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loook at them
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besties (Mirabel is also kinda like: what am I doing here)
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poor girl always has to do the same pose
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big bro Camilo (Antonio鈥檚 so cute)
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just perfect couple (looking so cute together)
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Agust铆n is just happy to be there you know
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#proudabuela 馃槒
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Dolores: So what does it eat?
Camilo: Updog.
Antonio: [starts breakdancing]
Camilo: Not yet. Wait until she asks what that is.
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shoot your shot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carlos Madrigal had never seen his twin, Camilo look so pathetic until he saw it for himself. Alternate title: Carlos Madrigal sees Camilo simp for you and decides to mess with him just because.
masterlist !! requested by @umbrellazontik
It was another perfect day in the little valley of Encanto. The sun was shining brightly over the tall mountains that the little town had been nestled in, the morning mist made delicate dew drops on every surface it could perch on, all was well. It was a good morning for everyone. Until the Madrigal twins鈥 bickering had echoed from the town square.
Most residents had sighed heavily at this, knowing the commotion all too well.
Camilo Madrigal had grumbled up at the figure beside him as they walked, a boy who looked very much like him and in to the untrained eye, one might think Camilo had made a clone of himself but that wasn鈥檛 the case. Beside him was the one and only Carlos, his younger twin brother.
It was safe to say that the early years of their childhood was filled with Pepa鈥檚 thunderous clouds. The boys had trouble written all over them. Often getting into fights with one another and wreaking havoc in their Casita.
The chaos only worsening when the two had gotten their gifts. Camilo had the gift to shape shift as did Carlos but rather than using it to help the village like his older brother, Carlos Madrigal was dead set on doing the opposite.
It wasn鈥檛 that hard to decipher which was which between them despite being twins. Camilo, for example had dark green eyes and his hair was curly and untamed, his ruana a mix of light and dark yellows with the chameleon patterns pointing down. Carlos had chocolate brown eyes, his hair a bit more shorter and wavier rather than curly, and his eyes were half-lidded unlike his brother鈥檚. While Camilo donned a yellow ruana, Carlos鈥 had a deep maroon ruana adorned with light brown stripes and the chameleon pattern it had pointed upwards.
As his older brother rambled on about something, Carlos had rolled his eyes, smoothening out his ruana. He really could care less about what he was rambling about, Camilo鈥檚 words going to one ear and then out the other. He kicked a pebble in his path, inwardly mocking the boy beside him as he talked non-stop.
It was something, something.. creating trouble by using his voice.. yada yada chaos..
Then all too suddenly his rambling stopped. 鈥淔inally.鈥 He breathed out with a roll of his eyes. Though that was a first. Camilo鈥檚 ramblings lasted a few blocks into town but this time it was cut short. His brows furrowed. Carlos craned his head to look at Camilo but found that his side was empty.
It was like clockwork. During this time, on the same path, on the same direction, he would be left alone and his brother would be nowhere to be found. It was honestly comical how suddenly Camilo was there and then the next, he wasn't.
He blinked, head whipping left and right. Did he just disappear on him again? Only to look back and see Camilo leaning against a wall, smiling at an unfamiliar girl. You鈥檇 think in such a small town he would know everyone. In his defense, all of Encanto was unfamiliar to him. He didn鈥檛 really waste his time in getting to know everyone when he could just be playing tricks and pranks all over town.
He quirked a brow as he approached them, only now noticing the lovesick expression on his brother鈥檚 face. His signature smirk appearing on his features as he found Camilo stumbling over his words a little, a red flush on his cheeks.
Interesting reaction.
Only then could he recognize the person his brother was talking to. He didn鈥檛 know your name but he had recognized you as the stern woodcarver鈥檚 daughter. His lips curled into a devious grin.
It didn鈥檛 take a genius to put two and two together when Camilo had fumbled when you laughed. He snickered as Camilo鈥檚 knees almost buckled underneath him. Oh his brother was a simp. A huge simp. He hadn鈥檛 seen him this.. pathetic looking. If he could have hearts in his eyes the fool would鈥檝e probably had it. So this was where he was disappearing to?
鈥淐amilo!鈥 He calls out, as if he hadn鈥檛 just been observing them from afar. His older brother stiffened at the name, almost going pale as he approached. You had turned to the sound of his voice with a curious tilt of your head and as you did so, Camilo was shaking his head at him and mouthing the words 鈥楧on鈥檛 you dare鈥 with a narrowed gaze.
This was going to be fun.
鈥淭here you are! Oh.. and I see you鈥檙e with a friend!鈥 His devilish grin had quickly turned into an angelic smile as he wrapped an arm around his older brother who muttered a quiet 鈥楳iercoles鈥 under his breath.
鈥淲ell, hermano, aren鈥檛 you going to introduce me?鈥
Camilo grumbled.
鈥淭his is my brother鈥斺 He starts begrudgingly before he was quickly interrupted by said brother introducing himself instead.
鈥淐arlos Madrigal, mu帽eca. It鈥檚 a pleasure to meet you.鈥 He took your hand in his, winking up at you. 鈥淏ut you鈥檝e probably seen the murals, huh?鈥
He leant down to press a chaste kiss on your knuckles. 鈥淎nd you are?鈥 Upon hearing your name, the mischievous boy smiled once more. He tested your name, liking the way it rolled off his tongue.
鈥淏eautiful, mu帽eca, just like you.鈥 He finally says, returning to his deep suave voice.
You arch your brow at the boy鈥檚 flirtatious nature, having been quite used to being chatted up by boys and girls alike.
Carlos tried to fight back a smirk as he saw Camilo go wide-eyed and slack jawed. You, however, didn鈥檛 have anymore time to dwell on having both devilishly handsome twins' attentions upon hearing your father鈥檚 gruff voice call for you to come home.
You smile sheepishly, and bid them a temporary farewell. Camilo had maintained his composure up until you finally disappeared around the corner elbowing Carlos harshly.
鈥淲hat was that for!?鈥 He hissed, rubbing his sore side.
鈥淲hat do you mean 鈥榳hat was that for鈥..鈥 Camilo mocked the mimic with a roll of his eyes. 鈥淵ou know what that was for!鈥
鈥淲hat? I鈥檓 shooting my shot if you aren鈥檛 going to. She鈥檚 pretty.鈥 Carlos rolled his eyes at Camilo鈥檚 antics.
"Well, I was going to before you rudely interrupted, pendejo!" That was a lie. Although he wanted to, he was far too caught up in la la land for him to actually confess.
Carlos smirked. He had lived to rile people up and it seemed Camilo thought he was serious about pursuing you with the way his older brother furrowed his brows at him.
A part of him wanted to reassure his brother that he didn鈥檛 need to worry about him getting in the way of his little love story but he wasn鈥檛 known as mischief incarnate for nothing. Besides, if he kept on taunting Camilo, he may have the guts to ask you out for real in the future.
He hummed a little tune, smiling smugly as he nodded. He's a good brother, looking out for his older brother's welfare and happiness.. in a way.
"Better hurry, hermano. Or I'll be snatching her for myself." Carlos says, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg @kaorisposts @samlealea @nachotrash @jovi-ayer @nachotrash @ewwitsbella @happyt0exist @rocketxgirl @porcelainpeachess @the-never-ending-one @joukiworld @ranzieboo @raiden88 @fantasttick @shakiraa-a @mangobery99 @i-need-more-books @mikeysleftpinkytoe @chayauwu @lunar-flwr @sug4r-sp1c3 @jinxedleo @passiveagressiveunicorn @kiraflowersworld @justsomebodyyoudontusetoknow @camlios @misstevyat @daz8i @gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @vermilionrr @cherishedsheep @merikhhh @vanity-insecurity @ROUNDSQUISHYDUBU @dai-tsukki-desu @naiosms @breadglasses @dilucs鈥搘ife @levexe-isunstable @applepi1415 @mcyt-obsessedgirlnamedvalerie @justmik0 @rosiefaeriee @berryaide @shitty-shino @electric-bloo @spiritualrebelist @bitchotine @leximus98 @justcallmelish @thegeekisheere @sizzie-s @your-girl-mj @raiden88 @@gwynethx @ale-creates-worlds @camilosangelita @dumbfuyu @CLOVDY-SVNSHINE @SLEEZY-AXERIIX @DYLANJONES @MERYMIKEY @EMITUNE @they-all-did @froothoops
what鈥檚 better than one madrigal boy? two madrigal boys 鉁 sorry if it鈥檚 short ! im juggling school + being sick 馃ズ鉁煒 i hope you like it ? im going to explore and like establish carlos鈥 character further if i have the chance
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Imagine marrying Bruno Madrigal and becoming besties with Felix and Agustin
Tumblr media
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literally taking a marker and playing connect-the-freckles on camilo. then forgetting and going down for dinner and the teasing that follows
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: none
a/n <3: hehe fluff
Camilo rubbed his hands up and down on your back, having a quiet conversation with you. You came over to have dinner with his family but since preparations were taking too long, you two ran up to his room to have a quick cuddling session.
You were currently laying on top of him, with your head on his chest. Camilo slipped his arms underneath yours so he could pull you up. You leaned up and placed a small kiss on his jaw but apparently that wasn't enough for him.
"You missed, my lips are here." Camilo muttered, pursing his lips at you teasingly. You rolled your eyes and pushed his face away.
Deciding to be petty, you rolled over so your back was facing him. Camilo did not like that at all. He whined and threw his arm over your torso, pulling you against him to rest his chin on your shoulder. His lips were still pursed, trying to press a kiss against your face. You laughed and twisted in his grip, trying to avoid his lips. He quickly shifted into Luisa and easily turned you around so you were facing him again. Smirking, he shifted back and pressed his lips on yours.
"That's cheating." You muttered against his lips but eventually gave in and threw your arms around his neck. You tilted your head to deepen the kiss and Camilo hummed happily. He squeezes you tighter, pulling you even closer against him. You pull away and ease into him, enjoying the natural warmth that emanated from your boyfriend.
"Guapo." You muttered as your eyes lovingly scan his face, taking in every feature that couldn't be seen from afar. Camilo's cheeks flushed red, coughing awkwardly to mask his flustered state-which he was horrible at hiding. You brought your finger up to trace his freckles, an amazing idea popping up in your mind.
A mischievous smile appeared on your lips and you immediately jumped out of his bed, running over to one of his cabinets in the room. Camilo groaned at the loss of contact, his arms reaching out for you. You ignored him and continued digging through his drawers, you swore you saw it in here somewhere.. You grinned victoriously and pulled out the washable marker.
Turning back to Camilo, you smirked. He froze seeing the look on your face, what devious little plot were you planning?
You plopped down on the bed and straddled his lap, grabbing his arms to pull him up. You quickly held his face in your hands. Camilo adjusted himself so he was sitting up while his hands gripped your waist. He still looked confused as you popped the marker open and pressed it against his face.
"Huh-" Camilo squinted his eyes as you pressed the marker against his freckles. He caught on to what you were doing and quickly pulled his head away when you tried to move the marker. You whined and gripped his collar to pull his face close again and Camilo felt his hands sweat at the proximity. Well...the marker is washable sooo-
"Fine, whatever my amor wants." Your grin and giddy expression was what made it all worth it in his eyes. He rolled his eyes playfully when you started drawing lines across his freckles. Everytime you finished connecting two freckles together, you pressed a kiss against his face. Needless to say, he enjoyed the attention and affection he was currently being showered with.
Deciding to change it up a bit, you connected a couple of freckles together to form hearts; pressing kisses against them afterwards. You pulled back and examined your masterpiece, laughing at the random hearts framing his face. You squealed and engulfed him in a hug, making him fall back onto the bed.
He grinned and hugged you back, pressing kisses on your face for payback. A knock interrupted your cute little couple moment making Camilo frown.
"Dinner time! Camilo get your ass down here!" Mirabel shouted, knocking loudly against his door.
"We were having a moment, Mirabel!" Camilo groaned, annoyed. You quickly climbed off of him and grabbed his hand to pull him off the bed but he didn't budge. Camilo just smirked as you tried to haul him out of bed. You yelped when he suddenly tugged on your arm, making you fall against his chest. He trapped you in his embrace, pretending to fall asleep while he fake snored loudly.
"Camilo! I'm eating all of the dessert!" Your boyfriend immediately jumped off of bed, throwing you over his shoulder as he ran towards the door. He slammed it open and gently set you down, running after Mirabel.
"YOU BETTER NOT!" You shook your head and followed the two bickering teenagers. You walked into the kitchen and smiled brightly when Pepa engulfed you in a big hug.
She released you and opened her mouth to speak but paused when she saw Camilo's face. 'Aww'-ing, she walked over to Camilo and squished his cheeks. Camilo feigned embarrassment and tried to push her away.
"Ohh nice drawings Camilo, who's the artist? Y/N?" Isabella snickered, pointing to the markings on his face. Camilo froze and grabbed a nearby mirror, seeing the hearts you drew on his face. His entire family erupted in laughs, hollers and cheers. Camilo pouted but made no effort to erase the markings on his face.
You smiled to yourself internally, Connect-the-freckles was a very fun game, 11/10 you were doing this again.
taglist (send an ask to be added):
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa @kaxiaow
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Separate head cannons of dating Mirabel and Camilo. What are they like, love languages, how the family reacts, what they like to do with their s/o and what would they love the most about them
Dating Headcanons.
note 銆 not proofread, grammer and spelling mistakes will be corrected in a little while. i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dating Mirabel Madrigal would consist of..
1. Her Adding you to her "Family Madrigal" song.
"Tio Felix married Pepa, and My dad married Julietta!"
"And now I'm dating mi vida! Let's go! Let's go!" You posed with the family, before being pulled away by Mirabel to let Abuela sing her part of the song.
2. Her sewing little designs on your clothing.
"Hold still [Name]!" Mirabel exclaims, sticking her tongue out to finish the sewn in butterflies that were on your shirt.
"Okay, okay, okay!" You laughed, holding still until she was done, leaving you to admire the finished product. "Sooo.. what's this for?" You asked, watching the smile on her face grow wide.
"Well.. since I have so many of your symbols sewed onto my skirt, I thought it was only fair for you to start wearing some of mine."
3. Her love language being acts of service and words of affirmation.
Mirabel would do anything, and I mean anything for you!
You're hungry? She'll bring you a backpack that's filled to the brim with her mother's homemade empanadas and arepas.
You wanna hear about how much she loves you? She's already on it, as she can happily talk about how much she adores you for hours on end.
4. Her family approving of you.
To see someone view Mirabel the same way they did was what made her family approve of you so fast. You loved Mirabel for the way she is, gift or no gift. All they wanted was happiness for Mirabel, and they clearly saw that you would be the person to give it to her.
5. Hanging around on Casita's rooftop.
When you two want to spend some quality time alone together, you both immediately climb up Casita, to reach the place you two loved the most - the rooftop. You two would then admire the stars together, laughing about anything silly that happened that day.
6. Her favorite part about you being your ability to fully understand her.
Sometimes, Mirabel finds herself still being insecure about not having a gift. As a result, she would often confine in you, hoping you'd give her the reassurance she desperately needs.
"Mirabel you don't need to prove yourself to anyone." You say softly, rubbing her back as her head rested on your chest. "You're perfect, just the way you are."
Mirabel could only listen to your words of encouragement, thinking about how lucky she was to have found someone as amazing as you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dating Camilo Madrigal would consist of..
1. Him teasing you more than anyone else
Come on, this is Camilo Madrigal we're talking about here. You think him teasing Isabela about Mariano was bad? Just wait until you two start dating, then you see how bad it really gets.
"Stop! Please!" You cried out, laughing your head off as Camilo tickled you mercilessly, a grin plastered onto his face. "Say it."
"Camilo is the best boyfriend in the entire world!" You yell out, the tickling only getting even more intense.
2. Him buying you some of his clothes.
The day he caught you wearing his ruana was the day he almost died of cuteness.
You watched your love scramble in his pants for his wallet in confusion. "Camilo you can have your ruana back, I wasn't planning on keeping it."
Camilo looks at you in shock, as if you had just stabbed him in the heart. "You weren't?!" He blinks a couple of times, before dragging you outside.
"Where are we going?" You asked, surprised by his sudden actions.
"To buy you some of my clothes."
3. His love language being physical touch.
Whether it's kissing or cuddling with you, Camilo's way of his expressing his love towards you is through physical touch. He might've gotten it from his family, considering that they're the most expressive out of the two.
He might even go as far as tackling you in the middle of the town's plaza, whispering sweet nothings into your ear while kissing you everywhere, just because he didn't get to see you that morning.
4. His family also approving of you.
Rainbows appeared everywhere around the encanto once his family found out about her son's relationship, as they were more than thrilled to see him find true love. After they made sure you were the right person for him, they welcomed you into their family with open arms.
5. Pulling pranks on his family members.
Since he was the most mischievous one in the family, something he personally likes doing is playing pranks on his siblings and cousins. He would drag you into it, because when the pranks would go as planned, you two would laugh your heads off as if there was no tomorrow.
6. His favorite part about you being your ability to always make him happy.
You never failed to make Camilo happy. You could send a small smile his way, and he would think about it for hours. Usually, Camilo is the one to bring happiness to everyone living in the encanto, making him often forget he deserves happiness as well.
"Camilo, you do realize that you deserve to be happy too right?" You asked while playing with his hair in the process.
Camilo could only give you a nod, being thankful that he had someone like you to bring him happiness, just like how he did with others.
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掳 Secret Stash 掳
Husband!Bruno Madrigal x gn!reader
Requested: NO
Summary: The events on that particular night turned more interesting than they have ever imagined, for y/n's first night sleeping in the casa madrigal as a madrigal themself.
Warning/s: mentions of food, basically just tooth rotting FLUFF, Bruno has a room with no stairs because why not?? also Bruno has a secret cupboard stash.
Word Count: 527
鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣 NAVIGATION 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When it was your first time sleeping in the same bed as your lover, Bruno鈥 many interesting things happened that night.
But there was this moment that you could never forget.
"Hey, do you wanna go to the kitchen? There's probably some Arepa de queso left." He suggested, interrupting the silence.
"I think I also 'hid' some chocolates..."
You eagerly raised your head from his chest to look at him and nod aggressively.
The pair went鈥 actually crept to the kitchen, trying to stay as quiet as they possibly can, remembering it was already 12 in the morning鈥
Bruno was right, there was some Arepa de queso left.
You were both eating, when Bruno stood up mumbling a little "wait." He went to reach the highest cupboard, knocked three times to whisper something.
It opened鈥
He reached his hand in鈥 and took out a jar full of sweets specifically chocolates from the 'cupboard' while smiling sheepishly at you.
Your attention was on the jar, looking at it with your mouth parted, "Why do you have to hide ALL of THAT?" You asked, pointing at the jar, trying to process what just happened in front of you.
"Oh, it's for future purposes?..."
"Really, 'for future purposes'?" You asked mockingly, while looking at him expectantly.
"Well, yes鈥" As he tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse, you started walking towards him.
Carefully touching his cheek, he immediately melted in your touch and stopped talking.
"Don't worry, I won't tell." You whispered teasingly, softly kissing him on the lips鈥 while sneakily grabbing the jar in your other hand while he was distracted.
You pulled away, quickly kissed his cheek and ran holding the jar to your chest, while yelling "this is mine now."
He snapped out of it, chasing after you, all around the house.
"What are you both doing?" You heard someone say.
Both you and Bruno stopped your actions, both breathing heavily and looked for the source of the voice.
It was Mirabel.
"I- Mirabel, y/n and I- we were just looking for some Umm... food!" Bruno stuttered, still panting.
"Oh, yes. Food!" you added.
"Okay, maybe... I will make a good decision tonight and just leave the two of you with whatever you're trying to do鈥" She said awkwardly, with wide eyes, trying to figure out what to say.
"I'm just gonna go now... And please keep it down. there are some people who are trying to sleep." She continued, eyeing you suspiciously, as you tried to hide the jar behind your back.
"Okay, ummm good night!" You gave her a big smile.
While you tried to contain your laughter because of how awkward the situation was, Bruno was standing awkwardly and waving, waiting for Mirabel to enter her room.
She began to slowly walk to her room still eyeing you both, she opens her door and鈥
Thankfully, she went inside before you finally broke and laughed a little too loud.
Bruno's head snapped to look at you, and started chuckling himself.
Both of you stayed in the kitchen until 2 in the morning, eating, stealing random kisses and having some dumb but deep conversations.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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it said requests are open in your bio 馃拑馃徑
Camilo / Dolores / Isabela with an s/o who's
a mute? if it makes sense idk I'm hungry and don't know what I'm saying
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Isabela and Dolores with a mute s/o
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo doesn't really care if you're mute or not, as long as you're you then he doesn't care about anything because he loves you for you
Sometimes he forgets that you're mute and he asks you why you don't talk and you give him a certain look then he realizes and apologizes immediately
Camilo does wonder why you're mute and asks you about it time to time but if it's something rooted from trauma then he won't push you to answer it
He really wants to hear what your voice sounds like though but he'll wait until you talk again but that's if you do but he won't push you though
Sometimes he wonders how someone could just not talk, he can't stop talking for a minute!
He's impressed because he doesn't know anybody other than you who just couldn't talk for more than five minutes
Camilo doesn't know sign language but he'll learn just for you
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores actually loves that you're mute because it's perfect for her hearing, sometimes even talking a bit loud next to her will hurt her ears so you being completely silent is just right
Dolores likes to tell you gossip that she's not supposed to tell anyone because she knows that you won't tell anyone well that's if you don't write it down or sign it to someone else
Dolores actually knows sign language because the first time she got her gift, talking hurt her ears too much so everyone in the family just learned sign language, well except camilo because he wasn't even born yet and when he was old enough to learn, dolores was already used to her gift
Dolores wonders why and how you don't talk because she can't stop talking for the life of her but she doesn't ask you as not to be rude
Sometimes, dolores gets spooked by you if you walk up to her randomly especially if you walk quietly even though she can hear you breathing as she's used to hearing people call out for her when they walk up to her
If you don't know sign language and just writes in notes, then dolores would actually teach you sign language in english and spanish because she knows both
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela doesn't really care that much because she knows sign language so it's just like any other relationship with her
Isabela always has to swat camilo away because he's always asking you how you can not talk for so long even if you tell her that it's fine if he has questions
Isabela sometimes wonders why you don't talk and she'll ask you once and if you don't wanna tell her then she won't ask anymore until you're ready to tell her
Isabela does wonder what your voice sounds like a lot of times but if you don't ever what to talk then she's fine with that because it's your choice if you want to speak or not
You scare her a lot whenever you walk up to her because she can't hear you
I don't have that much to say for isa because, she doesn't really care or treat you different nor does it affect her
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simplysable 2 days ago
The Madrigals as Pictures in my Phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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These posts are getting quite a bit of traction, so here's a part 3 to the Q&A from Director Jared Bush over on Twitter!
You can find Part 1 and 2 here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll continue making parts as I find interesting bits of trivia and lore in his responses!
Pt. 3/?
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mari-mari-maricela 2 days ago
Deal Between Strangers III
鈬 encanto
鈬 camilo x fem reader
鈬 in which y/n is confronted by the oldest of the madrigal children about the arranged marriage and doesn't know how to deal with it.
鈬 part one | part two | part three
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"I'm home!" Y/N calls out, shutting the door behind her as she places her bag on the table. It was around dinner time now, and having worked all day, she was tired out. Camilo had offered to walk her home, since he accompanied her, but she quickly declined, saying that he should get his rest as well.
"Welcome home, mi hija." Her mother says, leaning over to press a kiss against the side of her head, "How was your day? Jos猫 told me that you were seen around town with Camilo Madrigal all day."
Y/N stops at that, sliding off her shoes and putting on some slippers. She hears her father chime in, "Oh? That's wonderful. Our families coming together will be good for Encanto." She looks over his shoulder to see what they're cooking. "I heard from the Guzm脿n's that you got along well with Dolores and her husband, and that you had Camilo help you when fixing their radio."
She sighs, nodding her head as she grabs a drink from the fridge, "Yeah, and I also fixed the clock tower. Did you hear about that?"
"Oh yes, Camilo apparently swept you off your feet when you finished, isn't that right?" Mrs L/N chitters, nudging her husband beside her.
Y/N stands there, watching the back of their heads as they continue to talk. She knows they care, deep down they do. If they hadn't, they wouldn't have taught her all she knows about mechanics and building. They were just confused, or just not paying enough attention. But they cared.
Dinner was soon served and the three had quiet chat. About Camilo Madrigal. Y/N didn't have much to say about the subject, but always nod her head when asked a question about how sweet the boy was. When their food was eaten and everything was cleaned, Y/N bid 'goodnight' to her parents and left to go to her room. She flicked on the light, the bulb pulsing once before settling into a fine shine across her room. She sits on her bed, flinging her arms wide and closing her eyes as she falls back.
The last week has been tiring, trying to keep the secret to themselves as well as the act up. Camilo seemed to be having an easy time, he was a great actor. But Y/N couldn't keep up. All their parents talked about was Camilo. It showed just how much they cared for this 'marriage'.
She gets up and opens the balcony door, stepping across to get some fresh air. Today she was working extra hard. But because Camilo and her were seen together, that was overlooked. It wasn't his fault at all. Word got around town that the two of them were to be married by the end of the month. Thank God it was only the 4th today.
She begins to play with the little trinkets in the box beside her balcony table, when a call below her sounds.
"Se帽orita Y/N!" Below, she sees the mailman. She's fixed his bike multiple times and he had been the person who sends out letters outside of Encanto every week. The man waves his hat happily, holding out three letters. "I have mail for you from a town over!"
Y/N nods her head, stepping onto the wooden platform she had built into the side of the balcony. With a hand on the rope beside her, she pulls the material down and continues to do so until she hits the floor. Her father had called it an elevator, and she used it to move some things into her room to work on and out of the room to send off. It was useful now.
Her parents were very proud when she build that on her own.
"Here you are." The mailman says, tipping his hat as she takes them from him, "Have a nice night."
She hums back, turning the envelope in her hands, "Thank you, and you as well."
Y/N stands back onto her wooden elevator, holding the papers in her palm as she pulls the rope back up to her balcony. She's noticed the name on the back of it, the red seal curving with every detail. After shutting the door, she sits on her bed and tears open the first letter.
A smile falls on her lips.
She hasn't heard from her best friend in ages.
The next morning, Y/N is set out to find the mailman so he can send her responses to each letter. It was at the time where all the shops were opening up and the Madrigals were finally out of their house to help. Y/N doesn't think anything of it before she's stopped on her way to the post office.
"Y/N?" A voice calls, making the girl stop on her way. When she turns around, she locks eyes with Isabela. "Oh, it's nice to see you again. How have you been?"
Clearing her throat and putting her envelopes back into her bag, Y/N smiles awkwardly, "Morning, Isabela. I've been well, how about you?"
Isabela responds, sporting a flower from the ground and picking it from its stem, "Wonderful, thanks for asking. Dolores tells us that you and Camilo are getting along perfectly. Is he being nice to you?"
Y/N blinks, a warmth washing over her cheeks as Isabela hands the blue star flower to her. Once she takes it, she sighs, "Of course, he's... very kind to me."
The eldest Madrigal grandchild lifts her chin, watching her carefully. She goes to say something when another person jumps in.
"He was muttering to himself last night before bed, trying to figure out how to spell your full name correctly." Dolores claims, making both Isabela and Y/N nearly scream in their spots. Where did she come from? Dolores walks beside Y/N, nodding to Isabela on the other side of the younger girl. "He keeps a journal to remember everything that happens throughout the day. He was writing a lot last night."
Isabela gasps softly, "That means that he had a lot of things he wanted to remember about spending time with you yesterday."
"Maybe." Y/N responds, eying the post office far ahead of them, "He did accompany me while I was working."
"Mirabel mentioned that you seemed... overwhelmed with work yesterday." Isabela says, looking towards her with a bit of concern. Y/N nods her head once, to acknowledge the statement. "But then that you were comforted when Camilo came around. He must mean a lot to you."
She doesn't know what to say about that.
Dolores then stops in her spot, turning her head. She hums, "He's talking to Abuela about dinner. Something about... a big decision in a month."
Isabela widens her eyes a bit, turning to Y/N. She seems to be concerned as well, but shows little. She grabs onto her bag strap before settling into a smile.
"My family and friends will be visiting Encanto then." She states, fixing her shirt, "They wrote to me about it and how they want to meet the Madrigals, and I'm on my way to send off my response."
Isabela and Dolores blink at the claim before watching her continue on her way to the post office. But she doesn't get that far before they follow after. In the entrance of the post office, Isabela begins to talk.
"So they'll be in town in time for the wedding?" She says, trying to seem excited rather than concerned. Y/N nods her head, holding her bag close to her chest. "And that wedding is in a month. Seems... very early, don't you think? You and Camilo had just began going out together a few weeks ago. You don't know each other that well yet."
"Isabela, be considerate." Dolores squeaks out, "What she means to say it, are you certain that you and Camilo should be getting married so soon? Why don't you give each other time to become friends first?"
Y/N takes a deep breath in, turning to the both of them. "Okay, please... give me a minute to hand these in. And then I'll speak to you." She chimes, not awaiting an answer before she makes her way into the post office.
The two wait a few minutes, a bit nervous to speak to her. While both Dolores and Isabela were now 25-years old, and Y/N was only 19, they felt uneasy. She was a smart and collected young woman, but none of them have really seen the more personal side of her. Dolores, who would sometimes pick up on her talking with her family or customers unknowingly, only heard her be more formal rather than express any personal interest.
Once Y/N comes back, the two are standing up straight. She looks up to them. "Can we speak somewhere private?" She asks, leading them towards the end of the shopping street. As soon as they are further from crowds, Y/N skips right to the point, holding onto her skirt tightly. "Camilo and I are pretending to be together for the sake of my parents and the fake marriage."
"What?" Isabela screeches, making Delores cover her ears, "Why would you do that?"
"Because I've never had a partner before and they were worried for me. They practically jumped at the chance when Abuela Madrigal offered." Y/N responds, standing tall, "I already spoke to Camilo. I won't hold him back, he can still do all he wants and I will as well. All I ask is that he keeps up this charade."
Dolores knits her brow, holding her hands behind her back. She mumbles, "Wouldn't that... not make you happy? If you have no intention of really loving him, why would you put yourself in such a situation?"
Y/N lifts her shoulders and sighs, "My parents mean everything to me, I know they'd be happy if I found someone. Plus, Camilo is very sweet and considerate of me. We're friends... I believe."
Isabela is soon placing her hands on her shoulders, making the younger girl watch. "You shouldn't comply with what your parents ask just because it might make them upset not to." She says sternly, giving Y/N talk from experience, "If they are truly as good as everyone says, then it shouldn't matter if you marry or not, just as long as you are happy."
Y/N holds the blue flower in her hand a little softer. She feels her heart ache at that, making her turn to the floor. "I know... I know that." She huffs back, "I don't think I'd be able to explain that to them. They are very happy about Camilo and I's 'relationship'."
Dolores and Isabela lock eyes with one another. How could she finally be happy?
Before the conversation can go any longer, a bright call is heard, "There you are, mi 'mor!"
The three of them turn to see Camilo jogging towards them. His smile changes to a confused look when he realises that his sister and cousin are standing by. He stops in front of them.
"What's going on?" He asks, taking place to face his faux fiance. He notices the look on her face, resulting in him slowly reaching out and holding her face in his hands. "Are you okay?"
It's not real. But the warmth in her heart when he takes care of her is.
"Yeah... I'm fine, Camilo." She responds, pulling his hands from her face with her fingers wrapped around his wrist. She looks to Dolores and Isabela, who have surprised expressions. "I was telling the truth about us and everything."
He stills, looking over his shoulder to his family. And almost instantly, he moves to takes the hands of both his sister and cousin. "Please, please, please, do not tell Abuela or anybody else about this." He pleads, "Y/N will get into a lot of trouble if this gets out."
Isabela furrows her brows in concern. She didn't know what to say. In her experience, it was draining to keep an act like that up for so long. She didn't want Y/N to be as unhappy as she was.
"We promise." Dolores, who is the one person who hates keeping secrets the most, informs the younger two. Isabela looks at her. "We won't tell anyone."
A smile draws on Camilo's lips as he pulls Dolores and Isabela into a tight hug. He thanks them both, relieved and happy they are so understanding. Y/N stands a few feet away. They were caring.
Camilo turns to Y/N, wrapping an arm around her shoulders with a chuckle, "Looks like we're safe!"
She smiles back, holding onto her bag. "Yeah, we are."
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mividacamilo 2 days ago
hi :D i saw that requests were open so i would like to request a camilo x fem! reader that's based off this song, let ur imagination go wild
饾憮饾憥饾憴饾憴饾憱饾憶饾憯 饾憮饾憸饾憻 饾懄饾憸饾憿
Camilo x fem! Reader
Warnings- none! Just fluff<3
Author notes- Omg I love this! I had so much fun writing this! When I read this I had so many cute ideas so I put it all into one, I hope my imagination served your request well!
Tumblr media
饾憞鈩庰潙 饾憫饾憥饾懄 饾憼饾憽饾憥饾憻饾憽饾憭饾憫 饾憸饾憻饾憫饾憱饾憶饾憥饾憻饾懄,
In all the time Y/n had been in Encanto she could never get over the fact how every day seemed to be better then the last. Never had Encanto felt gloomy or terrible, only once has it had.
When the miracle candle burnt out leaving the Madrigal鈥檚 and the town bitter with despair and grief, 锟糰nd yet in their most darkest moment the people where able to restore the Broken pieces and rebuild Encanto, somehow making it better then it was before.
The Madrigal鈥檚 finally seemed to shine brighter with pure happiness these days, making everyone in town do the same. Encanto was never the same after that incident, And no one would want it to be.
饾惖饾憸饾懄饾憼 饾懁饾憥饾憴饾憳饾憱饾憶饾憯 饾憦饾懄,
And just like a butterfly would flap it鈥檚 wings Fate seemed to be closer to Y/n then she thought, as she walked through the town a smile graced her lips the friendly people around her greeted her ever so sweetly.
Y/n couldn鈥檛 understand why today felt so different, but she seemed to get more attention from the local boy鈥檚. Flirty compliments fell of their tongue as she walked by. With a giggle and a wave she only brushed them off paying no mind to their words.
饾惣饾憽 饾懁饾憥饾憼 饾憽鈩庰潙 饾憼饾憥饾憵饾憭 饾憸饾憴饾憫 饾憼饾憽饾憸饾憻饾懄,
With a skip to her walk Y/n continued her usual mid-day errands. The path memorised into her head not needing to second guess where to go.
The one errand that was not so usual was for none other then Mirabel Madrigal. she was a dear friend who had wished for more fabric 锟糵or her sewing. So kindly you had offered to lend some.
Y/n Knocked on the Madrigal鈥檚 entrance door softly, not wanting to be too rough. No matter how many times she came over she couldn鈥檛 stop admiring the beautiful wooden door. Finally happy that Mirabel was able to have herself on a miracle door.锟
Expecting you Mirabel welcomed you into her home as she thanked you.
鈥淵/n I can鈥檛 thank you enough, I did order some but sadly they have a delay, apparently.鈥 Mirabel groaned annoyed.
With a friendly hug you greeted her.
鈥淢ira, its okay! I haven鈥檛 used these yet and I don鈥檛 think I plan too. I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 better for you to have them.鈥
饾憽饾憸饾憸 饾憮饾憻饾憭饾憼鈩 饾憸饾憻 饾憽饾憸饾憸 饾憼鈩庰潙,
Walking along aside each other you made your way up the stairs in the Madrigal鈥檚 house; towards Mirabel鈥檚 room. Upon entering her room锟 the unfamiliar锟 smell of incense filled Y/n鈥檚 nose peeking her interest.
鈥淚s that a new incense? It smells different then usual鈥
As you handed the fabrics to Mirabel you took a look at her incense holder placed on her bedside dresser.
鈥淎ctually it is, I鈥檓 surprised you can tell the difference. I bought it yesterday.鈥 Mirabel took the fabric from you placing it on-top her sewing锟 desk. 鈥淗onestly I can鈥檛 tell the difference but it still smells good, doesn鈥檛 it?鈥
You nodded enthusiastically. Mirabel Didn鈥檛 have that mush of a good sense of smell, thankfully yours was better.
Quickly her expression brightened dramatically as Mirabel quickly jumped seeming to remember something. She practically ran to her dresser. Y/n couldn鈥檛 help but let a small laugh out at her excitement.
鈥淎lso! I wanted to repay you so last night I sewed you a new skirt!鈥 Mirabel bore a wide smile as she held up the skirt. You let out a gasp as you took in the sight of the skirt. It was the usual brown colour you wore daily but slightly softer in colour with black threads of flowers at the bottom.
鈥淥h Dios m铆o, Mirabel it鈥檚 gorgeous! You really shouldn鈥檛 of!鈥
Quickly you held Mirabel in a tight embrace with a loud squeal锟 and a chain of thank you鈥檚 falling past your lips.
饾憱饾憵 饾憶饾憸饾憽 饾憽鈩庰潙 饾憳饾憱饾憶饾憫 饾憽饾憸 饾憮饾憥饾憴饾憴 饾憮饾憸饾憻 饾憥 饾憯饾憿饾懄, 饾懁鈩庰潙 饾憮饾憴饾憥饾憼鈩庰潙掟潙 饾憥 饾憼饾憵饾憱饾憴饾憭.
Mirabel only giggled with a squeeze as she hugged back, Feeling prideful at your reaction and praise. She ushered for you to try it on. Happily you oblige to her request leaving no time to waste as you quickly swapped the skirt you where wearing for the one Mirabel handed you.
Y/n quickly stepped towards the tall mirror, smiling brightly as she looked at her reflection.
鈥淚t looks so beautiful Mirabel! I can鈥檛 express how grateful I am!鈥 Feeling giddy you bounced on the spot clapping your hands in excitement.
鈥淵our welcome Y/n I鈥檓 happy you-鈥 Mirabel鈥檚 reply was quickly interrupted as the door to her room flung open. Camilo held the doorknob tightly, his face slightly red as he huffed strongly.
鈥淚 heard squealing, are you alright?!鈥 Yours and Mirabel鈥檚 initial锟 surprise changed dramatically as you both burst into a fit of laughter.
The sudden laughter left Camilo looking redder then before as embarrassment washed over him, as they came to the conclusion the two of you where alright.
鈥淐aramba, Yeah yeah laugh it off, sorry I was worried for you鈥檚鈥
Wiping a stray tear in your eye you smiled sweetly at Camilo, Finding his worry endearing. Your heart fluttered at the shy smile that graced his lips.
饾憫饾憸饾憶饾憽 饾憿饾憼饾憿饾憥饾憴饾憴饾懄 饾憼饾懁饾憸饾憸饾憶,
As she finally calmed her laughter Mirabel pushed her glasses up her nose.
鈥淭hat was just too priceless鈥 with a shared look towards her the two of you chuckled softly.
鈥淪o why so much noise? I was actually worried you found a bug or something鈥
With a pout Camilo Crossed his arms in defence feeling annoyed at the light teasing of his cousin and her friend. Wordlessly Mirabel excitedly pointed towards the skirt you now wore.
Taking the hint Camilo whistled softly as he took in the sight 锟紀f you. Y/n鈥檚 face burned at Camilo鈥檚 unexpected reaction, feeling almost shy under his gaze.
鈥淚 came to drop off some fabrics for Mira,-鈥
鈥淎nd in turn I sewed her a new skirt!鈥 Mirabel helped finish your sentence as you both explained the situation. 鈥淲hat do you think?!鈥 Mirabel asked Them, with a spin of her finger she signalled you to twirl.
Complying锟 to her small request you slowly but swiftly twirled on the spot. You let out a small giggle as you twirled, Feeling addicted to the way your new skirt swirled with you.
Camilo snapped his fingers eagerly, as they watched you twirl, you looked so cute right now that he couldn鈥檛 help but smile.
鈥淚t looks beautiful, you looks so good in it!鈥
饾憦饾憿饾憽 饾憱饾憵 饾憸饾懀饾憭饾憻 饾憽鈩庰潙 饾憵饾憸饾憸饾憶.
Y/n never would of thought that such a simple compliment could make her feel so special. It wasn鈥檛 the first time someone had complimented her and yet how come Camilo鈥檚 words were able to hit her heart so strongly? It was almost overwhelming how fast her heart was beating.
Y/n pulled a strand of her hair over her now pinkish face unknowing how to react, as she fumbling over her words. 鈥淭han- thank you鈥
Camilo felt his own cheeks fluster at your adorable reaction, only now realising how bold and out of character his words were. He couldn鈥檛 figure out if it was a blessing or a curse that when he was around you it seemed they blurt out the first words that come to mind.
Mirabel awkwardly shifted her eyes from Y/n to Camilo, a straight; no lip smile on her face, uncomfortable in the situation, as her cousin flirted at her best friend.
she couldn鈥檛 have anything could she?
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy my lovely doves<3
Request by; @camilosangelita
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pepasfavorite 2 days ago
Can I request a Camilo x reader, where the reader is not used to speaking Spanish but they still try to speak it because they it's fun but they do tend to get embarrassed when they say the wrong word or they say a word wrong
Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful night/day!
hiii!! i love this req sm, it may be a bit short so i hope u don鈥檛 mind!!!
which sounds better? te quiero or i love you?
Tumblr media
camilo madrigal (he/him) x gn!reader (they/them)
warnings: none i can think of
[461 words]
a/n: i hope u like this!! it was fun to write ^_^
you and your boyfriend, Camilo, had planned on hanging out today, you walked to your usual spot, a clearing in the woods where a pond was planted, Camilo had already been there, his feet in the water. as he turned to look who had come his mouth broke into a grin as he got up and walked over to you,
鈥渉ola, mi amor,鈥 Camilo had called you 鈥榤i amor鈥 so much you just remember it means 鈥榤y love鈥 now.
鈥渉ola, Camilo!鈥 your voice wavered a bit, unsure about your pronunciation, Camilo took notice of this and put his hands on your shoulders, 鈥渁y, that was good y/n! don鈥檛 worry!鈥 you giggled as he kissed your face.
you both had settled down, it had been a few hours since you first arrived, the sun beginning to set as both of you laid on the blanket Camilo had set up.
鈥渨hats 鈥榠 love you鈥 again? is it te amor?鈥 he giggled as you cheeks flushed, knowing you had been wrong, 鈥渁y, shut up鈥 you lightly smacked his chest as he coughed a little in his laugh.
鈥渓o siento, mi cielito, 鈥榠 love you鈥 is 鈥榯e quiero鈥欌 he turned his head to see you already gazing at him, his curls falling in front of his face.
鈥渢e quiero, 鈥楳ilo鈥 his cheeks reddened as he gave a small grin and looked back up at the sky, 鈥渨hat Camilo? did i say it wrong?鈥 he laughed again,
鈥渉a, no amor, i was just wondering, which sounds better? 鈥榠 love you鈥 or 鈥榯e quiero鈥?鈥 you two giggled and just layed there, staring at eachother once more, both your eyes filled with love, before long Dolores came, both of you looking at her as you heard her squeak when she found you to,
鈥渓o siento, hermano, mam铆 wants you home鈥 Dolores quietly spoke as Camilo stood up, sticking out a hand to help you up. Camilo stuck the blanket on the ground back into the basket he had brought, holding it out to his sister.
鈥淒olores, do you mind taking this back to Casita? im going to walk y/n home.鈥 Dolores nodded and took the basket, bidding a 鈥榞oodbye鈥 and 鈥榞oodnight鈥 to you as she headed out of the woods, you and Camilo following in suit. Once you two had gotten to your house, you gave your boyfriend a kiss on the cheek,
鈥渂uenos noches, 鈥楳ilo, te quiero.鈥 you had said to him as he cupped your cheek. 鈥渋 figured out which sounded better,鈥 is what he replied, you raised an eyebrow at him.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 care whether you say 鈥榠 love you鈥 or 鈥榯e quiero鈥, i just care if it鈥檚 from you,鈥 he giggled as you blushed, smacking his arm a bit.
鈥渢e quiero, y/n鈥
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carlaerosie a day ago
Mariano: a poem for Dolores <3
roses are red
violets are blue
your name is Dolores
Dolores: that was so cute 10/10
Camilo: he鈥檚 an idiot Dolores
Dolores: wrong. he鈥檚 MY idiot
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caramellahoney a day ago
Fem! Reader and Camilo wedding ? :D
鈥渢his was it.鈥
鈹 鉁佲渻鉁 鈹
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: Camilo cries out of happiness
a/n <3: Aged up! Camilo. I searched up some Colombian traditions but I didn't add much ^^ Sorry if it's inaccurate- I suggest listening to dos oruguitas while reading because that song is so good omg
When he was fifteen, Camilo promised you that he would marry you one day. Now you were both 23 and he wasn't one to break a promise.
Rain drizzled the skies, pattering softly against the rooftops. Despite the light rain- the town was busy and rushing around, white and yellow d茅cor covered the village square. Excited hushed whispers were thrown around as today was the day Camilo Madrigal and Y/N L/N were to be wed.
"Felix! It's finally happening!" Felix quickly pulled Pepa away from you, making sure her rain cloud wouldn't get you wet. She cried loudly as she watched Luisa help you into your wedding dress while Isabella added a few yellow flowers here and there for an artistic touch.
She whipped up a wreath of flowers in her hand and placed it atop your mantilla, smiling proudly at her work of art. Dolores held your hand and guided you to the mirror so you could see your reflection, Pepa's crying eventually caught up to you and you started getting teary-eyed. Dolores gasped and angled your head up.
"Careful! You're going to mess up your makeup!" Mirabel warned you, wiping your eyes as you took deep breathes to calm yourself. Pepa stilled her loud crying and opted to sob quietly instead, her eyes softened as you twirled around in your dress. She pressed her hand against her chest and smiled brightly at you. When her crying finally stopped, the rain outside ceased, the sun shining brightly in it's place.
Three loud knocks suddenly thumped against the door and you whipped your head around. Abuela's loud voice came from the other side.
"It's time."
鈹 鉁佲渻鉁 鈹
"It's finally happening." Camilo gazed out the church doors and sighed in relief seeing the rain slowly fade away. He stood at the altar, nervously fiddling with his engagement ring and taking quick glances at his wedding candle. Camilo started chewing on his lip, irrational thoughts invading his mind as the minutes passed. Antonio stood beside his brother, smiling and patting Camilo's shoulder.
The door to the church suddenly opened and your father walked in, holding a hand out for you to take. You stepped into the church, teary-eyed and smiling bashfully at your husband-to-be. Camilo's eyes softened and he lost it once you take the first step. Overwhelming feelings of gratitude, awe, and love flooded him and he couldn鈥檛 stop the loud sob that escaped his lips as you started to walk down the aisle.
"Dios m铆o..mierda" He ducks his head and presses his fist against his mouth, trying to control his crying. Antonio immediately rubs his back comfortingly, handing him a handkerchief and whispering words of encouragement to Camilo. Seeing him cry immediately made you tear up again but you quickly fanned your face, not wanting to ruin Dolores' hard work. Instead, you let a wide smile stretch on your lips as you get closer and closer to him.
By the time you had reached Camilo, he had finally calmed down but let out an occasional sob here and there. Your father smiled as he handed you off to your groom, who immediately grabbed your hands to press his lips against them. You smiled and raised your hands up to his face, wiping away the dry tears on his cheeks. The two of you walked towards the altar, hands tightly clasped in each other鈥檚 grasp.
This was it.
鈹 鉁佲渻鉁 鈹
"Everything in me recognizes your heart as my home and I bind my life to yours. I love you." Camilo whispered softly as he reached for the rings. His hands trembled as he slipped the ring onto your finger, a sweet smile forming on his lips. You admired the silver band around your finger for a few seconds before reaching for his hand. Your eyes fluttered, tears on your lash line as you slipped the ring onto his fingers.
After the ring ceremony, you took your candles and used them to light your wedding candle together. Camilo watched in awe as the flame lit up, glowing a bright orange.
Both of you put out your individual candles and reached for the wedding candle at the same time. You faced Camilo, securely clasping the candle in your hands together as if it was the most precious thing in the whole world; and to you two, it was.
Camilo's heart thumped loudly in his chest, all his attention was set on you as the world around him turned into a blurry haze. It was as if was just you and him, him and you against the world. The first moment Camilo set his eyes on you, he knew he would stop at nothing to make you his.
"...you may kiss the bride." Camilo barely processed the words the priest uttered- all his brain heard was "kiss" and "bride鈥. In less than a second, he was all over you. The crowd cheered as Camilo dipped his bride, pulling her into a deep kiss while holding their wedding candle in one hand. Camilo broke away with a goofy grin, pulling you to your feet. He felt his heart beating abnormally fast as butterflies swarmed in his stomach. You looked so beautiful and he swore his heart was glowing in his chest.
You laughed at his tender gaze and pulled him over to the entrance, running towards the reception area. Camilo chuckles and follows you, he quickly hands Mirabel your wedding candle- entrusting her with it's safety. He hooks his arm underneath your legs, carrying you in his arms as you both stumbled towards the village square to get the afterparty started.
鈹堚渷鉁冣渷 鈹
Isabella made flower petals fall around you two as you both danced together, loud upbeat music in the background. Camilo hollered and cheered as he circled around your form, a big grin on his face- Isabella wondered how his cheeks weren't hurting? She's surprised her primo didn't start screaming on the spot at the altar a while ago.
Dolores suddenly approached her and whispered something in her ear, Isabella nodded her head and signaled the band to stop playing. She clapped her hands in the air to gain everyone's attention.
"Alright! Everyone but the groom or bride, please get off the dance floor! It's time for their slow dance." People quickly scattered to clear the floor, leaving only you and Camilo. The band started to play a soft tune as the lights dimmed and people quieted down.
"Come here." Camilo smiled at you warmly, pulling you close to him. You threw your arms around his shoulder, resting your head against his chest. You listened to his heart beating as the both of you swayed across the dance floor. He pushed you away to twirl you around but swiftly pulled you back.
"Mi preciosa esposa hermosa.." He melts as you move quietly in his embrace, fingertips gently caressing his freckled cheeks. His lips brushed against your cheekbones as his arms wrapped around your waist, drawing you closer to his chest. Camilo placed his finger underneath your chin, tilting your head so your eyes met his.
He gazed into your eyes, same as he always had, and caught every twinkle and glimmer of adoration swimming in those orbs. He was at a loss for words, but he hoped that you knew how much love he truly felt for you at that very moment. Camilo intertwined his hands with yours, grinning when your rings clicked against each other.
Your wedding candle burned brightly in the distance, symbolizing your union. The brightness of the flame will forever shine throughout the rest of your lives. This was it.
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camilosangelita 2 days ago
camilo x gender neutral reader. warnings: angst? mentions of death.
summary: camilo's blossoming romance with the reader is put to an end after recent current events.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I'm going back to 505!"
Camilo would never forget the day you two met.
He was admiring you from his balcony, watching you twirl around the town's plaza as some of the kids you babysat circled your dancing form.
He watched the sun dance on your skin, gazing into your eyes that were practically full of life.
Unfortunately, Camilo was too busy admiring you to notice that the kids that were circling around you had stopped, pointing fingers at him and squealing.
"OOOOO!! CAMILO IS STARING AT [NAME]!" They all shouted in unison, bursting into laugher once they saw Camilo turn beet red.
"No I wasn't!" He argued back, covering his face with his yellow ruana, looking away out of embarrassment.
At this point, you've already stopped dancing, giving the kids a stern look before looking up at Camilo with a smile.
"Hey Madrigal! Wanna join us?" You shouted, bringing your hands closer to your mouth to make your voice louder for him to hear.
"Don't mind if I do!" He proudly exclaims, jumping off his balcony to dance with the person he's grown to admire the most.
"If it's a seven hour flight.."
A few weeks after you met, Camilo finally mustered up the courage to confess.
"Mi amor!" Camilo called out singsongly, throwing a couple of rocks at [Name]'s window to get their attention, hiding a bouquet of roses behind his back.
After looking out their window, [Name] went and opened the door, a blush clearly evident on their face. "I'm never gonna get used to you calling me that.."
"Well, then I suggest you start." Camilo suggested, pulling out the bouquet of roses and handed them to [Name].
"I've been admiring you for some time now.." Camilo said, biting his lip out of nervousness before looking [Name] directly in the eye. "So I was wondering if you'd be my date for Antonio's gift ceramony?"
He didn't know what he was expecting, but he didn't expect [Name] to tackle hug him into the ground. "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" They exclaimed, kissing their lover all over, hugging them so hard until Camilo was practically gasping for air.
"Or a forty-five minute drive!"
During the night of Antonio's Gift Ceramony, Mirabel told the community that the house was beginning to break, swearing on her life that she saw cracks emerge.
"Don't worry everyone! The magic is strong, just like our drinks!" Abuela joked lightheartedly, returning back to Antonio's room for the party.
Camilo rolled his eyes, not believing that Mirabel would try to pull something on Antonio's birthday. "You don't think she'd do that, would she?"
You looked back at him, shaking your head. "I don't think she would, it's not like her to lie about something serious like that.
Camilo paused, thinking that this was a problem he would deal with his family later. "The night is still young, care for one more dance?" He asked, a smile appearing on his face when you nodded your head yes.
"In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side.."
[Name]?! [NAME]!" Camilo screamed out, warm tears flowing down his cheeks.
A few minutes ago, Mirabel and Abuela argued about the magic, not knowing that all the commotion would make the house fall apart.
Camilo didn't care about his home being torn apart, or his powers being gone, however - he did care about your safety, since you were unfortunately still inside when Casita crumbled down.
Felix, who had already knew that you were gone, pulled Camilo away, despite his screams of protest telling him not to. "You're gonna hate me now, but you're gonna thank me later." Felix explained, not wanting to let him see his former loved one dead.
Eventually, Camilo did end up getting his gift back, along with his house. But no amount of magic, can replace the happiness he felt whenever you came around.
He would give it all up, if it meant dancing with you again.
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chameleon-madrigal 2 days ago
I have a request for a Camilo x GN Reader!
Maybe where the reader is Mariano's younger sibling, and Camilo tries his best to ask for the approval of the relationship between Mariano's beloved younger sibling and him, and like he tries to man up and decide to turn away any urge to ask Dolores for help (considering that by then, they are either married, dating or courting-)
Thank you!
IX | Cuentos de Camilo
(Camilo Short Stories)
Tumblr media
Title: Speak the words of love
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Camilo x GN!Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Camilo is definitely a cool guy, full of confidence as what you would compliment him. But ever since you two started dating, he started to become shy atempting to get both of your families approval. Knowing that Mariano and Dolores' relationship is going well, he wants that also to happen to the both of you but he would end up backing away.
He/him pronouns for Camilo
They/them pronouns for Reader
Note: I was sick so sorry this took so long! This is actually cute, can be a hc for Cami being a confident guy but genuinely acts shy when its about you two's relationship. Hope I got the right plot of what you suggested, sorry for waiting :(( Enjoy and Thank you for all your support <3
Tumblr media
Camilo can't deny the fact that he started to take a liking into you, the moment his Abuela invited the Guzmans to a dinner again, but this time it was for Dolores and Mariano's proposal. And was the first time you showed up to see the Madrigals, pretty much meeting them for the first time.
You are sitting between Mirabel and Dolores where your brother, Mariano is on the other side. You are facing Camilo on the other side of the table.
"Its a great pleasure to have you back here with us" Abuela said as she raised her glass of water. "Salud"
"Salud!" Everyone said after and raised their glass also. They started eating as the adults started to discuss about the matter between the engagement.
"Yeah, I was glad I wasn't here when mi hermano got punched on the nose" You whispered as Mirabel heard it and playfully nudged you, causing you both to chuckle at each other.
Camilo saw how your eyes lit up as you laugh and the sound of your voice that caused his heart to beat faster. He didn't realize he was staring too long, luckily for him you didn't caught his stares but Isabela saw it and decided to tease her primo.
"Oh is that love, I see primo?" Isabela said as Camilo started coughing on his drink to shapeshift into you, then Isabela and calmly shapeshifted back to himself as everyone started to look at him, including you, on why he suddenly shapeshifts uncontrollably.
"Camilo, stop playing games on the table" Felix scolded his son, as everyone started to go back at their business.
Camilo could just smiled awkwardly at everyone, as he turned to glared at Isabela, who is laughing at him.
He continued distracting himself by eating arepas, but as he took a glance at you. Both of your eyes met each other, which causes you to look away with a blush evident on both of your faces. The others could just chuckle at the cute interaction you both shared.
And thats where it all started.
You became best friends with Camilo as you would always stay on the Casita, because your hermano would always visit his fianc茅.
"Not the thing I expected to see but hello to you too Camilo" You said as the moment you went inside Casita. You saw Camilo secretly stuffing some few arepas inside his ruana and eating one.
He turned around to look at you as he finished eating the arepa, while holding the other arepas with his other hand.
"Aye geez, I thought you were T铆a." He said as he sighed happily seeing it was just you.
You went up to him and he suddenly uses his other free hand to put it around your shoulder.
"Why are you stealing arepas, again?" You asked as he guided you upstairs going to his room.
"For my stomach, mi vida. I'll starve to death if I won't get any" He said which causes you to laugh at him. You both entered his room, as he put down the arepas from the table beside his bed.
You immediately went infront one of his mirrors and checked yourself. He went up to you as he watches how you fixed your clothes, face and everything.
He grabbed your wrist and dragged you carefully to his bed.
"Hey, what the..im not done yet!"
"You can just look at me and I'm willing to tell you that you are perfect for who you are" He said as you decided to not say anything, because of how hard you are stoping yourself from smiling.
You both sat down at his bed, as he gave you one arepa and suddenly he ate again too. Which cause you to chuckle at him.
"So, what do you feel about having your brother be a part of the Madrigals as being mi hermana's husband soon"
You shrugged as you took a bite of your arepa and looked at him.
"I mean I really don't know since I am not the one that is getting married but its nice to think that my brother finally found that love he has inside" You said as you both chuckled at it.
"Well, do you think like you know in the future, you'll be a Madrigal?"
"Depends, are you gonna ask me out soon?"
You jokingly stated but then turned to worry, as Camilo started choking on his food and shapeshifted super uncontrollably. You gently patted his back as soon as he shapeshifted back to himself.
"Geez, don't joke like that again"
"Who said I was?" You stated as he shapeshift uncontrollably again as you laughed at him
Tumblr media
You and Camilo would hangout often, and ofcourse you two had catch feelings with each other. And when he confessed, you two started dating after that.
Both of your families didn't know about this, knowing you two are just really close friends. You cannot find the right time to tell even your brother about it, since they are busy about the engagement between him and Dolores, same case with Camilo to his family.
"I mean a little privacy wouldn't hurt us for awhile right?" He said as you leaned on his arms that os currently draped around your shoulders.
"They are busy with the engagement to notice us"
"I mean Dolores the only one probably knows but also busy to talk about it with me" He said as he caress your head.
"But after the wedding, they need to know Milo" You said as you kissed his cheeks and stood up from your spot.
"I mean, yeah they do鈥" You cutted him off by helping him stand up and cupped his face.
"Amor, don't worry too much. They will accept us just like your sister and my brother's relationship okay?" You said as he nodded but nervousness is still evident on his face.
That night, as Camilo was trying the urge to sleep he can't seem to do it because of the things he keeps on overthinking.
'Gosh, what if Abuela won't accept us?'
'What if they want another person for me that's from another family? So that the generation of Madrigal would be bigger'
'Damn it Camilo ofcourse that won't happen!'
'But what if it will?'
"UGHHH!" He frustratedly shouted and held his hair, until Dolores suddenly burst to his door. Which made him shot up in his bed and placed his hand on his heart as he got shocked at the sudden thing his sister did.
"Dios M铆o, knocking isn't familiar to you?" He exclaimed as Dolores just gave him an aplogetic smile.
"Lo siento hermanito, I heard you scream so I immediately rushed into you. Are you fine?"
'Should I ask for her help? Nah thats uncool but..'
"Yeah, im fine. I just had a lot in mind, I guess?" Dolores went up to his brother and patted his head. As she nods and went out from his room.
Camilo just plops back into his bed, scolding himself for why he acts this way. Like how his confidence would just fade away, and doubting the acceptance of your relationship.
The next morning, Camilo was in town doing his chores when Mariano went up to him.
"Hey, Camilo. You've been so hardworking lately" He said and patted his shoulder.
"Thats Camilo Madrigal to you" Camilo stated as he turned into Mariano and did faces.
"Anyways, have you seen mi linda hermanita/o?"
"Nope I haven't...and yeah ofc Y/N's cute.." He said whispering the last part, but Mariano heard it.
"Oh you think they're cute, huh? Why don't you date my sibling, camilo" He said teasing Camilo, which causes him to have a blashful face.
"Yes! I mean鈥"
"WAIT, YOU'RE DATING THEM??" Mariano exclaimed as Camilo tried to say the truth but his words are losing control.
"Yes, what No!! I MEAN NO. Wait, its like not now but maybe soon what am I saying..Oh hey look at the time! Time to get arepas okay Bye!!" Camilo said and ran away from Mariano, who's shouting his name.
"Gosh, Camilo why can't you just say that you're dating Y/N" He said to himself as he got closer to the Casita.
Tumblr media
Weeks after the wedding of Dolores and Mariano, you could say that Camilo is a mess. He would always tell you that he is planning to speak to both of your families about the relationship but would always end up telling you he can't do it. So he would usually say it in his actions rather than words.
The Guzmans moved in the Casita, and Camilo would act strange when it comes to your brother and your grandmother. He usually doesn't show off his goofy side that you love about him and would help them with simple task which was odd.
After Camilo helped Se帽ora Guzman with things, he show you outside and decided to talk to him.
"Cari帽o mio, speak up whats this all about?"
"What? Nothing is up, just the ceiling" He said laughing awkwardly as you gave him a knowing look which he sighed.
"You barely hangout with me, now that I am on the same roof with you"
"I am sorry, mi vida. Its just that I want to show your mother and brother how great of a person I am"
"And you really are a great person. What are you still trying to prove, love?"
"I don't know, I just want them to accept me as your boyfriend"
"You barely show them your playful and fun side, Cami"
"I know, I just want them to think that I'm more than fun and games, and that I am serious with you" He said as he looked at you in the eyes and you just smiled at him and kissed his lips.
"They'll love you as much as I do" You said which made him smile and hugged you tight.
Later that day, you were out with Mirabel to play with the kids. And Camilo could have just face back and forth in his room, and he knows that Dolores can hear his mumbles but he is too occupied to think of that.
"Just tell Mariano, hey I like your sibling..wait ugh no. That sounds unformal?"
"Or subtely ask Se帽ora Guzman what if I'm dating her younger child, and atleast I get to know what she thinks...but thats obvious"
"AHH GOSH, WHY IS THIS SO HARD" He said as he fall into his bed.
"Its not hard, you're just overthinking it" He heard Dolores said and felt the side of his bed plop down. As he sat down to talk and face his sister.
"I am just worried"
"You know, Mariano said鈥"
"Hold up!! No don't say a word. I don't want help"
"Cami, you need my help well for atleast to ease that tension building up inside of you"
"I know and thank you for that but I want to resolve this on my own"
Dolores secretly smiled knowing how hard the situation of her brother right now, but still determined to do it.
"Allright, Im just saying that you should鈥" Dolores stopped as Camilo gently dragged her to his door and smiled sarcastically.
"Okay, adios gracias hermana" He said and closed his door.
After a minute, he heard a knock so he opened the door groaning.
"Dolores I told you I don't want your鈥" He stopped noticing it was you. "鈥擧ey, you're back!"
You entered his room after hugging him, and looked at him weirdly.
"You don't want Dolores what?"
"Nah, its nothing. Cuddles?" He said pouting at you, trying to change the topic and luckily you didn't questioned him again and both of you laid down in his bed.
Tumblr media
It was dinner time, and Camilo is ready to tell everyone about the relationship between you two.
"So far, how were things going as you are now here in Casita?" Abuela asked which by then got Camilo tensed for no reason at the moment. And ofcourse, you noticed it.
"Ah its really nice, the house was so lively to make us feel welcome" Mariano said as he looked lovingly at Dolores.
"Thats true and Camilo is such a helpful guy, he really does his best at everything. I really thought you're much more of a playful boy but luckily you're not as what I saw" Se帽ora Guzman commented which made Camilo more nervous knowing your mother likes it if he is not that goofy, but thats what he is. So he worries that he might not be accepted to be your boyfriend.
His three primas could just look confusedly at him, knowing Se帽ora Guzman's description of him is far more than who he is.
Pepa could just look at worry at how his son is acting, all nervous and would shrink in his seat.
"Amor, why do you have a cloud?" Felix whispered and vanished the cloud above his wife's head.
"Lo siento mucho, watch My milo he looks...worried, nervous and scared?" Felix turned to look at his son beside him as he noticed that you are trying to calm Camilo down when there is nothing to be panic of.
"Hey, hermano Camilo are you alright?" Antonio said which caused everyone to turned their head to Camilo.
Camilo could have sworn that he wants to disappear at his seat right now. You held his hand under the table and squeezed it lighlty while looking at him, encouraging him to not be nervous.
"I have something to..say" He said and stood up.
"Abuela, Se帽ora Guzman. Me and Y/N are dating..." Everyone was shocked at the table, except Dolores.
"Abuela, I know you probably want me to marry someone in another family so that the Madrigals will be have a bigger set of generations. And Se帽ora Guzman, I may be pranking a lot of people, I talk a lot and play a lot but I am serious with your youngest child. I hope you would approve our relationship" He said as he looked down which you gave him a pat on his back, giving him a thumbs up.
Abuela stood up and come up to him while smiling.
"Milo, who said I want to marry you with another person when you have Y/N here. And who am I to stop you two, you both look perfect for each other. Ofcourse, we would approve your relationship" Abuela said and hugged Camilo as Pepa and Felix joined the hug too as everyone nodded.
Camilo pulled away and looked at Se帽ora Guzman whose having a smile on her mouth.
"Camilo, you're a great person. You make Y/N/N happy ofcourse I would approve the both of you." She said as Mariano went up to Camilo and ruffled his head.
"I knew you have a thing with them" He said as you went up to hug Camilo as everyone watched you two with a smile.
"I told you they'll love you as much as I do" You said as he pecked your lips infront of everyone which cause you to blush. As the dinner went on, with everyone teasing you or asking you about the relationship.
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m0chaminx 2 days ago
Camilo Madrigal | Perfect
Part one : Part two
Tumblr media
Request : No
Prompt : None
饾檼饾櫀饾櫑饾櫍饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆饾櫒 : None, cuteness, I would warm that Camilo might be slightly out of character but my boy has six minutes of screen time, not much to go off really
Let me know if you want a part 4
Paring : Camilo Madrigal x GN!reader
饾檸饾櫔饾櫌饾櫌饾櫀饾櫑饾櫘 : Camilo takes you on a proper date, and it goes perfectly
I do not know any Spanish so I did use a lot of google translate, so if there's any mistake I apologize, just let me know ill fix it asap
Camilo jumped over the rock, landing on the crisp green grass. "This is the last stretch," Camilo promised, putting his hands on your waist, and yours rested on his shoulders as you jumped off the rock. You landed next to Camilo who brushed your hair back.
"This better be worth it Cami," You joked, taking the bag off Camilo and setting it on your shoulder.
"I promise it's worth it," Camilo smiled grabbing your hand leading the way as you weaved through bushes and trees until you reached a wall of bright green vines, covered in small flower buds. "They're moonflowers." Camilo pointed out as you ran your ringers across the unbloomed flower. "They only come out at night. If we stay out long enough well see them, and if we don't, I can use it as an excuse to bring you back here."
You chuckled pressing a kiss to his cheek before he pulled you through the vines, smiling as you looked around in awe at the pink and white blossom trees. "How the hell did you find this place?" You questioned glancing between Camilo and the sun rays that peeked through the trees.
"I was upset one day, ran around for ages and found here," Camilo explained simply pulling you along to sit under one of the sunlight spots. "I come here all the time now." Camilo took the satchel from you, pulling out a varied selection of treats and pastries. "My Tia makes the best food, well, only rivalled by your churros." You smiled trying to hide your face in your hands, but Camilo pulled them away. "No! Your too cute!"
You laughed with Camilo this time shoving your face in his shoulder. "How come you're always flirting with me? I never even get time to even compliment you," You complained sitting up straight in front of Camilo.
"I don't know, guess I'm just better," Camilo teased taking a bite of one of the many arepa con queso's.
"All right then, I get to compliment you, and you can't deny or interrupt me until I'm done, okay?" You said sternly. Camilo raised his hands in defense while leaning back on his elbows while his legs stayed cross. "Okay, your freckles are adorable, like little angel kisses, which I might be slightly jealous of. Your hair is really soft and super cute. Oh! You have this little habit of tapping your fingers when you are nervous, and it makes me wanna hold your hand. Your smile is probably the most beautiful thing I've-" Camilo stopped your shower of compliments with a quick, soft, peck to your lips. You stopped, your entire face heating up and your eyes went wide, you could feel your heartbeat against your chest and you stared into Camilo's eyes.
"Sorry, you were just too cute when you were talking, and I got all mushy," Camilo said nervously, brushing his hair behind his ear.
"Can I-" You stopped taking a breath still in slight shock. "Can I kiss you? Properly?" Camilo nodded, resting his hands on your bent knees, pressing his lips against yours. You moved your hands to press against his cheeks as you both just basked in the moment.
Camilo pulled back pressing his forehead against yours, pressing chaste kisses to your cheeks and nose, "Your perfect."
You giggled knocking your nose against his, "Look who's talking."
Camilo went back to Casita that night, coming face to face with his family. "Ahh! Mi Vida, I was so worried," Pepa cried running up and hugging her son. "Where were you?"
"On a date~" Isabella teased in a sing-song voice.
"Actually yes, we wanted to the moonflowers," Camilo said softly, that same dumb love-struck smile on his face. "I was just walking 'em home." Pepa smiled, a rainbow growing above her head. "Oh Isa, can I have some flowers please, sunflowers and bluebells." Isabella nodded, still in shock that Camilo had actually gone on a date.
"Go get some sleep, Camilo," Felix encouraged. Camilo nodded, bidding a good night to everyone.
"Oh Tia, they really liked your arepa's" Camilo smiled one last time before ducking inside his room. Julietta smiled to herself, making a mental note to make more food for you.
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If it has a strike, I couldn't tag you
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Casita may love you more than camilo because it always helps you out whenever you and camilo are playing hide and seek
Tumblr media
You came over at the madrigal residents a lot or better known as 'casita' and let's make this absolutely clear, casita probably loves you more than camilo.
Whenever you need to get something or do something, casita's always there to help you whether it's helping you get there faster or just getting the thing for you but in this case, it was helping you in a game of hide and seek with camilo.
Camilo was currently hiding after taking forever to find you even though you had found him in seconds thanks to casita because camilo was actually really good at hiding but seeking? Not so much but it was also because casita purposely moved you around whenever camilo got close and yes it is technically cheating but camilo won't mind, after all, it's just a game though camilo is competitive but with everyone except you and even if camilo was competitive with you, he'd be cool with it and just laugh it off.
You wandered around casita as you yelled out things like "Where are you?", "I can't find him!" or just groans of stress but the truth is that you knew exactly where he was because casita was literally leading you towards him with the tiles on the floor and you knew that you were getting close when you heard him shuffling around because he had a habit of doing that whenever he had to stay in one place.
You crept into Isabela's room that she was currently not in as she had chores to do "Cami? You in here darling?" You asked even though you knew exactly where he was, you looked beside you and saw camilo hiding behind a pot that contained a cactus in it "Dammit, how are you so good at this...?" Camilo whined out as he stood up from his hiding spot, he wrapped his arms around your neck and leaned on your shoulder "The real question is, why are you hiding behind a cactus?" You asked as camilo kissed your cheek and camilo shrugged as you two began walking out Isabela's room.
"Because you would never think to look there because you know I hate cactuses," Camilo said with a smug grin on his face when he looked at you with a raised eyebrow "Wait if you know that then how did you find me..?" Camilo said as he looked at you with a suspicious look and you averted your eyes from him as you sweated bullets nervously.
Camilo then remembered how he heard casita's tiles hitting the floor and getting closer to Isabela's room and right when they stopped, you found him and he put the pieces together then he looked at you with squinted eyes "(Y/n)..did casita help you win..?" Camilo asked as he looked at you up and down with a very curious look, you sighed as you looked at camilo "Yeah.." You mumbled as you both walked down the stairs of casita to go to the kitchen "Casita! Stop helping her, that's cheating! Help me instead!" Camilo yelled out as he frowned and glared at the stairs and casita made the stairs go flat making you two tumble down the stairs.
You two ended at the end of the stairs with both of your limbs tangled together "Camilo, you realize that if casita helped you then that would be cheating too right?" You said as camilo sat up and untangled your limbs and he groaned "Yeah but since it's my house it's okay." Camilo said in a joking manner making you both chuckle "Whatever you say querido." You said as both of you stood up and went to the kitchen to get some snacks, camilo loves you a lot but maybe he has some competition and it's his house.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas a day ago
Y/N, shaking Camilo: tell me! how can i calm down?!
Dolores: it's just T铆a Julieta!
Y/N, turning to Dolores: that's just it! it's Julieta!
Pepa, storming: calmate! *strikes y/n with lightning*
Julieta, descending the staircase: mi amor? why is your hair as straight as a ruler?
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