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˗ˏˋJEALOUSY! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Camilo finds his best friend flirting with a new boy in the village and he feels this unknown angered emotion.
ೃೀ. guys please request in the comments or in my ask box 😭 i have no imagination for these imagines
˚ · . camilo madrigal x fem!reader.
Tumblr media
“Camilo, hijo! Could you please go to the market and get your tía some harina for the arepas?” Pepa told the bored curly haired boy. Camilo got up immediately and nodded. “Of course mami” He grinned and walked out of Casita. Pepa smiled at her son and went on with cleaning the house with Isabela helping.
As Camilo walked out of Casitas front door, he thought he could pass by at Y/n’s place to ask her if she wanted to hang out later if she didn’t have any chores to get done.
As he walked to the market he noticed Y/n next to the water fountain but.. she wasn’t alone, she was laughing with this light brown hair, dark eyed, tall boy who he has never seen around the village of encanto.
His brows furrowed at the scene he was staring at. She looked so delighted to be with that other boy. He doesn’t remember her having that giant grin on her face when talking with Camilo. 
Camilo just frowned and walked to the market. After the 5 minutes of him asking the workers which flour was the one for arepas he finally got the one he needed and walked out of the small local shop, getting ready to walk up to his ‘best friend’ who he secretly had feelings for.
As he got closer to the pair he took a deep breath in. “Hey Y/n!” he greeted behind her, wrapping his arms around the girl like she was some type of treasure. Y/n’s eyes widened as she blushed, he has never touched her like this. 
“Uhm hi cami” She chucked nervously while the new boy looked at them in confusion. She moved herself out of Camilos grasp and spoke. “Uhm Daniel, this is Camilo, my friend and Camilo, this is Daniel! He’s new to the village and we’re the same age!” Y/n spoke happily, not noticing the way they both glanced at each other with burning hatred.
“Well, hello Daniel. Welcome to encanto” Camilo forced a smile and put his hand out but the boy looked at him in disgust. “Uh yeah, thanks.. anyway señorita linda here and I are going to.. go” Daniel said and grabbed Y/n’s wrist harshly making her yelp a loud “Ow!” 
Camilo frowned and grabbed Y/n’s other hand. “Actually, mi amor and I were going to hang out today so you should get going” He said, his tone of voice annoyed and angered. 
Daniel rolled his eyes. “Well maybe you should hang out later, i didn’t get to know her so well” He responded and yanked Y/n causing her to yell as she fell onto the boys chest.
“What is your problem?” Camilo said madly and grabbed the h/c girl gently. “No, what is both of your guys’ problems?! Why are you two even fighting in the first place?!” Y/n yelled with glossy eyes. Camilo knew she always teared up when getting mad.
“Whatever, leave my girlfriend alone.” Camilo blurted out just to get the boy angry. “Cmon mi vida” He said softly, grabbing the surprised blushing girl and walking away with a smirk on his face. 
Y/n felt her face burning hot with the fact that he just called her his girlfriend. When they arrived at casita, she sat on Camilos bed and smirked. “Girlfriend, huh?” She teased causing the hazel eyed boy to groan in embarrassment and cover his face.
“Shut it” He mumbled, his hands still covering his pink face.
Tumblr media
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Consider..... post-canon madrigals looking through the old photo albums together 🥺👀
"So," Bruno laughed nervously, rubbing his hand up and down his arm.  "What did I miss?"
And that was how Bruno found himself in what was once the front lawn of the Casita, Antonio on his knee while the rest of the family rooted through the rubble.
"What're they doing?"  He muttered, causing the little boy to shrug in reply.  It was amazing how quickly Antonio had warmed up to his tío, but Bruno certainly wasn't going to complain.  He was a great kid.
"Here's one!"  Luisa exclaimed, waving a white book over her head.  "Looks like Mirabel's got one as well!"
"One here too,"  Dolores said, the purple-bound book in her hands covered in dust.
"And here!"  Isabela chimed in.
It wasn't until Pepa unearthed a blue one, did Bruno realize what they were searching for.  Photo albums.  From all the time he'd spent hiding away in the walls.
Sure, he had heard bits and pieces of dinner conversation, but he knew he had missed so much.  Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.  He'd missed his own fiftieth birthday, for God's sake.
Once the family was satisfied with their findings, they returned to the grass and sat beside Bruno and Antonio.
"This one was taken when I turned seven,"  Camilo pointed out, a birthday hat perched on his head, the camera caught him morphed somewhere between himself and Isabela.
"And this one is when I turned seven,"  Mirabel said, pointing to a different shot, where she scowled as Camilo tried to blow out the candles on her cake.
"This one is from Pepa and Félix's anniversary…"  Julieta murmured, her fingers moving gently over the photos, a small smile on her face.
"And here's when Pepa made it tornado just because Félix complimented her that very same day,"  Agustín teased, chuckling at the state of Félix's hair, blowing wildly in the heavy winds.
"If you had heard the compliment, you would have tornadoed too," Pepa said, scowling as her cheeks turned a bright pink.
Bruno half expected some sort of raincloud to appear overhead from the ribbing, Pepa had never taken well to teasing; but he quickly remembered that the magic was gone, as evidenced by Mirabel blowing Casita dust off of another album.
He didn't mind though, as he watched his family laugh and point out different things in the photos.  No magic could ever replace a moment like this.  He hadn't realized how much he had missed.
"Hey, here's one from my Gift Ceremony!"  Antonio leapt from Bruno's lap, grabbing the album and holding it out for everyone to see.
"Antonio, that was only three days ago,"  Camilo said, rolling his eyes.  "Where's one from my Ceremony?"
"But Tío Bruno hasn't seen it,"  Antonio handed the album to the uncle in question, and Bruno took it, looking at each face individually.
Seeing them all after ten years was rather shocking, honestly.  Julieta now had a considerable amount of gray hair, Pepa had wrinkles (although he daren't ever mention it), Agustín had grown his mustache in again, and Félix had put on a few pounds around the middle.  Even his own mother looked different.  Older, more tired.
And that was saying nothing about the kids.  It was amazing how much of a difference a decade could make.  The last time he'd seen Luisa he could still pick her up, and now she was twice his size and three times his weight in pure muscle.
Bruno scanned the picture, doing a quick head count.  Something was missing… no, someone.
"Hey kid, where were you?"  Bruno leaned over to Mirabel, who was occupying herself looking through her parents' wedding photos.  "They didn't make you take the picture, did they?"
"No,"  Mirabel said swiftly, flipping a page.
"What are you talking about, of course Mirabel is in it,"  His mother snatched the album from his hands and Bruno watched as her eyes scanned the page, and could see the moment she realized.  "Oh, Mirabel…"
"What?  It's nothing,"  Mirabel shrugged.
"No it's not,"  Julieta said, crawling over to sit by her youngest daughter.  "That was a family photo, you were supposed to be in it!"
"It's fine, Mamá!"  Mirabel insisted.  "Ew, are these honeymoon pictures?"
Camilo tried reaching for the album, but Agustín's hands were quicker.  "That's enough of that one, thank you."
"Wait, Mira isn't in a lot of these,"  Antonio commented, flipping through a few pages.  There were individual photos of each of the kids; Isabela wearing a crown made of daisies, Camilo contorting his face into funny expressions, but very few of just Mirabel.
Even some of the group shots excluded her, or she was off to the side.
"Mirabel, I hadn't realized…"  Julieta began to flip through a few pages, and Bruno saw tears pool in the corners of her eyes.  "We didn't mean to exclude you."
"I understand, I'm not that interesting,"  Mirabel said with another shrug.  "Hey, here's one of me!"
Bruno winced as he recognized it as from the night he left.
From her failed Gift Ceremony.
Was that really what it all came down to?  Had Mirabel really fallen through the cracks so much that nobody even noticed if she was missing from a family photo?
Maybe his leaving hadn't protected her as much as he thought it would.
"I don't ever want to hear you say that again,"  Agustín said, wrapping Mirabel in his arms and squeezing her until she giggled and blushed red.
"Me either,"  Julieta agreed, wrapping her arms around the two of them and plastering kisses all over her face.
"Hey, quit it," Mirabel protested, squirming in their grasp.
She'd almost gotten away when Isabela joined in, followed by Luisa, and Antonio.
Before Bruno could process fully what was happening, the entire family was suddenly circled around his youngest niece, encapuring her in a giant group hug, whoever was closest to her face pressing kisses onto the available space.
"Get over here, Bruno!"  Félix said, waving an arm.  "Come show Mirabel how much you missed her!"
Bruno wasn't about to deny that.  He had missed her.  He'd missed all of them.
He didn't even have a chance to hesitate as Pepa grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the embrace.
It was cramped, and hot, and everyone smelled of sweat and rubble… but it was soft, and warm, and felt like home.
He'd almost forgotten what it was like to get a hug from the Family Madrigal.
"I think we need another picture,"  Antonio announced, as the hug slowly eased up and broke apart, Mirabel's glasses crooked and hair disheveled from being the center of the heap.  "One with everybody."
"That's the best idea I've heard all day, kid,"  Bruno said, scooping his nephew into his arms, as Dolores retrieved the camera - shockingly still functioning after the house collapsed.
They all crammed together, tight enough that Bruno could feel Isabela's elbow digging into his ribs and Agustín stepping on his foot - but he didn't mind.  Not in the slightest.
"Okay everyone,"  Dolores said, as she set up the timer and quickly moved in front of the camera, squeezing between her mother and grandmother.  "Say 'La Familia Madrigal!"
"¡La Familia Madrigal!"
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camilo(and whoever you want) w an s/o who's hair is long like isabelas 🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️
good luck with exams babe don't overstress yourself xx
“personal hair brush”
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: PURE FLUFF!
warning/s: none to note!
a/n <3: TYSM! Sweet little moments with you and Camilo- he also braids your hair because why not. Lowkey was practicing making more descriptive writing here
Camilo watched carefully as you brushed through your long locks, hands gently patting down any stray strands left. You shook your head around making your locks tumble and bounce gently. The sun cast your figure in a soft light, illuminating some of the golden strands that threaded through your hair. Light curls adorned your face, framing it perfectly while the ends of your tresses were cut straight and neat. Camilo leaned back, resting his arms on his forearms as you shifted your gaze to turn to him. He smirked and raised a brow at you.
"Acting smooth as if you weren't just staring at me awhile ago." You scoffed, smiling cheekily as he fumbled around his words- the smirk on his face dropping. He huffed and scooted closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder. His hands reached up to your scalp, gently kneading through your long locks. You hummed happily, tilting your head back as a silent plea for him to keep going.
"You're the one begging for my affection. I'm your personal hair brush at this point." Camilo let out a breath of air, laughing lightly as he pressed a kiss on the nape of your neck. You rolled your eyes and ignored his comment but leaned back so your back was resting against his front. He pressed his face into your locks, wrapping his arms around your midsection. A scent of floral hit his nose and he instinctively buried his nose deeper into your locks.
"Are you smelling my hair."
"Shh. Let me enjoy this moment."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
Camilo let out a soft sigh, watching you dance with kids cheering around you. Your clothes and hair elegantly spun around you as you twirled. His loving gaze danced over your form, noticing how the color of your hair complimented your yellow outfit perfectly.
"Ogling at them? They’re your lover, just approach them, idiot." Isabella piped up, holding a plate of empanadas in her hand. She lowered the plate towards him, urging him to take one. Camilo glared at her but grabbed a handful of empanadas off the plate. Isabella walked off and Camilo turned his gaze towards your form again, watching you console a crying child. Jumping to his feet, he approached the two of you as you took the little boy in your arms.
"Hey what's wrong?" Camilo walked towards the kid, gently rubbing his back. You bounced the toddler in your arms, and held your hand out, gesturing to the empanadas in his hand. He handed you one and you quickly fed it to the kid.
"He tripped and scraped his knees. Don't worry, the empanadas have already healed it up." Camilo's mouth formed and "O" and he nodded his head, stepping back to let you do your thing. The two of you leaned against a wall and his hands unconsciously drifted towards your hair. He twirled a long strand in his fingers, watching as you slowly calmed the boy down.
"You always have to be touching my hair huh?" You muttered, raising a brow at him. Camilo just grinned, raking his fingers through your locks again. He grasped random sections in his hand and threw it around, making it hit your face. Camilo snickered when the boy laughed at his actions- you, on the other hand, weren't so happy. You sighed and brushed your hair back, rolling your eyes as he snaked his arm around your waist.
"What? It's silky."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
Camilo bit down on the stems of the bright flowers as he threaded through your locks. He parted your hair into three sections and started braiding, weaving flowers here and there for the aesthetics. He pressed a kiss on your temple as he tied the ends off, grabbing a mirror so you could see his masterpiece.
"I didn't know you knew how to braid-?" You mused, turning to him with a surprised expression. He didn't actually, in fact- he just learned it recently from Isabella. Then again, he's never going to tell you that he practically begged her to teach him how to braid- or the fact that it took him days hours to get it right. Camilo smirked cockily, crossing his arms and shrugging.
"Meh- It's nothing, just a little thing I easily learned-" Camilo trailed off when Dolores poked her head out of the kitchen, humming when you turned to look at her.
"It took him days to actually get it right, you'd think it would be easy but he's an idiot."
taglist (send an ask to be added):
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa @kaxiaow @dollpoetwriting @meanwhilemisha22 @fa1ry-tales @sunnth @herladyfangirl
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Heyy!! CONGRATULATIONS ON 200+ FOLLOWERS BESTIE AAA im so happy for you 💖 To celebrate i’ll participate in ur second event as well ^w^
I read the list of prompts, and i think prompt A-15 “I love you more than I love food. Feel appreciated” would be perfect for Camilo! The short fic could take place in a soft morning after y/n stays at casita overnight with Camilo. Y/n could be trying to start the day but Camilo just doesn’t wanna get up yet. I AM ABSOLUTELY SOFT FOR MORNING CUDDLES AKSKWOSKWODNE *malfunctions*
thank you so much take care 💖
🍵- absolutely nothing other than soft fluffy lazy mornings and loads of kisses from the sun himself <3
🦋- GN!Reader x Camilo Madrigal
🍊- enjoyed making this bc of how fluffy it is :(( ever just want fictional characters to be real? yea same 🙁 Thank you so so so much for requesting! @sweettooth-simps I'm very sorry this took awhile, other than that pleas enjoy!! <3- ceres 💗
Dawn sunlight drew streaks of yellow on the shapeshifter's curtains as the light wind rustled in, snores and unrecognizable mumbling came either from the couple as they slept soundly in eachother's embrace. Y/n was over at Casita for a sleepover with the madrigal grandchildren, the night before was just to be described as chaos rather than ecstatic. Playing different games, sneaking out to grab midnight snacks in the kitchen while trying to be as silent as possible, and a few of them even getting to draw on Luisa's face due to being the first one who hit the hay early.
“They had each of their frolics as the night went wildly for them, resulting them to stay up late until atleast a slit of the sun peeked from it's sleep after those hours that seemed neverending for all seven of them. All of them went back to their rooms immediately after, feeling all of the energy drain away from their bodies and collapsed into their cushioned mattresses, y/n slept over at camilo's as their limbs entangled eachother through the remaining hours of sleep they've gotten.
Flinching to wake up as soon as their alarm rang, getting out of bed to shut it off to avoid waking up the sleeping chameleon. They groaned quietly before slumping back on top of him, laying their head on his chest as they admired how pretty he was while sleeping, giving him kisses on his lips to try to wake him up as gentle as possible while they kept a closed distance.
“amor.. we gotta get up.. we've slept in.”
They attempted whispering quietly, laying beside him as he snuggled against their embrace. Sending the message of not wanting to get up or "5 minutes more" but continues to sleep in for the next hour, they needed to get up or they'd miss breakfast.
They continued to try various attempts, being gentle with him to avoid having him in a bad mood just because of being woken up. In the end, they sighed exhaustingly as to not even denting him one eye awake.
“Camilo, we need to get uupppppp” they tried to pull him up to stand, hearing him groan as he just clung on to them while being up half awake.
“Nooooo...you've been trying for the past hour, give up..” his morning voice sent shivers down their spine, his breath against their neck. Camilo wrapped his arms securely around their waist as they stayed in a very comfortable silence, swaying them around in a circle continuosly as their eyes lock from time to time.
“Now you're up, can we go down to eat already?”
“You really want to leave now? Can't i just give you kisses and cuddles, to have you the whole day to myself?”
“ you're actually putting me before tia's arepas? That's new.”
“Amor ever since you came into my life, i've loved you more than i love food, feel appreciated. Anyway.. back to business.”
they let out a snort at his response before being lifted back on to the bed and tackled by the boy in yellow “you're all mine, food can wait.” he retorted, the sun giving his moon loads of affection and kisses wherever he could place any as they laid in bed for the rest of the day.
Bonus: Dolores hears what they were up to and saved a plate for the both of them, leaving it on a tray in front of his door. A few hours later, Pepa knocks in and finds an adorable sight of camilo with his arms around them protectively as they waltzed their way to dreamland once more.
(a/n) Join our discord server!!/pos 💗💗
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lalloronamuerte · 2 days ago
My Favorite Encanto Fanfics:
“Collapse” - Camilo doesn’t make it out of Casita when it collapses and gets hurt. TW for graphic description of injuries. Gives Camilo a bigger role and gives me my angst that I so crave.
“Beyond The Truth” - Camilo discovers just how tiring shapeshifting is and Bruno has a vision about his sobrino that makes him sick. TW for child abus3, s3xual assault, attempted r@pe, r@pe, d3pression, implied s3lf-harm, m0l3station. Extremely well written, and once again, angst.
“Don’t Worry, I Gotcha” - Camilo does a pretty good Bruno impression and gets an angry mob chasing after him and falls into a River. Tío Bruno to the rescue. Well written, dives into Camilo’s and Bruno’s relationship, and dRaUmA.
“Creature Comforts” - A Bruno x reader. A bruja turns the reader into a rat to get closer to Bruno, but ends up becoming Bruno’s favorite rat and falls for him. Bad summary on my part, but it’s really entertaining and such a sweet story.
“Good Luck Hermit, She Makes Good Things Happen” - A Bruno x reader. Reader is a shy hermit with major anxiety that owns a little book store at the edge of Encanto. She draws the attention of the Madrigal family when she publicly defends Bruno one day. TW: anxiety. Relatable since I also have chronic anxiety. Reader’s relationship with the different Madrigals is very fun and sweet to read. Entertaining read.
“Lay Down Your Load” - A Bruno x Male Reader. Bruno predicts the death of the reader’s parents and the reader grows to hate him for it. But when Bruno comes back after disappearing for 10 years, you discover he’s not the man you thought he was. 10/10 I love it so much, the interactions between the two are so cute and I can’t wait for more chapters to come out.
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fairytale-writes · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
pretend that my last post wasn’t eons ago! school has been driving me batshit insane so please be patient with me my loves; have some ‘milo hcs!!<33
i feel like he runs himself thin with his chores, so he just knocks on your door and asks if he can nap. it always ends in cuddles and accidentally sleeping for the day.
i feel like he spoils you hardcore. he finds things he thinks you will like and just buys them. whether it be food, clothing, jewelry, books, supplies for a hobby you enjoy, anything!! he will get it for you.
he makes such a big deal out of it too because,, drama queen. he will have it wrapped and everything. hiding it in his ruana or behind his back and him being all like
“i have a surprise for you, mi vida! close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
you did and saw the item you’d been eyeing up at the market earlier that week. you were so happy
he lit up seeing you love it so much. his heart went boom boom boom!
i know a lot of writers say this but that man can dance and you WILL dance with him. even if you didn’t want to he’s so charming you’d find yourself dancing with him nonetheless.
he’s definitely a prankster and he will get you to help him out, or he’ll ask permission to shapeshift into you so he can sneak around easier to pull pranks.
i won’t lie to you, your first kiss probably didn’t happen until a month into your relationship. that might not seem like a lot but he just can’t muster up the courage. he goes to multiple times but he chickens out and is like “uh sorry you had— something on your face”
so you took initiative. his face was so warm after holy hell. he turned into you and then into himself — that went on for a bit. man was embarrassed!!
if you have any pets he will treat them like his children. even if they don’t like him all too much.
he loves valentines so much because ,, he’s a gift giver! and it’s another day to show you how much he loves you. he for sure set up something really nice away from the main town because it’s noisy there and you two wanted to just hang out and be goofy little lovebirds
if you have long hair camilo loves to style it! him and dolores do each other’s hair so he’s got practice. if your hair is straight her might fumble a bit but don’t worry he is a fast learner! he likes to braid it, all different types. fish tail, boxer, generic. whatever you’re feeling in the moment.
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marvelmaniac2000 · 2 days ago
Extended Family ~ Bruno Madrigal (Part 2)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Storyline: The Madrigals continue to expand their bloodline, which makes abuela tease the question toward you and Bruno.
Word count: 1194
~ Part 1~
Characters: Bruno x fem! reader, the rest of the madrigal family;
Added characters of my own which consist of the three boy triplets you had with Bruno. Their names; Lennox, Noah & Nacio.
Subject: SO much FLUFF I felt like balling my eyes out. Superpowers and family relations
Side Note: West side story song reference made me think of babies I don’t know why.. I didn’t write anything about what the triplets' powers would be because I want to leave that to the reader’s imagination for their own children with Bruno.
“Tonight, Tonight, It all began tonight,
It all began tonight, I saw you and the world went away.
Tonight, Tonight, There’s only you tonight, What you are, what you do, what you say”
YOU softly sang with your eyes closed. The bedroom was fairly dark with only the moon shining through the window. Your back was twisted with post labor pains but it didn’t matter as long as you held your babies in your bare arms. Bruno held one of the triplets in his arms while you held the other two. It was quite ironic how generational curses work wonders with our genes. You cared for three boy triplets rather than Bruno and his other two sisters as the first.
“I think I know which one you are going to be the rebellious one” Bruno watched his son intently while sitting in a chair next to your bedside.
“Just because he’s opening his eyes for a brief second doesn’t mean much” you chuckled.
“I think you forget how much I know and don’t know” he adjusted the blanket tighter around his child.
You gave out a harsh sigh of relief and briefly tried to take in the moment. It seemed like everything was going to be perfectly fine in your life. Never have you thought in a million years you would be having three children already the first time around. The emotions in you were filled with excitement, but soon flooded with doubt.
“And to just think this is only the beginning” Bruno gently removed himself from his chair to place his son inside his crib. You snap out of your thoughts and adjust your face to seem more punctual.
“I know, it’s all happened so fast.. I just hope I can live up to your family’s expectations” you leaned your arm toward Bruno so he could give your arms a rest from holding your sons. Usually Brunito is the one you try to keep at bay considering how much anxiety he gets from his powers. But this time it’s as if you hoped you had his powers just so you know the future was going to be ok for your children. Bruno avoided your worrisome thoughts like the plague. He always knew when you seemed troubled about living up to your family’s reputation like Maribel but it sometimes affected him more than you.
“Why don’t you just go ahead and rest for a bit, I think I can handle it from here” he sat on the edge of the bed. His long raven hair had given more streaks of gray inside his beard and hair.
The years were starting to take its toll but it didn’t bother you much. He took your hand into his and remembered the first time you both met.
“Just remember that everything will be ok” he soothed. Without question you felt like yourself once again.
( Fast forward Five years later)
Fireflies danced around the sticky swarm night air as a celebration as the Madrigals swung back around. The Casita boomed of close friends and family from town. Every time a new generation of children comes around the casita marks on the child’s fifth birthday to show them their own very gift. And as you guessed it, your troublesome three was up next for their very special day…
“Bruno this is it! I’ve waited so long for this very moment” you adjusted your sons’ bow ties that match the same color sequence as you and Bruno. It was such a hassle raising them but you just couldn’t get over how much trouble these little ones will cause now with superpowers of their own. The only thing you could pray for is Bruno to help keep them in line with whatever gift they occur. You wipe a tear from the corner of your eye.
“Mom you’ve been crying all dayyyy you’re gonna make it a lot less exciting” Lennox rolled his eyes.
“She’s just happy crying that’s all” Noah innocently hugged your legs to reassure you.
Your other son Nacio was too busy playing footsies with the casita's floor plates. Bruno couldn’t be more proud of his family and how far he’s come. His only concern was that his boys won’t ever experience the mental burden of their gifts. Bruno hasn’t had any visions lately and he already knew why. Since his sons’ were born he never received a vision of his own family since then and he figured it could not determine his own destiny and only everyone else’s.
“Now now hijos lets all get ready by the curtains, I don’t want anyone to get their suits dirtier before the fiesta begins and that means I’m talking to you too Nacio” Bruno raised his voice directly at Nacio who’s white shirt was nearly almost dirty brown.
The boys aligned themselves accordingly and nervously waited for their big moment. You wrapped your arm around Bruno’s and rested your head on his shoulder. “I remember the first time I opened my bedroom door with just me and my sisters.” Bruno gazed out while the voice of Abuela announced the same lines over behind the curtains.
“The funny thing was there weren't any fiestas or other people around. It was just us being happy to have a home.” Bruno's eyes watered for a split second. You rubbed his arm for grievance.
You whispered to your husband to step over to the side once the curtains opened up.
“Now it is time!” Abuela announced with her candle in one hand. The crowd was once in silence around the pathway toward the staircase. The curtains dramatically opened up revealing the next three kens. The boys froze in silence. Noah looked back at you and Bruno with nervousness. You silently mouthed “go on” to him and Bruno gave a fatherly thumbs up.
“We can do it guys...just hold my hand” Lennox took one of his brother's hands. His siblings followed suit and walked down the lighted pathway toward their abuela.
Up the glossy upstairs the boys approached the woman who’s seen it and heard it all.
“Are you all ready for your gift?” Abuela bent ever so slightly to ease her authorized stature. Her smile was warm and kind which lighted the boys’ eyes with encouragement. They slowly nodded their heads and parted their ways to each of their bedroom doors.
Abuela stood at the end of all three of the doors and looked at each of them.
“Go ahead and open your gift”
Tag list: @im-eating-rn @abovenyx @theellyneil
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mitzimania · 21 hours ago
camilo x gn childhood friend? maybe they meet by working together to steal extra food
Tumblr media
the world was a big place to you. through your eyes, it was a kaleidoscope of new faces and dazzling colors- though maybe it was simply the lens of any 8-year-old, and not one unique to yourself.
nevertheless, you were an adventurous soul, restlessly seeking out quests and journeys and stories to be told. you always managed to get yourself into some kind of trouble with these escapades.
your parents were used to it by now, as was the entirety of the tiny town you lived in. "oh, y/n nicked a few biscuits today," the baker would conclude when his sweet treats vanished with no explanation.
"ah, y/n's been painting on the shop wall," a marketgoer would sigh seeing splotches of pink and yellow on the tanned bricks of a store in the township.
"dear, y/n got into the cleaning supplies again," your mother would exhale heavily, with a tight smile on her face as she called to your father. the two of them would observe you, in the kitchen covered in soapy bubbles and giggling feeling love and exhaustion- what were they going to do with you?
the answer was simple, really, even if they didn't know it. see, you were quite popular amongst your fellow youth in encanto but never once had there been someone to rival your energy and spirited soul- until you met the youngest madrigal son.
camilo was his name, you'd learned, and he was blessed with shapeshifting, an ability which you thought would be quite useful in your little... schemes.
and so naturally, when it was lunchtime at the daycare where all the younger kids spent a few hours daily, you called him over.
"psst! madrigal! come here!" you'd never spoken to him before but the boy with brown curls bounced over to you like a lost puppy. why had you gone to him specifically? well, you'd noticed him staring at you often. really often. he'd gaze at you across rooms and look through other people to you- it was kind of funny, really.
"if you're gonna stare at me," you snarked, "might as well help me out with something." he nodded his head with a crooked-toothed grin, eyes twinkling. he seemed like he might explode- were you really talking to him?
"i'm gonna need you to go and do your magic thing to get some extra pastel from your tía, okay?" camilo didn't think twice before morphing into his older sister, dolores, and receiving an extra slice of cake from julieta.
the pair of you crouched under a table and split the piece, eating hastily with your hands. crumbs flew and the both of you couldn't stop yourselves from laughing so hard your ribs ached.
"you're pretty cool, madrigal," you praised, wiping your hands on your shirt like any messy kid did. you swear camilo shot up and filled to the brim with sunshine. if you thought he was excitable before, he was tenfold now.
"you really think so?" his question was met with more giggles and a dash of frosting on the tip of his nose. he grinned. "oh, you're on!"
the two of you emerged from under the table coated in a thin sticky layer of pink frosting and bearing unfaltering grins.
going home that day, you talked your poor parent's ears off about the new boy you'd met. "camilo," you said his name was.
as you went into detail about the little jokes each of you'd made and the tiny actions he'd done, your mother and father made eye contact and sighed.
obviously, they couldn't keep you out of trouble- but at least now you had a special friend to cause problems with.
Tumblr media
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mitchsweetie · 2 days ago
Bruno x AFAB Wife! Reader HC's
(Pt 1)
Bc I love him :)))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This takes place before any of the Madrigal grandkids are born. Oh and also, I have taken the creative liberty to add that the reader is a seamstress because I feel like that would be a cute detail.)
How you two met:
Bruno and you probably met by chance (both of you believe in destiny though ;] )
You were walking in town, buying string and new fabrics, but you kept bumping into him everywhere.
Thinks you might believe he's following you so he tries to avoid you.
You think he's avoiding you because you may have done something to him.
You decide to approach him about it.
"Hey, I know I'm not everyone's favorite person, but what did I do to make you upset?"
"No no! I'm not upset, I just kept bumping into you, and I didn't want you to, ya' know, think creepy old Bruno is following ya'!"
You chuckle at his response and tell him it didn't feel like that at all.
You did know about the rumors of Bruno, but have never actually gotten a vision from him, so never really judged him the same as everyone else in town.
You two get along, talk as you walk, and realize neither of you knew where they were going.
"Well, I was gonna head home, but I figured I could follow you around to talk."
"I... I was doing the exact same thing..."
He shyly offers to come over to the Madrigal home.
You accept and you two keep talking on your way back.
When Casita sees Bruno brought someone with him, it gets REALLY excited. It quickly urges everyone in the house to come to the main atrium.
When everyone else sees that Bruno brought a friend, a girl, they get excited as well.
Pepa starts making rainbows and starts immediately chatting it up with you.
Julieta, who already knows you quite well, greets you and sits you down for some of her favorite Arepas de flor de calabaza.
Felix and Augustín tease Bruno, and Bruno says that he has no romantic intentions with you (yet ;]).
Abuela comes down to see what all the ruckus is about and when she sees Bruno invites you, she seems very pleased.
The first intention she had in mind was that Bruno is her only child that hasn't married, and that it was about time he found someone who he could potentially form a family with.
She doesn't disclose this to you though; she knows the importance of time and place.
She tells you that it is an honor to meet one of Bruno's friends and that you are in their house any day.
She asks more about you (ya know, she has to know who her son hangs out with, even though it hasn't even been a day) and discovers that you have a small tailor shop.
After a lot more chatting, you decide it's getting late, and you have to get back home.
Bruno walks you out the door and tells you that you can come visit him in his tower whenever you'd like!
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chibipeachu · a day ago
Beauty & The Seven Foot Frame
Villain!Bruno X Reader
Chapter Two
In case you missed chapter one
After two weeks of planning today was finally Bruno and y/n's wedding day. 
The whole two weeks y/n had never seen or met Bruno so today would also be their first time meeting. "How ironic most people met their spouse before they get married" y/n thought while she got on her dress it was a traditional white dress with lots of ruffles y/n had tied a dusty green colored bow around her upper waist (A/N: Its dusty green ribbon instead of a red belt)
“You look beautiful y/n, your papa would be proud” pepa said as herself, julieta and Veronica walked into the room “thank you pepa, you girls look stunning too” she giggle as they all showed off their bridesmaids gowns “how are feeling?” Julieta asked y/n. “Nervous i guess” pepa and julieta chuckled “I was like that during my wedding, but someone made me get married in a hurricane!” pepa told y/n “well it's not your wedding Pepa and plus it was a lovely day.” Julieta told her sister.
“Let’s go ladies,” Augustin said from outside the door. Julieta walked out first then pepa “How are you feeling” Veronica asked y/n who looked at her bouquet quietly “Nervous, what if he hates me” y/n had finally looked at her sister who walked over to her side 
“Who could hate you, you're great with kids, you make great food, you know how to stick up for someone, what’s not to love about you!” y/n smiled at her and laughed a little before she started remembering the day before.
“Yesterday when I went to the market, the towns people heard about me getting married to bruno and they started saying he gives them bad visions and that he’s just a terrible person”
“Some lady said his vision killed her goldfish, and he told the priest that he would lose his hair and guess what…the priest wears a wig, a wig Veronica!” y/n started pacing the room while Veronica laughed at the information she had just received “those people just must have bad futures then, trust me y/n I believe he will be a great husband to you” she reassured her sister just as casita started ringing an alarm clock at the pair. 
“We’re going casita” y/n said then took a deep breath and opened the door where she saw isabela and dolores wearing their dresses, y/n had asked isabela to be her flower girl while dolores got asked if she would like to carry y/n’s train which the little girl said yes almost immediately 
Once they made their way to the church everyone got into their spots for the wedding as Augustin waited for a signal so he could start playing the wedding march, Isabela had started to go down the aisle throwing flowers she made on the ground. Julieta, Pepa and Veronica walked down the aisle one behind each other, while watching the girls walk gracefully, y/n felt a tug on the back of her dress she turned to dolores who gave y/n a big smile “I heard you earlier, don't worry my uncle will love you” that made y/n melt a little “thank you dolores” dolores smiled and winked at her.
“This is it y/n, you finally get to meet your husband…here goes nothing” y/n waited so augustin could start to play the wedding march music. Once he did so y/n started walking down the aisle.
Y/n finally made it to where bruno stood, she had heard rumors of him being 7 foot tall but she quickly realized he wasn't 7 feet but around 6'6 something like that, y/n places her hands into his as the priest started to talk
"His hands are cold, I wonder why?"
Y/n being too busy in her thoughts she zoned out the priest talking, she only realized that she zoned out was, because she felt bruno squeeze her hand lightly when the priest had them say their I do's.
"Do you y/n Rivera, take Bruno Madrigal to be your lawfully wedded husband?” 
“I do”
“Do you, Bruno Madrigal, take y/n Rivera to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do” y/n felt somewhat relieved when he said I do, “I now pronounce you two husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!” The priest steps back as Bruno pulls y/n closer to him and turns her back towards everyone “I’m not gonna actually kiss you just act like I did” he whispered “okay” after she spoke he leaned in real close, To everyone in the church pews it looked like he actually did. Everyone cheered mainly for the youngest rivera.
༻At The Reception༺
The reception was held at the casita, Everyone was having a good time meanwhile y/n was at her papa’s family home packing her stuff up since alma and her mother decided it would be best if y/n lived with bruno and his family “when do we take my stuff to the casita, bruno?” y/n asked her now husband, who just sat on her bed occasionally helping her pack “when are we gonna take my stuff to casita” y/n asked bruno as she packed the last of her jewelry “tomorrow” bruno said coldly “Well i’m done packing so I think we should head back before we get yelled at by our mamas” y/n smiled at him and walked to the front door.
Y/n waited for bruno, when he walked up to her, she held her hand out for him to take it but he just brushed past her and started walking towards casita without her “rude much bruno” y/n thought as she ran behind him trying to catch up “bruno where is your wife, you always walk with her!” y/n heard alma scold him as he approached the front of the house where alma stood “Its ok mrs madrigal i’m right here” y/n smiled as she walked over to the pair “Mija please call me mama, your family now” alma gave the girl a smile.
“Oh okay mrs- I mean mama” y/n laughed a little at her mistake “Now come in i’m sure you two are hungry from today” alma walked y/n inside not waiting for bruno, alma had y/n sit while she fixed her a plate, once alma brought y/n the plate, bruno sat down next to her and saw from the corner of his eye her eyeing his plate
Bruno swapped his plate with her’s “thank you bruno” he just nodded and tore a tortilla apart and got a bit of her- well his food now and ate it “eat..” is all he said back to her which she just nodded at and did so.
Tumblr media
Thank you Everyone who liked, followed me and reblogged the first part I really appreciate it and I hope everyone enjoys this series! Now I hope you have a lovely day/night<33
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captaincarolswifey · 10 hours ago
The art of eye contact
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader (I normally didn't address a gender)
Warnings: nothing, maybe reader and Camilo being embarrassment?
A/N: I hope you'll enjoy <3
Word count: 1859
Of course you’d seen him walk around town. He would be helping parents with their kid, or lifting people's spirits. But never did you really connect with each other. Sure you would kindly smile as you would pass by each other. But you never talked to each other or gave each other a second glance. You did think about going up to him as he was playing with the children but, well, you actually didn’t know why you never did. And you certainly never expected one moment of eye contact to change that.
The first time you locked eyes with Camilo was in the bookshop. You both had reached for the same book and quickly apologised, both telling the other they could have the book. As if there weren’t more copies of it.
Camilo ended up taking the book and basically pushing it in your hands telling you you should have it. You thanked him, smiling sweetly, before walking away to actually buy it. But not without turning around to look at him one more time. You blushed seeing him already looking your way.
The second time was when you came to visit Mirabel at Casita. You’d been friends with her for a few years now. You met her when you both were shopping for new art supplies. You didn’t exactly come that much to her house due to you feeling a little intimidated by the magical family, not that you ever would admit that.
I mean, come on, Isabela, growing flowers out of her bare palms. Luisa, literally carrying up houses like they were air. Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, healing people with her pastries! How could you not?
So you mostly stayed in Mirabel’s room. No one probably knew you were in Casita except Dolores. And at first you were planning on keeping it that way. Until Mirabel asked you to stay for dinner and wouldn’t stop calling your name until you gave in. She grinned, grabbing your hand and pulling you after her as she ran down stairs.
You were seated next to Mirabel and the youngest Madrigal, Antonio. The normally shy boy seemed to like you. He started talking about everything and nothing. Mostly about all his animals. It was so adorable to watch his eyes lit up and seeing him getting all excited to talk about everything he knew about them.
You didn’t even notice the boy sitting in front of you until Mirabel said his name to ask him something. You looked up at him. You’re heart skipping a beat. Camilo felt your eyes on him and looked back at you.
A smile crept around his mouth as you blush and awkwardly smile at him.
The third time was not long after the dinner. You were sketching Miranda’s flower stall when someone called your name. You looked up to see Mirabel waving at you with a huge smile. You laughed, waving back at her. “Mirabel, did you get whatever you needed yet? I promised Anotonio I would be back by now.” Camilo’s voice called to her as he walked over to her. He slowly stopped, following Mirabel’s gaze to you. If you weren’t trying to hide your blush so hard you might have noticed the cheeks of the boy himself turn slightly pink.
But Mirabel noticed, her smile turning into a mischievous grin.
The fourth time was back at the Madrigals. Mirabel had ran to your house rambling about something really important that she had to show you back at her house. You quickly had told your parents you would be back by dinner before following your friend.
Back at Casita she guided you to the back garden. “What is so important you dragged me all the way to your back garden?”
“Are you going to tell me why you practically dragged me out of my room?” A voice asked from inside the house quickly after your question.
You saw Mirabel grinning from ear to ear. You gave her a questionable side look. You didn’t like that look on her face.
“What are you smirking at?”
Then you realised. Dolores walked out of the house with a tired looking Camilo following her. His eyes went wide like saucers as he saw you standing next to Mirabel. Your breath hitched as Mirabel walked over to Dolores. The same look of betrayal washed over Camilo’s face as he looked at his sister who was slowly walking away.
She squeaked before quickly turning around and following Mirabel.
You two stood there for a while, awkwardly smiling, as both of your minds raced for anything to say.
“It’s good to see you.” You say at the same moment that Camilo started speaking. “You look good.”
You laugh a bit as Camilo rubs his neck, chuckling a bit.
“Thank you.” You thanked him, still lightly chuckling while a blush formed on your cheeks.
The fifth time was a few weeks after that (according to Camilo 'awkward’ and to you ‘cute’) first official meeting.
After you both got over the awkward ‘hellos’ you both went to sit on the grass and you talked about everything you could think of.
It just clicked. You were much alike in your interests, you loved reading and sketching and Camilo liked reading and music. In other ways you were quite the opposite. He was very extroverted most of the time while you were more introverted. But that was exactly why you both clicked perfect with each other. When Camilo would start one of his ramblings you would just smile at him as he used every muscle in his body to act his words out.
In the beginning your ‘come togethers’ were more Camilo walking in on you and Mirabel every time you would come over.
After a few weeks Mirabel had, with the help of her siblings and cousins, convinced him he should just ask you out instead of taking you away from her every time you came to visit.
“Milo, I’m her best friend. And even though I love you, I do want to talk to her alone when she is here without you constantly barging in. So please, for my sake and hers just ask her out already.” Mirabel had said with her siblings and cousins all agreeing.
Camilo had gone to your house after Mirabel dragged him out of Casita. Your parents told him you went out a few minutes before he had knocked on their door.
He followed their directions to a little open place that was not far from the town. He saw you sitting in the shade of one of the trees at the side of the open circle. All your sketch supplies were laying around you.
Camilo smiled to himself, seeing you in your element. His expression quickly changed into one of being caught as you called his name.
“Camilo, you do know I can see you?” You smile, looking up as he comes to sit by you.
“Of course I knew.” He rubs his neck as a light pink colours his freckled cheeks.
You never knew he had freckles until he sat besides you once at dinner when you stayed at Casita for the night.
You had noticed his freckles when he helped you clean up your jacket after he made you spill your drink. He had given Dolores a sarcastic comment and transformed into his sister to mock her. You absolutely lost it! It wouldn't have been a bad thing if you weren't drinking at the moment. Pepa had been so sorry and made him help you get the stain out of your jacket. He had apologised to you when you were trying to save your jacket. That was when you glanced at him and saw the freckles covering his cheeks.
“I love your freckles.” You had blurted out. Making Camilo blush, he had transformed into his sister, mother, Mirabel and at last you before turning back into himself.
You had let out a laugh seeing him all flustered.
Camilo realised he loved making you laugh and had tried to make you laugh the rest of the night.
“What are you doing here?” You asked him without looking up from your sketchbook.
“Good question.” He chuckled nervously. You looked back up as you started noticing his nervous behaviour.
“Is something wrong?”
“No! Nothing’s wrong. I-I just wanted to talk to you about something. Do you remember the first time we met?”
“In the bookshop?”
“Yes, we reached for the same book.” He smiled thinking back to that moment.
“You practically pushed it in my hands.” You laughed at the memory.
He chuckled. “I guess I did. Do you remember what happened after that?”
“I thanked you and went to buy the book, of course.” You laughed at his question.
“You turned around.” He wasn’t smiling anymore. He was just looking at you with only adoration in his eyes.
Your heart skipped a beat as he said that.
“Why did you turn around?” He turned to sit knee to knee with you.
“I-” Your mind was going crazy. Why did you? You didn’t know. Because he was so kind? Because you were slept across the face by his looks? Because- wait. It hit you. “I turned around because you made me.”
Confusion krept over Camilo’s features. “What?”
“You always make me turn around when you pass by. You always make me turn around when I hear your voice or when someone calls your name.” You blushed so hard you thought your head would catch fire.
But so was Camilo’s. He couldn’t believe his ears. You were telling him how much you liked him while he was supposed to be the one telling you how much he loves you.
“I never felt this way with anyone. It’s like you are the sun. I want to be around you all the time and you literally light up my days.” You went on. “I never thought I would ever say this out loud but-” You searched for the strength to look him in the eye. “I love you, Camilo.”
His face was blank for a moment, processing what you just had said. “You don’t have to-” You were broken off by his lips crashing into yours. Before you could register anything he pulled back. Smiling from ear to ear. His cheeks still rose red.
“I love you too, Y/N. Everything about you. Your personality, your looks, your hair, your art, just all of you!”
You mirrored his big love-sick grin. “I love you.” You mumble making him smile even more if that even was possible.
“You know, I was actually supposed to be the one confessing here.” Camilo admits letting a hand slide through his hair.
“That’s why you came all the way out here?”
He nods, laying a hand over yours. “I love you.” he kissed your cheek before laying his head on her shoulder. “What were you drawing?” You smiled lovingly down at him before grabbing your sketch again.
You both sat there for the rest of the day, enjoying each other's company. Both completely, over the top of your head, in love.
By captaincarolswifey
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lovesgnf · a day ago
kicks down your door hello can i request camilo and the reader coming up with a new play for him and mirabel to perform at the casita
˗ˏˋSHOW & TELL! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Y/n helps Camilo plan a play that him and his cousin are going to perform in casita.
˚ · . camilo madrigal x gn!reader.
✩ i hope you like this, i didn’t know what play for them to preform so i just make a short one up, it’s kinda funny <3 tysm for the request btw!!
Tumblr media
Y/n was walking to the villages market since their mother ordered them to go get some ingredients for a meal their mamá’s making. They entered the shop and read the list of ingredients as they looked around for the foods.
They finished paying for the foods and hummed a tune as they walked back home. As they walked closer to their home someone grabbed them by the waist sort of harshly causing them to scream but when they turned around to slap who ever it was they realized it was just Camilo, their boyfriend.
“Dios mio, camilo! you scared the living shit out of me!” Y/n yelled at the smiling boy who was quick to laugh and apologize. “I’m sorry, mi vida. It’s just that Mirabel and I need your help!” He told them as they rolled their eyes at him and continued walking.
“With what?” They questioned with an eyebrow up. “Well.. you write, correct?” He asked just to receive a nod. “Mirabel and I are planning to preform a play at casita but we have no imagination! We need your help, Y/n pleasee” He pleaded, adding a few more ‘e’s’ to the’please’
Y/n stopped their walking and looked up at him. “And what do i get in return from this?” They asked with a hand on their hip. Camilo thought for a second before speaking, “i’ll take one whole day to hang out with you since i’ve been a bit distant, mi amor” He said and they immediately nodded at his words.
“Deal” They replied and began walking. “Yes!” Camilo put a hand up in the air and grinned. They had already reached Y/n’s house now. “Today at 4:00, okay?” Y/n questioned. Camilo nodded eagerly and kissed their pink cheek. “Goodbye, mi vida” Camilo waved. “See you pronto” Y/n smiled.
                          - ͙۪۪̥˚┊TIME SKIP┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
Y/n pat off any dirt on their typical red dress and knocked on casitas front door, which was opened seconds later by Mirabel and Camilo. “Hola Y/n! C’mon!” Mirabel said and grabbed their arm before they could even say anything.
They ran up to Camilos room since it was bigger than Mirabel’s and sat on his bed. Mirabel sat down, legs crossed with a notebook in her hands. “Do you guys like.. have an idea of what its going to be about or..?” Y/n asked them to cut the awkward silence.
“No, that’s why we need you!” Camilo replied desparately. “Okay, okay! Let’s see.. something simple, right?” Y/n asked, snatching the notebook from Mirabel. They both nodded in reply to her question. “I’ve got a perfect idea.” Y/n smirked and wrote in the page. The two cousins didn’t reply, they just tilting their heads in confusion and watched the writing person.
She wrote for about 5 minutes, but for the two Madrigals it felt like 20 hours. Mirabel was laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling while Camilo was next to Y/n with his hand on his chin, his eyes shutting closed once in a while.
“Ta-da! I’m finished guys!” Y/n spoke causing the two to immediately get up and read what was on the page. “Are you serious?” “No way” The two said at the same time as Y/n just sat there with their smirk plastered on their tinted lips.
The door was slammed open suddenly, the three gasped at the suden loud noise but sighed in relief as they saw little Antonio standing there with a parrot on his shoulder. “Can i help?” His high pitched voice asked. “Of course, this is perfect!” Y/n replied before the other two could deny. The little boy jumped with a “Yay” and walked closer to them.
They planned out the show and they all agreed to start it today at 6:00 pm since it was an easy and basic play.
      - ͙۪۪̥˚┊TIME SKIP┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
“Okay are you all ready?” Y/n asked while fixing Antonios tie. They all replied with a yes and so Y/n left and sat with all the confused Madrigals who were waiting on the show. “When are they starting?” Luisa asked but jumped when she heard the loud entry music.
The background was a jungle (don’t ask how they got a greenscreen so quickly 💀) full with leaves and trees. Suddenly, Mirabel appears with a jungle suit. “Oh look it’s a jungle! Maybe i should explore! I’ll find the magical water that gives powers!” Mirabel said with the worst acting voice in history. Y/n cringed but still watched the play.
As Mirabel was walking deeper into the jungle she tripped into a boobytrap. She let out a fake scream as she tripped. And then Antonio appears with his fancy boss suit. “Intruder! Why are you in my jungle!?” He yelled at the girl causing the audience to gasp.
“Your jungle? i don’t see any sign here saying it’s your jungle-” She started but got interrupted. “Do not talk back or you will get eaten by my jaguar!” He responded, his majestic jaguar by his side. “Alright!” She said as she got up and patted the dirt on her fit. “I was just… exploring” She told the small boy. “I don’t believe you” He simply said.
Mirabel rolled her eyes. “Fine! I’m looking for the magical power water found deep in the jungles” She moved her hands to make it dramatic. The younger boy let out a gasp at this. “Nobody has found that water! My great grandmother died from looking for it, they say there’s a guardian protecting it!” He yelped dramatically.
“Hah! Well i can beat that guardians booty in a second!” She said confidently. The small boy laughed. “Want to look for it together?” He asked her. “Sure, let’s go!” Mirabel smiled. Antonio got on his jaguar and Mirabel carefully got on too. “Let’s go!” Antonio exclaimed as the jaguar took off.
“Here we are” Antonio said, getting off the jaguar. “Woah!” Mirabel exclaimed. “Who are you two?” A loud ‘intimidating’ voice called out. “We are Mirabel and Antonio, the ruler of the jungle and we are here to…” He looked up at Mirabel. “We are here to get that magical water from you! I am useless without a gift- i mean power” Mirabel continued, awkwardly chuckling at the part she messed up on.
“No!” The guardian yelled. Camilo popped up with a fake sword and killed both the intruders. They both dropped down dramatically, holding their hearts in pain. They fell on the ground and stuck their tongues out signaling that they are now dead. “The end” Camilo said with a smile.
The whole family sat there in confusion as Y/n clapped loudly with a grin on their face. Isabela looked over at Y/n and copied their actions awkwardly. Clapping slowly with a fake smile on, and then soon the whole family clapped in confusion.
“This story shows that you don’t need a power to be awesomely amazing” Mirabel bowed with a smile as the other two also bowed. “That was too specific” Agustin said quietly as Julieta besides him nudged his arm. “Ow” He mumbled.
“Bravo!” Abuela grinned.
Tumblr media
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blueberry-sunshines · 14 hours ago
Hi, I have always thought a story like this would be cute. Maybe one where Antonio had a friend pre-gift and that friend is terrified of animals and so now that Antonio can talk to animals he tries to help that friend get over their fears. No particular gender for the friend.
⋅︓︒ ∘ ∗ ✧ ∘ ︒ ⚬ ∙︓ ⋅ ⠄✯ ∘ ⠄✧
Tumblr media
🍂Pairing: Antonio Madrigal x Platonic!Gn!Reader with the fear of animals
🪴Requested: yes✅ / no
🌤Word Count: 1.6K
⋅︓︒ ∘ ∗ ✧ ∘ ︒ ⚬ ∙︓ ⋅ ⠄✯ ∘ ⠄✧
Small children often fear things on a larger scale than their older counterparts. Having not had much experience, being only a few years old. For you, you had always been afraid of animals. Big or small it did not matter to your poor little self. Your best friend, Antonio however did not agree with you.
You two had been friends as long as you can remember, your mamas being friends first. Antonio loved animals, always wanting to play pretend as different ones.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” He would cheer, “Come be tigers!”
You would gladly play with him, that was not an issue. The problem was actually being around them. Something about their wild nature intimidated you. You never knew what they were going to do or what they were thinking. They were so different from humans. Sometimes they would be nice, sometimes they would be mean. You didn’t understand them and you didn’t like it.
Being only five years old, your parents didn’t force you to be around them. For example, you didn't have to go near the donkeys if you didn’t want to and you were very appreciative of your parents' kindness.
The difference was that Antonio had always wanted to go to the animals. He wanted you to come with, he wanted to show you it was okay. Just like how his mama will show him it was okay when he was scared of something. You loved to be with your best friend so you would always compromise by going halfway to the animal. Antonio was never satisfied, always trying to bring you just a step closer but to no avail. You would never budge any farther, leaving Antonio disappointed but not upset.
You were very excited for Antonio’s gift ceremony. You were looking forward to finding out what his gift was going to get to be. You had practically dragged your parents there by yourself, you were so impatient. You stood along the crowd with your parents as Casita laid out red tiles for Antonio to follow, lights shining on your best friend as he stood in the doorway. You watched curiously as he was joined by his cousin. You smiled big at him as he walked past giving him an excited wave. He looked at you for a moment longer than he did everyone else, too scared to wave or smile back. Once he was up the stairs you tugged on your mama’s skirt whispering for her to lift you up so you could see him better. You watched amazed as the door glowed so bright. You couldn’t hear him speak but you saw a bird land on his arm. You gasped, fearful for your friend. You wouldn’t be happy if that was you.
Inside Antonio’s room, his new jaguar friend dropped him back off onto the ground with his family. Excitement and shock beginning to die down, Antonio began looking around for you, wanting to share these emotions with you. His eyebrows pinched upwards, the smile falling from his lips as he couldn’t spot you anywhere in the room. He looked up at his papa with pleading eyes. “Where are they?”
Félix looked down at his son, mirroring his son's frown as he saw his worried little expression.
“Who are you looking for, mijo?” He asked, wanting to help him out immediately, he couldn’t let Antonio be upset on his big day.
“(Y/N), I don’t see them.” He answered, eyes looking around the room again. Félix looked around then too, trying to find you or one of your parents.
“I’m not seeing them, would you like to go find them?”
Antonio nodded, reaching up to take his papa’s hand, still looking all around.
Félix led his youngest son out of his room and out onto the balcony where they saw you and your mother. Little Antonio was unaware that you were upset and he broke free from his father’s hand and ran down the stairs shouting your name.
You looked up from your mother’s shoulder then to see your very best friend. A smile found its way onto your face when you saw his own. He was grinning wildly as he ran down the stairs.
“Did you see me? Did you see my door?” He asked excitedly tugging on your clothes that were hanging down from your mom’s arms. Your mother put you down on the floor then and you wrapped your little arms around him. You two bounced in excitement and he squeezed you tight.
“I saw!” You said, forgetting for a moment your tears and your fear. Soon something snuggled up next to you too, it was soft and warm and- you shrieked, pulling away from Antonio, running behind your mother’s skirt. It was the jaguar Antonio befriended not just ten minutes ago. Your mother reached her hand back to console you as Félix came up to you two desperately trying to apologize. He tried to stop the jaguar from leaving Antonio’s room but the cat was much too big for a man to block.
Antonio’s eyebrows pinched up again as he realized what happened. He wasn’t sure what to do, he was so worried about not getting a gift he didn’t think he would ever scare you away with one. His jaguar felt guilty, it told him this as he nuzzled up next to Antonio like an apology.
“He said he’s sorry, (Y/N), he didn’t mean to scare you.” Antonio translated to his friend who was still hiding from them.
You peeked from around your mother’s skirt, looking at your best friend with wide eyes.
“Really..?” You gasped out, sure you were still a little scared but the idea of your friend being able to talk to animals was incredible.
“Mhm!” Antonio nodded, then turned back to his jaguar and listened to what it was telling him.
“He says that he was just excited to see you because I was excited to see you.”
You took a step away from your mother, fully coming out from behind her but keeping your distance still. Both Antonio and his jaguar seemed to light up when you appeared fully.
“Can you… can you tell him I’m sorry for getting scared?” You asked timidly, playing with your clothes out of a nervous habit. Antonio nodded and told him, even though he was pretty sure his jaguar could understand you on his own.
“He said it’s okay… You don’t have to be scared.” You weren’t sure if the second sentence was from Antonio or the jaguar but it was consoling nonetheless. You took a small step wanting to be close to your friend but still nervous around the big animal. Your mother and Félix watched carefully just in case you got scared again.
You took another shy step, only a foot apart now from the two. Antonio was smiling proudly at you for facing your fears and he was glad that his new gift was helpful. What more could a little Madrigal want?
The jaguar was happy too, leaning in closer to you a little too quickly. You flinched back a bit and Antonio reached out to both of you in worry. But the jaguar nuzzled against you as your body tensed. Everyone that was watching was waiting in anticipation to see what you would do.
You calmed, reaching up to pet the big cat, giggles escaping your lips. Antonio jumped in joy coming closer to you both.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” He cheered once more, so proud of you. He hugged you and his new animal friend at once joining in on your giggles. He let go of you and the jaguar leaned away and then down knowing what Antonio wanted. Antonio climbed onto the jaguar’s back and held a hand out for you to come up with him. “Come see my new room! It’s AMAZING!!”
You giggled and took his hand, carefully climbing up on top of the cat and sitting behind him. You wobbled just a bit as the jaguar stood up, but a small smile returned to your face as you pet the cat below you.
Ever since that first night, your fear began to fade away. Now, any animal reminds you of your dearest friend, Antonio. When you come over to play at Casita, the animals are so happy to see you. Even when you’re just walking around the town with your parents, the animals are happy to see you! And you were beginning to be happy to see them too. Because of Antonio’s gift, you didn't really need to be scared of them anymore. Antonio could understand them, even if you couldn’t. He knew what they were thinking and what their motives were. When you were with him, you had no reason to be frightened. You were still getting used to having new animal friends but you couldn’t be happier. And Antonio was just about the proudest 5 year old in the entirety of Encanto.
⋅︓︒ ∘ ∗ ✧ ∘ ︒ ⚬ ∙︓ ⋅ ⠄✯ ∘ ⠄✧
I apologize for taking so long to post this. I've been rather busy but it’s really cute and I’m happy about how this turned out. I apologize if this isn’t exactly what you wanted but I tried this in a couple different directions and I think I like how this ended up best. Please let me know what you think and feel free to request again in the future!
˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ Tag List:
(Let me know if anyone wants on my tag list :0)
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caramellahoney · 2 days ago
"The day hell freezes over."
┈ ✁✃✁ ┈
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x FEM! Reader
genre: flufff
warning/s: two guys fighting over you ahah - no proofread btw
He was in love. Camilo’s smile grew, his gaze growing soft as he followed her form that ascended down the stairs. Y/N's gaze was downcast, expression bashful as she felt slightly uncomfortable with the intense stares set on her. She scanned the crowd for a familiar head of curly hair, immediately finding the warm green eyes she spent hours staring at. Camilo smiled at her and she smiled back, finding solace in their shared gaze. Eventually, she had to look away- taking the hand of her mother who was waiting at the foot of the stairs.
“Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday, I would like to thank everyone for coming...” The older woman’s voice drowned out in Camilo’s head as his attention was solely focused on Y/N. He took a step forward, eager for the speech to end so he could finally approach her.
“I suggest you step back, amigo. Wouldn’t want you to get in the way.” A voice spoke, tone sugar-sweet. Camilo’s eyes met with a familiar annoying shade of brown and he scowled, Santiago De Leon.
He had moved to the village last month, his family possessing magical powers like the Madrigals. Camilo would've welcomed him with open arms if it weren't for the fact that he's been making moves on Y/N. Santiago caught his pissed-off expression and let a smug grin spread across his face. The Spaniard adjusted the bouquet of flowers in his hands, paying no mind to the Madrigal beside him.
“Get in the way of what? You and the exit? I don’t get why you keep trying. She’s my best friend, not yours.” Camilo snarled, crossing his arms as he narrowed his eyes at the bouquet of flowers in Santiago's hands. The teen just snorted and turned to Camilo, staring him down.
“Si. She just sees you as her ‘best friend’. Guess that gives me a better chance.” Camilo choked on his breath, stuttering and stumbling on his words. Santiago eyed him carefully, taking a step closer towards the Afro-Latino boy. He patted Camilo’s back and threw an arm around the boy’s shoulder.
“Sometimes people value friendship more than anything. If you’re not careful, your relationship with her will crash and burn. In a split second, poof. Gone.” Santiago leaned down close to Camilo’s face, waving his hands in the air as he spoke in a hushed tone. The Spaniard faked a sympathetic expression, rubbing Camilo’s arm before pushing the Madrigal away; dropping the act and laughing arrogantly.
“Perhaps the truth holds too much weight.”
“You-” Camilo bit his tongue and grit his teeth. ‘Keep calm- he’s trying to get on your nerves.’ Camilo shut his eyes and took a deep breath to compose himself. He turned back and sent the boy a strained grin, gripping the edges of his ruana tightly. If Santiago thinks he was just going to stand by and let him steal his girl away, he was dead wrong. Camilo grumbled a quiet “Cabrón.” under his breath, sending the boy a side-glare.
“Relax, mi amigo. Just lend me your ear. Let’s stay out of each other’s way and let her decide.” Santiago spoke as he waved a hand in the air dismissively. Camilo stilled, he let his mouth quirk ever so slightly, certainly not a smile, but it was awfully close. He stared at Santiago, a glint of something mischievous and dangerous in his eyes.
“I hate to tell you this but your fantasies just won’t happen. You do however have yourself a deal amigo.” Camilo raised his hand, flicking it upward ever so slightly. Santiago hummed and gripped the shapeshifter’s hand tight, shaking it firmly.
“Looks like you have yourself some competition.” Santiago muttered as he quickly retreated his hand. The Spaniards face twisted into one of disgust as he wiped his hand on his pants. Camilo mirrored his expression, competition? This bastardo arrogante.
“The day you get a chance with her is the day hell freezes over. All I have in my way is a loudmouthed obstacle.” Camilo felt a smug smirk spread on his lips when the sweet voice of his best friend called for his name. She smiled brightly at him and waved her hand to usher him over.
Camilo grinned and walked towards her, his feet stumbling as he rushed to her side. You could practically see the hearts in his eyes as his knees buckled when she laughed brightly at him. Santiago glared at his form, eyes burning holes in the back of the Colombian boy’s head.
"The day hell freezes over huh? Alright." Santiago smirked, drumming his fingers against his thigh. He lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, an orange flame forming in his palm.
@dai-tsukki-desu @camilolovesroxiie @whocaresifwearecrazy @alexaizawa @kaxiaow @dollpoetwriting @meanwhilemisha22 @fa1ry-tales @sunnth @herladyfangirl
taglist (send an ask to be added):
a/n <3: Small drabble I made! I'm not too sure if there will be a part two but if enough people want one then suree
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camileeon · 18 hours ago
OmGgGgg congrats on 200+ followers :) figured i should be one of those people
A 9 please then :)))
🍵- one.. two.. three...
🦋- GN!Reader x Camilo
🍊- i am very sorry that this post was very delayed-- i swear to god my sleep is very off target 😰 i was a little unsatisfied with this one but it's short and rlly sweet i suppose! @xiaosimper here's your request, sorry for the delay <3
Packed and stacked scheduled week, crumpled paper and messes almost everywhere. They were officially slumped, they couldn't go on any longer at this point.
Y/n grumbled in exhaustion as they laid their head on the sturdy wooden table, defeated.
It was just busy workload for the past few days for them, errands and just pure hell of chores coming from different familiars of the community. All they wanted to do was just lay down and do absolutely nothing for atleast a short period of time, but it seemed almost impossible to even sit down at their scenario, their brain was either still processing the tiring cycle they were in or was just nowhere to be found. They'd walk around the cobblestone streets nonstop to the point where their feet started to cramp up, starting an unintentional workout almost every hour they've been nagged to do this and to do that. They needed rest, comfort if you will from none other than their significant other.
Although for camilo, it didn't seem any different either way, he was so caught up in so much chores and was told to run around town to help people who were in need that he didn't have the time to visit or to even start a conversation with his amor. They've been away from eachother to the point it seemed to drain them, needing one another
avoid that. Fortunately those torturous days did pass but a little too painfully, the week seemed as if a snail raced faster than a sluggish timekeep.
Counting in their head every second of the minute..
They rested their head on their arms embraced together, the continuous sound of tick tocking of clockwork that sat aside on the sturdy plywood table rung their ears as it seemledsly drowsed them into a steady but rested state. Those few but beautiful seconds were interrupted by a knock on their window?..
Their room was on the second floor though..?
Getting on their feet as the thought in their head whirled with question, they were greeted by the sunniest of sights by the shapeshifter with a paper bag filled up with his Tia Julieta's infamous arepa as soon as they brushed open the curtains. Camilo's face brightened up as soon as theirs did, their lips curving up to a beautiful smile, the rosy tint on their cheeks, and how their face glistened with a sheen of orange hues as the sun began to fall into it's golden glow.
“M-mind opening up?” He said in a huffed manner seeming as if he ran a marathon to avoid getting caught, not to mention he also had found a way to climb on the roof that stayed between the first and second floor. Though they didn't expect any less _ Surprised? No. Impressed.
They slid up their window for him to enter inside their room,,
“Tia Julieta made those, i pleaded for her to make another batch just for you- but that can wait.” He put the paper bag aside to put his priorities first, pulling them into the longing embrace that either of them needed.
All of their worries and pondered burdens vanished within seconds
"Don't start, i already know how much of an earful you're going to give me on how i could've fallen from climbing up-” He answered with his usual smug smirk before sitting on their bed and made both of themselves comfortable under the unkept sheets and matress. Opening his mouth to comment once more
“I, camilo madrigal, am officially cuddle deprived and is in urgent need of y/n l/n's services."
They sighed defeatingly, nearing the shapeshifter's embrace and raised their arms wide open and gave him an affectionate squeeze, burying their head into his chest to hear the pacing heartbeat of the madrigal beside them.
“i missed you.. so much you don't even know how long i needed you and your hugs and everything.. i could hardly speak with you, you've been so busy and that was fine..!
Although it seemed every second counted.
“Let's not talk about how tiring the past week was amor, i'm here now and so are you..that's all that matters, not even time could compare.” he responds, they exchanged an agreed glance then reached over to the paper bag filled with fragrantly delicious arepas from his Tia. A thought crosses their mind to comment once more
“So... Mind telling me how you got up the roof? I mean the front door would've been quicker..?”
“Let's not talk about that--”
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reguu-x · a day ago
"A Rose For You," Dolores x Mariano Fanfic !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╭── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╮ summary : when dolores asks her boyfriend, mariano, that it is time for them to go on their first date, in which mariano finally decides to take her out on a midnight walk through the encanto, and gives her a very special surprise ! . . . written in : third person word count : 1,002 ╰── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╯
Tumblr media
It was many days since Casita was rebuilt again, and the people of Encanto could’ve never been happier. For instance, Isabela doesn’t just sit down a look pretty, growing flowers from time to time, she also helps grow plants and crops for the farmers. 
Luisa has also changed as well. She no longer has to worry about carrying things for people everyday, she now gets to relax and is allowed to sleep in from time to time. Even Abuela was more excepting of people nowadays. She doesn’t mind that her family isn’t perfect, nor the people living in the Encanto. In fact, she plays along with Camilo’s silly jokes. She helps Mirabel sew dresses, she even plays games with Antonio and his animals in his room. All was well, and nobody could’ve been happier. All except Dolores. Of course, Dolores wasn’t the type of girl to complain about anything. She watched as her cousins and siblings all had fun with their gifts, embracing their powers and living their best life, but what about her? Her boyfriend Mariano had been busy ever since the rebuilt, so she was basically invisible again. She was only spoken to when they needed her.
It seemed that nothing really changed, at least to her. That evening, Mariano was going to stay for dinner with the Madrigals. Everyone was getting ready. Abuela had to fetch a few extra chairs, one for Bruno, of course. Julieta was cooking with the small help of Agustin. Antonio was asking the animals to warm up Mariano’s seat. Camilo was shape-shifted into Mariano, pretending to be him. “For rehearsal, to make sure everything is perfect.” Dolores told him.
Isabela was growing flowers and plants all around, decorating the dining area ever so beautifully. Mirabel wanted to give him a present, a hand-sowed neck tie, just for him.
Dolores wanted to ask Mariano to go on a date with her, she was waiting for so long for Mariano to ask her out but he never got the message. He was always like that, oblivious.
She waited at the front door of Casita, waiting for her beloved Mariano to arrive with his mother. She was excited, finally she would have a break from being unseen and hardly spoken too. Dolores wanted tonight to be perfect for her boyfriend. 
She saw Mariano with his mother and shouted with joy. “He’s here! He’s here!” Her family rushed to put the food out and all sat down at the table, waiting for Dolores to walk him into the dining room.
She walked with him, their arms linked together with his mother on the other side of him. They sat down in their respective spots, Dolores sitting right next to him, beaming.
Dinner was amazing as always, Julieta’s cooking could’ve never been better. After dinner, Dolores rushed out towards the door before Mariano could leave.
“Wait, amor!” she called out to him. He turned around when he heard the nickname, then waved at his mother to go on without him.
“Dolores? Is something wrong?” He asked her.
“Mariano, I was just wondering, since we are dating an all.. that we could go on a date?” She asked him nervously.
“Was this not a date?”
“I-it was.. I just, want it to be just you and me.” She looked away from his eyes as he held her hands.
“Of course, mi vida. Why didn’t you ask me before?” 
“Because,” she started. Dolores sighed and looked into his eyes. “Because I wanted you to ask me first.”
“Aw, Dolores.” He hugged her. “I’m sorry. I will let you know when our next date will be, alright?” 
Dolores smiled. “That would be nice. Thank you Mariano.” They hugged one last time before waving each other goodbye.
It was around eleven pm, everyone was sound asleep. Well, everyone except Mariano.
He pathetically climbed the vines leading up to Dolores window, and knocked lightly.
Her eyes instantly fluttered open and she turned her entire body towards the window. When she saw Mariano, she was confused. He motioned for her to follow him and dropped down to the floor. 
Curious, Dolores got dressed and climbed out the window, awaited by her boyfriend.
“Mariano?” She whispered. “What are you doing here, and at midnight as well?”
“Well,” he began. “You said you wanted a date, so here! A date!” he giggled like a little girl. “Its beautiful, quiet, and we are alone. Come, follow me.”
Dolores was a little hesitant before following him towards a beautifully decorated area near the lake. The area was decorated in pillows and blankets and lanterns as well as lights hung up on the lamp posts. In the middle of the place, there was a bowl of chips and dip and some wine.
Dolores was on the edge of tears, she was so shocked and surprise, but above all was overjoyed. She hugged her boyfriend and they walked down towards the place.
They talked (well, more like whispered), giggled, smiled, kissed for about two hours. To them, tonight was the most perfect night they had ever had.
“Ahem, Dolores,” Mariano looked down, holding her hands in his.
“Yes?” she giggled.
“I have something to give to you, a present.” he said.
She giggled once more. “You’re not gonna propose to me, are you Mariano?”
They both laughed before he shook his head.
“No, not yet, mi amor.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful and red rose Dolores had ever laid her eyes on.
“Oh my! Mariano! This is..” she was at a lost for words.
“Do you like it?” he smiled at her.
“Yes! I do!” she giggled and he placed the flower in her hair.
“Now it looks even prettier in your hair.”
Dolores blushed as Mariano pecked her cheek. She felt happier then she had ever felt in what seemed like forever. She smiled at her boyfriend. She was his, and he was hers, and that’s all that mattered.
Tumblr media
Heyy everyone! I hoped you like this fanfic!! I worked really hard on this despite me having a pile of school work to do. Give some more request if you’d like!! I have about 4 as of right now BUT I do have much more motivation than before. LMK if you want more Dolores x Mariano fics?? tysm for reading! cya soon!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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camilomarrymegal · a day ago
shoot, idk where it went but to anon who asked for the journal of nice things, here you go!
summary (since the thing deleted): y/n has a journal they write nice things in regarding the madrigal family. one day, camilo and mirabel find the notebook and notices that y/n doesn’t have any good things about themselves in it, so they get the whole family to write nice things about y/n.
i gave y/n gender neutral pronouns, no romantic stuff but really sweet friendship between y/n and the madrigals. i also think i changed it up a bit, but i hope you like it anyways!
it was a sunny day, a nice day to hangout. camilo and mirabel set out early that morning to look for y/n and invite them to go hiking in the woods surrounding encanto. knocking on the door to y/n’s house, then walked in (you all established that it’s okay to come in as long as you knock first). looking around, they noticed the kitchen was empty.
“y/n?” mirabel called. camilo repeated her, making a bee-line to the basket of fruits y/n always had laying on the table. mirabel followed him, giving him a firm hit on the shoulder. camilo yelped. 
“i just wanted to look at them.” he looked away innocently. mirabel headed toward y/n’s room, knocking on the door before it slowly swung open. she peered inside as camilo walked up beside her. 
“this is freaky.” he said aloud. mirabel shrugged.
“it’s y/n’s house, the only scary thing in here would be the jokes you make.” camilo gasped, knowing that this meant his wonderous jokes were bad. mirabel chuckled, walking to y/n’s bed. she noticed a leather book sitting on the end of the bed. she picked it up, opening to the inside thinking it was an actual book.
she realized that the words were all hand-written. by y/n. she noticed at the top of the page in big words was the name “camilo”. below it, in smaller font, were positive notes that relayed y/n’s opinion of camilo and the nice things he does. mirabel chuckled as camilo stepped over to read it too.
“aww, how sweet. i guess i’m the favorite.” he sighed dramatically. mirabel turned the page. now it was her name and tributes of hers that were carefully written. the next page was pepa, then félix, everyone had their own positive things. she got to the end and saw in small font “y/n”. under it, there was no positive remarks. just the dull blankness of the paper. 
“camilo, are you thinking what i’m thinking?” mirabel looked at him, eyes stern.
“if you mean you’re also thinking about what’s for dinner then, yes.” mirabel playfully elbowed camilo. he chuckled.
“okay, yes, yes i am.” mirabel smiled and they both ran out of the house. they ran all the way back to casita, racing along the way. they got back to casita, huffing with exhaustion but they had to keep going. they stormed in on everyone eating lunch, including y/n. mirabel quickly hid the notebook behind her back and smiled.
“oh, y/n! we were just by your house looking for you.” she elbowed camilo.
“y-yeah! we didn’t see you so we came back here. we got to go uh do something real quick though. it’s for uh hiking!” mirabel and camilo ran away, being freed from the suspicious glances at the table.
y/n looked to dolores who was sitting left of her. “what was that about?” 
dolores shrugged and kept eating. meanwhile, camilo was whispering to dolores from his room about their plan. project confidence! after lunch, y/n said their momentary farewells, they had to go home and change to go hiking with camilo as they had asked before they left. 
as soon as y/n left, mirabel turned to face the rest of the family, dolores being the gatherer of them. 
“what’s this all about?” abuela asked. camilo quickly explained y/n’s journal, the rest of the family exchanging glances. they all nodded and proceeded with camilo’s idea. one by one they wrote in the notebook under y/n’s name. positive things about them, their favorite thing they said, etc.
when y/n came back about an hour later, they were met with a loud greeting. 
(here is where it transitions into your pov!)
you jumped back, laughing in shock after you saw the madrigals standing inside. you walked in smirking.
“are you all going hiking too? you don’t look very well prepared.” she laughed as she looked at camilo, who had changed into his slippers as a joke to make you laugh. 
“actually, we want to show you something first.” mirabel led you to the kitchen where you saw a familiar notebook on the table. your eyes grew wide as you realized what they found.
“about this-” you started, but luisa, who was standing next to you, cut you off with a finger to the lips. you couldn’t help but giggle at the silly serious look on her face, her eyes as wide as they can go.
“just look.” she said. mirabel opened the book to the last page. you gazed in shock as you noticed the once blank page now filled with positive things about... you. you rushed forward, reading the notes everyone had written and signed.
“your giggle makes my day”, “you’re always willing to help”, “you have much more courage than you think”, it was filled to the brim by positive notes! you’re eyes started to swell. you had recently been feeling as though you weren’t enough no matter what people say or how hard you try. this had really proved to you that they did care and they do see you as an amazing person, no doubt. 
you turned and hugged them all, one big, happy hug.
i hope you liked it! i thought this was a sweet idea. also, sorry but again, this is not proof-read! sorry for any typos or wrong pronouns. 
anyways, if you are insecure about yourself, truly just know that you are great and no matter what you will be loved and accepted and appreciated by others. <3
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camilosangelita · an hour ago
They're mine.
camilo & carlos x reader, a one-shot where the twins have the same crush.
inspired by @dos-oroguitas and anyone else who's wrote about carlos already. [carlos is like his edgier twin brother that's based off his concept art lmfao.] art is by @crunchyfootwear on tiktok + instagram.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Carlos pulled his younger brother Camilo aside, having a very stern look on his face. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Uh-huh sure, y'know.. you look kinda familiar." Camilo hummed, not being able to take his older twin seriously.
Carlos, unamused by his brother's antics, continued on. "You do too but um, I just wanted to know, do you know somebody named..?" He stopped, laughing in the process. "You know their name."
"Oh yeah, definitely, I know their name." Camilo kept his cool, knowing this conversation would go into another direction sooner or later.
A scowl then appeared on Carlos' face, his brown eyes glaring daggers into his brother's green ones. "Well, I just wanted to let you know that they're mine.
Camilo laughed in his brother's face, wearing a satisfied smirk as he saw his brother only get angrier. "No, no, they're mine."
Carlos and Camilo, the famous madrigal twins, one being more famous than the other.
Camilo, was the town's blessing, sacrificing his leisure time to babysit kids in the encanto and spread joy.
On the other hand, Carlos was the town's curse, as he found enjoyment in ruining people's days. He would spend his time pulling harmless but inconvient pranks on the townspeople, claiming it was "fun" to do so.
However, despite their conflicting personalities, the brothers got along very well. If you saw Camilo, you'd see Carlos trailing right behind him, and vice versa. Nothing could break their bond, or so they thought.
One day, Carlos woke up to Camilo sneaking out of their bedroom window. "Where are you going?" He questioned, rubbing his eyes to adjust himself to the bright rays of sunlight that were shining through their room.
"Ay!" Camilo hit his head on the window, earning a laugh from his brother. "To the churro stand." He quickly responded, shutting the blinds. "Nothing weird going on here!" Camilo exclaims, waking goodbye before jumping out.
Not being convinced by his brother's answer, Carlos sat in silence for a minute before turning into an orange butterfly, flying in the direction his brother went.
He would then see Camilo talking with someone in the plaza, happiness evident on his face. 'Oh?' Carlos thought, watching them both closely.
"Is that all for today?" [Name] asked, giving Camilo a kind smile before handing him a brown paper bag.
Camilo gushed, the grin on his face only widening. "Yeah! Thank you!" Camilo bent down a little bit, kissing their hand.
[Name] let out a small giggle, pulling their hand away. "Alright lover boy, move it. I got other customers." [Name] pointed their lips to the long line of customers behind Camilo.
Camilo let out an "ah", giving [Name] a wave before heading back to Casita, skipping his way there.
Carlos shape-shifted back to himself, looking at what just happened in disbelief. His brother, in love?! Hilarious! He just HAD to see what this person was about.
Not caring about the long line infront of him, Carlos shoved his way through, not stopping until he was at the front of the line.
"Camilo? Didn't you just buy something?" [Name] had a confused facial expression, bursting into laugher when they saw how appalled Carlos looked. "It's a jokeeee, que tal Carlito?"
A red blush took over Carlos' face, making him look down in response. "Don't call me that." He mumbled with gritted teeth, the blush on his face growing redder and hotter.
"Aw.. did I make you blush?" [Name] teased, brushing his hair out of his face. "You look so much better without all that hair covering your eye!" They compliemented, watching Carlos step out of his shell.
"Of course! Now are we just gonna stand here all day, or are you gonna buy some churros?"
With a small smile, Carlos bought 2 churro sticks and ate them on his way home, cursing himself out internally. It was one thing for his younger brother to be in love, but now that he's joined him.
There was no way he was gonna play fair.
No way...
ok so like let me know if y'all want a part two, this was fun to make and i really wanna continue, anyways ty for the support ilyasm, bye <3
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Bruno Madrigal - Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt 10)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C / Angst / Sad Kisses / Lost Lovers not knowing what to do lololol
Tumblr media
"Ya te di pan. . ."
The small rat squeaked up at Bruno once more and he sighed in defeat. Ripping the last piece of the cheese he had in his hands in half and tossing it towards the little creature.
"If it wasn't for you and your little friends, I wouldn't have to leave so often to get more food. . ." mumbled Bruno as he scratched the back of the rats head. He sighed, leaning his head back against his sofa chair. He glanced around the room boredly. He'd managed to smuggle a few things from outside the walls, snatching random objects he noticed the family had no longer used or cared for, keeping it for his own. He'd taken broken picture frames an old books for his entertainment or even some old pans and lanterns his sister had thrown away. But no matter how much he smuggled into his lonely lair, it never filled the void inside him.
Unfortunately food was one thing Bruno could not hold off. And the more ratoncitos he allowed to join him in solitude, the faster it ran out. He didn't mind of course. The company of the small creatures had slowly grown on him and he'd often find himself mumbling too them when his frantic thoughts took over.
"Oh, no me mires así. I already went yesterday. . " he mumbled over to a particular rat, who had been tilting it's head up at Bruno from the armchair for more scraps . Bruno sighed and rolled his eyes in defeat.
A happy squeak was heard as Bruno sat up from his seat to grab his ruana. He huffed as he lifted his hood over his head and began to make his way through the walls. It was the middle of the night, so Bruno hadn't worried that much of getting caught. He'd sleep for most of the day, wanting to avoid making as much noise as possible to avoid suspicion. Then during the dead of night, he'd lurk the halls, purposely avoiding the walkway towards Valeria's room. His hands would often clutch her ring that hung around his neck. It's gold band almost stinging him with the reminder of her skin. But he'd shake those thoughts away, not wanting to relive those memories.
He wandered slowly through the walls and the sounds of Pepa's loud snoring softly echoed through. Bruno chuckled to himself, knowing Felix was probably beside her tossing and turning over the loud noises. He missed his sisters. . he missed his family. Perhaps that's why he forced himself to lurk beyond the walls. To hear their muffled voices laughing and talking together. To somehow stay with them in his solitude.
He'd lean his head against a particularly wall he knew was directly behind the kitchen. He'd listen as the children chatter about nonsense during dinner. He'd listen to Julieta's soft voice lean over to Agustín to whisper some joke, making him laugh loudly. He'd listen to Pepa's cracks of thunder as Camilo threw food across the table to his cousins, Felix whispering soothing words to calm his wife. Even the scolding of his mother's strong voice brought him some comfort. Knowing she was still there, leading the family even though one of her children had cowardly fled. .
But one voice that barely said a word during those dinners, was Valeria. Perhaps she didn't want Bruno to hear her, knowing he was lurking about. Perhaps she knew he longed to hear her sweet voice, and this was his punishment. .
Bruno was taken from his dark thoughts as his bare foot brushed along side a small rolled up piece of parchment. It seemed to have been rolled into the small opening of the painting where he hid. He carefully lifted it from the ground and moved back into the small cracks of light where the moonlight peered through.
His heart thumped against his chest. What if someone else knew where he hid? Was this a small threat? Perhaps someone from the Encanto saw him lurking behind the house that one night and wanted something from him . .
Bruno shook his head, not wanting his emotion to fuel the fiery glow behind his eyes. His hands trembled as he unrolled the parchment and his chest heaved as his eyes slowly scanned the scribbling of the sheet. He froze once he recognized the handwriting on the top of the note where his name was written.
"Valeria? . ."
Had she decided to finally leave him? Was this going to be a letter of how much she hated him?
He deserved that. He wanted her to hate him. . It would be easier to unravel the chains he held on her.
Bruno took a deep gulp, as he began reading her words.
𝒮ℴ𝓂ℯ𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒽𝒶𝓈 𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓅ℯ𝓃ℯ𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝐼 𝓌𝒾𝓈𝒽 𝐼 𝒸ℴ𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇ℯ 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓎ℴ𝓊. 𝒲ℯ ℴ𝓃𝒸ℯ 𝒹𝓇ℯ𝒶𝓂ℯ𝒹 ℴ𝒻 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒶 𝒻𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎 ℴ𝒻 ℴ𝓊𝓇 ℴ𝓌𝓃, 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝓃ℴ𝓌 𝒾𝓉 𝓈ℯℯ𝓂𝓈 𝒾𝓉 𝒽𝒶𝓈 𝒸ℴ𝓂ℯ 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒶 𝓅𝓇𝒾𝒸ℯ, 𝒶𝓈 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝓃ℴ 𝓁ℴ𝓃𝑔ℯ𝓇 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒷𝓎 𝓂𝓎 𝓈𝒾𝒹ℯ.
𝐼 𝒶𝓂 𝒸𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒶 𝓂𝒾𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓁ℯ ℴ𝒻 𝓂𝓎 ℴ𝓌𝓃. . ℴ𝓊𝓇 𝓂𝒾𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓁ℯ.
𝐼𝒻 𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓇ℯ 𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝓎 𝓁ℴ𝓋ℯ 𝓁ℯ𝒻𝓉 𝒾𝓃 𝓎ℴ𝓊𝓇 𝒽ℯ𝒶𝓇𝓉 𝒻ℴ𝓇 𝓂ℯ, 𝓅𝓁ℯ𝒶𝓈ℯ 𝒸ℴ𝓂ℯ 𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒹 𝓂ℯ.
𝒯ℯ 𝒜𝓂ℴ,
Brunos tears landed on top of her ink stained ones on the parchment. His hands trembled as they clenched the letter.
Valeria, his Valeria.
Was carrying their child.
His child.
Bruno tried to calm his breathing, as he stumbled backwards away from the pathway inside the Casita.
He hadn't been outside in two days! His thoughts raced, wondering when she slipped the letter through the painting.
She wanted him to go to her.
His heart swelled at her written words, knowing she still loved him. Even after this, she still loved him. But the realization of his situation seeped into him and doubt rushed through his mind.
How could he be a father like this?
For all he knew, this could be a ruse-to- to get him out and-
"No! Stop it, Bruno!" he told himself, as he began hitting the sides of his head harshly.
"B-Be brave. F-For V-Valeri. .Valeria." he said, pacing back and forth in front of the pathway.
"No. What if we get caught? Then who knows what will happen? No, No, she's safer without me-s-she has the familia a-and-"
Bruno paced back and forth debating with himself. Not knowing if it would be right to show himself to Valeria once more. He began to chew on his nails, but they had ended up so short from the chewing over the weeks, he nipped the skin, ignoring the twinge of blood that began bubbling out of his cuticles. It became a new habit since scratching at his eyes. Since the scars on his face were still fresh, he felt the urge to pick at something else. He now had small wrapped bandages along different fingers. If he were left alone with his nerves any longer, he'd be wrapped up like a mummy.
His mind raced over Valeria. She was carrying something so precious, that Bruno wondered why he could be blessed with such a miracle. . after abandoning his own.
Taking a deep breath, he pulled his hood back up and began making his way through the path way.
· · · · · ·
"Well Casita, your little plan didn't work. It's been two days and still nada . . ." Valeria whispered.
She hadn't been able to rest her eyes since she slipped the note through the painting. Wondering if Bruno had stumbled upon it or even realized it was there. . . Was he even there?
"No answer again?" she mumbled. She waited for a sound, but there was nothing. So she rolled over on her side away from the door, sighing as she clenched Bruno's old pillow.
"I tried. . " Valeria closed her eyes in defeat, breathing in whatever essence he left on the pillow.
There was nothing but the winds hitting against Casita, as the curtains swayed against the window. Valeria let her mind drift peacefully, thinking of the child that was slowly growing inside her. Would it be a girl? . . A boy? With long black curls and green eyes?
*Tap . . . Tap. . . *
Valerias eyes snapped open and she stood up from the bed, her head turning towards the door. She felt her heart thump against her chest, glancing around the room to see if Casita would protest against her leaving the bed. But again, there was nothing. She slowly lifted herself from the bed and tiptoed towards the door. She stood there for a moment, her hand hovering above the doorknob. She sucked in a breath and lightly turned the doorknob, too afraid to make a sound.
As the door slowly opened, Valeria kept her eyes leveled towards the ground for a moment, before hesitantly lifting them up.
" . . . Bruno ? "
His back was turned, already trying to leave. But he froze in place once he heard her whisper his name. He tired to calm his rash breathing, but he couldn't, not when she was standing right there behind him. He began to panic, to afraid to turn and face her, so he took another step forward, but her hand reached out and grabbed the back of his ruana harshly, the rash movement making his hood fall.
"Please . . "
She wasn't sure what she was begging him for. For him to stay? To look at her? To say anything . .
Bruno sighed and slowly turned his head low, avoiding her gaze. It was too dark for her too see the scars on his face, but he felt shameful, too scared for her to see his face. He noticed her shaking hands lift higher to grab his, gently pulling him into the room. He let her, the sensation of her skin on his sending him in a daze as his eyes stared down at their hands. Casita slowly closed the door behind him, making sure not to make a sound.
Valeria clenched Bruno's hand in hers as she led him to sit to her on the bed. He kept his head turned away from her, as the moonlight became brighter in the room.
"Is . . is it true. . Estás . . embarazada? " he whispered.
". . Si. . "
He let out a shaky breath and barely noticed the small smile on his face. But she couldn't tell how he was feeling, as he kept his face away from hers.
"Bruno. . mírame . . " she whispered with a light tug on his hand, her fingers tracing the bandages on his finger tips. His breathing became shaky and he shook his head. She'd surely push him out if she saw him like this. . But Valeria sighed and lifted her hand to gently turn his towards hers. He let her lift his chin up, his eyes still glued to the floor.
His chest burned as she let out a gasp, her eyes scanning the marks on his face that his nails left. His eyes lifted to finally to reach hers, and he let out a sigh of content , thinking he'd never be this close to her again.
"Bruno, what happened to your ey-"
But he couldn't help himself so he leaned in closer to her, his lips shushing her worried mumbling over the scars on his face. The softness of her lips felt so delicious against his, he couldn't help but deepen the kiss, desperate to feel as much of her as possible. She melted into his lips for a moment, but lightly pushed him back with her hand.
"W-Wait." she said against his lips. Bruno quickly pulled away from her, rememerbing why he was here in the first place.
"S-Sorry, I- I just . . " he said, glancing down at his lap.
The stood there for a moment, shaky in each others presence. But now there was a third in between them, growing peacefully in Valeria's womb. Bruno carefully lifted his palm up and paced in gently on her flat stomach, rubbing it gently.
"Un bebe. . "
Valeria nodded. And for the first time since discovering she was carrying, she smiled at the thought of their child, as Bruno traced circles against her stomach. She placed a hand on his and he glanced up at her, tears trickling the corners of his eyes.
"I abandon you and yet . . you gift me the greatest miracle." he said. Valeria quietly sobbed, letting her head hang as she clasped a hand over her mouth. Bruno leaned his forehead against hers and she noticed the twinkling shine of her ring hanging around his neck. She brought her hands to the back of his head and pulled him in close, embracing him as tightly as she could. His arms wrapped around hers as he sobbed into her neck.
Somehow, they both knew he wouldn't be apart of this life fully. That he'd continue to shun himself away, believing this would make her better off. That his family would continue to live on as they wished without him destroying everything he came close too. In his mind they were happier without him around. And perhaps this child would give Valeria the love she needed to release her from him.
But the love they shared together managed to form a beautiful creation. And Bruno knew no matter how hard he tried to pull away, he would always be wrapped around her. Valeria was his other half, and without her it was like trying to live in a world without air.
Bruno pulled away from her neck and lowered himself to lay his head by her stomach, whispering sweet nothings against it between his quiet sobs as Valeria stroked his dark curls. She would never truly understand his reasons for hiding, but his presence with her now proved to her that he had more love for her than he feared his gift. . or his mother. Perhaps she kept his secret of his hideout only to herself for selfish reasons, not wanting to risk Alma banishing him for good, wanting to keep close in someway. The anger and confusion melted away in her bones, as he laid there, kissing her clothed stomach.
"If she is a girl, I want to name her Elena. . and if he is a boy, then Alejandro or Bernardino . . " she said fondly. Bruno let out a chuckle against her.
"What? No te gustan?" she asked, glancing down at him. But he shook his head against her, giving her stomach a chaste kiss.
"Me encanta . ."
Bruno lifted himself up after a moment, and held her face in his shaky hands. She placed her hands over his and smiled through her tears as he wiped them away with his thumbs.
"I promise you . . I will .. c-come see you as o-often as I can." he said, his lips ghosting over hers once more. She sighed contentedly against his hands. The comfort of his soothing reassurance making her putty in his trembling hands.
"Stay the night . . please." she begged. He nodded and kissed her lips softly.
". . I'll stay mi cielo. . . I'll stay. "
Valeria pulled him to lay with her on the bed. He laid his head on her stomach and wrapped his arm tightly around her waist. She stroked his head lovingly, but when her fingers grazed over his scarred skin, he winced and pulled away slightly.
"Bruno. . Did someone do that- or d-did you fall-"
"I did this to myself."
Valeria tensed and slowly lifted herself up, Bruno hesitantly following her actions and nudging away from her.
"What? Why-"
"I can't- Agh- I can't c-control them a-anymore a-and it hurts, it hurts so much to-" Bruno groaned as he felt his eyes glimmer brightly, but it burned from the fresh scars he gave himself the other night. He quickly turned away from Valeria and held his face in his hands, embarrassed she had to see him this way.
"Bruno? "
It pained her to see him this way. She knew he always hated his gift, but to see him fight against it so violently was heartbreaking. He flinched away when she lightly grabbed his shoulder, but she lifted it up to scratch the back of his head for him to relax. His breathing calmed after a moment, so she moved herself closer to him, the bed bending under her as she pulled his head to her chest.
" . . Sana, Sana, Colita de Rana . ." she whispered against his forehead. He kept his eyes closed as he slowly dropped his hands from his face. Letting himself sink back into her as she rocked him gently.
"I pray our child bares no gift such as this. That they are free from the shackles from my mothers hold on this house . . . from this Encanto." he sneered against her skin.
Valeria stood quiet as he spoke. Not knowing how to respond to his silent prayers. But she knew soon enough she'd have to tell the family and . . . Alma. Part of her feared the future for their child. Will they be taken away from her on their 5th year? Would Alma push them away if her child bore no gift for her? No outstanding charm for this family?
But Valeria shook the thoughts away, instead focusing on soothing the man she loved, as he laid helplessly against her.
He kept his promise that night and stayed until she fell asleep as her arms wrapped around his frame. He kissed her forehead as he crept out of her arms once he felt she was deeply asleep, but her eyes had fluttered opened when she felt him move away and she clenched her hands around his wrists.
"Volveré. . .Lo prometo." he whispered, lifting her hands up to his lips to kiss them. She nodded sleepily and let herself drift off once more. Bruno smiled at her and bent his head to give her stomach one more kiss before crept back into the darkness of the walls.
"Lo prometo."
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀
Yes Bruno is slowly going crazy in the walls in the beginning when he's talking to himself. IN MY MIND this is the beginning of his development of Hernando and Jorge.
Valeria is kind of just accepting the fact she can't get her man out the walls permanently and is just happy he's "kind of" with her?? these two goons are so in love with eachother it's like crack (in my mind again i'm writing out of my ass lolol)
I really want to edit a pic of bruno of how he looks with his scratches/scars on his face cause in my mind it's hurtful af.
HOPE YALL ENJOYED THIS LITTLE REUNION, again i'm writing out of my culito lolol but im having fun glad you all are too 😭 💗 💗
(I got some sad annoying shit planned for alma to low key ruin Valeria and Brunos secret life LMAO i'm really trying not to make her a disney ass villian but kekekeke I LOVE THE TELANOVELA DRAMA OF IT ALL.)
As always heres a link to my insta cause I LOVE MAKING AMIGUITOS ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
My Etsy Shop💖https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlamGhoulzStore
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althememelord · 2 days ago
Not Waiting On a Miracle
Prev Chap/ Masterlist
Mirabel was walking through the town aimlessly, having stormed out of Casita with an unsteady but determined gait. She didn’t wait for anyone, assuming the Ortega’s would know her well enough to give her space to think. Since the incident, her sleep has been restless causing her to be more than a little irritable at all times. Her abuela’s need to hold on to the miracle over the well-being of her family had tipped the scales enough that she had ruthlessly torn into her. Past her would be disappointed but she couldn’t bring herself to care, it had to be said.
The townspeople were all the same as they always had been, if a little wary of her now. She could recognize a few faces in the crowd such as the children she used to play with in the streets, now much older and on their way to becoming teenagers. She wondered if any, like Antonio, had remembered her or whether she was simply a distant memory of a giftless Madrigal.
 Walking further and further through the town, Mirabel didn’t stop even when the stone pathways gave way to lush greenery and jungle terrain. She was not worried about getting lost, she had played in these jungles since she was a child and her feet took her to a place that her mind had forgotten and shelved in the deepest recesses of her mind. An alcove, next to a calm river where she had made flower crowns with her hermanas when they were all children, before their grandmother’s expectations cracked and blistered their relationship.
 Speaking of which, Mirabel carefully took a seat on the ground, lying down to gaze at the bright blue sky, “being the star of the town doesn’t make you the sneakiest person when trailing someone.”
 A rustling sound accompanied with the crunching of leaves were the only indications she had before a shadow blocked the sunlight shining on her, “how did you know it was me.”
 “Again, you’re status doesn’t exactly afford you with anonymity. I would have known you were trailing me even without the oohs and ahhs when you used your vines to get on the rooftops” the younger Madrigal said as she opened one eye to gaze up at Isabela who looked pensively back at her.
 “Y-you have a point there,” gesturing to the grounds next to her, “may I sit.”
 Mirabel shrugged, “I don’t own the jungle; do what you want.”
 Isabela tucked her dress close to her as she lowered herself on the ground, her head resting on her knees as she looked at her little sister who was not so little anymore. In fact, Mirabel had a surprise growth spurt when she was 17 causing to grow tall enough to tower over he sister at 5 foot 7 inches, still much shorter than her sister Luisa but about as tall as her aunt Pepa. This thought greatly amused Isabela as it meant that despite being the oldest she was now the smallest of the Madrigal sisters.
 “What’s got you smiling like that” Mirabel asked causing Isabela to reflexively put her hand on her face, surprised to find that she was indeed smiling.
 “It’s nothing; it’s just weird to see you so grown now. Everything about you seems so different.”
 “Well when you don’t see someone for 6 years, you’ll tend to find they do change” Mirabel noted, laughing lightly but Isabela merely frowned.
 “Hey” Mirabel said as she got up into a seated position, “it wasn’t your fault you know.”
 The older girl shook her head, “I should have said something. We should have never let Abuela send you away. I should have been a better sister to you.”
 Mirabel looked at her sister thoughtfully, sighing deeply “you know for all the misgivings and treatment I had, it wasn’t all bad. Not when I was here or when I was out there” she said gesturing to the large mountains that covered the Encanto.
 “I learnt a lot of things while I was gone and yes I did miss home but I’m learning to live a life without regrets.”
 “I wish I could do that too” Isabela replied, hiding her face as she looked down at her knees covered by her now stained dress.
 “What happened……you know with Mariano. I noticed he wasn’t in Casita.”
 Isabela brought her hand up, clutching tightly to her hair as she replied shakily, “y-yeah it didn’t work out. Abuela wasn’t happy when I ran from the altar.”
Mirabel’s eyes bugged out, “you ran from the altar!!!”
 Isabela smiled hesitantly and shrugged, her hand seemingly gripping harder as the stress came off her in waves. Mirabel grimaced, gently taking her sisters fist in her own and nudging the fingers to release their tension on the hair, lest she ends up bald on one side of her head.
 Interlacing their fingers, Mirabel held on firmly yet softly onto her older sister’s hand, rubbing soothing circles on with her thumb, “you want to talk about it?”
 Isabela shook her head muttering a “later.”
 Mirabel nodded her head in understanding, clearly it was a sore topic for the older Madrigal and she would not be the one to force something out of someone who didn’t want to speak. “Well, how about I tell you about what happened whilst I was out there, after all we have 6 years to catch up on” Mirabel said changing the topic, much to Isabela’s relief.
 And that is what they did, until the sun began saying its goodbye’s, the sky darkening as to moon made itself known. The two slowly ventured back to the Casita, giggling and laughing as Mirabel told her the story of the guy in her class who fainted from a surgical class she had. And far away at the top of Casita, where the candle burned, its flame alighted just a bit brighter.
 Things were going to be okay. Slowly but surely.
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