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evils-corner · 2 days ago
These posts are gaining a lot of traction and people really love them, so I'll keep making them as long as I find cool and interesting trivia for you guys!
You can find the previous three parts here!
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justfrogg · a month ago
I rewatched Encanto and here are some small details that I noticed.
Warning: spoilers, LOTS of spoilers.
During the scene where Antonio got his gift, Dolores covered her ears when a firework went off. She probably does get sensory overload and that’s kind of sad. Considering that she could literally hear Luisa’s eye twitching, I can’t imagine how painful loud noises are for her :(
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I saw someone else point this out, but now that I can see the film in HD I got to see it for myself. When Antonio is exploring his room, Camilo does this motor tic in excitement which could be a nod to ADHD or autism and I think that’s pretty neat. 
Update: I was informed that this is a cultural gesture, I wasn’t aware before, but now I know. It’s still a cute scene.
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This shot makes me really sad. Everyone else is glowing and Mirabel is the only one upset. It’s also a part of Mirabels imagination, where she just wants her family to be proud of her. Abuela smiling in this shot is also very upsetting, because in every other shot (that’s not a flashback or the end of the movie) Abuelas and Mirabels interactions have been Abuela looking down on Mirabel. That can apply to Isabela too.
Also throughout the movie, whenever something bad happens in the house, Abuela immediately blames Mirabel, without any evidence that Mirabel was affecting the magic. It was one of the few things that geniuenly got on my nerves, but maybe that was the point
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I just thought it was cute :)) Look at Luisa hugging Mirabel and Camilo with Antonio.
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I love the detail of the hourglass symbol on the door, but I’m confused why that room was there in the first place.
Sure it’s so that nobody would find the prophecy, but why would the room fill up with sand and endanger anyone that enters especially if that person was a part of Brunos family.
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Again, I’m obsessed with the attention to detail.
I love that we can see the individual stitchings of her bag or the small grains of sand on her clothing/hands/hair.
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Anyways, I love that Dolores is whispering because she knows that he’s there and can literally hear him walking around.
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Also some shot’s from Camilo’s verse because I am genuinely obsessed with this boy. The gender envy is real.
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I also love the idea that the reason why Camilos perception of Bruno that of a 7 foot tall mythical rat man is because he only saw him when he was much younger and he just seemed taller and then currently they’re both like only 5′6. 
I also wonder if because of the towns completely warped sense of who Bruno actually was made Camilo think of him as more of a local legend than a part of his family.
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Mirabel looks so done with Isabelas shit.
Tumblr media
You can literally hear Dolores tapping on her nails on her glass, the sound effects are phenominal.
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This is the saddest shot in this entire film.
The fact that he still eats dinners with his family because he doesn’t want to be excluded, but nobody knows that he’s there (except Dolores). He doesn’t even have a plate, it’s just drawn on the wood D’:
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Abuela: ‘‘Pepa, Calm down!’’ Pepa: ‘‘I am doing my best.’’ Felix, being the supportive husband that he is: ‘‘Yes.’’ 🤨 Pepa: ‘‘You’re lucky that it’s not a hurricane.’’
My favourite piece of dialouge in this movie.
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I love the different colors on Isabelas dress. I can’t be the only one that headcanons her as a lesbian right?
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I’m sorry, but Bruno putting a bucket on his head to headbutt a way out of the casita was one of the funniest shots I’ve ever seen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘‘I knew he never left, I heard him every day’‘ 💀
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The doorknob that the family gives to Maribel at the end of the movie, is the same doorknob that was on the magical door when she was 5.
I also appreciate that Mirabel didn’t get a gift in this scene, even though for a second it seemed like she would. I like the idea that her gift is metaphorically being the glue that keeps her family together.
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How the hell did this table not topple over. What’s up with the physics here?
Tumblr media
AAAAND ending shot.
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acewithapaintbrush · 27 days ago
I just love the attention to detail that went into this movie.
Just two short examples
Tumblr media
Dolores covering her ears when the crowd starts to cheer
Tumblr media
Airheaded Augustin placing the butterfly brick upside down
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vulnonapix1234 · a month ago
OK, post movie after their home was rebuild.
Alma made this new rule, where every family member has to 'report' to her once a week.
It's less of a report and more her spending one on one time with her (grand-) children and finally rebuilding the relationship with them
Well, they meet inside her room, since it is the only one that is soundproof. (nobody knows why, it's a gift from the house)
Alma gets out this old and warm blanket, (an ugly gift from mirabel, when she first learned sewing) and an brush she got from her husband. Both items are really important to her.
the (grand-) kids then get to lay their heads on her tights (or just get to rest on her in general) while she uses the blanket to cover them and starts to brush their hair.
Then they talk about their day, week, and how they feel.
The first few times where really embarrassing and slow, but after that?
It got really emotional and important.
Luisa finally got to tell how tried she felt and whilst she really wanted to help, she also wanted to rest.
Isabella told her how she was worried about losing control and hurting people, about her power being ugly.
Mirabel told her about how she felt that she wasn't loved and how she was sometimes jealous of the others.
Camilo tells her that he sometimes feels like he doesn't know who he is supposed to be.
Dolores tells her about the things she hears and that it overwhelms her.
Antonio tells her about the animals and that they are hunted.
Pepa tells her that she is afraid to feel and lose control.
Julieta tells her about her worries about her children and the village.
Bruno tells her about being afraid of being hated again and having to be alone again.
Felix and Augustin talk about her and let her tell them her worries.
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deaderthandoubledead · a month ago
Felix and Augustín being so happy that their brother-in-law is back is so sweet.
If we get a TV show I would love to have one episode just dedicated to these three bonding, doing silly uncle stuff together.
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lindacreations · 17 days ago
Agustín: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you lost throughout your life
Mirabel: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years! 
Luisa: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Camilo: I knew I lost that potential somewhere! 
Isabela: My moral code, is that you? 
Agustín: I was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me but do you kids need a hug?
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anonymous-tals · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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Did I slap an Encanto “draw the squad” together in less than an hour?
Tumblr media
Yes, yes I did.
Credits for the base are still on the base and I’m afraid to @ them in case they’re on this app and see this
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neo--queen--serenity · a month ago
Guys guys guys
We’ve all made the visual connection between Jonathan Sims from TMA and Bruno Madrigal from Encanto, but hear me out.
We’ve completely overlooking another TMA lookalike that’s right in front of our noses:
Tumblr media
Elias Bouchard
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bitchapalooza · 29 days ago
Bruno: Sometines I'd steal sewing supplies from Mirabel's room and make little dresses for the rats. I tried making a tuxedo for them but I just can't seem to get the tiny bowties right and it doesnt look right without them. Oh and I made them tiny socks, too, but they wont wear them so I fill them with treats so they can challenge themselves to get it out. They chew through the tiny socks all the time, but theyre having fun with the added bonus of a prize and thats all that matters in the end.
Agustín: Can someone please tell Bruno to stop spoon feeding his rats at the dinner table? Its getting weird.
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hayleysayshay · 26 days ago
Augustin is said to be accident prone, so when they were younger, he keeps meeting Julieta when she heals him so eventually she just says ‘you don’t have to keep on getting injured to see me, we can just go on a date you know 😉’ and he’s just like…. ‘Yeah…. That’s what’s happening… this is on purpose…’
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isabelascacti · 18 days ago
julieta: be careful
augustin: don't worry, careful is my middle name
julieta: i know your middle name, and i wish it was careful
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mysticcopfriendegg · 10 days ago
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frogsock · 5 days ago
Just wanted to clear up that my personal headcanons of encanto is not me trying to twist the movie’s moral into something that fits MY stereotype. Encanto is a film about generational trauma, NOT the representation of queer people. Now, this is not me saying members of the LGBTQ+ Community are not valid, because they ARE. I am part of the community as well. HOWEVER - there are some queer, white people who are ignoring the important message this film holds for Latino and Hispanic people about what’s going on in THEIR families, and THEIR trauma that is finally getting represented. It’s ok to headcanon isabela as a lesbian if you get those vibes, and Camilo as gender fluid if you feel that’s what suits their character, but please please PLEASE do not use those headcanons to erase the actual message of the film.
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jadzio · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Some late night encanto triplets doodles
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anxietybayb · 27 days ago
some encanto headcannons, part 5: Augustine
-he is very musical and loves singing and playing instruments, he can play the piano, guitar, accordion, tambora, and gaita
-he doesn't think his singing voice is good because of how soft it is, but everyone disagrees, he would always be the one to sing the kids to sleep because his voice is so calming and soft
-we already know he's very accident prone, so Julietta would pack him a bag of arepas for if he got hurt when she wasn't there (he forgot this bag a lot)
-he was a friend of the triplets when they were younger, he also knew Felix when he was younger as they lived close by to each other
-he met the triplets one day after he was running home late and fell into Bruno, Pepa could not stop laughing which made Julietta start laughing, Augustine immediately thought she was cute
-after this he apologized and thanked julietta profusely for the food, the next day when they were in town he just started following them and this became a regular thing (nobody minded because Julietta wouldn't stop bringing him up the night they met him, Pepa could tell she liked him)
-he, like Julietta, loves his daughters so much and is extremely proud of each of them, and he'll sometimes help Luisa with her chores, he'll mainly stay home to clean Casita with Felix and Mirabel and does his best to cheer her up whenever she seems upset for not being able to do more (yes I got this from the deleted scene, it's on YouTube if you wanna watch it, you can look up encanto chores deleted scene)
-he was a bit embarrassed to wear glasses, feeling like the odd man out being the only one to wear them, so when Mirabel brought up that her eyesight was bad he was so happy
-4 year old Mira told her dad by saying, "I can't see good so I'll match you and then I can see how you do" he nearly cried to this and they went shopping for glasses together
Augustine is a model father/husband 100%
Tumblr media
also to any Colombian readers, please let me know if the tambora and gaita are not Colombian instruments, I looked up a few and those were what came up, I added those because they seemed super interesting and similar to some instruments you can see townsfolk playing in the opening song! thank you!
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anonymous-tals · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew Bruno having anxiety at dinner with the family.
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galaxy-girls-universe · 13 days ago
Encanto AU where everything is the exact same but Julieta is a terrible cook.
Like her food is still magic and all, but it just tastes really bad
So like if someone got hurt, they would have to suffer through bad taste and smell to get healed
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bittywitches · 21 days ago
Julieta and Agustin are like the dream parenting team.
Agustin is here for constant, unwavering support, his goal is to make Mirabel feel comfortable but to also keep her grounded in knowing who she is and that she is an incredible person. He’s willing to go to any length to protect her, and cares more about helping her through her problems than accusing her of any mistakes she’s made. He relates to her by also not having any powers in an incredibly gifted family, but never uses that to say “don’t make such a big deal out of it” but instead says “i understand what you are going through and I am always here for you”.
Julieta recognizes the imbalance between Mirabel and herself, and always takes that into consideration when interacting with her daughter. She never makes Mirabel feel delusional or over dramatic, especially when Julieta herself can’t relate to what her daughter is going through. What she does always provide is overwhelming care for her, and she never tries to compare her to her cousins/sisters, knowing that those comparisons will always be on uneven footing. They truly just want what’s best for their daughter I love them so dearly
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soullostinspaceandtime · 19 days ago
Me: I just watched encanto two times in less than one week
My sister: are you obsessed??
Me: [tearing up because there will never be a second part and more screen time for my babies and the chance to see everyone's room from the inside] no-
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