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ichigobunsss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My Dolores Cosplay! 👁 👄👁👂🏼✨♥️
I’m having so much fun with these encanto lewks🥺🤍 (also new chapter will be up tmmr night!)
heres my insta i love meeting new amiguitos!! Feel free to dm me! I don’t bite 🤣 https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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bellathechildbitch · 2 days ago
heyy! can i have please dolores x reader romantic? dolores and reader are sleeping(just sleeping) and camilo saw it and start saying that the couple where doing disgusting stuff just to mess with them and pepa believing it, getting angry and making reader cry? dolores being protective and pepa apologizing after.
sorry if is too long, and you can change about what camilo was saying if is uncomfortable to you, even tho in this i mean no +18 stuff( the disgusting stuff was like kissing passionately and just it)
Tumblr media
You have been dating Dolores for a while now..and you kept it on the down low.. well everyone knew about it but still you kept the relationship somewhat to yourselves..
One day you and Dolores were hanging out in the Casita until she offered that you two go up to her room.. so the both of you can spend time alone and away from her chaotic family.
You agreed like usual, the both of you made it up to her room. You'd walk over to her bed as you collapsed onto it as Dolores looked down at you anxiously waiting for you're command.
Looking up at your girlfriend you laughed, opening your arms out to her "Come here me vida .. lay with me.. after all you've worked so hard.." within seconds Dolores would be in your arms.
It was true.. she was working her ass off to please the people of the encanto..and all you two wanted was time alone...
You would undo her hair as you would play with her brown curls. Dolores would whine quietly "(Y/n).. you're going to make me fall asleep.." she muttered against your neck. You would only smile at her actions "that's the plan.. just relax.. I'll be here when you wake up and then we can talk about whatever your heart desires.."
Letting out a sigh she would give into your touch, her eyelids becoming heavy as she slowly closed them. And soon fell asleep, usually Dolores would have a hard time sleeping since her ears are always picking up little noises which disrupts her.. but when she's in your arms it's a different story. It's like she can block out every sound and just relax for once.
You as well grew sleepy from the quiet environment around the both of you, within seconds you fall asleep as well.
Hours would pass as the sun slowly began to set and yet the both of you slept soundlessly. But the other members of the family Madrigal have been getting ready for dinner. Everyone would be getting seated. Pepa would be examining the room as she noticed her eldest daughter was missing. Sighing to her self she looked over at her second oldest child, Camilo who was ready to dig into his food.
Camilo would sigh as he looked over at his mother "Yes mami?"
"Haven't I told you not to eat unless everyone is seated at the table.. now.. go get your sister. And then you can eat.." she said
He would groan like a stubborn child "But mami-"
Before he could finish his sentence his father chimed in "Do what your mother says.. get your sister.." felix said sternly
Grumbling to himself he walked off as he mimicked his father "Do what your mother says.. ugh for the love of.." he would make it to his sisters door. Knocking he would wait as no one responded.. huh.. unusual she would of answered the door immediately..
Opening the door carefully he would see the both of you holding each other as you slept soundlessly. Dolores would hear him as she snapped out of her sleeping daze as she quickly lifted her head up. Seeing her brother standing in the door way with a mischievous grin on his face "Oh wait until mami and papi gets a load of this.. their going to flip!"
Dolores would seem confused as she glared at him "What do you mean by that we didn't do anything wrong..?"
"That's what's they all say! You're so gross Dolores I thought you were an innocent child! But low and behold you lying in bed with (y/n)! How disgusting!" The commotion around you woke you up. Sitting up you saw you're girlfriend and arguing with Camilo, groaning you held your head as your clothes were wrinkled because of your wonderful cuddling session.
"Then explain why your hair is messy Dolores! And explain the fact (Y/n)'s clothes is all bunched up. You clearly did the devil's tango!" He barked as he seemed disgusted by the thought.
You would blush as you looked down at your clothes "We didn't do anything Camilo! Now leave before I tell Mami that you're bothering us!" Dolores protested but it was no use. Pepa came stomping up the stairs furious at all the yelling that was going on
"What in the world are you two arguing about!!" Pepa growled as a thundering cloud would be over her head.
Camilo would stick his tongue out at Dolores as he turned to his mother "Mami! Dolores did some gross things.. with (y/n)! Just look at the state they are in!"
Pepa would be shocked as she moved Camilo to the side to examine the both of you as her jaw dropped "Oh dios mio.. what is the meaning of this .. (y/n)..?" She said as she tried to calm herself
You would quickly stand up as you stumbled a bit. Looking at Pepa you became nervous. Fiddling with your fingers you shook your head "We didn't do anything like that Pepa you know I would never do that to your daughter.."
"Do not lie to me (Y/n)!" She snapped "You messed with my daughter in the most disgusting way! There is evidence of it so don't even start with me! What did you do to my daughter!?!" She yelled. The thunder getting worse which cause you to flinch
You've never seen her this mad before it was a rather overwhelming situation and you just couldn't take it anymore, tears began to form in your eyes as you dipped your head.
"I- .. I didn't do anything.. why can't you believe me.." you would whimper, holding yourself wishing that this moment can end
"Believe you!? Why should I believe a liar!"she yelled even louder as she would stomp over to you. But Dolores would step in the way she as well couldn't handle the yelling anymore and she couldn't bare to see you get yelled at for something you didn't do.
"Mami! enough of this! (Y/n).. didn't do anything.. and if you two are so.. demanding of what we were doing...I'll tell you! We were just cuddling and nothing more! My hairs messy because (Y/n) undid it so she could play with my hair.. Their clothes are wrinkly because we were sleeping! Why must everyone assume the worst!" She barked back.
Everyone was quiet. Even you, you never heard Dolores yell before and the fact she was protecting you.. made the whole situation a bit better
Pepa would frown as she looked at you and then back at her daughter "I- .. Mi amor I didn't know... " She sighed as the cloud went away "I'm sorry.. "
"D-don't say sorry to me.. apologize to (y/n) for making her cry.." she said sternly as she moved out of the way. She would also would intertwined her hand around yours giving it an comforting squeeze..
Pepa would grumble as she looked down at you "I'm sorry (Y/n) I let the anger get the best of me.. I promise I won't ever do it again... "
You sighed as you nodded "It's fine.. just don't assume stuff like that.. you know I wouldn't"
Pepa would nod as Camilo would try to sneak away but like they say mother's always have eyes in the back of their heads "Camilo where do you think you're going.. come back and apologize for lying..and accusing your sister for no reason.."
He would whine as he walked back to them huffing he would rub the back of his head "Sorry .. I guess I need to think before speaking.. " Dolores would laugh "You better.. or next time I'll come after you.. now let's go get dinner I'm starving.." she said as she pulled you into her arms before leaving the room with the others. Heading to the dinning room as you sat beside Dolores. Glancing at her she would give you a little wink which made you blush
"They are doing it again!" Camilo complained as Pepa would roll her eyes "Camilo.. eat your food and be quiet" she teased. Causing the family to burst out in laughter. You laughed with them enjoying the moment with Dolores and her family. All that anxiety left your body as you finally relaxed and enjoyed your wonderful meal with your wonderful girlfriend.
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destinywritessometimes · 23 hours ago
Snowmen Aren’t Sentient
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
He/Him for Camilo, She/They for Reader
I keep finding winter prompts and I just have to write them all
Also I wrote this like at night it was meant to be fem but I use ‘they’ for the reader sometimes
Edit after the loss of motivation post: so I decided to actually finish it so I’d at least have one thing from my upcoming posts list crossed off, hope you like it :)) sry if it’s not great I’m still tryna get back into the swing of things, ofc I’ll be coming back and editing as I usually do 🌺
“Antonio just let it go and we can get home!” Camilo complained.
Camilo and Y/N had ended up leading Antonio around in the middle of a cold winter night, searching for snowmen.
“I told you we shouldn’t have told him that story! His imagination is probably running wild,” Y/N looked down at Antonio, who’d made himself comfortable hidden behind the two of them.
Eventually Camilo did feel a twinge of guilt about the whole thing, “Right, right I’m sorry.”
Y/N gasped, a bit louder than they need to, “Is the estupendo Camilo apologizing! That’s simply unheard of.”
“Come on, I’m not that bad,” Camilo knew he probably was that bad, especially when it came to apologizing.
“Of course you’d think so! You aren’t your own amor, how would you know?” Y/N tried to hide her smile.
“Right, bet I’m awful,” Camilo went straight to dramatics, “Camilo Madrigal, encanto’s worst cariño! How could he ever be loved?”
The two of them laughed.
“Is that one of them?” Antonio’s quiet voice was heard.
Looking ahead they saw a figure appearing, and indeed it was a snowman.
“Are you sure you don’t want me or Cam to test it for you?” Y/N offered, but Antonio nodded.
He was absolute. He’d have to test this snowman himself with skills he’d learned earlier that day.
Holding out a flower, he waited for his answer.
~ Earlier ~
Every Madrigal had plans for Friday night. Every one except for Camilo and Antonio that is. So of course seeing that they’d be the only ones home Camilo got stuck babysitting his little brother. And Y/N had been the oh so lucky one of his friends that got to listen to him lament about it.
“Cálmate! You’ll be fine,” Y/N reasoned as they walked back to casita, “Antonio’s an easy kid.”
“Ah! Of course you’d say that!” He shook his head, “you don’t have to live with him. He puts on this front to make himself see all cute and adorable but he’s anything but.”
Camilo continued on about the absolute pest Antonio was, and how no one truly knew him like he did.
“Dios mio! Weren’t you literally crying the other day over how much you missed him when he was away at friend’s?” She gave him a look.
Camilo was speechless for a moment, “That’s uh, not important, what truly matters is how skewed your image of my hermanito is.”
Y/N noticed that look in his eye, the particular way it sparkled whenever he was planning something, “What are you suggesting?”
“I’m suggesting,” Camilo motioned to casita, “you come over and help me babysit Antonio tonight.”
She was skeptical.
“Come on,” he spread his arms wide as he spoke, “think of all the possibilities! We can could make hot cocoa, stay up as late as we want after Antonio goes to sleep-.”
“You would have less work to do, you wouldn’t be alone with Antonio, I get what you mean,” Y/N put a hand on her hip and Camilo looked guilty.
“Those are just some added perks, but the main thing is,” he grabbed their hands, “I get to spend quality time with mi vida.”
Y/N couldn’t help but smile when he calmed them that, “Fine, but you’re doing most of the work.”
“I promise he won’t bite, just pet him,” Antonio urged as Parce tries to nuzzle Y/N.
“Right, right,” Y/N found it kind of comical that he was saying that about a jaguar but just as he said Parce didn’t bite.
“I think he likes!” Antonio got excited when he saw that they’d become a acquaintanced, “lemme go get one of my other animal friends!”
Antonio got up and ran over to another group of animal, practically disappearing in them, leaving Parce to gently rest his head on Y/N’s lap.
“Alright! Then you have to go to bed!” Y/N called after him, before looking down at Parce, “aren’t you just the cutest thing?”
Camilo was laying on his stomach next to them, and a slight frown formed on his face, “He’s not that great.”
They were confused by this, “C’mon just look at him!” They put their head next to Parce’s face as they started rubbing his head and he started purring.
He just rolled his eyes, “I mean sure.”
It was just then that they realized why he was acting that way.
“But you of course no one could replace you,” they held his face, “with your pretty eyes and soft hair, tan lindo, mi sol.”
Camilo smiled, content with the attention he’d received.
Soon Antonio came back with a toucan on his arm, “This is Pico!!”
“Aw!” Y/N held out there arm and Pico hopped on it.
Camilo watched how she cared for his hermanito and eventually tuck him into his hammock, without one complaint.
He couldn’t help but fall for her just a bit more.
“But I’m not tired!” Antonio said, not in a whiny tone, but more pleading, using his adorable voice to his advantage.
Y/N couldn’t bring herself to say no to him, and Camilo would be no help, he was already half asleep,“What would help?”
“Maybe,” Antonio was trying to think of what he could say that would allow him to stay up the longest, “a story, that’d help me fall asleep.”
Y/N shrugged. She was sure she could whip up some fantastical tale that’d get him to sleep. Should be easy enough.
“So let me tell you one about the servicial snowmen,” she’d heard this one a lot growing up and it always got her to sleep with how long it was.
She wasn’t even sure she’d ever heard the end of it. Essentially how the story continued on was you could make up countless things that the servicial snowmen could do.
Plus it had a bit is singing that went along with it that made it half story, half lullaby.
When she said this, Camilo perked up, with a sparkle in his eyes.
What was he planning this time?
“Cami?” she said questioning.
“Nothing! I’ve just heard this story before and I think it’d be better with a bit of,” Camilo stood, “performing.”
“And how will this get Antonio to sleep?” despite how impractical it was she couldn’t help but smile at the idea. Antonio was already sitting up in excitement.
“It’ll tire him out,” He was somewhat pleading with his voice, “please? It’ll be fun I swear.”
Y/N saw where Antonio got his coaxing skills from.
“Fine,” they waved it off, “but don’t go overboard.”
“Alright,” Camilo nodded vigorously, knowing he would probably go overboard anyways, “and I’m surprised you chose this story as a bedtime one.”
She furrowed her eyebrows for a moment. This story was a bedtime story. What else would it have been?
Turning her attention back to Antonio, she began, “Once upon a time in the village of Encanto, some kids decided to make some snowmen, these kids decorated them all nicely, with pretty plants and flowers.”
Camilo shifted into Isabela, flowers falling from her hair in a circle around him.
So this is what he meant.
“That night when the children had left and the snowmen were all alone, they decided to help their human designers.”
Camilo began putting the flowers in bouquets and setting them next to Antonio in his hammock.
“The servicial snowmen went around many things for the children, they made the food and left it out on the table.”
Suddenly Julieta was making invisible arepas.
Now for the musical part. She sang, “be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”
“Be sure to thank the servicial snowmen,” Camilo echoed her with a lot more, pizzazz as he would call it.
Smiling at his antics, she went on, “The servicial snowmen went around doing many things for the children, they went to the garden and watered all the plants.”
Antonio turned to see Camilo transform into their mother, “Be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”
This continued on, Y/N making up random chores for the snowmen to do, while Camilo acted out the different scenes as they happened.
Soon enough Antonio was drifting, and soon Y/N had reached the part of the story that she didn’t know.
Turning to Camilo she mouthed, “Keep going.”
He nodded, but Y/N had no idea what she’d just given him permission to do.
“The children woke up to all the wonderful things, their house was clean and the food was warm,” he waved a finger at Antonio, “but they never thanked the servicial snowmen.”
What? Y/N was always certain that they had, but then again she’d always fallen asleep before the story ended.
Camilo dance around as he spoke, “The servicial snowmen ruined many things for the children, they poisoned the food left out on the table, be sure to watch for the servicial snowmen.”
She now knew why he’d wonder why she’d chosen this for a bedtime story.
Apparently, the servicial snowmen burned their crops, broke their windows, and many other very unsettling things.
“So be sure to listen,” he shifted into Dolores, “and be attentive of your surrounding, be sure to thank the servicial snowmen.”
Camilo gave Antonio was smile before ending his performance.
Y/N was glad she never heard the end of it. It would’ve traumatized her.
However it didn’t seem to affect Antonio, if anything he was eager to get them out of the room and go to sleep.
“See!” Camilo started as they left Antonio’s room, “it tired him out, and I got to display my skills, everyone wins.”
Y/N rolled her eyes, but she had to admit it did work.
Or so she thought.
That night she’d been resting in the nursery, not quiet asleep when she heard creaking outside her door.
At first she assumed it was just Camilo, but they seemed too light to be his.
Rubbing her eyes and getting out of bed, she went to see what was going on.
It was Antonio, dressed in his winter clothes, sneaking off towards the entrance of Casita.
“Antonio?” She called, questioning.
He stopped and turned around, “Hi.”
“What are you doing up?”
“I wanna go find the servicial snowmen! Make sure they aren’t servicial to us!” He continued on his way, “I don’t want them breaking the windows.”
“Antonio Casita will keep them out.”
“No I have to!” He shook his head, holding up a flower he had from when Camilo had shifted into Isabela, “I have to see if it’ll come alive!”
After a few more tries, she relented, resolving she’d just go with him.
But she was not about to do so alone.
“Camilo!” She started banging on his door.
“What?” He swung the door open, “it’s the middle of the night.”
“We’re going to go help Antonio get to sleep,” she motioned the boy standing by the front door, “since someone scared him.”
Camilo wore a guilty smile, he had gone overboard.
Soon enough the three of them were outside, hunting down a particularly servicial snowman.
~ Now ~
“I have to admit his fear is kinda of,” Y/N turned to look at Camilo, before trailing off, “endearing.”
She understood Antonio looking afraid, but she didn’t expect to see Camilo seem a bit uneasy himself.
“Are you scared?” She asked with a slight smile forming on her face.
“Of course not!” Camilo looked appalled, “mi vida, this is kids stuff, why would I be scared?”
“Tell that to your shaking hands.”
He was quick to put them in his pockets, before smirking at her, “Wish you were holding one don’t you?”
Y/N rolled her eyes, but did end up taking his hand. They were still shaking, just now for a different reason.
Antonio ran to hide behind Camilo after he put the flower on the snowman, and waited.
The two older kids shared a look, but still humored his antics.
“It didn’t move!” Antonio sounded shocked, running up to poke the snowman a few times, and then turning to smile at the two of them.
They both returned it.
After they’d arrived back at Casita, they were going to put Antonio to sleep when a question came to Y/N’s mind, “Cam, Is that actually how the story ends?”
He didn’t seem like he wanted to answer, “Well, technically the ending is up to the storyteller and-.”
She started smacking him on the arm, “You scared him on purpose!”
“I’m sorry, ow, I’m sorry!” he was laughing as he spoke.
She stopped hitting him, “Actually I’m sorry too, you were just as scared as he was.”
“Come on Y/N!” Camilo shook his head, “Snowmen aren’t even sentient.”
First time writing a Camilo x Reader and idk how I feel about it honestly, but I still feel like it’s kinda cute so I decided to post it :)
Also first thing crossed off the upcoming projects list lol
Have a nice day and night !! ☃️
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ransperfect · a day ago
Whatever the world can offer.
I was requested a Luisa x Male! Reader fic. I hope this will reach expectations to those who ask for it. @coffeecreamer097
No warnings!
Luisa x Male! Reader
Reader’s pronouns : He/him
There will be this character Osvaldo, he is the character who gave the gift kit to Mirabel and sort of insulted her ?
Set years after the post-movie
Tumblr media
You and Luisa were newly engaged just a month ago. You proposed to her on a ferris wheel. In the secret theme park inside her bedroom. It was a private proposal and what Luisa really preferred in a marriage proposal. But it’s been years since you two were together.
You met her when she was trying to find her sister, Mirabel. Then when the magic pretty much healed, you and Luisa started to talk even more. And moved away from the word, ‘platonic’. Now here you are, another month away just to call her your wife. But is everyone else’s vision of you two were how you or Luisa saw it..?
That morning, a fine cloudy day. Luisa was asked by the townspeople that she had to do some errands at the other side of town, more far but it was fine. Luisa had been such in a good mood these days, if she had Pepa’s gift it would be the hottest the town had felt. While walking there, she had her eyes all focused on her ring finger. The spectacular ring given by you. An engagement ring. She never seen one so amazing. So beautiful. She would always smile proudly ever being asked about the marriage or just simply glancing at the ring or you.
Luisa continued walking happily before she was stopped by Osvaldo. She never liked him much, she rather found him rude. After finding out how he gave a ridiculous name for a kit. ‘The not special, special’ for Mirabel. But as Luisa, one of the most helpful people around town. She had to politely greet him.
“Hola Osvaldo, anything I need to move or lift today?” She asked him, he stared up at her. Creeping her out a bit.
“Ah no, I wanted to ask your engagement with Y/N. He proposed like a month ago right?” He questioned, bringing Luisa’s attention happily as she’d gladly talk about you every day and any day.
“Ah yes he proposed a month ago! Still very happy about it.” She chuckled to him. He chuckled back, and looked in thought. Which made Luisa raise an eyebrow in confusion,
“Is something wrong..?” Luisa looked down at him. He looked like he wanted to choose his words precisely, even when they aren’t the nicest when hearing them.
“Don’t you feel that it’s weird, a short man and a tall woman? It’s always the other way.” He asked her with his head tilted. Making her a bit shocked,
“What do you mean..?” She muttered
“I mean, it’s always tall guy and short woman. And also the fact that you have more of a masculine body than him. Like, won’t a feminine body be better? Well Pepa is a bit taller than Félix, but it’s not too noticeable. Huh. I learn a lot everyday.” He said to her seeming so confident. But Luisa felt a bit hurt? Are these standards?
Did she have to have a skinnier and less masculine body? Height? That wasn’t a problem though when you’re with her. Instead of having a warm smile appear on her face, an awkward and obvious anger chuckle came out out of her mouth.
“I guess that’s my cue to leave..”
She couldn’t stop thinking about it that day. As she helped everyone, she sighed and she had her eye twitch unintentionally. Of course it can be ignored, but she takes a lot to heart. Especially from those she helps. She always wants to fit their standards like into being strong and helping everyone. Or just anything to not be a burden to all of them.
She frowned, and sat on the ground hiding from everyone. The conversation repeated in her head many times, she tried to avoid it by hitting her head again and yet again. It felt strange, it was never a burden to you both.
Does height matter? Her looks? Was it too masculine to you. That’s when it hit her. She started to admit she wasn’t good enough for you. How you deserved beautiful people to be with, someone not busy and can attend to you for anything.
But all those thoughts had a pause. As she heard her name echoing from casita. That’s when she realised the sky was an orangey-purple. Indicating the night was near and family dinner is happening soon. So she stood up and walked awkwardly back, bidding goodbye to those she ended up seeing.
Dinner was fine for everyone. You recently joined every dinner with the Madrigals after being engaged with Luisa. You sat next to her, not paying attention to your fiancée because Abuela Alma was busy talking to you. Questions about how you feel about the engagement, plans on the wedding, how many kids you would like and occasionally throwing in an ‘Are you fine if I ask..’ sentence starters.
While asking, Abuela turned to Luisa with a warm grin. But Luisa looked cold, not in a mean way. Like in a more uncomfortable way. You looked at her stiff, and weirdly playing with her food. The empanada was just in her palm being played with instead of being in her mouth. Her glass of water was also untouched, shocking you as water is the first thing she touches in a dinner to relieve a long day.
You watched her with an eyebrow raised. Everyone also watched her awkwardly. She pressed her lips together. Luisa just stared back at everyone. Except you. Abuela Alma brushed it off helpfully changing her conversation. Into talking about how everyone’s days were. It distracted them and you quietly whisper to her why she acted like this. But it puzzled you at how hard she tried to ignore you. What was wrong?
Luisa felt like a burden to you. One thing about her is that it’s so hard for her to hide her feelings. Like that time she showed Mirabel so much body language and how obvious her deeper emotions were. She may hide her words but hiding her feels are impossible. Of course you can detect it well. Luisa just felt so horrible and realised that she is nobody compared to you. You were kind and entertained everyone, made others laugh and didn’t awkwardly tower all those around you. But a truth she thought though, did this hurt you like how hurt her?
All of the sudden she felt so bombarded even when you were the only one trying to grab her attention respectfully. It’s because you’re like her everyone, her everything.
She stood up all of the sudden, and hurried herself away. You tried to approach her. But you felt tugged by a small hand. It was Dolores. She shook her head and but was also unsure whether or not to tell you about the happenings.
The Madrigal family were all together washing and cleaning the dining area. Except a missing one, Luisa. You had your thoughts full of recalling your earlier moments with her. Did you insult her? No. Did you make her angry? No. Did you annoy her? Maybe but probably not. So instead you answer went to Dolores. Who was at the corner, placing all the plates back.
So you approached her slowly and held her wrist. Catching her eyes to you. Knowing what you wanted to ask her. She pressed her lips and checked to make sure the others still busy. And she sat you down next to her.
“So.. I didn’t want to tell you this but I don’t think Luisa would tell you so I will,” She sighed slowly.
“Today this morning Osvaldo told her that it was strange a tall woman such as her, to have a shorter husband. And how she was more masculine and that was not normal.” Dolores said with a sad look. Yet tried to reassure you with a smile too.
Luisa did not know what she did, so all she done was lift and lift. She lifted some heavy yet light, dumbbells with one arm. Producing sweat from her forehead. She was desperate to exhaust herself to sleep just before you came back to confront her.
Yet, you were already there. Making herself frown but still ignored you. She sat on her bed slightly uncomfortable by your presence. But you hurried over to sit next to her. She finally stopped lifting to look at you in the eye. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a softie but at times she can be intimidating.
You grabbed her arm. And gave her an assuring look,
“Luisa, I love you so much alright? Nothing can ever stop me from loving you unconditionally.”
“Dolores probably told you. Forget it. I don’t want it to get in your head.”
“What Osvaldo said, did not get to my head. Your feelings did.”
“What do you mean?” She looked at you wide-eyed.
“I care about you so much Luisa! I love you so much! I am not saying that to assure you, I am saying this because I genuinely do. Why would you listen to some townsperson opinion?! Alright? I don’t see that you are strong and a lifter, I see you like a glowing and an amazing woman. I am so glad that you will be my wife. I am glad to create a new future with you. I am just glad to be with you. I love you more than whatever the world can offer! Do you hear me now?”
You rambled so much with many expressions and feelings. It seemed slightly confusing though, it can look like a vent, or a loving praise or even a harsh scold. Nevertheless, she had the need to bawl. So she did. She felt those burdens on her shoulders disappear. She learned that she loves you, and you love her. There’s nothing more you two need to prove.
DONE! I am sorry this fic took so long. It’s that I’ve been so busy with other stuff in my life. I am also so sorry if this is bad, it’s actually one of my least proudest works. But I am happy to have finally finish this c:
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
@bisexual-washing-machine @scientificvampire2003
The both of you are absolute hooligans.
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stitched-mouth · 21 hours ago
Someone PLEASE write something for Julieta I’m absolutely begging the fandom, why is she so underrated?
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multi-bookworm · 2 days ago
The pjo fandom and Encanto fandom aren’t all that different:
Pjo: ship Jason with a brick.
Tumblr media
Encanto: ship Bruno with a bucket.
Tumblr media
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disney-pride-land · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Decided to post this separately because then I think it'll actually get some attention
Click pic for better quality ❤️
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batjokeslovingstarwars · 19 hours ago
we don't talk about bruno (reprise)
we don't talk about bruno, no, no, no we don't talk about bruno...
i've been shunned away from my family because of my "gift" i just did what they requested but it buried me deep into the sand... what a dreadful feeling it is to be the cursed bruno, no, no, no we don't talk about bruno, no, no...
hey. i sit and eat at every dinner have a piece of arepa and barely move my finger don't want dolores to hear me eat (shh, shh, shh) it's hard to be always quiet i'm a hermit crab hiding from "danger" just wanting to make everyone happy grappling with jokes i said back then i guess i'm a sin
i'm broken, mirabel, you can't save me i just want to make everyone happy i really tried all those years ago... they don't talk about bruno, no, no, no it's better off you be quiet about bruno...
i think it's time for you to go (but i want you to know) that i still love them all (including you, maybe you the most of all) so go on with your bag, i hope you enjoyed your stay but it's time that we quiet down about bruno, no, no, no... we never talk about bruno..
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lunathekahuna · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Papa Bruno Au is such amazing alternative version Of Encanto. I can totally see Why people Love it.
This is my View on The Au and how Coco's 'Remember Me' can help me imagine the most adorable & touching scene that could make you cry.
Tumblr media
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thisismisogynoir · 2 days ago
I Wrote an Encanto Fanfic!
Sancocho de Pollo  
Summary: “Isabela has always hated her cousin. Yes, she knew you were technically supposed to love your own flesh and blood. But Camilo was such a little shit that hatred for him was all she felt. Maybe if he didn't embarrass her or steal her makeup, their relationship would be in a better place than it is now. Or at least that's what she thought, until she discovered a secret about him.” 
It’s my first fanfic on there, so please be respectful of and nice about it! I hope you enjoy! 
Currently working on a second chapter, which will focus on Camilo as the deuteragonist and is told from his POV, so be on the lookout for that, too! 
In the meantime, enjoy my fanfic and be sure to leave a comment! 
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bellathechildbitch · 16 hours ago
Isabela x reader but Reader is like this charming Heroic Knight in Shining Armor type, always Going around the village helping around but they're actually very clumsy and Wholesome (like they'll boast about saving a damsel from a horrible creature when in reality, they just put a spider in a cup away from their Grandma) and they Just really want to impress Isabela
Tumblr media
It was normal for people in the Encanto to fall for the one and only Isabela Madrigal.. boys fawned over her.. adults praised her for such beauty. And then there was you. Unlike others who either likes Isa only for her magic and beautiful looks.. you liked her for her sassy and on going personality..
You've only spoken to her a few times but.. jeez.. how could you resist..your feelings for such a wonderful young lady..
But don't get me wrong, you yourself are rather popular when it comes to showing off and helping people and showing off how much you were capable of doing.. it was rather impressive..
But little did anyone know you were a complete klutz. You trip over your feet almost every time you take a step forward.
NO ONE KNEW THAT SIDE OF YOU. Well except for some..
And one was Isa.. even though it seemed like she wasn't interested in you.. she really liked you and enjoyed the interactions you had with her.
One day you were walking through the village with your chin up high. Another great day at the lovely encanto! You thought to yourself.
As you walked you noticed Isabela lifting a rather heavy load of flowers. Rushing to her side you grabbed the load if flowers "Don't worry Isa! Your charming (Y/n) is here to save the day~"
Isa would laugh as she shook her head "No it's fine.. (Y/n).. let me take those.." she tried to grab the flowers from you but you refused "No.. a princesa such as yourself shouldn't be working so hard.. I can handle it!" You said confidently
Within seconds your foot got tangled in the veins of the flowers. Throwing your balance off as you tripped and fell. The flowers would fly everywhere, groaning you would look around you. Frowning at what you've done, soon you'd get up as you crossed your arms "I- ... Isa.. I'm sorry " you said quietly as you looked down at the ground.
Isabella would watch the flowers fall from the sky as she then looked at you. Expecting her to freak out she would laugh. Confused you would look at her "What's so funny..?"
Isabela would smile as she would grab your hand dragging you to a enclosed area where no one could see the both of you. You'd blush slightly as you looked down at her, "Im sorry I really am! I didn't see the-" you'd be cut off by Isabela pressing her finger against your lips motioning you to keep quiet.
She'd let out a sigh before taking your hands into hers "Look it's fine.. I can grow some new flowers.. but other than that.. why did you do that..? Why do you always try to help me..?" She said softly
You would blush even harder as you grumbled to yourself "I- ... I just wanted to impress you Isa.. everything I do for you is just me trying to get you to fall for me..I know it sounds stupid but I can't get you out of my mind Isa.." you frowned down at her.
A dark blush would spread across Isabela's cheeks as little flowers would sprout of the ground "O-Oh my.. is that really true?" She said hesitantly
Nodding you would give her hands a gentle squeeze "I was trying to be your wonderful prince charming.. that you can depend on when you are in trouble..but in reality... I'm a klutz.. and really the only heroic thing I've did was get rid of a spider for my abuela.. " you pouted slightly as Isa would laugh
"Well.. what if I told you.. that you don't have to be my charming savior.." she teased "And getting rid of spiders is highly impressive.. I'm not going to lie.. and one last thing.. I like you.. for you.. (Y/n) you don't have to prove anything in order to impress me.. I just want you.. for you.." she said as she smiled a bit.
Her words would surprise you "How can you be so sure you want to be with me..?"
Isabela would think for a moment as she leaned twords you "I can think of a few ways actually... And here's one way.." she'd lean in as she placed a soft kiss on your lips as she would cup your cheeks, you on the other hand nearly passed out.. but the sudden realization hit you.. You'd wrap your arms around Isabela's waist, as you returned the kiss as more flowers would surround the both of you..
A few minutes would pass by and you two would break the kiss, you both would admire each other "I think that was enough proof for me to realize that you weren't lying about your feelings.." you teased
Isabela would roll her eyes "Really now?.. but I'm greatful your feelings are the same.. " she said as she creased your cheek.
"Well of course! Who wouldn't love the one and only Miss Isabela? But I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones hm..?"
She would giggle as she nodded "Very much so mi amor.. you're the luckiest person in the world~"
You two would laugh before sharing another kiss enjoying the dream that you've dreamt off for years.. now finally coming true..
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destinywritessometimes · 4 hours ago
Triplets of Encanto Book 1: Pepa Madrigal
Chapter 2: The Size of a Dime
before the 3rd generation of Madrigals were navigating the world, their parents dealt with their own struggles. so let’s go back a couple decades and see what life was like for them.
Everyone’s worried Pepa can’t keep her emotions in check, including her, but what happens when her cloud acts out of turn, and their concern turns into fear?
Word Count: 3, 502
Tw: mention of burn injury (idk if that’s a trigger but might as well just in case)
First Part, Next Part
a/n: AH sry this is a whole week late hope the word count will make up for it, anyways hope you like this chapter :)
Tumblr media
Every time their birthday came around, each of the Madrigal triplets had a separate party.
Even though they insisted they’d be fine if they were all celebrated at once, Alma insisted on it, proclaiming that each one of her little amors deserved their spotlights.
Each year they’d take them celebrating their actual birthday, and this year it was Pepa’s turn.
The three of them were turning fifteen, and now the time had come for Pepa’s celebration, right on her birthday.
She’d swapped with Bruno the year before because their birthday fell on a super moon night that year and he’d always been into astrological events, so she let him have it.
Pepa had grown into a nice young woman. Her eyebrows were perfectly defined and her hair resembled that of Aphrodite’s in the Birth of Aphrodite.
She would have been textbook pretty if not for the noticeable gap between her teeth. But despite this, none could deny that she was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Encanto.
But with her growing up came concerns, specifically concerns about her emotions.
Whispers and mutterings were shared about all the possibilities of what might happen when her ‘teenage emotions’ took control of her.
People prepared for funky weather, especially the farmers who would adjust their planting to whatever Pepa Madrigal happened to be feeling.
At times she’d hear them blame her for it. Like she asked for any of this. Her gift was fun but only when she was alone or just with Juli and Bruno.
But other times of course she was amazing because her crying brought them out of a dry spell.
They were all concerned about what she was feeling in the worst ways possible.
Even though the Madrigals were the sort of head family of the village, their birthday parties were usually private.
But since this year their birthday fell upon the final day of harvest, which they usually had a celebration on anyways, it was public this time.
That’s where she heard most of the rumors spread about her.
Often she’d have moments where she felt a strong emotion and silently panicked until it went away, no need to repeat the fiasco that went down at her gift ceremony.
Pepa stepped away from the crowd and stood off to the side, half hazardously gazing up at the mountains that surrounded the Encanto.
The summer air was one of her comforts. Sometimes just standing there and letting it wash over her was enough for her to be ok.
She turned to see Julieta running up to her and a smile immediately graced her face.
“Did you try the pound cake Carlos brought?” Julieta laughed when Pepa shook her head, “you have to! It's amazing! But you better get over there, Bruno’s already eaten like half of it.”
Running off with Julieta towards this supposedly amazing pound cake, Pepa forgot about whatever was troubling her.
Her siblings were her main outlet. Whether it was picking flowers with Juli or drawing pictures with Brunito she loved them both to death.
But then came time for the singing.
Pepa had grown to hate the birthday song, or at least when it was being sung to her. All that attention wasn’t something she enjoyed.
Of course, she used to love it, but that was back when she didn’t have to wonder why people were staring at her, whether they were laughing with her or at her.
Seated at the head of the table, she simply panned around at all the singing guests, hoping whatever expression she wore on her face was pleasant and didn’t seem forced.
The thought that it would all end soon was the thought that kept her going, and the constant reminders that her siblings had her back helped too.
That night, when the three of them were supposed to be sleeping, they all met up in the nursery to talk before bed, as they usually did.
The nursery was where they’d all stayed before they’d gotten their gifts and rooms along with them.
What started as a barren green room, now had writings and drawing covering the walls.
Pepa often focused on a part of it they’d all contributed to when they were around 8.
She’d written, ‘Pepa was here’, in big yellow letters, and Julieta had added, ‘you live here idiot’ in blue. And of course, ever the peacemaker, Bruno had written in his favorite pink marker, ‘I love you guys and they’d added hearts all around it.
“I think this year went well,” Bruno was lying on the floor parallel to the two of them when he looked up and noticed Pepa’s face, “honest!”
“It may have looked that way,” Pepa shook her head, “but I had so many close calls.”
“No one could even tell,” Julieta spoke in a soft tone, sitting behind Pepa as she braided her hair, “besides, even if you let a few clouds, who would care?”
“Everyone would Juli!” Pepa sighed, “everyone except you two. And it would’ve been a big disaster.”
Julieta and Bruno shared a look.
“Do you want comfort or advice, Pepi?” Bruno asked.
“Advice,” while comfort would be nice, it wouldn't have helped her in the long run. She just wanted a solution. A way to not feel so much. Or at least as deeply as she did.
“Well,” Julieta began, “I don’t know how to suppress your emotions, but I’d recommend whenever you’re feeling something harsh, you try and remind yourself of something not so harsh. Maybe a favorite food, flower, etc. And if that doesn’t work, step aside and take a minute or two to let it all out.”
She’d always been the best at giving advice, and her reputation remained accurate.
“Step aside and let it all out,” Pepa repeated the words quietly to herself. That sounded good. She could do that.
“Have I ever told you guys you’re the best?” Pepa grinned at the two of them.
Bruno faked embarrassment, “Oh stop it.”
“I’m sure you have,” Juli nudged her, “but I’m always open to hearing it again.”
Pepa laughed.
She’d be sure to try out Juli’s advice when the time came, and she was almost certain it’d come soon.
And sure enough, it did.
A couple of days after the party, the three of them had lessons in the school building near the center of town.
Bruno and Julieta usually stuck with Pepa anyways as they had most of their classes together, but they were sure to be especially attentive to her.
Pepa thankfully didn’t hear anything people were saying about her, because she was sure they were talking, but she still did get people staring at her cloud.
She already felt insecure as is just being a teenage girl, she didn’t like having to worry about her emotions being on display.
Trying her best to ignore it, she hugged Julieta and kissed Bruno on the cheek as they left for the only class they didn’t have together.
“Pepi!” Bruno pulled away, “not right now.”
“Oh! Suddenly shy of kisses are you?” Pepa accused, wearing an offended look on her face, “I'll see about that!”
She grabbed his face and started covering one side of it in little pecks, and soon Juli took on the other side.
“Stop! People are gonna start staring! You’re making a scene!” Bruno tried to sound stern, but they both could hear the playfulness in his voice.
“Now we should go,” Juli looked at the two of them, “don’t want to be late.”
Bruno and Pepa both nodded, and with that, they were off.
Pepa simply had to round the corner to get to her class.
Sitting down in her usual spot and pulling out her, she’d grown used to the subtle shadow that her cloud cast. She didn’t always have one, a cloud that is, but today when she was constantly feeling gloomy as ever, she’d had one consistently.
“Surprised you didn’t explode yesterday, Madrigal,” some girl Pepa didn’t care to look at remarked, “I even remembered to bring my umbrella this time, just in case.”
Focusing all her attention on her textbook, Pepa drowned everyone else out until the teacher walked in and class officially started.
Pepa liked her teacher, she was good at teaching and always seemed to have good intentions, but Pepa admitted that at times she could be somewhat ignorant to things happening in her classroom.
Including when a couple of kids decided to start throwing crumpled balls of paper at Pepa.
She couldn’t see who was doing it, because she sat in the second row near the center of the classroom. And of course, it wasn't anyone in the first row, that’s where all the goodie goodies sat.
Pepa took in a sharp breath after the next piece of paper hit her back, and tried to imagine something that would calm her down before she did something she’d regret.
“Clear skies, clear skies,” she mumbled under her breath and her eyes followed the words her teacher was writing on the board.
“Alright class,” the teacher glanced at the time before looking back at the class, “it’s quiet hour, but this time I will step out to finish a few things. The same rules apply.”
And with that Pepa was left alone in a classroom of people who just loved to tease her.
Trying to make the best of the situation, she pulled out her textbook.
At least then she’d have something to focus on when they bugged her.
But then instead of people throwing things at her, they started whispering.
“Imagine if she killed all the crops just because she was having a bad day.”
“At least I can control my emotions.”
“Literally why can’t she just calm down.”
Her cloud growing just seemed to encourage them all.
“Hey Reina del drama!” this girl however wasn’t whispering, and Pepa couldn’t help but listen, “does it rain blood when you get your period?”
Whipping around, Pepa glared daggers at her.
“How dare you say such a thing!” She started yelling. How was she expected to just ‘stay calm’ while every one of her classmates was doing their best to make sure she couldn’t?
Pepa was thundering, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t thundered before, but soon her cloud would act out of turn.
Sometimes her cloud seemed to be a separate entity, something that she couldn’t control.
And what it did would change everyone’s perspective on her. From now on, people wouldn’t simply tease Pepa Madrigal, they would fear her.
In her rage, a lightning bolt rained down and struck a boy on the arm. The teacher’s son.
Guilt was the only thing Pepa felt.
He hasn’t even been involved. He hasn’t even been teasing her or being mean to her, yet he got hurt anyway.
“I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she started rapidly apologizing. In her eyes, the wound looked massive, in all actuality it was just a small mark the size of a dime.
But Pepa wasn’t just gonna let that slide. And neither were the other students that witnessed it. Except for the boy, he didn’t look upset.
When the teacher came back, the other students weren’t shy to exaggerate the tale, and Pepa believed everything they said, despite knowing deep down they weren’t true.
Up until then, she’d thought of her gift as harmless, annoying but harmless.
Punishment was inevitable, and eventually, she found herself in an empty classroom.
The Encanto always seemed filled with the warmth of home, as if everywhere you went there was some sort of familiarity that would never leave you.
But in that room, Pepa felt no familiarity. It was cold, like harsh rain blown into your face like sharp winds. And her constant coughing due to the chalk dust didn’t help.
She’d been made to write lines on the chalkboard,
specifically ‘I will not thunder’.
She had to get better at suppressing her feelings and learn to shrink her clouds. She couldn’t let something like this ever happen again.
Drowning in her thoughts, the sudden call of her name pulled her out of it.
“Pepa!” Julieta ran into the room, Bruno holding onto her arm, both of their faces were filled with concern.
Had the school day already ended?
She’d lost track of time.
“Dios Mio,” Julieta put her hands on her mouth when she looked at the countless lines on the wall, all written by Pepa, “how could they?”
“How dare they,” Bruno’s wasn’t usually angry, and if he was he didn’t show it on his face. But it was always clear to everyone that he was.
Pepa had been trying to keep it together, but now that she was with her siblings she broke down.
Running into Juli’s arms, Pepa started explaining everything, including the story about how she electrocuted that boy, which at that point was more of a fairy tale.
Thankfully, Julieta had heard the story in the halls and knew it wasn’t as awful as Pepa claimed it was.
“How could she do this to you?” Julieta muttered to herself, “we have to tell mom.”
“She’ll just get angry! Please don’t,” Pepa pleaded with her.
“I’ll tell her,” Bruno spoke up, and Pepa nodded. Pepa knew he had a way of saying things that got their mother to feel for him, even if he wasn’t talking about himself. And Bruno knew that the story wasn’t that bad, so he wouldn’t even need to be convincing.
Wiping her eyes, Pepa breathed in deep, “I’ll be ok, we can just go home.”
Julieta just nodded, pulling her eyes away from the wall.
The two of them went to leave but Bruno put his hand on Pepa’s shoulder.
“I won’t stand for this,” he shook his head, “who did this to you?”
“Bruno, no one did,” Pepa’s voice was cracking with guilt, “I’m the one that messed up.”
She starts going on again about how awful of a person she’d been.
Bruno once again shook his head, “No, no,” he pushed past them out into the hall, muttering to himself as he did.
Sharing a worried glance the two sisters followed him.
The other students were lingering in the halls, not seeming to notice when Bruno went to stand among them.
Pepa and Julieta were both worried he was going to lash out. Bruno was usually slow to anger, but once he was pushed far enough there was no telling what he would do.
“Hey!” Bruno waited for them all to quiet down, before sticking his arm out towards a blond girl, “you!”
Pepa recognized her to be a friend of the girl who’d made the blood rain comment towards her.
Just as casually as he would’ve asked one of them to pass the salt, he said, “I had a vision, and you’re going to die in two days.”
It was a quiet few seconds before subtle panic broke out.
“Come on,” Bruno motioned to his sister as he walked to the door.
Pepa knew she should’ve scolded him like Julieta eventually did, but she couldn’t help but find it funny.
“Thanks, Bruno,” she kissed his cheek. She knew they’d never mess with her again.
Soon enough Julieta laughed, “I have to admit it was quite brave of you of our little Brunito.”
“Stop!” Bruno always got defensive about being the shortest of the three of them.
When the three of them reached home, Bruno kept his word and was the one to tell Alma about what had happened, while Pepa stood with Julieta listening in on the conversation.
It was safe to say within five minutes Alma was marching down to the school to have a word with that teacher, dragging Pepa along with her.
Pepa would have enjoyed laughing about it all outside the school while her mother spoke to her teacher, but Alma had instructed Bruno and Julieta to stay home.
So there Pepa was sitting outside alone, crouched down in the dirt.
She made a small rain cloud and drew pictures in the mud it made.
How would the teacher even react to that?
She'd probably be targeted in class for this if it went awfully. Pepa loved her mom, but sometimes she was a bit, well, fiery.
Guess she knew where Bruno got it from.
After drawing a very accurate stick figure portrait of her family, a shadow was cast over her work.
She ignored it, chalking it up to just her cloud enlarging or shrinking or whatever it felt like doing.
“I’m sorry about what happened in class today.”
Pepa looked up to see the boy. The same one she’d burned in class.
He was short, shorter than Pepa at least, with black tightly curled hair, light brown streaks running through because of his time spent in the sun. His clear dark skin also reflected that.
Pepa always noticed how mischievous he looked no matter what he was doing.
She’d spoken to him a few times when they were younger, they were on a soccer team together once when they were 6, but that’s all she could recall.
Her face became paler than it usually was, and she shook her head, “It was my fault,” she tried to keep her words sparse. Not wanting her cloud to go wild again.
She couldn’t help but glance down at the burn she’d left on his stem before she turned back to her mud.
“It wasn’t,” he leaned his shoulder against the schoolhouse, looking down at her, “Maria shouldn’t have said that to you, and I shouldn’t have stayed silent.”
Pepa was taking her turn now to stay silent.
“I get it if you don’t want to talk to me,” he sighed, “but I really am sorry.”
It was quiet for a while, neither of them talking, the only sounds being whatever noises the mud made as Pepa painted circles in it.
After a while, she looked up at him and nodded, still not saying anything.
He returned it, though a bit awkwardly, as if he’d gotten used to the silence.
Then without another word, he turned and walked away.
She was stunned out of her thoughts, not being able to help her habit of overthinking every interaction she had with anyone.
It was Bruno.
He ran up to her, though his eyes were trailing after Felix.
“Why are you here?” Pepa didn’t mean for it to sound as mean as it did, “didn’t mom tell you to stay at home?”
“Well yeah,” Bruno shifted a bit, “but I wanted to make sure you were alright.”
She smiled at his efforts, “I’m fine.”
He gave her a look.
“Really, I am,” she stood and put her hands on his shoulders, “I’m fine.”
He seemed satisfied with that answer, and moved on to another topic.
Furrowing his brows he asked, “Why was Felix talking to you?”
She was about to ask how he knew his name, but Bruno knew practically everyone.
“Oh,” Pepa had almost forgotten, “he was just apologizing for earlier.”
“Was he the one that made that comment about you?” Bruno looked like he wanted to run after him.
“No, no!” She laughed at his suspicion, “it was some other girl, apparently named Maria. He’s the boy I burned.”
“Not surprised,” he scoffed, “still weird he came to talk to you. Glad he left.” He started looking in the direction he had gone, a glare forming on his face.
Pepa sensed his tone of voice, and a small smile formed on the corners of her mouth, “Bruno, are you getting protective?”
Bruno quickly looked back at her, “Of course not, I was just worried some boy was messing with my sister.”
She still didn’t believe him and it showed on her face.
“Really! I’m not,” Bruno crossed his arms.
“Alright then,” she still wasn’t convinced but let it go, “head back to casita before mom catches you, Vamo, vamo, vamo!”
He did as she said, and soon enough Alma came ‘round the corner to fetch Pepa, and they headed home.
“He really stood there with you all that time!” Julieta was in shock.
Once again the three of them had met up in the nursery, recounting the day's events, and Pepa had been telling Julieta about Felix. If there even was enough to say for it to be considered telling about.
Nonetheless, Julieta was interested, and Bruno was rolling his eyes.
“They barely even spoke!” He was once again sprawled out on the floor.
“That’s the good part,” Julieta had started obsessing like a mother, “he waited there for her, and didn’t push her at all to speak, it was so subtly perfect.”
“Wasn’t it?” Pepa has to admit she’d thought it was sweet.
“It wasn’t.”
“Bruno!” Julieta kicked him, and the two got into a friendly argument, while Pepa sat there, thinking.
Of course, this was all nice to think about, but she didn’t need anyone else to think about.
Anyone else to feel for.
She was probably thinking too far into it.
Bruno was right, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Surely it wasn’t.
Yay! Enter Felix :D I love him sm isnfjdbdb but yeah I was looking for a way to add him into the mix and I thought this would be a cool way especially since I love the idea of Pepa and Felix being childhood sweethearts
Anyways yeah that’s all for this week the next one will come out sooner 😭
Have a nice day and night !! ⛈
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royygbivv · 16 days ago
By far one of my favourite scenes in Encanto is when Bruno try’s to get Mirabel to leave by shoving the upside broom in her face!
Tumblr media
This is generally funny even if you don’t know why I find it funny.
Upside down brooms are a way to ward off unwanted guests. A Colombian superstition as well as a superstition in some other cultures. (I use it. Works like a charm.)
Bruno actually has two of them in his “room”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Unfortunately for him it doesn’t seem to work this time around.
Anyway, I hope you learned something new!
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weirdblckkid · 25 days ago
What I love about Pepa (encanto) is that her anxiety is normalized. Nobody rushes to make her feel othered for her clear symptoms of mental illness. Julieta tries to calm her down, Camilo makes her cups of tea, and Fèlix doesn't go out of his way to gaslight her and tell her to calm down. Instead, he whispers kind words of affirmation like and says stuff like “mi vida.” It's so nice to see a brown family with an anxious daughter whose anxiety is actually normalized and supported.
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I read that in one of the books, before bruno disappeared he just straight up stopped talking altogether? The post I read it from didn’t say which book it was, so I was wondering if you knew and/or could point out a direct passage? Also just, this whole blog is *chefs kiss* you are feeding us the good angst content that I thrive on. 🙏
I haven’t found anything in the books to suggest this, unfortunately. I do think it makes for an excellent headcanon- I have some speech issues myself, and I often stop talking when I feel like someone’s angry or upset with me, so I can easily see Bruno doing that. (Of course in his case, someone’s always mad at him, so…oh, look, I made more angst.)
Thank you so much!
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shark-ftw · a month ago
Tumblr media
Camilo 💚
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sketchnwhatevr · 5 days ago
Part 2 is hereee! This time in animatic form!
I loved the thought of Camilo and Mirabel being so close that they bicker and pick on each other a lot lol I also loved the thought that Bruno bathed regularly after everyone went to bed but he'd steal conditioner and soap just like he'd steal salt and sugar from the kitchen 😂
I have a few more head canon stuff written that I wanna board out soon, so be on the lookout for that stuff!
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apollinaresart · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Encanto doodle between assignments!
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