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zycha · 2 days ago
"i don't need you anymore."
Camilo x Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
warnings to be told: angst w/ no fluff
Summary: you and Camilo have been dating for quite a while. Now that he’s busy helping people with chores, such as babysitting- he barely even has time for you, he's always busy. Even at home. When he arrives in the night, he’d just straight up go to the bed that you both share together. You asked Camilo on a weekend if he could spens some time with you. Even for a minute. What would he respond with?
Camilo = They/Him
Reader = They/Them (any gender)
if you are above 18, i advice for you to step out of this fanfiction. Although Camilo is 15 and a fictional character, it’s still considered wrong. You can go to jail for that.
Tumblr media
You sighed to yourself once again.
Why is it that he doesn't even spend time with you anymore? Are you boring him out?
As Camilo did his good ol' routine, go home and straight to your guys bed, you followed him.
“mm.. Camilo?” you spoke, avoiding to create an arguement. “i wanna speak to you about .. something.”
“mhm.. make it quick please.” Camilo said.
“wanna spend some time together tomorrow? I don't mind if it’s only for a minute i can spend some time with you.” you stuttered, “besides, it’s Saturday tomorrow.”
“you know i don't have the time for that, amor..”
You sighed once again, you knew that. But you were desperate.
“it’s only.. only a minute! Please!”
“no is a no, maybe next time.”
You just gave up and ended up sleeping on the couch. No way you're sleeping with that guy, ugh.
As the next day passed by, you woke up earlier than expected.
Well, obviously Camilo has been off to do his chores now anyway. Man, Encanto has been getting really busy nowadays.
You changed your clothes and got out, you wanted to go buy some stuff anyways.
You saw something that catched your eye, a flower.
It looked.. magnificent. amazing.
Well , to you. So you didn't hesitate on buying it.
"This will be a perfect gift for Camilo!" You thought to yourself.
As soon as you reached home, you prepared dinner. "He's going to be here in 3.. 2.. 1-"
Camilo opened the door, his eyes still energetic. He's never been this energetic before. . never. Even after those multiple chores he had to do.
"Camilo," you spoke, only to be visited with a kiss on your cheek.
"huh?.." you whispered, "Camilo.. why so happy?"
"Dunno. I'm just in the mood, lets eat dinner together mi vida!"
Well, you werent complaining. You didnt wanna question him until he ends up getting bored of it and goes to sleep.
"W- Well, of course!"
After having a delicious dinner , Camilo gives his feedback.
"Wow!~ that dinner tasted like heaven amor! Even better than my tia's arepas."
That was such a huge compliment for you, Juliettas arepas were *chef kiss*. And to be heard that your making is much more tastier than her arepas ? Pfft. They must be complimenting your food out of pity.
"Wow Camilo. Thank you!" Your cheeks went red, "that's a compliment that I'll most definitely take."
Camilo giggled , "mhm! I'll go to sleep now , goodnight , mi vida." He kisses you on the cheek before going to the bed.
You wonder what made him so happy..
"Hm, Camilo seems to be earlier in leaving." You thought to yourself, "what is that mischievous boy up to now?"
"Meh. Probaly just wanted to get up early." Though you still said that, doubts went into your mind. Darn those trust issues. "I'll just.. follow him for a while."
You took off and left, as you saw Camilo, you tried to be like a sneaky ninja about it.
You saw Camilo with a young lady, straight hair.. red bow, clear skin, skinny, shining teeth, it's something that makes your insecurities spread.
You overheard them, not that you were planning to. You're not like that. But, it's your boyfriend. You need to know what hes up to.
Camilo: "Hey , Tiana" so her name is Tiana, huh?
Tiana: "Hey, Camilo. So about yesterday.."
Camilo: "yeah.. so, do you accept it? Will you be my.. girlfriend?"
Tiana: "but.. I'm from America. Are we truly meant to be?" America? She's from America? Doesnt sound too bad.
Camilo: "who cares? If you love me, you love me. Your feelings cannot stop you."
Tiana: "I.. but, your s/o?"
Camilo: "they will be fine on their own. I gave them enough attention last night, now it's time for me to lend you my love."
Tiana: "you know what, I don't care about y-your stupid s/o! You're mine and I'm yours!"
Camilo: "finally my love. You found your feelings."
You watched as Tiana and Camilo shared a tender kiss.
Camilo never looked at you like that before, he've never kissed you like that before.
It has been 9 months since you guys were dating. You've never kissed him on the lips, never. Camilo said only when he was ready, you accepted that of course. But.. Did he only say that because he didn't want his lips to meet yours? Because.. He never loved you?
You felt tears that were like a river flowing down your cheeks. dropping the flower you wanted to give him, you ran away. You ran away fast, faster than you've ever ran before. All the people around you were worried, "what is it that makes them run too fast and cry?" was all they thought.
As soon as you've reached your secret spot, you instantly layed down there, feeling debiliated, you slept after 10 seconds. Seems like you've slept the whole day. It's already morning.
As you woke up, memories flooded into you. The moment when you caught Camilo.. Kissing someone else.
When you walked home, you hesitantly opened the door.
Only to see Camilo on the couch burnt out and eyes puffy like he just cried.
As Camilo looked over to you, his eyes bright up.
"m-mi vida! Oh my gosh, I thought you were.. Missing! Gone, forever! You don't know how worried I was amor, where were you?!"
Seems like although Camilo has another girlfriend he loves, he still cares about you.
"get out."
"w-what? Why? Did I do something wrong, amor?"
"pack your stuff and go back to that TIANA BAS**RD!"
Camilo was speechless, "what do you mean? I- I don't know any Tiana's!"
"I saw it , Camilo.. I saw everything. I saw how you kissed her lips but you never did to mine." you felt tears building up on your eyes, recalling the moment that happened.
"all I need right now Camilo, is for you, to go away and never return." you said, of course you didn't want that. But right now, you knew it was the right choice.
Camilo couldn't doubt it. He knew you were right, he didn't have excuses to use anymore.
"sorry, y/n. I'll.. Pack my stuff and leave. Are you sure.. You want this?" Camilo said with sadness in his eyes, fightinG the urge to cry.
"I don't need you anymore."
Tumblr media
hello theeeere. So , how'd it go for my first fanfiction? Glad to say my first fanfic was dear Camilo!
I'm planning to do fnaf security breach. Because Glamrock Freddy and Monty are- 🥰🥰
I also do Genshin fanfictions, mm.. Angst fanfictions.
I like to do angst fanfics that are original, like this fanfic! Can't you tell?!
Wattpad: @saramouche
(i know its scaramouche)
Tiktok: @noellasheart
Thank you for reading, byeee!
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evils-corner · 2 days ago
These posts are getting quite a bit of traction, so here's a part 3 to the Q&A from Director Jared Bush over on Twitter!
You can find Part 1 and 2 here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll continue making parts as I find interesting bits of trivia and lore in his responses!
Pt. 3/?
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atuariacolque · 23 hours ago
mirabel villain
Tumblr media
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megpeggs · 23 days ago
Little things I love in Encanto (Careful spoilers)
The member of the family that is talked about in The Family Madrigal being more saturated than the rest in the wall painting
The embroidery on Mirabel's clothing
Every gift somehow being represented in the family's clothing: Herbs and hearts in Julieta's apron, suns in Pepa's dress and little lightning bolts on her headband, hourglasses on Bruno's ruana, flowers on Isabela's dress, soundwaves all over Dolores' blouse and skirt, dumbbells on Luisa's skirt, chameleons on Camilo's ruana, butterflies and a lot of other things on Mirabel's clothing, (not so sure about Antonio-)
The butterfly symbolism all over the movie always in connection to Mirabel
Agustín's little flower
Félix never being mad at Pepa with her clouds and being a supportive husband: (To Antonio): "Look at you all grown up!" - "Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!"/ (To Alma): "I'm doing my best!" - "Yes!" - "You're lucky it's not a hurricane!"
Dolores' little squeaks
Dolores covering her ears whenever it gets loud
Dolores hinting multiple times that Bruno is still in the house
Félix giving Antonio a thumbs up for telling his animal friends to warm up Abuela's seat
The metaphorics in Surface Pressure
Luisa being a softie
Luisa fixing Mirabel's glasses
Pepa covering the stuffed animals' ears when saying "when I heard the name we don't speak of"
The way Félix lights up when talking about their wedding day
The umbrellas the characters in the background have being in the colors of the Colombian flag
Isabela indicating that the apparent perfect life she has now is not the one she actually wants/not the life of her dreams in WDTAB: "He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and one day be mine."
"He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine" - Foreshadowing
The hand movement during Isabela's part of the background characters and Camilo being the only one to look at his hand either for more dramatic effect or in a "what the heck am I doing" kind of thing- can't exactly tell both is perfect for him
Agustín just stuffing Bruno's vision in his pockets
Bruno knocking on wood, throwing salt over his shoulder and avoiding the cracks on the floor as Mirabel is talking about his vision to prevent bad luck that he thinks he and his visions bring :(
Antonio giving Bruno his stuffed jaguar he got from Mirabel, proceeding to lean on an actual jaguar with the sentence "for the nerves" - what a chad
Agustín saying he was trying to protect Mirabel when confronted by Alma with the vision
Julieta's development of standing up for Mirabel to Alma. From her gently asking Alma to be more gentle to Mirabel before Antonio's gift ceremony to saying "You were always too harsh on Mirabel"
Isabela's melody in WDTAB being reprised in What Else Can I Do by Mirabel
Isabela being ashamed when Alma sees her - in a "ruined dress" and messier hair - with Mirabel after What Else Can I Do
The metaphoric with Alma's "The cracks started with you" to Mirabel because the family did start to crack (more) when Mirabel didn't get a gift.
Camilo and Isabela trying to get the candle but loosing their powers mid air and being caught by Casita
Julieta and Agustín fighting Casita to get to Mirabel as Casita is crumbling and trying to get the family out
Julieta yelling "Mirabel leave it!" as Mirabel is still trying to get the candle
The entire encanto breaking along with Casita as it is part of the miracle too
Pepa's "Antonio don't cry, don't cry" afterwards
Camilo's incredibly easy to overhear line: "My powers they're gone I don't- what about Antonio? What's he gonna do?"
Dolores trying to use her enhanced hearing to find Mirabel only to realize she no longer has it
The difference of Alma and Pedro's story in the beginning and towards the end
The constant reoccurring of "open your eyes" between Alma and Mirabel. Abuela Alma opens the movie with saying it to five year old Mirabel, Mirabel sings it to Alma in Waiting On A Miracle in a desperate, frustrated tone, in the flashback scene at the river Alma says "I lost sight of who our miracle was for", shortly after Mirabel says "I finally see" after recognizing the butterfly from Bruno's vision, Alma singing "Open your eyes - Abre tus ojos" to Mirabel in All of You
Pepa being the first of the sisters to hug Bruno
Not reduced to Encanto, happens in musicals all the time but the melodies of Isabela's part in WDTAB and Surface Pressure and The Family Madrigal reprising in All of You
Camilo trying to spin the shovel Mirabel gave him, dropping it and checking if Mirabel saw it
The doorknob
The M on the doorknob can stand for both "Mirabel" and "Madrigal"
Mirabel standing in the middle in the front door as she is the one holding the family together
Isabela and Mirabel being Dolores' wingwomen
A deep blue being the main color on Isabela's colorful dress making her fit in more with her parents and siblings
Pepa's and Julieta's love for their children
Feel free to add more :D
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petal-matriarch · 29 days ago
i love encanto so much that im posting about it after months of doing nothing here.
La Casita can't interact with any of the Madrigal's rooms. After Mirabel's gifting ceremony, it wasn't uncommon for her to cry herself to sleep, whenever she did Casita would gently rock the bed with the floor wood planks in the nursery. Mirabel was alone in the nursery for five years before Antonio was born, during the times where she felt the most isolated and alone Castia was there for her.
Mirabel is the only Madrigal that talks to La Castia as if it where a person, waving goodbye when leaving into the village and being the first to greet it when Castia returned.
there must of been long nights of talking to and comforting from Castia that must of made Mirabel feel less alone in her family. When about to fall into what she thinks is a bottomless pit after chasing tio Bruno, Mirabel calls out to no one other than La Casita.
i just love how the creators put so much effort into the relationship between a girl and her sentient house. i know Mirabel woke up feeling just a bit more loved when Castia would great her with unconditional love.
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potterreid36 · a month ago
I saw an au on Tiktok where Bruno is Mirabel’s father and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so here you go.
Bruno falls in love with a girl in the village that has moved there to get away from her demanding and overbearing family. They elope and have Mirabel before her family finds out and takes her away.
Devastated, the only comfort Bruno has is Mirabel. He sings to her and tells her stories about his sisters and him growing up together.
On the night of Mirabel’s gift ceremony, Alma has a feeling that Mirabel will get a gift that will be just as much of a problem as Bruno’s is. Using better words than this, she asks Bruno to look into the future and see what will happen.
He gets the vision we see in the movie of Casita breaking because of Mirabel. Terrified that his family would blame both him and Mirabel for this, he thinks about running away, but decides to lie to him mother instead. He tells her that he couldn’t see anything, and that her future was still unwritten.
When Mirabel gets no gift, he immediately knows that Casita will break because of it. The family will treat her like an outcast just like they do him, and she will grow up hated by the masses. He knows he has to leave Mirabel without him to give her a fighting chance, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Casit lets him hide in the walls, leaving him little cracks in the walls to watch his daughter grow up.
She cries for days and days after her gift ceremony, for her Papa to come and console her, but he never does. From behind the walls, he spends days and days crying and murmuring apologies that only Dolores could hear.
The adults have a family meeting and declare that Bruno has left and abandoned his daughter for not having a gift. They make him out to be a villain, because when don’t they. They come to the decision that Juliéta and Agustín will be her parents now, that she is young enough that she will be able to be transferred like this.
Agustín comforts her, and tells her that her dad is here, and she is so upset that she doesn’t even question it. She needs someone to be there for her, and he is. After a bit of confusion from the kids and the town, the story cleans itself up. The village picks up on the change and accepts it, quickly moving Bruno into the “Never Ever Talk About” category. Isabela and Luisa pick up on it but they know that she isn’t their sister, that she’s Tio Bruno’s daughter. Luisa pretty quickly just starts to think she imagined it and ignores the idea and accepts Mirabel as her sister, but Isabela takes her confusion out on Mirabel.
As the years go by, people forget that Bruno was her father. She forgets, the town forgets, and her new sisters forget. Isabela’s resentment to Mirabel seemingly comes from a place of her not having a gift. Juliéta and Agustín spend lots of time full of guilt for doing this to their hermano Bruno, but Alma is always quick to remind them that Bruno left Mirabel and they just didn’t want the poor little girl to have that on her shoulders.
Bruno, watching from the walls, is absolutely livid about this development. But as time goes on, he realizes that the secret makes Mirabel more welcome to everyone in town. If she’s Juliéta’s daughter as opposed to his, people will be more willing to like her. He slowly accepts that this is good for her, but he resents his mother for thinking he would just run out on his daughter like that.
He watches her grow up, and he watches the family grow, and he watches as Mirabel becomes more and more like her mother every day.
When Antonio’s gift ceremony comes, he’s been sealing up hidden cracks for almost two years now, and desperately hoping that his vision was wrong and Mirabel isn’t doing anything. He sees her tell the family about the cracks and watches as Alma dismisses her with such anger and such vile words, and he nearly throws up. He’d thought that leaving her behind, that letting her Julieta’s daughter would make everything okay for her, but he should have known that he can never stop his visions from coming true.
He sees Mirabel with the vision that he destroyed, and he feels like his world is falling apart. He can’t save her from this, and he knows it, and he feels like a horrible father. He’s so panicked about it that he doesn’t even notice as she finds her way into his secret passageways.
He runs because he doesn’t know what else to do. He thinks she’ll hate him for leaving her, for letting them lie to her, for the vision, for not being there. But then she falls. His heart drops down to his feet, and he immediately runs to catch her. The drop is shallow (he knows, he’s fallen down it several times) but even so, he’d never let her fall. Hearing her voice, begging for help from Casita, he can’t just leave.
She sees where he lives and she seems shocked that he survived this long. He doesn’t mention to her all the nights when he’d sneak out into the kitchen for food, the living room for blankets when it was cold, or to the nursery, just to see her without boards in the way. He also doesn’t tell her about the nights before Antonio was born where he would sit in the rocking chair by her bed and sing songs to her while she slept, just like he used to. She doesn’t need to know that.
She wants a vision from him, and he wants to say no, because he doesn’t want to curse her with the vision that will come, but he could never say no to her. The vision has her hugging Isabela, and he calls her Mirabel’s sister over a lump in his throat. She doesn’t need to know. It’s better if she doesn’t know.
As soon as he gets back to the walls, he cries because she saw him and he saw her and she’s so big and she’s perfect.
He watches as she helps Isabela, as they hug, as the candle burns brighter, and then it all goes to shit.
She says to Alma the things that have been stuck in his throat since his own gift ceremony, and he couldn’t be prouder of her.
He dives out of the house as it goes down, and it’s the first time he’s seen direct sunlight in years, but it doesn’t even matter because he needs to find Mirabel, to make sure his mom doesn’t blame her, to make sure she’s okay. He doesn’t realize until he’s halfway through the forest that his so-called gift is gone.
He follows whatever paternal intuition he has and finds her with his mother in the lake clearing by the mountain. He starts to tell his mother that she didn’t do anything, that it was his vision, to just blame him, that he doesn’t care what she thinks of him but to keep his daughter out of this, but she cuts him off with a hug. Mirabel just tells them they have to get back to the house.
They ride back to the house, and his mother asks all types of questions about where he’s been that he’s reluctant to answer with Mirabel right next to them. She’s horrified to find he’s just been living in the house, the walls, this whole time, that he’s seen everything and heard everything she said about him.
He tells her it’s okay, because Mirabel is safe, and that’s all that matters. Mirabel asks why her specifically, and then they’re at Casita’s remains.
They decide to rebuild the house, and his sisters are there and they missed him and they don’t hate him and Juliéta apologizes over and over again for taking his place, but he tells her that it’s okay because Mirabel is safe, and Mirabel jumps in with a “and what exactly do i have to do with whatever your taking about?” and Juliéta says “mija…” and he knows that it’s time.
He holds his sister's hand and cries as she tells Mirabel the truth. His daughter stares at him, and his eyes fall to the ground, he can’t look at her, she’ll hate him, and she’ll never want to see him again, and he should just leave she’ll never care for him the way she does Agustin, it won’t be the same, he should just let them all be, they were fine without him, and oh, she’s hugging him.
She doesn’t call him dad, or any other variation, but she isn’t calling Juliéta “mom” anymore, and they just sit together sometimes at night after long days of rebuilding Casita and she’ll ask him questions and he’ll do his best with them.
What was her mom like? Beautiful, brave, headstrong, just like you. Why didn’t she stay? She wanted to, but her family was of great importance in a father away town and they made her leave. Why did he leave? To protect her, always for her. Did I call you Dad? No, you called me Papa. I called you Mi Mariposita, you still are. What was I like as a baby? Perfect, quiet, happy, ready for anything, mine. Did you know I wouldn’t have a gift? No. I hoped, in my darkest hours, after bad visions, or horrible nightmares, I hoped you wouldn’t be shackled to one like I was mine, but I never meant for it to be like this.
When Casita is finished, he gives her the doorknob with a big “M” on it, for Madrigal, but for Mirabel, too. She cries, and she hugs him, and tells him “Gracias, Papa.” and he cries too.
For some time, she alternates between calling him Bruno and Papa, but she’s a lot more open about it now.
She gets her own room for the first time in her life, and Casita lines the wall with green butterflies. She makes him a new ruana and he doesn’t take it off for a week.
She finds out that after Casita came back, he hasn’t gone to his room, stealing sleep on the couch or an armchair or anywhere but his tower, so big and cold and lonely and far. She holds his hand and they go in together, and the tower is gone. It’s just a room decorated in green with pictures of his family, and a prophecy room off the end. He cries and she holds him and he tells her everything about all of it.
He talks about her mother, about her beauty and her stubbornness, her courage, her love, how Mirabel is every bit as strong and amazing as she was, how he can see her in Mirabel’s quiet comfort and her loud love. He talks about why he left, about why he didn’t come out and tell her as soon as she started calling Agustín Dad like wanted to, and the nights when he would sit in her room and just watch her. He tells her about how the family made him feel, his paranoia, the pain of suppressing visions, the horror that floods through him at the idea of having another one. About how fast she’s grown, how amazing she’s become, how proud he is of her. They cry and cry and cry and she talks about how she’s always felt like she was on the outside even separate from not having a gift. About how she could tell that something was off, the heavy air of guilt that followed through years of her childhood, about what her childhood could have been, about how she still doesn’t really forgive Abuela, not yet, and she doesn't know if she ever will. They spend the whole night on the floor of his new room and by the time morning comes she’s calling him Papa and never looking back.
Sometimes Bruno will see a look on Juliéta’s face that makes him know that regret the decision as she does, she misses being Mirabel’s mother. The mild flinch that passes Agsutín every time she calls Bruno Papa, and the look of devastation that they both share when she starts calling them Tío and Tía. In years to come, it will get easier. They will forget how easy it was to be her parents, and they will move past it. But sometimes, in the middle of the night, Bruno can help but hate them just a little bit for the fact that they got to be there when she was growing up and he could only see her in the middle of the night of through the cracks in the walls.
Life goes on. It gets easier. Dolores and Mariano get married. Isabela finds a nice village girl and falls in love. There are children, and there are gift ceremonies, and there are celebrations. Bruno learns how to be a father again. Luisa and Isabela start to call her primita instead of hermanita, and the pained looks that accompany it fade with time. Juliéta learns not to run to her the second she calls for help, and to let Bruno get to her first. Alma learns to focus on them as people as opposed to their gifts. They all grow, and they all move on.
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twilight-zoned-out · a month ago
I’ve been thinking about Bruno’s tower. Maybe it started out with a reasonable amount of stairs, but as the years grew on and Bruno felt worse and worse about his gift, Casita made the stairway grow longer so less people would come.
Maybe the stairs lengthened so people would stop asking him trivial or obvious questions. I can’t imagine people climbing up all those stairs just to ask about gaining weight or balding hair. Bruno probably got bombarded with those kinds of questions in his early days. Maybe Casita noticed the strain and increased the stairs so people would stop asking him about every little thing.
Also, Bruno is theatrical, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who’d want the walls of his workplace lined with scary stone engravings of himself - I wonder if that was also a Casita move. Maybe the carvings were added to dissuade people from coming unless necessary, but the scary images ended up backfiring and furthering his bad reputation in town.
On the other hand, I wonder how long the stairs got before Bruno began to look for different ways to get around the house. If Casita was trying to help Bruno, it probably built some secret backdoor in his room to help him get down to the kitchen fast or something
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notrecommendforlife-blog · a month ago
Random Encanto HCs
((I am becoming an Encanto account and I am okay with this))
- When Camilo is excited they will wave their hands and arms around (stims baby)
- If Mirabel doesn’t have her bag to fidget with she will play with her hands (ex. pulling on her fingers, rubbing her hands together, and massaging her wrists)
- Camilo befriended the rats before they figured out Bruno lived in the walls (how else did the rats just know a dramatic ass musical number)
- Dolores will squeak when she’s upset, super excited/happy, or she hears something interesting/or she shouldn’t know (stims baby!)
- Sometimes when the sound gets too much, and she’s to far from her room, Dolores will curl up with her hands over her ears and rock back and forth.
- Whenever Mariano finds her during one he just sits behind her and pulls her between his legs, so her back was to his chest, and covered her hands with his own so she had an extra layer of protection against the sounds.
- When she calms down some she’ll turn so one of her ears are one his chest and she can listen to his heartbeat, he just takes now his free hand and presses it gently against his other one to try and block out as much as he can.
- When Pepa is happy and content she will spin around and watch the fabric of her dress twirl (a habit that her children have seemed to pick up(stims baby!!))
- Camilo and Mirabel were super close as children and called each other their twin (I want to make a fic that’s basically Encanto but with Mirabel and Camilo being super close, and helping each other during the movie (also, so much room for angst))
- Luisa’s favorite color is pink (you can tear this from my cold dead hands)
- When Luisa starts to get stressed and overwhelmed from her workload, along with her eye twitching, her hands with start to shake. Before the movie she used to have panic attacks during her chores, but afterwards would try working twice as hard (I’m sure everyone has done this once, it is not good and will always have repercussions on someone’s mental and physical health. Take. Breaks.)
- Post movie, with the family keeping everyone accountable and looking out for each other, when any of the Madrigals see her overworking herself they always make sure to get her to take a break
- The first person the ‘twins’ come out to is each other (Mirabel coming out as a disaster bisexual and Camilo coming out as a genderfluid gremlin)
- Whenever Abuela used to get sad and upset and wrapped up in her memories she would hide in her room, now she goes to the family and opens up about her emotions and the pain she kept hidden for so long
- At the end of every week the family will gather in someone’s room and they would talk about their emotions and how their week was; there sometimes will be fighting, yelling and thunder, but other times there’s smiling, laughing, rainbows and horrible jokes.
- Every Madrigal (and Casita) will tap their feet (tippy tappies motherfuckers) when they get excited
- Remember in Zootopia when one wolf starts to howl and the others join, that is La Casita and the Madrigals with tapping. Once one starts they all do, even Abuela will join in (though she’s usually sitting down), just tapping and dancing. Sometimes Casita will start tapping (her) tiles in order to get the family smiling and laughing.
- PreMovie, Julieta sometimes gets so lost in cooking that she disassociates, she’ll come to hours later by Agustín gently shaking her, she’d have minor burns on her hands/fingers and her legs/feet will be sore
- Post movie, Antonio and Bruno have some of the rats, that hang around the kitchen, get whoever is closest after an hour to check on her and making sure she takes a break
- When Dolores and Isabela were kids they thought they were sisters (like the ‘twins’), after they got their powers they were still close and Isabela would cover Dolores’ ears during parties
- The first person Isabela came out to was Dolores (PreMovie, she just comes into Dolores’ room sobbing and everything spills out)
- Pepa has a vocal stim (stims baby!!!), when she’s stressed she will mumble to herself “Clear skies, clear skies”
- Along with her vocal stim, she will also brush, stroke and pull on her hair
((Will probably make more later, please please please tell me what you think and your own headcanons))
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wtfiswiththisplace · 7 days ago
Yo fuck I’m dumb I just realised
Casita initially came to life from sorrow, pain, the knowledge of lost love and the poignant longing for something that wasn’t the reality that was currently being faced.
It broke because of hidden sorrow, pain, frustration and longing for a new reality and change.
And the new foundation is love, acceptance and the knowledge of new and healthier love.
Fuck dude I love this movie so much
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feyti-odinsdottir · 16 days ago
Why I loved Encanto: An Unnecessarily Wordy Post
Warning: *spoilers ahead*
1. It Surprised me
I was really sus to watch Encanto. I had glimpsed a few ads on the interweb, and I figured it was gonna be some weird, new-agey, everyone-finds-the-power-they-need-deep-within-themselves (like we've never heard that one before), movie that I really wouldn't like, but then I actually watched it and it was so different from what I expected. The absolute definition of a pleasant surprise.
Tumblr media
2. The Villain
My second favorite thing about Encanto was the "villain" and the fact that there was no villain. The only real "villain" of Encanto, was the pain within their family.
Idk if this was actually what they were trying to convey, but what I envisioned watching the movie was that when Casita started cracking, it was like a visual representation of how everyone in the family was carrying and burying so much pain for the sake of Abuela and the rest of the family, and trying to pretend that everything was fine, even though they were dying inside. To me the Casita was like a physical manifestation of the family. They were all trying so hard to pretend that everything was okay, but they were still falling apart because so much pretending really does take a toll, ("watch as she buckles and bends but never breaks"). You can see the house beginning to crack as the family is put under more and more pressure, and you can see how the cracks start to heal, like say during What More Can I Do when Isabella realizes that she doesn't have to be exactly what her family wants all the time and she's allowed to be her own unique person. And then how the house finally collapses under all the anger and discord, but they're able to rebuild it once they reunite. The fact that the Madrigal's biggest enemy was the ways that they had hurt each other and couldn't be totally united because of it, was very huge to me, and probably other people like me who deal with very loving, caring families who have still managed to hurt them.
Tumblr media
3. The Plot
The whole point of this movie was that the Madrigal's had been given a very special gift and they were supposed to use that gift to help others; but if they didn't truly love and care for each other and admit their mistakes and help each other and support each other, they couldn't utilize their gift to its full potential.
I loved that instead of one character having to unlock their true potential and prove the family wrong and save them all (definitely what I thought was gonna happen), the climax of the story was Abuela (who did the most damage to the family) and mostly everyone else having to admit that they made mistakes and they were hurt and they weren't always perfect, and then they all forgave each other and started healing and loving each other and trying their best to grow together and work together as an imperfect family who loved each other no matter what. That is such a cute and wholesome premise for a kids movie. A character being able to say 'yes, even though I love my family I still hurt them because I'm human, but I apologized and they forgave me and they still love me because we're a family' or 'yes, my family hurt me and I'm still healing from it and I may be for awhile, but I still love them to death because they're not perfect and neither am I' is something that hits so close to home and I am SO here for it.
Tumblr media
4. The Family Bond
One of the things that hit me in the gut about this movie was that this family LOVES each other. So often there's always so much beef and anger and trauma and pettiness and just general rudeness displayed within families in the media, or its just the few surviving members of the family loving each other. And while I get that thats pretty common in our culture sadly, why does it have to be in every movie too? What about happy healthy family representation too?
Encanto made me so happy because it showcased a large, multi-generational family with almost all of its members (rip Abuelo), living in one house together, and they were HAPPY to be around each other. They LOVED each other. They had their spats and arguments and problems like all families, but they still loved being around each other. Family members were all comfortable being around each other and in each other's spaces, and even the estranged family member longed to still be part of family dinner. Even though Abuela was very disapproval of the family at large, they still tried so hard to please her because they loved her and wanted her to be happy.
The way the family treated Mirabel also stuck out to me. I figured that since she didn't have a gift, we would quickly find out that her family were total rude asshats to her, but like...no? They weren't? She had her times when she felt like she was missing out, like she couldn't be as helpful as everyone else, or during her song Waiting on a Miracle, but like...duh. If I was the only person in my family without superpowers I would be mad miserable, but Mirabel wasn't. She struggled with those feelings, but she also seemed very happy likewise, and determined to be just as useful as the rest of the family. And she harbored no resent or anger toward her family because they were gifted and she wasn't (and lemme tell you, mad props to her honestly). Even in one of her first scenes we see her happily and enthusiastically introducing the rest of the family and their abilities, and you can see that she's just bursting with pride for them and for being a part of the same family. Obviously some of the family (*cough*Abuela*cough*Isabella*cough*) didn't always treat her well, but aside from them, none of the family ever once intentionally treated her like she was an outcast or inferior to them. She was always obviously and unmistakably a part of the family. (My brain almost wants to draw a parallel between the Madrigal's with Mirabel and families with siblings or members with special needs or disabilities, but honestly thats a whole different post).
Tumblr media
5. Isabela
Just need to take a hot sec to talk about Isabela's song because it was a rollercoaster of thoughts in my head. At very first when I saw the cactus I thought 'oh shit, she gonna kill Mirabel so bad for making her grow a cactus' and then when she picked it up I was like 'lol wat?' And then when she started singing I was like 'oh crap, here we go.' Definitely for a hot sec I thought that Isabela was going to become a villain. I thought she would have her sassy, feminist-y, Elsa-esque dance number where she threw off the expectations of her family and realized that she was so much more powerful than them and than they thought she was, and she was going to get all sassy and angry and start laying ruin to them because she was so much more than they thought she was. But THEN! SHOCK of all SHOCKS! Instead of using that super toxic feminist trope that you must be angry at everyone for everything, we got a super cute and sweet sister song. I was so pleasantly surprised that instead of an 'I have been FORCED into making FLOWERS which are UGLY and I am a REBEL' song from Isabela, we got a 'dang, everybody always wanted me to make perfect flowers, but these other colors and plants are also pretty and express me much better, and I would love to make things that I also think are beautiful, just in a different way.' And like, the way that she sang and danced with Mirabel and they goofed off together (MOST realistic sister vibes in Encanto were them being snarky and hating each other all movie, and then bursting out into elaborate song and dance and having an absolute bomb time together with flowers and colorful explosions) put new life into me. This song pretended to be rebellious and wild, but was actually so cute and wholesome (just like older sisters but hey).
Tumblr media
6. Luisa
I'm actually going to make a whole post for Luisa because I have so much to say about her, so look out for that. I'll put a link here when I post it.
Tumblr media
Whelp, that's it for now y'all! In conclusion, watch Encanto, tell your family you love them, laugh, cry, create a bucket-wearing alter-ego who spackles walls, whatever it is you do. I'll probably have more Encanto thoughts someday and if I do, I'll add them onto this post. Congrats Disney, you actually impressed me.
Tumblr media
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shadowed-dancer · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Floorplan of the Casa Madrigal (Encanto)
I didn't see anything about this online, so I went through the movie and managed to map out the house as best I could. Keep in mind that the bedroom sizes aren't accurate since they are magic.
If you care to read some very in-depth analysis about this house, check out everything under the cut
First, a note. I actually forgot a door right where I put the label "1st floor". There is a little green door there, I put a picture in the section titles "Camilo's dance hallway"
Ok disclaimer all these screenshots came from YouTube so my apologies in advance for the quality of some of these.
The 3rd floor
The "3rd floor" is just a few rooms. On the right is "Bruno's tower", or more specifically, the entrance to Bruno's tower (aka his magic door).
In the middle is the room that they keep the candle. Based on the flashback to when Abuela was young, this seems to be her bedroom. There are no stairs to enter from the outside, so it stands to reason that it is only accessible through her magic door, though we do not know what the bottom level of her room looks like.
There is also an area on the left that has some windows (on the outside) but it's unclear what this is, who it belongs to, and how to access it. It's possible all of this is Abuela's space, but I also have the theory that it may be Antonio's, and that taller magic rooms manifest their height on the outside of the house (Bruno's tower is obvious, but Isabela seems to have a bit of a tower as well).
Bruno's tower - 2nd floor
There's this weird empty space near the stairs next to Luisa's room. It seems to just be a wall, and based on the outside I'm simply assuming it's part of Bruno's tower and it's inaccessible from the main part of the house.
Mirabel's magic door
Each kid is on the same side of the hall as their parent (Pepa's kids are all on the "left", Julieta's are on the "right"). Based on the weirdly large gap between Luisa and Isabela's doors, it's safe to assume that Mirabel's was supposed to be in between them (which is why I drew an empty spot despite not labelling it.
During the flashback to Mirabel's ceremony we actually see Abuela's photos in the background (the ones where she poses with all the kids). This seems to just be an error though, since these photos are between Abuela and Pepa's doors, and Pepa's door is clearly not visible in Mirabel's flashback but is VERY visible when Antonio gets his door.
Tumblr media
It's also possible that they just moved the pictures lol. If that's the case, then is means the pictures used to be on the wall outside the nursery.
Inside the walls
Unfortunately, I could not map out the path Bruno and Mirabel take inside the walls. The sequence is all over the place, so the only things I know for sure are the entrance point (just beside Dolores' door) and Bruno's wall-room (which we know if behind the family tree mural in the dining room).
In all technicality, the inside of the walls shouldn't be as easy to navigate as the movie shows. There should be a lot of doors and windows that block a walking path, but it's possible we just don't see them (this could also be why Bruno does so much parkour; he's avoiding the windows).
Pepa's corner room?
On my layout of the first floor, I labeled the corner room as "Pepa room". This is NOT her magical room, but instead the area we see here
Tumblr media
We never see this room again and have no idea how it connects to the house, since we don't have any other angles and we never see any doors leading to it. We do see a door on the right of the area I labeled "walkthrough", and since we never see what's inside that door, it lead me to believe it might be this isolated room where Pepa can go calm down (notice the raindrops, weather vane, and picture of Antonio. This is a room she goes to a lot).
You may be wondering if this is instead Pepa's magical room, but I don't think it is. We see this room just after Mirabel runs down some very tight stairs inside the walls. The fact that stairs could fit in the walls here led me to believe that they were in the walls of Bruno's tower (perhaps the part I marked as "inaccessible" on the 2nd floor), which just so happens to be above this room on the layout.
Either way, the fact that Mirabel ran DOWN stairs from the second floor means she was now on the first floor, which means this is not Pepa's magic room.
Tumblr media
We see the family gather to eat breakfast on this little patio area outside. There are two doors that lead here, one from the dining room and the other from the kitchen.
I couldn't include pictures because I hit the limit, but you can see the dining room doors very clearly during the dinner scene. The doors are directly across the family tree.
Pedro's portrait and the entrance
Just before Antonio's gift ceremony, we get to see how the stairwell with Pedro's portrait connects to the house.
Tumblr media
Mirabel and Antonio come down the Pedro stairs and into the room with the flower curtain. When the curtain opens, we see Antonio is standing in the entrance foyer (if you look closely, you can even see the door to the nursery above him).
Tumblr media
The one error
Surprisingly, this movie did a very good job of making the character move around the house in a logical way. Every time I saw a character go from one area to another, I'd follow their path on my map and find that it worked! The ONLY time there is ever an error is at the very start of the movie. Mirabel slides down the Pedro stairs before we see this:
Tumblr media
We see the nursery door in the top left and the foyer below it, and Mirabel is walking through the "general living space" (in other scenes, we see this area sometimes has hammocks, couches, and a coffee table set up). Based on the way she's walking though, she would technically be going into Pedro's staircase.
When I first started mapping this out, this scene actually threw me off because I assumed she was going to the dining room. But after going through every other scene in the movie, I realized that this scene was just a little wrong.
To make this all make sense, we can just assume that she simply wandered around between shots.
Camilo's dance hallway
During "we don't talk about Bruno", Camilo has a little sequence in this... random hallway
Tumblr media
Thanks to the quality of these screenshots, I had to boost the image on the top right to show that there's a door behind him.
I initially had no idea where this hall is supposed to be, but I figured it out; it's the area I labelled "walkthrough" on the first floor (directly under Abuela's room). The walls are the same, the green door is in the right place, and even though it's not in the screenshots, Camilo DOES pass those wall sconces during his dance. The floor is even the same, all he did was move the furniture out of the way.
Anyways, that's all. Thanks for reading!
If this gets enough love (or I see a demand for it) maybe I'll make a fully coloured version with detail and stuff
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prettywhenimwithyou · 24 days ago
camilo husband headcanon!!!
camilo x genderneutral!reader <- GUYS MT HEAD IS SO FULL RN THKNKING ABT HUSBAND CAMILO.. THJS IS MAINKY WEDDING but also some husband camilo hehe
im so sorry i got carried away LMAO
Tumblr media
he def learned how to treat his loved ones from the example of his parents... esp the way felix treats pepa so yk he's so attentive and caring for u
which is why he decides his proposal will be ALL OUT FOR U!!!! wants smthg personal and special to both of u
pepas like "my favorite daughter in law!! how r u??" ans ur like....... im not married yet yk....
AND DOLORES IS LIKE "____, do u want kids? what kind of wedding do u want? what flowers do u like?" and ur like..... hmmm....
is he proposing or are they all acting weird? (newsflash: hes proposing lol)
a super special date where he brings u to ur first date location, most romantic location, etc...
asks isabella to make flowers for the proposal area
which will probably be like.. a secluded place w beautiful scenario tbh probably where the miracle began
omg proposing where my grandpa died😍 jkjk
he'll decorate it nice for u, have candles and all ur favorite flowers or whatever, he'd ask antonio to make butterflies or whatever to make it pretty and romantic literally anything for u
"mi vida, ive been thinking about it and i realized.. my life without you is worse than losing a house or losing my gift. which is why i decided.. its time for something to happen, something to tie our hearts together, so... will you marry me?"
hes tearing up so bad AWWWWEE hes on one knee and looks so hopeful and QHEN U SAY YES HES NEVER MOVED QYICKER
when family finds out theyre happy but unsurprised LOL dolores told them everything
mirabel was lowkey like. "u must rlly like my cousin to marry him, props to u i cant stand to live w this mf another day" and camilos like "leave my spouse alone u salty single hoe"
cue bickering until dolores tellls them to stfu
wedding planning........... is hard
u decided to do it together but camilo be so lazy sometimes smh but he does it for u cause hes a simp lol
luckily julieta, pepa, and abuela all help u
wedding day ahh😍😍😍
getting up at 4am.....julieta and pepa literally almost break down ur door
poor camilos like.... man wtf and theyre like stfu we're stealing ur s/o we got a day of preparations AND THEN HES LIKE OJ MY GOD UR RIGHT
aww cute he gets all excited bc hes MARRYING U!!! WHAT!!!!
cute yellow and orange flowers in ur hair, pretty white wedding wear..... sighs... pepa starts crying and u two cry bc ur so happy LOL
when abuela sees u she may have shed a couple tears.....
bruno PANICKS when he sees camilo trying to peek at u and scolds him lightly "thats bad luck!! wtf r u doing!!!" cue pouty camilo
weddings at casita obv
its also decorated BEAUTIFULLY HELLO. flowers in ur favorite shades and his familys shades... decorations r just how u two agreed on... the weathers amazing bc pepas so happy to see her son be so happy!! light rain but thats okay shes just so happy
private wedding only if u request but more likely than not it'll be like antonios ceremony
private wedding will only have family or friends u guys invite which hes okay w as long as ur comfy, as long as u two get married!! still pretty and happy
serenata still happens and u still couple dance and sigh... so pretty!! up to u guys how long it lasts
but if its not...
whole towns invited, wedding gifts galore, dancing, music, laughing
serenata still happens except the applause afterwards makes dolores regret she has a gift
"mi amor, even death cant do us apart, because we'll find eachother in the afterlife"
I MENTIONED THJS BETORE BHT RIHHT BEFORE VOWS ur whispering to each other stuff like "how do i look" and he says "mid" as a joke but when he says "i do" he starts crying and when the officiant allows u to kiss he tells u look beautiful
the town is so happy for ur marriage!! literally so many... hand made... wedding gifts... u appreciate them all sm!!
literally party til the sun comes up. if u get tired camilo will tuck u away and quite possibly fall asleep w u LOL
either way bruno is also sharing so many superstitions to keep the marriage happy
bruno once checked ur relationship and already knew camilo would propose LOL
getting used to the married life w him.. sighs dreamily...
sharing quiet and giggly mornings together before heading down to join everyone, asking one another to help w how they look or just chatting abt whats in store for the day
accompanying u on errands and chores, making sure ur hydrated and fed, he knows u can take care of urself but he worries LOL
always saves a seat at the dinner table for u!! fights anyone who dare try to steal it
if u help julieta make dinner his tiny heart wont be able to handle it, even before marriage it makes his heart so happy to see u fit into the family so welll
spa days w isabella, gossiping sessions with dolores, chatting and going into el mercado with mirabel, painting luisas nails or giving her a facial, hanging out w tio bruno to see his rat plays, helping julieta cook, sharing memories with pepa, joking with felix, looking after antonio, helping agustin w new bruises... sighs
dates r about the same but some times... his dates r literally just sitting on the roof of casita, enjoying each others company
sometimes when hes petty or wanting to tease u he shapeshifts into u to mock u and its actually pretty funny LOL generally hes rlly understanding tho, if fbe situations serious
top tier pranks no one shouldve allowed u two to share a room too much thinking time together
DID I MENTION WEDDING PHOTOS BC DEAR GOD... mf has a whole album dedicated to ur wedding day decorated abd everything (w the help of mirabel)
everyone wants ur happy, goofy, cute marriage :) bc everyone can se ur soulmayest
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evils-corner · 9 days ago
A collection of Q&A answers about Encanto from Jared Bush, director of the movie, regarding the characters and some lore of the movie! (Pt. 2 & 3 incoming shortly, I have a lot of these!) Check the reblogs for more parts!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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theangelofangst · 18 days ago
Like was I just suppose to find that you on a Tik Tok comment section because that’s exactly what happened.
Can ya’ll imagine? The difference?
Alma buried her pain and strive for perfection. But I can totally see Pedro being incredibly overprotective of the whole family to the point where he’d become a helicopter parent?
Imagine Pedro adoring all three his children with his soul and wanting to keep them close while also wanting them to be able to take care of themselves.
I came up with a few ideas:
Like with Alma it was more about wanting her family to be completely perfect and how they could be useful to help their village and she loses sight of what she was doing it all for.
But with Pedro, it’s more that he wants them to be able to protect themselves, he wants them to be perfect but not to fit his expectations but mainly because he doesn’t want them to lose them like he lost Alma. He’s terrified. And he also wants to help the people, the villagers that were there for him and whom got through the grief of losing Alma.
So he picks and choices who’s gift he knows would be able to protect their family the best.
With Pepa he knows her powers can be dangerous so not only does he try to keep her calm like Alma did but he also takes her away, (sing to her, rock her, make her laugh, anything he could think of that would calm her down) from Bruno and Julieta because he doesn’t want the off chance they’d get hurt.
With Julieta and Bruno he’s focused more than on but knowing they have their limits. With Julieta he tells her that a lot of people need her to heal them, which she more than happily does and with Bruno, he’s constantly asking Bruno to see into the future so they can prepare for any natural disasters.
And when the grandkids pop up.
Pedro being the respectful man he is did not ask Dolores to eavesdrop on others but there being able to hear things, such as dangerous animals or possible intruders from a distance. Which doesn’t sound like a bad thing until she started staying up until the late hours, always on alert
With Luisa Pedro did put less pressure on Isa, wanting her to be perfect and giving that to Luisa. Her gift being super strengthen a light bulb went off in his head and he knew Luisa would be able to keep them safe. And he’d never have to worry about losing his loved ones ever again.
Even though Isabella did not having to be the symbol of perfection now that doesn’t mean she didn’t have her role. Her role was to make everyone happy. She had to disregard her own feelings and make everyone smile. Which actually wasn’t something Pedro told her to do but more so of her own desire to be useful. She would conjure up Alma’s favorite flowers to make her Abuelo feel better and in turn everyone else.
With Camilo (this one is actually kinda interesting) he was instructed to help families grieve, or at least start the grieving process by shifting into the own who’s passed so that some could say a final goodbye. Because like with Isa once time Camilo decided to shift into Abuela when Pedro had been having a bad day and promotly broke down into tears, holding Camilo as if the boy was his long passed beloved.
With Antonio. His is actually still new, so he hasn’t really figured out how Antonio’s could help protect everyone. Honestly the dangerous animals his grandson can talk to actually put him on edge. Knowing that Antonio can talk to them honestly doesn’t make him feel any better
And finally with Mirabel. I described Pedro as being a helicopter parent before, like the man is terrified with unresolved trauma about losing his babies like he lost Alma but he’s worse when it comes to Mirabel. When she didn’t get her gift he nearly had a heart attack, not because he was scared about the Madrigal reputation but more “how is she going to be able to protect herself without a gift?” He begs Bruno to see into the future after that, and again, not even to figure out why but more asking Bruno to see what they could do to protect her, if she was in any danger they could prevent.
And then Bruno disappears. And Pedro nearly goes sick from worry.
And he clings to his family even tighter, his fear of losing them worsening and his fear of something happening to Mirabel growing. He instructs Julieta to always have food at the ready in case. Instructs Luisa to be Mirabel’s body guard.
In fact he asks a bunch of people to treat Mirabel with care. Essentially seeing his granddaughter as this doll made of the finest glass.
When the Casita falls Pedro instinctively goes to protect everyone inside and is actually running alongside Julieta after Mirabel when the Casita starts being pushing them all back
When Bruno does eventually come back he does the same exact thing that Alma does but much more emotionally. Like he actually drops to his knees cause he’s filled with relief. He doesn’t care that Bruno disappeared, doesn’t care why, all he’s feeling in that moment is guilt and joy that his son is alive.
That’s all I got so far but I really like the concept of Pedro being the one left alive. So many things could play out differently. But ultimately everything is resolved exactly the same way. With love, forgiveness and understanding.
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angsty encanto headcanons:
Okay guys, this is a long post, so be prepared. Starting from youngest to oldest-
Antonio first considered going vegetarian/vegan when he went fishing with his family after he received his gift. The sound of fish being excited over food only to die out of asphyxiation/slaughter horrified him. When the fish was served at dinner, all he could hear was the fish crying for help. He gets a panic attack and runs into his room. It got worse after seeing other slaughtered animals at the market.
Antonio relates to Dolores being overwhelmed by sound, but except of loud places, he avoids places with too many animals around. Imagine relaxing under a tree only to hear millions of ants scream around
This poor boy...
Mirabel first started to question her sexuality because she was so starved of love to think "i don't care who loves me, it can be anybody! It can even be a girl :("
a very tragic way of figuring out your sexuality.
She grew a habit of talking to herself after being isolated from the others. People thought she was just talking to Casita, which she started to use as an excuse.
At some point she loved Casita more than she loved her mama, and everybody else in the family
she probably hurt herself by taking many responsibilites she couldn't handle
He already wanted to wear pretty dresses, blouses and skirts before he received his gift, but the elders didn't really approve
what if shapeshifting wasn't just Camilo's power because of his theatric personality, but also Casita giving Camilo the opportunity to explore what feels right?
the town's kids liked Camilo because of his gift and his theatrics, not his personality
He used to get really jealous of others when they had lots of attention, so he started pranking them as a revenge, or to gain approval
There were so many days she got so busy, she didn't bother running to Julieta after getting heavily injured. She got it from her dad lmao
A certain incident made her peers fear her. Some rowdy teenagers tried to mess with Luisa, and she lost her cool.
She was overshadowed by Isabela
Dolores uses to be super talkative, but she stopped talking "unnecessarily" after receiving her gift
overexposure to sound, she has tinnitus. She lost a lot of sleep because of it.
She was forced to mature, because of how much crap she had to listen to. Imagine all of the abuse she must've witnessed over time.
She often tried to intervene in people's life if they were in possible danger, but she was just always shushed by the others.
People take comfort in knowing they are heard and not alone, but Dolores can't keep up with the weight of that pressure.
She once had a talk with Julieta, golden child to golden child, that she should just give in and listen to her Abuela, making her bitterly despise her mom (the generational trauma is so strong here ohohoho)
The point above explains why Isabela has like zero interactions with her parents in the movie
She has a very hard time expressing her emotions, and doesn't know how to form her own opinions, since she always based her feelings on others
He used to be super insecure and tried to fight bigger and stronger people as an adolescense, contributing to his injuries
He used to refuse Julieta's food, because he thought he'd waste resources and get hurt again either way.
Agustín's family practically didn't want to deal with is injuries 24/7, so they basically just gave him away to the Madrigals.
Julieta didn't like him at first. It was after they were forced to interact due to an arranged marriage did they fall in love
He used to be Abuela's favorite child, before the triplets got their gifts
The stairs weren't there at first, they grew the more distant and ostracized he felt
The really harmful rumours were started by bullies
Bruno got hurt several times because of people throwing his visions at him. Must be why he no longer hands them the green glass.
This is so much angst... so let me add a wholesome one: Bruno realized Mirabel couldn't see well and made the frames of her glasses out of some of his broken visions.
She is neurodivergent, and as a child it was extremely hard to tell how she was feeling, hence why her gift is connected to her emotions. It helps not only herself, but also her loved ones differenciate her feelings.
Rumours were she was adopted, because of how she looked compared to the other Madrigals
Rumours were also spread that Alma commited adultery, hence why she looks so different
People used to whisper how she was lucky her children took after their father appearance-wise
She's Isabela, but old. Notice how passive she is? Her feelings must've been neglected when Abuela handled her the same way she did Isabela before Casita fell apart. Being the OG golden child, she learned pretty quickly it was less streneous to just give in.
As she is canonically the eldest between the triplets, she was given the responsibility to look over her siblings. She had to surpress her own feelings to comfort them. She is good at protecting others, but herself. (Explaining why she is super protective and loving of Mirabel)
Abuela and Agustín's family first arranged their marriage, because Agustín's family didn't want him anymore :( and also because he seemed like a gentleman.
He used to be terrified of storms, etc. and used to hang around Pepa as a test of courage (he eventually fell in love anyway)
bonus to that: he was bullied and ridiculed by his peers because of his fear, and was pushed to be around Pepa at first.
Meanwhile, rainy days reminds him of peaceful times of hiding under the blanket and relaxing.
Casita meant well when it gave Camilo his gift, but it just ended up giving him an identity crisis on top of everything else. Must've also contributed to the cracks in la casa Madrigal.
The rest of the family didn't always treat Casita as their own. They selfishly commanded Casita to do their biddings, as if the house was just some machine. Only after Mirabel started interacting with it did they realize that Casita has a lot more personality than initally thought.
Casita didn't originally like getting wet from Pepa's weathers, but it eventually learned how to deal with it.
Casita made magical lenses for Mirabel's glasses after the failed ceremony, so it never breaks, get scratches, or anything. It was the least it could do after disappointing her. Casita replaced them with the normal lenses after Mirabel cried herself to sleep.
People have always tried to help her with the magic, but she felt too responsible, so she closed herself off. People eventually let her and accepted her as the matriarch.
I doubt Pedro's sacrifice was the only trauma she experienced. I bet responsibilities were pushed onto her by her own family.
Her family didn't approve of Pedro, so they had to elope
When her triplets were still children, she accidentally traumatized them with how Encanto came to be, and that's why she only tells people a more kid-friendly version of the story.
She used to sing Dos Oruguitas to her children, but the overwhelming grief made her stop doing that.
Had a loving family, but left them to elope with Alma
Pedro's corpse was flung away with the rest of the raiders and was left to rot, and that makes me depressed
That was too angsty for me, his body probably faded out of existence or turned into golden butterflies
Honestly, his way of death was enough for me, so no bother making it even sadder
Phew, I think that's it. I hope didn't forget anyone. Don't mind any typos or errors, I didn't bother proofreading anything.
Feel free to add your own headcanons!
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potterreid36 · a month ago
So, it’s been pretty well established that Dolores could hear Bruno in the walls, right? So here are my headcannons about that.
For the first year, she’s convinced it’s her imagination because she misses her tío.
Bruno gets sick one time, and in the middle of the night Dolores sneaks downstairs and makes him a care package. Medicine, comfort food, blankets, etc. She leaves it at his painting-door with a note You can talk to me, I’ll help you. -Dolores and knocks on it in the particular way he always knocks on the walls and rushes away before he comes out.
When he opens the door, he sees the care package and absolutely bawls. He’d known Dolores could hear him, but he’d figured that she’d just ignore him and let him be. He thanks her, and retreats to the walls.
From then on, she leaves him a large potion of food every monday to last him the whole week.
She’ll write little suggestions for the telonovelas on her cards
He’ll dedicate “episodes” to her when he uses her suggestions.
She learns morse code and then leaves him a book on it, and they tap messages to each other through the day.
When he says something during dinner that he would want to add to the conversation, Dolores will say it for him. (I stole this one from someone on the dash I don’t remember who, though)
She’ll ask Mirabel to make him clothes pretending it’s for people in town.
Sometimes she’ll sneak him out of the hole and guard the door while he showers (bc i’m letting this man shower if it kills me)
He’ll listen to her talk about people in town and what she’s doing with her time.
She helps him steal his favorite armchair from the living room to his hole, and gets him paint and coloring things necessary to make his telonovela pictures (and his plate, but she doesn’t know about that)
She leaves him books and things to do so he doesn’t go insane.
She visits him when she can.
She and the rats have a special little friendship.
She tells Camilo that he isn’t allowed to tell children about their “evil tío bruno” as a horror story anymore and threatens to beat him up when he does anyway.
Just, Bruno and Dolores would be the cutest, having a friendship through the walls.
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lilnasxteletubbiecollab · 27 days ago
The magic of the Gifts is intrinsically connected to Casita, right? That's why when Luisa's strength started fading, so did her door. Remember how when Maribel asked for Casita's help in Bruno's tower, Casita told her it couldn't? Basically, the house how no power in each of the the family members' individual rooms. By that logic, the same should apply to the powers. I don't think they can exert their abilities in each other's domain.
All this to say I don't think Dolores could hear her siblings and cousins being conceived like some of y'all are saying because Christ Almighty that would be awkward.
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blackestrainbow · 20 days ago
he turned into a capybara
Tumblr media
(concept art)
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twilight-zoned-out · a month ago
Wondering whether the reason Casita couldn’t access Bruno’s room after he left was because Bruno denounced his room and refused to use his gift, or if it was because Casita used the room as a warning/foreshadowing of what might happen if the Madrigals kept treating the gifts as more important than each other.
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gh0stsinl0ve · a month ago
Tumblr media
here is the official skin tones and color palettes for the Encanto characters!!
the other picture is the skin tones on a darker background
Tumblr media
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