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professordickinson · 2 days ago
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The source of my inspiration was when I saw Camilo's version of Bruno it rlly got me feelin' some typa way 😫😫😫. Here's an Evil/Dark Bruno AU If Disney took the basic route and made Bruno out to be the bad guy (albeit with some nuance because of how his family treated him so he turned into the monster people said he was). He actively tries to make the magic disappear or is the reason why the magic is going out because he hates his gift and he wants to strip everyone else of theirs as well. Ok, I actually have a couple of variations of evil/dark Bruno, this is the least compelling one but i wanted to draw it out still and put it out there. His whole treatment in the movie reminded me of Hector from Coco, like he just got completely estranged from the family and shit which is...not a great feeling. Man deserves to be upset.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
° └➤ ・゚ˊˎ BRUNO X GN! READER
-ˋ₊˚. ꒰ synopsis ꒱ . were hernado (bruno) is rambling on how he's so brave an the reader just ends up giggling but hernado (bruno) thinks there laughing at him so he gets a little shy about it so he gets quiet but then the reader goes up to him an says "I think Hernado is very brave but" *pulls down the hood" "I also think Bruno is very brave too" an kisses him AWWWWW (req! @bunnysenpai31 )
˗ˏˋ # warning . ooc bruno (?!?), bad spanish (please correct me T^T), fluff, tooth-rotting fluff (because yes !!) and just you loving this man unconditionally 
Tumblr media
A genuine amusement appeared in your eyes when you look at your husband. You came to the conclusion that this was his method of coping with things. He peered at you, the hood of his green poncho concealing his face, while you chuckled at the sight of your voice rattling his room. You like how adorable he was at this moment, and it made the experience all the more unforgettable. You admire how he was attempting to project greater confidence, but you feel he can do it without concealing.
"I'm Hernando and I'm scared of nothing." He straightened his stance and uttered it with complete confidence. You let out a deep chuckle, your gaze never leaving his; no matter how ridiculous it seemed, it made you crack up. "Well, Hernando, please explain me why I should believe you?" You smiled as you approached his rigid body; you were on the edge of laughing, but you attempted to hold it in simply for your own amusement. "Please, Hernando, enlighten me." You taunted him by trailing your finger tips up his arm, causing him to slump. He tried not to be flustered by the contact and regained his stance.
"B-Because nothing frightens me; I am a bold man who wanders across town!" He said this as he gained his balance. "No one can compete with my aura, which is surrounded by courage and strength! I am the finest in the world." He boasted about his making you laugh. You couldn't help but chuckle, and his hands were trembling slightly because he was concerned that you didn't find his Hernando fearsome. Another reason is that he couldn't bring myself to feel his chest race when he heard your endearing giggle filling the air. He was flushing from embarrassment behind the covers. He tried to speak more confidently, but nothing came out, which grabbed your attention. As you moved up close to get a better glimpse of his masked face, you softly answered him. "You know Hernando...I know a man who is considerably more confident than you...I bet you will be petrified if you ever meet him." "Who is this man?" 
"His name is,"  Your hands were suddenly reaching for his hood as you trailed off. You carefully removed them and gave him an affectionate glance. "Bruno Madrigal," You spoke, and he gave you a sheepish smile, which you couldn't help but return with a massive one. There were several things that continued to impress him every day. Whatever mask he wears, you always find a way to take it off and reveal the real man in front of a flawless mirror. This is why he adores you so much: no matter what he does, you always try to break them down and assure him that he isn't alone. "Hernando isn't all awful; yes, he's courageous, but... My Bruno, I believe, is braver than he is. He was able to capture my heart and get the strength to proclaim his love for me. It's pure bravery. That was courageous of him to steal my heart. You are the bravest person I have ever met, Bruno mi vida. You're the greatest of the greats, the bravest of the braves. Te amo tanto cariño, mi valiente hombre fuerte!"  You praised him while lovingly squeezing his cheeks; he whined and tried to flee, but you smiled and drew him closer, stopping him from leaving. You kissed him on the nose one final time, loving everything about him.
"I'm so happy I met you, and I'm so happy I found you. Without you, I'd be such a lost man, and that is absolutely true." He replied gently, his face nuzzling into your warm, gentle palms, his cheekbones creasing from your thumb. When he first saw you, he was smitten by your beauty, but after collecting the guts to speak with you, he became infatuated with your personality. Hearing your heavenly voice and having numerous discussions with you was a dream come true. Oh, how he adored the fact that no matter who someone was, you still treated them properly, as if they were still human. When he noticed how the townspeople viewed him differently, he realized this. Now that he was with you, his life seemed complete; his existence had been gray, with monochromatic hues. However, while he was with you, rainbows and varied shades confused his head, and everything around you infused his colorless environment with a lively mood. "Te amo carino," "Te amo tambien, mi rey."
And today's lesson was learned: he is flawless to you and in your eyes, regardless of who he is. You had faith in him and felt that he would be able to convey it by simply being himself. Whatever barriers he sets up, you'll find a way to breach them and show him what he's missing. And he will adore you like there is no tomorrow for the rest of his life. That is bravery and courage right there.
Tumblr media
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Mer! Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader: Part 10
Tumblr media
⏪Part 1⏪Part 2⏪Part 3⏪Part 4⏪Part 5
⏪Part 6⏪Part 7⏪Part 8⏪Part 9
Bruno looked up, waiting patiently for the moon to show itself so he could go out and check on Y/N. Mirabel stayed by his side reassuring that everything was gonna be okay. Really she didn’t know what was gonna happen. I mean their family was given a miracle so why couldn’t this work? Alma was thinking about the past when she tried to bring Pedro back. It was almost time. Soon they were gonna go to see if anything has happened to Y/N.
“Bruno…?” You woke up by yourself, something felt different to you. You rubbed your head, trying to remember what happen. “That place… was I dreaming or, was I really dead?” So many emotions going through your head. You sat up quickly when you realized something was different about you. Your pants were ripped up, and what was legs before had become a fishtail. You reached out with your hands, touching the fins and scales you had. Your own merfolk tail was your favorite color. It was beautiful and all but you were thinking out loud to yourself. “How is this possible?” You looked at your surroundings much closer. “What the… Was their some sort of ritual going on here?” You had no idea where you were. You were hoping for Bruno to be by your side. You thought about it really hard, but with this new body of yours, you wanted to go find Bruno. You were so worried about him. Where is he? Was Bruno safe? What happen to your body? Before you left this “ritual stone table” you swam around a little. You had to get some practice before finding Bruno.
As you exit this small cave, you took a look at your surroundings outside. The mountains looked familiar, it had to have been the same island. “Bruno? Where are you?” You started swimming around, looking for him. You swam above water then underwater. You weren’t use to this body but you weren’t gonna give up. But if you had just waited a few minutes more, you would have been reunited with Bruno. Mirabel and Bruno went back to go check on you. But he was shocked to see that not only you weren’t there but you had already travel far.
You didn’t know where you were going but all the other merfolk stare at you. Your appearance was very new to them. Not only were you not from here but you would get a lot if attention from everyone. They were nice merfolk, asking if you have family, far from home and even offering food. One had noticed your shirt was ruined by rips and blood stains. “Oh my goodness! Are you hurt my child?” You looked down realizing that you still had a ruined shirt. “I’m alright. Really I am.” But one of them insisted that you visited a family. Telling you how their gift would heal you. A priest was kind enough to lead the way for you. You were really nervous, you felt like you should be here but you followed swimming by. You both swam to a beautiful looking casita. You thought to yourself that this family must be very popular with the merfolk around here. Then it just clicked, this must have been his home. The doors open and you were meet with a elderly mermaid. “Ah! Alma. So glad that your home. I was wondering if you could help this traveler. They don’t seem to be hurt but everyone wanted to make sure they were fine.” The woman looked at you with a smile on her face. You didn’t know why but she seemed familiar. “It’s no problem. Come dear, come.”
As you followed your way into her home, it was big and beautiful. Many flowers and plants, even fishes and other sea creatures were swimming around you. “You must be hungry, um, I never got your name…” You felt rude for not introducing yourself. You were so distracted by their casita. “Oh! I’m sorry. Y/N, my name is Y/N.” She smiled at your reply and guide you to the kitchen. You wondered how they were able to keep a kitchen while swimming. “Julieta. Do you have a ‘arepa’ for our guest?” You immediately remembered that name, now it was coming back it you. Julieta was the name of Bruno’s sister. “Sure I do Mamá-” As she turned and saw you, she covered her mouth with her hands. “It’s you.” She wasn’t just stunned because I was here, she knew what had happened to you. “Julieta. Could you take care of Y/N while I go get Brunito?” Yep, you figured it out. You were in Bruno’s casita and this was his family.
Bruno and Mirabel search around the island and still couldn’t find Y/N anywhere. The last place they could think of was back at their casita. As they swam back to the casita, the other merfolk children was telling Mirabel about a traveling merfolk at their home. “What did they look like kids?” They didn’t have much to say except that their color fishtail was of their favorite color that Bruno knew. “That has to be them, it’s Y/N.” The kids were so curious about this new merfolk and why Bruno was so interested. “Oooh! I think your Tio Bruno is in love.” Mirabel laughed at their honesty. “No guys have no idea.” Bruno swam ahead and met with his mamá. Mirabel soon came swimming afterwards.
Meanwhile you enjoyed Julieta’s cooking as she enjoyed your company. Even to the point where she served you a cup of coffee. She talked about how her brother Bruno is terribly shy but very sweet. You agreed with what she said, that’s why you ended up falling for him. “Bruno is really special.” You smiled thinking about when he would smile at you. “Your in love with my brother, aren’t you?” Your shoulders start to tense up. “Is it really that obvious?” You get flustered because it is true. She started laughing. “You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. In fact I’m glad to know that you and Bruno got along.” She mentioned how he would talk to her about you every time he came back home. “Bruno is amazing.” Then she changed the subject about his gift of having future visions. “Well, what do you think about them? Lots of merfolk would call his vision a curse.” You were gonna be honest about it, you didn’t need to hide nothing from his family. “Well, I don’t think so. When Bruno gave me a vision, I was gonna get hurt. It only happen because I chose to save him. If I could redo it again, I would still make that same choice to save him.”
Bruno along with Mirabel and Alma could hear the conversation you two were having. Bruno was getting flustered hearing them. They were alive again. He wanted to go in the kitchen right now and just give you the biggest hug. “See Abuela?” Alma just smiled at Mirabel she understands why her son cares about them so much. “Brunito… You make sure you never lose them. Do you understand?” Bruno looked at his mamá who was so proud of him. She gave him a kiss on them cheek and lead the way for him.
While you were in the kitchen, you felt your heartbeat fast when your head the sound of water flowing. Mirabel came in rushing to hug her mom and she looked at you. “I can’t believe it. It’s nice to see that your alive.” She wiped her eyes not trying to cry so much. Mirabel was so happy that you were alive. But not as much as her Tio. “Y/N?” You heard his voice call out to you, heart beating fast. You left the remaining arepa and turned around to see Bruno. His puppy eyes just stared at you in ‘awe’, he still couldn’t believe it. Even with his own eyes, you were right there. Sure you had been reborn as a merperson but none the less he was so happy to see you alive.
“Bruno…” You swam up to him, he immediately held you close in his arms. Holding you so tight, you did the same in return. Honestly, you wanted to stay like this a little longer but you could feel pairs of eyes staring at you. Mirabel wanted to stay and see what happens next but even she knew that her Tio needed alone time with Y/N. So Alma and Julieta followed Mirabel out of the kitchen and waited outside of casita. “Bruno wait.” He let go of the embrace but kept you close to him. “I’m sorry, sorry. It’s just, I’m so glad that your back. I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t let you go… not now.” You knew what he meant, you remembered when he asked you to live on his island and have a life together. “Um, did you really mean it… What you said about, staying here with you?” Bruno looked at you so lovingly, he really did mean every word he said. “You accepted me even before I was a merperson…” You smiled and burry your head on the nook of his neck for a moment. You felt so flustered to say this but it was what you were feeling. “I love you Bruno… And, and I want to be with you.” You held his hands into yours, they were warm. Bruno rested his forehead against yours, and you looked back at him with the same look he gave you. His hands reach to cup your face, his thumb gently stroke your cheeks before placing his lips to your own lips. You could feel the heat crawl up your neck. This was really happening. You kissed like this for what felt like an eternity. His soft lips parted from yours, in need to breath. You smiled and laughed with him. “I love you mi vida.” You never thought in a million years that you would fall in love and spend your life with a merman name Bruno Madrigal.
((Okay, I thought about it and I’ll end it after a wedding. 🥰 So yes there be another chapter.))
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This wonderful commission was made by the great and lovely @mobuaddiction. This is family picture of Bruno, my OC and our son. The design of the son is based on the preexisting art by @mobuaddiction. 
Tumblr media
When Bruno and she got married, she was blessed with a gift.
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‘Nuff said.
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soimarriedanaxemurderer · 25 days ago
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I didn’t word this well but you get what I mean
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Dance with me (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, shy flustered Bruno, supportive Mirabel, Camilo being Camilo
Warnings: No warnings!:)
Synopsis: The Madrigals throw a party and Mirabel finds out that her Tío might like a certain someone there
Music playing, people chatting, dancing and enjoying the food. Another wonderful party by the Madrigals. It was always a great time to catch up with friends and have a break from work.
Mirabel loved these parties. She could see how close everyone in Encanto was with each other. Well, apart from her Tío Bruno. He always came to the parties, his sister Pepa practically drags him out of his tower, but he’s was always reluctant to talk. Usually sticking to his family and staying away from the spotlight.
She couldn’t blame him. He still wasn’t used to being around so many people and although the townspeople were friendly to him, some were still wary.
Mirabel watched her Uncle sit with her parents in the corner, making conversation. She smiled. At least he looked happy.
‘Hey prima. What’s the hot gossip today?’ Mirabel asked, turning to Dolores who was in front of her at the food tables. The older cousin didn’t look up. Instead she smiled and continued to fill her plate. Mirabel grinned. She knew it was something good.
‘Oh not much. Just…’ She looked over at Mirabel. ‘Have you noticed what’s up with our Tío Bruno?’ Mirabel frowned.
‘No, why?’
‘Hmm. Guess he’s hiding it better than I thought.’
‘What? What is it?’ Dolores looked around then leaned closer to Mirabel.
‘Bruno keeps staring at señorita Y/N.’ Mirabel looked back over to her uncle. He was listening to her Dad talk but every couple seconds, his eyes would dart over to the other side of the room. She hadn’t noticed that before.
Y/N was dancing with Isabela and Luisa. She spun herself as Isabela made flowers fall around her. Bruno smiled a little more at that. Mirabel’s eyes widened and whipped her head back around.
‘Oh my gosh.’
‘Uh huh.’ Dolores nodded. ‘I’ve been hearing his longing sighs since she arrived here. He’s almost gotten up to talk to her a couple times. Saying okay okay you can do this you can do this under his breath. But no luck so far.’ She shrugged.
‘We gotta help him!’
‘You come up with a plan, I’ll follow.’ Dolores smiled.
‘Okay I need you to get Y/N away from the dance floor. I’ll get Bruno.’
‘Hey can you two hurry up?’ Camilo said. ‘Some of us wanna eat.’
‘Camilo! I need your help. Come with me.’ Mirabel dragged him away from the table.
‘What? But I’m hungryyyyy.’ He whined.
‘You can eat later! This is about Bruno’s crush on señorita Y/N!’
‘His what now?’
‘Where’s Antonio? I have a plan.’
‘These arepas are amazing hermana.’ Bruno complimented. Julieta smiled.
‘Thank you Bruno. I can teach you how to make them if you want. They won’t heal you but they’ll taste just the same.’
‘I’d like that very much.’ Bruno went to take another arepa when a toucan flew down and stole it from him. ‘H-Huh? Hey! Where do you think you’re going?’
Bruno got up and followed the bird away from the party. It flew up the stairs to his tower, right into his room. Bruno followed it in to find Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio standing there waiting for him. The toucan landed on Antonio’s arm.
‘Thanks primo. You can go back to the party now.’ Mirabel said. The youngest cousin ran off back downstairs. Bruno was confused.
‘What are you guys doing here?’
‘I’ve seen you staring at Señorita Y/N.’ Bruno’s eyes widened. He saw the grins on his niece and nephew’s faces began to step back.
‘W-What? Mirabel I don’t know what you think you’ve seen but-‘
‘She’s single by the way.’
‘She is??’
‘Ah HA!’ Bruno sighed in defeat. ‘I knew it! I knew it!’
‘Yeah okay whatever I don’t know what you’re so excited about anyway. It’s not like anything’s going to happen.’ Mirabel smiled. Bruno stopped. ‘No. No you’re not going to say anything to her! A-As your uncle I am forbidding you from-‘
‘Oh I’m not going to say anything to her, but you will.’
‘You will, or…’ Mirabel looked to Camilo. The shapeshifter transformed into Bruno. ‘you will.’
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘Because you like her! And I want to see my uncle happy! Now go!’ Mirabel shooed him out. Bruno sighed. There wasn’t any way of getting around this.
He returned to the party to find Y/N no longer on the dance floor. She was standing on the side talking to his other nieces. Dolores spotted him and smiled. Oh right. She definitely knows.
Bruno breathed in then out and walked towards them.
‘Oh Tío Bruno! Enjoying the party?’ Isabela asked with a smile. From her tone Bruno could tell she knew too. Dolores had probably told them both. This was so embarrassing.
‘Ah y-yeah it’s great Isa. How are you all?’
‘We’re good.’ Luisa answered. ‘We were just catching up with señorita Y/N.’
‘Good evening Bruno.’ Y/N greeted with a warm smile. He could’ve melted then and there.
‘H-Hi Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?’ The nieces walked away, leaving the two alone to talk.
‘Oh yes! Your family always throws the best parties. How are you?’
‘Oh y’know the usual.’ Y/N chuckled. There was a brief moment of silence between the two. Bruno’s nerves were building. He looked over to see his nieces and nephews watching from the food table. Mirabel threw him a thumbs up.
‘Bruno, do you want to dance?’ Y/N held out her hand to him.
‘H-huh? Dance? With you? I-I don’t know Y/N I’m not that coordinated…’
‘Oh come on it’ll be fun! Let’s just hope we don’t fall!’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Ha jinx!’ Y/N laughed. Bruno couldn’t speak. He could barely stand up. He just let Y/N lead him to the middle of the dance floor.
‘Y/N. I don’t know how to dance.’ Bruno looked down at his feet, fidgeting. Everyone moving around him was so loud and vibrant. And there he was, standing in the middle like an idiot. Y/N grabbed his hands. He looked back up to see her beaming at him.
‘Neither do I!’
‘B-But I saw you dancing with Isa and Luisa-‘
‘Oh so you were watching me were you?’ Y/N teased, pulling him closer.
‘Oh uh no well I-‘ She laughed.
‘I’m just messing with you. You don’t need to know how to dance. Just have fun!’ She said, letting go of his hands and spinning around.
‘What are they saying to each other?’ Mirabel asked Dolores.
‘Well our Bruno is being his normal awkward self, but luckily señorita Y/N finds it endearing.’ Mirabel squealed.
‘Yes! I knew they would work well together!’ Mirabel and Bruno made eye contact for a second. Mirabel gave him another encouraging smile.
Bruno held out his hand. Y/N took it. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her waist before placing hers on his shoulder.
Bruno looked down at their feet and copied Y/N’s steps. Soon enough the two were in rhythm with the music. Y/N giggled and lifted Bruno’s chin. He smiled.
Turns out he could dance after all.
As the party drew to a close and the town began to make their ways back to their own houses, the Madrigals cleaned up. Mirabel collected all of the empty plates and put them in one stack.
‘Psssst Mirabel.’ Luisa whispered. Mirabel looked to her left. ‘Look at Y/N and Bruno.’
It had been hours but the pair were still in the centre of the courtyard swaying back and forth. There was no music, no ambient lights. Just gentle movements and the sound of casual conversation. ‘I don’t have the heart to break them up, but we gotta go to bed at some point.’
‘I’ll do it.’ Mirabel said softly. ‘Hey sorry to break you two up but Antonio’s struggling to stay awake and we all gotta be up early tomorrow.’
‘Oh gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise the time.’ Y/N said. ‘I was having too much fun.’ She smiled at Bruno.
‘Yeah. Me too.’
‘Well I better get home then. Thank you for hosting. I’ve had a wonderful time as always.’
‘But a bit better than usual right señorita Y/N?’ Camilo commented as he passed. Mirabel hit his arm and gave him a glare.
Y/N waved everyone goodbye and stopped at Bruno.
‘Thank you for dancing with me.’ Mirabel gave her Tío a nudge.
‘Ah! The pleasure was all mine.’
‘I’ll see you all soon.’ Y/N turned and began to walk away. Mirabel nudged him again.
‘Go! Say something else!’
‘U-Uh Y/N can I walk you home?’
‘Oh that’s alright. My house is only down the hill.’
‘Ah okay see you soon.’ Mirabel nudged him for a third time. ‘Okay okay I’m going!’
Bruno walked forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand. She turned around, slightly confused.
‘I ah ummm…’ He looked to Mirabel who nodded. ‘Y/N. I had a very nice evening dancing with you. A-And if you are interested in spending time with me again then maybe we could… uh ah meet up and do something…’
Bruno’s words got quieter and quieter as he continued. He stared at the floor trying to find the words. He was shaking, his hands were sweaty. Then Y/N giggled. That’s when his heart really sank. He let go of Y/N’s hand. Why did he think for a second that someone as lovely as her would be interested in him?
‘Uh. Nevermind. It’s okay. I’ll just-‘
‘Oh Bruno.’ Y/N lifted his head up to look at her. ‘You really are charming.’
‘I-I’m what?’
‘There’s the market tomorrow. We could go there together?’
‘The market? Yes. Yes! Yes I-I would like that very much.’ Bruno finally stood up straight again. Y/N put a hand on his shoulder and pressed her lips on his cheek.
‘Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Bruno.’ And with that, she left. Leaving Bruno to watch her walk away. Mouth slightly open, unable to speak.
‘Great job Tío.’
‘Thanks Mirabel.’
‘Damn Bruno’s got game.’
‘Camilo shut up! You’re ruining the moment!’
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tesseractrave · a month ago
"How many rats can I fit in my hair?"
Tumblr media
*draws vague rat-shape* yeah that looks like a rat
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♡a/n: i had this idea and i couldn't forget it so here's this. wrote it in a few minutes.
"My...name?" the man hesitated, his eyes moving around the place. his palm sweating as he grips the bucket handle tighter. "It's bruno.."
You hum in a ecstacy. you've noticed him around but since you have recently moved into the village, you didn't know much people, plus no one really seemed to talk to him. "What a beautiful name, bruno"
Bruno doesn't think so. his name was used in a scornful manner. people still seem wary of him. a small mention of his name, people seem doubtful of him, even now, as he's rebuilding the house.
"Really?" you nod, over the moon when he makes eye contact you with. he's staring at you with the cutest eyes. "I think it's pretty plain."
Bruno is quick to avert his eyes again, it makes you want to looked one more time. you lean down, eyes trained on his face, wanting to properly take a look at him. plus, it feels nice to fluster a guy.
"Well, bruno. it's fitting for a pretty man like yourself."
"Pr-pretty? me?" bruno doubts that. he searches for the a name at the top of his head as he responds. "A name like.. 'roberto' is fitting for a beautiful man."
"Like... him?" you point over to a stall behind him, causing bruno to turn to see what caught your attention. he see a man in a green poncho, curls all over the place, staring right back at him. "I think he's very attractive."
It takes a few seconds to realize what's happening. he came face-to-face with himself, it wasn't camilo, it was a mirror!
Bruno's face blooms into a red color. whipping his head back to you with wide eyes.
"Um.. are you flirting with me?" bruno hesitates to ask. he had no clue if you were and it would be very embarrassing if you weren't actually flirting. but base off what he's read in books, this is usually how someone flirts.. right?
"Is it making you uncomfortable?"
"Huh?! no, no.." bruno chuckles, a bashful smile growing on his lips. it's cute and awkward, very fitting for someone like him. you couldn't see him flirting back but you didn't mind. "I think you're really attractive as well.."
He swings the bucket back and forth. like a child waiting for their parent to return. he notices the awkward silence that passed by, internally panicking.
"Like my rats.. not that i'm trying to compare you to them! I just like their company, and stuff, but you! you are very beautiful and I like the way you sound, unlike my rats— not that they have human faces— and w-why did I even bring them up.. err.. did I go to far...?" his tone gets quieter and smaller as he finishes talking, shoulders quivering in humiliation. he lowers his head, staring at the back of his palm.
"Thank you, bruno." said man looks up in confusion, his face burning from his rambling. "I've never been called very beautiful before."
Bruno groans. he wants to bury himself out of embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I got distracted and just said what came to mind.."
"Don't worry, it's adorable." you laugh at him. taking the empty bucket from his hands. "Anyway do you wa—"
"Bruno!" a girl comes running, waving her arms around. maribel. you've talked to her before, while helping around at the casita. "Did you get the water... oh"
She comes to a stop, seeing you beside the him, filling the rest of the buckets he carried. "I see.. you got distracted by (name) again."
Bruno inhales sharply, heart beat spiking up. he feels you glance at him with a raised brow. "Bruno is always looking at yo—"
"Maribel! let's go, I think we're finished here!" maribel giggles as his flustered expression. bruno takes off, nearly dropping the water. maribel innocently picks up the other bucket and walks closer to you.
"I'm gonna write a song about your love story now."
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theviewer · 29 days ago
Got a keep the fandom well fed
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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batemanslut · 23 days ago
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x GN Reader
•reader will have female anatomy, but will use gender neutral pronouns. also was inspired by @incubum !! this is my first fic so I hope it turns out well!!!!
WARNING: There is an age gap between Bruno and the reader. MINORS DNI 18+
Bruno Madrigal was a creep, a pervert, and most of all, a sexual deviant. God only knows how long he's wanted you. He watched you through the cracks of the wall for years now, longing for the day he'd be able to touch your smooth skin, to know how you smelled, to taste you. You were the object of his desires, what he thought about when he wrapped his hand around his aching cock, wondering what it would feel like to grope your soft tits, or to grind his needy cock against your ass.
He never thought he'd have his fantasies fulfilled, that he'd forever be a whorish virgin dry humping his pillow in desperation.
Oh boy was he wrong.
༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺ ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
Sticky summer air clung to your clothes as you tried to battle the heat, and losing. Sweat beaded across your forehead as you pushed your way into the Madrigal home, Isabela following quickly behind you. She had wanted to go venture into town, but the duo had quickly discovered that it was too damn hot to do anything.
Isabela sighed, fanning herself with her hands as you tried to wipe the sweat off of your face.
"Well..." Isabela sighed out, disappointed that their adventure would be cut so shortly by the sweltering heat.
"We could always try tomorrow?" You say, setting yourself down on the stairs, leaning and resting your arms on the step behind you. Little did you know there was someone watching you from afar, a secret admirer.
Bruno groaned quietly as he saw you lean back. His eyes scanned your body over slowly, watching as you glistened from sweat. You had just pulled your skirt up, trying to cool yourself off, and Bruno nearly lost whatever sense he had left. He was a 50 year old virgin, I mean what do you expect?
He knew he had to have you. A little mischievous grin spread across Bruno's face as he thought about all the things he'd do to you. He nearly came like the little pervert he is at just the thought of ravaging your perfect body- biting down on your neck, pulling your hair, and especially (his favorite of his daydreams) fucking your cute face.
Isabela invited you to spend the night, because although the adventure into town didn't work out, that doesn't mean the day should end there.
Later on in the evening, the weather was just as hot as ever, and your clothes basically became one with your body.
"Isabela, do you mind if I showered?" You asked. You were sprawled out on her bed, your head in her lap as she played with your hair.
"Do you even need to ask? You basically live here." She joked, giving you a genuine smile. You grinned back at her, pushing yourself up from her lap.
You walked your way over to the bathroom, not noticing the man who was lingering behind you, creeping. Bruno obviously overheard your plans to take a shower, and he decided this was the perfect time to strike. It's now or never.
Before you shut the bathroom door, a short scrawny man slipped his hand over your mouth- shutting the door for you. You tried biting his hand, flipping the fuck out.
"Calm down." Was all he said, a bit awkwardly at that. You freaked out even more, because who the fuck calms down when someone says calm down?
You glance at your attacker, soaking in all his features. Unruly curly hair, sprinkled with salt and pepper, soft doe-like eyes, and somewhat of a stubbly beard and mustache among his face. You don't know why, but you feel like you know him.
Oh. Oh fuck you do know him.
Bruno Madrigal. Which didn't make sense, because no one had seen Bruno in years. It didn't make sense.
Your body relaxes. Maybe Bruno wanted your help, maybe he wanted you to pass a message along to someone in the family. Maybe this isn't as sinister as it feels.
Bruno notices the change in your body language, slowly removing his hand from the lower half of your face. His fingers felt rough, yet comforting at the same time. He was rethinking his actions, maybe this wasn't the best thing to do, maybe he should turn around and go.
"Ah- just.. I'm sorry?" he stuttered, backing away to the door as he started to grab the door handle. You reach out to him, grabbing his free hand.
"Wait! Don't go!" You exclaimed. He paused, lowering to your connected hands. His pulse shot up, and his blood rushed to certain places. Dios mio, he wanted you. He was tired of waiting. Years of pleasuring himself to you wasn't enough, he needed the real thing.
"I need you.." He gasped out, falling to his knees, grabbing handfuls of your skirt and looking up at you needily. Bruno was grinding himself against your leg, letting out a soft whine. He needed you more than anything.
You stood there flabbergasted, trying to soak in what was happening. Bruno Madrigal was on his knees, after being missing for years. But god, was he hot. It felt wrong, being attracted to your friend's tío.
Fuck it. You bend down and yank his hair back, attaching your lips to his. Your teeth clashed as you both groped each other. Bruno grunted, tearing down your top to expose your tits. God they were perfect. He latched his lips and started sucking. You were as dreamy as he had always imagined. A goddess. He was hungrily biting and licking down your chest, suddenly ripping down your skirt. Fuck your scent made him feral.
He buried his face into your underwear, inhaling your scent before he started licking your clit through the cottony fabric. Bruno's nails raked down your thighs. His moans were muffled. Your knees buckled as he pulled your underwear to the side, slowly teasing his fingers at your lips. You were already so wet. Nobody had ever touched you like this before. His salt and pepper hair tickled your thighs as he leaned in for another whiff.
"Bruno..please touch me.." You begged, grabbing his wrist and forcing him to finger you. He groaned, hearing how wet your pussy was. All he could think about was how beautiful you were. You had this ethereal glow to you. He pumped his fingers diligently, like it was the only thing in life that mattered. Seeing your face twist up in pleasure nearly made him cum on the spot. Your hands wandered to his hair, tugging him closer to your body.
He bit his lip, eyes rolling back into his head. His cock was straining against his clothes. Bruno removed his fingers, heart fluttering when he heard your disappointed whine. Quickly, he pulled down his shorts and underwear down, letting his cock pop out. His cock was thick, veins pulsing on the underside of his shaft, and he had bushy curls leading up to his belly button. The tip of his cock already leaked with precum, dribbling out in little pearls.
He aggressively grabbed your hips, pulling you closer to him. Immediately he rubbed the tip of his cock against your clit, shoving his head into your neck. You moaned loudly, before he shoved his fingers in your mouth.
"Keep quiet, Mi Querido." He warned, before he bit down on your neck. You grunted, sucking on his fingers like it was his cock, bobbing up and down. Bruno continued teasing his cock, slipping the tip in and out of your slit.
Without warning he slammed into you, causing tears to roll down your cheek. It hurt but it felt so fucking good. He continuously pounded into you while biting and licking your neck, fingers still in your mouth. This wasn't your first time, but it surely was the best so far.
He forced your mouth open, spitting into it. You nearly fell to your knees. Bruno noticed and pushed you against the wall, moving his fingers out of your mouth, as to hold your legs up as they wrapped around his waist.
"Bruno.." You whined out in a low voice, moving your fingers down to rub your clit, the other tangled in his hair. Bruno only fucked you harder after you moaned his name. He was determined to make you cum before him.
"You're mine." Was all he grunted out, destroying your body. He went back down to your tits, sucking your nipples. Your brain malfunctioned, and your mouth stopped working. All that came out was quiet rambles about how good he felt.
He wanted so badly to cum in you, to breed your cunt. You clenched around him and he huffed, having to tell himself to calm down before he busted. You worked your fingers faster, climbing faster to your high. Who knew that you'd be fucking your friend's missing tío in a bathroom tonight.
"Cum in me." You demaned, staring him straight in his glowing eyes. He lost his mind. Bruno wasn't even processing what was happening as you orgasmed, arching your back and thrusting your tits further into his face. He felt you clench around his cock again, and that was it.
He came deep inside of you, your body's sticking together as you both reached your highs. He soon pulled out, dropping down as he watched his cum drip out of your pussy. Before he realized it, he was lapping his mess up, licking up your thighs to your lips. He loved how you tasted, both of your tastes mixed together.
Bruno stood back up, panting as he leaned in for a final kiss. You slumped against the wall in shock as your legs shook and your breath wavered. Holy shit.
Bruno slipped back on his clothes, grinning as he scanned you up and down.
"Until next time." He said, leaving as quickly as he entered. You gaped your mouth open. He did NOT just fucking leave.
Little did you know this would become a daily occurance, that every time you spent that night with Isabela, Bruno would creep out to find you.
To perv on you, to watch you from the shadows.
And god you loved it. He was your pervert. Only yours.
And you were his.
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professordickinson · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We don’t talk about Mirabel.
Did a quick Encanto fanart!  I actually watched Encanto on new year's eve and yeah it was pretty good. I feel like Mirabel would have gotten along with Bruno seeing as both were out casted in a way, he would try to comfort her or cheer her up. Actually i have a lil au coming up abt that. Her coming to terms with having no powers must have rlly suck
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cipherscriptures · a month ago
Tumblr media
You think Bruno’s eyes glow when he gets flustered ?
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desiree610 · 2 days ago
Mer! Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader: Part 9
Tumblr media
⏪Part 1⏪Part 2⏪Part 3⏪Part 4⏪Part 5
⏪Part 6⏪Part 7⏪Part 8
It’s been two days since the last time any of the Madrigal’s has seen Bruno. Mirabel and a few other’s had to stay behind. They just had to be looking out for Bruno if he came back. Abuela was one of them who stayed. She was of course worried about her son. Not because of the human, because Alma felt like she drove Bruno away. “I should have just trusted Bruno to make his decision.” Alma said as she and Mirabel waited by the usual spot Bruno sit. Next to the rocks by the shores that lead straight in the ocean. “If I had to guess… Bruno’s gonna come back with his friend. Could you try to get to know them? They really are the nicest human we’ve met.” Mirabel also brings up how Y/N really wants to know the whole family. “I really hope they come back. You would love them Abuela.” Alma looked at Mirabel, trusting her words. It is true that Bruno was never this happy. Even if they weren’t a merperson, they could still give Bruno some joy in life. “Wait… Abuela. Look!” Mirabel pointed to Bruno coming back, he was carrying Y/N on his back. But something in her gut felt like something was wrong. Bruno swam as he carried Y/N, but they didn’t have their arms wrapped around him. In fact, they just seem so… lifeless.
As Bruno made his way swimming towards the shore of his island home. He gently laid Y/N down, he looked down on their abdominal area. It was too late, not even Julieta’s food could cure them. Their skin was pale due to their blood loss. Bruno wiped the strains of hair out of their face. “Why did I look into the future…?” His eyes started to tear up again, his tears fell and land on Y/N’s face. No flinch or reaction. They were really gone. “I’m so sorry.” He held them close to him, burying their face against his skin. Bruno’s face crumpled and he started to mourn over the loss of Y/N. “Tío Bruno…?” Mirabel came in with Abuela, held her hand tight. Bruno looked up with tears in his eyes, revealing how lifeless they were in his arms. No sign of life. “…No. They can’t be.” Mirabel was in disbelief, the plan to set them off. “It’s my fault… I shouldn’t have let them go. I should have just hid them somewhere else. I, Tío Bruno.”
He shakes his head, it wouldn’t have matter. It was gonna happen, you can’t change the future. But he wanted to so bad. He wanted you to just wake up and tell him that you’ll be fine. Alma came closer to Bruno and his human friend that he hid their face from his Mamá. She examined their body closely, she noticed the blood was coming from them. Bruno was completely fine. He had no cuts or bruises, no injuries at all. “Brunito…” Alma didn’t know what to say. “Mamá. Mirabel. They’re gone… because of me.” He explained what happen, they were hurt pretty bad but they still protected Bruno from being taken. He explained how they pushed him in the water but it was to protect him. He saw everything else that happen, Y/N getting stab multiple times and losing blood. That’s why Bruno was so exhausted when he came back. He has to swim as fast as his body could while holding them. He wasn’t gonna leave them to fall to the bottom of the ocean.
Mirabel curled up and whimper as her tears wouldn’t stop. This can’t be happening, why did it have to end like this for Y/N? They didn’t do nothing wrong? So why was it so unfair… like for her Abuelo Pedro. Mirabel noticed a blue butterfly passing by them. It landed on Y/N’s legs for a moment. It was like it was trying to tell us something, Mirabel thought to herself. “Wait… Isn’t there another way we can…? Can we save them?” Mirabel looked at her Tio Bruno, he looked up. Hoping that there was a way to bring them back. They both looked at Alma. “There is one way… But it has never been done for many years.”
They both followed Alma to a place that only she knew. It was far from their casita, as they swam to this place. Mirabel kept looking back to see how her Tio was doing. He was so sad, earlier he looked like her had already given up. But now, she couldn’t tell. Maybe he was hoping that this miracle would help Y/N. Mirabel was thinking the same too. “Tio Bruno?” Bruno was carrying Y/N’s lifeless body in his arms. “I’m fine Mirabel… I’m fine.” She took a deep breath and continued to follow Alma. There was this big stone, it had symbols of art all over the sides of the stone. It was telling a story or maybe explaining something else. A person walking on feet, then they lay on the stone, dying? No, not dying but being reborn as a mermaid. Mirabel traced her fingers on the stones of each picture. “Abuela. What is this place?” Alma took a deep breath, she remembered the time she came her with a few merfolk. When she was younger, that day when Pedro’s life was taken, she came her hoping it would bring him back. “I never understand who made this or why it was here… But I have a feeling this will help your friend.”
Bruno was shocked. “Wait, really?” Mirabel could only tell by the pictures but it seems to have told a story. “It’s like telling us some merfolk where once humans… Bruno. Lay Y/N down on the stone.” As Bruno swam closer to the stone, placing Y/N to lay on it. He put their hands together, and stayed by their side. Bruno really wanted this to work. He just wanted them to come back. “Brunito… It’s gonna be okay.” His mamá placed her hands on Bruno’s to ease him, so did Mirabel. “So, how does this work? Do we wait here until something happens? Or should I stay here with them?” Mirabel shakes her head. “We have to wait and see what happen tonight.” She explained that the moon has to shine on their body for it to work. So Mirabel and Alma made sure to take Bruno with them as they left Y/N’s body. Bruno kept his eyes on them until they were far from sight until he couldn’t see them.
Your body felt so cold, you questioned where you were. Last thing you remembered was pushing Bruno to safety. Everything else is a blur, but then you remembered something. “I was… I was stabbed by that. That’s right! Bruno? Bruno!” The last thing you remembered was Bruno reaching for you. But where you were now, you had no idea. You were surrounded by darkness. It freaked you out. You were somewhere else. “Is this what the afterlife looks like…?” The only sound was of your voice and your footsteps. Later on, you just gave up. You took it in and accepted that it was true. You really were dead. You sat in the empty void regretting not telling Bruno how you felt. You just wanted to hold him again. As you sat in silence, something caught your attention. “What is that?” You looked up and a blue butterfly landed on your knees. How was there a blue butterfly with you right now? As it started to flutter away, you decided to chase after it. After what felt a long run, there was a bright light ahead. You stopped for a moment, where was this butterfly leading you? Before you could question anything else you fall to the floor. It was like you had lost the ability to walk with your legs, you suddenly you couldn’t feel them. As you looked down, your legs had disappeared. You freaked out, was this a sign that you were gonna disappear or something? You looked back at the butterfly who was waiting for you. It was weird but at the moment you decided to crawl, it continued on ahead of you. As you got closer to the light, it was getting brighter and brighter. You kept your eyes shut tight. Without realizing it. you didn’t noticed the sudden change to your body.
Part 10⏩
((Edited: Forgot to mention, next part will be the last part of this story. But I can make Mer! Bruno Madrigal Headcanons.))
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cloud-9ine · 20 days ago
hello how are you, hope you are well. my english is not too good but could i request some bruno angst where reader doesn’t forgive him for leaving? you don’t have to tho it’s okay
The Absence of You
⤷ pairing - bruno madrigal x (gn) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - angst, hurt/little comfort
⤷ summary - everyone else seems ready to forgive and forget, but you can’t erase the years of pain
⤷ notes - thanks for the request! i love a bit of angst! your english is perfect btw. might make an extra to repair this damage depending on how sad this turns out
⤷ word count - 1.5k+
⤷ consider buying me a coffee!
⤷ join our discord server
Tumblr media
The day Bruno left, he hadn’t said goodbye.
You had no forewarning, no time to prepare yourself, no clue to what was happening until it was too late. One day he was here, and one day he was not. 
And that was almost enough to break you. 
For a while you had thought you had done something wrong. Were there signs you had missed? Had you driven him away? Granted, you knew the townspeople weren’t the kindest when it came to Bruno and he often felt as though he alone had to bear the brunt of what his powers entailed, but it never seemed enough for him to disappear entirely. 
Deep down, you knew you weren’t the issue, but you still couldn’t shake the guilt. You could have done something. You were the one who swore to always be there for him. 
And yet, where it really counted, you fell short. La familia Madrigal was torn apart the day he left, and all you did was sit and watch them fall apart.
It was no secret that you were Bruno’s sweetheart. You were his first love, the one who held his hands through the darkness of the night and caressed his cheeks during the summer heat, tucked into his chest during the spring siestas as he gazed down on you with nothing but love in his eyes.
The two of you were perfect, never seen without the other and never was one pictured in a life without the other. You could be framed as one, bound amongst the magic of the miracle and the roots of the Madrigals. He was your one, your Bruno. 
The week he left you couldn’t stop crying. 
It was like a loss of your only warmth after being thrown into the snow, your body sent into an almost shock-state the moment you heard the news from Pepa. You had to find out through his sister. He wouldn’t even say goodbye.
That night you resigned to your bed, wrapping the blanket around yourself and reaching out for Bruno. It was an instinct. Bruno had often stayed at your home, murmuring sweet nothings into your skin in the dead of night whether you were asleep or awake. Your arm fell limply onto the cold sheets, gripping as you searched for his warmth. 
You spent many nights like this, curled into a ball with your fingernails almost tearing holes into your mattress, eyes stinging with tears that you refused to let fall. These nights you wouldn’t fall asleep, flittering between consciousness and dreams until the sun peaked through your blinds in the morning.
On days when the unrelenting sun burned down on you with its empyrean gaze, you would see his figure flickering in the mirages that blossomed in the heat. It took months before you stopped chasing after them.
Through the years, though you grew older, skin hardening and mind becoming wise, you never sought another. In your eyes, Bruno was the only one for you. So you waited.
And then, he returned. Just like that. The rumours wouldn’t settle within the town, weaving their way like one big game of Chinese whispers before they ended with you. Casita had fallen down, and been rebuilt. You did not help.
Rather, you prepared yourself. You had waited for Bruno for years, desperately yearning for him in the days that you hated yourself, and begging for him to come back on the nights where all you wanted was to hold him in your arms. 
You could wait a little longer. He would come find you. So you waited, with a baited breath and pounding heart, shaking away the pain that wrapped around your thoughts and wiping away the tears that trailed down your cheeks. 
He would come for you, you were sure of it. 
The day Bruno returned, he didn’t greet you at all. You waited, and you waited, and you waited until the tears had dried and the blood flowing in your veins was nothing but a white noise in the back of your mind. Despite yourself, you were scared that Bruno had left once again. Why else would he have not searched for you the moment he got back, the same way to the very depths of your soul you were searching for him?
So, you went to the Madrigals. You would find him yourself. The moment you laid eyes on him again it seemed like time stopped, your heart stuttering in your chest and breath hitching in your throat. Despite the years that separated you two, you still loved him.
As much as you hated it.
He was with Pepa and Julieta, shoulders relaxed and a dopey smile on his face. That was, until he saw you. Casita had snapped its doors shut behind you, alerting your presence to the triplets. Bruno slowly stood from his chair, legs weak as he tapped along the tile, arms outstretched for you.
His hands were shaking when they met your face, cupping your cheeks with a gentleness that made your skin burn. His expression was soft, eyes searching your face as if it were the last time he would ever see it. There was love in his gaze, desperately reaching out for something you could not provide.  In the background, you saw Julieta wave away Pepa, the two of them exiting into the adjacent room.
“Mi amorcito.” He breathed, stammering slightly as though he couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Then, he smiled at you, his grin as impish and nervous as the day he had first introduced himself. Your fingers gently curled around wrists.
“Don’t call me that.” You murmured, voice wavering as you pulled away his hands. Bruno visibly flinched at you words, and you had to look away.
“(Y/N)?” His voice was quiet as you took a step back, arms falling limply at your sides as your bodies detached.
“Where were you?” Your own voice was hoarse, scratching at your dry throat with a pain that made you choke up. He glanced at your face, the walls, the floor, before back at your face again. You levelled him with an even stare, crossing your arms as he shrank underneath your gaze.
And you waited a moment. He did not respond.
“Fine. Why did you leave?” Your voice wavered. Bruno straightened his back, taking a step towards you just as you took another step back.
“I-I had to leave!” He spluttered, crooked smile twisting its way onto to his lips. Yet, his hands still shook, bottom lip quivering like he himself didn’t believe what he was saying, “I was hurting la familia-”
“Well what about me?” You cried, voice cracking as you blinked away the tears that gathered at your waterline. His words died in his throat as he watched you crumbled, shoulders shaking.
“I waited for you for years,” you seethed, vision watery as the tears continued to accumulate. Bruno could only look away. You scoffed at his expression, “you didn’t even say goodbye, Bruno. You left me alone, and all you can say it was for la familia?” You spat. 
“L-Look, I-” 
“You what? You’re sorry?” Bruno fell silent once again, nodding his head lightly. You forced yourself not to look at the bags under his eyes, or his sunken in cheeks, or the way his fingers twitched by his sides, itching to reach out to yours.
“Sorry doesn’t take away those years, Bruno.” His shoulders stiffened, neck craned downwards. You sniffled, ignoring the way he glanced up at you, remorse and concern in his eyes.
And behind it all, he still looked at you with love. 
He still looked at you with adoration, as if you were the only thing in the world. 
Like the way before he left. 
Your nails dug into your palms, cutting little crescent shaped wounds through your skin. You had to leave, before you lost the strength to.
“Goodbye, Bruno.” His head snapped up, eyes widening in horror as you turned back to the door.
“M-Mi amorcito, please-”  “Don’t.” You gritted your teeth, steeling yourself so you wouldn’t turn around to look at his pitiful form, “I’m sorry, but you lost your chance.”
In the end, all Bruno could do was watch you leave, chest heavy and mind wrapped with regret, begging fruitlessly for all of this to be a dream. But, of course, he would never be that lucky.  
You, his second half, the one who made him complete, had walked out the door, and there was nothing he did to stop it. 
The day you left, you took away a piece of Bruno with you.
And it was never to return.
Tumblr media
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peanutbell · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
So anyways…
Tumblr media
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doodleferp · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Don’t worry — he’s not scared of anything.”
Sometimes, you gotta turn to your boyfriend for help. Sometimes, your boyfriend has to turn to Hernando for help. It’s what you do.
Edit that this is based on a headcanon that Bruno invented Hernando to help himself feel more confident.
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littlewritingsss · 25 days ago
Smooth (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, flustered Bruno, wingman Camilo
Warnings: None:)
Synopsis: Bruno has never had the courage to talk to Y/N but maybe with a little help from his nephew, he’ll be able to do it
‘Ugh did I have to come with you to the market Tío?’ Camilo groaned as they walked into town. Bruno looked over at him
‘Yeah sorry Camilo but I needed a hand carrying everything back and you were the only one not busy so-‘
‘Hey isn’t that señorita Y/N?’ Bruno froze. There she was.
He shouldn’t be so surprised, Y/N always came to the market at this time very week. It was mostly this reason that Bruno decided to go. Of course he couldn’t muster up the courage to actually talk to her once he got there. But seeing her smile was enough to make his day.
‘Let me guess, you’re not going to talk to her like you do every week?’ Camilo huffed. ‘Y’know it was kinda funny to begin with but now it’s just sad Tío.’
‘Ah that’s mean Camilo. You shouldn’t say things like that.’ Bruno was never good at being the disciplinary adult but he still tried. Unfortunately he agreed with his nephew in this instance.
‘You want my advice?’ Camilo offered. ‘You just gotta go over there and smooth talk her.’
‘Smooth talk?’ Bruno didn’t think that was something he was capable off. In his choice of words or the tone he deliver them in, neither would be considered smooth he was sure of it.
‘Come on let’s just go over to her.’ Camilo began to push his uncle in Y/N’s direction. Bruno began to panic.
‘No Camilo I-I don’t think this is a good idea-‘ He tried to push back but Camilo had shapeshifted into Luisa. There was no getting out of this now.
The two stopped at the stall Y/N was at. She hadn’t noticed them just yet.
‘Just be smooth.’ Camilo whispered as he transformed back into himself. Bruno looked at the floor to compose him self.
Be smooth. Be smooth. Okay you can do this.
‘Good morning Bruno! Camilo.’ Y/N greeted cheerily.
‘Morning señorita.’
‘Y-Y/N! Ah good morning.’ Bruno jumped.
‘You’re doing great.’ Camilo commented sarcastically. Bruno tried his best to ignore him.
‘How are you?’
‘Very well thank you. And yourself?’
‘Yeah I’m good.’ Bruno looked down to his feet again. It was difficult to look her in the eyes and stay composed.
Y/N quirked an eyebrow and looked over at Camilo. He just shrugged saying he’s always like this. Y/N chuckled.
Bruno felt a hand on his chin, lifting his head up. Y/N smiled at him and moved his curly hair away from his face.
‘That’s better. I can see your handsome face now.’
‘M-My what?’
‘Have a good day Bruno.’ Y/N said and walked away. Camilo grinned.
‘Looks like señorita Y/N is smooth enough for the both of you.’
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I just saw that your ask box is open!
I was wondering if I would request a fic about Bruno and his s/o, where his s/o would in her late twenties (they would meet first time when Casitas rebuild). They'd be such a strong couple, love each other at no matter what, and the Madrigals would support them.
One day she'd ask Bruno to gave her a vision cause she want to see how Bruno use his gift(she never saw it, only heard rumors about it) but he'd rejects her because he is afraid from the future. Afraid because he thinks he is not good enough for her or she'd leave him after the gossips in the town about him.
But finally he give up (he love her so much but he has sooooo much anxiety) and give her a vision, but for his surprise the sand globe and the glass sheet are totally empty. Bruno'd panic because he thinks something would happen with his s/o and he'd loose her, but after his family and his love support him through his breakdowns, they insist he should try once more.
And this time it would be something sweet like a marriage or whatever you prefer!
Long story short I need an angst fic with happy ending!
Thank you so much, feel free to ignore this if you don't like it or if you don't want to. You are amazing and I hope you have and amazing day!
{Word count: 2775}
{Warnings: Angst with a fluffy finish!}
{A:N: VERY MUCH SO YES A MILLION TIMES I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! I do have some minor altercations though! While I think most of the family would be so ecstatic that Bruno found someone he loved, I feel Abuela may not be so accepting about the fact that she's so much younger than bruno! ALSO I AM SO SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR HOW STINKING LONG THIS THING IS. I KINDA JUST POPPED OFF AND COULDNT STOP GOING I LOVED THIS PROMPT TO MUCH. }
Growing up, gossip was a filthy mask that was passed around in the small Encanto where you lived. Trickling down from the prestiged Madrigal home, as far back as you could remember, you’d hear tales of a wicked brother. A man with dark intent and mystical powers of misfortune and horror, plaguing the village with pessimistic premonitions. Your Papa would tell the traumatic tales over an open flames, the night sky shimmering as the children ran around laughing and screaming. You never forgot those tales, and as a child you feared the man named Bruno. The unwanted Madrigal son haunted your mind, keeping you distant from the beloved family for so long. Your primos and primas would all play and laugh along with the other Madrigal children, but you always kept your distance, even when you grew past the age where monsters and superstitions shook your spirits. It was embarrassing to admit but even now at 28 years old, you still avoided the Madrigal family, ideas and conclusions of the eldest son harboring freely in your mind. You swore to yourself you’d never go anywhere near their casita, but when the town rumbled and cracks fractured through the villa, you knew you couldn’t stand by idly. The whole Encanto raised their hammers and shovels to help rebuild what had been lost, you knew you had to do the same and let go of the childish fears you held onto from the past. The family had contributed so much to so many of you, including your own familia. 
Every morning you’d rise early setting the ovens within your family's bakery a blaze two hours earlier than usual to prepare food for the workers and families helping rebuild La Casa Madrigal. You’d bring arepas by the dozen, boxes of almojabanas, and two whole plantain bacon and cheese cakes, everything you’d need to feed a village. The first time you’d ever ventured up the mountain to the ruined wreckage that once held such great honor and hope for the village, your nerves had nearly eaten you alive. You’d spent most of the day hiding behind the concessions table next to your Mama and sister. 
“You should go help them mija, the work will get done faster if we have all hands on deck. I can handle the food” your mother smiled, her palm cupping your cheek. “I saw Mirabel and Bruno in the courtyard trying to decorate the walls. You’re very artistic mi vida, why don’t you give them a hand.” 
You wanted to vomit on the spot, your stomach pitting at the mere mention of Bruno Madrigal. “No! No, I just- uh I don’t think I’d be very much help over there. Maybe I can help place blocks in the kitchen, or clean up the scraps outside” 
Your mother sighed, shaking her head in disappointment. “Mija, you have the most talent I have ever seen in this entire villa, and that isn’t me being biased. Your work is so beautiful, imagine the pride you’d feel taking part in something so important to this familia, to our community. I’d be so proud of my daughter, and I’d smile and tell everyone that your beautiful work is part of this casa” she gaslit, really laying it on thick as she grabbed your cheeks and smiled. 
You gave a huff, worming your way out of her hold with a scowl. “Fine mama fine, please stop. I get the point, ay dios mio.” You grumble as you brush the confectioners powder off your hands and onto your pants. 
Your stomach was a tidal wave of nerves as you slowly approach the two Madrigals, your eyes cautiously glancing Bruno’s frame up and down. He was nothing like the tales you’d heard. In fact if you hadn’t heard everyone gasping and gossiping about his presence, you would have never even guessed he was here. His face was soft, and his eyes shone with a dim glimmer of playfulness and relief as he watched his niece climb the ladder, strokes of her paintbrush creating small simple designs along the frame of the walls. He seemed almost approachable, not monstrous at all. Glancing up between the two you gave a sheepish smile, your hand giving a small raise as you mustered up the strength to use your voice “I like what you’re doing so far Mirabel, but can I offer a suggestion? If it’s okay I mean!” 
The girl's curls bounced as her head turned towards you, a smile on her face “sure, I’m open to ideas! Whatcha’ got for me?” she asked. 
“I was thinking you could do butterflies? Um, maybe between each flower, maybe like this” you hum extending your hand out for the brush. 
She gives you a grin, handing the brush off with confidence as she steps down the ladder allowing you to step up instead. Your wrist flicks and effortlessly you create this beautifully simple shape between two flowers Mirabel had previously painted. “Something like this, and each butterfly could be a different color, maybe even in a different position too! Add a bit of personality to each one!” You could feel yourself relaxing under each stroke of the brush as you and Mirabel laughed and painted the day away, the sun filled sky dimming and the rays of dusk beginning to fill the space until it was too dark to continue working. It was an enjoyable time with some very unexpected company. You didn’t know the Madrigals were so lively and so easy to talk to. You didn’t know Bruno was so easy to talk to. From that point on your relationship with Bruno began to blossom like the beautiful flowers Isabela produced across town, the progress slowly burning into something special. Soon you couldn’t wait to see his face. You fantasized about those heavy green eyes of his, the way they’d get brighter when you walked into the room. You longed to see the dopey smile that crawled across his face whenever you’d laugh at the obscure jokes he’d crack. You’d go from counting the days, to the hours, to minutes before you two could see each other again, your heart feeling juvenile and giddy with emotions you’d never felt before…for someone you’d never thought you’d have the perspective to fall in love with. Eventually your small talks would turn into long over extended stays where the two of you would stay up till the crack of dawn, indulging yourselves with asinine inside jokes. You became Bruno’s closest confidant, and when the time came, the two of you became lovers, sharing an intimacy and passion the Madrigal family had never quite seen before from the dark haired shut away. 
Despite the age gap, most members of the Madrigal family were ecstatic for you and Bruno. Julieta was overfilled with joy whenever she’d see your face around la casa. She’d grab you by the ears and pepper your cheeks with kisses. “Mi hermana bonita!” she’d squeal, causing you to chuckle and squirm. It made your heart jump to hear her call you sister. Your relationship with Bruno was still new, yet every time she greeted you it was with such warmth and with such confidence that you’d continue to be here in her brother's life. “You know, I’m not quite married to your brother yet” 
She’d wave your comment off with a chuckle shaking her head “Please, I don’t need my brother’s gift to know you and him will be together for a very very long time.”
The sentiment of knowing Julieta approved so whole heartily of your relationship held a special place in your mind. It weighed heavily on your conscience to know certain members of la familia Madrigal were strictly against your relationship. It was an unspoken tension between you and Abuela that made the air thick and uncomfortable whenever you’d stay the night. It was the disgusted looks you’d catch from the corner of your eye, as Bruno would gently brush his fingertips against yours. It was the way the circles under your lover's eyes grew heavier, each and every time you saw him, the stress of his mother’s disapproval collapsing on his mind. Your own mind wandered and stressed about the longevity of your relationship. “Do you think…” you paused, your teeth anxiously picking at the skin of your lip as your eyes casted to the grout between casitas tiles. “Do you think Bruno would be able to see the future of our relationship?” You ask, breaking the unintentional silence you’d created. 
There’s a lull in conversation as you await Julieta’s response. “Yes, but I don’t think if you were to ask he’d willingly look. It’ll take a lot of convincing and pushing Manita, and I’m not sure it would be the best thing to do.”
You gave a sigh, Julieta was rarely wrong, especially when it came to Bruno. Before you, no one knew the man quite as well as his sister did. Still…you felt the curiosity and desire to know kindling in the pit of your stomach. You had to ask. You spent the next 3 weeks poking and pressing every time you shared your lover's company. “Mi vida, please show me a vision. I want to see your gift in action. Nothing you could show me would ever tear my love for you Bruno,” you’d plead. 
It’d take about 2 additional weeks of pleading before the man would finally cave, his heart yearning to do anything to make you happy. Even if internally it riddled him with anxiety to think about. You were over the moon when he agreed, eagerly awaiting as he dragged you up to the highest point of his room. Bless casita, for had there not been magic in this household you didn’t think you’d ever be able to make it to the top of those stairs. You watched as the object of your heart began to set up his typical ritual, your eyes taking in his every move. He was quiet the whole time, his hands trembling as he poured the sand around the two of you. “You seem nervous amor” you comment softly, a hand reaching out to take hold of his. “You have nothing to be afraid of.”
His fingers clutched onto you as he paused. “What if you don’t like what I show you Y/N. What if I see something bad and-....and you leave and you don’t come back. That happens more than you think, people just walk away from me. I don’t want to see you walk away too. What if I see something I don’t like!...I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.” He paused, releasing the breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. It was obvious he was sinking away in his own anxious thoughts. 
You smiled, planting a kiss right against the edge of his mouth, your hands pressing against the surface of his chest. “Bruno, breathe amor. I won’t hold you to this if it’s really causing you this much stress. Your mental well being means more to me than some silly vision. I can wait to see our future unravel before my eyes, the way it was intended to. I don’t need to rush every answer, I just wanted the experience with you.” You smile, thumb grazing against the stubble of his cheek. Your cheeks sting as your dimples deepen, his lips tug into a grin as well. “Do what you feel is right.” 
His body is stiff, only for a moment before his shoulders drop and his eyes flutter closed. “I can do this, I can do this.” you hear muttered lowly under his breath before his routine continues. 
You wait in anticipation as sage and smoke fill the air around you, a sudden chill picking up as the currents of the room begin to swirl around you. You take hold of the hands Bruno holds out in front of you, heart stopping to see the gorgeous emerald glow of his eyes staring back at you. “Hold onto me, and don’t let go.” 
Doing as instructed, you grip his hands, lacing your fingers between his watching, waiting for something spectacular to take place. The winds blow and the sand swirls, everything seems typical to Bruno, except his vision is blank. In the sand there’s no images, no figures, nothing. Just sand whipping. “This isn’t right! T-This hasn’t happened before! I-I gotta stop! Why is there nothing here!” 
His hold on you tightens, his chest rising and falling quickly as the winds begin to beat chaotically, thrashing around the room. Sand slashes your face and you can’t help the whimper that passes your lips as you turn your cheek away. Immediately everything stops, and Bruno’s hands are cupping your face, inspecting the scratches left behind. “This was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have- I should have….are you okay?” 
“I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s just a tiny scratch, I'll be okay.” you murmur, hands trying to pull his trembling fingers from your face. “Take a deep breath, it’s okay.” 
“No. It's-uh-It’s not. I did this and it’s my fault. I always make things like this happen, I cause bad things, I am a bad thing” he whimpers tears forming in the ducts of his eyes. 
You shake your head, grabbing his face peppering the tears away before they can fall. “Mi cielo,shh. Do NOT talk about yourself that way. You didn’t know this would happen. Let’s just go downstairs, we'll get some fresh air and Julieta can fix my face, it’s going to be okay. I don’t think you make bad things happen, okay? It was just an accident, they happen. Come on. ”
When you leave that night everything feels…corrupt. You feel heinous for forcing the man you loved into exceeding his comfort zones. Julieta was right, not that you doubted she would be in the end, but sometimes you hoped you knew just a little bit more. It comes as a surprise when the next day Bruno asks to try the vision once again. 
“Mi amor are you positive you want to do this again? I respect your boundaries and if you aren’t comfortable doing this we really don’t have to.”
“No, I want to do this. I just- I think I got a little too worked up, like you always tell me not to do, which I always do anyway cause- well that's not important,” he hums hands grasping for yours “just promise me you’ll love me no matter the outcome.” 
Your lips seek his cheek, nose nuzzling against his as you smile “that’s a promise I can handle.” It takes time, but the two of you redo his trials, setting up once more to have your future read. You can feel your own nerves building as the sand swirls once more, but this time it's different. Things appear to be calmer and before long, images flourish in the sands of time around you. A cascade of emotions barrel through your heart as you watch imagery of you and Bruno, a gorgeous baby cradled in your arms as his forehead laid resting against yours. Heat radiates from his palms as they grow sweaty and his cheeks flush red. Eventually the winds stop and a tablet of Emerald collects from the images you’d just seen play out before you. Bruno’s hands hold onto the stone, his eyes refusing to pull from the slate. He’s speechless, drawn in and captivated by the prophecy in his hands. He’d never produced something like this…something good.  His immersion is disconnected when he hears sniffling coming from you, his heart dropping. Immediately his mind flies to the worst case, the stone toppling from his hands. “I knew you’d hate it if I showed you something you didnt li- oof!” 
Caught off guard, his eyes widen as his back presses into the sand of his cave, your lips pressing to every bare inch of skin they can find. “I love it. I love you, mi amor. I was so afraid- I was worried that because Abuela hated me, that you would grow to resent me and distance yourself from me as well.” 
“What! Don’t be crazy, why would I ever ruin the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I don’t care what my mother thinks of me….I care what you think of me Y/N…I love you more than I ever thought I was kinda capable of.”
You can’t help the laughter that ripples through your body as you crush your lips against his
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lucarioishi · 29 days ago
— bruno has a partner who is the complete opposite of him !
   warning: gender neutral. angst to fluff. bruno gets insecure. another short fic.
requested by: @potato_chip_flake (on wattpad)
a/n: i tried to give this request justice but i just couldn't get it right 😔
Tumblr media
bruno and (name)... two completely different people.
you're always surrounded by people, everyone liked you. you were like a brilliant flower. a star that never dies!
and bruno, well he's bruno. he wasn't anything special. at least that's what he thought... and half of the town.
he's awkward, clumsy and pretty much not.. you. and he admired you because of your confidence, he adores you because of how different you are from him.
on the other hand, it scared him. what if you get tired of him? he's a baggage, there's much better people out there! people who can cook, or don't have messy hair all the time. he doesn't even try to comb his curls!
bruno stares at the mirror in front of him, brushing his teeth. he spots the gray hairs growing on his hair, dark eyebags, all his imperfections.
maybe you'll find someone who's better looking too.
bruno sighs, ignoring the harsh yank of pain that's tugging at his heart. his own insecurities are gonna get him in deep trouble. he finishes up in the bathroom.
his hand reaches for the door knob, he takes a deep breath. you always know when something is wrong with him. he didn't want to worry you, nor wake you. well, you're probably awake.
"goodmorning vida mia!" and you're up alright, a big smile on your face when you see him.
bruno gives you a soft smile, "hello," comes his quiet response, he fumbles with the ends of his poncho, in order to avoid your stare. he hears you rambling about something but his mind is preoccupied with what happen last night.
those people who surrounded you.. they seemed so much more appealing, you even looked like you were having fun. does he drag you down..? he knows other people can make you have a good time, but something about that thought made his heart hurt really badly.
"—uno? bruno?" bruno snaps out of it. he turns to you, smiling softly. "is everything alright?"
"yeah.. still sleepy." bruno turns his back to you as he makes his way outside of his tower, placing his hood over his head. he hears you chase after him. until, pepa stopped you.
"(name)! mind helping me out?" you stop, looking back at bruno, who turned the corner.
it's been hours since you've last seen bruno. he hasn't comed out of his tower. and to be honest, you were also scared. did you do something wrong?
did he find out that you accidentally stepped on his rats tail...
half of the day, pepa kept you busy, the sun was out and she seemed to be in a good mood today. everyone did. except bruno. it worried you. nobody seems to notice the fact that he wasn't around. he hasn't even appeared to eat lunch!
hours turned into days, and you couldn't get him out of his room. everytime you came around to visit, bruno never showed up. if he was around, you'd ask maribel, but she shrugs, a worried look in her eyes. "i don't know what's wrong with him.. he won't speak to anyone either..."
"dolores said she hears sniffing... and he hasn't eaten well for the past two days either!" maribel adds, pushing her glasses up. she's obviously very anxious.
so, with a harden stare, you marched up his stairs. you hesitantly knocked of the door twice, getting no response in return, "...bruno? are you in there.."
it was silent for the few minutes you stood outside, palm inching closer to the knob. it didn't feel right for you to barge in his room. you knew he'd get anxious at times, especially after he gets out of the house. he'd likes to have his 'alone time'.
so, you wait. you've waited longer before, and no matter how strong your urge to rip open the door was, you held back. letting go of the knob, you kneel down on the floor, back resting against the wall. you hear shuffling then everything goes quiet. you hold your breath.
"w-what is it?" he speaks, voice cracking. you could imagine how embarrassed he was because of it.
you jolt, throat closing in as if you wanted to cry from happiness just from hearing his voice. "the food is ready.. you need to eat something, mi amor!"
"oh. i'm not hungry, thanks though."
you cross your arms and let your head fall back on the wall, a soft thud could be heard but it didn't hurt you. "okay then, i'm not eating either."
"no, please eat (name)."
you shake your head, "nope! i'm not eating until you come out."
bruno sighs, reluctantly standing up and swings the door open. you smile widely, it sends him guilt. you look so relieved, staring up at him from your position on the floor.
"hello, pretty!" bruno restrained a frown. instead, he places the hood over his head again. "let's go eat now!"
"(name)..." bruno's hand shoots out to grab onto yours. he quickly lets it go after realizes how rude it was.
"maybe we should break up." those words stopped you dead in your tracks. you inhale sharply, mouth going dry.
bruno crumbles under your silence, pressing his lips in a thin line. his eyes looking for something to land on so he settles for his hands. they started to sweat and shake. "i've been thinking about it for a while too—"
"why, why all of a sudden..?" you cut him off. you knew something was up, you just didn't think it was big enough for him to break up. "every couple has their ups and downs bruno, we can work it out!"
he wants to hit himself. what are you saying bruno!? "no we won't! you'll find someone better and who makes you happy—"
"that's the actual reason?" those were the words that finally manage to leave your lips. you were surprised by how firm they were, despite being on the verge of tears. "bruno! you make me happy!"
bruno shakes his head repeatedly, lowering his head so you wouldn't see his face. his voice quivering. "no! you- you don't get it!"
you step closer to him, raising your hands to hold his face but he flinches away from you. "y-you don't have to force yourself to be with me anymore, i only drag you down!"
"force? bruno, i'm not forcing myself." despite him moving back, you place your hands on his cheeks. a small sob falling from his lips. it breaks you upon hearing it. "and you're not dragging me down."
"why would you ever think that?" you frown, eye watering up. bruno leans into your touch as you lift his head up. "i love you bruno. no one could and will never replace you!"
"it's just that— i'm a baggage to my family and you," you shake your head violently, pressing your lips to his cheek, kissing away the trail of tears that stained his pretty face.
"no, you aren't. i don't want you to think like that ever again, okay?"
bruno gives a shaky nod, thoughts all over the place. it feels nice to get comforted. though he did not mean to scare you like that, nor make you cry. "now, lets go eat and then we can cuddle!"
bruno chuckles, mumbling an 'okay'. "i made a novela, do you wanna watch it.."
Tumblr media
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