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carlaerosie · a day ago
This is kinda random, but what are your opinions on Abuela Alma?
I love her sm actually. She also reminds me of my abuela in a few aspects!
I think that people go too harsh on her - they totally ignore what she has been trough and how much this affected her life. They are like “Alma is a bad person 😡” and this is actually so disrespectful because generational trauma is something quite common in latin households and it doesn’t mean our grandparents, parents etc are bad people
I also think many people refuse to go deeper inside the topic of generational trauma and why Alma acted like this and they just stick with their “Alma is a bad person” because it suits their stereotype and it’s comfortable for them but this is actually really harmful
so yeah that’s it I think I will make a bigger post about Alma one day
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dont-silencio-bruno · a month ago
madrigals skintone reference
ok so i’ve been. struggling with their skin tones and a mutual of mine responded with some flat colors on my other blog
anyway i went ahead and eye dropped their skintones from each as best i could and this is what i got
they’re a little varied in each but i hope this at least gives a good idea of where to aim for in terms of tint and undertone
Tumblr media
(the reference images ⬇️) (badly put together in a collage bc i didnt want to post like 5 pictures)
Tumblr media
but ye i hope this helps !
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encanto-side-blog · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Alma: People always ask me how I hold the family together.
Alma: The truth is, I don’t. I have no control over them whatsoever. This morning Antonio called my name, and when I showed up to see what was going on, Camilo shot me in the arm with a Nerf gun.
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honeymilkbubbletea · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It seemed funnier in my head, anyways
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lilnasxteletubbiecollab · 25 days ago
Bruno mentions one of the reasons he couldn't really leave is that "the mountains around the Encanto are pretty tall". We see those mountains go up in the flashback scene when the miracle happens for the first time. And after the argument between Abuela Alma and Mirabel when the house is breaking, we see those mountains crack open. It's through that crack that Mirabel is able to run away, all the way back to the river. Abuela mentions that she's "never been able to come back here". And she literally hasn't, because of the mountains that she put up between her and the river, between her and that moment. Mountains that were broken by Mirabel. I also think it's interesting that the only other person who was able to find them, Bruno, is the only person who ever truly tried to leave.
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3sides1eye · a month ago
Tumblr media
alma is not a bad person and in this essay I will
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niinaro · 29 days ago
Young Bruno: Isn't it weird that me and Julieta have dark hair like our parents and you are a ginger? None of our parents is a ginger.
Young Pepa:...
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encanto17 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Adding Mariano to my character list cuz why not!
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anonymous-tals · 8 days ago
I made a short comic that is based off of one of the deleted scenes from Encanto.
In this scenario, he doesn’t leave right after, though.  This would still be taking place in the Encanto timeline that’s presented in the movie.
TW: Mention of SI.
The scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDtPVCJdG7g
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectencantoquotes · 8 days ago
Abuela, to Camilo: You're starting to forget your Spanish. You don't practice.
Camilo: Lo siento. Estoy embarazada.
Abuela: You just told me you're pregnant.
Mirabel: Congratulations Camilo, you're glowing!
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jadzio · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Original audio for this
I got inspired by this tiktok and this comic (go check them out, they are great)
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encanto-side-blog · 18 days ago
Ok I know no one asked but…
What if the reason Pepa was so antagonistic towards Bruno was because they use to be the closest siblings and she was hurt after he left? This would explain why she doesn’t want to talk about him or why she doesn’t want others to mention him.
She then makes it seem like her anger about him was because he “ruined” her wedding but in actuality she is just hurt and confused as to why he would leave without saying anything?
Cause Julieta looks like she’d be the responsible motherly type and especially with Alma’s obsession with making her kids “useful to the community”, I can imagine that she was probably always too busy with cooking healing food to play with her siblings.
So at home it’ll usually just Pepa and Bruno together, whose gifts are less “practical” and also not as easy or possible to control.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can see how quickly she rushed over to hug him.
And how Bruno puts up his palm in a 👋 motion not expecting a full on hug. They’re so cute.
Tumblr media
Speaking of Pepa, imagine having your emotions broadcasts 24/7. She can’t even turn it off. At least Bruno can just choose to stop using his gift. And her “gift” manifests in such a physical way that any negative feelings causes inconvenience if not downright danger to herself and those around her.
Just look at the bags under her eyes. Imagine having to bottle up your emotions 24/7 and every time you show even the slightest upset or worry people are telling you to “just stop feeling those feelings, it’s making us uncomfortable”. Every time she has any sort of emotion, it’s not “Pepa, what’s wrong?“ but instead, “Pepa, the cloud”.
Bruno telling Pepa he loves her for how she is and that she shouldn’t have to bottle it up made my heart turn to mush with love.
Anyway I just thought it was fun to think about.
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vulnonapix1234 · a month ago
OK, post movie after their home was rebuild.
Alma made this new rule, where every family member has to 'report' to her once a week.
It's less of a report and more her spending one on one time with her (grand-) children and finally rebuilding the relationship with them
Well, they meet inside her room, since it is the only one that is soundproof. (nobody knows why, it's a gift from the house)
Alma gets out this old and warm blanket, (an ugly gift from mirabel, when she first learned sewing) and an brush she got from her husband. Both items are really important to her.
the (grand-) kids then get to lay their heads on her tights (or just get to rest on her in general) while she uses the blanket to cover them and starts to brush their hair.
Then they talk about their day, week, and how they feel.
The first few times where really embarrassing and slow, but after that?
It got really emotional and important.
Luisa finally got to tell how tried she felt and whilst she really wanted to help, she also wanted to rest.
Isabella told her how she was worried about losing control and hurting people, about her power being ugly.
Mirabel told her about how she felt that she wasn't loved and how she was sometimes jealous of the others.
Camilo tells her that he sometimes feels like he doesn't know who he is supposed to be.
Dolores tells her about the things she hears and that it overwhelms her.
Antonio tells her about the animals and that they are hunted.
Pepa tells her that she is afraid to feel and lose control.
Julieta tells her about her worries about her children and the village.
Bruno tells her about being afraid of being hated again and having to be alone again.
Felix and Augustin talk about her and let her tell them her worries.
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Abuela Alma: Luisa is a success.
Mirabel: Luisa is crying and she won't come out of the bathroom if that's what you call a success.
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mocacheezy · a month ago
EDIT: Fixed the mispelling of Mirabel's name
Okay I want to say something about the ending of Encanto. (spoilers below)
As I was watching this scene with Mirabel and Abuela, I started feeling somewhat sad/bitter in a way of "this is a good message, even if unrealistic. This is a kids movie, so the positive message is necessary and hopeful, but the ending afterwards couldn't happen in real world."
But here's the thing; This COULD happen, it is realistic! Why?
Because Abuela Alma Madrigal was the one to go and search for Mirabel. She wasn't seething somewhere and blaming her grand daughter. She was looking for her just like everyone else in the village.
When she found her, she didn't yell at her or push her even lower and pile layers and layers of guilt onto her. Mirabel laying out the truth of who Alma has become while she was trying to preserve the miracle her husband left behind, and also assuring the community (and herself) that they will not lose this home, clearly opened her eyes. And the reality struck deep.
Alma apologized to Mirabel. She shared her story, her pain and apologized for blaming Mirabel. This is what makes the happy ending of the movie possible and beliavable and as realistic as a magical Disney movie can get;
An old woman who is a powerful figure in the community, made the first move and acknowledged the wrong she caused, and her granddaughter was willing to understand and remind her that the family is able to overcome and fix anything, as long as they do it together.
It wasn't Mirabel or the family pushing Alma to do this; Alma decided to share what she went through and didn't use it to try and justify her behaviour, or ask for forgiveness.
Again, this doesn't mean that all is forgotten; she still hurt her family, even if she did not mean for that to happen. If her family members were more bitter, or she simply gave an apology and returned to the same behaviour before everyone lost their magic, there would be no fixing.
But she tries. And Mirabel understands and helps. Everyone helps and together they form an imperfect, flawed family, that still loves eachother. And that will absolutely have to navigate around the things they learned and realized.
If Alma wasn't the one to find Mirabel, if she didn't admit the truth herself and acknowledged it, and if Mirabel didn't acknowledge her Abuela' suffering and bravery, extending a hand and a chance of change with help, the movie would end very differentely.
I wanted to write this, because my self projection on the family dynamics and Mirabel as the protagonist, muddled the details of what was actually happening right in front of my eyes. Maybe it happened to someone else as well, so I wanted to add my two cents to the ever growing wonderful amount of posts where people point these details out.
Abuela Alma was willing to accept change when it was offered, after admiting her wrongs. And that's what makes the difference.
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imeldasboot · a month ago
abuela alma saying "clean your rooms! i dont care how big they are" HAHAHHAAHHAHA
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3sides1eye · a month ago
Tumblr media
mental illness
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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto Headcanons
I have now seen the film now, unlike the last couple of headcanons I posted.
1. It took the Madrigals and the village a year to rebuild their house, during which they stayed in two empty houses. [the houses being empty because two different sets of elderly people had unfortunately died. It was a fact they didn’t like to dwell on as they lay in the beds] It was a tight squeeze and tensions ran high at several points during their stay. At least back in the casita they did have their own rooms and their own space. That had all gone.
2. Alma chose to stay with Pepa and her family. Even though they had talked she still felt a little awkward around Mirabel - realising how much she had unintentionally made her feel terrible - and thought that giving her and other two granddaughters space would help. It did not. Mirabel just thought she was ‘avoiding’ her and got annoyed about it. It was Bruno who brought this to his mothers attention and - to give her credit - she was over to the other house like a shot when she realised she was seemingly repeating past events again.
3. Luisa was a bit up and down over the year as well. At least ten years of burdening herself and not being honest about how she feels with herself had taken it’s toll and she was soon back to her old habit of trying to help everybody again. She kept forgetting she didn’t have her full strength and would just automatically go to lift something and end up injuring herself. The first time it was an accident and quickly smoothed over. The second time she was told to be careful, the third time she was told it more forcefully [but still kindly] by her mamá and papá, by the tenth time her papá decided it was time to sit down and have a proper talk with her. 
Luisa at first tried to play off like everything was fine, but her papá could tell something wasn’t right. While everything had been going on with the casita and Mirabel and...everything it hadn’t been the right time to ask her, but now. He asked her - somewhat out the blue - to name three good qualities about herself that didn’t relate to her gift. 
Luisa struggled. The first one she wanted to say was ‘I’m strong.’ That obviously went out the window. The second one she wanted to say was ‘I can help people’ but she felt that related to closely to her strength, so didn’t say that. Ten seconds of her struggling later and she started crying. Agustin was round there comforting her like he was the Flash or something. 
Her reassured her that she could talk any time she liked and that she didn’t need to keep all her emotions kept up inside her. It was then that Luisa realised she’d been supressing her emotions for so long that now she was trying to express them it was a bit like opening floodgates instead of a tap. When she told her dad this, he laughed and said he’d take opening floodgates over her drowning any day.
They hugged and cried.
4. Talking of Agustín - he took a long time to forgive Alma for her treatment of her other two granddaughters during the whole ‘casita’ incident. Her not seeming to show Luisa any sympathy whatsoever really riled him up and he still finds it difficult to talk about the incident a year on. He did understand that marrying into the Madrigal family would mean any children he had would have these ‘gifts’ [in theory] but he hadn’t quite realised how difficult that would be for them [the children] to deal with. 
The really annoying thing - for him at least - is that he remembers how nice Alma used to be until the whole ‘preserving the miracle’ thing became her main  thought [He will admit however, that this change happened after Bruno left and he seriously thinks it was part of her coping strategy for dealing with it]  and a lot of his anger during the ‘casita’ incident was him not being able to believe that the same women who welcomed him into her family with open arms was now essentially implying - via refusing to discuss it properly - that her granddaughters gift fading was something really bad. 
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encanto17 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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