#encanto Isabela
Mirabel: Let's distract them by setting their couch on fire.
Luisa: That's stupid.
Isabela: Setting the whole house on fire would be far more effective.
Mirabel: Hell yeah!
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kovakore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
headcanon that during isabela’s birth agustin cries more than his wife and his newborn daughter
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I like how these former mean girls changed their hairstyle and look to reflect on how they changed for the better :)
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evils-corner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey all! If no one saw this yet, I figured I'd post it here!
The cast/team behind Encanto is having a watch party on Twitter for Encanto Sunday, January 30th at 2pm PT/5pm ET!
Sounds like they're gonna be answering questions from fans during the viewing while on Twitter!
Think it'll be a good time to get some real good answers from everyone about the movie!!
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camilosangelita · 2 days ago
How would Mirabel, Isabela and dolores react to seeing their girlfriend (or partner you choose) wearing glasses for the first time?? ( They only use when they are studying/reading a book for a longo time)
Dating Headcanons!
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Twinsies!" was the last thing you heard before being tackled onto the floor by your girlfriend Mirabel, the book in your hands being thrown right across the room.
"Ay Mirabel." You held your chest, laughing. "You scared me!" You exclaimed, picking up your glasses from the floor to make sure they weren't cracked.
"I'm sorry! I just can't believe you wear glasses!" Mirabel picked up your book, reading the title before gasping. "You read this too?!"
You nodded your head enthusiastically. "Have you gotten to the part where they-?"
Mirabel proceeded to tackle you again. "Don't spoil it for me [Name]!" She whined out, before proceeding to fangirl about the book with you.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Dolores, could you pass me my glasses?" You asked, taking out a book you brought to read with her on your picnic date.
"Your glasses? On it!" She responded, rummaging her hand around in the basket before finally taking them out. "Here you go!"
Dolores already knew you had glasses, since you accidentally left them in her room when you stayed over one night.
"Thank you, now, what page were we on?" You opened your book, pushing your glasses up.
"Page 156! The part where they almost kissed!" She swooned, laying her head on your lap, eagerly waiting to hear the next part.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Where are they?!" You panicked, looking everywhere for the thing you needed the most, your glasses.
You needed them to study, and now you had no idea where they are. You were so focused on finding them, that you didn't notice a vine opening your bedroom windows.
"Did someone say, glasses?" Your girlfriend called, swinging inside your room to hand you your lost possession. "Mi Angelita!" You smiled, taking your glasses from her.
"You never told me you wore glasses." She pouted, crossing her arms and turning away from you. "I didn't think it was important." You defended yourself, planting a kiss on her cheek, watching her face grow red.
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akindlylittlesoul · a day ago
I really hope Disney green light an Encanto's series.
The director really seems to love this world and characters and is ready to continue telling the story.
And I don't know if everyone think the same but I actually want it to be a slice of life type of story.
Tumblr media
I think this world could really grow with a simple everyday life type of show.
Honestly I don't want a huge adventure, or drama, I just want to know them.
Of course keep working on each family member problems/traumas, it would be great to have a "surffice pressure" type of song for every family member but I don't really want it to be the whole purpose of the story.
I even kinda want to see how life was when Julieta, Pepa and Bruno were kids, that actually seems like a fun idea to explore.
Tumblr media
I really want to see more of this people be together, and see how they act with each other. I really want to get to know them.
The cast is so big and we only had a little over 90 min. I really want it to explore the relationship between the whole Madrigal family.
This family loves each other and I love that they don't limit their affections to only their family group.
Tumblr media
I really want moments between Mirabel and Pepa, Camilo and Julieta, Felix and Agustín, etc. And I don't mean like "a petty conflict between those people that gets resolved by the end of the episode". No, I mean a show of just passing time with them, what it looks like for a day following Pepa or Julieta or Isabela.
Tumblr media
We know that Luisa goes around town helping people and solving various problems, and we all guess that Pepa's job is helping the crops and farmers, and Julieta is the doctor of Encanto
Tumblr media
But what do Camilo, Isabela, Dolores, etc. Do? What's their "job"?
Tumblr media
Even moments in which the triplets take a day for themselves to make up for the lost time.
The whole family have a great quemistry and I loveeee them all, I just want to spend more time in Encanto with the Madrigals.
I also would love to see how they use their gifts for mundane things or for fun. (I just rebloged fanart in which Dolores begs Camilo to turn into her with a dress that she saw someone wearing so she could ask Mirabel to make it for her.)
Tumblr media
We actually hear in the movie someone ask Dolores if she could hear if someone is going to be late for Antonio's ceremony.
Tumblr media
Kinda like the whirlpool commercial, I just need more of them.
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moon-arts02 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨ A hurricane of jacarandas ✨
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fl0rrisa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Dating HCs For the Madrigal Girls
Ok so I'm just doing the ones over 18, respect that or be blocked.
Also for convenience these will all be pre-movie hcs. Just so we don't have to get into my ideas of how all of them would change as they heal and grow.
Warnings: Romance, kissing, probably swear words, kinda long post
Isabela Madrigal
You two meet in town. Maybe you're impressed with her from the beginning, maybe she has to work for your recognition but either way she is hooked on you.
She starts hoping to see you around but can't work up the courage to really seek you out for a lot of reasons, some of them dealing with her need to be perfect and some with the compulsion to do as Abuela would see fit.
Pines after you a lot because she's really into you but is seeing someone else and doesn't want to risk disappointing the family by breaking up with Mariano
Ends up seeming a lot like she hates you. She's just so frustrated by her circumstances and can't figure out how to help herself bc all her options seem terrible, and it ends up making her mouth off to you a lot because it relieves a bit of that stress.
Maybe when she accidentally pushes it and can tell she actually hurt you she panics because the last thing she wants is to hurt you or make you leave and she opens up and it's... a lot.
She yells. At one point there are tears born of some emotion she can't identify. Her fuming face is so cute.
After that you come up with the pragmatic if not morally upright solution that Isabela wishes she'd considered: secret relationship.
It's so damn easy to pull off oml
Isabela knows what's going on when in her house so she can tell when it's a good night for you to come over. She'll grow bright pink flowers on your door if she wants to see you that night, and she lets you up into her room with vines.
It's very Rapunzel-esque
You two are the cuddliest couple in private. She can't get enough of you and she demands you stay well into the night to make up for all the affection you can't share during the day.
Apologizes (albeit awkwardly) for everything she said/did before. Explains herself but not in an excuse way, she just wants you to know she never, ever held any real ill will toward you because she adores you.
Doesn't feel as guilty as she probably should for cheating on Mariano. What can she say, she's selfish. She never wanted him anyway, and it's not like he's gotta know you exist
Prefers to sneak into your room to lessen the chance of Dolores hearing you two. That loudmouth (as much love as Isa has for her) is not ruining her happiness.
She likes you playing with her hair as long as you don't tangle it, and likes to play with your hair if you'll let her. She'll definitely put flowers in it, it's a nice touch that ties you to her visually
If anyone finds out about you two she will intimidate them into silence and then run to you to privately panic.
Dolores Madrigal
You meet in town while Dolores is out getting something the family needs, idk flour or something. She finds you so cute immediately and shit she's in love this is a lot-
Gets to know you a bit and now she's really really in love. Pines a little but not much. Only, you're not engaged to her sister so she's happy to tell you exactly how she feels. And boy does she, her confession is something out of a book.
Your noise is the only good noise. If she can hear you just a bit more than she can hear everyone else she's happy
Not extremely touchy but she is affectionate. Knows all the little details of your life and has very sweet and specific compliments for you
Wants to feel like you notice her above all others. She knows she's quiet and easily overlooked when paired with flamboyant siblings who have flashy gifts and three outspoken, charismatic cousins. You're the one person whose focus is her and she loves that.
Goes to you when she's overwhelmed from all the noise and just wants to hang out quietly.
Probably reads to you when you're cuddling, I see her as a reader of romance novels.
Has a very sneaky sense of humor. You don't realize how funny she is until you're together but man is she a firecracker.
Probably introduces you to her family very quickly. She wants them to know who has her so happy.
Camilo is a menace as usual and will try to pass himself off as your friends and relatives to see what you say about her. He needs teasing material for his big sis okay?
Félix needs you to simp for Dolores the way he simps for Pepa or he doesn't fully approve. But he likes you fine either way and he knows his baby can handle herself.
Pepa cried and soaked the room. Antonio immediately asked if you're going to be the next Madrigal. Dolores was so embarrassed but like 👀👀👀👀 would you like to???
Likes to steal your clothes or accessories and wouldn't mind it if you did the same. It's just nice to see you parading around flaunting something that you got from her
You'll rub off on her and she might pick up some of your mannerisms. She doesn't mean to, you're just so cute it's contagious!
Tells you the hottest gossip and the rat telenovelas. She likes to come to you with all this information because a lot of the time like with Bruno she can't tell anybody else.
Couple with the vibes of a pair of old cats.
Luisa Madrigal
Oh god. Are you trying to kill her?! She sees you for the first time while she's hauling the donkeys around and she nearly drops one because sweet mother of fuck you're pretty.
Her crush on you is obvious from the beginning. She goes out of her way to talk to you, invites you on walks with her when she's working (gotta be efficient improvise adapt overcome), pretty much memorizes everything about you and if she had it her way your feet may never touch the ground again with how often she carries you.
Please put her out of her misery and ask her out, she's never gonna get a hint because her default setting is 'I am physically incapable of emotions that are unproductive'
Still more or less the same. "I have such a crush on my gf" vibes
Calls you every nickname in the book, and even the way she says your normal name feels like a pet name
Such a sucker for the soft affection. Kiss the back of her hand and you can see the flustered feeling bubble-ify her lungs.
Scalp massages when she takes her hair out of its bun? Rub her neck and shoulders because damn babe you sure do carry all that tension right here? Any excuse to have you touching her babe, it's the most soothing thing in the world to her.
Bear hugs that crush your soul back into your body quite nicely. Weighted blanket? Who needs one? You have Luisa.
Her parents trust her so you can sleep in her room and she gives the best cuddles. You always feel so warm and welcome and safe.
The secret room Casita gave her inside her normal room is a fantastic date spot, she loves it in there
She has a huge sweet tooth (I picture her being specifically a sea salt and caramel kind of girl) and if you get or make her something she's gonna be so happy
You're gonna have to build your schedule around her schedule because her work comes before even her own health
If you manage to convince her to take a break or rest a bit she will need you to take her mind off her responsibilities completely or else she'll be too anxious to have a good time
She'd loooooove to have a relaxing girls' night in type deal where you do those at home spa treatments and face masks and paint each other's nails and watch movies. It just feels so soft, which is something she never gets to be.
Opens up to you... kind of. She tells you stuff like how she wishes she had more time for you and on bad days she lets you comfort her but you don't truly know for certain how much it's all weighing on her until she completely breaks. She relies on you so heavily when that happens.
An early riser but won't force you to be. She'll be happy to bring you breakfast in bed on special occasions though, and she really treats you like royalty.
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awakefor48hours · 2 days ago
Currently going through an Encanto brain rot and I’m dragging all my followers through it. But I’m going to add my own experience with Encanto.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mirabel lookalike
Antonio lookalike
Luisa lookalike
You may or not have seen some of these but this makes me so happy as a black woman. Growing up, I never got to experience this. I was never able to look at the TV and say “she looks like me” but seeing this makes me so happy that I actually cried.
Growing up as a nuerodivergent black girl in a nuerotypical white dominated society messed me up more than I thought and I think Encanto would’ve been a great movie to have in my childhood. To finally see Mirabel, an awkward girl that doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family would’ve been great for me as I feel the same “out of place” that Mirabel did as I am the only person in my family with ADHD. Luisa, a strong/muscular woman with very sensitive feelings would’ve helped me a lot (showing that big strong girls DO cry); and Isabel, a dark skin woman that’s portrayed as “beautiful.”
(Of course everyone else is important but these three would’ve helped my degrading mental health A LOT)
Something else I haven’t seen anyone else mention is that the animators even made sure they added the lighter palms to the darker skin characters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know this might sound stupid to some people but I felt self conscious about my lighter palms because in all the animated shows/movies I’ve seen didn’t add this and I thought that it made me look weird or wrong. I even considered wearing gloves to cover them up at some point (considering where I lived it would’ve been weirder to wear them)
POCs are finally being put into the spotlight accurately and now more kids like me are able to look at the screen and say “look, it’s me.”
Essentially, the entire Encanto soundtrack is playing at my funeral or I’m not dying.
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camilosnovia · 2 days ago
can i have yandere platonic encanto with a reader who can control time please?
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Note: Hello anon! Thank you for this request, I noticed I am getting a lot of platonic requests😅
Pairs: Yandere! Camilo Madrigal x sister!reader, Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x sister!reader and Yandere! Dolores Madrigal x sister!reader (Platonic!)
Type: Yandere, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Camilo was 9 months old when you were born.
He radiates overprotective brother vibes.
He would be suspicious of everyone you knew.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Your best friend(s)
Your friends.
If any of them insulted you.
They would be counted as missing the next day.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now, Isa is a bit different.
She acts like she hates you.
But she actually really cares about you.
A bit too much…
Isabela likes to look at you while you are talking to someone you know.
She’s afraid that they will hurt you emotionally or physically.
If they did, Isa will not kill them at first but torture them.
She just wants to protect her little sister.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now Dolores is fun to hang with if she’s your sister.
When you two play tag you would use your gift and stop time and run to another spot making it harder for Dolores to catch you.
But she doesn’t watch you from afar or anything.
She can just use her gift to listen if someone is hurting you.
If someone did, Dolores will torture them with high-pitched sounds making their ears bleed and go deaf.
Thank you for reading!
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Dolores: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him. What should I do?
Isabela: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Camilo: Tackle him.
Mirabel: Kick him in the shin.
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ameamaranth · 2 days ago
Isabela [sitting on the couch with Luisa and Mirabel]: If you were to pick, who would be your favourite sister?
Mirabel: I don't know
Isabela: I don't know
Luisa: Mirabel
Luisa: I don't know
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orioncoast · 2 days ago
If you’re still in the Encanto fandom don’t interact with @encanto-for-white-ppl they are extremely racist 
Tumblr media
She has recently been bothering a Latina blogger, @carlaerosie​ (she/they), who made a flag for “gringohaters”. Gringo is a slur that is used in Latin America to describe a white person. In the post below Claudia accuses Carla of being xenophobic and racist, from this we can assume that Claudia thinks white-racism is a thing, which does in fact  puts POC at harm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Claudia is also a pro shipper, meaning they are fine/support ships that are pedophilic and/or incest.
Tumblr media
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camilosluvr · 8 hours ago
Hii! Me again! How about a jealous Isabela Madrigal x fem!reader, the two are in a secret relationship then one day reader went to visit casita and Isabela thought the reader was there for her, but oh no she wasn't, she was there for Mirabel, then later on the rest of the madrigal found out about their relationship!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Isabela Madrigal x Fem Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Isabela is excited to see you and surprised when you come to casita but it turns out that you aren't there for her and there for her sister...
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
You walked towards casita as you whistled a little tune from your lips, you were on your way to see mirabel as you were about to ask her if she wanted to sew with you as you were sewing something very special for isabela because you felt like making something special for a very special person! But you didn't want isabela to know about it though and that would be hard because you were going to be in her house and with her sister.
You walked onto the stair of casita and before you could knock on the doors, the door opened to reveal isabela who was standing there with a smile on her face "Hi (y/n)!" She said as she waved at you with a few pink and white flowers growing on her head and she was really happy to see you but isabela was always happy to see you so this was how she looked and was whenever she saw you "Oh hey isa, do you know where mirabel is?" You asked as you tilted your head while you grasped the strap of your satchel that was around your shoulder and isabela's smile disappeared and she plastered a frown on her face "Oh, she's in her room.." Isabela said as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.
You smiled at isabela as she moved out the way for you to enter the house "Thanks isa!" You said as you walked past her and into the home, you sensed that isabela was upset as it was clearly obvious and you felt bad as you didn't mean to hurt her but you'd apologize later when you gave her the gift.
You walked up the stairs of casita as you looked back at isabela who was glaring at you but she had a sad look on her face at the same time then she turned her head away from you and you sighed and looked back ahead, you walked up to Mirabel's door and knocked on it "Yes?" She answered as she opened her door and you looked at the Colombian girl with a soft smile on your face "Hey Mira, I wanted to know if you wanted to sew with me?" You asked as you tilted your head and mirabel nodded as she moved aside to let you in "Sure, I have nothing else to do!" Mirabel said as you walked in and closed the door behind you.
You and Mirabel sat on the floor of her room as you two sewed by hand, you were currently sewing a patch for isabela but you were turned away from mirabel so that she wouldn't see what you were making "What're you making?" Mirabel asked as she tried to peek over your shoulder to get a glance at what you were making but you shoved it down in your lap "Uhn Uhn, you can't see it yet. Not until isabela has seen it." You said as you looked over your shoulder at mirabel with a grin on your face but then your eyes widened as you realized you had just given away a secret about the patch.
Mirabel plastered a smug grin on her face like the one that camilo does all the time "Oh~ So it's for Señorita Perfecta?" Mirabel teased as she leaned her chin on your shoulder to look at you, isabela wasn't 'the golden child' anymore nor was she the perfect princess everyone thought she was but mirabel still called her that as a joke, it was sort of a sister thing that isabela and mirabel had going on.
Instead of using the nicknames in a hateful way, they used them in a loving sibling way "Yeah but it's like a best friend thing." You said you pursed your lips together while you tried to hide the patch from the Colombian girl "Sure.." Mirabel said as she turned back to her own thing and you stood up "I'm done anyway, I gotta go give this to isa." You said and mirabel immediately stood up as she was interested in what was going to happen but it may not have been the best idea for her to come because isabela is mad at her and you, mostly you though "I'm coming with you because I wanna see how she reacts." Mirabel said as she grinned and you rolled your eyes and walked out the room with mirabel tailing behind you.
You looked around for any sign of isabela and saw her downstairs talking to camilo well, it was more like camilo teasing her about something and isabela getting angry at him and you started to walk down the stairs with mirabel following, it wasn't like no one knew about you and isabela's secret relationship because dolores can hear anything and everything so she happened to hear when you and isabela got together and everything since then and she told antonio and mirabel since she knew that they would keep the secret and plus, she couldn't keep it a secret it was just too big of a secret but she knew how you two wanted to keep it secret so she wasn't going to tell it to someone like camilo who would tease isabela for it or tell someone else.
You and mirabel reached isabela and camilo who were arguing but it was more of isabela who was arguing with the smirking boy "Hey isa!" You said surprising the brown-skinned woman making her jump and squeak, camilo laughed at this making him drop to the floor as he laughed loudly "Oh what do you need?" Isabela asked as she turned around to look at you with a frown on her face like from earlier "I wanted to give you something.." You mumbled as you held the patch in your hand while camilo got up wanting to see what this gift was.
Isabela scoffed at you "Why don't you give it to mirabel since you wanna hang out with her instead of your girlfr-best friend." Isabela said as she folded her arms over her chest while she turned away from her "Isa, I know you're mad at me but hear me out for a sec." You said and she hummed and looked at you "Fine.." Isabela muttered and you grinned.
You pulled your hands from your back and opened your hands in front of her face to reveal a cactus patch that had pink flowers on it "I made this for you because it reminds me of your imperfections and your perfections, the cactus represents your wild and brute side and the flowers represent your sweet and caring side." You said as isabela took the patch from your hands and observed it "But not that your brute side isn't caring and it's not much but I wanted to mak-" You said but isabela cut you off by hugging you.
Isabela was wild and brute after casita had fallen down but that doesn't mean that she can't be caring and sweet and the patch you made represented that also cactuses are one of her favorite plants "I love you so much." Isabela said as she buried her face into your neck as you pat her back and Camilo's eyes widened in shock "Wait...that didn't sound like a best friend 'I love you'." Camilo said as he raised his eyebrow while he looked at you and isabela back and forth.
Both you and isabela's eyes widened as you two darted your eyes towards camilo "Shut up before dolores hears." Both of you whispered as you two glared at camilo but dolores came in the room "Too late." Dolores said as she smiled awkwardly and you and isabela broke the hug while camilo turned towards mirabel who was looking calm about all this "You're unusually calm about this especially since you just found out about this.." Camilo said as he squinted his eyes at mirabel and she averted her eyes from camilo making him gasp as you and isabela looked at mirabel then dolores "You already knew!" Camilo pointed out and mirabel and dolores sighed as they've been caught "Okay yeah me and dolores already knew.." Mirabel admitted as she rubbed the back of her neck.
You scoffed as you threw your hands in the air "Who else knows?" You asked and then the entire family came out from their hiding spots even though they had just gotten there, you and isabela looked at everyone.
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camilosangelita · 2 days ago
Thank you for answering my requests your writing skills are fantástics!!
And i have another request if you are okay with it of course
How do you think the madrigal girls would react to seeing their girlfriend taking care of children or babys for the first time?? Ir seeing Antonio and their girlfriend have fun with his animals
Dating Headcanons!
note: thank you my love ♡, hope you enjoy. [ still not proof read, oops. ]
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
Once you heard the news of Casita crashing down from your neighbors, you put on your shoes and immediately headed your way over there — hoping that Mirabel and her family were all safe and sound.
Pepa, who was failing to comfort her son after Mirabel's disappearance thought all hope was lost until she saw you. "[Nickname!]" She called out, being more than happy to see you.
"Can you please help calm down Tonito while I go search for Mirabel?!" Pepa was about to ramble, until you nodded your head, giving her a small smile. "Go, I'll take care of it."
Pepa smiled back, before joining her Felix and Dolores on their search.
You then started to approach Antonio slowly, not wanting to upset him in anyway possible. "She's not coming back, is she?" Antonio wiped his tears away, hugging himself as he looked at his broken home.
You looked around, picking up the stuffed animal Mirabel had made him. "No, I think she will. She loves you all too much to just leave and never come back." You reassured, picking Antonio up so he wouldn't get cut on the sharp rocks that were on the floor, handing him the stuffed animal.
He smiled ‐ clutching the stuffed cheeta while laying his head on your chest. "Do you promise?" You nodded, holding him close. "Of course.."
Mirabel, was watching the scene with her Abuela and Tio Bruno. "You picked the right girl." Abuela said approvingly, watching Mirabel's lips curve into a smile.
"I know."
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
You woke up to a shaken Dolores and upset Antonio at your door.
"What happened?!" You winced, grabbing Antonio, who was currently sobbing his heart out. "I accidentally ripped his stuffed animal, Mirabel isn't around to fix it so I figured I bring him to you!" Dolores explained, covering her eyes as tight as she could — the sound of Antonio crying hurting her ears.
You sighed, "Oh Dolores.." You turned to Antonio, wiping the tears off his face. "Do you wanna wait in the living room with your sister? Or do you wanna fix him with me?"
Antonio timidly pointed upstairs, earning an immediate nod from you. "Alright, let's not waste anytime!"
While you two were busy fixing his plush, Dolores listened in from downstairs, leaning her head to the left to hear what was happening. When she heard the laughter of her younger brother, a small smile made its way to her face.
Truth be told, Dolores created this scheme to see if you were good with kids. Now that she knew you were, she could do nothing, but only day dream about your future in silence.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
"I got your call, what happened..?!" You stared at your girlfriends room in shock, animals flying and running around everywhere.
"Hi [Name]! Isabela let me bring my animal friends with me!" Antonio waves at you excitedly, Isabela trailing behind him. "Join us!" She exclaimed, tugging on your arm to lead you inside her room.
"Okay! Okay!" You let out a small laugh, your skirt getting dirty from all the flower powder scattered all over the place.
Antonio let out a small giggle, making you turn your head towars him. "Just what do you think you're laughing at?" You teased, grabbing red powder and chasing Antonio around.
Isabela nearly fangirled at the sight, snapping out of her trance when you started to violently shake her. "Quick! After that cheeta!" You pointed, playfully calling Antonio a cheater.
Isabela quickly did what you asked, and with that being said, you two spent your afternoons chasing after Antonio, which ended up in a mess you all had to eventually clean up.
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dragon-spaghetti · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨ Iconic trio ✨
Click for better quality!! Plus bonus colouring pages: left is a white bg and right is transparent
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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animeangsteng · a day ago
Encanto! Dark AU
I saw many whine about Alma and hating her.
Saying how much of a Villain she was and how bad she grew her family.
And I think she could have grown them way worse (not saying she did well) and here I’ll show how to you.
This is all my theory though.
In the village there is no healer, no doctor nor pharmacist so the only way to get healed, live for a long time and/or stay healthy is to go to Julieta.
And you better be good or she will leave you to die.
Her healing food is only for those worthy, as in those who obey and don’t oppose the Madrigal family.
Do you want a prophecy?
He’ll lie and interpret it in the worse way so here is how... obey the family and all will go well.
It’s written in the future, after all.
You don’t wanna get hurt, do you?
Because if you don’t obey... you might get badly hurt.
Plus, don’t even try.
He will discover you and send the strongest Madrigals after you.
So be good.
She’ll control the weather so... you want food to grow?
Don’t make her mad or disobey because, otherwise, a storm might destroy your field.
She’s listening.
The entire time.
Whatever you say gets heard and told so bite your tongue or you won’t live a long life.
Is your husband really your husband?
Is he Camilo?
Nervousness devours the villagers since they have no way of telling.
And any plan of trying a coup... how can you organise one if you don’t know who to trust?
Or who you’re really talking to?
Encanto’s forest is so dangerous.
Filled with ferocious animals.
But don’t you worry, Antonio will protect you.
If you’re good.
And it seems like sometimes people disappear there.
People against the family.
Quite easy to understand.
You’re good?
She’s there ready to help you with whatever.
She’ll even assemble your own house like a LEGO game.
You’re not?
She’ll reassemble your limbs.
She is perfect.
If you act like her and take her as an example everything will go well.
Life will be a dream.
Just be perfect.
Like her.
It seems like the youngest and giftless kid has gone missing after the ceremony.
Who knows where she went.
Who knows.
Perhaps she left Encanto.
Perhaps she left Encanto for good.
But don’t worry.
Mirabel’s tragedy won’t happen again.
The Madrigal family will protect you.
As long as you follow the rules.
Mirabel didn’t and disappeared.
If you do... the Madrigal family will protect you.
So... What do you think?
The canon doesn’t sound that bad, does it now?
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moon-arts02 · a day ago
Julieta : Where’s Mirabel ?
Isabela : Don’t worry, I’ll find her
Isabela : Luisa sucks !
Mirabel, distantly : Luisa is the best person ever ! Fuck u !
Isabela : Found her
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slashjaypeg · a day ago
Mirabel hearing Isabela, Luisa, and Bruno talk about their feelings: I'm not upset because I know y'all are mentally ill, which is why one day I'm gonna open up a hospital—
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