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melthedwarf · 8 days ago
Headcanon Idea
Bruno, Felix and Agustín get along great. It's already canon that Felix and Agustín get along, with Bruno it could be even better!
Imagine them all relaxing and being fed up with everything while Pepa is storming, Mirabel is playing with Antonio, and Camilo is just being Camilo!
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peppermint-joys · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
I said what I said.
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ginaportr · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
FAMILY in ENCANTO (2021) dir. Jared Bush & Byron Howard
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Pepa: When Bruno falls asleep in public, I shake him and yell, "DONT YOU DIE ON ME!"
Pepa: People always clap when he wakes up.
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momokyuzu · 21 days ago
"bi mirabel" you say, then proceed to give her ONLY girlfriends
encanto fans headcanon about mirabel being bi but only want her to get a girlfriend
hey fun fact! she could date a cishet guy and still be bi!
please stop saying "omg bi mirabel!" but only say she should date a girl
p.s: this applies to pansexuality too!! literally all of the multisexual sexualities!
and also yeah, bi is a SPECTRUM. but those who by default ONLY want mirabel w a cute uwu girl yet say shes bi, this post is directed at you.
a bi girl can date a straight, cisgender guy and STILL be bi.
literally bisexuals dating ANY GENDER are still bisexual
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bees-self-ships · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
new self insert just dropped
*I've been informed it's spelled "blanquita" not blancita
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Camilo from Encanto is a gender fluid bisexual u cannot tell me otherwise thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 🙃
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honeymatrimony · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gay panic
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shiningstarr15 · 26 days ago
Alright I’ll just put it as bluntly as possible bc there is no way to tiptoe around this straight up fact..
Luca was for the LGBT community
Encanto was for the Neurodivergent community
Tumblr media
And I will die on this very hill.
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mahougirlmaddie · 22 days ago
Help Yazid and his kiddos afford food!!!
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Right now, after paying rent and other expenses, they've run out of food, and money to get some. I was able to send a small amount for today, but unfortunately it was all I had.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You guys have been UNIMAGINABLY helpful in the past!! I still can't even believe it, you guys once raised $1000 OVER NIGHT to help them, and I'm seriously starting to tear up thinking about it now.
But, we need your help again to be able to make it through. You guys have already helped so much, it feels almost wrong to ask. But, you guys have made the literal world of difference for these kids. Please, share this post! Wherever you can! Facebook, twitter, anywhere you can, it means everything. Every single reblog and every dollar counts and can change their outcome.
Their do//nation information:
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Thank you SO SO SO SO much for your help sharing this. It means everything to me and I can't thank you enough. If you want proof I'll be linking to a post of evidence in the replies ❤️🙏
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fishsoop · a month ago
Tumblr media
Disney really said let’s make Lin Manuel Miranda and have him be voiced by Sid the sloth
Also amazing Bruno fanart by @notmichealangelo btw, it’s adorable I love it, go see it
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one-pissed-off-child · a month ago
The Encanto fandom took one look at the complex character that is Alma Madrigal and locked her in the box of one dimensional wicked stepmothers. You guys are so fucking boring istg
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peppermint-joys · 28 days ago
Dolores: “…and the rats talking in the walls.”
Camilo: *has a choreographed dance number with multiple rats.*
Everyone: “That Bruno was crazy, always talking to rats. Such a weirdo, lol.”
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dieangelo · 23 days ago
My friend who is Peruvian made a really good point about Disney’s Encanto and Latino representation, or representation and Disney in general. I asked him why he wasn’t excited about Encanto when he mentioned it to me and he told me he doesn’t like Disney pandering to Latino audiences. Which may not be the case with Encanto, but he’s definitely got a point when he said that Disney panders to diversity, not celebrates it.
And, we can’t forgive Disney as soon as they paint a mildly accurate picture of a group of repressed people in media. This gives them power, which gives them resources, which gives them opportunities to capitalize on more “diversity” to distract from the fact that the company’s ethics have been historically and even recently, shit with one good movie. 
This isn’t to say that if you are Latino, you can’t enjoy Encanto. What I’m saying is we have to remember Disney is the same company that wouldn’t give Dana Terrace the funds for her third season for the owl house, a show with two bi and gay leads, just in the beginning of the year. Fans had to help Dana fund the show themselves. All we got? Three two-hour long marathons. When most Disney shows follow the 74 [episode] rule for each season, and the other two shows in the lineup for a third season at the time got their season.
The same company that changes their “first lgbt character” every other month because they can’t keep track of the ones they do have, because they do not care. The same company that hasn’t had so much as a trans lead, a dark skinned female lead(not a main ensemble character-- I mean THE lead), or a gay male lead (and not a main ensemble character) in 2021. The company that probably wouldn’t make Elsa a lesbian because they are homophobic. 
Every once in a blue moon, good representation like Andi Mack comes along, but when it does, we can’t rush to give Disney our full hearted support. What I mean is that it is, of course, your prerogative if you are a member of the audience it is trying to display, but Disney doesn’t like gay people, it doesn’t like visibly brown people, and it doesn’t like diversity.
We have to remember that Disney isn’t diversity central because of one good thing. And before anybody says it, this isn’t me being overly sensitive or ruining your celebration because I’m a feminist or whatever.
This is me reminding you to be critical of corporations. Because that’s what corporations are at the end of the day-- they want money. Individual people may care about their fans, but the companies that hire them definitely don’t and we can’t be giving them all the credit and let the employees get overshadowed in the midst. So don’t confuse people and companies. Companies hire people. They drain people and their resources to hire more people. 
The people may love you, but the companies love your money and blind enthusiasm. I cannot stress that enough. 
Side note: if you get mad at me after all this, that says more about you than it ever will about me, after I’ve explained the complications as thoroughly as I could, and you still don’t get the picture? That’s on you. And if you block me you’re only making it harder for yourself and proving my point about why we need to be critical about these things. If you see this and take it as me bashing on Encanto, when I am mainly an Encanto fan blog, then you need to work on your critical thinking skills the most and should honestly be thanking me. 
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ryanhavethsnapped · 6 days ago
I choose to believe that after Bruno left the dynamic sort of shifted so Pepa and Julieta sort of stopped hanging out in the way they used to.
But now they have their little brother back, and like a cog being put in place, they began moving again and they once again became a force of chaos.
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marvel-m-lee · 25 days ago
Bruno's ticklish
Words: 1620
Summary: Bruno's spending time with his niece when his sisters join and Pepa shows just how ticklish Bruno truly is.
Fandom: Encanto
A/N: so apparently I wrote this. Been writing for a few hours and it's currently half 3 in the morning and I. Going round a friends for a sleep over... tbh this was the last thing I thought I would write but... like- tk encanto exists so... I joined 💀😅
Tumblr media
Mirabel couldn't help but smile as her tio Bruno began to ramble on about something he enjoyed. He was telling her a story about when he and his sisters were younger while helping Mirabel tidy up the kitchen.
It was nice having Bruno back, he wasn't sure how he sat in the family, but he was slowly easing back in, especially with Mirabel. He could talk to her without mumbling every word and would usually ramble on about small things making her laugh.
Right now though, he was rambling about some story where Pepa had punched him in the nose and Julieta helped heal him by making some snacks.
Mirabel and Bruno were sirting out the kitchen, helping tidy around around bit as they hung out and caught up. Bruno didn't mind living in the walls, but Mirbel insisted the two hung out instead.
"Wait why did she punch you in the nose?"
"Because he thought it would be funny to tickle her" Julieta, Mirabel's mother, then walked in, carrying food for the dinner later in the evening.
Bruno jumped with a karate chop when je heard a different voice, the two girls laughing at him with his hood now up as hernando.
Mirabel ran over to help her mum put the shopping bags on the table as Bruno realised who it actually was and let out a few nervous giggles.
Julieta walked past him to get some spices and bowks, giving her younger brother a poke on his side which sent him flying in a fit of gentle giggles.
"He ended up with a broken nose, and a heart of laughter after that" she laughed at his reaction as he went a little red and pulled his hood up gently.
Mirabel laughed, happy to see her mum and uncle both laughing together, being together, even after all those years.
"Tio Bruno? I never knew you were ticklish?" She teased, wiggling her eyebrows at him as his blush grew bigger beneath the hood.
"I'm not-" Julieta only laughed at her younger triplets argument even though he'd just let out a bunch of giggles at a poke to his side.
"Sure you're not Bruno, no no, he can't be anymore" she teased, acting as if it had never happened, obviously teasing him.
"You know Mirabel, when we were younger Bruno would always squeal and Pepa would chase him around the house? Abuela had to hold them both down to get them to stop" she said, laughing at her younger memories.
Mirabel was enjoying this. Her tio hidden under a hood, his face bright red, her mum telling her stories just to tease him. It was nice, being able to talk about Bruno.
"Oh are we talking about Bruno being a sensitive baby?" Pepa stepped in, waving excitedly. Mirabel only laughed as she could tell trouble would ensue soon enough, get tia had it written all over her face.
"Pepa!" Julieta and Bruno yelled, Julieta couldnt help but laugh and Bruno sunk deeper into his poncho as his sisters teased him.
"Oh come on Bruno! You used to love it!" Pepa teased, walking up to her younger brother who stepped back, now wanting to leave or hide in the walls again as his hood slipped off.
"I- no! No- I, Pepa"
Pepa only laughed, knowing how flustered her brother must have been. "Aw come on Bruno! You did! You would giggle and try to run away but-"
"Pepa! No! I- Shush!" Bruno was becoming horrible flustered by now, it had been years since he'd been tickled, well, occasionally by the rats but still. And his sisters weren't making it easy for him, he xouldntbhelp the nervous giggles that slipped out of this throat as he hit the counter with his back and Pepa began wiggling her fingers at him.
"I'm not- not anymore- I'm-"
"Aw, Julieta, he still can't say it!" Pepa couldn't help but awe at her little brother, still, they both knew he would be destroyed. Mirabel was excited for the scene to go down, encouraging her aunt to do it.
"Wait, really? That's adorable-" Julieta awed at that as she continued to sort out food for later in the day and week or just snacks.
"Tickle tickle Bruno~"
"No- no Pepa!- I am hernando and hernando is afraid of nothing!" He quickly resorted to pulling up his hood and standing tall as if it would change anything, only him tryna walk past her but Pepa only dove in and tickled his sides with gentle pokes and squeezes.
"WAHAHIT NÒHOHO-" Bruno jump and squealed as his sister assaulted his sides, his hood almost falling off his head as she attacked.
"I thought you were hernando, afraid of nothing? Aw, still just as ticklish as when we were kids" Pepa awed over her younger brother, minutes apart but still, he's practically missed 10 years of his life.
"I haven't been able to tickle you like this in so long!" She continued her assault as her younger brother gently tried to fight her off, not trying to hurt her but also dying I her grasp, he began to melt to the floor as she teased him and tickled his sides repeatedly, screeching giggles pouring from his mouth.
Pepa began to tickle his hips and stomach, teasing him without mercy as she dove in.
"PEPA! Ihihihi cahahahahnt! Haheahgh" He couldn't help himself as the giggles slipped through his throat. Mirabel couldn't believe the scene in front of her, Julieta only laughing along with Bruno desperate pleas.
"Tickle tickle tickle Bruno~ you're so ticklish still!? I thought you said you weren't anymore hm?" She then changed her tickling as his giggles became less fantic, she now wanted to give him no mercy; It's clear where Camilo gets his unforgiving playfulness from.
Pepa began to dig her fingertips deep between Bruno's ribs, vibrating between each of them on each side. Bruno screamed at this, his laughter contagious and squealing, kicking out his legs as he couldn't help himself escape the deathly tickles.
Anyone else would have thought bloody murder had just happened!
"PEPAAAHAHAHAHAHA! PEPA!" Bruno couldn't contain his screeching. His older sister always knew how to torture him, her fi gers vibrating between each of his ribs as he desperately tried to grip a hold of her without hurting her, a smile plastered onto his face. It was probably one of the biggest Mirabel had seen on him, so big, so full of happiness and love.
Julieta walked past Mirabel and nudges her side with her elbow, "told you he was ticklish"
Mirabel only laughed along with her tio as his got louder from the teasing. He quickly began to beg thiugh as his sister pushed his clothes to get to his stomach, becoming much more aggressive now as he wanted to escape.
Bruno was begging as his sister leaned down and smirked at him, his face some how even brighter than before.
"Bruno, I think you're ticklish~"
"REHEHEALLY?" Bruno couldn't help the sarcastic comment as the whole situation started to bring back every memory of their younger days as children, he quickly covered his mouth as his fate was sealed.
"Tio Bruno... I dont think you should have said that"
Pepa took a massive gasp of air as Bruno quickly began begging and quickly his laughter turned to a scream and then silence with tears rolling down his eyes ad he tried to curl in as Pepa placed a massive raspberry on his stomach.
"Wohoah, Pepa don't kill him!" Julieta couldnt he'll but laugh as Pepa continued to torture his sides for theast ten seconds before releasing him.
She only shrugged as she stood up, Bruno curling into a giggly mess on the floor as tears rolled down his cheeks.
"What? He never said to stop, and that comment practically begged me!" She teased, crossing her arms with a smirk wide on her face.
"What was that scream?- shoot- what happened happened Bruno mum?" Camilo entered in a rush but saw his uncle curled up in a giggly ball and his mother standing proudly above him. He couldn't help but laugh at whatever had just happened.
"That's true Bruno" Julieta sighed, but laughed as she helped her brother up and sir down, giving him a snack, it wouldnt heal him per say, but they were delicious.
"Told you he liked it" Pepa winked and poked her brother in the side, making his dive back into a giggle fit as he curled into his other sister who also gave him a poke making him jump.
"Bruno likes being tickled?! No way!" Camilo jumped and ran over and began to poke up and down his uncles sides as he screamed and almost jumped onto the roof from shock.
"Ohokay, we best leave Bruno before he dies" Julieta joked, knowing he'd just been destroyed for the first time in years.
"But this is fun!" Camilo loved that no matter where he poked, Bruno would give out a different reaction, luckily though caseta knew Bruno also needed a break and separated the two.
Bruno only landed on the floor and giggled, thiugh this time it seemed out of happiness rather than left over tickles. He never realised how much his family loved him, or how much they'd remembered of him. He always thought they'd blocked him out of their lives.
But no, his sisters still love and cared for him deeply, even remembering when they were younger and he also enjoyed being tickled. He had nieces amd nephews who also loved him deeply, even if they were tortuous like their mother.
Maybe... maybe he was a part of the family again.
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the-borrower1 · 13 days ago
Everyone is imagining G/T in Encanto being tiny rat Bruno but size shifting Camillo Madriga is canonl!!
He turns into a smaller version of his father and shifted into a 7 foot version of Bruno (who is 5 feet tall). The kid can alter his height!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine him shifting to an inch or a 15 feet tall! Maybe it's tied to his shape shifting, but I'd like to imagine he would eventually learn to size shift separately. He would be cute being held in a hand or using his giant height to pull pranks and help people.
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bees-self-ships · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you know things are getting serious when he introduces you to his rats
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honeymatrimony · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
clingy gf :/
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tinietrex · 25 days ago
Age Regressor Bruno Madrigal 🐀
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He loves small spaces, after all those years they make him feel safe so he often snuggles up under piles of blankets or makes forts or bundles up underneath his bed
Hernando likes to play with blocks
Bruno is even more attached to his rats when he's small, he won't go anywhere without them
Mirabel made him a rat stuffie and he takes it everywhere with him
He loves watching the stars at night
While he's very superstitious he also loves making wishes on stars
At dinner Julieta always serves his plate for him and wipes his face when he makes a mess
Little rat man HATES water, literally has to be forced to drink it
Usually regresses to around 5? (If you've seen encanto you know why that's so significant)
He likes to play with the clouds over Pepa's head
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