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ahmnom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Some more papa Bruno (Au by @renrenlady )
This is the conversation that’s going down:
Mirabel: papa! Look what I can do! Look! Look!
*Mirabel then proceeds to surf down casitas stairs, giving Bruno a giant heart attack*
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the-ark-is-found-74 · a day ago
Yooo Ghost Bruno Au!
Just info dump on me, I have been waiting for a ghost Bruno au.
Omg yess!!! Hold on!
-As to how Bruno dies, I was thinking maybe something to do with the big-ass gap at the top of the stairs in his room. After his vision, he starts packing things frantically in preparation for running away (like in the movie) and jumps right onto his cartoon rickety rope bridge, which breaks and causes him to fall a long way. Dolores would either hear him scream or hitting the ground at the bottom, and the door light having dimmed would be an immediate red flag.
-Pepa is the one who immediately finds him, as Dolores would definitely tell her mama that she heard some very concerning things coming from her tío's room.
-She goes through the sand curtain and immediately screams because that's her hermanito who is lying on the ground and who she knows will never get up again but doesn't want it to be true. Pepa shouts for Dolores to get Julieta because maybe, just maybe, he'll be ok after eating an arepa.
-The next events in the immediate aftermath seem blurry to everyone, most of all the newly dead Bruno.
-He is a little dazed, and sits up a few moments after falling, stunned at the sight of his own body on the floor next to him. When he hears people hurrying over to his room, he panics and ducks behind a rock formation of some kind, definitely flinching at the sound of his sister screaming.
-He stays there, completely frozen in shock, and doesn't move from where he was until long after the family had moved his body.
-Back to the family's long term reactions (because I'm scraping these ideas together bc it was only a half-formed idea at the start of this and I am tired so I'll make this quick)!
-Pepa would, despite having literally seen his body, be in denial. She wants so badly to believe that he ran away that she tries really hard to gaslight herself into believing that it's true. At first it was obvious, and people all tried their best to tell her that he's gone, but she brushes them off. Every now and then, she wonders aloud if her brother is safe wherever he is, and if he's eating well. She doesn't fully believe that he just ran away, she knows deep down that he's dead. She just wouldn't like to flood the Encanto, so pretending that he might still be safe somewhere helps her in some way.
-Julieta overworks herself. She cooks every single waking moment, making sure the town is well stocked with plenty of healing food in case another accident happens. She blames herself for every death in the Encanto as it is, but her brother's death she feels especially responsible for. She can't help but think that maybe if she had got there sooner, he might have survived.
-Alma replaces Pepa's "we don't talk about Bruno" attitude, because she doesn't want to upset either of her daughters, and also feels guilty for how she treated him. The cherry on top of the cake is that he had been packed to run away when he fell, so she would feel extra responsible for it.
-I feel like it's also worth reminding you all that Bruno's disappearance is canonically right after Mirabel's gift ceremony, so everyone was already in pretty low spirits.
-Mirabel and Camilo were both 5 when this happened, so neither of them would be able to really understand death and what it really means. Their parents would tell them that Tío Bruno has gone away to live with Abuelo Pedro forever, and that he is happy where he is.
-Back to Bruno because I feel mean focusing on the sad parts for too long.
-Very confused. And freaked out. After everyone leaves his room, he decides to get up and try to leave the house for some fresh air. But a problem quickly presents itself, in that he is physically incapable of leaving the house. No matter how hard he tries. Think Julian from BBC Ghosts, if you've ever watched that.
-He hides in the walls because he can walk through them now, and while he isn't sure if anyone can see him, he really doesn't want to find out.
-He cannot interact with objects in any way; the most impact he can have on his surroundings are the small tornadoes that appear when he is having a vision. Which he can still have, by the way, it just doesn't create a glass tablet every time.
-He still does his compulsions all the same, except he is reduced to miming them instead of actually knocking things and throwing salt over his shoulder.
And now for how some of the events of the movie change (in case you're interested):
(Also, I am exhausted, so I think I'll leave it here for tonight. I'll add more when I think of it I guess, let me know if you'd like a fic of this at some point!)
-When he meets Mirabel, he reaches down to grab her hand, which instead moves straight through her. In her shock, she is the one that falls instead of Bruno.
-Mirabel climbs out of the hole by herself, and when she gets to the top, asks how Bruno is there and what's going on. He responds with the "bye" and walks straight through her, which is when it fully dawns on her that her tío is a ghost.
-The conversation takes place in the same area as it did before, but without any furniture. It's just an empty space behind the wall.
-Bruno is still able to see into the future, so Mirabel asks him to give her a vision the same as last time.
-Antonio wouldn't question the ghost of his uncle at all, similar to how he didn't question the fact that Bruno had been living in the walls since before he was born. He'd offer his room for the vision the same as in the movie.
-When casita collapses, Bruno is still restricted to the foundations of the house, and Pepa spots him standing there. She doesn't think he's real at first, but then she hears someone else shout his name, and so she runs towards him to hug him. But she can't.
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baggedsoda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CONTEXT: in the previous installments of this au morabel had received the power to make doll like clones of herself. she is able to see through the dolls eyes and take control of them herself but normally if theyre needed they just roam about on their own. they usually just act like mirabel.
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Camilo *writing a tweet*: I spend too much time on here I’m leaving gonna miss you all
Camilo *replying to this tweet*: I’ll be back in 2 minutes
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tresmadrigalsibs · a day ago
Bruno Madrigal is like his father in that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his family.
Tumblr media
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roxyfoxgamer150 · a day ago
Observer Mirabel: Hey other me, do you have some extra fa-
Observer Mirabel: -brics..?
*She sees that everyone is having a mental breakdown by singing.*
*Mariano's family acting confused yet concerned on why are they singing and- IS THAT ANOTHER MIRABEL!?*
Observer Mirabel: Could.. Could someone tell me why is everyone singing? This isn't even a Musical AU...
Pèpa, drunk af from the wine, her cloud having a breakdown: WE DON'T TALK ABOUT BRUNO NO NO NO
Julieta: I don't know why they are singing! And- *sees Observer Mirabel* MIRABEL!?
*Observer Mirabel snorts, becoming a snicker*
Dolores, overwhelmed by the sounds: HeygrewtoliveinfearofBruno'sstutteringandstumblingIcanalwayshearhimsortofmutteringandmumblingIassociatehimwiththesoundoffallingsandchchchit'saheavyliftwithagiftsohumblingalwaysleftAbuelaandthefamilyfumblinggrappling-
Mirabel, so done with this bullshit, proceeds to yell: ALWAYS WAITING ON A MIRACLE-
Abuela: Ignore them. They're just singing to praise Isabela's engange-
*Observer Mirabel laughing so hard she falls on the floor.*
*Mariano looks at Observer with a look saying 'What the!?'*
Dolores: He told me that the man of my dreams, would be-
Isabela, being a little shit: -WOULD PROMISED AND SOMEDAY BE MINE~
*Observer Mirabel full on cackling, tears in her eyes*
*Isabela proceeds to fight Mirabel, making Luisa try to be the peace maker, failing horribly while singing*
Mirabel, rapping while fighting her sister: It starts with Abuela then Tìa Pèpa she handles the weather-
*The parents proceed to grow more and more concerned, except for Pèpa because she's drunk*
Agustin: Can anyone tell me what's going on with our children!?
*Observer Mirabel proceeds to get hit by a flower from the ground. Hitting her nose, making her faint*
Isabela: He told me that my power would grow like the-
Luisa, having a mental breakdown: PRESSURE-
Isabela, concerned: -That thrive on the-
Pèpa, absolutely drunk: BRUNOOOOO
Fèlix: Pèpa uh- your- your cloud is uhm- snowing while being drunk.
*Bruno bursts out of the walls*
Bruno: I GAVE HER A VISION- *Faints on the spot when Luisa throws a bucket to his head*
Mariano's grandmother: We'll be going now Alma. I think your familia need a moment for themselves.
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midnight-raven · 2 days ago
Encanto/Eternals AU: A Sky Full of Stars
Many centuries ago, a sinister race of deadly monsters had been hiding in the shadows of the Earth, causing mayhem and chaos upon the people of the planet. But just as mankind was facing its darkest moment, a bright star had fallen from the heavens and landed on Earth. From the heart of the fallen star came the Madrigals.
The Madrigals are a family of magical humanoid beings born from the magic of the heavens, each one crafted with perfection and each one blessed with a unique gift to become the planet's mightiest protectors.
For years, the Madrigals used their gifts to serve their new home, and protect mankind from the deadly creatures until they were finally defeated and had retreated back into the shadows. Over time, the Madrigals followed suit. With their greatest enemy defeated, the mythical protectors all disappeared, eventually finding their new places in the evolving society.
But when their age-old energy plots a return, the Madrigals will have to unite to stop them once and for all.
Alma is the spiritual leader of the Madrigals, with the gift of celestial wisdom. Since their arrival, Alma has guided her family towards defending humanity and protecting their new home. Over time, humanity continued to evolve, and soon, the family all found their new places in the world. Meanwhile, Alma continued to listen to the stars, awaiting what would happen next.
Julieta is the healer of the family, for she is able to heal any illness or injury known to mankind. Julieta cares very deeply about her celestial family, and for their new home. When the team had dispersed, Julieta still wished to help as many as she could and became a cook in a local hospital, keeping her powers hidden, and eventually falling in love with a clumsy piano player.
Pepa is a warrior who has the ability to control the weather. Pepas’ emotions could change from a simple cloudy day to a powerful hurricane, her every emotion became a weapon. Sometimes her own emotions became too much for Pepa to control on her own. When their war with the creatures was over, Pepa decided to share her life with a mortal man she meet, who could calm her down when she was brewing a powerful storm.
Bruno, the Madrigal who had the ability to see into the future. Bruno loved his family and used his visions to help them in any way that he could; however, he soon developed a condition known to celestials as Mind Wy’ry. In which Bruno was unable to tell the difference between his memories/nightmares and real life, it got to a point where Bruno fell into a trance and attacked his family. After the incident, Bruno disappeared, and no one has seen him for thousands of years.
When a Star finds its Soulmate, their hearts become connected, giving any mortal an extended lifespan. Agustin and Felix Madrigal had been the first two men to share their hearts and lives with a Star.
Isabela was blessed with the gift to grow a wide variety of plants and flowers with a wave of her hand. When the family went their separate ways, Isabela continued to blossom. Her powers grew like the grapes thriving on a vine, and so Isabela continued to thrive. Over time, Isabela became known as a beautiful and graceful dancer.
Dolores, able to hear anything and anyone from miles away. When the creatures were attacking, Dolores would use her gift to detect when and where they would be attacking from. Keeping her family safe from anything that would harm them. Over time, the creatures were defeated, Dolores found peace in their silence, and in her new love, Mariano. However, she always kept her ears listening out for any upcoming threat, and would anonymously help the police with finding missing people or criminals on the loose.
Luisa, the strongest member of the team; best known for keeping a cool head in the face of danger. For years, Luisa has carried the weight of her family’s burden, determined to keep everyone safe until the dreaded creatures were finally vanquished. After the war, Luisa continued to use her gift to help society build its foundations towards a new future. All the while, Luisa kept her insecurities to herself, slowly crumbling inside.
Camilo, a magical shapeshifter who could turn into any person he’s seen. In battle, Camilo would use his gift to confuse the enemy, or shift between different weights, sizes, or speeds he’ll need in combat. Outside of battle, Camilo would use his gift for entertainment. Shifting into many people to tell stories, or pull pranks on different members of his family. After the war, Camilo had to use his ability to keep his eternal lifeline a secret from the world, often wondering in private who he was meant to be in the new world.
Mirabel, blessed with the gift of empathy. By touching another person, Mirabel could feel their emotions, and alter them, even putting them into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, it hadn’t proven useful in battle, so to make up for it, Mirabel became skilled with every weapon she could master. Like the rest of her family, Mirabel fell in love with their new home planet and swore to protect their home. She went along with Julieta, to help others in any way she could.
Antonio, the youngest-looking spirit who could communicate with animals of every species and size. With the appearance of a child, Antonio never came face-to-face with the enemy of his family, instead, he and his animal companions would keep any nearby human out of harm's way. In his new life, Antonio and Pepa found a home in the middle of a thriving forest, where Antonio could spend his days with his animal companions and use his powers in private.
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astroddon · 2 days ago
Encanto, Villain Mirabel AU ¡!
🚨Warning: mentions and events related to death, resentment and revenge, although not too detailed descriptions.🚨
What if Mirabel's heart was darker than we though?
After the fight with abuela, and Casita's destruction, Mirabel stared directly into the once miracle, feeling hellish hate to the responsible of all this tragedy, Alma.
Julieta ran to her, asked if she was okay, but there was no other answer than a weak head assent.
They heard Pepa's cries for help, something had happened, something even worse, if that was possible.
Antonio wasn't responding, the back of his head was red and humid, all his nuclear family was hugging him, then he had his last breath.
"What is going to happen to Antonio?" "Why isn't he breathing?" Camilo asked in denial, while Dolores, speechless, had a dark expression, Pepa and Félix crying incosolably over their deedless kid.
"Mirabel, what have you done?" abuela asked lowly, Mirabel didn't answer, she just stared with a neutral expression over her inert cousin. "You just killed my grandson, you-" Abuela said with a rough voice.
Mirabel claimed she did nothing but try to save the candle, with dry eyes and furrowed eyebrows. "This is your fault, the magic was stronger than ever, and you just ruined everything, like you always do."
Tears danced in her cheeks, Julieta and Agustín approached to her, also crying, but Mirabel's pain transitioned to an uncontrolable fury.
Abuela came closer to Mirabel, with a menacing face, Agustín and Julieta came in between, defending their daughter, who just went through them and stood firmly infront the older woman.
"You are not longer a Madrigal, you never should have been" spat abuela.
"You are right" a sick smile painted her face, her pupils were as small as a grain of rice, "I'm even more".
omg what-💀 Part 2 is on its way 🎶
I'm in exams so this is my coping mechanism 🧃Peace ya'll
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alienmermaid24 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I was wondering if mirabel would be considered a disney princess, while i was thinking my brain went: maybe she's too young to be one, then it hit me, she's an year older than snow white.. things escaleted pretty quickly after that....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there's more lol..
mariano is cinderella's prince so he pairs with dolores, in this she is born royal tho, so he would have to live in another kingdom..
i was debating wether abuela would be the evil queen or lady tremaine (bc of the color scheme), but i thought it would be cool to make her the queen, and it would also mirror mirabel. she's not really a villain tho.
luisa would be hercules ofc but i would have to change the outfit a bit, make it more knight-y so it fits the more european medieval-to-18th-century-ish (?) theme everyone else has going on. she would be the knight of the kingdom, always fighting dragons and monsters.
bruno too, he isn't a dark fae, he is the kingdom's sorcerer. the people are very scared of his magical powers bc even though he is in such an important position, mages have bad fame.
Isabela is a tad too ooc in this, i know she changes by the end of the movie but i like the idea of her having abuela's mirror on her obnoxiously full of roses bedroom and asking the 'mirror, mirror, on the wall' line everyday when she wakes up.
Everyone else would just be there in historical royal attire, but not tied to a specific movie.. or if you have an idea about this feel free to coment..
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virgil-is-a-cutie · 21 hours ago
AU where Mirabel took up gymnastics and became a contortionist with the help of Bruno bc ya can't tell me Bruno isn't able to hide in much more cramped spaces
So now she freaks out Isa whenever she rushes over to her like an upside down crab or something idk I just want Mira to have a talent and be happy
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blednokrov · an hour ago
Are both Isabela and Luisa the leading/"golden" children of the family now in your Encanto AU, since they share the color green with Pedro in terms of design? (since Isabela's colors matched Alma's in the original Encanto universe, which implies that she's chosen by Alma to be the next matriarch of the family) Also, is there a thematic reason on why both Bruno and Julietta shares magenta as their color?
So, let's talk about colors!
Tumblr media
The main three and Abuelo are just flipped on the RGB (it might be not so clear bc Pepa's blue is more "clear skies" blue and therefore not so deep and might look like cyan)
Tumblr media
Regarding Julieta's kids, they have palettes that actually make their own little color wheel (if we consider the whole family making the large hue wheel of rainbow colors)
Tumblr media
This is about how strong their sister bond is! And look - the only one who doesn't have green undertones in her palette is Mirabel - the one who is Abuelo's actual center of attention and successor (also unofficially known between younger Madrigals as "the favourite grandkid"). There is no "golden child" in this family dynamics mainly b.c. they are balanced differently - no golden child AND no scapegoat, but other "family roles" instead (you can google them if you are interested ;) )
Tumblr media
The long story short: those who have green(ish) tones in their palette want Abuelo's attention, but not necessarily have it.
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ahmnom · 2 days ago
Everyone teases Mirabel about her short height until Bruno’s short ass shows up and everything clicks
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the-ark-is-found-74 · 2 days ago
Encanto AU where Bruno dies and Mirabel finds his ghost and when he pauses for a moment and says "bye" instead of walking around her he walks through her.
Mirabel: Tío Bruno??? I thought you were dead?????
Bruno, still awkward and not wanting to answer questions:... Bye
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virgolioness · 2 days ago
In your au is Bruno still creepy towards Delores and how are all of the families relationships with Mirabel
Oh my God my first ask for the False Savior Au let's go!
Anyway, when it comes to Bruno's relationship with Dolores, it's still kind of creepy but not the same type of creepy. Like, it's less of the "creepy uncle that your parents tell you to not let him hug you" type of creepy and more like the "gonna use your powers/talents/gifts for their own personal gain" type. Like it's still bad, but not that bad. There are reasons behind that but those reasons are going to be explained in the next two posts (which I'm working on now ^^)
And for Mirabel's relationships with the rest of the family, it's um, complicated to say the least. For starters,
Alma: Alma has a better relationship with Mirabel because of Bruno defending and vouching for her and going so far as to take her up as an apprentice, as well as the fact that it is revealed that she is going to take Alma's place as Matriarch on the family.
At first, Mirabel was super confused and apprehensive of the sudden praise and love she was getting from Alma, but given how young she was and how little affection and positivity she received since she was five till the candle incident, she quickly came to love the attention she gets from her grandmother. She is willingly to do whatever Alma tells her to do since that means that she'll continue getting that love and affection and won't be discarded again. The only people she will take orders from that would contradicts orders from Alma would be Bruno.
Luisa: Luisa and Mirabel kind of have a like a bodyguard and ward relationship. You see, there was an event that happened the same night after the candle incident, only being a few minutes to hours apart, (which is the next post after this one), which resulted in Mirabel getting hurt again, and Luisa was asleep during it. Because of that event Bruno and Alma pretty much made Luisa Mirabel's bodyguard, making sure she was protected when she's outside of Casita and making sure that she is safe. Now does that mean Luisa didn't have as much work as she did originally? Kind of....
You see, there is still work around the town that needs to be down so anytime that Mirabel is with Bruno or Alma, or anyone in the family (besides Antonio and Isabela), Luisa is working. The only breaks she would get would be if she was with Mirabel. And during those breaks Luisa will dote on her little sister, if Mirabel asks for some water, Luisa would get her a gallon. If Mirabel asks for a snack, Luisa would bring her a full course meal.
Luisa felt really guilty about not being there to protect Mirabel when she needed it so now she's doing whatever she can to make Mirabel's life feel as easy and stress free as possible, and well, it doesn't help that Bruno and Alma encourages this behavior.
Mirabel loves being doted on by Luisa, her sister gives her the best hugs and is her second closest confident and she rants to her anytime her training gets a bit too much/the pressure is extra heavy on certain days
Dolores: Dolores feels bad for Mirabel cause she knows that Bruno is only doing this for himself but she knows that if she says something about that people wouldn't believe her, assume that she's jealous of Mirabel, or tells her to not tell anyone just in case someone overhears her and gets her in trouble. When she first found out, she only told one person, and well.... that didn't end well
Meanwhile Mirabel is confused by Dolores. She knows that Bruno wants to take Dolores under his wing as well, she sees her refusing every single time. She wonders why Dolores just doesn't stop all that nonsense and accept the offer.
Antonio: Hhhhhmmm, this one is complicated. After the night of the candle incident, I think that she would have gotten her own room, either Casita making it itself or her asking Casita to make her one as part of her training. Either way, she's not going to be in the nursey during the time Antonio is growing up.
And because of how Bruno is treating Dolores, Dolores is trying to make sure that Antonio is no where near him, and by extension, Mirabel, but because of um... other, circumstances, it's not like that they wouldn't have hanged out with each other, either because of family events or her and Luisa watching him while everyone else is busy.
So I think they would have just had a chill relationship. Antonio does not like Bruno, but he's fine with Mirabel.
And as for Mirabel, she knows that Antonio doesn't like Bruno, but in her mind she figured he will get over it. He is five and she's sure once he gets older his opinion will change.
Julieta: She absolutely dotes and smothers her daughter with as much love as she can. She almost lost her child and if it wasn't for Bruno, Mirabel would have been banished. So she's making sure that she knows how much she loves and cares for her. While she is heavily suspicious of Bruno, the only one who knows (well besides Dolores but she keeps that a secret) is Agustin, but she's willing to ignore it as long as it doesn't affect Mirabel.
Mirabel loves her mom. That's just that.
Agustin: Like his wife, he also loves his daughter, but he's super sus of Bruno. While Julieta is willingly to ignore all the shady shit that Bruno's doing as long as Mirabel is safe Agustin subtly tries to see why is Bruno doing all of this considering all of this started because Bruno told Alma about the vision in the first place. So why is he trying to help Mirabel now?
He also can't help but notice certain things, such as Bruno trying to get Dolores under his wing.
Mirabel loves her dad, but she wishes he could just drop the accusations against Bruno.
Pepa: For Pepa, I think that once she had calmed down after the candle incident, given that she was one of the adults who voted for Mirabel to go to the barn because of her fear and worry for Antonio, she would feel guilty, especially since she would eb right there when Mirabel would be recovering. I think she would try to make it up to her by helping with her recovery from time to time, entertaining the ten year old with rainbows and fluffy clouds for her to play with.
And kind of like with Alma, Mirabel would be confused on the sudden nice treatment, but over time will accept it and want more of it.
Anytime Dolores refuses to go under Bruno's wing or use her powers for him Mirabel asks Pepa if she could go talk to her and Pepa usually agrees.
Felix: Same situation as his wife though he helped kept Mirabel entertained during her recovery was through music and once she recovered enough he helped teach how to play the tiple.
If Mirabel gets bored and doesn't feel like doing any embroidery (which she learned how to do during her recovery time), she would play the tiple.
I hope y'all enjoy this post and look forward to the next two posts!
Tainted Miracle Au by @c-rose2081
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itstuesdead · a day ago
so, i've been writing pretty much non-stop for the last week... not for any of my current bnha fics or naruto fics, nope. recently i watched encanto, like within the last 2 weeks, and i've been hyperfixating on camilo and mirabel pretty much ever since. i have now watched the movie about ten or so times.
and i figured i could share a little bit of the fic i've been working on.
note: this is very canon divergent starting after dos oruguitas; camilo-centric
warnings: camilo/mirabel ship (if you don't like it, bye); time-skips
ALSO, i'm not a spanish speaker, so please don't come at me for any grammatical errors in my use of the language
When Camilo realizes for the first time that Mirabel isn’t coming back, he breaks. Mirabel can’t just be gone, right? How far could she have gotten in all the time they spent looking for her? Sometimes, Camilo and Tio Agustín both slip out of the house before breakfast just to go looking for her again, for any sign of Mirabel.
The night Casita fell apart, the night Mirabel left, everyone searched for hours. The next morning, Abuela returned to the ruins of their home looking different; calmer, softer, and yet sadder than Camilo had ever seen her. She’d hugged everyone and said, softly, that if Mirabel doesn’t return on her own, nobody can force her. (“She’s hurting,” Abuela had said, “because of me; because of all of us.” Here, she’d turned, gesturing toward a head poking around a wall that was somehow still standing. Tio Bruno was covered in dust and plaster like the rest of them, and Dolores leaned over to whisper to Camilo that he’d been living in the walls the entire time.)
“Mirabel’s going to be okay.”
Camilo doesn’t move from his place beneath Mirabel’s abandoned bed, not even when Tio Bruno sits down heavily above him. Sometimes, he finds Antonio hiding here, too, but Camilo is alone this time, drawing pictures in the dust.
Rebuilding Casita had taken time, but Abuela, Tio Bruno, the whole familia pitched in—even the people from town came to help rebuild their home. And then- then Tio Bruno produced a doorknob for the entrance marked with an ‘M’ (“For Mirabel,” he had said)—it was the last piece of the house, and they were all able to go home, even if Casita wasn’t alive anymore.
But home doesn’t feel like home without Mirabel.
“Your abuela found her at the river after Casita crumbled.”
Camilo jolts, knocking his head on the boards supporting Mirabel’s mattress.
Tio Bruno sighs. “I found them, too. I was hoping to convince my mother that Mirabel had done nothing wrong.” He leans down, face appearing in front of Camilo, upside-down. “I guess they had already talked it out and she apologized to Mirabel for everything.” He blinks a few times, turning red as the blood rushes to his face. “But Mirabel wasn’t ready to come home. She told us that she hoped we would rebuild Casita and show our home all of the love it has shown us over the years—shown her.” Bruno’s head disappears, so Camilo forces himself out from under the bed, sitting down beside his tio in the hopes of learning anything else.
Like where did Mirabel go? What is she doing if she isn’t running around their Encanto making people smile? She’s gone, she wants to stay gone, and Camilo doesn’t know how to cope with that.
“You know, Mirabel had a few things to say before she left.” Bruno’s shoulder bumps into Camilo’s; he can’t help but hope that maybe, maybe Mirabel left messages for them, or- for him. Honestly, it’s been long enough that anything will do, even if it isn’t for him. As long as his cousin is okay.
“Tio Bruno, did Mirabel- I mean… What is she going to do?”
The man hums, shrugging his shoulders. “She didn’t tell us that. But she wanted me to keep an eye on you. Apparently, you don’t like to tell people when you’re unhappy. I’m pretty sure the whole family has issues with that, but she didn’t mention anyone else. Just you.”
Camilo hears a choked sound, only understanding after a moment where Tio Bruno eyes him worriedly that it came from his own throat. “Tio… Do you think Mira will ever come home?”
A moment passes, and then Bruno leans forward, knocking his knuckles against the wooden frame of Mirabel’s bed. “I think she would, if the right person asked her to.”
Camilo lets his eyes slip shut and wonders who that person could possibly be. Maybe Antonio… But Camilo’s little brother is too little to go looking for Mirabel right now, even if Camilo snuck out of the Encanto with him.
Months pass and Mirabel doesn’t return. Camilo does his best to help the village and his family, but it’s hard to make people smile when he can’t even find an ounce of joy in his own bones. If you can’t even spare a smile for yourself, how can you make other people smile? Even if his gift had miraculously returned after they’d rebuilt Casita, Camilo would probably just use it to parade around as Mirabel to make himself feel better.
Everyone keeps telling each other that things will get easier, even though they miss her, but for Camilo, it’s getting harder to get out of bed every day. It’s getting harder to leave his bedroom, only to catch a glimpse of Mirabel’s door. It could just be his imagination, but he’s pretty sure Casita is getting sadder, too. Their home isn’t in danger of breaking again, he knows that because Abuela has changed—none of his family members are being crushed under the weight of the pressure she’s putting on them, nobody seems to be overwhelmed with work and the need to be perfect any longer.
But Camilo knows from his hermana that Tia Julieta and Tio Agustín are both weighed down by the loss of their youngest daughter—and Camilo would do anything to bring her home for them, for Abuela who he always finds staring at Mirabel’s door like she’s waiting for the girl to walk out of it again, for Tio Bruno who would probably be hiding in the walls again if Mirabel hadn’t been so kind to him. And maybe a little for himself, too.
Or a lot for himself. Camilo misses Mirabel so much it’s like a part of him is missing. As the house was falling, as the candle was going out, as Mirabel was climbing Casita to save their miracle, all Camilo could think about was how she was going to get hurt if she wasn’t careful—her movements were so frantic and he could tell she didn’t care if she got hurt, because she just wanted to get to the candle. Camilo didn’t care about the candle, he just wanted to get to Mirabel.
He hums absently, picking at the bun in his hands. Dinner just isn’t the same if he can’t make Mirabel laugh from across the table.
“Camilo, mi vida, you have to eat something.” His mamá’s hand slides across his shoulder and he looks to his right to see her worried face looking back at him. The rest of the family is talking quietly while they eat, because even if they’re healing, the absence of his cousin is even more noticeable when everyone is together like this. Mirabel has a way of bringing everyone together; she always has, even if nobody noticed it before. She’s the glue that holds their family together, and Camilo thinks the only reason their family is doing okay right now is that everyone knows it’s what she wants.
All she ever wanted was to help the family, to make the familia proud of her. Camilo has always been proud of her, but just like his tia, he knows he never said it enough. Sometimes Tia Julieta will sit with Camilo in Mirabel’s room, running her fingers over the thread they’d been able to gather and put back among her things. She talks to Camilo about all the times she’d heard Mirabel trying to convince herself she was fine, how often she’d found herself floundering while trying to comfort her daughter. She whispers to Camilo that she thinks she only ever made Mirabel feel worse, even if she hadn’t meant to.
Camilo looks away from his mother, his eyes burning. “Mamí, do you think Mirabel had a gift all along?” he whispers, eyes down. “Do you think… she’s the one who actually makes people happy around the Encanto?”
Pepa tucks some of Camilo’s curls out of his face, cooing softly. “Camilito, maybe you should tell her that the next time you see her. It would make her smile, you know.”
He can feel his shoulders hunching as he tries to fend off the emotions threatening to spill over. Maybe talking about Mirabel hadn’t been a great idea, because honestly, Camilo doesn’t know if he can hold it together right now. “Mamí…, what if there isn’t a next time?”
if you would like to read more, let me know! i'll make an addition to this post or i'll share it on my AO3.
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mirabelfangurl · 21 hours ago
Embroidered life (Part 1)
au where it's Mirabel centric ( the ogs of this blog is used to this )
Mirabel's gift is that she can embroidery something to life, when it was her ceremony (my personal headcannon is that she picked up embroidery due to her family being really busy, so she thought herself how to sew etc) all the butterfly designs in her dress that she embroidered, came to life and flew around the room.
Her door is an older version of her doing embroidery with embroidery materials floating at the sides.
Mirabel is closer to Abuela than the original movie. (Because she has a gift)
Her room is practically a big wardrobe with mannequins and sewing machines etc, her bed is a fancy looking bed in the middle of all the embroidery stuff.
Mirabel is not aware of her family's pressure, even though she does experience the same thing.
Everyone in the family knows that Mirabel will not sleep until she gets all her embroidery list finished, aka things that people want her to make or make a duplicate of.
If you have any questions about this au, let me know! My inbox is open for questions!
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angst-dealer · 23 hours ago
encanto au but
when bruno dies he’s reincarnated as a rat and nobody can figure out why antonio is so close to this one particular rat
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toaverse · a day ago
Man, can you imagine that for years, Alma thought Bruno not getting a gift was alright, like she thought "ok, only girls can get the miracle. Odd but ok." But she always had a gut feeling that it wasnt the case. Like yeah, Bruno is overshadowed by his sisters but it's alright. Girls only, no biggie, right? Then she probably wanted to make sure so come Camilo's bday, I guess she held another ceremony (likely a private one with only just the family so Camilo wont get publically humiliated and the villagers' time isnt wasted if the miracle really doesnt give gifts to boys) and this time, a boy in the family actually got a gift and a room. And so many changes happened since that day.
Oh, I could definitely see it happen that way.
From Camilo’s ceremony day onwards, Alma would see Bruno in a more negative light…😔
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mitch-the-simp · 2 days ago
Ok so I’mma actually write out my ideas for the dark Encanto AU bc people actually liked the idea- And I’mma chose to call it “Desencanto” bc I mean- Come on-
Desencanto ideas (Pt.1)
Bruno, but he’s bitterly singing “Little Girls” because after some time he just got really annoyed by the amount of energy they have and the love they get. And when he first sees Mirabel, he’s all like “Oh my god, now I can see those little brats in here…” and just takes a chug out of a whiskey bottle.
Camilo is a rave baby and will not hesitate to drink, get high, and do anything illegal-
Dolores is the go-to for gossip
Isabela is an Instagram influencer
Pepa yells at her kids due to her anxiety.
Julieta cooks to cope, but she overdoes it a lot-
Antonio is scared of getting scolded by Pepa.
Luisa is a bodybuilder with a lot of anxiety.
Mirabel has ADHD with a hint of depression.
Felix and Pepa's relationship is healthy with the exception of Pepa getting very jealous once in a while.
Agustin the malewife supremacy. Like, he would do anything for Julieta. He could say, "I don't let my wife control me." in front of anyone, but if she says, "Agustin, go do the dishes for me, please?" Not a second passes and he's already washing them like, "Yes, my queen."
Abuela yells at Mirabel a lot for the most simple shit. She drops a cookie: "Why are you wasting food?! Don't you see your mom put effort into those?!"
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soogrart · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mireya loves spending time with Mirabel and abuela Alma, especially when they tell her stories about Casita or their homeland.
+ bonus, without text globes:
Tumblr media
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