#encanto Camilo
Dolores: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him. What should I do?
Isabela: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Camilo: Tackle him.
Mirabel: Kick him in the shin.
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waokevale · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So..I really liked the movie, and I’ll probably post more content with more characters later on. [DO NOT TAG AS A SHIP, JUST DON’T..] Translation for the Spanish text under the cut:
Tumblr media
El harapo - rag lo siento - I’m sorry regalo para un recién nacido - A gift for a newborn mi ruana tejida a mano - my handmade ruana (literally hand-knitted) Por que - why sobrino - nephew barahijas - trinkets Mucho Gracias - Thank you so much Soy un gran idiota - I’m a huge idiot
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Dolores Madrigal the prettiest girl ever
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can’t anymore
(found those pics on Twitter)
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worthy of you
Tumblr media
book of life inspired series: wait for you, fight for you
you and camilo have a little moment before your other suitor barges in and ruins the moment.
masterlist !!
The next few days were a blur to both you and Camilo. The town’s lively chatter of your return hadn’t ceased for the whole week. Everyone was still excited from your return as well as the mysterious handsome boy that you’ve brought along with you.
The girls and boys your age were all filled with envy when Camilo had often asked you out to explore Encanto with him all over again. Though he could also detect a sense of longing in their eyes which made him groan in frustration. Really? He had the whole town as his rival apart from the Del Pilar guy?
He tried not to sigh deeply as he pursed his lips, unable to think about anything but you. Not even seconds could help him take off the heaviness that threatened to weigh him down.
“Camilo? Estás bien?” Your voice suddenly jolted him out of his thoughts and he struggled to find the words. What was he doing again? Oh right. He had invited you for a picnic of sorts and here you were perched on the fountain of the town square.
“Estoy bien, bonita.” Came his flustered response upon seeing you tilt you head to the side, doe eyes gazing right up at him. Miercoles, he thought to himself, how are you this adorable? He found himself staring as he ate one of his tia’s arepas.
“Oh right, I forgot!” Camilo watched as you rummaged through your mochila that Mirabel had gifted you. Strangely enough, it had the colors of his ruana as well as a little emroidered chameleon on its’ side. You then pull out a familiar stuffed toy and he swore his heart soared. Like he had done with the ruana you gave him, you had kept the stuffed chameleon he had given you all those years ago.
“Amarillo has certainly seen better days.” You smile up at him sheepishly. The stuffed toy had clashing colored threads, probably from the amount of times you’ve repaired him in the span of eight years. “But I love him nonetheless.”
Oh how he wished he was Amarillo instead as you hugged the precious stuffed chameleon close, smiling so fondly at the toy he and his mother had painstakingly worked on during your last days in Encanto.
It took him years. Years to finally convince himself that he didn’t like you in a way that his family insisted that he did. You were just (Name) his childhood friend. (Name) who was just someone he missed someone. (Name) who he waited patiently for 8 years, never looking at anyone else.
And then you were (Name). You were his (Name). And he knew deep down that he loved you. That he did like you in a way his familia insisted he did. He loved you.
What they said was true. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder.
His eyes softened as he gazed at you, noticing how the setting sun’s rays caressed your face. He chanced upon the moment the orange glow from the sun crowned you with a halo. And you took both his breath and his heart with you without even doing anything.
You caught his gaze, face instantly warming up at how he looked at you with eyes that held nothing but love, warmth, and yearning. For a moment you were frozen as he gently reached out to cup your cheek in his warm palm before you smile, leaning against it whilst you looked at him with just as much love.
“Camilo?” You breathed out, voice barely a whisper.
He smiled fondly, eyes flickering briefly to your lips, letting himself steal just a few more seconds of holding you like this before he gently pinched your nose and laughed. He tried to play it cool, play it suave like he always had but as he pulled his hand away, he gently clenched it by his side, trying to remember the way your skin felt against his palm even as he had just touched it a few seconds ago.
He raised the same hand to his lips, acting as if he was just covering his mouth as he laughed at you but grazed his lips against his palm where he had touched your cheek, his freckled cheeks bursting into a heated fluster.
Camilo averted his gaze.
“Ay, bonita, you don’t know what you do to me.”
He knew he had an opportunity there and then to confess to you. To ask you to be his and his only forever. And he would’ve until he heard your name being called out by a familiar voice, one that he despised oh so dearly.
Andres Del Pilar strided towards the both of you, an unreadable expression on his handsome features.
“(Name), mi princesa, your papá has asked me to escort you home.” He stood tall, waiting for you who had looked at Camilo with a bashful smile, the warmth on your face never leaving.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo?” You offer as you gently pat your dress to remove any crease and nonexistent dirt.
“Si, tomorrow, mi reina.” He stammered, clambering onto his feet. Camilo could see how your offer had made Andres’ eyes narrow and he clicked his tongue in distaste. Even more so when he had swiftly added his petname for you.
You think he’s gonna let Andres call you princess? Well, you’re his queen. It was insignificant, maybe even petty but he had liked seeing the ticked off face of that pompous jerk.
Sensing the tenseness between both boys, particularly Andres’ sharp look at Camilo, you frown. You weren’t particularly aware of what the two boys were feuding about, blissfully unaware of the pair’s vying for your heart.
As you walked away after giving him one last smile, Andres had stayed in place, letting you go ahead a little ways away before he turned to the shapeshifter with a smile. It wasn’t a friendly one. It was strained, never quite meeting his eyes.
“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” His tone was steady and unnervingly calm. “Qué Gueva,” He laughed, throwing his head back with a cackle.
“You really think you stand a chance? You really think she wants a nobody that can just shapeshift?” Andres stood tall as he approached Camilo who rather than back down, stood tall as well with his head up high. “You’re nothing without your powers, Madrigal. Let’s face it. Without your stupid miracle, nobody, I mean nobody, would give you the time of day.”
“She doesn’t want you. She’d never want you.” He hissed under his breath, his calm and formal facade breaking for a moment. “You and your family are all just a bunch of freaks—“
Andres finds himself lifted by the collar of his shirt, fistfuls of the fabric of his clothing bunched into Camilo’s hands. He wanted to swing. He wanted to knock Andres to the ground.
“Watch yourself, bastardo.” His hands shook as he held a wide-eyed Andres who grasped onto Camilo’s wrist. “I can take any insult but if you dare say a word about mi familia..” He trails off, letting his threat hang.
Andres choked at the tightness of his hold, his eyes narrowing before he roughly pushed the boy away. He wanted to say something but his bruised ego had made him scoff, straightening out his shirt as he quickly fled, muttering something under his breath.
He didn’t know how long he had stood there, eyes still locked onto the direction that you had walked off in. Camilo pursed his lips, shoving his hands in his pockets with a frustrated sigh.
Camilo knew better than to let words affect him but Andres’ words rang in his mind.
“What if he’s right?” He asked outloud to himself in the now desolate streets. “I can’t offer her anything like Andres can. I’m.. I’m nothing without my miracle..” His voice trembled as he furrowed his brows, his insecurities coming to fruition as he grit his teeth. Just who was Camilo Madrigal without the miracle? And could that Camilo compete with someone like Andres?
He could feel his heart hammering against his chest and his eyes watered as he took in deep but painful breaths. His vision was blurred with tears as he leaned against the fountain that the both of you had sat on.
A heavy weight upon his shoulders. A heavy thought played in his mind. A heavy question was left unanswered as he looked to the starry sky.
Was he worthy of you?
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh @vanity-insecurity @roundsquishydubu @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs–wife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @CLOVDY-SVNSHINE @SLEEZY-AXERIIX @DYLANJONES @MERYMIKEY @EMITUNE @cappuccinoko @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @froothoops @unstableyetloveable @ionlyshopathottopic @bxbykyla @froggydobegaytho @blobette @casitasbestie
beat his ass boy beat his ass boy 🥊🤜🤛👊 kidding.. maybe.. tangina mo andres gago ka pota
i hope you guys like this part aaa ! as always any like, reblog, and comment is vvv much appreciated ! lemme know what you think ? aaa ?
also so sorry if you didnt get tagged the max number of tags is only 50 :((
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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
Omg i love the camilo, dolores and isabela with a s/o who's mute, can you make one where their s/o talks for the first time and how they would react hearing their s/o voice for the first time?? Thanks! :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela hear their mute s/o's voice for the first time
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
It all started with camilo mentioning your voice and joking about if you talked and you thought that it would be nice to respond in your actual voice
But, you didn't just talk because camilo asked because he literally asks you to talk or what your voice sounds like all the time and because you've been mute for a long time and you weren't just going to break that vow because he asked, you actually thought about it for a while
When I tell you camilo was shocked when you spoke, he literally questioned if there was a ghost in his room or not but when he realized that it was you, he hugged you and told you how much he loved your voice
He literally loved your voice and asked you to talk more but if you weren't going to speak around anyone else then that's fine because whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can just drag you to a secluded area
You and camilo were chilling in his room together and just enjoying each other's presence while you two sat on the floor and camilo had his head in your lap as you brushed through his curly brown hair, he had purposely tangled his hair just so you could brush it.
You looked at Camilo's pajamas that sat beside you and you tapped Camilo's shoulder as you set the brush down making him look back at you and you signed "Cami, do you have pajamas to throw them on the floor or to just look at them because every time I come over here they're on the floor" and it took camilo a bit to realize what you said because he's not that good as reading and understanding it as he is when it comes to speaking it.
Camilo chuckled a bit "I do wear them, they're just not my favorite." Camilo explained making you chuckle a tiny bit and camilo then thought of something "What if you just randomly responded to me with your voice like I'd probably shit myself out of surprise." Camilo said as he turned his entire body around to face you which made him lay on his stomach "Well, that would be quite a surprise." You said making him freeze and look you in the eye, he looked around the room to make sure that no one else was there because he didn't believe that it was you speaking but then when he realized it was you, he looked back at you and he shifted into you then back into himself.
He then grinned and hugged you "Aw, your voice is so cute!" He yelled as he hugged you tightly making you chuckle at his actions as he sat up to hug you fully and not just your torso "Your voice truly did almost make me shit myself though." He whispered in your ear making you burst out laughing while camilo snuggled into your shoulder "But talk more! I like your voice!" He yelled as he smothered your face with kisses "Okay okay! That tickles!" You yelled as you laughed from the tickling feeling of Camilo's lips pressing every inch of your face.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores always hears everything so she's always prepared when someone wants to tell her something but she was not prepared for this, she didn't hear you debating whether you should or not because she can't hear your thoughts
When you spoke, dolores literally froze and dropped the basket of fruit she was holding because she literally couldn't believe her ears for the first time ever
It started when you two were picking fruit from an apple tree and she was asking did you think that they were ripe, she expected you to sign an answer but instead, you said an answer with your actual voice
Dolores loved your voice so much and would ask you to talk so that she could hear it or even whisper it, everytime you go to sleep, you whisper a small "Goodnight mi amor' for dolores because you know that she can hear you and because you love to wish her goodnight and before you were never able to tell her with your voice
If you're not comfortable with talking around other people then that's fine too! She'll just settle for your whispers because even whispers are loud for her, it's just as good!
Dolores and you were just looking up at the apple tree observing the apples to see if they had any worms in them "Do you think that they're ripe?" Dolores asked as she picked one of the branches and looked closely at the shiny red apple. you hummed as you looked at the apples "Yeah, they do." You said as you picked off an apple and dropped it in the basket full of pears, oranges, and other types of fruits.
Dolores froze and dropped the apple on the green grass that had a few flowers spread out in the field, the apple rolled down the hill you two were on as dolores squeaked as she slowly turned her head to face you "What'd you say?" She asked you as she pursed her cherry red lips together.
You turned your head to face her as you halted your apple-picking "I said, yeah, they look ripe." You said as you chuckled a bit and dolores grinned and she kissed your cheek leaving a red kiss mark on your cheek "Your voice is so nice." Dolores said as she chuckled a bit "Though, you almost gave me a heart attack." Dolores said as she put a hand over her chest as she let out a deep breath making you chuckle more.
Isabela Madrigal
When I tell you that you almost died because of how shocked isabela was, she grew spiky plants and carnivorous plants around you because she was so caught off guard
Though it wasn't like she didn't like your voice, she loved it but she didn't expect you to talk, and just like camilo, she didn't even think it was you
Isabela loves your voice so much and likes to hear you talk about many things especially when you talk about your day while she's making flower crowns and flower necklaces for you
If you don't feel comfortable talking around anyone else then that's fine, she'll just take you to a secluded area or to her room so she can hear your voice or so you two can talk
It started with you and isabela growing flowers and plants in her room when you asked isabela what was one of the flowers she grew and she was about to answer but then she realized that you said that and not someone else
Isabela and you were just chilling in her room, you were sitting on one of her flower and vine strings while she sat on one beside you while she grew flowers beneath both of your feet "Hey isa, what's that plant?" You asked as you pointed at the bleeding hearts that she had just grown over your head "Oh those are bleeding hear-" She said but she cut herself off as she had to make sure that she had heard you and not someone else.
Isabela looked at you with confusion written all over her face then she looked around to see if anyone else was there before looking back at you with the same confusion on her face "Was that you?" She asked as you chuckled a bit at her reaction "Yeah, it was me." You said and isabela froze and stared at you with blank eyes making you laugh more but then the swing you were on came undone as isabela grew yuccas, agaves, cactuses, and different spiky plants along with carnivorous plants underneath the both of you.
Your eyes widened as you started to fall from the air but luckily you two were pretty high in the air so you didn't fall on the ground immediately "Isabela!" You yelled out making isabela snap out of her thoughts and look down at you, she hurried and removed the spiky and carnivorous plants and replaced them with a giant sunflower to catch you, you landed safely on the sunflower as isabela hopped off her swing with only her hand resting on one of the vines as she lowered herself to the sunflower.
Isabela sat next to you on the flower "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard is all." Isabela said kissing your cheek as you dusted the pollen from the sunflower off your clothes "It's fine, I would've been shocked too." You said as you leaned on her shoulder with a small smile "Your voice is (beautiful/handsome), talk more, please? I'm not gonna drop you this time." Isabela said as she smothered your face with more kisses as she grabbed your hands, at least you knew that she almost killed you because she liked your voice and not because she hated it.
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evils-corner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey all! If no one saw this yet, I figured I'd post it here!
The cast/team behind Encanto is having a watch party on Twitter for Encanto Sunday, January 30th at 2pm PT/5pm ET!
Sounds like they're gonna be answering questions from fans during the viewing while on Twitter!
Think it'll be a good time to get some real good answers from everyone about the movie!!
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hup1hty · a day ago
Can I request a camilo x reader that's shy but like the family ALWAYs walks in when they cuddle, kiss, hug, or even in? Weird positions and the reader panics and starts trying to say they were like "*insert reader and family hugging*" "*Pepa comes in * *reader pushes him away quickly even though they were caught * " CAMILO W- W- WHY WOULD YOU KIDNAP ME *whole bunch of random excuses-*
Excuses For Loving You
a/n: guys omg its been alot more than a week since i last posted but i will finish my requests and then start writing for diff fandoms (such as marvel or hp or pjo) also this was request reminded me of the end of antman which was super cute lol :))) ty all for your patience!!
You were scooped up in your boyfriends arms, using Camilo's chest as a pillow. You felt happy lying there. You were about to rest your eyes when Antonio barged in, shouting something. Shocked, you pushed yourself up, and shoved Camilo away from you.
He tumbled off of his bed, and you yelled "Wow, I thought this was my bed! Why am I here???" You started to ramble on, in a fruitless attempt to lie about you not knowing how you got into Casita.
You were always quite shy, which was one of the reasons Camilo fell for you in the first place. And although he would never change anything about you, his shoulder was starting to hurt from falling off of his bed every time someone walked into his room. Your face would become flushed as someone entered, and you would try your best to cover up the 'evidence'.
---- unfinished ----
a/n pt 2: IM SO SORRY I DIDNTR FINISH THIS PROMPT!! i had no idea how to finish it and this has been in my drafts for a week or so. also: i now take requests for pjo, hoo, hp, marvel and others!! my school starts again in a week so posts will be even less frequent so sorry ab that!
so sorry i didnt finish this request!!
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caramellahoney · 2 days ago
camilo(and whoever you want) w an s/o who's hair is long like isabelas 🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️
good luck with exams babe don't overstress yourself xx
“personal hair brush”
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: none to note!
a/n <3: TYSM! Sweet little moments with you and Camilo- he also braids your hair because why not. Lowkey was practicing making more descriptive writing here
Camilo watched carefully as you brushed through your long locks, hands gently patting down any stray strands left. You shook your head around making your locks tumble and bounce gently. The sun cast your figure in a soft light, illuminating some of the golden strands that threaded through your hair. Light curls adorned your face, framing it perfectly while the ends of your tresses were cut straight and neat. Camilo leaned back, resting his arms on his forearms as you shifted your gaze to turn to him. He smirked and raised a brow at you.
"Acting smooth as if you weren't just staring at me awhile ago." You scoffed, smiling cheekily as he fumbled around his words- the smirk on his face dropping. He huffed and scooted closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder. His hands reached up to your scalp, gently kneading through your long locks. You hummed happily, tilting your head back as a silent plea for him to keep going.
"You're the one begging for my affection. I'm your personal hair brush at this point." Camilo let out a breath of air, laughing lightly as he pressed a kiss on the nape of your neck. You rolled your eyes and ignored his comment but leaned back so your back was resting against his front. He pressed his face into your locks, wrapping his arms around your midsection. A scent of floral hit his nose and he instinctively buried his nose deeper into your locks.
"Are you smelling my hair."
"Shh. Let me enjoy this moment."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
Camilo let out a soft sigh, watching you dance with kids cheering around you. Your clothes and hair elegantly spun around you as you twirled. His loving gaze danced over your form, noticing how the color of your hair complimented your yellow outfit perfectly.
"Ogling at them? They’re your lover, just approach them, idiot." Isabella piped up, holding a plate of empanadas in her hand. She lowered the plate towards him, urging him to take one. Camilo glared at her but grabbed a handful of empanadas off the plate. Isabella walked off and Camilo turned his gaze towards your form again, watching you console a crying child. Jumping to his feet, he approached the two of you as you took the little boy in your arms.
"Hey what's wrong?" Camilo walked towards the kid, gently rubbing his back. You bounced the toddler in your arms, and held your hand out, gesturing to the empanadas in his hand. He handed you one and you quickly fed it to the kid.
"He tripped and scraped his knees. Don't worry, the empanadas have already healed it up." Camilo's mouth formed and "O" and he nodded his head, stepping back to let you do your thing. The two of you leaned against a wall and his hands unconsciously drifted towards your hair. He twirled a long strand in his fingers, watching as you slowly calmed the boy down.
"You always have to be touching my hair huh?" You muttered, raising a brow at him. Camilo just grinned, raking his fingers through your locks again. He grasped random sections in his hand and threw it around, making it hit your face. Camilo snickered when the boy laughed at his actions- you, on the other hand, weren't so happy. You sighed and brushed your hair back, rolling your eyes as he snaked his arm around your waist.
"What? It's silky."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
Camilo bit down on the stems of the bright flowers as he threaded through your locks. He parted your hair into three sections and started braiding, weaving flowers here and there for the aesthetics. He pressed a kiss on your temple as he tied the ends off, grabbing a mirror so you could see his masterpiece.
"I didn't know you knew how to braid-?" You mused, turning to him with a surprised expression. He didn't actually, in fact- he just learned it recently from Isabella. Then again, he's never going to tell you that he practically begged her to teach him how to braid- or the fact that it took him days hours to get it right. Camilo smirked cockily, crossing his arms and shrugging.
"Meh- It's nothing, just a little thing I easily learned-" Camilo trailed off when Dolores poked her head out of the kitchen, humming when you turned to look at her.
"It took him days to actually get it right, you'd think it would be easy but he's an idiot."
taglist (send an ask to be added):
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa @kaxiaow @dollpoetwriting @meanwhilemisha22 @fa1ry-tales @sunnth @herladyfangirl
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ninten-draw · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ouch my hands
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bwall-7204 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another sketch little Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel from @c-rose2081 ‘s Flightless au💕 based off this beautiful drabble they wrote:
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m0chaminx · a day ago
Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Tumblr media
Request: Hey, I have another request/ idea for a Camilo x fem reader. What if the reader has EXTREMELY long hair? Kinda like jinx from arcane. Like it’s braided like hers but when the braids are undone, I’ll be like twice as long. I don’t know, do whatever you want with this and I hope you like the idea ^^ <3
Prompt: None
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x F!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : Camilo really wants to see your long hair
507 words
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo always loved your hair. Whether it was how the brown had tinges of gold running through it or the fact you tied the bottom of your braids with blue and yellow lace or the one that most people noticed, how your hair was mere inches from dragging on the ground. He wanted to ask you to take it out, he wanted to see all your hair as it curled, he wanted to see how long it really was. He never asked though, he thought it would be too weird.
So Camilo sufficed for imaging what it looked like as you both sat on his bed in boredom. You guys wanted to go about town, maybe even explore the edges of Encanto, but god it was so hot outside. Camilo thanked the stars his room was cool, but he still tossed his ruana to the side, sitting in just his white buttoned shirt.
You let out an overly dramatic sigh catching Camilo's attention. You were twisting the overgrown hair of your fringe, having an inner debate with yourself. "Wanna help me with something?" You asked, meeting Camilo's eyes.
"Yeah," Camilo said putting his guitar he was lazily strumming, just off to the side to lean in his bed. "I'm so bored I think ill do anything." You laughed pushing yourself off the bed to sit on Camilo's floor, resting between his legs.
"Can you help me take my hair out?" You asked leaning your head back to look up at Camilo, who bent his head to lean over to meet your gaze. "It's getting to frizzled, and I wanna put some string through it thins time."
Camilo nodded taking a hold of the left braid, slowly undoing the tie. "You know, I've never seen you with your hair down," Camilo said matter of factly. You turned around to face him with a confused look.
"Really? I swear you have," You spoke suspiciously. Camilo shook his head, taking the tie from you so he could put them on his bedside table. "Why haven't you asked to see my hair then?"
"I thought it would be weird," Camilo stated honestly, gently raking his finger through your braid, slowly letting it fall free. "Hey Y/N, you look great and all, but take your hair out," Camilo spoke in a weird voice making you laugh. Camilo laughed softly as well, making sure not to tare your hair.
You raked your fingers through your hair faster than Camilo did and with the combined effort, your hair was free in a matter of minutes. You stood up, shaking your head, letting your wavy hair fall over your shoulders and drag a few inches along the floor.
Camilo smiled looking at you brush your hair with your fingers. "So? What do you think?" You asked suspiciously, eyeing Camilo who took a pile of your hair to play with.
"I think you just more perfect, perfect-erre," Camilo declared stumbling on the last word. You laughed lightly hopping into bed beside Camilo, your hair flying everywhere.
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Camilo: I don't play World of Warcraft.
Mirabel: Camilo, you said you were on your computer all the time.
Camilo: Yeah, but I'm playing Hello Kitty: Island Adventure.
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amateurasterism · 2 days ago
mi vida, mi sol, mi luna
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
summary: after a year without seeing each other, camilo and y/n reunite only to realize they’ve fallen in love. camilo attempts to write a letter to confess his feelings, but it fails… in a good way.
notes: pure fluff lmao, 18+ dni
song: good-old fashioned lover boy by queen
It was always Camilo and Y/N. It was never just Camilo, or just Y/N; it was always Camilo and Y/N. It has always been Camilo and Y/N, and it always will be Camilo and Y/N. At least, thats what’s everyone had assumed.
Seeing as your mother had been best friends with the triplets, you and Camilo were attached by the hip the moment you two were born. Camilo was only two hours older than you, making you both born on the same day and therefore attached for the rest of your lives. You were there when Camilo had gotten his gift, and Camilo was there when you had to help your family’s business. You were the definition of best friends, nothing more and nothing less. So it was a given for people to assume it would always be Camilo and Y/N, from life til death. You were eachother’s lifelines. Sus vidas.
Until news came about that your family would be leaving town for a year due to business purposes. Camilo did everything he could to have you stay: he proposed for your parents to leave you at casita, he asked to come with you, but nothing worked. You were leaving for a year and that was final.
So for the first time in 15 years, “Camilo and Y/N” became just “Camilo”.
No longer did townspeople see you and Camilo bringing a smile to faces with their tricks. No longer did they see Camilo stealing seconds and you scolding himshortly afterwards. No longer did they see you getting tackled by a blur of yellow around every corner. They only saw Camilo joking with children but never having the smile reach his eyes. They only saw Camilo taking another serving, but never as much arepas was seen towered on his plate as before. They only saw Camilo chatting with his siblings and cousins, but not quite hugging them the way he hugged you.
It stayed that way for a year. Days passed as Camilo waited for his best friend to come back. A calendar adorned the wall above his bed, and marking it was the first thing he did every morning. In the back pocket of his pants, there was a picture Mirabel had taken of you and Camilo on your 15th birthday, just a week before you left. You two stood at the front of casita, a banner above you announcing “¡Feliz Cumpleanos!”. Camilo’s right arm slung around your shoulder and your left hand touseled his curly hair. Both of you had tossed confetti into the other’s face the moment the photo was taken. Your faces both permanently etched with laugher and euphoria in the photo.
On the 6th of december, Camilo woke up to one of Pepa’s sunny days despite it being winter. He grabbed a marker from his nightstand and reached over to his calendar. Only 25 days until he would be reunited with his best friend.
The shapeshifter then pulled on a rauna over his collared shirt and dark pants, and slid down casita’s stairs for breakfast. If he was lucky, he would be early and could steal a couple extra arepas. He quickly ran over to where his Tia Julieta kept the breakfast servings and shifted into Dolores before stacking arepas onto his plate.
“Dolores!” Camilo heard someone shout. He looked up slowly, still in the form of Dolores. It was Mirabel.
“Hey! So I was walking around town and Mariano came up to me and wanted me to ask you if…”
Mirabel continued to drone on about whatever it was Mariano had told her to ask Dolores. Camilo continued to stack arepas, nodding his head and staring at Mirabel to make her think it was Dolores who was listening.
“He said his schedule is pretty flexible, and he was thinking around afternoon he could take you to-”
“Mirabel? Dolores?” a voice inutrrupted mirabel’s speech.
Mirabel turned around at the new voice whilst Camilo didn’t bother. However the voice was extremely familiar, like he’d heard it many times before but hadn’t heard it in a while-
“Y/N?” Mirabel turned around, thus grabbing Camilo’s full attention.
When Camilo looked up, he began to cough uncontrollably. He lost his form as Dolores, shifted into Mirabel for a split second, then into you. He froze once he was back into himself.
Dios mio.
You stood a few feet behind Mirabel, exactly like how you were in the picture in his back pocket. Apart from the fact your features had toned slightly in the time you had been gone. You looked older, more mature. More… pretty.
Never once had Camilo thought of his best friend as anything more than such. You were pretty, but he didn’t pay much attention to it until now. Because now, there was something about the way your smile complimented all your features that made his heart beat faster.
“Camilo!” you yelled, breaking the silence spent in staring. Tears brimmed your eyes, as you began to run towards your best friend with arms ready to pull him in a hug. Camilo did the same, nearly knocking over his Tia Julieta’s display of food in his rush to meet your embrace.
You pressed yourself against Camilo’s body, wrapping your arms around his neck so tight as though you felt he might disappear. Camilo snaked his arms around your torso, tightening around your waist and hoisting you up in the air. He spun you around with the purest grin Mirabel had seen since you left. He put you back down as you took each other in another embrace.
They were back. No more just “Camilo” or just “Y/N”, they were back to “Camilo and Y/N”. Exactly how it was always supposed to be.
Once you both finally seemed to process you were finally in each others presence after so long, Camilo pulled away and pressed your foreheads together.
Especially now, Camilo could see the subtle changes adjacent on your face. Your hair framed your face structure, which was more defined now. There was a rose in your cheeks that accompanied the softness of your cheekbones. Your eyes simultaneously met his, causing his heart to quicken. Were friends supposed to make eachother feel this way?
You were wondering the same thing, because you swore Camilo had never looked this good before you left. You had assumed he would change over the year, but you definitely weren’t expecting him to change so much to the point where he was making your heart race significantly faster than it ever had before. His curly hair looked breathtaking in the morning sunlight, which was highlighting the extra freckles on his soft cheekbones. His lips were tinted with a blissed smile.
“I missed you, mi vida,” Camilo muttered lightly, so only you could hear it. ever since the two of you could speak, you had been calling eachother “mi vida”. It was fitting, since you were essentially eachothers lifelines.
Your lips pulled into a smile at the use of the nickname.
“I’ve missed you too, mi vida.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
Of course, you and Camilo had spent the next month together. You roamed the streets similar to how you used to so long ago, and it felt like there really hadn’t been a year that separated the two of you.
But Camilo would be lying if he said there was nothing completely different from a year ago. Because a year ago, never in his life had you made him so nervous or looked this pretty before. When his fingers brushed against yours, it would result in a stuttering of words. The hugs shared between you suddenly felt too intimate for being just friends. Being too close allowed him to see the matching pink tinting both your cheeks.
To put it simply: Camilo Madrigal had a crush on you.
Yet saying anything about this newfound crush terrified Camilo. You were his best friend, and saying anything romantic could ruin the friendship you two had been building for 15 years. Let alone the fact you could reject him, and then the friendship would beyond any doubt be ruined.
Nevertheless, no matter how hard Camilo had tried to convince himself, he knew that he couldn’t push those feelings aside. He liked you, and that was a secret he couldn’t keep. Who was he supposed to talk to about how gorgeous you looked when a smile settled your lips? How long could he continue fighting the urge to lace your fingers with his? And as much as it surprised him to think about it: how long could he resist not kissing you?
Hence, after dinner, Camilo had left you to watch Bruno’s rat telenovelas with Antonio so he could contemplate how to deal with his newfound feelings with Mirabel, Dolores, Luisa, and Isabela. Camilo was sprawled on the couch, tapping his fingers on the cushion anxiously. Mirabel was sewing on the coffee table, Isabela was sitting on a flowery swing, Dolores sat beside her brother, and Lusia was using casita’s moving tiles to workout.
“Theoretically, if I were to suddenly like a good friend of mine, how could I tell her I like her without ruining the friendship?” Camilo asked.
“Is this about Y/N?” Dolores queried.
In response, Camilo went red and quickened the rhythm in which his fingers were tapping. It took all his energy to not shift into you in surprise. “You’re telling me it’s that obvious?”
“Dios mio, primo! Have you seen how red you are whenever she hugs you, or how you’ve been stumbling on your words all the time?” Isabela teased. “Of course que es obvio.”
“Cállate, Isa!” Camilo hissed, however not too loud as to not harm Dolores. “Just answer the question.”
“Why don’t you just tell her you like her?” Luisa suggested between sprints.
“Yeah, I mean have you seen how she reacts when you smile at her?” Isabela agreed.
Mirabel snickers, and pushes some fabric aside to shift her attention to Camilo. “If you’re that much of a coward you could write her a love letter. Make it anonymous so in the 1% probability in which she doesn’t like you back, it doesn’t ruin anything.”
Camilo thought about it for a moment. A love letter would work perfectly; he could confess anything and nothing could go wrong because you wouldn’t know it was him.
“Eres brilliante, Mira!” Camilo shot up from the couch and hugged Mirabel far too tightly. “Los amo chicas!”
Camilo basically bolted up the stairs and into his room, pulling out a pen and a clean sheet of paper. He took in a sharp breath and sat at his desk, poising his pen and beginning to write. He was at it for an hour and was on his tenth piece of paper when he finally composed something that felt right. Camilo reread his letter over and over again, slightly creasing the edge of the paper where his hands held it. Before sending it, he paused in front of his door and read it out loud.
“Querida Y/N,
Everywhere we go, I make it my goal to make you happy- to make you laugh. After every joke I make, I hope my eyes will fall on your laughing figure, buzzing with excitement. As I hear the music that is your laughter, your hair bounces and lines crease beneath your eyes. If i’m lucky our eyes will meet and tigger the cage of butterflies that is my stomach.
I hope one day to muster enough courage to admit, “tu es eres la chica más bonita que existe.” And hopefully that will cause you to smile, because all I really want is for whatever I do you make you happy. 
Tu admirador secreto.”
He smiled at the paper before folding it into an envelope and pressing a light kiss to the seal, unbeknownst to the evesdroppers in casita’s living room
“He says, ‘tu eres la chica mas bonita que existe’,” Dolores squeaked with a small smile and wide eyes. The letter reminded her of the poems Mariano would often write her.
Luisa, Isabel, and Mirabel erupt into a fit of teasing giggles, poking fun at Camilo.
“He’s head over heels, dios mio!” Isabela tumbled over with laughter.
Simultaneously, somewhere above Dolores hears the tapping of footsteps and the opening of doors. Bruno’s telenovela paused as Camilo stepped in and said, “Y/N, Dolores told me tu madre said you should go back home. It’s late.”
“Tranquilo!” Dolores hushed her cousins. “Cami is taking her home now.”
˗ ˏ ˋ  timeskipˎˊ ˗
“Dios mio, it’s so cold outside!” you shivered, rubbing your hands against your arms. You and Camilo were about halfway to your house. The sun was already beginning to chase the moon above.
Camilo glanced at you before shrugging off his rauna and handing it to you.
“Since you’re so cold, wear this.”
You stood there still for a moment, taking in the sight of Camilo without his rauna. The last time he had taken it off in front of you was when you were both five, and never since then. His collared shirt was uniorned and slightly unbuttoned, as per usual. The sleeves were cuffed to his forearm. You’d be lying if you said you couldn’t feel the blood rising to your cheeks. Why did your best friend have to look so good all of a sudden?
“Y/N?” Camilo waved the rauna in front of your face. “Mi vida? Do you want the rauna or no?”
“Lo siento,” you shook your head while taking the rauna. You pulled it over your neck and draped it over your exposed arms. “Gracias, mi vida.”
Now it was Camilo’s turn to be awestruck. Over the past month, he became head over heels for you, and seeing you in his rauna was adding fuel to the fire. You were looking off into the distance as you began to ramble about Bruno’s telenovela, allowing him to take the time to watch the way your brow scrunched and your hands acted out imaginary aspects to the story. He could watch you do this all day if he could.
At the end of your story, Camilo had realized you’d already arrived at your house.  Instead of letting him leave, you led Camilo up to the portion of roof that sat under your bedroom window so you could sit and watch the sun pursue the moon It was a gorgeous sunset, and Camilo had a feeling he knew why there wasn’t a single cloud in sight.
Camilo watched as you stared at the view. He almost started shapeshifting right then and there, due to how perfect you looked under the sunset and with his rauna on. The euphoria he felt in that moment alone rivaled all of Pepa’s sunny days combined. His eyes scanned your figure and landed on a yellow flower strangled in your hair, matching Camilo’s rauna. It must’ve gotten stuck there while you climbed the walls of your house, as Isabela had grown flowers all over the town’s houses just yesterday.
“What are you staring at, mi vida?” you glance at Camilo and stifle a giggle.
“You have something in your hair… do you want me to get it out?”
“Oh!” you patted your hair self consciously and nodded. “Sure.” Thank god the sky was pink, for if it wasn’t, your blush would be much more visible than it already was.
Camilo pulled his hand out of his pants pocket to reach for the flower, but in doing so, an envelope fell out of the pocket and between you and him.
No, no, no, no, NO-
Camilo shifted into Pepa, Mirabel, Isabela, then you in a panic. He jumped for the letter; however it was too late, because you had already picked up the envelope and begun to examine it.
“What’s this, ‘Milo?” you tilted your head slightly. “It has my name on it?”
Camilo was just about to reach out to grab the envelope and prevent you from seeing the contents of the envelope, but he stopped himself.
“You know what? You should open it. I’ve actually been meaning to give it to you.”
You gave him another smile before gently ripping the envelope and unfolding the letter inside. Camilo gave you a couple minutes to read it, watching as your smile widened.
But when you looked up, Camilo saw tears accompanying your smile.
“Y/N? Mi vida?” Camilo scanned your body, fingers hesitant on touching you incase you didn’t want him to. He mumbled a curse beneath his breath. “Did I do something wrong? Lo siento, do you not want-”
“‘Milo,” you let out a small laugh and guide his hands to cup your face. “This is beautiful. And I’m glad you feel this way, because I do too.”
Camilo let out a breathy sigh of relief. “Really?”
You nod while Camilo uses his thumb to wipe your tears. When there’s not a single trace of shed tears, Camilo leans forward and presses your forehead against his.
“Tu eres la chico mas hermoso que existe,” you said with the shadow of a smile.
Camilo snickered, leaning forward slightly. You watch as his green eyes trace your lips. You nod a wordless yes, allowing Camilo to press a chaste kiss to your lips. The feeling makes you giddy; you to let out a light laugh.
Camilo pulls back openmouthed, processing the fact he just kissed his best friend and it was the best damn kiss he’d ever had.
You start to quickly press delicate kisses to his freckles. The boy laughs as the blush on his cheeks flourishes. After you finish giving kisses to his face, you return to the position of leaning your foreheads against each other.
“Te amo, mi luna,” Camilo whispers.
“Mi luna?” you question, cocking your head.
“Well the sun can’t live without the moon, can it? Eres la luna a mi sol, Y/N; I can’t live without you.”
“Te amo tambien, mi sol,” you shift to lean your head against Camilo’s shoulder. A contented sigh left your smiling lips as you shut your eyes.
A couple minutes pass. Camilo tapped your shoulder and watched as you stirred awake.
“You should probably go home, mi luna.”
“I’m already home, mi sol. Home is with you.”
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desichameleon · a day ago
pairings : camilo x gn!reader 
request : yes / no
summary : camilo taking a sneak peek at the readers portrait of him
warnings : whiney camilo, thats it !
a / n : just something short for you guys so you dont leave me while i finish a request
“mi vida” Camilo whined as you adjusted his face for what felt like (but was actually only the second time) the hundredth time that night, “Cami just stop moving so much then it’ll be over with sooner” you sighed as you dipped your paintbrush into the water and then dabbed it in the navy blue water colour. You were painting a portrait of Camilo - as per his request - of how you saw him, naturally you had started painting a beautiful portrait of him under the moonlight with a few changes, but the Madrigal kid just could not stay still! “amor I’m waring you, don’t you dare try and hug me right now.” you said sternly as you saw Camilo leaning into you from the corner of your eye, the boy backed away slowing back into his original position pouting at you. “aw don’t give me that look” you cooed as his pout deepened, his hazel eyes growing bigger making the shape shifter look like a puppy. You giggled as you set down the canvas and hugged Camilo, he rested his head on your shoulder and saw the painting of himself, it was truly breath-taking. He looked the same but was in the dark, the only light source was the moon (and he guessed you’d add the stars later) which was shining directly onto him but there was something different... his freckles were tiny stars, connecting like constellations on his cheeks and nose. “(y/n) t-this is amazing mi amor” he said pulling away to look at you and then back at the painting and to you again, “thank you cariño, I always see the constellations on your face and decided to paint it” you giggled as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“well I’m glad you see me as beautifully as i see you mi vida”
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dos-oroguitas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Carlos Madrigal always had a plan. That’s what he thought. That’s what everyone thought. But nothing could’ve prepared him when you came along.
pairing: carlos madrigal x gn! reader
masterlist !!
Carlos Madrigal was never good with love. Sure he had more than enough experience with familial and platonic love but with romantic love? Pssh. Romance wasn’t in the books. It wasn’t in his devious plans to get caught up in a whirlwind romance. It wasn’t in the plans, he keeps telling himself.
Contrary to what people may believe, he was a meticulous person, every prank or trick that he would play would be well-thought of. He never liked being spontaneous. He never liked surprises.
He had a plan and he stuck with it.
But Carlos Madrigal didn’t have a plan for when you walked into his life.
You were a breath of fresh air in the stuffy little town of Encanto, having moved in from one of the villages that resided somewhat near the mountains. The concept of newcomers wasn’t all that uncommon to the town after the mountain was split into two. Encanto would show its’ way to those who needed it the most after all.
You caught him with a simple smile and your little ‘hola’.
Most of the citizens of Encanto as well as Carlos had thought that you would quickly distance yourself from him upon learning his reputation. What he didn’t expect was you being stuck to his side and being, dare he say it, friends. He was perplexed at first. People would often befriend his older twin rather than him but you had stayed. And though he wouldn’t say it out loud, he was grateful. Though he quickly noticed how much the two of you differed.
You were wide-eyed, bubbly, with a spring in your steps and a smile always adorning your stupidly, annoyingly, pretty—
Carlos ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on his locks in frustration as he caught himself, swiftly rubbing his eyes with his hands as he cursed.
‘Miercoles. Miercoles. What’s wrong with you, tonto?’ He asked himself. Carlos Madrigal was no simp. Not like his brother. He sneered at the thought of his older brother falling over himself for his significant other. He wasn’t like that. He wasn’t going to be like that.
So why did his knees always feel so weak when you flash him your sweet smile?
Ugh. Gross. He grumbled to himself as he shook his head, trying to convince himself that he didn’t like you that way. You weren’t part of the plan he had for himself which was just living out the rest of his life in peace.
Another sigh left his lips as he leaned against one of the fruit stalls that surrounded the buzzing town square. As always it was filled with people, happy smiles, and vibrant colors that made his eyes hurt. Carlos glanced to the side once he saw the shop owner had their back turned, shifting to one of the children in town and immediately snatching one of the mangoes from the crate and rushing off.
"Hah. Sucker." He snickered.
Carlos ducked into an empty alleyway, quickly shifting back to himself and smirking as he held a mango, sticking one of his hands in his pocket to rummage for his handy pocket knife.
Upon grabbing it, he fished it from his pocket, flicking it open as he started to skin the fruit. He sliced it apart effortlessly, taking a bite of the sweet yellow treat.
Today’s plan was supposed to be just to avoid doing any work. Not like he didn’t do that every day before, he just liked lazing about. He had more time to himself, even more so after Casita had been rebuilt once more. He liked doing nothing but what he liked to do. And today he wanted to do nothing!
A no bones day if you will. Nothing to worry about, nothing to think about. Just him and his fruit. Nothing else mattered.
Until he heard a laugh. Not just any laugh. Your laugh.
His (Name’s) laugh.
Now, normally Carlos would ignore this. He was going to before he heard the familiar and unmistakable laugh of his twin. He powerwalked out of the alley to the source of the noise.
And there you were, chatting with Camilo about something he could care less about. You were smiling so brightly and so was his brother. He didn’t know why he felt so annoyed seeing the two of you together.
But why did he care? Psh. He could care less about you and his brother. Although he knew deep down Camilo wouldn’t make a move on you, that didn’t quell the festering envy in the depths of his stomach as he saw Camilo smile at you, patting your back as you choked on an arepa the two of you had been eating while you conversed.
He didn’t like the way Camilo’s touch lingered. Maybe he was overthinking it. Maybe he was just paranoid. He bit onto his lower lip hard as he couldn’t take anymore.
Carlos marched up to the two of you, a tight-lipped smile on his face as he draped an arm around your shoulder.
“Ah, hermano, there you are. I see you’re with mi amorcito.” He glanced down, catching the way your eyes had widened at the pet name. God, you looked adorable.
“If I had known better you two were excluding me.” He puffed his cheeks into a mock pout before smiling as he saw the arepa in your hands. “Great timing! I was starving.”
Carlos leaned down, parting his lips and taking a bite of the arepa in your hand, all the while gently holding your wrist so you didn’t pull the pastry away from him.
“Gracias, amorcito.” The troublemaker says, licking his lips. He made sure to emphasize the pet names, narrowing his eyes at his brother who had raised his hands up in mock surrender as if saying that he wanted no trouble.
Carlos rested his head on the top of yours, smiling to himself as he could feel your warmth skyrocket from being flustered by his sudden actions. He still wouldn’t say anything about having feelings for you.
That wasn’t in his plans after all.
You ruined so many of his carefully thought of plans. But deep down he didn’t think he minded.
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carlos madrigal. that's it. that's the post.
anyways ! lemme know what you think ! any like, comment, or reblog is appreciated ! the 50 tag limit i think is only on the mobile app bc now its working on the tumblr site smh im dumb
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camilosangelita · a day ago
Te Quiero
camilo x reader, a small one-shot w you & camilo!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"My cousin Camilo won't stop until he makes you smile today!"
Camilo, the town's beloved jokster, often found himself neglecting his own mental needs.
"Camilo! Go babysit some of the towns kids!" Abuela Alma called out, focusing on Antonio's gift ceramony.
"On it!" He shouted in response, running his way over to the town's square to brighten up everyone's day.
By the time he got back, he was exhausted — shape-shifting all day took up a ton of his energy, both mentally and physically.
Camilo slouched his way into the kitchen, stuffing his face with his tia Julietta's arepas and empanadas.
"Oh Mijo! [Name] stopped by!" Pepa mentioned, the next thing she saw was her son's face, which was bursting with happiness and exhilaration. "R-really?! What did they say?" He asked, his words being a bit muffled from all the food that was in his mouth.
"They mentioned you two were meeting up somewhere? Near the mountains?"
'..Mierda.' Camilo mumbled to himself in realization, before taking off. "Bye Mami! I'll be back later!"
Pepa could only let out a small smile, rainbows forming around her. She was happy to watch her little boy grow.
"Mi vida I'm sorry I'm late!" Camilo panted, putting his hands on his knees while gasping for air. "I was babysitting all day today so I lost track of time!"
You stuffed a muffin in his mouth, putting your hand on his shoulder to support him if he were to fall. "Don't worry about it!" You sat down on the blanket you laid down on the grass, patting the spot next to you.
Camilo laid his head on your lap and closed his eyes, adjusting himself to the peaceful atmosphere. "[Name]?"
"Te Quiero.." Camilo whispered, falling asleep shortly afterwards. You planted a kiss on his temple, watching him rest in peace.
"I love you too."
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chameleon-madrigal · 2 days ago
hello there!! i hope you have a great day/night ahead! Can i request a camilo x reader where the reader doesnt hang out with camilo the same as before and that makes camilo wonder so he went to the reader’s house only seeing the reader taking care of their new baby sister/brother luv ur stories btw!!
X | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: The truth behind
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: When you and Camilo became bestfriends, it always be like an everyday promise that you two would hangout, you two are inseparable. Until one day you stopped going out of your house, at first he didn't mind it. But days after he started to miss you, only to find out you are now an older sibling to your new twins.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/Them prnouns for Reader
Note: Sorry took too long again! But hello, hope you have a great day ahead too. Thank you for supporting my stories, lovie. I can't believe itd my 10th story, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Enjoy, mwa <3
Tumblr media
Camilo can still remember how you two have met, his lips curved into a smile when he saw how your presence.
"Hola Señora, im here to babysit" Camilo said as soon as the person opened the door.
"Hey, Camilo don't worry someone already did" Señora said which he could just looked confusedly, knowing its one of his chores to babysit kids in town.
"Okay didn't know Mirabel's going to help me today" He said but before he could say goodbye, the mother could have just laughed at him.
"No no, it wasn't your cousin. It was Y/N, if you want to see them they're in the backyard right now." Señora said as Camilo thanked her.
He knows you that's for sure, but you two had never shared a conversation once. He might have seen you from here and there, and been wanting to be friends with you for a long time. So his eagerness dragged his feet to the backyard and what he saw melted his heart.
He watched how your eyes turns into a crescent like shape as you smile when playing with the baby. The giggles you made and just how breathtaking your appearance. He leaned unto the walls cooly as he crossed his arms, and just watched how you babysit with a smile on his face. Until you noticed him, and waved.
"Oh hey Camilo!" You said as you motioned him to come closer and to take a seat beside you, on which he did.
"Hi, Y/N right?" He asked as you nod your head, rocking the baby slowly in your hands. "Didn't know you'll take over my chores today" He joked as you laughed with him.
"Well, atleast you're welcome" You jokingly stated as he asked to hold the baby which you let him. Once the baby is in his hands, he shapeshifted into you and copied your actions.
"Ha ha funny Camilo, stop it!" you said as you nudged him which made him shapeshift back as the baby seems to have fun with what it witnessed.
"Well, atleast you smiled" He said trying to copy your voice, which you groaned but chuckled at his playfulness.
Your friendship blossom after that faithful day, everyone in town would always see you two hangout almost as everyday. Even casually staying in Casita is a normal thing for you, since Camilo would invite you most of the time. Pretty much, getting close with his family.
Tumblr media
Ofcourse right now you two are at your usual hangout spot, Casita's rooftop. You just want to stay in his room but since Camilo knows you too much, he suggested to always hangout at the rooftop to have a better view of the town. Also, knowing how you like to see sunsets which the rooftop has a perfect spot to watch it.
It was almost sunset, so you two would just talk and wait for the sun to settled down and the moon to show up.
"Hey Milo, you saw how Mirabel hide seeing her crush??" You said as you remembered earlier that Mirabel would prantically hide behind your skirt, when she got to see her crush.
"Yes!! Gosh, I actually want to shapeshift into her and approach her crush but decided not to" He said laughing as you tilt your head to the side looking at him, which he won't deny find it cute.
"That so isn't you, usually you would just shapeshift into someone to mess with them"
"I know but knowing Mirabel im scared she would say secrets to my crush" He said as he looked at you with wide eyes, knowing he got a slipped of word out of his tongue. It wasn't mean to come out of his mouth, since he never brought up the topic of him having a crush.
"YOU HAVE A CRUSH!?!" You said as you held his shoulders and shake him.
"I DONT!!"
"You literally just said it!!" You stop shaking him and crossed your arms and watched the sunset while keeping a distance to him, indicating you're upset about not having him tell you.
But the truth is that you're somewhat hurt at the thought he has a crush, which was never told to you, and maybe it wasn't you. You are aware for the fact that as soon as you two would hangout you just felt one day that you see him more than as a friend.
He noticed you kept a distance with him, as he chuckled knowing you are just sulking. He wants to say that the reason why he didn't tell you because obviously his crush was you. And he didn't want to risk your friendship.
"Oh come on, don't sulk~" He said as he slowly moved closer as you still didn't mind him and just watch the beauty of sunset.
He sighed as he subtely put a hand in your shoulders and hugged you, your faces were so close. Both of you having a blush on your cheeks, as your hearts were beating faster, but none of you noticed that.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this. Its just that I would always forget about bringing this topic whenever we would hangout because hearing you rant about your day and me teasing you about it is already enough for me. So that didn't really slip off of my mind, until today." He exclaimed as his hot breath didn't make it easier for your heart to calm down and your cheeks to stop becoming a total red.
"Okay fine I can't even resist being upset to you" You said playfully rolling your eyes while he immediately kissed your cheeks. He was so scared about your reaction would be but noticing you became flustered, he knew that you're not mad at it.
"Hey Camilo, I heard Y/N's family saying she needs to go home" Dolores said just her head peeking through the roofs with the help of Casita's ladders, as she waved at you.
"Bueno, I'll walk her home in a minute" Camilo said as Dolores nodded and went down.
You stood up as you fixed your skirt while helping him get up.
"I guess see you tomorrow" He said as you nodded and chuckled.
"The usual?" He asked and offered his hand for you to hold which you did.
"The usual"
Tumblr media
After that moment it has been five days the last time he saw you in town. He was so worried what had happened to you.
'Was is it because about my crush?'
'Did I made them upset'
'Did they moved out? Nah, they would tell me'
Thoughts like that would keep on bothering him in his room, in doing chores, even in dinner. He would plan to visit you everytime, but cannot find a right time because of the chores he has. And if he does, he would end up in his bed already tired and not able to visit.
But today he decided to take a break from the chores, ofcourse he had told Abuela. And take the time to know the truth behind why you suddenly didn't showed up.
He took a deao breath before raising his hands to knock on your door. Which was opened by your mother as he gestured him inside.
"Hola, Cariño what brings you here?" Your mother softly asked him. "Sorry I looked like a mess been busy lately"
"Está bien señora, you still look wonderful" He said as your mother just ruffled his hair.
"Y/N's upstairs taking care of the babies"
"Oh they took the babies they babysit home" Camilo said still clueless about a thing, which made your mother chuckle at him.
"No, no es eso. I got into labor with our new twins in the family, its a boy and a girl" Camilo was shocked at what he heard and hugged your mother to congratulate her.
"Felicidades to you and Señor. No wonder Y/N didn't go out, they love taking care of babies and now they have a baby brother and sister" He exclaimed as your mother motioned him to go upstairs which he did, not forgetting to thanked your mother while constantly repeating to congratulate her.
"Wow they didn't even tell me, Señora was pregnant." He talked to himself as he opened the door to your room, noticing the twins on your bed as you played with them and you looking shocked to see him while sitting on the edge of your bed.
"Cami, you're hereee" You softly, Camilo waved at you, as he went to sat beside you on your bed and take the other one to play with.
"You didn't tell me you're gonna have a sibling!!" He whisper yelled as you smack softly his head.
"I always told you that Mamá was pregnant! I mean not exactly that but I told you that she would always feel like this and I thought you knew that it means she was pregnant" You exclaimed as he scratch his head at your explanation.
"I just thought she was sick or what, I never saw her leave your home either. So how would I know" He stated mocking your voice at the end of his statement which you just chuckled.
"Congratulations now you know"
"So how was taking care of your twins" He asked as he played with both of them, giggles filled your room because Camilo keeps on shapeshifting to entertain them.
"Exhausting but im happy I got baby twins" You said as he nodded continuing to play with your brother and sister.
"Toñito was so lucky to have you as a big brother. You looked so natural with babies, Milo"
"I know besides from babysitting other kids everyday. I also have a big baby that is my number one priority"
"You're talking about Antonio?" Camilo shook his head as he squished your cheeks.
"You are my big baby" He winked after saying that and continue playing with the babies leaving you flustered.
As soon as you noticed the twins lessen their energy, you and Camilo decided to put them down on their cribs as they fell asleep within your hands.
You both went downstairs noticing your mother wasn't probably bought something in the marketplace.
"We look like a pareja earlier" He teased as you just gently slapped him at his remarks.
"Shut up milo! Your crush is supposed to be that not me"
"And....you're my crush." He said which made you looked at him mouth agaped, did he just confessed???
"Wait..wha—how, whhy?" You stumble across your words which made him chuckled.
"I heard Mami called my name. Okay, adiós mi amor~" He said and kissed your cheeks, to tease you as he went home.
You held up your cheeks, trying hard not to squel because it might wake your brother and sister.
"Omygod, Camilo just called me his love" You said jumping and smiling widely.
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camilosluvr · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x Fem Reader
Genre: Fluff to Angst to Fluff
Synopsis: You're never gonna get rid of camilo no matter how hard you try and you just accept it and end up falling for the afrolatino boy when he shares a secret with you<3
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Camilo was obsessed with you and no it wasn't in a yandere or psychopathic way or anything, it was in a romantic way that he would do anything for you and he would treat you like you were a princess and you always appreciated it but camilo followed you all the time whenever he didn't have chores or things to do and sometimes it was annoying especially when camilo would tell you corny dad jokes.
You never told him to go away though, you enjoyed his company a lot, and sometimes you even chuckled at his corny jokes and he was genuinely funny and fun to hang out with, Camilo's told you multiple times that he's in love with you and whenever you tell him that you're not in love with him, he just says that you'll fall for him eventually.
"Camilo, don't you have chores to do?" You asked the brown-skinned boy who was currently circling around you while you walked through town and he stopped in front of you and started to walk backward as he looked at you with a smug grin on his face "No why? Wanna get rid of me or somethin'?" Camilo asked as he placed his hands out where it looked like he was about to shrug his shoulders.
You were about to answer but then camilo tripped over his feet and he fell onto the ground with a hiss coming out from his mouth as he shifted into different people before going back to himself, you chuckled a bit at his fall then you bent over and held out your hand to offer him some help up "No, you're actually surprisingly entertaining." You joked as camilo sat up and leaned on the palms of his hand "Thanks?" Camilo said more like it was a question as he wasn't really sure if that was supposed to be a compliment, joke, or both whilst he grabbed your hand.
You stood up and pulled the shapeshifting boy up to his feet, camilo dusted off his ruana and pants then he looked at you then you two started to walk again with camilo circling around you just like before "I'm bored...you got any ideas on what to do?" You groaned out as you glanced at camilo and he hummed for a second as he thought of an idea then he got one and stopped right in front of you making you stop walking "Actually I do have a place we can go, it's a secret place because it's special to me but I guess you can come too because you're special to me too!" Camilo said while he grinned as he grabbed your hand and you tilted your head as you were confused about what camilo was talking about "Okay, led the way chameleon." You said as you gestured in front of the both of you and camilo grinned wider as he was clearly excited to show you whatever this place was.
Camilo guided you into the mountains after a few minutes "Camilo when are we going to get there?" You asked as you groaned and you didn't want to sound like a whiny five-year-old but you've been walking uphill for like ten minutes "Be patient Princesa, we're almost there I promise." Camilo said as he glanced back at you with a kind smile and he looked back ahead and he moved some bushes and tree branches out the way to reveal the most beautiful sight you've ever seen.
It was a small pond that had fish and frogs in it with lily pads and small pink flowers lying on the surface of the water, camilo wanted to bring you here because it was a very special place to him and nobody else knew about it well, except for you "Camilo, this place is beautiful but why did you want to bring me here?" You asked as you two sat at the pond on your knees, you admired how the light shined and reflected off the water "I wanted to bring you here because this place is special to me, I sometimes go here to clear my thoughts when I forget who I am." Camilo said as he dipped his fingers into the water and watched how the fishes kissed his fingertips delicately.
Camilo had never told anyone about how he felt or this place but maybe dolores knew because of her hearing "I go here whenever I need to remember that I'm not useless and that I'm good enough just the way I am, seeing my reflection in the water makes me realize that I'm me and I'm not antonio, I'm not mirabel and I'm not you." Camilo mumbled as he looked at his reflection in the water, you looked at camilo as you deeply listened to his confessions "But I don't entirely believe it every time, when you shapeshift into people daily for your chores you start to forget who you are and your worth as yourself and you start to think that you need to be someone entirely different to satisfy everyone." Camilo said as tears fell from his eyes and into the pond.
Camilo smiled as tears started to run down his freckled cheeks, camilo looked at you as he ran his dry fingers throughout his curly brown hair "But I feel my best self around you and I feel like I don't need to be someone else when I'm with you (y/n)." He said as he grabbed your hand "That's because I love you and it's fine that you don't like me back because it's good enough to know that I have a friend in my life that appreciates me for me." Camilo said as he squeezed your hands while he grinned at you while the globs of hot tears ran down his neck and face.
You then hugged camilo tightly surprising him a bit, you loved camilo and you've known for a while but you weren't ready to tell him and I think this was the perfect time to tell him "Camilo, I love you too." You said and you felt camilo smile "Camilo, you're perfect just the way you are, you're camilo madrigal. you're not antonio madrigal, you're not pepa madrigal, you are camilo madrigal and the camilo that I know and love." You said as you pulled away from camilo and looked at camilo who was grinning at you.
Camilo then chuckled "I told you that you would fall for me eventually." Camilo said as he plastered a smug grin on his face and you chuckled too "I love you camilo." You said as you kissed his cheek and he grinned wider as he leaned into your kiss "I love you too Hermosa." Camilo said as he rubbed his thumbs over your knuckles.
Camilo loved you so much and he's wanted you to love him back for so long and now you finally did and he was happy, he was finally happy and he finally felt useful as himself and not as other people.
This is why he loved you because you loved him for him and not for his gift.
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caramellahoney · 2 days ago
"The day hell freezes over."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: flufff
warning/s: two guys fighting over you ahah - no proofread btw
He was in love. Camilo’s smile grew, his gaze growing soft as he followed her form that ascended down the stairs. Y/N's gaze was downcast, expression bashful as she felt slightly uncomfortable with the intense stares set on her. She scanned the crowd for a familiar head of curly hair, immediately finding the warm green eyes she spent hours staring at. Camilo smiled at her and she smiled back, finding solace in their shared gaze. Eventually, she had to look away- taking the hand of her mother who was waiting at the foot of the stairs.
“Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday, I would like to thank everyone for coming...” The older woman’s voice drowned out in Camilo’s head as his attention was solely focused on Y/N. He took a step forward, eager for the speech to end so he could finally approach her.
“I suggest you step back, amigo. Wouldn’t want you to get in the way.” A voice spoke, tone sugar-sweet. Camilo’s eyes met with a familiar annoying shade of brown and he scowled, Santiago De Leon.
He had moved to the village last month, his family possessing magical powers like the Madrigals. Camilo would've welcomed him with open arms if it weren't for the fact that he's been making moves on Y/N. Santiago caught his pissed-off expression and let a smug grin spread across his face. The Spaniard adjusted the bouquet of flowers in his hands, paying no mind to the Madrigal beside him.
“Get in the way of what? You and the exit? I don’t get why you keep trying. She’s my best friend, not yours.” Camilo snarled, crossing his arms as he narrowed his eyes at the bouquet of flowers in Santiago's hands. The teen just snorted and turned to Camilo, staring him down.
“Si. She just sees you as her ‘best friend’. Guess that gives me a better chance.” Camilo choked on his breath, stuttering and stumbling on his words. Santiago eyed him carefully, taking a step closer towards the Afro-Latino boy. He patted Camilo’s back and threw an arm around the boy’s shoulder.
“Sometimes people value friendship more than anything. If you’re not careful, your relationship with her will crash and burn. In a split second, poof. Gone.” Santiago leaned down close to Camilo’s face, waving his hands in the air as he spoke in a hushed tone. The Spaniard faked a sympathetic expression, rubbing Camilo’s arm before pushing the Madrigal away; dropping the act and laughing arrogantly.
“Perhaps the truth holds too much weight.”
“You-” Camilo bit his tongue and grit his teeth. ‘Keep calm- he’s trying to get on your nerves.’ Camilo shut his eyes and took a deep breath to compose himself. He turned back and sent the boy a strained grin, gripping the edges of his ruana tightly. If Santiago thinks he was just going to stand by and let him steal his girl away, he was dead wrong. Camilo grumbled a quiet “Cabrón.” under his breath, sending the boy a side-glare.
“Relax, mi amigo. Just lend me your ear. Let’s stay out of each other’s way and let her decide.” Santiago spoke as he waved a hand in the air dismissively. Camilo stilled, he let his mouth quirk ever so slightly, certainly not a smile, but it was awfully close. He stared at Santiago, a glint of something mischievous and dangerous in his eyes.
“I hate to tell you this but your fantasies just won’t happen. You do however have yourself a deal amigo.” Camilo raised his hand, flicking it upward ever so slightly. Santiago hummed and gripped the shapeshifter’s hand tight, shaking it firmly.
“Looks like you have yourself some competition.” Santiago muttered as he quickly retreated his hand. The Spaniards face twisted into one of disgust as he wiped his hand on his pants. Camilo mirrored his expression, competition? This bastardo arrogante.
“The day you get a chance with her is the day hell freezes over. All I have in my way is a loudmouthed obstacle.” Camilo felt a smug smirk spread on his lips when the sweet voice of his best friend called for his name. She smiled brightly at him and waved her hand to usher him over.
Camilo grinned and walked towards her, his feet stumbling as he rushed to her side. You could practically see the hearts in his eyes as his knees buckled when she laughed brightly at him. Santiago glared at his form, eyes burning holes in the back of the Colombian boy’s head.
"The day hell freezes over huh? Alright." Santiago smirked, drumming his fingers against his thigh. He lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, an orange flame forming in his palm.
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa @kaxiaow @dollpoetwriting @meanwhilemisha22 @fa1ry-tales @sunnth @herladyfangirl
taglist (send an ask to be added):
a/n <3: Small drabble I made! I'm not too sure if there will be a part two but if enough people want one then suree
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camilosnovia · 2 days ago
can i have yandere platonic encanto with a reader who can control time please?
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Note: Hello anon! Thank you for this request, I noticed I am getting a lot of platonic requests😅
Pairs: Yandere! Camilo Madrigal x sister!reader, Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x sister!reader and Yandere! Dolores Madrigal x sister!reader (Platonic!)
Type: Yandere, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Camilo was 9 months old when you were born.
He radiates overprotective brother vibes.
He would be suspicious of everyone you knew.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Your best friend(s)
Your friends.
If any of them insulted you.
They would be counted as missing the next day.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now, Isa is a bit different.
She acts like she hates you.
But she actually really cares about you.
A bit too much…
Isabela likes to look at you while you are talking to someone you know.
She’s afraid that they will hurt you emotionally or physically.
If they did, Isa will not kill them at first but torture them.
She just wants to protect her little sister.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now Dolores is fun to hang with if she’s your sister.
When you two play tag you would use your gift and stop time and run to another spot making it harder for Dolores to catch you.
But she doesn’t watch you from afar or anything.
She can just use her gift to listen if someone is hurting you.
If someone did, Dolores will torture them with high-pitched sounds making their ears bleed and go deaf.
Thank you for reading!
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