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𝓂𝓎 𝓂𝒶𝓈𝓉ℯ𝓇𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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madrihoes · a month ago
Camilo Nickname headcannons
Tumblr media
Before the relationship:
Before you get together he’s kinda flirty but also respectful and shy
He’d start off with a shortened version of your name, like if your name was Charlotte he might call you Charlie
As you both get closer he starts to slowly call you things like sweetheart
“Hey sweetheart, do you er need help with that basket?- NOT THAT I THINK YOURE WEAK I JUST wanna do something for you??”
Yeah he gets nervous around you
When you call him something sweet back
He- literally shifts into you and sighs dreamily
During the relationship
He gets a bit more smooth
He’s like ‘ok, she definitely likes me so there will be no repercussions for calling her Amor’
Amor is coincidentally the main nickname he calls you
He loves your little blush when he calls you that
After he’s introverted you to the family he DEFINITELY gets more confident
One day you’ll just hear from his room ‘who the man? I’m the man!’
On that day, whilst you were eating with the madrigals
You were discussing sewing with Mirabel and suddenly you hear from Camilo
“Can you pass me the salt Mi Vida”
And without hesitation you hand it to him
Starts crying saying his little boy is growing up
It’s sunny for the entire next day, courtesy of Pepa
So basically he goes from slightly confident but also shy baby to saying “ah yes the woman I will marry, there she is” in public
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bozowrites · 22 days ago
camilo x reader ; bruno x reader : they have a crush.
a/n : i do this for literally every fandom i join
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Tumblr media
sometimes when he’s around you, he changes randomly out of nerves.
he laughs it off though.
makes tons of flirty jokes and messes with you a lot.
he either has all his attention on you or none.
sometimes he just can’t handle the pressure of talking to you!
romanticizes literally every interaction with you, its almost sad.
pepa knows, which means dolores knows, which means the entire family knows now.
he sighs longingly a lot when he’s around you or just sees you from afar.
he does get flustered a lot if you reciprocate any flirty comments.
smiley boy when you are around.
he can get jealous from time to time when he sees you chatting with someone else your twos age.
doesn’t dare show it though.
"well, well, well look at what la casita dragged in~"
Tumblr media
flustered a ton, like as red as a tomato if you will.
daydreams about you a lot.
watches you from afar, like staring and just watching you interact with others.
doesn’t mean for it to be creepy.
everyone in the family knows about his crush on you and make an effort to bring you around la casita so he can be around you more.
hernando isn’t afraid of anything and that includes talking to you.
gets awkward talking to you and makes jokes that don’t make sense.
likes showing you all his telenovelas with his rats. if you like them, he is overjoyed.
tells you really dramatic stories with dramatic expressions and just everything dramatic.
is a little afraid of how people will treat you if you two ever got into a relationship.
refuses to have visions about you. doesn’t wanna see something that could shatter his heart.
"have you met jorge?"
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cloud-9ine · 21 days ago
With or Without You
⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (fem) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - very slight angst
⤷ summary - after leaving the mountains for nearly 10 years, you return to encanto, and return to camilo
⤷ notes - this takes place just after the events of the movie, so bruno is also here. actually a little less reader action in this, so i might fuck around and make a part 2. 
⤷ word count - 2.2k+
⤷ pt 1, pt 2
⤷ consider buying me a coffee!
⤷ join our discord server
Tumblr media
“Tío Bruno, read my prophecy next!” Camilo barrelled into the room, gripping onto the older man’s ruana, who practically choked on his own surprise.
“C-Camilo, are you sure, mi sobrino?” Camilo nodded, brown curls bouncing against his warm skin, pearly whites peeking past his wide smile.
“Of course! If Dolores gets one, so do I! Ask about (Y/N)!” Bruno laughed, awkward smile creeping onto his face as he gently pried Camilo’s curled fingers from the dark green fabric. 
“Okay, but don’t hate the messenger.” He mumbled, crouching down to relay the sand and leaves he had just used for Dolores’ prophecy. Camilo flumped into the circle of sand, shuffling forward eagerly as his uncle sat himself in front of him. The leaves were set alight, weaving a gentle stream of smoke into the air as the sand began to raise, twirling around the pair in a whirlwind of electricity. 
Camilo’s eyes widened, darting to each and every vein of green that spiked through the sand, not noticing the furrowed brows of his uncle. 
“I see you...” Bruno mumbled, Camilo whipping around at his words. His eyes glowed a jade green, and Camilo followed his gaze to a blurry image of himself in the sand.
“Where’s (Y/N)?” He questioned, scouring the image for anything other than his own face, blurring and at some moments becoming unrecognisable. Bruno lowered his eyes, expression pinching in a sullen remorse.
“Lo siento, mi sobrino. It seems as though the two of you grow apart.” Camilo went silent, smile fading from his face. “Oh.” The sand settled once more, the young boy’s fading until there was nothing left. The two were silent for a moment, Bruno refusing to look at Camilo and Camilo deep in thought. 
“Well,” he exclaimed, scrambling to his feet while his little shoes slipped on the stone in Bruno’s room, “better make sure she keeps smiling in the mean time!” Bruno relaxed as Camilo bowed, beaming grin exposing a little gap where a baby tooth had fallen out. He turned to run out the room, legs unsteady in his hurry.
Bruno sighed, sweeping the sand up with his hands, gathering it into a small pile to the side of where he was sitting. Camilo was a good kid, and he could only hope that his prophecy was not one set in stone.
You were gone a few weeks later.
Camilo could still remember the day you left. The sun was blazing high in the sky, and he couldn’t have helped but to feel as though it should have been thunder and lightning. Such beautiful weather was unbefitting of the day he felt like rain. Of course, his own mother- ever supportive of Camilo- was able to bring about a few storm clouds to rain down on him as your family waved their goodbyes.
“I’ll be back before you know it, Camilo!”
Camilo remembered the day he turned 5 well. It was a day of celebration, of course, the day he got his gift. The townsfolk had gathered, as they always did. Camilo could remember the exact moment he reached the top of the stairs, for he had stopped. For a brief lapse of time, he looked out to the crowd. He had looked for you. For just a second, he had forgotten you had left. 
You promised you would be there, before you knew you were going to move. The two of you had been so excited, eagerly discussing the party that would happen afterwards. You were desperate to find out what his gift would be and to finally play in a room that wasn’t the nursery.
Despite the joyous occasion, from the flowers to the cheers of the townspeople and the warm embraces of his own family, Camilo couldn’t help but feel a little subdued. At such a great landmark, you were supposed to be here. That night, after the festivities, Camilo had spent the night back in the nursery with Mirabel. That night, she had gifted him a photo of the two of you, which he swore to keep with him at all times, so that he would never forget a single one of your features.
You’d be back soon.
As the years passed, the photo got more faded, and Camilo’s memories of you went along with it. Growing into his teenage years, he had grown out of his childhood puppy love, the image of you becoming less and less tangible, as if you were merely a whisper lost in the night, never having existed in the first place.
And yet still, when the news turned out that you were coming back, his heart almost stopped. 
Dolores was the one to expose the rumours, clambering to her chair at the dinner table with pink lips pursed in a small smile and eyes sparkling with a mirth that was often unfounded within her softer persona. Camilo sensed her excitement almost immediately, never untuned to his sibling’s emotions. 
“What has got you in such a good mood, hermana?” He questioned, the table quietening their chatter to listen to her response. 
“I heard the townsfolk say that la familia (L/N) is coming back.” She grinned, tone tinged with a fever uncommon for her disposition. The reaction was instant, Camilo’s height loosing about two feet as he shifted between himself and your four-year-old form (the one he had spent hours mulling over in the photo) with the occasional injection of Dolores’ figure jumbled between his transformations before they abruptly stopped with a bout of coughing, Camilo banging his fist against his chest in an attempt to quell the feeling.
Over his head sprouted a rainbow, his mother fanning her hands on her cheeks as Félix praised its colours with a beam. In the background, the shutters over Casita’s windows rapidly opened and shut themselves, the tiles surrounding the table rippling in some sort of way to convey joy. 
“Really?” Mirabel gasped, drumming her fingers on the table with wide eyes behind her glasses.
“Is that the family with Camilo’s friend?” Bruno questioned, eyes darting around to each of his sisters as he tried to untangle his memories. Julieta hummed in agreement, gentle smile on her lips.
“Yes, she was such a lovely child,” she mused. Pepa nodded in agreement, clasping her hands together with a dreamy sigh, the rainbow above her head shimmering in the sun.
“She was so wonderful for mi hijo.” Camilo felt heat rise to his cheeks at his mother’s words, trying in vain to rid himself of the embarrassment with a few chuckles. 
“Yeah,” Isabela drawled, fixing Camilo with a dark gaze from across the table, a sinister smirk painted onto her lips that made him nervous, “Camilo was really whipped, weren’t you, primo?” Her eyebrow twitched, and he couldn’t help as though this was payback for something he had done. He wasn’t about to backdown, though. 
“Oh yeah? Says the girl who was gonna marry a man she had spoken to twice, right, prima?” Isabela’s expression twisted, lip twitching in annoyance. In a flash, a sharp pain fired along his calf as a vine whipped him underneath the table. With a yelp, he shoved his chair back (almost falling if not for the way Casita moulded to stabilise him) and grabbed his leg, soothing the bruise with a pout.
“That’s different and you know it!” Isabela hissed, fiery gaze making the words Camilo wanted to say die in his throat. He resigned to just glaring, taking a little bite from an arepa that Julieta passed him. 
“Niños, behave,” Abuela’s sharp tone cut through the noise, making both Camilo and Isabela jump. They shuffled back to their places with abashed expressions. Abuela eyed the family for a moment to ensure she had their full attention before continuing, “everyone, la familia (L/N) have been great allies to the Madrigals for decades. If it is true that they are to return, I am expecting nothing but the upmost respect and hospitality.” The family nodded, the children sharing grins whilst the adults murmured amongst themselves, quietly reminiscing on the shared moments between the two families. 
Camilo could only wait, heart pounding so hard that he was sure Dolores could hear it. 
Yeah, he was screwed.
The day you returned was a dry day, with a blanket of light grey clouds that covered the sky. The air was heavy, weighing deep in his lungs and stifling his breathing. This was the calm before the storm.
At this point, Camilo was itching to run out of Casita to search for you, his skin prickling with every passing second he was stuck in his home- it was almost claustrophobic, as if the walls were closing in on him. He couldn’t help the buzz of his nerves. How different would your relationship be? Would you still like him? Would you still remember him?
“Camilo, hurry up!” Mirabel nudged him, snapping him out of his stupor with a startle. He grinned, shaking away his worries.
“Sorry, prima, but you were doing such a great job without me, anyway.” He snickered, changing into the girl before him while wiggling his eyebrows.
“Ha ha, very funny,” Mirabel rolled her eyes, and yet the small smile on her face betrayed her true feelings, “get to work.” He nodded, turning back to himself to sweep the remaining dust on the foyer under the carpet (right before Casita succinctly whipped the dust back into his face, much to his distaste).
“They’re arriving in 20 minutes.” Dolores spoke, appearing behind the pair without so much as a noise. Camilo’s heart leaped to his throat, and he could only nod, mouth going dry. Back to sweeping.
20 minutes crept past painfully slowly, much slower than time had ever progressed. His foot tapped against the tiles as he sat perched on the end of his chair, hands knotted in his hair. His ruana felt much warmer, as if it were a thick winter coat. Sweat beaded on his hairline, which he periodically wiped away every couple of minutes. 
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela called out from the front door with a wild giggle, scaring him to the point he nearly fell off the chair. He ignored the tease in Isabela’s voice, scrambling to leave his room. He leant over the railing, chest heaving as he watched the door open. 
Abuela walked in with a woman he could discern as your mother from his vague memories of her when she looked a lot younger. And behind her was-
“Casita! It’s good to see you again!” You. Your voice was perhaps the most beautiful thing he had heard, ringing through his head like a melody as you giggled, cooing to the door that almost seemed to wave at you. Your face was bright, your expression as lively and sunny as the rays that graced Encanto the day you left his life. Now you were back, and Camilo could say for certain that you were a much prettier sight. 
Your eyes darted up to him, still filled with the same merriment that had taken his breath away all those years ago, and didn’t do anything but the same now. 
For a moment, it seemed as though time stopped. Your eyes widened, mouth parting slightly. Camilo could only hope that you were seeing him in the same way he was seeing you. From the way the golden light softened your features, to the way Isabela’s flowers framed your face in such a way that inexplicably tugged on a yearning so visceral that it ached.
The railing in front of him gave way, dropping him forward with a lurch to his stomach that made him feel even more nauseous than before. Casita caught him with a beam, lowering him down to the floor with a grace he wasn’t used to. 
The others had begun to crowd around your family, the house filling with cheers of joy and exclamations of glee but his eyes were trained on you. In a flash, you pushed your way through the crowd, and Camilo could only take one more step before you had thrown yourself into his arms.
Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing your far too tight and burying his head into your shoulder. His hands gripped your dress, pulling you flush against himself as if you were going to disappear. You laughed, breath stuttering in your chest as you pulled him as close as was physically possible.
“I thought I’d never see you again.” He chuckled, breathing into the nape of your neck. Your grip tightened, eyes stinging with tears you refused to let fall. 
“I’m sorry.” He shook his head, brown curls tickling your nose. 
“Don’t say that, mi vida, I’m just glad you’re back.” 
“I really missed you.” He pulled back with a joyful laugh, pressing his forehead against yours. You peered into his teary eyes, cupping his face in your hand to wipe away a stray tear that trailed over his cheek. Your thumb stilled over his cheekbone, and all you could do was stare. 
He leaned in, hesitating slightly once his lips were just a whisper away from yours. His heart pounded against the confinements of his chest; your pulse skyrocketing. 
“I missed you too.” 
Tumblr media
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yokukashii · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Camilo x reader
Summary: If cereal is soup or not
Warning/s: stupid logic that lowkey makes sense
enjoy ๑
Point of view: 2nd person
“It is a soup.”
“It is not.”
“Camilo, it’s liquid, it gets put into a bowl, you eat both with a spoon- it’s the definition of soup!”, you said with a straight face as Camilo shook his head at your words
“Mi vida….anything can be put into a bowl and can be eaten with a spoon, that doesn’t mean it’s a soup though.”
You scoffed as you gathered your thoughts and formed an argument back, even though you two weren’t actually arguing…
“By using a spoon, you take the solid object out of the liquid, coincidence? I think not.”
“Mi vida, a soup has broth, cereal…does not have broth.”
You looked at him, he looked back at you, none of you said another word.
“Camilo. That is a fair argument, but is still doesn’t explain the ironic coincidences!”, Camilo shook his head at your words once again and chuckled before getting up from his seat to give you a kiss on the forehead.
“Whatever you say,” said Camilo as he walked away.
a/n: it’s another short story! I’ll try to make the next story longer ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ hope you enjoy though :)
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mari-mari-maricela · 9 days ago
⇨ encanto
⇨ camilo x fem reader
⇨ fluff, embarrassed y/n
⇨ in which camilo is getting measured for the suit he'd be wearing for his sister's wedding, but will not allow the tailor to get her work done.
"Camilo." Y/N huffs, taking the tape back from him and rolling it back up, "Stop messing around with my stuff."
"What? I'm not doing anything!" Camilo retorts, shrugging his shoulders as he sat up on his bed. He watched as she began placing her other equipment on his desk, hand on her hip as she wrote down her new client. A small smile appears on his lips. "How's your family doing anyway?"
Y/N turns to him, leaning against the desk as she places her pencil down. "They're doing well. Padre was about to forbid me from measuring you, but Madre was persuasive enough to tell him off though." She chuckles, walking towards him now.
Camilo raises a brow as he stands up. "Your dad doesn't trust me?" He says, pouting playfully with a tilted head, "He doesn't trust his daughter with her loveable, mature boyfriend?"
She rolls her eyes and unwinds her tape, taking his hand and placing Camilo in front of the mirror in his room. "Yeah, whatever you say, mi querido." She hums, standing behind him.
He watches her in the mirror, how she eyes gaze at his shoulders and begins to measure the width.
Y/N and her family were the town's tailors. If anybody was looking to buy some new fitted clothing, then they were the ones to go to.
Her father would be the ones to acquire the materials and cut them to the needed size for any client. Her mother would be the one to sew the clothing together as well as do the finishing details. That left Y/N with the task of taking their measurements and delivering the finished products to the houses of the clients.
After all, she was probably the most approachable out of the three of them.
The reason they were here today at the Madrigal house was to get everyone fitted for their wedding attire. Since there was twelve of them, and Y/N and her mother would be handling the measuring while her father gathered materials, the Madrigal family was split into groups of six.
Y/N's mother would be taking care of Abuela, Julietta, Augustin, Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel.
Y/N would be measuring Bruno, Pepa, Fèlix, Dolores (with the exception of her trying on her dress for the first time), Camilo and Antonio.
"How has your family been, 'Milo?" She questions, pulling away to write down his shoulder width.
He looks over to her. "Same old, y'know. Dolores keeps asking me if she thinks that dating Mariano for two years is enough to get married." He chuckles, shaking his head, "Did you know she's thinking of asking you to be one of her bride's maids?"
Y/N stops, blinking at Camilo before making her way over to him. "Ah, no, actually." She says, looking away in a flustered motion, "Why would she want me?"
"Maybe because you two are basically best friends now?" He huffs, tilting his head, "You guys bully me all the time."
"No we don't." She scoffs, a smile on her lips.
"Yes you do."
"Aw, I'm sorry, 'Milo."
"No you're not, encantadora."
Y/N rolls her eyes again, now facing him to the mirror. She ducks under his raised arms to stand in front of him, Camilo's eyes now on her. She states, taking out her tape again, "I'm going to measure your waist now, alright? Sorry if I tickle you, querido."
He shrugs it off, allowing Y/N to place the tape against his stomach and snake her arms around his waist, aiming to put the end of the tape to the roll, thus getting the measurement she needed. "That tickles." He says.
"Tough it out." She retorts, making Camilo let out a snort. Y/N tries to glance over his shoulder to watch her hands. She sees the it's connected, so she leans away, ready to read the measurement.
But she widens her eyes as Camilo's arms drop around her shoulders, pulling her closer into a tight embrace. She sighs, chin on top of her boyfriend's shoulders, "'Milo."
"Yes, mi amor?" He hums, nuzzling into her shoulder with closed eyes.
"I haven't finished." She states, unable to stop the smile on her lips as she gently hugs him back. Camilo was always the one of the pair to hug the other first. And Y/N could never reject him.
Camilo responds, slightly swaying the both of them, "Mm, that's alright. A quick break never hurt anybody." He pulls away a little, now able to look his lover in the eyes. Leaning his forehead against hers, Camilo taps behind her shoulder a few times. "I'm your last client, aren't I? You can take it slow now, encantadora."
She closes her eyes, grinning softly at how relaxing her boyfriend was. "Don't you think your parents will be suspicious if I spend too long in here?" She jokes, moving so that she can rest her head against the crook of his neck.
He chuckles, holding her closer, "Not at all. That's a lie. They were suspicious of me as soon as your mother said you'd be measuring my family." He feels her shake her head at that. "But it's alright, my family loves you."
She stops, looking towards Camilo as she relaxes even more in his hold, pulling away a little. "Is that true?" She mumbles.
Camilo glances at her as if she was stupid. "Um, of course?" He says, bringing a hand up to hold her cheek, "They think you're an angel and that I'm gonna', like, turn you to the evil side, ya'know?"
Y/N gives a small smile, leaning into his warm palm.
He can't help but stare at her. "You're absolutely perfect." He whispers out.
Sometimes, Camilo could be so sweet and loving that Y/N found it hard to actually take it all in at once.
She huffs, pulling away and moving to stand behind him, redoing the measuring tape around his waist, "Okay, okay, I—I need to finish now."
And Camilo knows how that gets her whenever she suddenly moves off to do something else. He can't help but smirk every single time.
"Aw, what's wrong, mi belleza?" He laughs, turning around with his hands on his hips, tilting his head. The tape is still snug against him and he watches as Y/N quickly takes note of the measurement and turns to write it down. He only smiles wider, following her. "Ooh, you're so embarrassed and cute and ignoring me now—Y/N, come on! It's okay!"
She only covers her face as Camilo hugs her from behind, chin on her shoulders as he watches her write down meaningless words. He notices that she's already got his size written down. Now, she just keeps writing 'mean Camilo' over and over again.
He squeezes her tighter, giggling like a little kid, "Oh, stop that, I'm just telling the truth." He gently turns Y/N around, who immediately hides her embarrassed and burning face into his shoulder. "Que hermosura..."
"Stop it." She whines, muffled by his clothing.
He pulls away and holds her chin in his fingers. He gets to let out a short chuckle before leaning towards her, pressing a kiss onto her lips and letting her ease into him.
As she reciprocates the action, Y/N rests her hands on his shoulders. He did know how to make her feel better.
When he pulls away, Camilo presents this wide and loving smile on his face. "Alright, let's finish this up and then eat lunch with Tia Julietta." He pats her arms before walking off towards the mirror again.
Y/N takes in a deep breath, soon following along.
"Right. Before Dolores tells us to shut up."
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dead-inside-writer · 21 days ago
"Amor de mi Vida" (Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: Camilo madrigal x reader
summary: Camilo heard that Y/N had a date this Saturday.
theme: fluff and bits of angst+jealousy!
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 785
The market was full of bustling noises, barters, and people constantly moving around. It was a busy day, for another special event was coming up in Encanto.
The Madrigal family wanted to celebrate Casita coming back after its fall a few days ago. Even if Abuela Alma tried to soften her words and ways, it was hard to break old habits. She wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. However, she did include her son, Bruno, and granddaughter, Mirabel in preparing the party.
As expected, The Madrigal family was extremely busy. Running here and there, gathering decorations, and doing thousands of tasks.
Luckily, Camilo had just finished all of his tasks, and before his padre or anyone else could ask him to help or add another task for him to do, he ran to the market.
He needed a break, for four days in a row he had not seen his vida and he was getting desperate. He just wanted to feel their embrace, missing their touch and presence. Oh dios mio, he just needed to be with you this instant!
In a crowd filled with people's voices, his ear immediately perked up when they caught your voice. How could he ever miss it? It was his favorite after all.
Knowing that you were just a few steps away, a large smile find its way to his face. He turned to see you and your friend chatting away, his heart missing a beat when he saw your breathtaking smile.
Just as he was about to steal you away, something your friend said stopped him in his tracks.
"Y/N, you're going on a date this Saturday, right? Want me to help you dress up?" Your friend winked at you teasingly.
You blushed up, you haven't seen him in a while so you can't help but feel a bit flustered about meeting him, your amor.
"Oooooo with him right? That handsome guy," Your other friend nudges your shoulder, smiling mischievously.
"Oi stop or I'll smack you this instant," You let out a laugh, not noticing the boy in his yellow ruana looking at you with sad eyes.
'A date this Saturday? With who?' Camilo thought, his heart ripping as he realized what this could only mean. 'N-no way. They would never do that to me. They love me! They would never cheat on me!'
Feeling like someone was watching you, you looked around and made eye contact with Camilo. Your eyes widen, not expecting to see him in the market. Instantly, you made your way to him, leaving your friends behind.
Your friend saw who you were heading to and understood what was going on.
"See you later, Ms. Simp!" One of your friends shouted, running before you can smack them on the head.
You rolled your eyes, you were definitely going to get them later for that, but right now, there were more important matters.
You ran and hugged him tightly, placing your head on his shoulders, but stop when you realized that the boy wasn't hugging you back.
"Mi amor, what's wrong?" You looked up to him, letting go.
His eyes were hesitant to meet yours, and when they did, it was full of pain. You panicked when you see this sight. What happened? Was his Abuela too hard or-
"Date..." He murmured, his voice low.
"Date??" You repeated, confused.
"You have a date this Saturday...?" He said looking at you with betrayal, his voice almost breaking.
"Huh?? Querido, you asked me to go on a date with you after the party, remember?" You said, desperate to make the look in his eyes go away. Holding his arms, scared that he'll leave you without hearing you out.
Your tense shoulders lighten up as you see a soft smile crawl up to his face.
“I’m so sorry mi vida” Camilo immediately brought you close to his chest while playing with your hair. “I’m so dumb, I completely forgot that I asked you on a date after all the preparations for the party,”
He squeezes you tight as he says, “I… I thought you cheated on me. I know you would never do that but when I heard your friends said you had a date and I-“
Before he could ramble on, you pulled on the collars of his shirt, bringing his lips on yours. He was frozen for a few seconds, but it didn’t take him long to completely melt under your touch, holding your head to deepen the kiss.
You let go of him and gave him a quick peck after seeing his flushed face.
“I’ll never cheat on you, you’re the only one for me, amor de mi vida”
note: my first ever fanfic hereeee !! tumblr is so fun to write in. please leave a like and feel free to request some encanto fanfics from me! -din
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that1weirdkiddo · 12 days ago
camilo with a gn reader who's difficult to fluster but then reader just suddenly flirts back and ?!?!? camilo cant function ?!??!
man, I really need to focus on these asks.
CW// probably out of character? I’m not much of a Camilo enthusiast
“Hola, mi vida,” Camilo purrs as he turns to you, hands on his knees and a sly grin on his face. He moves to give your cheek a quick peck and sits back, tilting his head cheekily. You smile back at him, leaning in to return the gesture, and he blushes slightly.
“How is the most gorgeous person in the world?” He fights back the red hues blossoming on his cheeks, coughing into his fist as he begins to bounce on of his legs. He reaches out for a cup filled with chocolate con queso and starts to gulp it down while he waits for you to respond.
“I’m not sure, amor. How are you?” The teen goes to gasp, but instead ends up inhaling his beverage. In a panic, he shifts from Félix to Abuela to Mirabel and his little brother before finally stopping as himself. His face is slightly messed up and you snicker as he turns away from you to fix his face.
“I- uh, I’m doing gOod.” Camilo’s voice cracks and he winces, but you just continue to chortle. He pats his sternum a bit, making sure there was no more chocolate con queso in his lungs before he begins tapping his fingers against his thighs.
“Uh- Dolores, Toñito! ¡Ayúdame!” He squeaks out after realizing how embarrassing he was being. A Jaguar stride over and he quickly climbs on, shouting a quick “¡Lo siento mucho!” as he’s brought back into La Casita.
“One point for [Y/N], zero for Camilo.” You giggle, getting up and dusting yourself off with a prideful grin.
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leslie-22123 · a month ago
So i’m back, Im sorry its been awhile, im just stressed from stuff but here we go!
- Its not going to be a big white wedding, but it would have aspects of that kind of thing!
- The wedding would (in my opinion) be in the quart yard of Casa Madrigal (or Casita) There would be Yellow and your favourite colour drapes at the entrances, Yellow Marigolds and your favourite flowers everywhere ( provided by Isabela) And a little area for the priest, you, and Camilo
- It would be standard vows but with little unique things that you all added in
- Felix and Pepa would be so proud of their son, Pepa would probably be crying, but the good kind so it was a clear day
- Antonio would maybe be the what ever the heck the groom’s honour thing is (best guy? Bro of honour?!?)
- After you exchange I dos and rings (gold band with a fire opal line in the middle) , the kiss wouldn’t be long, but the passion and happiness was there for sure, it was like a good 6 seconds :D
- After party is full of drinks (alcoholic and not), food, dancing, and laughter
- The song you guys dance to This Side Of Paradise by Coyote theory
- The night would end by wishing everyone a good night and going back to his room only to find you now have one, as you all were partying and well doing wedding stuff, casita was making a new room for you!
- You guys would explore it, then find the bedroom and fo to sleep together tired of the long, but wonderful day you just had.
I hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry it took long and its kinda more of a story-ish kinda thing but, nonetheless I hope you liked it again, thank you to @vellichorwishing for requesting this and yeah! Oh and I’ll work on more stuff!
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writing-fanics · a month ago
(Y/n) stares at the ground, they’ve never had such an awful day in their life, fired from their job in the market. Also having lost the necklace their mother gave them before she passed.
“What’s the long fast, Y/n?” Camilo asked, sitting down next to them. They sighed turning towards their friend, “I got fired, and lost the necklace my mamá gave me.” They said sadly.
Camilo then made a funny face using his powers, they looked down really upset. He then turned into the kid always carrying coffee around, who was surprisingly (Y/n)’s nephew.
Note the face he made at the dinner table.
He didn’t mean any harm in this he just wanted them to feel better, nothing not even a laugh. He hated seeing them like this especially since he liked them a lot, “Camilo, please I-I’m not in the mood.” They sighed, looking down.
He looked down sitting next to them once more, “Hey, I’m sure you’ll find it. And also get a new job.” He says, and they smile softly. “Wait, you mean this necklace?” He said, holding the necklace in his hands.
They let out a gasp, “Y-You found it but how?” They exclaimed. “I found it while in my way to meet you.” He said, they smiled wrapping their arms around him.
“Oh, thank you thank you!” They shouted. Taking the necklace and Camilo helping to put it on. He loved seeing them smile just spending his time around them. Could make any day better, and for them spending time with Camilo makes their day already seem better.
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gayboyasher · 20 days ago
If requests are open could i request Camilo with a (gender neutral) s/o that seems quiet and polite when you first meet them but as soon as they open up they're even more chaotic than he is? Like, even his family (besides Dolores prob lol) is convinced that they're an angel while they're the literal embodiment of chaos (like, in a good way. Chaotic good energy yk?).
Yes ofc I can sorry for not answering sooner! I try my best on all of these and I hope all of these are good.
Your pov
His pronouns: he/him
Your pronouns: they/them
“Mi energía”
I was going to meet Camilo’s family and have dinner with them! I was trying to contain my excitement as I rushed out of the house to go meet Camilo at our meeting place. “Mi energía! Your here already!” He said. I calmed down a bit as I wanted to seem nice to make a good impression. “Do you think they would like me?” I say. “Of course! Why wouldn’t they?” He says in a reassuring tone. “Well if you say so.” I switch my attitude as I remember I wanted to grab stuff from the markets. “Mi amor, let’s go to the markets.” I say and I start dragging him and his was surprised but went anyway. “Hey may I please have a dozen of these please?” I said in a calm polite tone. “Your total is (insert money here).” “Thank you very much.” I said taking my items and continuing on. Then kids started chasing us. “Shape shift shape shift!!” They said to Camilo. He out of a desperate escape changes into luisa and they were grabbing onto him. He starts laughing and playing with them as you sit on a bench near by. A bit later on the kids go and find something else to do and we stroll around the village. Few hours later and it’s dinner time, and this was what I’ve been waiting for, too meet the madrigals.
“Mamá!” Camilo cried out as we walked into the casita. “This is Y/n. They are my lover.” He says and puts me infront of him. “Hello señora.” I say standing there all shy and giddy. “Camilo has a Senificant other!!” Pepa cried out as she hugged me. “Now don’t act all shy now!” She says. “Ok mamá but let me warn you, they can get really energetic.” Camilo says looking at me. “Oh Camilo do you know her self? We can handle her!” Felix says walking into the room. I listened to them and I started to act like myself. I was basically bouncing off the walls when camilos abuela called out to us saying dinner was ready. I sat next to Camilo and started playing with his hands. Then they started to talk about me. In a good way. “Oh they’re so polite!” “They’re so pretty primo!” They start saying. “I already finished my food by the time they were grabbing theirs. “Oh don’t be shy you can have seconds!” His abuela says. (Camilo probably punching air after that) “oh no it’s fine I eat fast, well not exactly fast but I already grabbed what I knew I was gonna eat and I’m just waiting for Camilo because he’s my boyfriend and i find it polite to wait for him once he’s done eating but thank you for that offer!” I rambled. I realized I started mumbling and tried to say it all over again. Then I heard someone start talking and I looked over, then I heard more noises that I wanted to see the end of, and then Camilo said he was done but they all insisted we stayed and chatted. Which we did. And I was bouncing off the walls, again. “I didn’t know they could be that excited.” Dolores says. “Well I mean they are Mi energía!” He says and we talk until everyone was done. Camilo walks me home and I get inside and I can think about his him. But he never realizes that he’s my energy, he’s the reason I’m so energetic.
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love-nishinoya-yu · 8 days ago
𝒔𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒇𝒍𝒂𝒌𝒆 ᴘᴀʀᴛ 2 [𝑐𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑑𝑟𝑖𝑔𝑎𝑙 𝑥 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Telling Camilo's family about your powers
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
The walk back from the forest towards the Casita was silent. It was a good silent, it was the kind to atmosphere the couple would have when they just want to be around each other and cuddle and not say a word. Camilo knows that his beloved is feeling anxious as his family's reaction could determine what comes next to their relationship; they will either be happy and not think too much of (y/n)'s powers or they will hate her and separate her from Camilo.
The latter has been bugging (y/n) a lot. She loves Camilo and the thought of not being able to see him depresses her.
(Y/n) and Camilo held each other's hands as they returned to the Casita. (Y/n) managed to calm her nerves down as they walked back, Camilo continues to reassure her all the way back, squeezing her hand and telling her that he'll stay by her side.
It didn't long for the couple to reach the Casita, the doors opened and the tiles carried the couple inside and to where Pepa is currently freaking out and worrying about Camilo. “Mami, calm down. I'm home,” the shape shifter said.
Pepa turns around and immediately relaxed when she saw her son and went over to hug him. “Oh! Mijo where have you been? You had us all worried!” Pepa said. “Mami I'm fine. I was with (y/n),” Camilo said. Pepa looks behind Camilo to see the girl hugging herself and smiling softly at the family. “B-Buenas noches everyone. Sorry I kept Camilo outside for too long,” (y/n) said.
“Oh,” Pepa breathed and hugged the girl. “It's fine, I hope you two were safe out there,” she adds. “Yes we are Señora Madrigal,” (y/n) nodded her head and smiled at her.
(Y/n) looks at Camilo and gave him a small nod before he cleared his throat. “Ah mami, papi, can you please gather the rest of the family? (Y/n) and I both have something to say to everyone,” Camilo said. Pepa gasped and placed a hand over her chest, Felix came over to his wife's side in case she passes out. “Mijo... Did you... P-Propose?” Pepa asked.
Both (y/n) and Camilo's eyes widened before frantically shaking their heads. “What? No, mama, just please gather the rest of the family, por favor,” Camilo said.
Pepa pouts and Felix had to take his wife away so they can collect the rest of the family. (Y/n) sat on the couch as she clutched her hands tightly. “Mi amor?” Camilo asked and sat beside her, “What's going on inside your head?”
“I'm scared, corazon. They'll probably think of me as a monster once they find out. I mean, my parents used to think my powers were a curse and that I'm a monster, you're family will probably think the same. I-I don't want them to hate me, I don't want to loose you, I don't--”
Camilo interrupts (y/n) by connecting their lips together, successfully ending her rants.
“They will not hate you. I can assure you that, and I will never leave you ok? I promise,” Camilo kissed her temple a few times and wiped her tears away using his thumbs before looking into (y/n)'s beautiful (e/c) eyes.
Footsteps are heard and the Madrigal family approached the couple. “What's the problem, primo?” Mirabel asked after she flashed (y/n) a kind smile.
Camilo helped (y/n) stand up and the girl took a deep breath before she slowly takes her gloves off.
“Everyone,” Camilo begins, “(Y/n) is going to show you something and I hope that you all will still accept her and not think differently of her, please?”
The family looked confused and (y/n) took this as a sign to finally show them her powers. She took a deep breath before shooting her hands in the sky and small snowflakes start to fall around the Casita, leaving the family in utter shock.
(Y/n) shoots her hands to the side and a huge pile of snow appeared, she then waved her hand and created a snowman.
After that she looks at the family to see them with their mouth hanging open. “How... How is that possible? Since when did you have powers?” Alma speaks.
“I've had these powers since I was a baby, I was basically born with it. My family and I have no idea how or why, but yeah... This is me,” (y/n) nervously said. She played with her hair, a habit that shows that she's feeling nervous. Camilo noticed this and took her hand once more, giving it a squeeze.
“Wow! That's amazing (y/n)!” Camilo's siblings and cousins all give her praises and complimented her for having such a beautiful gift. (Y/n) was shocked for this wasn't the reaction she expects from them but she was glad.
The others elders also gave her a smile and told her not to worry about anything for they still love her and accept her. Pepa came and gave (y/n) another hug. “Oh! I'm so glad my future daughter in law also has a gift! I wonder what your kid's power will be like? Oh! They will probably have both of your gifts! A shape shifter that can control ice!” Pepa gushed.
“Mama!” Camilo whined, “Dios mio (y/n) and I are just fifteen, please calm down.”
“Sorry, sorry,” Pepa giggled.
All eyes are on abuela who is silent this whole time. (Y/n) forgot her approval is the most important as she is the head of the family. If abuela doesn't like this, she'll probably ask Camilo to break up with the poor girl, and she'll banish (y/n)'s family out of Encanto.
Alma Madrigal smiled at the girl and opened her arms. “Welcome to the family (y/n),” she said.
(Y/n) sighed and she could feel herself crying as she hugs the older woman. “Gracias. Gracias Señora,” she whispered.
“Power or not, you'll always be welcome in this family,” Abuela whispered to her. (Y/n) smiled as she felt like a huge weight is being lifted off her shoulders. The Madrigal's all accepted her and her powers, they don't see her as a monster.
“(Y/n)! Can you make it snow tomorrow please? I wanna make a snowman!” Antonio said. The family laughed at this. “Of course little guy,” (y/n) said as she ruffled the boy's head.
“So this is the reason your skin feels cold all the time,” Isabela smirked. (Y/n) nodded at this, “Yeah but the cold never bothered me anyway,” she shrugged her shoulders.
“This is so cool! What else can you do?” Mirabel asked. (Y/n) happily shows her abilities to the family, creating snow, snowman and falling snowflakes around. The family all took in (y/n)'s powers and started playing with each other in the snow as well.
Camilo smiles as he approaches (y/n) and hugs her from behind. “See? What did I tell you, mi vida?” he smirked while wiggling his eyebrows. (Y/n) smiled and leaned against Camilo's shoulder and sighed. “You're right querido. There was nothing that I should worry about,” she said.
Camilo kissed her temple before twirling her around and pecked her lips. “So... Since you're the ice queen, does this make me your king?” he winked at her.
(Y/n) giggled and playfully ruffled her hair. “Aye, sometimes I don't know what I should do with you and your flirting,” she said.
“I love you mi amor,” Camilo said.
“I love you too querido,” (y/n) repeats before their lips connected.
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madrihoes · a month ago
Incorrect quotes 4
*y/n helping Camilo out after they get injured, while the others watch*
Delores: how does Camilo look?
Mirabel: A little better than you actually
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bozowrites · 15 days ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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yokukashii · 24 days ago
Camilo Madrigal with a s/o that can control the elements
Tumblr media
Camilo x reader
Summary: Camilo with a s/o that can control the elements
Warning/s: none
Point of view: 2nd person
enjoy ♡
Tumblr media
- Your family, just like the Madrigal family, also have “gifts.”
- Your family has gifts ranging from being able to create portals, to being able to mess around with the stars.
- anyways, because of both families having gifts, your family and the Madrigal family are pretty close, with you and Camilo being near to each other in age, you two became friends and later on became lovers
- Camilo loves your gift and finds it so cool that you can control something, it made him wonder how your gift and his mother’s gift would work together
- Pepa loves you, she’s felt a strong connection with you ever since you got your gift. She knows that it’s only a matter of time before the both of you get married and she can’t wait, she’s also excited to have grandchildren
- Although controlling the elements is cool, it tires you out and can make you bedridden for a few days, if you use your gift too much…
- you once used your gift to protect the people when Pepa got really upset and caused a big storm, you successfully protected everyone, their houses, and the animals, but you shortly passed out after
- you woke up in the Casita with Camilo and Pepa watching over you
- “You’re awake! Are you hurt! I’m so so sorry, because I couldn’t control my emotions, I caused you to pass out!”
- Camilo and Pepa watched over you for the days you were bedridden, Mirabell and Antonio occasionally came in to tell you stories to amuse you while Camilo was out
- you got better after a few days but Pepa and Camilo, emphasis on Pepa, persisted on pampering you for a month
- whenever there’s a bolder that’s in the way and Luisa is busy with something else, you either turn it into dust or crush it into smaller rocks
- whenever a group of kids run up to you and ask you questions about your gift, you always bring them to the river and give them a water show. If they were to get into the water, you simply carry them with the water and move them around without hurting them 
- whenever something gets stuck somewhere really high, you use the wind to bring it down to you or to put it somewhere else, or whenever you have to bring something up, you just use the wind
- You love to have picnic dates near the river in the forest because there’s so much nature you can control and you simply want to impress your boyfriend
- it works every time. He is deeply utterly in love with you.
- When Camilo’ birthday came around, you were very excited because you had planned something and made something for him that you couldn’t wait to show. Honestly you seemed more excited for his birthday than he was
- Camilo was confused though because he’s only seen you in the morning when you greeted him happy birthday then ran off
- for the majority of the day he couldn’t see you anywhere near him and he began to get sad because he wanted to be with you for his birthday :( and everyone else was pretty distant with him to
- that was until the sun began to set, mirabel ran up to him and dragged him into the forest
- when the both of them finally got to the spot, it was empty
- “Mirabel….why are we…here?”
- as he began to speak, roots came up from the ground and formed multiple chairs and tables, while flowers and more plants began to bloom at once. He looked to his left to where the river was and watched as the water began to form into animals and then became ice, making the water turn into sculptures
- the wind began to blow and picked him up
- Camilo let out a small gasp as he was being lifted into the air. Being up in the air, Camilo looked up and saw the stars, and the image that could be seen in the stars, which was made by one of your siblings
- the image created by the stars was his family, with him the middle, and with you by his side, all of you laughing and smiling
- a few seconds later, he was brought down by the wind and was greeted with you surprising him with a back hug
- “happy birthday cami, sorry I wasn’t with you for most of the day.”
- the trees in front of you began to bend and made a heart shape <3
- “mi amor…were you doing this all day?”
- you nodded while still hugging him
- he turned around to face you then kissed you
- “thank you amor, yes I was upset, still kind of am, buuuut because you were doing all this, you’re excused.”
- he grinned at you before giving you another kiss, “love you” “love you too :)”
- smiling after seeing the interaction, Bruno looked up at the stars and let out a satisfactory breath, knowing the fate of your and Camilo’ relationship.
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mari-mari-maricela · 8 days ago
Deal Between Strangers
⇨camilo x fem reader
⇨ in which the madrigal family and l/n family are connecting together, but only through a seemingly unwilling proposal.
⇨ part one | part two
"We will be having another family at dinner tonight, so everyone please be on their best behaviour." Abuela states, setting herself down at the head of the table for breakfast. Everyone suddenly turns their eyes to her. "You all know of the L/N family, correct?"
"How could we forget?" Fèlix chuckles, leaning back in his chair, "The head of the L/N family came here from out of Encanto, and they're pretty impressive, aye?"
Augustin hums out, putting down his glass of juice, "Yes, they're a family of mechanics. Their inventions are magnificent."
"Yes, they are." Abuela says, tilting her head up to her family, "They've reached wondrous feats, which is why we've decided that our families will be working together to keep Encanto safe from harm."
Mirabel furrows. "How are we going to do that?" She questions cautiously.
"That will all be explained when dinner comes along." Abuela reassures them.
But everyone already knows.
As soon as breakfast is done, all the cousins as heading out to town together. Dolores is the first to speak up.
"I hear Abuela talking to someone earlier this morning, I think it was Mr L/N." She explains, looking at each of her cousins and siblings, "There was something about how both of our families combined would be able to give Encanto a good start to the next generation, whatever that means."
Luisa then huffs out, hands on her hips, "Oh no, this isn't another one of their arranged marriages, is it?"
The rest look scared now. Who would be the unlucky pick?
"Well that sucks, but at least we'll be able to have some mechanics around casita." Camilo says, trying to make the sun shine a little bit brighter.
"What if they try to marry me off again?" Isabela mumbles, holding her cheek in her palm.
Mirabel shakes her head. "There's no way, especially since Abuela knows how your last one went down." She states, hand on her bag strap, "Congrats on your four year anniversary by the way, Dolores."
"Ah, thank you." She squeaks in return.
"Are you sure Mr L/N even has any sons?" Antonio suddenly speaks up, grabbing everyone's attention.
Nobody answers. Because nobody knows.
"He could have a son." Luisa mentions, "But... we don't know for sure."
"There you have it!" Camilo chimes happily, dusting his hands off, "No arranged marriages for la familia Madrigal. Now let's go, the town needs helping!"
Antonio follows after his brother with joy, ready to do as he needed to.
Dolores and Isabela share a look before sighing, walking off to do their part.
"How else would they join our families together then?" Mirabel questions, looking to her strong older sister.
Luisa shrugs her shoulders, tilting her head. "Maybe this is just another deal between families."
Hours would pass before dinner had struck, and everyone was nervous about it.
Camilo sets the table along with Antonio, Dolores, Mirabel and Augustin, not minding having to do the extra plates and cutlery. He's about to make a joke with them when he feels a tug on his shoulder.
"Mami, what's wrong?" He asks as soon as he sees who is holding him. Pepa has a growing cloud above her head, turning into a deep shade of grey that made him more worried.
"Aye, Camilo, I need to speak to you about dinner." She whispers out, trying to calm herself by playing with her hair, "It is very important."
Camilo raises a brow before noticing his father waving him over, looking serious for the first time in ages. He takes a deep breath in and takes hold of his mother's hand, walking towards Fèlix.
When they are away from the family, Pepa takes Camilo's hands tightly in her own. "My son, I have to tell you something." She begins, voice wavering a little before Fèlix rests a hand on her shoulder.
Her son watches her with careful eyes, slowly reaching out a hand in case she needed it. Pepa clears her throat, "Your... Your Abuela has organised something with the L/N family, and we—I had just found out because she told me a few minutes ago."
He waits, furrowed brows as he squeezes her palms. "Mami, wait a second." He says quietly, "Try to relax first, casita will be in the middle of a tsunami if you continue. It's alright, take your time."
Pepa is eternally grateful for her children, always so patient and loving. Fèlix and herself must've done such a wonderful job.
"He is right, mi vida." Fèlix claims, sending his wife a smile, "Take your time."
She loves this man with her whole entire life
A few moments of reassurance later, the clouds above them are dispersing and Pepa is able to think properly. Fèlix lays a gentle kiss to her forehead, nodding towards their son.
She turns to Camilo with a determined expression. But is cut off at the sound of casita's front door's opening.
"Oh no." Pepa mumbles, lightning striking the floor in between them.
"Camilo, go help your cousins, I will calm down your mother." Fèlix asks of his son.
Camilo listens, hugging Pepa one last time before moving off downstairs. He sneaks passed Abuela, who is greeting the guests.
"Welcome to la casa de la familia Madrigal." Abuela says, happy tone as she shakes hands with two people, one of them notably being Mr L/N.
Camilo takes one look, not seeing anyone else in front of Abuela before getting into the dining room and finishing off whatever needed to be done.
Then Abuela entered the dining room. She wears a joyous grin on her face before speaking up, "Please take your seats. Our guests have arrived."
Each of the families sat on one side on the table, Abuel being at the head and leaving at the other end for the guests. Camilo watched as his parents entered, Pepa still looking shaken up and Fèlix keeping his eyes on his wife. They sat down soon after.
Here entered the L/N's.
Mr L/N is giving a friendly smile as he enters with his wife. "Thank you for inviting us into your home, familia Madrigal." He speaks up, arm wrapped around the woman beside him.
She says, sporting the same coloured outfits as her husband, "We hope it wasn't a hassle."
Julietta then states, "No, it wasn't. We are always happy to cook for friends."
A few more greetings before Mr and Mrs L/N take their seats. There is one seat empty, making everyone glance around to each other. An awkward silence falls over the two families before Mrs L/N begins to apologise for the delay.
Before she gets to the cause, the front doors open and hurried footsteps are heard.
"La excusa!" The person calls, panting a little while she fixes her blouse, "I was caught up with work and lost track of time, I apologise."
Abuela only smiles, gesturing over to the seat beside Mrs L/N. "Oh, it's alright, it's good to see that you are a hardworking young woman." She chimes.
The new girl gives a nod before setting herself down. She takes a deep breath in, sitting up straight. She can feels eyes on her, then looking to see Isabela gawking.
She knew. It all came together now.
Everyone fell into a steady beat, food going around and drinks being poured. But Isabela only had one thing on her mind.
Did Camilo know?
He did not know.
Until Abuela clears her throat.
"Now, we should talk about the whole reason for this dinner." She says, placing her hands on her lap, "Mr and Mrs L/N and I have been discussing something."
Dolores gulped.
"Y/N." Abuela calls, making the girl look over to her, "You're of age now, yes?"
She nods her head, a slightly clenched jaw as she tightening her grip on her skirt. Here it comes.
"And so are you, Camilo."
He snaps up from his glass, furrowed brows as he slowly nods.
The clouds above them tell the table all they need to know about the situation.
"We have decided that the best way for our families to protect Encanto would be to join together through marriage."
All the dread and fear that Y/N was feeling seeps in.
Almost everyone is shocked at the table. Augustin and Julietta are wide eyed and mouth agape. Luisa has stopped pouring a drink for Antonio and holds the jug in mid-air. Mirabela's glasses nearly fall of his face and Delores is letting out a few small squeaks of surprise.
But they can't understand why Y/N isn't reacting.
Camilo slowly breathes in and out. He glances towards Y/N, who only stares down at her lap for a few seconds before lifting her head and giving a big smile.
"Muchas gracias." She says, tilting her head, "It's an honour to be able to join our families."
Abuela gives a big grin, about to say something when Camilo suddenly stands from his seat.
Everyone watches him.
"I'm sorry, I just need to get some air."
As soon as he leaves, Abuela is turning to the L/N's. "I apologise, this is not how dinner was supposed to go on." She claims, shaking her head.
"No, it is alright." Mrs L/N says, waving her hand.
It's quiet for a few seconds before Y/N stands up. "I will go talk to Camilo, if that is alright." She says quietly.
Thunder booms around the room.
"I promise not to hurt your son." She says towards Pepa, who is unable to look back at her.
The Madrigal is holding onto her husband's hand tightly, closed eyes as she tries to calm herself down.
Abuela nods at Y/N to go, so she does.
Outside, Camilo is among the birds and bushes, a few feet from the treeline as he sits on a trunk. He's furious, he's appalled. He's picking at a stick and drawing lines in the sand. He's so angry, that he won't even let a word out.
It's not that he didn't like Y/N. It's that he didn't know her.
How could you marry a person you barely knew?
Camilo closes his eyes with a sigh.
"I'm very sorry."
He doesn't have to turn around to realise it's Y/N. It's the same voice that so publicly thanked Abuela for the chance to be apart of the Madrigal family.
"You seemed happy about it." Camilo claims, continuing to face forward.
"I'm far from it." Y/N retorts, setting herself down on another tree trunk beside him. Camilo looks at her. "I just turned 19, and now I'm supposed to get married off to the town's magical family."
He raises a brow. "So what? You just don't like me?" He mumbles, furrowed brow.
Y/N blinks at him, shaking her head. "We just met today, Camilo." She reminds him, "I just... I wish I got to do a lot more before I got married."
Camilo turns away from her, dropping the stick. "Like what?" He asks light-heartedly.
She lets a fond smile grace her lips. "I, um... want to finish my projects." She informs him, "I really love working as a mechanic around town, but I just want to make something for my own enjoyment, y'know? Just because I want to?"
"And why can't you do that after you get married?" He inquires, leaning back a little.
She chuckles back, "Because after marriage, you're expected to start a family. I don't think I could juggle both at once."
Camilo gives a tiny grin.
She didn't seem too bad.
"So why did you agree to this if you don't want to get married?" He sighs, rubbing the side of his neck.
Y/N fiddles her fingers. "Because my parents asks me if I could." She states, "See, I'm an only child, so they want me to carry out our bloodline and all that. I'm doing this purely because it would make them happy."
She stands up, brushing the dirt off of her skirt before holding out a hand to him. Camilo takes it after hesitation, pulling himself up. She squeezes his hand with a serious expression on her face.
"I have no intention of falling in love here."
Camilo raises his brow at her words.
"Please just pretend whenever you need to. In return, you can do whatever you want and I won't bat an eye." She says, shaking her head once, "I'll finish my work as usual, and you can help the townspeople and not have to deal with an actual marriage."
Y/N gives him a pleading look, lips pressed into a line. She just needed him to do this one thing.
Camilo then sighs, showing her a tired smile, "Okay. You got yourself a deal, amor de mi vida."
"Are we doing pet names?" She deadpans.
"Yes. It's what I would do if this was an actual loving relationship." He claims.
"Fine. But don't call me the 'love of your life', you literally walked out of dinner after you were told to marry me." Y/N huffs, walking towards the house.
Camilo snaps his fingers. "You're right." He says, "How about just mi vida?"
She stops, hand against the door as she glances to Camilo.
"Try not to use it that often."
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dead-inside-writer · 18 days ago
idk if this would be too much but can you do camilo with an s/o who over works themselves and one day they just like faint or something if not that’s fine 😎 but i think it’d be interesting to see how he would react!
"Personal doctor" Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: AAAAAAAAAAAH THANK U SM FOR THE REQUEST! This is such a good one AND NO IT'S NOT TOO MUCH DW! Hope it meets ur expectations <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Overworked! reader
summary: Camilo taking care of you after you fainted from exhaustion
theme: fluff and slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.2k
Camilo hasn't seen you lately, and when he did, you had to do something like babysitting the neighbor's kid (which he volunteered to help but soon was called to help out his cousin with a task), sell fruits, clean the house, help prepare parties, and so on. You were busier than him and he's Camilo Madrigal, a member of the busiest family in Encanto! He knew that you were a hardworking and independent person, after all that was what made him adore you so much, but to the point where you had no free time at all? It was starting to worry him. Did his amor even eat at all today? Did you get enough rest? So many questions with little to no answer.
So he take it upon himself to make sure that you were alright. He decided that no matter what, he'll help you with your task, anything he can do so your burden will weigh less. If it's possible, he'll make you rest for once (he won't admit it but he's also itching to spend some quality time with you.)
He went straight to the market after Dolores told him that Y/N was there to help her aunt sell handcrafted goods. It didn't take him long to spot you as you were advertising the goods with such confidence that there was a whole crowd listening to your words.
"Not only that, but it's a wonderful gift for your wife!" You dramatically said, showing the crowd the item in your hand.
Soon, a long line of men queued to buy the item after what you had said. You smiled in relief, glad that your trick worked.
You sat down, taking a short break after all of that talking, to hydrate yourself. To your surprise, the love of your life appeared in front of you.
"Mi amor! You did so well before, you almost got me wanting to buy it for you," He smiled, taking you in a hug.
You hugged him back, missing his embrace and for some reason, you felt a bit dizzy, so you held onto him for some support.
"Thank you querido! What brings you here?" You looked up to him, still hugging him tightly.
"I haven't seen mi vida in a while since they were sooo busy, so I'll be helping them!" He smiled.
"Wow, lucky them for having such a wonderful boyfriend," You separated from him, having to go back to work, "Here, please carry some of these boxes to over there,"
"Aye aye captain!" He raised his hands to his forehead like a soldier then took the boxes from your hand to fulfill his duty.
You smiled at the playful action from him. He just always knows how to make your days feel less hard. You were about to get the next item to promote when suddenly your legs just gave up and your mind shut down in exhaustion. Before everything went black, your boyfriend's voice was heard screaming for you, filled with worry.
Camilo rushed to your frail body lying on the ground.
“M-mi vida, what’s wrong?” His voice shakes and his hands tremble over you. He was a mess at first, checking your forehead then flinched at how hot it was. You look so weak and in so much pain laying down there on the floor.
You worked so hard while suffering a fever this hot? Why did you push yourself to this extent?
‘How did I not notice that mi vida was in this much pain?” He hates himself for not being able to stop you from overworking.
He stopped himself from going into a deep hole of self-hatred and carried you bridal style. You were his main priority and he hurried off to Casita. He tried to run as fast he can, holding you tight in his arms so you won’t accidentally slip out.
He barges into the kitchen, hoping that his tia Julieta was there. Luckily, his tia was currently making her special arepas.
“Tia, please help! Y/N fainted!” He begged his tia, as tia Julieta gasped at the sight.
“Lay them down on the couch! I’ll be back soon,” Julieta said calmly.
Camilo softly lay you down on the couch, putting a pillow under your head. He looks at your pale face, how your lips slowly tremble, and your breathing messy. His heart aches at the sight of you being sick.
He pushes your hair out of your face since it was slightly drenched with your sweat, then holds your hand, never leaving your side.
Soon tia Julieta came back with towels and a bowl of cold water.
“Sobrino, make sure to change the towels every hour,” Tia Julieta said as she drenched the towel into the cold water, placing the wet towel on your hot forehead.
“Okay tia,” He said, “Will they be okay?”
“Don’t worry mi sobrino, they’ll wake up soon,” Julieta ruffled her nephew’s hair, smiling at how worried Camilo was over you.
“You must really love them, huh?” She asked.
“Of course, I love them with all of my heart,” He looks at you, rubbing your hand with his thumb.
Your head aches as you groan, stretching your body. You slowly opened your eyes not used to the bright light.
“Mi amor, are you awake?” Camilo hold your hand tightly.
“Yes querido, I am,” You slowly sat upright, your boyfriend's hand placed on your back to help you as he mutters a soft ‘careful’.
“How many hours was I knocked out for?” You asked, thinking about how many tasks you had missed.
“Around four hours and a half, why do you ask?” Camilo replied.
“FOUR HOURS AND A HALF? OH NO, THAT’S BAD I MISSED SO MUCH WORK, I HAVE TO GO BACK AND-“ You panicked, trying to get off the couch, but your head stings from the sudden movement.
You let out an ouch as Camilo nags you to stay still on the couch.
“Mi vida, why are you overworking yourself? Don’t you see that your body is exhausted?” His voice sounds desperate to make you stay and his eyes are so full of worry that your heart throbbed.
“Let me help you mi amor, it pains me to see you like this,” He softly caressed your cheeks, “Tell me what's going on in your life, all of the details."
"I'm so sorry that I made you worry carino," You said as you leaned into his hand that was caressing your cheeks.
"It's just that..." You bite your lips, thinking of a way to explain everything, "My Madre is sick and we can't afford the medicine for her."
"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you mi sol," Camilo looked you in the eye.
"I didn't want to bother you and I thought that I could do it all by myself but look at me now," You scoffed at yourself.
"You tried your best and it's good that you're independent but it's okay to ask someone else to help. I would drop anything to help you mi amor," He smiled at you and those words hit you hard. Tears pricking your eyes after hearing it from him.
You truly were lucky to have him.
Full of mixed emotions, Your body shakes as you remember how much pain your Madre had to suffer through. You sob into Camilo's shoulder, his hands stroking your back gently.
"There, there, mi vida, it'll all be okay," Camilo whispers to your ear, "I'll help you earn money and give you some of tia Julieta's arepa for your mom, okay?"
You weakly nodded yes, your voice gone from crying.
"Rest now mi cielto, I'll try to make you some soup," He kisses your forehead as you lay down to sleep with a small content smile.
You're so happy that you have your very own personal doctor.
note: sorry if this took so long GUDWGIWOOI i might do a bonus part for this, please do leave a like and feel free to request! -din
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ivyruins · 11 days ago
Camilo as your best friend hcs!
my first post on this blog! feel free to send requests, i'm currently really obsessed with encanto AAAHHH (i write for anyone!!) i hope you like this :3
Tumblr media
Okay but Camilo Madrigal as your best friend ??
He'd definitely be a huge prankster, actually no surprise if you met because of a prank he did.
Camilo was in the middle of town, disguised as a normal townsfolk, someone he had seen pass by the market, when he saw you.
poor, unsuspecting you who had just walked in wanting to buy some vegetables. he didn't know what came over him to pick you as his victim, but he knew he didn't regret it when he jumped out of the stall and shifted back to his normal self and seeing you shriek in horror.
unfortunately for him, you had been so shocked you had punched him in the face
now it was Camilo's turn to scream
you rushed him to casita immediately after realizing what you did, oh god, you just punched a madrigal in the face, you were sure if you asked Bruno for a vision he'd see you having bad luck for the next ten years.
to your surprise (or, maybe not), Pepa had immediately started to scold him instead of you, knowing he had probably caused it, and Julieta gave him her famous arepas and food for you as an apology
Pepa had probably forced him to apologize to you, but honestly I don't think Pepa needs to force him, Camilo had felt so guilty.
it was a good prank, but he scared you so much you thought he was a bad guy and punched him (it was what he deserved, he thought). he agreed to take you out to hang the next day as an apology.
and it all started from there
Camilo had promised he wouldn't prank you ever again (you knew that was a lie, but none of you commented on it after he started pranking you again months after), but one hangout become two, and a week became a month, and now you were inseparable.
Mirabel often came with you, her being as easygoing and as friendly as Camilo was. you three would often be seen hanging out around the forest, hanging around by the trees, or a little fun game you made up, to spot Camilo among the townsfolk.
Camilo absolutely loves you. he would be so protective. he teases you a lot, but the moment someone else does? and the teasing isn't funny, but more insulting? you bet he would definitely put that person in their place.
"Talk to them like that again, and my tío Bruno will give you a bad vision!" he would threaten, and at the mention of 'Bruno' and 'vision', it would honestly get anyone running.
every time he uses that excuse, you always scold him saying how you wanted people's view on Bruno to change, but he would always just sheepishly smile and tell you it's a habit, and old habits die hard.
growing up, you never stopped becoming friends with Camilo Madrigal. his family and the people of Encanto actually saw you two as a pair, there was never a moment they wouldn't ask where the other was when only one of you were around.
you were attached to the hip, and there was no doubt about it. maybe he was glad he decided to prank you that day at the market.
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dumbweebfanfics · 3 days ago
Imagine going to a big ass party and spending the whole night dancing with a seductive and unrecognizable stranger. Only to wake up the next morning and realize you were so drunk you forgot Camilo could shapeshift.
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ai-katsuu · a month ago
Tumblr media
‘Love is an Open Door’ 🌸🧡
ft. Oc Sofia Mendoza!
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