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loook at them
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besties (Mirabel is also kinda like: what am I doing here)
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poor girl always has to do the same pose
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big bro Camilo (Antonio鈥檚 so cute)
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just perfect couple (looking so cute together)
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Agust铆n is just happy to be there you know
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#proudabuela 馃槒
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Dolores: So what does it eat?
Camilo: Updog.
Antonio: [starts breakdancing]
Camilo: Not yet. Wait until she asks what that is.
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vesrin 22 hours ago
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Have you met Dolores~?
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The Madrigals as Pictures in my Phone
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ichigobunsss 17 hours ago
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Pepa!馃尋鈾 And her many emotions鉁
Okay this is prob my fave out of the madrigal cosplay's i've done lololI (plz excuse the bad editing lmao)
heres my insta!! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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lariskapargitay 2 days ago
鈥婭 know they played Pepa shocking her kids with lighting for laughs but there鈥檚 no way she didn鈥檛 feel horrible when it happened. And I picture her shocking someone as not just her getting started but her losing her temper, getting angry, lashing out (like all parents do) so I wrote a little mini fic about the first time she shocked Dolores and how bad she would feel bc who doesn鈥檛 need feels on a Sunday night?
Low thunder rolled and a stormcloud drenched her as she sat with her back to the wall, head bowed, legs pulled up to her chest. F茅lix shut the door behind him and kneeled down in front of her. She ignored him. She ignored his gentle hand on her shoulder, his soothing voice calling her 鈥楶epi鈥, she ignored everything but her own feelings of guilt wrecking her.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 she whispered, her voice trembling. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry.鈥
Pepa hadn鈥檛 meant to hurt her. She hadn鈥檛 meant to hurt her baby, it was an accident.
Dolores wouldn't stop screaming and crying, clutching Pepa鈥檚 skirt, making a mess, refusing to listen, throwing a tantrum like all small children were apt to do. Pepa hadn鈥檛 meant to lose her temper, she hadn鈥檛 meant to bring the lightning when she yelled at Dolores to just stop for two seconds so she could hear herself think.
The scream Dolores let out as the lightning struck her and the look of horrified shock as she stood frozen before she began to scream and cry for F茅lix was bad. Her refusing to come near Pepa when she tried to hug her and apologize, the fear in her big brown eyes as she clung to her father was even worse.
鈥淪he鈥檚 fine,鈥 F茅lix whispered, burying his hand in her hair, as though he could hear her thoughts. 鈥淢i vida, she鈥檚 okay. She isn鈥檛 hurt. She didn鈥檛 even need Julieta.鈥
The thunder rolled again in time. 鈥淚 hurt our little girl.鈥 Her voice trembled and another sob ripped past her lips. 鈥淔our years old and I hurt her鈥 How can you even stand to look at me?鈥
Felix immediately wrapped her in his arms, stroking her hair. Even though she knew she didn鈥檛 deserve it Pepa allowed it to comfort her, to help soothe the horrid emotions she was feeling right now. 鈥淏ecause I know that you love our daughter, and that this was just an accident. You love Dolores. You would never hurt her intentionally. I know you.鈥 He kissed her on her cheek. 鈥淵ou are an amazing mam铆.鈥 And then the other. 鈥淵ou are the best mother that girl could ask for.鈥 Her forehead was next. 鈥淚 know you didn鈥檛 mean it.鈥 And finally her lips. 鈥淚 love you. She loves you.鈥
Pepa shook her head. 鈥淪he鈥檚 terrified of me. Felix, you saw her face.鈥 More tears and rain came down. 鈥淒olores hates me. And what鈥檚 more is I don鈥檛 blame her.鈥
Felix held her tighter. 鈥淪he does not hate you, mi amore. She was just scared, that's all.鈥
Her chin wobbled dangerously. 鈥淣o child should be afraid of their mother.鈥
Felix finally was able to realize no words or hugs or kisses would make her feel better, and instead just held her tight and let her rain soak through the both of them. Until a tiny little voice called out from behind the bedroom door.
Pepa instantly perked up, wiping her eyes only to have more tears and rain replace them. 鈥淒olores? Baby, you can come in.鈥
The door opened a sliver and her shy little quiet ni帽a popped her head in. She took a step inside and then another, holding her hands close to her chest. 鈥淎re you still mad at me?鈥 Dolores asked. It took everything in Pepa not to start sobbing again.
鈥淣o! No, Mija, never! Come here.鈥 Pepa opened her arms and when Dolores ran to her and hugged her tight, never before had her clouds been wiped away so fast with a rainbow to take its place.
She kissed the top of her head, running her hand through her daughter鈥檚 thick beautiful curls. 鈥淎re you mad at me?鈥
Dolores shook her head, resting her head on Pepas chest and playing with the end of her mothers braid. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I was naughty.鈥
鈥淎nd I鈥檓 sorry for losing my temper. I will try my best not to ever do that again, okay?鈥 Dolores nodded and snuggled closer. 鈥淵ou know I love you, right?鈥
鈥淗ow much?鈥
鈥淢ore than anything.鈥
A playful little smile crept up her daughter's lips, and Pepas' sun got brighter. 鈥淢ore than coffee?鈥
鈥淢uch more than coffee.鈥
鈥淢ore than tres leches?鈥
鈥淥h WAY more than tres leches.鈥
鈥淢ore than sunshine?鈥
鈥淎 thousand times more!鈥 Pepa declared, giving her a small tickle, her daughter's laughter filling the room with rainbows.
Pepa kissed the top of her head before she hugged her again. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e sure you鈥檙e okay?鈥
鈥淵es, Mam铆.鈥
鈥淕ood. You wanna stay in here and cuddle a bit or do you wanna go play with your prima?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l go play.鈥
With one final kiss Pepa sent her on her way, the light of the rainbows reflecting off the yellow dress she wore.
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evils-corner 2 days ago
These posts are getting quite a bit of traction, so here's a part 3 to the Q&A from Director Jared Bush over on Twitter!
You can find Part 1 and 2 here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll continue making parts as I find interesting bits of trivia and lore in his responses!
Pt. 3/?
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goreryuu 2 days ago
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penbensie 15 hours ago
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brunolivesinthebwalls a day ago
Dolores: Y/n what going through your mind I can see it is something.
Y/n: well I was thinking of that song you sang to Mirabel. When you said you associate him with the sound of falling sand.
Dolores: yes?
Y/n: I think you was hearing him throw salt and sugar.
Dolores: I don鈥檛 know Y/n have you seen all the sand in his room.
Bruno walks by giving the girls a quick wave before heading out. Stoping only to throw salt over his shoulder before heading out the door.
Y/n: mi amor silly man (sighs happily before looking back to Dolores)
Dolores: 鈥es you might be right Tia.
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carlaerosie a day ago
Mariano: a poem for Dolores <3
roses are red
violets are blue
your name is Dolores
Dolores: that was so cute 10/10
Camilo: he鈥檚 an idiot Dolores
Dolores: wrong. he鈥檚 MY idiot
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Camilo: I love cheating. If you don't cheat, what the hell is wrong with you?
Dolores: Have you ever been cheated on?
Camilo: I forgot some people are in relationships. To clarify, I love to violate academic integrity on exams.
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janigmatic 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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camilosnovia 10 hours ago
can i have yandere platonic encanto with a reader who can control time please?
Yandere Platonic! Camilo, Isabela and Dolores
Note: Hello anon! Thank you for this request, I noticed I am getting a lot of platonic requests馃槄
Pairs: Yandere! Camilo Madrigal x sister!reader, Yandere! Isabela Madrigal x sister!reader and Yandere! Dolores Madrigal x sister!reader (Platonic!)
Type: Yandere, Platonic and Headcanons
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
Camilo was 9 months old when you were born.
He radiates overprotective brother vibes.
He would be suspicious of everyone you knew.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Your best friend(s)
Your friends.
If any of them insulted you.
They would be counted as missing the next day.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now, Isa is a bit different.
She acts like she hates you.
But she actually really cares about you.
A bit too much鈥
Isabela likes to look at you while you are talking to someone you know.
She鈥檚 afraid that they will hurt you emotionally or physically.
If they did, Isa will not kill them at first but torture them.
She just wants to protect her little sister.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
Now Dolores is fun to hang with if she鈥檚 your sister.
When you two play tag you would use your gift and stop time and run to another spot making it harder for Dolores to catch you.
But she doesn鈥檛 watch you from afar or anything.
She can just use her gift to listen if someone is hurting you.
If someone did, Dolores will torture them with high-pitched sounds making their ears bleed and go deaf.
Thank you for reading!
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camilosangelita 17 hours ago
could you do dolores w a fem reader? maybe dolores is crushing on us and is planning on asking us out? you can ignore this if you don鈥檛 want to do this request =)
The girl of my dreams
dolores x female! reader,
summary: with the help of her tio bruno, dolores gains the confidence to do something very important.
not proof read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sure, Dolores was told that the man of her dreams would be just out of reach 鈥 but what about the girl of her dreams?
You and Dolores were best friends, since diapers! You two practically grew up together, making you both completely attached to the hip, swearing to tell each other everything and anything.
..However, there was something Dolores had kept secret from you, and she was sure she couldn't keep it to herself for very long.
That something, was her crush on you.
Now don't get her wrong, she wanted to tell you the moment she realized it herself, but she ultimately decided not to - in fear that if she did, things wouldn't turn out too well.
But, Dolores knew she would have to tell you eventually, considering that she couldn't keep any secret to herself.
So, she decided to pay her Tio Bruno a visit, in hopes she would get the clarity and confidence she needed.
"Dolores are you sure? What if you see something you don't like? It's already happened before, I don't want to hurt you a second time." Bruno crossed his legs, giving his niece a hesitant and worried look.
"[Name] is going to find out sooner or later, I just need to know if we'll still be friends.." Dolores explained, giving her Tio a reassuring nod to let him know she'll be okay, regardless of the vision being good or bad.
Bruno smiled nervously, lighting some sand on fire with a stick, taking a deep breathe before holding his hands out for Dolores to grab. "You might wanna hold on..."
Dolores quickly held on tight, wincing as the sand that was once on the ground circled around them, the harsh noise hurting her ears.
The vision had started to form, and it showed you raising your hand up to Dolores' cheek.
"She's..slapping you?!" Bruno furrowed his eyebrows, going back on what he said. "Wait! She's holding you!"
"Am I being slapped or not?!" Dolores yelled out, horror written all over her features.
"She's holding you!" Bruno exclaimed, excitement filling his eyes when the vision stared to come to a close. "A kiss! It's a kiss!"
Dolores' jaw had dropped, watching the sand turn into a green tile and fall right into Bruno's hands. "Well look at that! You two do get together!"
A smile had taken over Dolores' face, making her squeal and jump up and down, Bruno jumping with her. "What are you waiting for? Go!" He encouraged.
Dolores leaned her head to the right, to try and figure out where you were. "She's outside!" She immediately ran downstairs, thanking Bruno on her way out.
Bruno smiled, letting out a huge sigh. "Kids.."
Tumblr media
aftermath: you accepted her confession, and you two are now girlfriends who like to do picnics on the mountains of the encanto, the end :]
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ameamaranth a day ago
Luisa: okay! That's enough, you people have potty mouths. And I don't like it when you're all cussing near Antonio. Stop it
Mirabel: ok, I'm sorry. Isa is the worst one
Isabela: what? Fuu-fu-funny that you should say that! You cuss as much as me!
Mirable: well I would never!
Isabela: yes you are! You're a lying female dog!
Mirabel: I never thought my own sister would have the courage to call me a female dog!
Isabela: well you are! And why am I the only one your attacking?! Camilo and Dolores cuss as much as us
Dolores: [Bangs her fists together]
Camilo: wow way to throw us under the ducking buss!
Isabela: what? I'm fraking correct aren't I? Why are you all so offended?
Dolores: because you don't let cousins down you uneducated weed!
Luisa: well I guess I got what I asked for
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thisbluebutterfly a day ago
Ok so
We all know Dolores was jealous of Isabela for going to marry Mariano.
Tumblr media
How much do you want to bet Dolores said Mariano wanted 5 babies to scare her cousin?
Tumblr media
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mockingjay-sweetheart 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bassclarinety 2 days ago
I want to psycho analyze the Madrigal鈥檚 gifts by the triplets鈥 line.
Bruno鈥檚 is the most obviously worse out of the Triplets. Physically taxing, mentally scarring in some cases, and drives a wedge between him and everyone around him. I think if Bruno had had any cannon children, their gifts would have been similarly bad. -100/10, the future is overrated.
Pepa鈥檚 line is interesting to analyze in my opinion.
Pepa has a difficult gift in the first place- she has to bottle up her own emotions to maintain a perfect weather cycle, has to force negative (in most cases) ones to change the cycle, and her bottled up emotions have a chance of exploding in a quite nasty way. I think we can see her gift鈥檚 difficulties reflected in her children鈥檚. 2/10, I would be raining all the time, and I would give a big fat middle finger to anyone telling me 鈥測ou have a cloud!鈥
Dolores鈥 is obvious in my opinion- she literally has a heightened sense tuned to what seems to be roughly a mile around the Encanto (give or take), and if she is able to concentrate on a certain set of noises, which in of itself is a difficulty, she鈥檚 left with the decision to either share or act on anything she hears. Her gift has slim to no upsides, and I鈥檇 go as far as saying that it has no upsides at all. -鈭/10, even though my hearing sucks atm.
Camilos鈥 is a little more subtle, but certainly still prevalent- he/they literally have the ability to shift any part of their body into anyone he has a clear image of- or to even change things about his body he doesn鈥檛 like- hello, body dysmorphia?? And I can鈥檛 imagine that this ability isn鈥檛 taxing- so if he wasn鈥檛 constantly eating Tia Julieta鈥檚 miracle food, I would bet that his muscles would be sore ALL the time. And having to eat constantly to replace burned energy! -7/10, I already don鈥檛 like my face, but I don鈥檛 want to have a cure-all for it!
As for Antonio, I don鈥檛 honestly know if his gift would have huge upsides like his siblings- but I think it would be like Julieta鈥檚 side- subtle, but really serious. Antonio can understand any animal- and they鈥檙e probably more compelled to be nice to him (i hope) but that would mean that Antonio probably won鈥檛 be doing much socializing outside of his family. Possible social anxiety? He鈥檚 got a really good net of people to help him though, so I can鈥檛 honestly see much downside to his gift. 10/10, the only good rating, I want to hear gossip from animals about the humans.
And oh, ho, ho! We鈥檝e arrived at Julieta鈥檚 side of the family!
At first glance, I think Julieta鈥檚 gift looks pretty much without downside- just eat some of her cooking and wow! No more seriously broken bone!
Two things immediately pop out to me- this hinges on Julieta鈥檚 cooking, nobody else! I鈥檓 obviously not sure how persnickety magic is, but assuming it鈥檚 extremely picky, Julieta has to do everything- that means from raw ingredients to fully cooked, and she has to make a LOT. No rest for the weary here!
Second- relying on a magical cure for sickness and injury is concerning to me in two ways. What happens in a situation where (like after Casita falls) Julieta鈥檚 cooking isn鈥檛 a heal-all? Does she know anything about identifying injuries or treating them? I鈥檇 wager very little- given how much time she has to spend preparing her magical food.
And lastly- we saw a pattern here! Julieta has no time (or very little) to do literally anything else other than working with her gift. I鈥檇 wager she鈥檇 kinda get resentful of having to cook so much- it keeps her from paying attention to people who need her, not her food! Julieta鈥檚 gift gets a -2/10 for me, and that鈥檚 with me considering that her food could remove nausea.
Isabella Perfecta- on the outside I鈥檇 see her gift as pretty damn amazing- grow any flower, make a tree speed run growing, make any garden flourish? Cool!
But I think before Isabella actively changes what she鈥檚 growing, I think she could cause more harm than good. Any non-native plant can become an invasive species, if left unchecked. Now I think this is where it gets more complicated- I have a feeling that at least a certain amount of Isabella鈥檚 abilities are linked to her emotions, and if she set her mind to it, Isabella could likely remove plants in a wide area, much more effectively than a regular person. So, meh on the oof scale.
However! Her gift is incredibly unique, and we certainly saw that she used it ALL the time, often to try to appease Abuela. Now I鈥檓 going to try not to rant about Abuela鈥檚 influence on this side of the Madrigals, but the sheer energy Isabella spent on appeasement must鈥檝e meant physical exhaustion. On my scale I鈥檇 say 6/10, because I realized that her abilities would help curb deforestation. In terms of taxing, 5/10.
Luisa. Oh, wonderful, beautiful Luisa.
I don鈥檛 have a lot to say really, your gift means you鈥檙e expected to do all the heavy lifting. You鈥檙e taken advantage of to move a building (seriously why did they have her move the church? No enough godly light??) and other things that HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING MOVED! REROUTING A RIVER IS NOT A THING TO BE DONE BY ONE PERSON!
This also means you鈥檙e away from the people you want to spend time with- you can pry my thoughts about how much Luisa loves her little sister from my cold dead hands, I鈥檓 a last child, I know how older siblings (with 5+ age gap) really want to treat their siblings, and it鈥檚 to play/spend time with them at the drop of a hat.
On top of all this? Her entire mental image of herself is being able to serve others in increasingly over complicated ways. She lost her cool at the dinner because she couldn鈥檛 do what a GUEST asked her to do. If I was the head of a household and my guest asked my (overpowered and certainly capable) child to move a large object for their own whim, I would kick them out! (Seriously! Mariano is fine, but Se帽ora Guzman is on thin fucking ice!)
In my terms, Luisa鈥檚 gift is a 3/10, and that鈥檚 because she鈥檚 gotta have a heightened balance ability somewhere in there too.
And finally, Mirabel. Oh Mirabel, I literally sobbed every time you felt the gap between you and your family members- as a third child, you are so relatable and it broke my heart!
As a giftless Madrigal, you were seen less than, maybe not intentionally- but the feeling of uselessness was constantly being projected onto you, just because those with gifts wouldn鈥檛 allow you to help.
Because of that feeling of uselessness, I think Mirabel overcompensated- tried to do things that would 鈥渕ake my family proud鈥, show that she鈥檚 just as special as the rest of her family, and she shouldn鈥檛 be pushed aside just because she has no gift.
However, in a way, I think the lack of a gift saved Mirabel a lot of pain- the pain of never being enough, not if she couldn鈥檛 stretch herself to her very limits just to make people happy.
My diagnosis? Mirabel鈥檚 lack of a gift is a 8/10, and it鈥檚 only an 8 because no gift caused her so much pain.
Long story short, I think that the Madrigal鈥檚 family followed a pattern in gift types/burdens, and in the end I would call the gifts the drawback of creating a safe haven. They might be cool, but I would not want a Madrigal鈥檚 gift for myself, not even if it meant clear skin.
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