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spookys-diary · 2 days ago
My headcanons as to what specifically each member of the family feels pressured by
(I could probably phrase that better but shhhh)
Pepa, kind of like Isabella, feels pressured to be perfect all the time, however, unlike isabella, she feels her moods have to be perfect instead of just being perfect in general. She has to be happy ALL the time (unless shes watering some flowers or something). And while thats enough pressure as it is she also has to live with the constant fear that she’ll end up causing a natural disaster that affects the whole town. Usually her emotions affect just herself, but during her wedding, for example, she caused a rainstorm that affected the whole town (in We Dont Talk About Bruno she says “in doing so, he floods my brain” so we can assume that it was her that caused the rain). And while that may have been a one time thing (where her gift affected all the weather instead of just the weather surrounding herself) she still fears that if she looses control too much the entire town will be subjected to a storm because of her. Yes, she may have been exaggerating in the song, but still i think its a somewhat natural fear when you control the weather, especially when that control is controlled by something as temperamental as emotions.
She has to make food ALL the time. This is incredibly time consuming and uses a lot of energy. She already had a line of people waiting for her food in The Madrigals song, imagine if something bad happens and a ton people get hurt, more people than she can comfortably feed. Also shes probably pressured into making perfect food every time she makes food. This probably isnt as prevalent in her older age, but imagine when she was younger and just got her gift. She would be expected to make good food all the time because thats her gift, but her gift is to make food that heals not to make delicious food. Also since that town has literal healing magic they probably arent too concerned with trying to stay safe. How many people have been faced with a dangerous situation and didnt even try to not get hurt because “julietta will just make food and i’ll be better”?
I think something that doesnt get talked about enough is how incredibly overwhelming it would be to hear that much all the time. Like im pretty sure she can tune into certain things (because at the end of the movie she tells mariano all the things she hears about him) but still how specifically can she tune in? Because even if she gets the general area she’ll still hear all the little noises that goes unheard/unnoticed by most people (such as sounds of footsteps, little vibrations, people/animals eating, etc.). And she might not even be able to tune her hearing and that would mean shes hearing the entire town all at once. I imagine her to have sensory issues in regards to her hearing which she has to suppress all the time. And since her hearing is so good her other senses are probably not good which can be under stimulating.
Camilo has identity crises Often. People in the town sometimes ask him to be them for hours to days at a time, and every time he spends too long as someone else he cant remember who he really is. He cant remember what he looks like and has to look at pictures of himself to remember and he cant remember his name until someone says it to him. He feels he has no real personality because he spends long periods of time as other people, he feels that any part of his personality is just something he took from someone else. He can never truly be himself in his mind. And sometimes when this happens he fears that he will never be able to shift back to be him. All of this has to be private of course. Hes caught looking at pictures of himself and his siblings joke about him being conceited, he keeps quiet because he doesnt want to be seen as weird or have his family pity him.
Antonio is obviously too young to feel pressure from his gift since he just got it not very long before the family reunited. Plus he was the first to get his gift after mirabels “failure” so he was treated as a miracle. However he can see how the others gifts affect them. Young children are super observant and he will be able to pick up on when the others are feeling pressured or in some way expressing hate for their gift (although its not really theyre gifts its the pressure that comes along with it but he cant tell the difference). Especially mirabel since they shared a room for his entire life. In the movie he tells mirabel that he wishes she had her own room, not her own gift. He is probably thinking that the gifts arent all theyre cracked up to be. Of course he still loves his gift and all the gifts of the rest of his family members but he also somewhat blames the gifts for the stuff his family is going through. He wants the gift because he doesnt want to be treated like mirabel but he also doesnt want it because he can see the pressures that come along with it. He did end up being super happy with his gift though.
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themightystacker · a day ago
Tumblr media
I don’t mean to offend anyone, but the little dance Mirabel and Delores do in ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ is the best and it lives in my mind rent-free.
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madrihoes · a month ago
Incorrect Quotes 2
Y/n:*laying awake in bed*is letting someone win at chess sapiosexual bottoming?
Delores: *trying to sleep* does anyone in this godforsaken house ever think before they speak
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katthewonderbat · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
I just love her
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dylansoldhair · 5 days ago
Jealousy can do terrible things to a person
Bruno x reader
Truth is, idk wtf this is, it was really wholesome at the start and then got really dark.
Goes from fluff, to angst, to fluff again 😊
Warnings: Idk, there was some fighting, unconsciousness
Words: 1.4k
Tumblr media
Bruno sat at the dinner table, happily performing a rat telenovela for Delores and Camilo.
“I am your cousin!”
Camilo gasps, but Delores seemed distracted, making Bruno frown.
“Hemana! Did you not hear what tio said? He was her COUSIN!” Camilo waved a hand in front of Delores’ face, and she shook her head and snapped back into focus.
“Sorry, I was listening to Señorita Y/n’s conversation with Señor Fernando, they are very close don’t you think?” Delores looked at Bruno and widened her eyes, as if trying to send him some sort of secret message, but he didn’t understand.
“Yeah, but it’s about time Y/n gets a boyfriend, no?” Camilo shrugged.
Suddenly, Bruno’s eyes widened in realization of what Delores was trying to tell him, “Maybe they’re… they’re just friends though right?”
Delores put her hand next to her ear and leaned towards the direction of the town, “I don’t know, Fernando is calling her dress beautiful and saying it suits her very much and she looks very nice… wow, he compliments her a lot, oh and now she’s giggling.”
Bruno felt his face warm up, “B-but that doesn’t mean much, I’m sure everyone compliments their friends…”
“Tio, you’re in denial, aren’t you?” Camilo asked, and raised an eyebrow when Bruno shook his head.
Bruno put his head on the table and groaned, “What do I do?”
Camilo laughed, “Quit moping about and go and find her… Delores, where is she right now?”
There was silence for a moment before she gasped, “He’s buying her flowers, they’re at the florists.”
Bruno nodded and stood up so fast his chair fell over, but it was caught by Casita who carefully placed it back where it was. Bruno quickly apologized before bounding to the front door, but as he got there he froze.
“Wait. What am I supposed to say? Like ‘Oh Y/n, don’t go out with him… because I love you and I don’t want you to’, because that is so selfish, no?” He turned back to look in the house and casita lifted to tiles to show that it didn’t know what to say.
Suddenly, Delores ran in with Camilo quickly following behind, “Tio, just say those exact words, but quickly because she accepted the flowers and now, he’s taking her to the river.”
Bruno rubbed his hands down his face, “No, I can’t say that, I want her to be happy, and if she’s happy with another guy, then that’s okay…” He sighed and began to climb the stairs of the casita, but they quickly transformed into a slide and forced Bruno back down, “Hey!”
“Tio Bruno… listen to me, I am no love expert, but I know that if you don’t try, you’ll never know.” Camilo said and gave Bruno a reassuring smile.
Bruno nodded and returned the smile with an awkward one, then quickly ran down the hill into town. He searched through the town and then made his way to the river, where he found Fernando sitting alone at the river, skimming stones across the water.
“Fernando?” Bruno muttered, making the taller man turn and glare at Bruno, “A-are you okay?”
“You know something, Madrigal, I really hate women.” Fernando said and stood up; he was practically towering over poor Bruno, “But I hate Madrigals more.”
Even though Bruno was terrified because a six-and-a-half-foot man was leaning over him, he couldn’t help but feel angry at this man, “Why do you say that, Fernando?”
He let out a breathy laugh, “Because that Y/n of yours chose you-” He jabbed a finger into Bruno’s chest, “Over me.”
Bruno was being threatened, but he couldn’t help but feel happy, he wasn’t just happy, he was ecstatic, “Well, maybe I’m just better?” He shrugged.
Fernando’s face turned a dark shade of red, “What did you say Madrigal?” He spat.
Suddenly, Bruno’s eyes scanned over the river, and his heart dropped, “Fernando, where’s Y/n?” Fernando’s face curled into a smirk, but he didn’t say anything, “Fernando, where is Y/n?”
Fernando shrugged, “Where she needs to be. I’ve got work to do, Madrigal, I’ll see you later.”
Bruno opened his mouth to protest but he felt a force on his chest, and he fell to the ground. When he managed to get up, Fernando was out of sight, so Bruno thoroughly searched the river, but there was no sign of Y/n. He thought for a moment before realizing that there was only one person to help.
“Delores, I am coming home, can you hear Y/n anywhere?” Bruno asked before beginning to run back up to the casita.
When he got to the bottom of the hill, Delores, Camilo, Mirabel, Luisa and Isabela were already there.
“I couldn’t hear her, I’m sorry, so I gathered a search party instead.” Delores said sadly.
“Where did you see her last?” Luisa asked.
“Well, she was at the river last, but I already checked everywhere there and I-”
“Did you check the trees?” The voice was younger and squeakier; Bruno turned to see Antonio standing there with a monkey on his back, “The monkeys said they spotted someone up a tree by the river.”
Bruno’s eyes widened and he started to run back towards the river, he heard footsteps behind him which were most likely his nieces and nephews
He looked at every tree in sight, but there was no sign of her. Then a monkey jumped onto his shoulder and gestured for him to follow. The monkey led him into the forest until they stopped at a tree; he looked up and saw her, carefully placed so she was sitting up on one of the branches at least twenty meters into the air, unconscious.
“How the hell did he get her up there?” Luisa came up behind him, making him jump.
“I don’t know, but we need to get her down, if she slips, she’ll get seriously injured-”
“Die.” Camilo nodded, but then lowered his head, “Injured, yeah… that’s what I said.”
Luisa climbed up to Y/n and put her over her shoulder and climbed back down; everybody held their breath until Luisa made it to the floor.
“Is she alive?” Mirabel asked, concerned.
Bruno leaned down and checked her pulse, her heart was beating, making him sigh in relief, “We need to get her to Julietta.”
Luisa picked Y/n up and they all ran back to the casita.
“Mami! Mami!” Mirabel shouted when they got to the door.
Julietta ran through the doorway from the kitchen, confused, but when her gaze fell to an unconscious Y/n in her daughter’s arms, she understood what was happening.
“Take her to the nursery and lay her down, I will be up in a minute, only Bruno goes up with her.” She looked at Bruno worriedly before hurrying off to the kitchen.
Luisa and Bruno went to the nursery, but once Luisa placed Y/n on the bed, she gave Bruno a slight nod and left.
He sat on a stool next to the bed and held Y/n’s hand, tears pricked at his eyes, “I’m sorry Y/n, this is my fault. If I hadn’t been a coward and came to you sooner, maybe I could have prevented it. Or maybe… maybe if I wasn’t in your life in the first place, you wouldn’t have rejected that big, dumb hunk.” He chuckled to himself at his use of his own niece’s words.
Y/n stirred and slowly opened her eyes, Bruno sighed in relief, “Bruno, don’t blame yourself for this, it wasn’t your fault. It’s not your fault I love you. Fernando just doesn’t understand that I can’t control my feelings.”
Bruno's face heated up, “Y-you love me?”
Y/n’s eyes snapped open fully, and her face turned a bright shade of red, “N-no, well yes, but I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out yano I-”
Bruno cut off her rambling with a kiss, and it made sparks fly within both of them. When he broke the kiss, Y/n smiled up at him.
“Thank you.” She muttered.
They heard a loud “yes” come from outside the door, so Bruno walked over and opened it. The whole family fell forward because they had their ears pressed onto the door.
“Good job tio!” Camilo put his thumb up whilst Julietta pushed past everyone to tend to Y/n.
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videogameweirdo · a month ago
Also, can we appreciate the detail that went into the clothing design for the Encanto characters
Tumblr media
It’s hard to see, but Luisa has dumbbells sewn into a pattern on her skirt
Tumblr media
Camilo has chameleons on his ruana
Tumblr media
Bruno has hourglasses on his
Tumblr media
Pepa has those sun earrings, and I believe simple sun-like patterns on the bottom of her dress
Tumblr media
On her skirt and at the top of her top, Delores has designs representing sound waves.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Abuela, not only on the collar and sleeves, has small designs in the embroidery that look like candle flames
Tumblr media
Julieta has this cool little design with a mortar and pestal on her apron
Tumblr media
And ofc, Mirabel has a bunch of Butterflies on her outfit and her family’s gifts embroidered on her skirt!
Tumblr media
idk I just love this movie sm and all the detail they put into it
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sylum · 23 days ago
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sparkysscrapbook · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
‘We don’t talk bout Bruno, no, no.’
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oc4everything · 22 days ago
Ok so if Encanto does get a series, I hope we get to see more of Dolores and Mariano’s relationship in the background. Maybe be the focus of some episodes. And like their wedding can be a special episode like part of the B plot in a season finale or something. And we can see Felix getting emotional that his daughter’s getting married. Camilo and Antonio too.
And of course Pepa is freaking out too, because once again, it’s her baby’s special day. And maybe she’s worried about ruining this one too with another hurricane. But then we see Bruno come up to her and this time he’s actually able to calm her down. Like “hey, it’s alright. Don’t sweat it, let it go…knock on wood”.
And we see the whole family celebrating together it’s all just really sweet and fun.
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emster-kat · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Doodles of me fiddling with glamrock human outfits and also some other things on my mind
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artistic-arteries · a month ago
Something that my sister pointed out that a few people have missed:
"I heard her eye twitching- all night. Hm!"
Dolores Madrigal's bedroom is not soundproof.
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limpdicklover69 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
young mirabel’s artwork of some of her family members
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honeymilk999 · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
(Read left to right) I probably won’t finish this, but you think they ever just-
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madrihoes · a month ago
Mirabel x fem reader
“Forever and always”
Tumblr media
You’d met one day after her weekly song about the Madrigals
She was sitting on the bridge, seemingly sad
And you went over to sit next to her and you both started talking
She really liked you
You really liked her
After Mirabel introduced you to the family the conversation went like this:
Luisa: she’s great!
Pepa: yeah, do you like her?
Mirabel: pfft no, it’s not like I lie in bed awake at night thinking about her
Mirabel: *later that night in bed* shit
You ask her out officially during the escape from Bruno’s tower
She was like “hey wanna break into my tio Bruno’s tower and steal a prophecy” and you were just like “I would literally move the mountains for you if you asked, but yes yes I do”
You asked her out at the hourglass of sand? The curtain of sand
… IDK the first obstacle
You were like “if I survive this- you gotta go on a date with me” and after you escape she’s like “soooo when do you wanna go?”
You took her on a picnic and gave her some thread you saw her eying up at the stalls one day
You definitely shouted at abula Alma during the fall of casita
“Who are you to butt into the family business?”( Alma )
She definitely starts to cry during your speech
When she goes to save the candle, you’re definitely running after her, and helping her but protecting her as well
When casita falls you cover her with your body to make sure she’s not injured
She finds you wandering the woods looking for her whilst sobbing- she was on the donkey with Abula and Bruno.
She definitely gave you a bear hug
When casita is rebuilt you hold her hand as she puts the door knob in
“The house is rebuilt” (pepa) “look mama, y/n is on the door with Mirabel” (Antonio)
You were with the family on the door of casita holding Mirabel in a hug
You dipped her for the photo and whispered
“Forever?” (Y/n)
“And always.” (Mirabel)
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maaxiiee · a month ago
Tumblr media
Should I start writing Oneshots on Here,,
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loudestcloud · 24 days ago
Imagine your 40 year old Uncle going up to you, a 12 year old girl, and telling you the love of your life will end up with someone else and then telling your cousin, also 12, that she's gonna get everything in life she ever wanted
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raetheartist1 · 23 days ago
Encanto pencil doodles
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cleverclove-arts · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Characters you want to kiss on the lips
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everyfandomsprincess · 8 days ago
Warning Encanto Spoilers:
I love Delores so much but something that is overlooked is during the final song All of You.
So for reference all of the family members have lost their gifts and are powerless. So as they rebuild their house they are all singing and Delores is singing at the top of her lungs
Tumblr media
I love this detail because everything me speaks or sings it’s always a whisper or slightly above one. So when she lost her gift she can be loud for the first time since she was like 5. Look how happy she is.
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froggyenby · 19 days ago
I have a stupid Encanto theory
So I saw how everyone was saying in Dolores’s part of We Don’t Talk About Bruno, Bruno was just vibing in the back. I don’t think it’s Bruno. I’m 99% sure that’s Camilo because it immediately goes from Delores’s part into Camilo’s where he already looks like Bruno. it’s definitely Camilo pretending to be Bruno and waiting for his verse.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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