
feliz cumpleanos
camilo madrigal x gn!reader
summary: camilo gives his significant other the best birthday presents they could’ve asked for
notes: first request!! 18+ dni
song: hey lover! by wabie
word count: 581
“Make a wish, mi amor!”
Camilo smiles as he watches his significant other blow out their birthday candle. The crowd surrounding you cheers, lining up as your prepare to cut your cake.
The whole day, you had journeyed outside of Encanto with your family, visiting close relatives who lived outside of town. Whilst you had done that, Camilo had spent the day frantically preparing a surprise birthday party for you. Of course, the Madrigals were very supportive of this, and they were all in to help Camilo surprise his partner. Throughout the day, Casita had been set up for the party, and residents of Encanto gathered in the foyer. The surprise party had worked; they had successfully surprised you and Camilo could tell you enjoyed the party.
Nonetheless, it was still a long day and you were beginning to feel the fatigue after all the partying and socialzing. You and Camilo were dancing when you decided you couldn’t take the drearyness anymore.
“‘Milo..” you pulled Camilo closer in the dance and buried your head in his shoulder, shutting your eyes.
Camilo bent down to meet your eyes, concern etched in his brow, “Is everything okay, mi amor? Do you not like the party? I can tell everyone to leave now.”
You shook your head and pressed deeper into the crook of Camilo’s neck. “No, no, I loved the party. I appreciate how hard you’ve worked for it. I’m just tired, is all. Do you think people would mind if we spent the rest of the night in your room?”
“Aww, mi pareja is tired? Or do you just want kisses in bed?” Camilo teased, dipping you easily as the song you were dancing to ended. Mid-dip, Camilo gave you a doting kiss. He then picked you up, hoisting his arm under your legs and around your waist.
“You idiot,” you grin and turn red under the portion of Camilo’s curls that cover your face.
“But I’m your idiot, and you love me.”
“Shut up, ‘Milo.”
Camilo knew Dolores would do him the favor of telling his family that you two would be upstairs sleeping, so he was sure there would be no disturbances. Camilo slipped inside his room, gently threw you on his bed and crawled under the sheets next to you so that you were facing his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed rapid kisses to your forehead.
“Camilo!” you yell quietly, letting out a laugh through your drooping eyes.
“Consider this an extra birthday gift,” Camilo said lazily. You could tell by his tone of voice he was tired as well and he was grateful you had asked to go to sleep early. He continued to place more kisses on your face, moving from your forehead to your cheekbones.
“Ay, you’ve already given me so many gifts,” you shut your eyes to sleep but continue to smile. “The surprise party, the handmade scarf that matches your rauna, three bouquets of flowers, the basket of my favorite foods, the necklace with my name on it, the ring… And not to mention the many other kisses you called ‘extra birthday gifts’.”
“But you deserve it, Y/N,” the shapeshifter places a final lengthened kiss to your lips and closes his eyes. “Te amo muchísimo.”
“I love you more.”
You both lay in a solaced silence, and just before you feel yourself fall asleep, you hear Camilo whisper one last thing.
“Feliz cumpleanos, mi amor.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 here: 
Ok now they met... But, will they get along?
For the next pages you will have to wait! 😜😁
To be continued....
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