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solcamilo · 2 days ago
to infinity
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
word count: 1.2k
warning(s): ANGST!!! open ending, HEAVY spoilers for infinity war, just a lot of angst so be prepared for that, not beta-d we die like casita
summary: it was another normal day in encanto, until camilo’s loved ones started disappearing right before his eyes.
Tumblr media
It was a bright sunny morning in the small little town of Encanto, and Camilo couldn’t have it any other way. He woke up early, got dressed, rushed down to the kitchen to steal some of his tía’s favorite arepas before breakfast even had begun and prepared the dining table along with his cousins. 
Soon after his breakfast (and a few bites more), he rushed out of his beloved Casita and immediately found himself in the town square, shapeshifting into whoever needed his help that day.
The day went by fast and before Camilo even realised it, it was already close to the evening. Him and his girlfriend, Y/N, went by the river after a smooth day of chores. Almost too smooth for Camilo’s liking. Although, he wouldn’t complain about that out loud, he was thankful to do his chores without becoming fatigued afterwards.
And apparently, he wasn’t the only one to catch on the weird vibe of the day.
“Mi sol? Was today too easy going or is it just me?” you had asked him, quietly next to the bank of the river, matching your voice with the soft rustling of the water in front of the both of you.
“No, it’s not just you” He turned to look at you with a confused look on his face and continued, “I didn’t think you’d catch on to it if I’m gonna be honest querida.”
You let out a small smile at the pet name your boyfriend had called you and turned to look at him. With a small sigh you spoke, “I don’t know if I should be feeling this way but, I don’t know it just seems very weird. I’m not trying to complain or anything! Today was the smoothest day I’ve lived so far in Encanto but I feel like it shouldn’t be this easy.”
“I totally get you. I feel the same way. But I’m glad today was more relaxed than others because I get to spend more time with you mi vida” he leaned into you more and more as you felt yourself getting pushed to the ground by his body weight. You both started laughing and huddled up closer to each other. 
But even though the two of you were laughing, deep down you were panicking. For reasons unknown your bodies were going into flight or fight mode and Camilo was truly panicked. He tried hard to feel at peace, but could not no matter how hard he had tried.
The both of you couldn’t help the bad feeling growing larger and larger within your guts, almost yelling at you two danger.
The sun was nearly setting by the time you had reached Casita and made yourselves to the dining room. Everyone was eerily quiet and it unnerved the both of you like hell. But alas, tía Julieta was there to disperse the heavy atmosphere by serving the ready made - and might you say - delicious food she made.
Everyone made their way to the table, Camilo finding a seat between you and his Tío Bruno and dived right into his plate. 
Everyone was done with their food as the full moon shined above their heads and were making comfortable small conversation with each other, and he was huddled up once again beside you on the large couch. The atmosphere had lightened and he finally felt like he could truly relax.
That was short lived, however, when he heard screams erupting from the town below his Casita. The Madrigals and you quickly rushed out to the town square and the sight that you all witnessed was absolutely horrific.
Half of the townspeople were literally turning into dust. Camilo saw how a mother desperately tried to catch her daughter’s dusty remains as they were carried away by the chilly night breeze. 
He turned to look at his own family when his stomach had completely dropped.
He saw his own mother looking at him horrified with wide eyes as her own fingers started disintegrating into dust. He watched as his father was screaming his mother’s name in horror, latching on to her bright yellow dress. He watched as his mother flew past the tall - now split - Encanto mountains as just a cloud of dust along with the other townspeople. He watched as his father collapsed on his knees, letting out the most heart wrenching scream he had ever heard come out of a human being. 
He saw his favorite prima Mirabel latching on to her mother crying hysterically, practically begging her mother to hold on to her, as half of Mira's body, too, turned into dust. 
He watched his tío Agustín’s tears fall from his cheeks as he let out a sad smile to his two older daughters before flying away as a cloud of dust into the horizon.
He watched as you, his vida, his luna, the love of his life, were slowly dissolving into nothingness. He rushed by your side, yelling your name, trying to hold on, to keep you by his side even know he knew all too well there was nothing he could do to stop this from happening. He wasn’t even sure what he was yelling at you at this point, anything to keep you by his side was fine by him. You slowly - agonizingly slowly - were disintegrating into dust right in his arms as he caressed your face, your shoulders, your arms (or what remained of them) and looked into your eyes, begging you to stay.
With a small smile, you leaned your head into the crook of his neck and whispered, “I’m sorry mi amor”. 
He watched as your smile traveled to the horizon along with his mother, his prima and his tío. 
He hadn’t even realised his own screams and sobs, he hadn’t noticed how his body violently shook from grief, he hadn’t noticed his siblings envelop him in a tight hug to keep him calm.
He hadn’t noticed his little brother, Antonio, yelling at him to not “fly away”. He didn’t notice his sister’s tears rolling of her chin as she shook him to “stay with us!”. He hadn’t noticed in the far corner of his view his Abuela crying at the loss of two of her children. He hadn't noticed his tío Bruno, too, leaving the family right in his mother's arms. He hadn’t noticed his father trying to grasp on to him with tears running down his face as if he was going to be lost forever. 
The last thing he had noticed was your smile. Your beautiful smile right before you had been snapped. Lost from him forever.
He looked down at his hands, seeing that his fingers weren’t there. His palms were disintegrating at a rate that felt like centuries. He finally looked up at his family screaming incoherent things at him. 
He gave them a smile. Not a sad one. He gave them a true, happy smile full of warmth as he finally fully turned into a cloud of dust, flowing into the same direction as you and his family had a while ago.
For now he was reassured that he was going to be with you, his mamá and his beloved tíos. And for the first time that day, he had felt truly at peace.
Tumblr media
well damn that was sad wasn’t it?
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myreygn · 26 days ago
Sometimes Antonio rather talks to animals than to people, because they don't expect anything from him and keep all of his secrets.
Sometimes Camilo transforms into other people when they're alone, because it's one of those days when others have prettier hair, faces, bodies and when they can't stand themself.
Sometimes Dolores blasts her music so loud that it hurts her ears, because the air is whispering again and that last secret was just one too many.
Sometimes Mirabel hides in the walls and sits in the dark for hours, because Casita is always there for her and she has to disappear for just a little bit.
Sometimes Luisa lifts tables and wardrobes until her arms burn, because something has to keep her from thinking and she may or may not be losing control.
Sometimes Isabela dances through her room until she has to lie down, because it's one of those days when she can't afford to falter and doesn't dare to look into the mirror, in fear of seeing something wrong.
Sometimes Bruno looks a few minutes into the future, because maybe he will feel better by then and focusing on right now is exhausting to say the least.
Sometimes Pepa lets it rain on her head the whole day, because feeling cold and wet all alone is better than failing to fake sunshine and having other people suffer from her mood swings.
Sometimes Julieta eats all of the food she makes herself, because she feels like she's allowed to be selfish and maybe, one day, it will cure dark days.
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Tumblr media
[ID: A tweet thread that reads:
@DumbBroom2134: @TheJaredBush Hi! If you're still answering Encanto questions, I have one. I've seen a lot of things saying Bruno's powers put him through physical pain to use and I was just wondering if that was true or not?
Jared Bush: I think his powers are very draining and take considerable effort, especially when trying to see something specific. We had versions where he'd pass out or get very very weak afterwards. End ID]
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How they would comfort you if you were insecure
Encanto characters x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: alright, this is a new account.. which is a new start. So I hope I'm welcomed on tumblr in this .. account. First thing I'd like to post a writing of is Encanto. Since it's such a good movie, how can I resist myself? Enjoy.
Also, I do have insecurities of my own. But in this chapter, I'll place SOME insecurities I do not own, because it can't just all be about me.
Tumblr media
Your looks.
Now, don't get me wrong- looks aren't everything. But you fear that Camilo may lose all interest for you.
It's scary to think, "Camilo only goes for looks." But that's what you often think to yourself, which isn't very unusual for people to see you pacing back and forth, thinking ways on how to gain much more beauty.
The people from the village, Encanto started to aware Camilo by telling him all the things you've been doing recently, and has been going on for quite a while now.
Which makes Camilo upset.
Not upset at you, but at himself. He's been so busy with chores recently that he didn't even notice himself any sooner.
"Y/N, can we talk?.."
Now you were trembling, is he planning to break up? What have you done now..? Have you done something upsetting?
"Mi amor.. I fear that you have a.. huge insecurity about.. your looks?"
Oh, this?
How did he catch up ? How did he take notice ? WHO TOLD HIM?!
"waaaaat, me? Insecurity? About my , pfft, looks?! Funny , Camilo."
Now you know he was being dead serious.
"Mi vida , you are perfect in every way, and I want you to never forget that. Alright? No matter how much insecurities you have, my love will never fade for you."
Those words touched your heart fully.
Now, you don't know if your insecurity is going to fade, but all you know is that it will die down for a bit.
C'mon. This guy literally looks at you for 1 second and he has hearts in his eyes already!! He's in love😔‼‼
Tumblr media
Your smile.
Being a good girlfriend as she already is, she caught up to that pretty quickly.
She's always noticed how you'd always look away from her, like turning from the side whenever you'd smile.
From your whole 3 months of dating, I dont think shes ever seen you smile before.
It's either that you cover your mouth when laughing
Or looking away to which she can't completely see your face!
She knows it's just out of habit but she is very sure your smile is as bright as the sun.
"Uhhh, s/o?" Mirabel lightly spoke
"Yes, Mirabel? Need anything?"
"I've been wondering.." Mirabel stops mid-sentence to gather up her words, "why haven't I ever seen you smile before?"
"Huh..?" You asked, knowing full well what she was saying. You just needed to double check if your ears werent fooling you
"I-I mean, it's either th-that or you're always hiding your smile because you're ... insecure?" Mirabel replied rather quickly, in panic of thought that she offended you.
"Oh.. insecure, seems like you've catched up rather quickly than I expected," you spoke.
Mirabel walks up to you and smudges your face in order for you to make a smiley face.
You thought it was adorable and ended up smiling, which you did NOT want.
Mirabel's cheeks started turning red, probably flustered.
"See?! You're so adorable, awhh!~"
Tumblr media
Your teeth gap.
You've always been so insecure about your stupid teeth gap, why does it have to look so stupid?
Due to your insecurity, whenever Bruno made you smile or laugh, it shows your teeth gap- making you cover your mouth.
Bruno's been quite concerned about it for a while
He decided not to make a scene and just ignore it for a while, though.
But that won't help anything, he wants to see your smile, your wonderful smile..
It may seem selfish of him, but he wants to see you laugh without your hand in the way.
He's decided to approach about your certain habit, which he is aware it may seem offensive- which he prevents on making it sound like it.
"Uh.. i-is it just me or you're always covering your hand whenever you smile or laugh.."
"Oh, uh, yeah, just out of habit. Heh, nothing to worry about, Bruno."
Yeah, easy for you to say that.. he just wants to see you smile for once!
"I just wanted to say that.. I wanna see you smile without covering your hand.."
"Uhm." You spoke- not liking the idea of doing so.
"I-I'm so sorry, if it made you uncomfortable then it's alright , again, I am so so sorry-"
You couldn't help but smile, I mean, that was adorable. And you know he's going to apologize for the next few hours if you don't, so you just had to.
Bruno suddenly stopped talking to gaze at you, with love hearts in his eyes. It just like in one of his dreams.
He's indeed lucky to have you, and he sincerely hopes you continue doing this often.
Tumblr media
Alright, that's the end of it. If you want a part two, well I'll try decided that for now.
If you actually want one, do suggest me some characters!
Hope this one was good enough for you, thank you and goodbye!
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madrigalfics · 22 days ago
Great! Can I have some Isabela x fem! reader where they've been dating in secret and after the engagement with Mariano is called off, they finally open up to the Madrigals? Can be fluff mixed with angst, up to you!
warnings; none really, for now :) you and isabela r utterly in love
likes and reblogs are always appreciated ❤️
PLAYLIST: found on spotify :)
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
IN REALITY (Isabela Madrigal x Fem! Reader)
i. the calm before the storm (you are here)
ii. ??
Tumblr media
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
Isabela Madrigal was a sight to see. The perfect girl, so graceful and beautiful. She was perfection itself, and no one could convince you otherwise. You smiled as you watched her grow flowers around the town, admiring her from afar. You didn’t think she had noticed you, as you were standing quietly. But you couldn’t be more wrong.
She’d noticed you a while ago, in fact, she came into town specifically to see you. The townspeople had stopped her in her path, begging to see her magic. Isabela had looked your way, and seeing you were quiet occupied at the moment, she had decided it wouldn’t hurt to grow some flowers for the people. And when she saw you were watching, she couldn’t help but want to impress you. The long-haired girl looked at you, sending a soft smile your way.
You sent her a fond smile back, mouthing ‘take your time’ as you didn’t want to rush her. You loved watching her powers in action, especially when it was just the two of you alone in her room. It was then that she would drop the act that her abuela had made her put on. You wished she could be like that all the time, but you knew she wanted to please and do as her family says. You also wished she knew how much this was hurting her, and you.
“Y/N? You spaced out.” You found yourself face to face with the girl who was intruding your thoughts.
“Perdón, I was just thinking.” you excused yourself, shifting uncomfortably as you noticed the townspeople watching the two of you. Isabela seemed to notice, and she took hold of your hand to lead you somewhere more private. Not one person questioned her, assuming it was normal for best friends to be touchy and hang out with one another. What they didn’t know was that the two of you were much more than just that. To them, Isabela was with her handsome boyfriend, Mariano.
You tried not to ponder too much on that, knowing you’d just hurt your own feelings. You felt your girlfriend stop walking, so you stopped at her side. It was then that she turned to you, cupping your face in her hands and greeting you properly with a kiss. You melted against her, kissing back as your hands wrapped around her waist. Isabela eventually pulled away, her cheeks clearly red.
“Hola, mi amor.” she spoke gently, hands moving away from your face to play with your hair to distract herself from how warm inside you made her feel. You grinned as you realized she was putting small flowers in your hair. It was always something she did when you flustered her. You took her hands in yours, kissing them.
“Hola, mi vida.” You greeted back, giggling as flowers bloomed up on her head. You planted one last kiss to her nose, before sitting yourself on the ground. She followed in suit, shuffling closer to you. Isabela always enjoyed your touch, your presence, more than anyone else’s. She admired you as you let your eyes close, the cool breeze hitting you gently.
You looked so beautiful, and so at ease. She couldn’t help but stare, smiling at you. Isabela leaned her head on your shoulder. “You know, Antonio’s gift ceremony is tonight.” she spoke, looking up at you. You hummed, nodding your head in acknowledgment.
“So I hear. The whole town will be there.” you added, plucking out the flowers she placed on your head gently.
“Screw the whole town. Will you be there?” she questioned, looking up at you. Your happy demeanor faded a bit at the question. You weren’t going to be there, you simply wanted to pop in for a minute and leave. You knew Mariano would be there, and seeing the two together always took a piece of you.
“I don’t know Isa. I’m not sure if i’d be able to stay long, I have a lot of chores at home-“
She dramatically draped herself across your lap, head now resting on your legs. “Cariño! You have to come.” Isabela frowned. “I mean, you and I both know you’re the only one who gives me any energy nowadays.”
You couldn’t help but giggle at her words, running your fingers through her hair. She always found a way to sway you over, with her charming words and determined attitude.
“I’ll try to be there.”
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encanto-side-blog · 14 days ago
Ok I know no one asked but…
What if the reason Pepa was so antagonistic towards Bruno was because they use to be the closest siblings and she was hurt after he left? This would explain why she doesn’t want to talk about him or why she doesn’t want others to mention him.
She then makes it seem like her anger about him was because he “ruined” her wedding but in actuality she is just hurt and confused as to why he would leave without saying anything?
Cause Julieta looks like she’d be the responsible motherly type and especially with Alma’s obsession with making her kids “useful to the community”, I can imagine that she was probably always too busy with cooking healing food to play with her siblings.
So at home it’ll usually just Pepa and Bruno together, whose gifts are less “practical” and also not as easy or possible to control.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can see how quickly she rushed over to hug him.
And how Bruno puts up his palm in a 👋 motion not expecting a full on hug. They’re so cute.
Tumblr media
Speaking of Pepa, imagine having your emotions broadcasts 24/7. She can’t even turn it off. At least Bruno can just choose to stop using his gift. And her “gift” manifests in such a physical way that any negative feelings causes inconvenience if not downright danger to herself and those around her.
Just look at the bags under her eyes. Imagine having to bottle up your emotions 24/7 and every time you show even the slightest upset or worry people are telling you to “just stop feeling those feelings, it’s making us uncomfortable”. Every time she has any sort of emotion, it’s not “Pepa, what’s wrong?“ but instead, “Pepa, the cloud”.
Bruno telling Pepa he loves her for how she is and that she shouldn’t have to bottle it up made my heart turn to mush with love.
Anyway I just thought it was fun to think about.
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your-girl-mj · 5 days ago
Please don't be inlove with someone else [Bruno x f!reader]
Summary: Bruno was enchanted to meet [name]— and [name] was enchanted to meet bruno
Warning: cringe. swear??? Words. Kinda angsty?? long story.
Note: if someone already did this, please do know that I didn't steal your idea, I have this idea late at night while vibing at the song
Tumblr media Tumblr media
16 year-old Bruno had his shoulders slumped for the rest of the day, after getting yelled at for giving them a terrible "prophecy" when he was just pointing out that the fruit is already rotting.
He was just trying to help, but he disappoints everyone. His sisters tried to make him smiled or laugh by telling him jokes, mocking the villagers. The boy wasn't really in a mood, but he wants his sisters to be happy, so he faked it.
He faked being okay, he faked smiling, he forced himself to laugh. He just needs to, for them.
There I was again tonight. Forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired, lonely place. Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy.
Bruno's day continued like that, until he was told to answer the door, since it would be rude if no one greeted the visitor. That was when he first saw her, [name] [last name].
His sisters would always talk about her, how much of a good friend she is, very kind, welcoming, selfless.
This was the first time he actually met her, she wears a plain dress, plain sandals, while carrying a basket pull of things, to what he guesses is for his sister Julietta, nothing extraordinary. But to Bruno, she was enduring to looked at.
Vanished when I saw your face. All I can say is, it was enchanting to meet you
She tilted her head to the side, silently questioning who's in front of her. Which he picked up clearly, and starts to introduce himself.
"Uh, I'm Bruno, Julietta’s and Pepa’s brother..” he muttered quietly, but she heard them loud and clear. walking through the door once he opened it wide enough.
“oh! so you’re Bruno!” she exclaimed, "Sorry, I didn't notice—it's just the people in town described you as a scary man, who had bad luck always on his shoulders,"
"Yea," the boy awkwardly laughed it off, and continued to lead her to the kitchen where his sister is. Not gonna lie, he was a little offended on what she told him, but it's nothing new.
"I didn't expect you to be," the [eye. color]-eyed paused, thinking of a word to describe him, "adorable."
Your eyes whispered, "Have we met?". 'Cross the room your silhouette. Starts to make its way to me.
Bruno was sure his ears are broken, there's no way he was just called adorable, that's impossible. He felt his heart running laps, face heating up. He's never gotten a compliment outside of the family before.
The green-eyed can't help but hide his face, from pure embarrassment, making him hide himself deeper when he heard her laugh.
"Did I make you uncomfortable? Sorry, but I can't help it, you look really cute!"
Another compliment was thrown in his way, making him malfunction once again.
"I'm not cute.."
"You can't lie to yourself forever, señor."
Once they made it into the kitchen, Bruno was quick to leave the room, shuffling his way to his room, not wanting to attract any attention.
His sisters, however, still notice how he is swift to leave. Rising a brow to his actions, she turn to the visitor, already assuming what she did something to make her brother run like that.
"What did you do?"
"Nothing! I just said he's adorable, which is true, you can't deny that!"
The playful conversation starts. Counter all your quick remarks. Like passing notes in secrecy
Bruno was attached to [name] after few months, the girl didn't know if it's because she pick a fight with anyone who's insulting him so he can stop it, or that she's close with their family.
She didn't know that it's because, she's the only person outside the family be close to him. The future-teller feels some sort of comfort from her, he feels safe.
Her presence is warm, welcoming, accepting. Have a bad day? She's there, needs a shoulder to cry on? She's there, need another hand? She's there.
She never accused him for bad vision, she's just saying it's just the way things are. The boy found himself carving her attention every now and then. He would unconsciously followed her around town, he looked like a lost puppy.
"Bruno?" The [hair. color] called, the said boy hum in acknowledge, looking from his feet. "Do you need anything? You've been following me all day."
"Oh, I have? Sorry, I'm sorry about that— I'll uh get going.."
"No, no, no! Stay, I like your company! I just hope you're not 3 feet behind me." She chuckled.
The two sisters watch their little brother catch up, and engaged into a conversation with [name], you can see his bright smile from the other side of Encanto.
"He looks happy these days, genuinely happy."
"I agree, he smiles a lot too."
"¿Que? Mi mamà and papà would never separate! How dare you! What's your problem?!"
Bruno was kicked on his chest, forcing the air out of his lungs, his head and eyes ache from his gift, now his body is burning with agony.
As the guy, three years older than him continued to yell, saying mean things, kicking him at his back, chest, face, everywhere.
No one tried to help him, they just whisper with each other, some of them just stared and the others ignored it.
As if they're quietly saying he deserves it.
"¡Por favor! I didn't know why its- its like that!" He curled into a ball, trying to avoid the hits and kicks he's receiving. "¡Lo siento! Please spare me!" The madrigal cried.
Pepa...julieta... anyone, help me...
No one cared. His sisters nor mother's not here, no one will help the curse of encanto.
No one.
So, someone did care.
The guy was pushed back brutally, 'causing him fell on his back. A figure stood infront of a trembling bruno, protecting him.
"Why did you push me??!"
"Why are you hitting him?!"
"He deserves to be hit! He wants my family to fall apart!"
Bruno got in between them, trying to pull his friend away. The shoutings were heard making a small crowd form around them. He needs to stop this, he doesn't want her to get hurt because of him.
"[name], let's go he's not worth it..." he mumbled, tugging her arms, wanting to be away from there as quick as possible.
Unfortunately for him, the guy heard him. His face turned red in anger, the audacity he have to give him a bad vison and say he's not worth it, is making him want to beat up the guy.
"You little—" he swang his fist directly at the madrigal, but it collided with something else, more like someome else.
[Name]'s cheek burn, her head became dizzy from the hit. The green-eyed stood from his spot in horror, he have never seen someone punch in his life. It's alway him, being the victim not the others. After snapping back to reality he's practically panicking, is she alright? That was a big hit, her bones might crack. He needs to get her to Julieta.
Even though she's in a lot pain, the girl mocks the guy saying that it wasn't manly for him to hit a girl, let alone a few years younger than him.
She caught him off guard by kicking him in his private part, causong him to kneel down, holding it in pain. The crowd, including bruno wince at the action, knowing well that it must have hurt a lot.
Once he was down, she kicked him in his nose making him lay down on the ground, and her going on top of him, punching him hard.
"What?! Not so tough now, huh??! This is for bruno! This is also for bruno! This one is for insulting him, kicking him, punching him—" her insults continued.
The future-teller tried his best to pull his friend off. Some villagers also tried to pull her off, but failed. Many called out, but she ignored it. The guys is sobbing, in pain and humiliation from being beaten up by a girl. He screamed apologies at her but she opposed him saying he should be sorry to bruno.
A thunder was heard followed by a rain above her, causing [name] to snapped out.
Turning around, she saw Bruno hugged safely by julieta, and Pepa approaching her, a cloud stalking her.
"Look at your fist!! It's all bloody!"
"It's not my blood so who cares?"
"You still got hurt badly! You have to stop picking a fight!"
"He was gonna hit bruno! I need to stop him, or he will do it again!"
The ginger and [hair.color] argued, as julieta hurried to finish her cooking. [Name] held the ice on top of bruno's head, considering that he was hit numerous times.
Despite her popped eye brow, bruised cheek, and bloody fist, she was perfectly fine, it hurts but she can handle it. The girl is more worried about her friend.
"Are you feeling alright now? Julieta is almost done." [Name] assured, once Pepa left to talk to her sister.
"You didn't have to do that..."
"Do what?" He frown at her words, but she just laugh.
"Don't laugh, you got hurt because of me.. I can't forgive myself-"
"Hey," she called out, being gentle with his face as she move his head to face her. He can't look at her, knowing that he's the reason she got hurt. "Bub, it's not your faul‐"
"How come it's not my fault?! You took the hit! I'm suppose to have that bruise, not you! You can't keep picking fights-"
"Bruno, he was a pervert. I beat him up 'cause he deserves it, and I never have a proper excuse to hit him like that. I took the hit because I wanted to, okay? Stop blaming yourself."
The said boy continued to look down, but soon look up when he felt her lips pressing on his forehead, his face warming up. "I'm glad that you're alright now."
And it was enchanting to meet you. All I can say is, I was enchanted to meet you
At the age of 18, the future-teller can't deny his feeling anymore.
He wants to confess, he wants to be with her. Be hers, and [name] his. He's feeling selfish, but he can't help it. Not when he heard his sisters talking about [name] liking someone.
He can't risk confessing and ruining their 2-years of friendship. But why would she flirt with him then? Keep saying he's a handsome young man? Cute, adorable, hard-working, kind, etc. She's literally confusing!
He promised himself to never look into her future without consent, he wants her to be as comfortable as possible.
The green-eyed often zone-out almost everyday, and everytime. He would always get scolded of because of it. How can he not? When she's literally there, showering him with affection, no idea how much affect she has in him.
"Aye, 'migo! What are you thinking so hard about?" The [hair. color] smirks, making his cheeks heat up a bit, and his heart aches from being called a friend.
Amigo huh? I'm just a friend to her...
"It's nothing, I was just um, thinking about what chores should I finish next."
The girl could feel his gloomy personality and tried to cheer him up. "Aww, is little Bruno having problems again?" She playfully nudged him, beaming when he finally cracked a small smile.
"I'm fine [name], you're swooning over me again, am I really that charming?" He teased, tiny nervousness still present.
"Woah! Where did you get that? I didn't know you can be flirty, Hermoso."
Hermoso, okay now he's back to himself, all the confidence earlier banished, back to his stuttering self. "I- I kinda overheard um, Felix! Talking to uh, Agustin about these things," he stammers, avoiding eye contact. "I thought I could use it against you—since you always teased me.."
The girl laughs, leaning on her friend. "How about I take you out for tonight?"
Bruno's ears peaked up, red dusting his cheeks, "take me o-out? With you..?"
"Yea! Let's sneak out tonight, I wanna show you something cool, meet me by the bridge at midnight, okay? Okay, bye!"
"I, uh, yea bye!"
Calm yourself, Bruno! It's not a date, she's just going to show you something. Nothing special, nothing new.
The young man paced back and forth, fidgeting the ends of his new green ruana, a gift he got from Julietta. It's rather big, but he still wore it since it's cold, perfect for a cold night like this.
His pet rat: Manuel, watched him through his big black eyes as he starts to ramble to himself. "It's not a date, right? But the way she said it.. take me out? To a hangout or a... I need to stop jumping to conclusions-"
Bruno stops his ramblings when he was interrupted with a squeak from Manuel, strolling near his pet, he inquired. "why? What's wrong? Are you hungry? You can go back to la casita if you want, I'm sure there are still leftovers over the counter."
"Aww, I didn't know you'll be bringing Manuel with you, I would've brought a snack with me."
The madrigal jump from his place, black curls bounce once he does so, as if it's instinct he places a protective hand to his rat friend, and bringing up with a fist to the person like he's... giving a fist bump?
"Woah, Woah! Relax bub, it's just me." [Name] rise her hands, surrendering from his not-so-threatening fist with a smile. The lantern swung as she moves her hand.
The boy let out a heavy sigh, relieved that it's not a stranger, "you scared me, at least warned me of you're here, and don't just appear next to me!"
"Sorry, sorry, my bad!" She giggled, "come on, follow me!" The [hair. color] run into the trees, making Bruno worried, and followed her quickly after he shoved Manuel into his ruana.
"[Name]! Wait! Slow down!"
"Hurry Bruno!"
The duo arrived into a field, the grass is just below their waist, the girl turned off the light of the lantern, making the madrigal panicked, moon is there only light now.
His anxiety is rising with every second of it, what if a big snake a just behind that bush, ready to devour them? What if a wolf just came in running full speed and ate them? What if—
Her [eye. color] shines under the moon as she stares at him with a comforting look, "it's safe, I've checked it many times." Gently taking hold of his hands, she guides him in front of the field. "You can run, right?"
"R-run? What are we running from? Is there someone else here?—"
"Bruno, can. you. run?"
"Good," she pulled him with her, as she run backward. The moment she stepped into the field, hundreds of fireflies merged from their hiding places, flying around them. Bruno stared at them in awe, mesmerize by the bugs surrounding them.
This night is sparkling, don't you let it go.
Her path lights up into greenish-yellow lights, as more fireflies wake up from their slumber, she runs with him, laughing and smiling. He soon joins with her, spreading his arms to wake more glowing bugs to light up their surroundings.
They let go of each other's hands and started to run in different directions, shouting and cheering as they do. They would draw patterns on the grass, jumping over each other's shoulders (Bruno face-planted when he tried, making them stop doing it) and now, they were lying on the grass, gazing at the starry night sky, clearly out of breath.
"So," she panted, "It's cool isn't it?"
"Cool? It's more than cool! It was awesome!"
The two talks to what felt like hours, but when the green-eyed saw her eyes flattering shut, he knew she needed to rest.
"Let's get you home now, it is pretty late."
"What? Why?? We're having so much fun!!"
"Come on now señorita, we don't want your parents to be worried about you."
After he dropped [name] off her house, he can't help but think all the moments they shared when they were on the field, he felt his face heating up from their conversation, and her attempts on cheering him up.
She didn't know how much she affects him.
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew. I was enchanted to meet you
He lay awake that night, still thinking about earlier, about her. Their conversation, about why she took him there.
"You like someone, don't you?" Her question caught him off guard, not expecting a bold inquiry.
"What- what makes you say that?"
"You zone out a lot, and when I tease you saying, 'you're deep in thought, is it a girl??' You'll blush and push me away saying it's nothing." Turning her body, facing him. "We both know it's not nothing. So, who do you love?"
Love, Do I love her?
He can't stop his train of thoughts, does he? Or it's just a little crush? Admiration.
The lingering question kept me up 2 AM, who do you love?
The future-teller heard a squeak next to him, seeing his little companions asking for food. "Oh, I forgot about you guys! I'm sorry, I'll get you food downstairs now, let's go, let's go!"
He nimble on the leftover arepas, giving little crumbs to his companions while he glace at the front door for the nth time tonight.
Bruno paced in the kitchen, thinking that it's the best way to calm his racing mind.
Why is he even awake? That's right, his rats want food, but that was after he can't sleep. He was thinking about her, [name].
The boy sighs, glancing at the door once again.
Why is he waiting for her? It's almost morning, well technically it is morning. She's probably asleep.
I... need sleep.
I wonder 'til I'm wide awake and now I'm pacing back and forth. Wishing you were at my door. I'd open up and you would say, "Hey"
A certain [hair. color] stayed awake on her bed, her thoughts trailing back to the moments she shared with Bruno.
The way his face glistened as the fireflies pass them, his soft voice echoed in her head. His beautiful emerald eyes stared back at her, as he smiles, thanking her for bringing him into the field.
She should be thanking him, she's been the happiest since she met him. She can't deny the jealousy when her friend confirmed that his thoughts are about a girl. But seeing him happily talk about how he admires this mysterious girl, she knows that she's gonna need to let him go, if he's happy, then she's happy.
The girl can't help but finally admit that she really did fall for Bruno madrigal.
It was enchanting to meet you. All I know is, I was enchanted to meet you
Days passed and the boy became an insomniac, his attempts to sleep failed. As he keeps tossing and turning, his thoughts always brought back to their moment at the field.
As firefly floats around her, he could see the reflections of the light from the insects. For the very first time, he understand the difference from pretty and beautiful.
Wait.. I love her...?
"I love her! Manuel!" He called out, picking up his rat friend, "I figure it out, I love her!! I love [name]!"
This night is sparkling, don't you let it go. I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew...
After a week, The girl still remembered how a firefly land on top of his nose while they lay down, his chest rising and falling as he let out an airy chuckle. Manuel came out from his hiding and chase a few fireflies, running and jumping with his little feet, the duo giggled at his attempts.
This night is flawless, don't you let it go.
"Good night, [name]."
"Good night, Bruno!"
As [name] held her night-gown in front of her, ready to put it on and sleep. She held it close, spinning around, waltzing herself to the bathroom. Daydreaming about her beloved Bruno.
I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew. I was enchanted to meet you
A few months had passed, [name] ended up confessing first due to Bruno being a little scaredy cat and is not afraid to take his feelings with him to his grave. They live life to the fullest, they love each other, and nothing can get in between them.
The madrigal sisters are happy considering that their best friend will be their soon-to-be sister-in-law. Not that they will admit it out loud but, they're already planning a wedding.
Felix and Agustin congratulated him, for finally having the guts to confess. (Bruno lied about him being the one to confess 'cause he thinks they will make fun of him. Which is something he should not be worried about, 'cause Pepa already told Felix, and Felix told Agustin, but they played along since they don't want Bruno to embarrass himself)
They're been together since, through the ups and downs. They fall harder for each other, each day.
Days turned into months and months turned into years, until the madrigal proposed to her. Finally making up his mind that he wants to spend his life with [name]. This was just the beginning, the beginning of their new life together.
This is me praying that. This was the very first page, not where the storyline ends
After 6 years of being in a relationship, they are finally being wed. Living happily with their three kids.
"Amor?" He mutters, drawing shapes at her back as they lie down on his bed, receiving a hum from his wife. "Thank you for confessing that day, otherwise we will still be friends right now.."
He felt her vibrate as she let out a laugh, "I knew you won't tell a soul when you like someone, so I took the step forward."
"Wait, are you saying.. you knew I've liked you for so long but you didn't say anything?"
"Remember the day I took you out to the field?"
"Yea, it was one of the best days of my life. Besides meeting you and our wedding, and maybe when our children were born‐"
"Bub, you're changing the topic again!" [Name] boop his adorable big nose, getting his attention quickly, making him giggle at her gesture.
"Oh, right sorry sorry! So that's the day you knew I like you?"
"I can't lie to you, at first I was jealous 'cause you talk so lovely about her, but when you say she was your best friend for the longest time, I was confused. Aren't I, your only best friend for the last 2 years, or you've been keeping secrets from me? But I was like 'no, Bruno won't lie to me!' And then I kept—" the [hair. color] continues to ramble, her facial expressions make him laugh, not because she looks funny, but it's because she is adorable.
My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again
Bruno is troubled, it's like he wasn't his usual self, he acts normal in front of everyone including his wife, but she knows something is troubling him.
His knocking on the wood is becoming a little aggressive than became, he crosses his fingers with every chance he gets.
He throws salt and sugar constantly, making [name] worry. Yes, it's normal for everyone for Bruno to do these things but, not every day, not every minute. He only did this once a week, so why is he doing all of this all of the sudden?
"Coràzon, talk to me... what's wrong?" She kneeled down from the bed to see his face since he's looking down on his lap, his distracted face is showing.
"It's nothing, I was just-"
"It's not nothing," she paused, grabbing his chin making him glace at her. "Hey, look at me. You know you can talk to me about everything, right? Come on now, take your time."
He shifted his eyes from the floor to her [eye. color] ones, "I've b-been having these nightmares, and I'm afraid of them coming true, 'cause I-I don't know if they're a vision or just a nightmare.." he cries, putting a hand of his eyes wanting to stop the tears, his wife put a comforting hand on his back, soothing him. "It hurts my head, It hurts my eyes, it hurts everyone. I hate this power. I don't know why they even call this thing a gift!" Standing up, she gave him an embrace, his head against her stomach. He buried his face in it, embarrassed that he just cried.
"It's okay, let it out amor... I'm here for you okay? They're just nightmares, do you want warm milk before we go to bed? Mateo likes it when I male some for him, 'cause it helps him sleep." He nodded quietly, snuggling farther. "If you have any more problems bothering you—you can always count on me, we'll solve it together. You don't have to get through this alone, okay? Promise me, Mi Vida."
"I promise."
His promise didn't last long as he peaked into Mirabel's future, seeing the disaster that was happening.
The house breaking, the magic in danger, with his niece in front of it. He knew what he had to do.
He approach his lovely wife, who had been dancing happily with their kids, his youngest was excited for Mirabel considering that he, Camilo, and Mirabel had the same age, Mirabel being the last one to get hers.
He didn't want to ruin the fun, so he continued his day as nothing happened. He kisses their foreheads like usual and plays with them.
These are the words I held back, as I was leaving too soon. I was enchanted to meet you
[Name] felt like his kiss is unusual, it's like he's saying goodbye, or that she will disappear any moment. The woman shrugged it off, thinking that maybe he just missed her.
It was almost Mirabel's ceremony, his mother kept giving him a side-eye, sending shivers down his spine.
He knew he had to leave, right now, at this very moment.
The future-teller told them that he's not feeling well and he wanted to take a nap before attending the ceremony.
His kids hugged him, saying "feeling better soon, papà!", "Please don't miss Mira's ceremony, she will be sad!", "I can make you feel better, I have tia's arepa with me!"
He kissed all of them in the head, pretending like there's nothing wrong. Nothing is going on.
Pretending that he won't disappear from their lives.
He watch his other kids play with rats, as the oldest: Mateo stayed, "are you still continuing the rat game show after this? I really want to see who will win the big cheese!"
Stop. Stop making him have second thoughts, it's for their own good. People are already avoiding them just from knowing he's the father, thinking his children will be just as bad as him.
"Of course mijo! I'll be back before you know it!"
Stop. Stop lying. Please...
"Okay papà, you better keep your word!" His eldest giggled, running away from them due to being called out for help.
Finally facing his oh so lovely wife, he hugged her. Shoving his face between her neck and shoulder, inhaling her smell, he looks creepy right now but who cares? This will be the last time he will hug her like this.
He wants to change his decision, he thought of every possibility he could so he can stay with his family. But he can't, his creative brain runs out of ideas, which never happened before.
He had no choice, he had to. For the family. For Mirabel. For his children. For [name]
"You're crushing me, Mi Vida." Hearing that, he pulled away from her a little, still holding her by the waist, apologizing.
"Sorry, I just— miss you that's all."
"Are you okay? You've been acting weird all day, is it about the nightmares again? You can tell me anything, coràzon."
No, I can't tell you this one. Lo Siento, amor...
"Well, I just remembered Manuel, that's all. He was such a good rat.."
"So that's what's been bothering you," she paused, holding his face in her palm, kissing his nose. "He's in a better place now, bub. You can sleep now, but be there for Mirabel, she wants all of us to be there when she get her gift."
"I will."
More lies. Stop saying more lies, Bruno.
"But I was like 'no, Bruno won't lie to me' ", I'm sorry, mi Vida. I'm really sorry.
I broke your trust.
Pressing their forehead together, his mind kept repeating the same words,
"Please don't be in love with someone else. Please don't have somebody waiting on you."
"I love you. Y'know that, right?"
"I know, I love you too,"
Their lips collide, sharing their sweet last kiss. Bruno cherishes the moment, he didn't want this to end. He wants to stay, but it's for their own good.
He needs to stay away. He wants the best for his family, no one has to know about the vision.
"Te amo, amor... mi vida."
the dark-haired man strolled to his way to his room, not after walking past his mother, who's been eyeing him since he came down.
"Have you looked into the future, bru-"
"not yet, mamà," he interrupted, "I'm gonna do it now, I'll be back after Mirabel's ceremony..."
"But you have to be there, Mirabel wants all of us to be there when she gets her gift."
"I know, but If you need me to look more in the future, I need more time..."
His mother sighed at his excuse, putting her fingers at the bridge of her nose. "Alright, since knowing why the candle keeps flickering is more important. After you have the vision, bring it to me immediately."
"Sì, mamà."
She dismissed him, rushing into his room, he packed his belongings, not much is in there.
His gaze drifted off to his wife's belongings, before deciding to pack it as well. He needs to cut off the bridge connecting his room and the stairs, [name] can't go there as well or she will see the vision once she step inside his cave.
He debated if he should give her a letter, anything. Just a warning that he left. Once he made his decision, he made sure that no one is there to see him leave. Good thing that everyone is busy downstairs, partying, cheering happily. He could see his niece and nephews as well as kids, dancing and playing. He didn't saw mirabel, so he assumed that she's with his mother.
He walk quietly, with a hood over his head, making his unnoticeable by the people. He watched them carefully, trying to see if they will see him moving, even in the corner of their eyes.
Then he saw her.
[Name] Madrigal, his beautiful loving wife. His heart sting as he stared at her, chatting with his sisters, unknown to the events that will happen after this day, it sadden him knowing that this will be the last time he will see her.
Please don't be in love with someone else! Please don't have somebody waiting on you!
It's been 5 years since the last ceremony, and [name]'s husband's disappearance. She moved in her daughter's room: Alondra, after finding out he had cut off the wooden bridge breaking the path into his room and vison cave.
The schedule of cleaning the table after dinner was her family, she could hear her daughter and youngest son played and tease each other while cleaning the floors and wiping the table.
Bruno watch through the cracks of the family tree, smiling to himself seeing how much they have grown.
The [hair.color] as well as her oldest son, washes the dishes. Mateo talked about his day on the town, and flusteredly admitted that he found a certain girl, pretty.
"Awww, my baby is growing up so fast! Already finding having romantic feelings on someone!" She grabbed his face, her hands still covered by bubbles, and kissing his big nose.
"Mamà! Stoooop, you have soap on your hands!" The teen tried to move away but his mother kept her place and kissing his nose to his forehead. "It was just a small crush, nothing serious like my past crushes when I was 12!"
"Oh? I can see how you talk about her, it's clear that you like her romantically!" She exclaim, finally finishing the dishes.
"How would you know, Mamà? Are you a love expert?" Her two children also became interested at their older brother's question, waiting for [name] to answer it.
She instead, pulled out two clear jars consist of 15-20 fireflies, with a bunch of leaves inside. Bruno and his kids watched closely as the [eye.color]-eyed put out the candles that lights up the kitchen, before releasing the fireflies.
The madrigals watched in awe at they floated gracefully around them.
"Do you guys know why I like fireflies so much?" The woman inquired, receiving a no from her children. "Your papà told me he likes me while we were watching these fireflies in a field."
This night is sparkling, don't you let it go! I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home!
"He did??! That is so romantic!"
"...it's kinda cringey of you ask me."
"That's... actually a great idea of confessing."
[Name] laughed at their comments, before correcting herself. "He didn't really confess, he dropped so many obvious hints that it's me-"
"So mamì, you're telling us that you assumed that the girl, papì is talking about is you?" Her youngest: Diego asked, pretending to think. All of them laugh, including Bruno once he saw his wife's face.
"Hey! He told me, she was his best friend for 2 years! I was his only girl best friend for two years! It's either me or he's hiding something, and I know my Bruno wouldn't lie about something like that." She proudly admits, a small giggles erupted.
Mateo then frowns, "yea, Papà wouldn't lie..."
" 'teo.."
"I'm sorry, Mamà" he shoots her an apologetic look before continuing. "but, I don't get why would he leave like that? He told me he will be back. He told me he will keep his word..." his eyes traveled to the family tree, "I barely remember his face..."
"Aye mijo, you don't know how much I want to go back.." Bruno mutters, he wants to comfort his son, telling him he was back, and he never really left.
"Why did... Papà leave, Mamà?" The girl asked, looking down. "Does he not love us anymore?"
"Mija, don't say that. Your Papà loves you three so much!" She felt them lean on her, "I don't know why he left, but what I do know, bruno won't leave without a reason."
"What kind of reason that's more important than your family?" Diego mumbled, to his dismay, his mother heard it.
"Diego, come on now. Your father have been through so much," she paused, "My guess is that he saw something in his vision, something big and terrible, and he didn't want that to happen so he left to stop it." Behind the painting, Bruno smiled at her words, he couldn't be more grateful that she's very understanding.
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
"You're too understanding for your own good, Mamà!"
"I'm just sharing what I assume happen, and my instincts are never wrong!'
"Yea, never wrong, just like the broom‐" her daughter started.
"Oh, the broom! Mamà said it can still sweep, but in reality-" her oldest continued.
"It only had a few strands and barely clean the floor!" The youngest finished, they all shared a laugh.
"Okay, I'm wrong sometimes." She admit, playfully, staring once again at the few fireflies left inside the house, while the others flee to their freedom.
This night is flawless, don't you let it go. I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew. I was enchanted to meet you
"It's late! Go to your rooms now, go, go, go!" [Name] shooed them, "don't forget to brush your teeth!"
"We won't!" Her oldest one stayed, while his sibling go to their rooms.
"You still haven't answered how you knew I like her, Mamà."
"Oh yea, I got carried away with the story!" Mateo giggling at her mistake, "It's just, the way your eyes lit up with you talk about her is the same ones your Papà gave me at the field."
The woman sighed in exhaustion once she watch her child leave, before pulling out some leftovers. She beams at her little companions when they appeared near her, reaching out for the food.
"Here you go, eat well. Slow down, Juan! You'll choke, if you shoved it all!"
She watched as the rats run to god knows where, brings few foods that's untouched with the same grin she had ever since they came.
"Aye, Bruno." The [eye.color]-eyed whisper in the air, leaning on the counters, "I missed you— you don't know how hard to handle those kids!" She chuckled, convinced that she's going insane for talking to herself, "Te amo, mi vida."
"yo también te amo, mi amor." The madrigal replied, though he knew that she couldn't hear him. "I'm sorry, really. I'm not there to help you, but thank you for always being there for the kids."
Please don't be in love with someone else. Please don't have somebody waiting on you
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ichigobunsss · 9 days ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt1)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Fluff/Angst
Tumblr media
The night of Mirabel's Gift Ceremony was a night many did not forget. But for Valeria.. it was the night her beloved husband disappeared...
Everyone was frozen in shock as Mirabel's door slowly vanished from sight. She had looked up at Alma with tears in her eyes, not understanding why a gift wasn't given. But Alma had no answer, but she knew who might. She had taken Mirabel back to her parents, who were watching from the side in complete disbelief, before making an excuse to continue on with the party. Many were dumbfounded, but as music began to play through the house, the guest began to chat and some even dance as if nothing had happened.
Valeria and Bruno however were still staring at the empty space where Mirabel's door should have been by now. Still processing everything that just happened.
"Brunito.." Valeria started. "I.. I don't understand, how could this happen?" she said, turning to her husband. His eyes were focused on the door, but he turned back to her as you spoke, clutching on to his arm slightly.
"I don't know Amor..Maybe.. it's not her time yet?" he said with a slight shrug. Well at least someone was being positive about this... But she shook her head.
"She's already five, And how is everyone just dancing around-"
"Tia! Tia!" a small voice yelled out. She was pulled from Bruno by her skirt by a pair of tiny hands. When she looked down, she was met with Camilo's big brown eyes peeking up at you.
"Camilo, qué paso? Estás bien?!" she said brushing her hand through his curls. Her nerves were up and running as her thoughts raced around her niece. Camilo blinked up at her and nodded his head.
"Si, but where is Mirabel? Why didn't she get a door?" he asked innocently and a bit too loudly. A few guests that were surrounding them had glanced over at you. Clearly they wanted an answer as well. Valeria looked back at Bruno, who gave her a small shrug, not knowing what to say either.
"I.. ah.. I don't know Camilo." she said, lowering her voice. "Donde estás tu mamá?" she asked, looking around for Pepa as she reached down to lifted him into her arms.
"She ran to Tia and Tio with Papa. And Dolores won't come out from her room, she said it's too loud." He said, as he began playing with the necklace around her neck. The bright green gem that Bruno had gifted her already distracting Camilo as he twiddled it around his small fingers.
Bruno stepped toward the pair of them and gave her a small smile as his arm snaked around her waist. He pinched Camilo's nose with the other and Camilo's small giggles and snorts made the pair of them laugh.
"Ya, Tio look, I could turn into you!" said Camilo as he shook his head roughly against her. She held onto his back so he wouldn't fall back, but she was met with him forming Bruno's bright glowing green eyes and nose and a little bit of his beard. Camilo had only formed half of Bruno's face. She laughed loudly and Bruno shook his head beside her.
"I do not look like that." huffed Bruno, trying to hold in his laughter. But Camilo giggled and continued shaking his head and sticking out his tongue at his Tio. If it wasn't for the fact Camilo was her nephew, the three of them looked like a family of their own.
"Ay, que lindos! Oh, Bruno when are you two going to have children? Honestly it's about time already!" said one of the Señoras that spotted the three of them. Bruno's eyes widened and a red hue appeared on his cheeks.
"Ah, Senora, well m-my wife and I-" Bruno struggled, but Valeria quickly spoke up.
"Whenever we feel like it." she stated calmly, not taking her eyes off Camilo. The Senora huffed, and went on to others in the party. If it was one thing she hated, it was pressure to pop out babies as soon as two of them had gotten married. Bruno squeezed her side as a thank you, and she smiled over at him lovingly. But their moment was short lived as Alma appeared behind him.
"Bruno. Vamos, I need to speak with you." she said firmly, but quiet enough for the guests not to hear. Bruno immediately tensed beside Valeria as he turned to look at his mother, before glancing back over to her, a worried look in his eyes.
"I-I'll be right back." he said, a tremble in his voice. Valeria frowned, and glanced at Alma from behind Bruno's shoulder. She raised an eyebrow at her, as if to challenge her authority, but Valeria looked back at Bruno and gave him a chaste kiss, earning a groan from Camilo. Sure, she respected and loved Alma, but she didn’t always agree with how she treated her sons.. her husband's gift.
"Hurry back." she whispered against his lips. Bruno gave her a small smile before turning to Alma as she led him away from the party, already whispering in his ear. Valeria watched as Alma led him up the grand stairs, but Camilo tugged on her shoulders for her to listen to him, pulling her eyes away from them.
"Tíaaa, por favor dance with me! I'm soooo bored!" said Camilo, as he dramatically sighed. Valeria laughed and nodded her head.
"Ya, okay, okay!" she said. When she glanced back up to the stairs, Bruno and Alma were already gone. She tried to ignore the tense pit forming in her stomach, as Camilo jumped from her arms and pulled her to the dance area.
Something did not feel right.
Bruno hadn't returned till late that night. Everyone had already left the Casita and the air was cold and quiet. The flash of Mirabel's door fading playing over and over in Valeria's head as she gazed out the window and into the night sky.
Thinking she was already asleep, the door of the room slowly creeped opened and Bruno quietly tiptoed inside backwards, but froze as he turned once he saw she was sitting by the window. The moonlight peering through the windows being the only thing lit in the room.
"Querida, I-I thought you were sleeping.." he said, closing the door behind him gently.
"I was waiting for you.. Are you alright?" she asked, getting up from her seat and making her way over to him. As she got a closer look at him, his eyes looked tired, and there was a trace of smeared dried blood under his nose. She cupped his face in her hands and he let out a sigh, his shoulders dropping from their tense stance.
"Bebe, what happened? Estás bien?" she asked worriedly.
"Si, si." he said. "I was doing visions for... Alma." he said quietly. Her eyebrows furrowed. He never called his mother by her name unless he was angry or upset . . .
"Bruno, what do you mean visions? How many did she make you do?" she said, pulling him towards the bed.
“She had.. questions about Mirabel's door. I-I asked if she could wait till tomorrow, then we got into a fight and . . Ah well, it doesn't matter now." he said, flopping his back down on the bed with a huff.
"Ay Dios, Bruno. You know I hate it when she forces you to do so many. Doesn't she know it hurts you?" she said, laying down next to him.
But Bruno stood quiet as he stared up at the ceiling in deep thought.
He blinked out of his small daze, and glanced over at her. Reaching up, his fingers lightly traced her furrowed brow as she stared at him. He glanced down at the gold chain that hung around her neck, the green gem staring back at him with a shimmer.
"Te amo.." he whispered. Valeria sighed, and leaned into his hand.
"Y yo a ti, mi amor." she replied. He smiled sadly at her and lifted himself up to brush his lips against hers. Valeria happily responded to his kiss, but pulled back when she felt wetness on his face. Tears were silently falling down his face, as his eyes glowing slightly.
"B-Bruno, Que paso-" she tried, but Bruno quickly wiped the tears from his face.
"Nada, nada." he said shaking his head quickly and smiling, pulling her back to kiss her again.
"Te amo." he repeated against her lips. She tried to reply but he rolled on top of her, as he began ravaging her neck with sloppy, desperate kisses. She knew he was hiding something, but his kisses and little nibbles against her neck were starting to distract her from that.
"Te amo.. Te amo, Mi cariño...Mi vida.." he said over and over again against her flushed skin. His hands wandered under her nightgown and squeezed her body closer to his, as if someone would take her away from him. It was rare when Bruno took control like this, so Valeria let him roam her body as he wished. Her thoughts no longer focused on the nights dreadful events, only on Brunos soft touches and gentle whispered sweet nothings against her skin, as he took her for his.
Later that same night, he had slipped away from her arms as she slept. Nothing but a whisper of love and a kiss against her brow. He had silently begged the Casita not to wake her, as he felt the tiles begin to nudge him away from the door. It was as if the home was begging him not to leave. But Bruno took one last look at her peaceful sleeping form. Forcing his eyes away from Valeria, he turned with tears in his eyes and into the darkness of the Madrigal home.
"Please, forgive me, Mi vida.."
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀
Well that was depressing😭
I had this random thought in my head of Alma making Bruno redo his vision over and over again about Mirabel, but it always turning out the same, and her storming off in anger leaving her son with his bloody nose and alone in his tower :( I know the visions form on that tile, but I thought maybe she forced him to do them over and over during the vision and them not forming until she finally stormed off leaving him with the smashed vision board.
Also I think Camilo was the same age as Mirabel?? So that's why he sounds like he's a tiny bb lololol.
Hope you enjoyed :,)
heres my insta if yall wanna follow me there and chit chat im always down to make new amigitos❤️ feel free to dm me ! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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acewithapaintbrush · 3 days ago
I know it is canon that Pedro died back then.
But even after watching Encanto the first time I found it noticeable that we never really see what ultimately happens to him.
Yes, we see him walking up to those soldiers but then we immediately see Alma do her light show and then the hills grow and cut her off from the river and she looks at that closing gap almost like she hopes to see him.
Now, imagine!
Imagine a Pedro, hurt, almost dead, but surviving, somehow escaping their pursuers through his own kinda miracle.
Imagine his recovery being long and hard, not quite knowing what happened but knowing that the path is gone, and knowing that his Alma would have come looking for him if she was still alive.
So they must be dead.
Imagine him growing old and mourning his family, going to that river every year to pay his respect.
Imagine him 50 years after that fateful night, going back to that river and there is the path again, a gap in the hills.
Imagine him walking into the valley, finding a beautiful little village, a kind of place his Alma and him have always dreamed of finding after their escape.
Imagine him meeting people and them telling him about a magical family that lives there.
Familia Madrigal.
Imagine him hobbling up to that house, his walking stick in his hand, sweat on his brow, heart racing.
Imagine him reach that house and seeing...
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angemilo · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
¡ CHARACTER(S) camilo madrigal
¡ CONTAINS in the light of the sun (a testimony to his mother’s contagious joy) camilo pines for a person he believes is out of his reach
¡ NOTES DNI if 18+, madrigalcest lovers, proshippers, anti-lgbtq+ unless you want me to rip ur spine out :)
Tumblr media
“only fools rush into love, mijo.”
how strange, camilo thinks, that he recalls his mamá’s words as the clouds clear from the sky to make way for a sun so dazzling he feels as though his eyes will burn if he looked directly at it. it is not yet summer, but the natural order of the world and its seasons are nothing compared to his mamá’s ever changing moods. it does not take a genius to know that in this very moment, pepa madrigal is joyous.
and he can understand why.
he sees you there, grinning with his parents as you engage in an active conversation with them by your flower cart. he longs to share his sister’s gift of enhanced hearing, if only to listen in on your conversation and hear the things you like. were you talking about the flowers you had grown with the help of your own abuelita? or were you talking about something else? what would be that something else? your family? your business? or perhaps even yourself? so many things that camilo thinks about when he sees you, and yet they are all caught in his throat when he sees just how brightly you burn.
and yet, while he would usually have no problem marching up to someone with that charming smile upon his lips and his gift ready to entertain and coax out a laugh, camilo hesitates. a minute in which he is simply frozen, watching as a rainbow appears over his mamá’s head when you tell them something (a joke, most likely. he wonders what kind of humour you are fond of), watching as he thinks, what right do you have to look at them like this? to feel this for them?
what does camilo madrigal know of the person who manages the flower cart in the town square that is made out of dirt stuck under fingernails and a smile that blooms like the blossoms they care for so ardently? the answer is nothing. their name is folded between the annotated pages of a book of flower language that camilo had bought on a whim, their smile caught between the curtains of his room when he looks out and sees them in the light of his mother’s sun. a smudge of dirt than he longs to wipe from their face, a beautiful face and bare shoulders kissed by the sun. you are nothing and everything all at once, the existence that entwines with his own without even knowing it, without him knowing anything about you besides the fact that you care for your flowers and your family more than anything else, your smile is one of the brightest he’s ever seen, and all he can think about is love, love, love when he looks at you.
it feels like a sin, loving someone as blessed and adored as you. camilo knows that you are mortal, just like he is, but there is something eternal in the way your fingers brush against his when you hand him a bouquet, something permanent in the way you smile and ask him to greet his mamá for you. and yet, despite his hesitance, camilo always returns to you in your quaint little flower cart with a handful of coins to trade for his mamá’s favourite flowers, just as a river flows surely to the sea. and rather than a sin, it begins to feel right, and you become part of his routine in a way that makes his heart ache.
isabela catches him hunched over the flower patch in the yard, hands gently tending to the seedling that had yet to blossom with the type of care that one would only see in a parent holding their child for the first time. she feels a frown tug at her lips, for no one had ever banned her from growing flowers and plants when it was all her gift entailed— at least, not until her primo camilo. and as she watches him there, squatting in front of an empty patch of soil as he fussed over his plant that had yet to grow, she can’t help but blurt out:
“the things you do for love.”
and isabela catches him stiffen, and she’s more surprised by the fact that he doesn’t have a teasing retort to bite back than the fact that she had never seen camilo so still. so she just sighs, reminding him not to fuss over the seedling so much and interfere with its growth with his coddling, and turns to walk away.
indeed, the things he does for love. why bother growing flowers for you when you manage a flower cart of all things? why bother with this tedious task when all he could do is ask his prima politely for a bouquet of her best roses—
(roses, he laughs. he does not know your favourite colour or your favourite flower, but surely he could never go wrong with roses?
it feels wrong, somehow. you deserve better. an everlasting bouquet of your favourite flowers that will never die, just as his love for you will never fade)
and it’s just his luck that you come by for a surprise visit, a bouquet of pink carnations in hand, and find him before his patch of dirt, cautiously watering the little seedling that had just sprouted.
“camilo,” you greet him with a smile (he feels like falling all over again), tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as a breeze passes by, “you plant?”
he hums, feigning casualness as he shrugs, “i just wanted to see how it’d be like. it’s fun, so far.“
and ay, dios mío, camilo had never seen you smile so brightly before. he wonders if it was this easy all along, to make you beam, to make you see him and smile that smile he falls for every day. he wonders if he could do it again, if you’d let him.
“well, come to me if you have any questions. i’d be glad to help!” you chirp, bouncing on the balls of your feet. your joy is contagious in a way that has camilo smiling as well, nodding.
“mhm. of course—“
and the moment is shattered by a strike of lightning inside the house, thunder booming not long after. camilo winces even though he’s grown used to his mother’s moods, and turns to you to apologise for the sudden shock, but he stops when he sees you still smiling.
“i better get this to tía pepa,” you tell him when you notice him looking at you. his gaze flits over to the flowers in your hand (pink carnations, camilo remembers, are the symbol of a mother’s undying love. it fits his mamá.) and he nods.
“alright. you need me to come with you?” he asks tentatively. you shake your head, still smiling.
“nope! it’s alright, i’ll be in and out in no time!”
and camilo learns another thing about you: that you severely underestimate just how much his family loves you. he watches as the storm raging in the house clears up almost immediately when you step in and call out for his mamá. he watches as a rainbow appears over the roof of la casa madrigal, and he watches as you take the seat across him during dinner, having been invited by his parents, and the fact that his mamá is nothing but warmth and rainbows and joy for the rest of the night during and after your visit does not escape him. and camilo wonders, could there be a day when he’d be the one to invite you to dinner, to be the recipient of the flowers he’s grown to see as a token of your love?
he can only wonder.
“y/n is a darling, aren’t they?” felíx’s voice brings him out of his daze, and camilo looks away from the vase of pink carnations to see his papá staring at him knowingly, “your mamí loves them.”
and camilo feels himself smile, the words tumbling out before he can stop himself.
“how can she not?”
as his cheeks warm, felíx chuckles and claps his son on the shoulder, “ay, you remind me of myself when i first met pepi.”
camilo huffs, blowing a curl out of his face as he traces mindless patterns on the wood of the table (he knows how to draw roses now. and carnations. and orchids. so many flowers. he doesn’t even have to think to draw them).
“i’ve heard the story before, papá.”
“i know, hijo,” his father chuckles goodheartedly, “but you know how much i love your mamá.”
camilo feels himself smile, because he does know. the love shared between his parents is something out of a fairytale, and though he acts grossed out by it sometimes, he knows he wouldn’t have it any other way for them.
“and you should—“
“mamí told me only fools rush into love,” he cuts his father off, knowing full well what he wants to say. camilo is not oblivious; he knows the others know about the way he looks at you. his papá smiles.
“are you really rushing in though?” felíx asks genuinely. when his son turns to raise a brow at him, he just offers him a knowing smile, “think about it, mi hijo. how long have you known them?”
camilo shrugs. years, if he counts the days since you moved into town with your family. he had just gotten his gift then. but knowing you — truly knowing you — that was something he had yet to achieve.
felíx sighs and hugs his son’s shoulders, pulling him close to his side. camilo has to lean sideways slightly, being a few inches taller than his papá.
“i’m not saying that you should ask them to be your amor now, camilo,” he begins, “but do not be scared. if you love them, it is an everlasting fact. nothing and no one can change that but you.”
and camilo can only nod as he thinks of the sprout out in the yard, a flimsy testimony of his affection for you, “…sí, papá.”
see, it goes like this. camilo madrigal thinks he knows nothing of you. yes, perhaps he does know of the way your eyes crinkle into crescent moons when you laugh too hard at one of his tío agustín’s jokes, he knows of the way you smile so brightly at the little things that make you happy. but he does not know of your favourite flower or your fondest childhood memory or even if you like isabel or dolores or mirabel more. but he wants to know, even when he hesitates, even when he doubts, because surely he is not the first to love you like this? what does he know of you that isn’t woven through the stories told by his parents, a gift for antonio that he shows off proudly, a garden of flowers grown by isabela’s gift but tended to with the knowledge you shared from experience?
so camilo looks at you from a different light, a different angle. he reframes you, puts you in a different place, a different setting. what will he learn when you are ink across a love letter, the figure walking alongside him when he brings you home after dinner, the space between this moment and the next? camilo wonders and he hopes, as he walks to your flower cart with an invitation to see the yellow tulips he had grown in full bloom, that you will take his hand, his whole life too, and catch him when he falls all over again.
(and it turns out he never had to worry or doubt or hesitate, because your hand is warm in his as you drag him to see the tulips, and you’re smiling at him so beautifully in the light of the sun, and camilo finds himself thinking:
this is love.)
Tumblr media
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imlonelyalt · 26 days ago
Okay I love your work so much! So like hear me out. Can I ask for a pepa x female reader (the can be gender neutral if you want) but it’s pure AGNST. Like the reader is Felix’s sister and when she realizes her brother is also in love with Pepa, she choose to let go of her feelings.
꒰ ➼ ❝ look at me instead ❞ ꒱
Tumblr media
pepa x reader
warnings: angst, homophobia (implied)
a/n :: the sad truth about encanto is that the time it was set in, more acceptable marriages would be heterosexual relationships. :( but LETS GO cuz pepa is lowkey fine.. you have amazing ideas! this lowkey hurt me to write
Tumblr media
she always looked at him.
you wished that just once, she looked at you as she did to him, your brother. everything was fine, really, you and your brother were good friends with pepa since childhood, having heavy links to the madrigal family because of this.
what bothered you the most was that you felt foolish for letting yourself fall in such a helpless situation.
you always stared at pepa when her attention was elsewhere, admiring her unique gift and the complexity of her face, her curly hair and her fashion all seemed so amazing to you.
but it seemed you weren’t the only one. you weren’t stupid, you noticed the way your brother felix stared at her with such passion, and the way alma seemed to approve of the two spending time together, because everyone who got to know them seemed to decide that they were a perfect match.
so it wasn’t long before you fell on the sidelines, starting to watch them from a distance, never being able to get close in fear of ruining the way they picture you. you had to sit and listen as your family made arrangements, for the meant to be couple. but it was stupid, wasn’t it? to think you would have the approval of anyone in the madrigal family; alma specifically, her old traditions hanging above your head.
so you let it go: or you tried. you watched as they kissed, as felix started to leave your family more often to attend dinners with the madrigal family. you helped put up decorations for the celebration, you listened to felix gush about how perfect she was. and it was true. all you wished was for her to look at you instead.
so you sat, one of the front rows at the wedding, and you watched as she strode up to the podium, her white dress wrapping around her features in a way that made you at loss for words. she really was perfect, but there she was, staring at him again. and you witnessed it all, the disaster, the hurricane.
you didn’t want to hate your brother. jealously was a harsh emotion. so you left your emotions lay, and blocked yourself from the world. it was better that way, right?
when felix left your household for good, you didn’t respond to his waves around town - the one place you saw him those days. you felt bad, though, because you noticed the way his face would twist with confusion and sadness before he turned back to pepa. if you were her? there would be a constant raincloud over your head.
when they announced that pepa had conceived, you didn’t know how to feel. you came off the sidelines, and said congrats to the couple. while pepa smiled, she grasped your hand.
‘oh, thank you so much, y/n!’ she grinned, a rainbow high above her head before she turned, cupping felix’s cheek and giving him a peck on the lips. you grasped your drink closer to your chest before moving away and disappearing into the crowd. felix wasn’t stupid, either. he knew, but he didn’t say anything. he was happy, and so was pepa. but you weren’t. he felt partly guilty.
after dolores was born, you finally let it lie. you were happy for them, but every now and then you would still imagine her face, and what it would’ve been like in a different timeline.
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disneyanddisneyships · 3 days ago
Bruno Headcanon:
It's the first night back in Casita after it's been rebuilt. The family is setting up the dinner table.
Dinner has been served, everyone sits in their appointed seats.
Bruno walks in, he stands there for a second not sure where to sit or what to do...
The family motions for him to sit where he used to before the walls, he does.
Everything is happy as everyone starts eating. However, in the middle of the meal Bruno starts crying.
He covers his face as he cries trying not to make a scene.
Everyone gathers around him to make sure he's okay and ask whats wrong.
"Its the first dinner in Casita that I haven't been alone..." He mumbles as he continues to cry. Not even mentioning that it's also the first full meal he's had in 10 years, but everyone remembers anyways and just doesn't say anything.
They all hug him tighter as he continues to cry.
And that's all! I'm not a very good writer sometimes but this idea came to me and I felt the need to write it out because it made me sad🥲
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embretheworld · 4 days ago
Major headaches
Gets visions randomly in the middle of the night sometimes and end up not being able to sleep.
He’s the last person you want to get sick because if he does he'll often confuse his hallucinations with visions so if he's randomly telling you he had a vision about an uprising of frogs then it's most likely a hallucination.
When he just started having visions they were often very disorienting so afterward, he'll usually have to process where he is and his surroundings, occasionally it still is and I don't think I have to tell you how much trouble it can be to have a vision while you're walking down the stairs, Castia usually helps stabilize him, however.
Cooking a lot and having to grind down things often leaves her wrist hurting a lot so she needs to take breaks after cooking or in the middle of it.
She often worries if she didn't cook enough for the whole town which might typically end up with her getting up at a time she shouldn't to cook extra.
Often has to change her clothes on a bad day so she isn't stuck wearing wet clothes and ending up getting sick.
If she does get sick it's because of a cloud above her usually.
In order for crops to get watered she has to be in a very bad mood/crying so Félix is here to make sure that she's crying of laughter instead of sadness. Happy tears, not sad ones.
A lot of pushing down her emotions which only ends up making her more anxious at the end of the day.
Making a whole lot of flowers takes a whole lot of energy so she has to eat a lot, however, she doesn't like eating in front of people which is a problem.
If she's feeling particularly negative it make her flowers wilt so she has to put all of her positive energy towards making them perfect which drains her constantly.
Has gotten very skilled in makeup so she doesn't look exhausted 24/7 since she has to be perfect and making flowers can be emotionally and physically draining.
Like Bruno frequent headaches but mostly because of the noise.
Lacks some social skills because after getting her gift she was particularly sensitive to noise thanks to not being used to it, meaning she spent most of her time in her room. So more often than not she has to rely on her hearing to find out if someone is upset or not, meaning she has to try and listen in on someone in her family even if it makes her feel bad to see how they are.
Sometimes she hears things she doesn't want to like arguments from someone in town and it hurts her a lot to hear it, especially from couples.
Muscle cramps from overusing strength which is a constant until after everything is eventually sorted out but usually she'll power through it which isn't good.
Expends a lot of energy so she has to eat particularly more than everyone else.
Overexerting herself a ton, even if she's sick she'll still try to work and it will not end well.
Lots of identity issues, identity issues galore.
Shapeshifting takes a lot of energy so he needs to eat a lot in order to maintain it, so eating in between meals will in fact not spoil the next meal at all.
Shapeshifting can also be dangerous depending on where he uses it, for example: On a high up place, like helping someone with a roof the last thing you want is to be surprised or sneeze or just get hurt since then he could shift into someone else which will imbalance his posture and potentially make him fall.
When he gets sick, he often turns into a mess, shapeshifting when he doesn't want to and he can't control it as well as he could when he isn't so he often tries to not get sick as much as he can.
I can't think of really any, although he probably won't like the fact that some animals are bound to just not like him and that will probably be hard to understand as a child of his age since he was promised that his gift is this magnificent thing so why doesn't every animal like him?
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joleneswriting · 6 days ago
A Bruno x gn!reader
They knew each other before he moved into the walls and basically spent every day at la casita. They both loved each other but neither said anything.
After he Bruno disappeared reader still sometimes visits but not often.
On the triplets birthday reader comes over to celebrate with the rest of the family and stays the night. That night when everyone is asleep reader throws a lil celebration just for Bruno, maybe a lil cupcake and sings happy birthday even though they know he wouldn’t hear it.
But he does! He hears/watch’s reader through a crack in the wall and they both cry.
Idk what else to add but that’s the gist
birthday ; bruno madrigal
the family wanted to forget him, but what if his past love couldn't do so, no matter how hard they tried?
Tumblr media
wc: 1.3k
warnings and others: ANGST, no comfort, gn!reader, kinda long
a/n: ANON TYSM FOR BEING MY FIRST ASK!!! i had so much fun writing this, so i hope you enjoy 💕
Tumblr media
TODAY WAS a special day, not only for the Madrigal family, but for the entire town as well. Since they received their gifts at the young age of 5, the two sisters Pepa and Julieta had been helping the town by healing the injured with tasty arepas, and watering the crops with beautiful rain clouds. Everyone in the Encanto had marked their calendars for this important occasion, because it was none other than the Madrigal triplets twins birthday.
The people were busy with preparations for the party, running around as they decorated la casa Madrigal with yellow and blue bunting, streamers, and a special banner displayed in the center of the room with the words 'Happy Birthday!' meticulously painted in calligraphy. Everything was perfect, and everyone was here.
All of the children, as well as the Madrigals very own, were dressing up nicely and readying themselves for the celebration. Even the adults were putting on their best clothing, and every person in town was brimming with excitement for one of the biggest parties of the year.
"Mama, I don't think I even want to celebrate this year." Pepa was sitting in her room with her sister and mother as she began to admit how she truly felt about todays events. "Without... Him... It just isn't the same," She said. Alma didn't respond and only gave her a look of disapproval that was familiar to anyone who even dared to hint at his existence. Her third child had left them around 8 years ago, and very obviously was a touchy subject for the head Madrigal.
"Pepa, that's enough. Your birthdays will be celebrated with or without him, and it will be perfect. As soon as you get out onto the dance floor with Felix and have a few drinks, you'll be able to forget about your worries. We can't have any clouds tonight." The elder spoke with a stern and commanding tone, which was common whenever Pepa would try to disobey her or whenever any of her grandchildren, most often Mirabel, would get into trouble.
"Pero, mama-" Pepa's argument was cut off by Alma's finger, motioning her to be silent. All Julieta could do was watch with concerned eyes as her sister and mother quarreled, as she didn't want to make matters worse. The sisters tried their best to not talk about, or even think about their younger brother. It was a strenuous thing to attempt especially on this day, but they both did it in order to please their mother, who never wanted to admit that she was the one who was hurt the most by his leave.
"The party is starting, Pepa. We should get dressed and make our appearance." Julieta finally spoke up with her usual gentleness. The two women knew they had no other choice but to forget that he even shared a birthday with them, or that he even existed at all.
Did I forget to mention the person who was silently weeping in their room, languishing in the absence of their closest friend? Today was his birthday too, and everyone but you just decided to exclude him. They tore him out of the photos, removed his name from stories, and tried to erase him from the history of the Encanto, but history could not be erased when one was there to tell the truth.
You, the person who was in love with the youngest of the triplets, were so lost without your old flame that you almost wanted to disappear if it meant not having him here. As you cried into your pillow, a soft knock came from the door. The person called your name and you could immediately tell who it was.
"...Are you awake? The party's about to start and mother is looking for you. You should come out soon, if you want." Your younger brother said with a hint of concern in his voice. You were always close with him, which meant he knew of your anxiety when it came to visiting the Madrigals, which you never did. It had been years since your last sojourn at the lively house, which made your relationship with the family somewhat rocky. Today was the day you finally decided to meet with them again, since you didn't want to go another year without at least greeting the siblings a happy birthday.
You got up, fixed your clothing, and looked into the mirror. Your eyes weren't too puffy or red, so you should be good to go out. But before you did, you had grabbed a golden necklace that sat idly on your nightstand that he gifted you on your own birthday. It was shiny, and looked almost brand new as the jade that was encased in it glowed ever so slightly. From his gift, he created this for you, with a vision of you two spending time together shown in the beautiful green stone.
Finally, you headed to the door, the only thing separating you from the crowds of people singing, dancing, and drinking their asses off. With a deep breath in, you opened the door, putting on your signature confident smile.
After hours of celebration, the clock at last read midnight. Everyone had gone back home and the celebrants, including the rest of the family, now retreated into their respective rooms to turn in for the night after a long day of using up their energy. You were the only one left, sweeping up the remains of the large fiesta that consisted of confetti, balloons, and the like. Entering the kitchen, you spotted a single cupcake placed on a paper plate that was left kindly on the dinner table.
It was chocolate. Just a plain, undecorated dessert, that must have been discarded by someone who wanted something more. You walked towards it with a candle in hand, and a lighter in the other, your chest heavy with heartbreak. You swore to yourself that you would at least try to forget just like Pepa and Julieta did, but it was so difficult when everything reminded you of him, from the dull green colors that you'd spot from certain plants, to the photo of Pedro Madrigal framed on one of the many staircases of the casita that you'd rarely see because you barely visited this house.
You never wanted to remind yourself of the pain that he made you feel, but you did still love him. After lighting the candle and discarding the lighter, you stuck it into the cold pastry and smiled to yourself, recalling the memories you had with him. You took a deep breath in and began to sing.
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."
Your voice was as quiet as it could possibly be, but you were still sure that Dolores could hear you. "Happy birthday, dear Bruno... Happy birthday to you." With sadness, you blew out the candle and smiled once more, trying to stop the tears from falling. You missed Bruno dearly, and you wished that his family's expectations of his gift weren't so high. They always expected good visions out of him, but when he couldn't provide he was ostracized by almost everyone you knew.
A part of you wished that he heard you wish him a happy birthday but you knew it could never be. Or could it? In the very kitchen you were standing in, behind the family tree, was him. Bruno peeked through the crack in the wall that casita had made for him, with tears bursting out of his big eyes.
He knew he would never be able to see you again, which pained him even more. He had an enormous feeling of longing in him that he could never get rid of because you were always just beyond reach. You two would never reunite, and both of you knew that. The love that you both thought was unrequited had never been acknowledged, but you simply hoped that the other would know someday.
Too bad he was sobbing silently just in arms reach, hidden from your line of sight, forever wondering whether you loved him too.
Tumblr media
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xieula · 23 days ago
Bruno and Camilo's reaction after making you cry.
Part Two !
Tumblr media
Chosen Pronouns: Y/N = She/Her | Bruno = He/Him | Camilo = He/They
Summary: You have an arguement with them and ended up making you cry due to the exhaustion eating them up.
Warning: Screaming, Mentions of trauma, spoilers, extreme angst & arguements
Tumblr media
you always hated arguements due to the fact that your parents used to have arguements frequently when you were only seven.
But it just had to happen again, but this time with your boyfriend, huh?
You were at the bakery, just helping out your family.
You liked making donuts there while in the bakery though.
But, Bruno?
He's struggling with a lot of things.
First, someone requested Bruno to see their future, Bruno warned them for what was going to happen next. Either a bad luck or worse.
The person of course, as usual,said that they're not going to get mad at Bruno just to see a stupid vision of their own future.
But alas, they did get mad. They said how they never should've requested a vision in the first place and tried attacking Bruno. Luckily, Bruno had the confidence to push them out.
Bruno has had the worst day. Now, he has to deal with the gossips, he just wants to buy something for his fellow rats. But, people would stay away from him.. especially after that *ahem* goldfish incident.
Bruno was absolutely overwhelmed. He just wanted to be in your.. arms.
He wanted you to comfort him.
To make him feel special.
But he had no time for that right now.
He strolled around Encanto and spotted you, just finished helping around the family at the bakery.
He wanted to just run up to you and hug you tight, like really tight.
But he also still had to help around his family too, (because this was after Abuela and the Madrigal family welcomed him back to the family.)
While he was in the middle of his work, it has been 5 hours now. You want to hug him already! You haven't seen him since morning..
As you caught him just trying to sweep some dust out, you ran up to him and hugged him like it was the last time you'd ever hug someone.
"Bruno!! I missed you dearly."
"Y/N, not now..." Bruno said, with his annoyed tone.
"Wha- Uhh, excuse me? I haven't seen you since morning! What do you mean not now?!" You replied in an instant.
"Y/N, not. now."
"*sigh* whatever bruno. i'll see you after another five hours, I guess." You lowered your head down, if you had the power to control the weather- then some little raining clouds will appear up above your head, and create a thunder storm, that's how sad you are.
After 5 hours, you just took a little nap. There was nothing to do anyway.
When you've realized 5 hours have passed by, your mood brightened up in hopes that Bruno may be done with his chores now.
You ran your way towards there, only to see him with another.. woman.
"eh?" You whispered to yourself.
"Bruno? Is that Bruno?" You thought to yourself.
Seeing him with another girl doesn't make you jealous at all. You know Bruno loves you and you love Bruno.
But thing is, that woman was absolutely stunning. Big chest, her hair styled, dress fancy.. like she came from a modern place.
While you..? You're just.. another ordinary human. White top, some accessories on, and a skirt. That's it, just like any other people.
And you wouldn't be jealous at all.. if he wasn't blushing right now.
Why is there some sort of red in his face? You've never made him blush like that before..
You waited in his home, your feet constantly tapping the floor. In fear that he may have been.. cheating on you.
Bruno opened his door to see you.
"It's you, mi vida." Bruno spoke.
"Yeah, aha. It's me." You replied in a quite cold tone.
"What's with the cold expression?" Bruno stammered.
"Oh nothing.. just that i saw you with another woman and you were blushing.. what was wrong, mi amor? Why were you blushing?" You got to the point right away, also trying to prevent an arguement just by asking a simple question is all.
"You.. saw that? Hey! Were you stalking us..?"
"Of course not. I told you I'd come back to you in five hours, remember..?"
You didn't know what was going through Bruno's mind, but all you know is that you suspect him of cheating.
"Have you been.. cheating, on me Bruno?"
That was when Bruno snapped.
"C- Cheat? Do you seriously think I would cheat? Do you really think I'm THAT type of person?!"
"N- No, Bruno, I didnt mean it that wa-"
Bruno's hand smacked the door to keep it tightly shut.
"If you really think I would cheat, then what type of girlfriend are you?"
"If you really think of me that way.. maybe I should cheat on yo-"
Bruno's voice went quiet.
Only to see your eyes tearing up.
What has he done now?
"W- Why would you? Did you seriously just say that you should just maybe cheat on me?"
"I- I.. y/n, I didnt think before I say, I swear-"
You pushed Bruno out of the way and opened the door.
Bruno watched as you just.. left him like that.. so easily.
All because of him.
Tumblr media
This one might hurt a lot- but Camilo never showed a slight interest in you.
Not even a tiny bit.
Now you were wondering what got you guys together if Camilo never liked you.
Out of pity, perhaps?
He'll think guilt will eat him alive if he rejected you?
Because he doesn't want to see your sad face ?
Whatever it is, you don't know the answer to that.
Camilo has only shown interest of the new girl in town.
Brown hair.. butterfly hair clip... green eyes.. modern dress.. and so on.
She had everything you wanted.
Which made you jealous.
It made you seem selfish, i know, but wouldn't you also be jealous if Camilo showed interest in this new girl ?
Who's a pick-me.
She knows Camilo has a s/o, but she didn't even care at all. That's when Camilo started falling in love with her. He fell right onto that girl's trap.
It was a regular day, as usual. Until there has been a new gossip around town.
Such things as, "Camilo may have a little crush on the new girl, what will his s/o think of this?.." and "the new girl in town said that Camilo is her future husband."
Pfft.. future husband? You got to be kidding me.
You approached the new girl and told her how Camilo is YOUR boyfriend and hes taken already.
"Puh-leeze. I wouldn't even give a single damn if he's taken or not, honey. He'll be the happist man alive when we get married." Was all she replied with, shes rich with money.
"Now who are you to say that? And.. Married?! Camilo would never marry a stubborn, selfish, BRAT like you!"
"Uh- SELFISH? Aren't YOU the one interrupting our little happy relationship together?! And excuse me- my name is Veronica, not stubborn, selfish, brat!"
"Well, Ve-ro-ni-ca, you guys don't have a happy little relationship together, while you guys have this so called, "little" relationship I and Camilo own a big relationship, thank you."
"Ugh. Just accept that me and Camilo are happy in our relationship and Camilo is not happy being in yours."
That's when Camilo jumped into the scene,
"Veronica? ..And Y/N? Just as I was supposed to introduce Veronica to you, Y/N! Haha! Guess I was a little bit late to the party, no?"
"Anyway, my sugar plum honey Camilo- Y/N is a mess. We shall stay away from her for a while.. "
"I'll wait for you at my house, honeyyy!~"
"Y/N.. hah, sorry about that.. she's from another country called America."
"I can tell."
"Camilo.. why is she calling you "honey"? "Sugar plum" ?.."
"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that-"
"That you guys are together in a relationship?"
"What? That you never even loved me from the start of our relationship? Hm?"
"Y/N, I love you and you know that."
"You never did!"
"Veronica is way more better than you, anyway. Hmph."
"Camilo, what on earth are you talking about?" You felt your blood rush through your veins.
"Goodbye, Y/N. I'm breaking up with you. Thanks anyway, I really needed to let all those out.. hope we can still be friends , though."
"Never. At this point, don't even look me in the eye."
Tumblr media
Hello yall, and yes, this is original. I went, "what?! Cmon, theres barely even angst here on the Encanto fandom!!"
Should I do another part but with a happy ending? I got a bit mad at Camilo's part, so instead of y/n staying silent as the coward she is, she got the courage to be a #girlboss !!!
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madrigalfics · 21 days ago
right where you left me
(camilo madrigal x fem! reader)
a/n: I was listening to taylor swift and this idea hit me like a truck i had to write it. let me know if anyone wants a part two, perhaps a fluff to make up for this one <3
warnings: short fic (IT TURNED INTO 1K WORDS WHAT) , fluff fluff fluff fluff ANGST hits u harder than a brick could, break ups, moving away, sad camilo, takes place after movie events
Tumblr media
You’d known Camilo Madrigal for as long as you could remember. You’d met at a young age, your family being close friends to the Madrigals. You could vividly recall attending Camilo’s gift ceremony, so excited for your best friend. You were one of the first people he ran to after receiving his gift, so excited to show off and impress you. Every passing day of your lives, you only grew more fond of one another.
Pepa and your own mother found it endearing, often joking about the two of you getting married when you were older. You were both attached at the hip, there was no doubt about it. Wherever Camilo was, you were right there next to him. If the Madrigals couldn’t find the mischievous boy, they would 100% find him with you all the time. It was almost as if the universe intended for the two of you to be together always.
Or, at least that’s what you used to enjoy thinking. Years had passed, you were both now 15. Camilo had mustered up the courage to tell you about his feelings a while back, at Antonio’s gift ceremony. You were there for him when casita fell, and all throughout it being rebuilt. Not only as his best friend, but also as his girlfriend.
The news was a pleasant surprise to your families, and you remember a rainbow beaming over Pepa’s head, cooing at how cute the two of you were. How she always knew you were meant to be. Camilo had whined, blushing at the intense teasing he received from his family. But he could take whatever teasing was thrown at him, because he finally had you. It was a fairytale ending, for the both of you.
oh, how you wished it would’ve ended like that.
Except, it couldn’t anymore. Your parents had informed you a few days (maybe weeks) ago about their desire to move at breakfast. You’d frozen as soon as it left your mother’s mouth, almost dropping your cutlery. 
“What do you mean move? How far?” you blurted out, eyebrows furrowed in worry. Your parents both looked at you sympathetically. 
“Cariño, I know you’ve grown up here most of your life. But the truth is, we were never planning on staying here forever.”
Your heart had shattered into a million pieces at those words. You’d have to leave the town you were so used to. Leave the love of your life here. Camilo was all you could think about. What he would say, what he would do, how you would hurt him. 
So when you saw him that very day, you didn’t say a word. You put on a fake smile, which turned real quite easily whenever your curly-headed boyfriend was around. You wanted to spend the rest of your time with him being happy, not sulking. So you kept that oh so important information to yourself. Looking back, maybe you shouldn’t have. It would have been a lot easier for you if you’d spoken then instead of now.
Now, as your dorky, loveable, usually cheerful Camilo looked at you concerned, you couldn’t help but want to burst into tears. “Mi vida, que paso?’ he attempted to take your face in his hands, like he always does to calm you down. Instead, you flinched away, tears now freely falling. Camilo’s heart sunk at your action. You didn’t even want his touch, something you so often used to tell him soothed you. You observed your boyfriend’s crestfallen face, and quickly spoke.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Cami.” you mumbled, reaching to intertwine your hands. He allowed you, knowing that you meant no harm. You were just upset. He didn’t yet know the reason, but it must be a good one to get this reaction out of you. 
“Are you gonna tell me what’s the matter? I’m not a mind reader, mi amor.” He spoke to you gently, as if you would run away from him if he spoke any louder. You sniffled as one of Camilo’s hands escaped your grasp to wipe a tear off your face. 
“Please don’t be mad.” your voice cracked a bit as you spoke, avoiding all eye contact with him. 
“What is it?” his voice sounded panicked as the realization of how serious you were being settled in. The room was quiet for a moment, the tension so thick you could cut it. The only thing that could be heard was the soft wind from outside, and your shaky breaths. 
“Camilo, I’m moving.”
The boy blinked, dread filling his entire being. You suddenly looked up at him when you felt his hands fall from yours. You were met with his freckled face, his eyes staring into yours, slightly widened as tears brimmed them. He looked like he’d just been told the worst news of his like, and frankly, he had been. 
“When?” he questioned in a whisper, too afraid that he would falter if he spoke normally. Now, it was him who didn’t want to meet your gaze. You pursed your lips, debating if you should comfort him somehow or let him be. But how would you comfort him? You were leaving. He wouldn’t see you again. He was going to lose you.
“The day after tomorrow. Early in the morning.”
“What?” he snapped his head towards you, trying desperately to find some sort of insincerity in your eyes. Trying to catch you in a lie. He wouldn’t even be mad if it was just some dumb prank. Except, you were serious.
“How long did you know about this?”
You flinched again at his increased volume level. His voice was clear with frustration, with hurt. 
“I knew since last week.”
Camilo let out a disbelieved laugh. “and you didn’t think to tell me then, y/n?!”
“I didn’t want to spend my last full week with you upset and depressed Camilo! I wanted us to be happy, you to be happy!”
“How could you think I’d be happy with this at all? Your leaving in two days, you’re leaving me here after everything?” guilt gnawed at your stomach at his words.
“This isn’t my choice, could you listen to me?” you pleaded with him, never having seen the normally happy boy so close to breaking down. 
“I don’t know if I want to hear more.” He turned away from you, his emotions getting the better of him. You didn’t want the conversation to end like this, but it was evident Camilo needed a breather. So, you simply nodded. You deserved this. Your Camilo had always been so loving, so patient and adoring you, and you repaid him with this.
He deserved the same amount of love back, love that you wouldn’t be around to give him anymore. You stood from your place on his bed, trying to stop any sobs from coming out. Just before you left, you opened your mouth for a final time to him.
“I’ll forever hold you in my heart, Camilo Madrigal.”
bonus feature ;)
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encantomybeloved · a month ago
I have made three fics in three days. Wow. I am awesome.
This fic is a continuation of this:
Antonio just couldn't understand why somebody would want to hurt themselves. It had only been a few hours since he saw Camilo doing so and he was concerned for his older brother. He didn't want to tell on him, but he was still curious as to why.
"Why would someone want to hurt themselves?"
It seems that was not a family dinner appropriate question. Because then came a barrage of confused 'what's?', a few people choking on their drinks, and a mortified look on Camilo's face.
"Why are you asking that?" Pepa asked, a cloud already forming above her head.
Seeing the cloud appear only made Antonio feel nervous.
"Well, because..." He stopped mid-sentence. He didn't want to tell them all he saw Camilo doing it. "I was just curious." He said quietly.
Felix put a comforting hand on Antonio's shoulder.
"And it's okay that your curious." He assured him. "We're just wondering who told you about that."
Antonio began to twiddle his thumbs. "Well, they didn't necessarily tell me about it, I more...saw then doing so?"
And that made things so much worse. Because now he was in a seperate room to talk about it privately with his parents.
"The person you saw...hurting themselves." Pepa seemed almost uneasy saying the words. "Is it anyone we know? Any of your friends?" She asked, making sure to keep a slight distance from Antonio as to not get rain water on him or (god forbid) accidentally strike him with lightning.
"If I tell you, are they gonna get in trouble?" He asked.
The last thing he wanted was for Camilo to get in trouble. And he didn't want him to be mad at him either.
Felix bent down on his knees to get down to Antonio's level.
"No one's going to get in trouble." He tried calm him down.
"We're just worried about this person's safety." Pepa said. "If this person were to continue they could really hurt themselves-"
"But he had tia's arepa's with him!"
That bit of information made Pepa and Felix's faces both go pale white.
"Antonio." Felix put his hands on both Antonio's shoulders. "Is the person you saw anyone in our family?"
Camilo was fucked. And he knew he was fucked. He was so scared. He just sat on the edge of his bed pulling on the ends of his ruana.
Why did he have to cut that day?
Why did Antonio just have to walk in?
Why the fuck did he have to mention it?
Why couldn't he just let it go?
Fucking why?
All he had was the aching feeling. He was shaking and all he could do at this point was just wait. His life was ruined. He was supposed to be the happy funny one. That's why he cut in the first place.
It was the only way he knew how to cope. God, he needed to 'cope' right now. Too much going on in his head. But it was too late.
Far too late.
All he could do was wait until...
The knock. He was absolutely dreading hearing that knock on his door. And there it was. He stayed dead silent.
"C-c..." There was a pause between the stutter and the next word. "Camilo?" His mother's voice cracked as she said his name.
Camilo backed up to the headboard of his bed and brought his legs up to his chest. He heard the door to his room open with a 'click'. He put his hands up to his face to cover it.
He was so embarrassed. So ashamed. Oh God, why was he crying?
His parent's called his name again, still he didn't answer. His silence must've given the wrong impression because he heard his parents footsteps get more frantic.
"Camilo!?" His mother called more worriedly.
He should be responding. He shouldn't be making them worry, they don't deserve that. But all he could do was just...cry.
His tears only got worse when he heard his parents approaching his bed. He couldn't bring himself to look at them. God, he must've looked pathetic.
"Camilo, cariño." Pepa said as she sat next to him. His father taking the right side of the bed.
She sounded so heartbroken. This is exactly why he was scared to start cutting in the first place. He didn't want to hurt his parents. He didn't want to hurt his family.
"We want you to know you're not in trouble, and we're not mad at you." Pepa continued. "We just want you to be okay."
Camilo moved his hands from his face and combed his fingers through his curly hair. Still not saying anything.
"Why did you start, Camilo?"
There's the zinger. He knew why he started. It was a dumb, embarrassing reason.
"I don't know." He mumbled. "I just...I just don't want to be sad anymore. I mean, I love telling jokes and cheering up everyone in town, but I can't...do that all the time. And I tried to ignore things when they made me sad or upset, but it just all bubbles over and...I wanted a way to get rid of that feeling."
His mother pulled him into a hug, quickly followed by his father.
"Camilo, you don't ever have to sacrifice your wellbeing to make others happy." Pepa said, tears rolling down her face.
"But then...what else am I good for?"
"Hey." Felix said, his concern exuded through his voice. "Your worth is not determined by how happy you make others."
Before hearing that his tears did stop momentarily, now they were back. And stronger.
Maybe he did need hear that. Maybe he didn't quite believe it. But...maybe it helped.
"T-thanks, pa-" His sentence was cut off by his own tears.
He pulled both his parents into a deeper hug.
"I don't want to stop cutting. I just want to stop hurting."
Pepa ran her fingers through his hair and gave him some comforting "shh's".
"I know, cariño, I know.
He didn't stop crying. He wasn't going to stop crying anytime soon. But he felt...better? No, not necessarily. He just felt comforted having his parents there. He was still sad as he'd ever felt. It was purely...
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the-little-robyn · 18 days ago
Angst comic upahead
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AU where Mirabel died when the casita fell and the miracle dies with her but they still rebuild the house. I apologize for this angsty comic.
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ichigobunsss · 6 days ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt 4)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Sexy Dancing lol
Tumblr media
Ay, amor, me duele tanto. . . Me duele tanto.. Que te fueras sin decir a dónde Ay, amor, fue una tortura perderte. . .
Valeria would never forget the night she first met Bruno Madrigal. The rhythm of the music that played around the Encanto was intoxicating as she swayed her hips alongside her primas.
The Madrigals had thrown another party and Valeria was certainly glad she let her cousins drag her along with them this time. After a few drinks, they all had made their way to the middle of the floor where a small crowd of people were dancing, and happily joined in. The smell of food, alcohol and a mix of the senores sweet tobacco smoke filled the air as she danced the night away, forgetting what they were even celebrating. Little unbeknownst to her, a pair of green eyes had been watching her. Entranced by the swinging of her hips as she danced freely around the room, hands tangled in her hair as she let the beat of the music take her away.
"Mira Agustín! Bruno's finally got his eyes on someone!" said Felix, as he gave the back of Bruno's back a harsh slap, causing some of his untouched drink to spill out a bit. Bruno forced his eyes away from Valeria's swaying body and down towards his feet. "N-no, no. I was just-" "Ay, Bruno. It's okay to look! No harm in that, eh? She's a pretty one!" he said jokingly, nudging the sides of Bruno's arm. Agustín shook his head and slapped the back of Felix's head. "Ya! Be careful Pepa doesn't hear you! The last thing we need is for her to get jealous and start a rainstorm." said Agustín, glancing about the room to spot his sister in law. Bruno had glanced back up at Valeria and gulped at the thought of her dancing form in the rain as her wet clothes clung to her body- "Ay Brunito, talk to her! Turn up the charm!" said Felix, shimmying his arms out and swaying his hips. "Pero don't be forceful, be respectable. But also compliment her-" said Agustín. "Si, si- Dile que es hermosa! Pero unbutton your shirt a bit como yo, mira-" said Felix as he began undoing two buttons of Bruno's shirt. Bruno sighed at his brother in laws as they continued on to try and give him advice. Their voices were beginning to fade out as he lifted his eyes back to watch her dance.
"Mira, mira! One of the Madrigal men is looking at you!" one of her primas said, nudging her side for her to focus. The swaying of Valeria's hips calmed down as she looked behind to where her cousin was nodding her head over to. Bruno tensed as he locked eyes with her and heat sprung up into Valerias body when she noticed how intensely he was looking at her before she caught him. "Luckyyy, I wanna be with a Madrigal!" whined her other prima as Valeria gave Bruno a smile. He turned his head, thinking she was smiling at someone else before turning back and giving her a small wave. "I heard he gives bad visiones, like he's kind of the odd one of the three." said her prima as she turned back to them to continue dancing. Valeria shrugged, not really caring for the rumors that circled around town. "Maybe he'll give me a good one." she said, smiling cheekily over to her cousins. They squealed and giggled as she continued to dance, occasionally glancing over her shoulder to see if Bruno was still staring.
He was. The music had died down a bit and la banda had changed the beat to a calmer rhythm. Valeria casually walked her way over to where Bruno was by the small drinking station (that Casita had generously set up for the party). Bruno froze up the moment he realized she was walking towards him and took a quick chug of his drink. "Hola!" Valeria said happily, the alcohol in her body had given her the confidence to walk up to him so calmly. She watched as Bruno stared at her in shock, probably because he hadn't expected her to approach him. "H-Hola-ahem! M-Mucho gusto." he said softly, trying to avoid staring at the faint beads of sweat dripping down her plump chest. Felix and Agustíns mouths dropped as she stood in front of Bruno (also not expecting her to approach him first) and quickly scurried away, leaving the two of them alone as the band began playing their next song. "Quieres bailar conmigo?" she said, raising her voice a bit as the music got louder. Bruno looked behind her at the crowd of people dancing around happily, before turning back to her. "I uh, I don't really dance. W-Well I do! I like it but- I've never uhm- Ay, cómo se dice-" "Never had a good partner?" she mused, smiling at him. Bruno sighed and nodded his head with a small chuckle. "Si, Heh, you could say that." He mumbled. She reached out her hand towards him, motioning him over. "Come, I think I could be a good one." Bruno looked hesitantly at her welcoming hand, then back up at her eyes with a warm smile. He placed his drink behind him on the counter, Casita happily whisking it away, as he let her lead him to the dance floor. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, staring at her dancing, before she took his hands and placed them on her hips. "I thought you said you liked to dance?" she said with a laugh. Bruno shook his head shyly and avoided her gaze. "I-I don't think my family has seen me dance before-or anyone really-" he said, frantically looking around the room. But Valeria turned his head back to look at her. "Déjalos mirar! It's just me and you dancing, right?" Bruno's shoulders relaxed at her words and he nodded, cracking a smile as his grip slightly tightened on her hips as he began swaying with the beat. "Esooo!" she cheered happily as Bruno began to loosen up and bring her body closer to his, swinging his hips with hers along with the rhythm of the music. Valeria wrapped her hands around his neck as they danced to the music. Their noses were barely touching at how close their bodies had gotten, fading out everyone else in the room.
"Soy, Bruno." he said, slightly out of breath as leaned in to her ear. His hot breath sending chills down her body.
"Yo sé." she said with a bright smile as the two of them continued to dance the night away.
The night you met was the first time Bruno had felt that relaxed and free since the day he got his gift. · · · · · · · · · · Valeria had awoken the next day with a jolt, clutching the blankets around her hands, turning her knuckles white. It took her a moment to realize she was in the bedroom. The sheets surrounding her were messy and bundled. Clearly her nieces and Camilo had woken up earlier and let her sleep in some more. Plopping back down on the pillows with a sigh, she frowned up at the ceiling, silently cursing herself for dreaming about Bru- him. The sound of tiles tapping against the bed pulled her from her mental debate. But she rolled her eyes and flipped herself to the opposite side of the bed. "No, I'm mad at you too." she said to Casita. She truly was. The least this house could've done was give her a heads up. The windows creaked open and waved a bit letting fresh breeze and sun flight seep through. Clearly Pepa had calmed down. The tiles began tapping against the bed again, this time leading up to the door, letting it open and swing back and forth a bit. Casita was clearly trying to get her out of bed. "Fine. I'm only getting up because I want some coffee, not because I'm listening to you." Valeria said bitterly. The windows tilted a bit, but quickly perched back up as she grumpily made her way out the bedroom. The smell of cafecito practically had her floating in a daze to the kitchen. As she tiredly walked down the stairs, her eyes glanced over to the candle perched on Almas window. It's bright light slightly flickering as her eyes glazed over it.
Maybe it's just the wind. . . Most of the family was seated at the table, but froze in their conversation once they noticed Valeria's form in the archway. Camilo smiled brightly at her and started waving happily. “Tía!” He yelled. Dolores winced beside him and clamped her hands over her ears, nudging her elbow to his side harshly. “B-Buenos Días..” Valeria croaked out. She winced at how coarse her voice sounded. But the family greeted her as if nothing was wrong, forced small smiles plastered on their faces as they carefully watched her make her way over to them. “Ven, Mija. Have something to eat.” Said Alma with a warm smile as she gestured to the empty seat by her. Valeria tried not to grumble, only wanting a cup of coffee and to go back upstairs to curl in her sheets. Making her way over to the table, Casita hastily made her coffee and roll your plate of food over. She tried to ignore her usually spot and Bruno’s empty chair beside it and plopped down in the middle of Alma and Camilo. She noticed Bruno's plate had already been taken away, probably due to Alma’s request. Pepa stared at Valeria from across the table with a worried look, probably noticing the redness and puffiness of her eyes, but Julieta nudged her sisters side and gestured above the small fog forming above her. “Bueno…” started Alma. Valeria felt her heart sink, knowing where this was going to go. “As we all know, Bruno has left the family." said Alma, far too calmly for your liking. Tension immediately filled the room and Valeria felt eyes glancing over at her, but hers was locked on the coffee that Casita had rolled over to her. She played with the wedding band on her finger, it's gold shine reflecting back at her almost mockingly. "I will speak with the town once they start noticing his absence. Mija, I think it's best if you stay in the Casita for a few days until then. Julieta and Pepa will help you clean out his things from your room. I will also speak with Mirabel today, try to explain why she was not given a door. . Not that any of us know. . " she said, taking a sip of her coffee. Valeria looked up at her, surprised at how calm she was acting about this, as if Bruno was some worker that had simply quit his job. "Espere, you want me to just wait around the house? Like some boba?" said Valeria, clutching on to the small cup in her hands. "Si, Mama maybe we should take some time to-" tried Pepa, but Alma lifted her hand to speak. "Valeria the sooner you realize he never cared for you or this family the better. He left us. He left you. And for what? " she said with a shrug. Valeria felt her eyes sting, but she refused to let them fall. She was so tired of crying.. "How could you say that? He loves me, he loves this family!" Valeria said, raising her voice. She didn't know why she was defending Bruno. Perhaps it just became natural for her to defend him against Almas often harsh words. Besides this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't asked him to have those visions in the first place-
"Then why did he leave?!" she shouted back, slamming her hand on the table. Valeria flinched back, not exactly knowing how to answer. Her mind flashed to the green glass she found in his tower. She knew somewhat of why he might have left but yet. . didn't understand how he could actually bring himself to do it. Alma sighed and reached over to hold one of Valeria's hands gently. "Lo siento Mija, I am not angry with you. I just want what is best for our family. I do not want you to feel abandoned as I felt when I lost Pedro. . So we must carry on. Forget these unfortunate events that have happened to us these past few days. . and move on. For this family. . and for our Encanto." Valeria barely noticed the tears that fell from her eyes as she stared down at her coffee. The burning sensation started to boil up against her chest as her mind raced. How could a mother be perfectly fine with just forgetting her own son? To force his wife to forget him? "Alma, I can't just forget Bru.." she sighed, lifting a hand up to her face as she let out a sob. Camilo had leant in closer to her, clenching his small fist around the sleeve of her shirt, noticing her trembling. The fog that Pepa was frantically trying to fan away, had already turned into a small cloud as she stared sadly at Valeria's crying, her hands over her chest with a sad frown as Felix tried to shoo Pepa's cloud away. Julieta and Agustín were by Valeria's side in no time, shushing her quiet sobs as Agustín placed his head on top of hers, nuzzling it affectionately as Julieta wiped her tears, uttering soothing words. "You have to try Mija . . You have to try. . ." 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿
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sagittarious12 · 3 days ago
Don’t think about Pepa the day Bruno went missing. Don’t think about the hurricane she created because of all the fear and anxiety she was feeling.
Don’t think how a shocked Alma yelled at her about controlling herself because she wasn’t helping at all. She might be as destroyed and scared as her daughters, but she couldn’t allow herself to show it, she needed to be strong so she could find her son and bring everything back to normal.
Don’t think about how even though she was sad, worried (and slightly mad) Pepa had to bottle up everything she was feeling and try to be happy because that was the best way she could help, keeping the day sunny so they could make a proper search.
Don’t think about how a confused Camilo would try to make her mom laugh at every time possible with his new gift because his dad asked him not to upset his mom, don’t think how an innocent Isabela and a confused Dolores would constantly ask where his Tio was, making it rain every time until Julieta asks them not to bring up Bruno anymore.
Don’t think about how after days of not finding a single hair, a desperate Pepa asked his oldest daughter if she could hear Bruno somewhere. But her little girl had already made a promise to her tio, she couldn't say a word. So, she watches how her mother’s heart breaks at the same time as hers when she says she can’t hear him.
Don’t think about how worried Felix and Agustin were, watching their wifes sleepless and tearful, doing their best to comfort them but knowing that it will never be enough.
Don’t think about the nights Pepa and Julieta spent crying on the other’s shoulder, wondering why he left them. They were a team after all, only the three of them could understand how it was being Alma Madrigal’s children, the weight they had over their shoulders, all of the fear and the expectations not only from the town but from their mother. Especially when it was about Pepa, Bruno was probably the only one who could understand how complicated things could get with her mother, how heavy her gift could feel, he understood how it was to secretly wish to wake up one day with no gift.
But specially don’t think about that one time at dinner, where one of the kids mentioned his tio Bruno, causing a storm that left everyone wet from head to toe, don't think how a condescending Alma started a speech about how she understood Pepa was upset about the “Bruno situation” but she needed to be a mature rational woman and keep her feelings under control. Don’t think about how a physically and mentally tired Pepa snapped, sick of being told to don’t feel a thing when a part of her was gone, maybe forever. Don´t think about how she yelled that she wasn’t “upset” she was… angry, yes that was it, she was angry, about what? she says the first thing that comes to her head, the wedding day, yes that’s it, she was angry because Bruno ruied her wedding with that stupid prophecy. In fact, she’s so angry that she doesn’t want to hear about Bruno again, not a single word.
Don’t think about how all the triplets silently cried that night, because Pepa didn’t hate her brother, she missed him, she needed him back, and all Felix could do was hug her as tight as he could. But Bruno would never know this, because he was crying on the opposite side of the house, thinking about how he was a burden to his family and suffering because he never meant to hurt his sister. And Julieta would cry as well in her room, because she missed her brother and didn’t know how to help her sister, because this time she couldn’t fix it, she was feeling so useless and helpless, she hated it. And Agustín didn't know how to fix anything either, so he would just do his best to comfort Julieta.
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