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Julieta has been a healer for as long as she can remember. The strong one, the one who carries and heals the pain of others. But what happens when the healer is the one that is injured?
There’s so much angst potential with Julieta, and I love that so here’s this. There’s also so much sweetness potential with Julieta, and I love that so here’s this. I’ve also thought a lot about Julieta interacting with other people living in the town and this particular conversation has been in my head for a long time, so I hope you enjoy it! I should say that I am in no way a medical professional and this is most likely not entirely accurate, but it’s fanfiction so maybe it doesn’t have to be
With a grimace she pressed the towel to her arm, tried to get the blood flow to stop. How had she even managed to do that? She knew better than to just leave knives around and not keeping track of them, why had she left that one out and then leaned against the counter right where she had put it?
She quite quickly bled through the towel and had to take another one, all while letting out a string of very colourful words that she had barely thought herself capable of. It hurt like hell, and there was so much blood.
Since she was a small child she had seen both lesser and larger amounts of blood most every day, but she was very rarely the source of it. And she could not heal herself. As Pepa couldn’t strike herself with lightning and Bruno couldn’t read his own future. Hers and her siblings gifts didn’t work on themselves, they served the family and the town.
For quite a long time she sat on a chair at the table with the towel pressed to her arm, trying to get the bleeding to stop. Or at least make it bleed less. The pain was like a heartbeat, dull and pulsing. But that wasn’t what she had her mind on.
If anyone were to come into the kitchen and see her they would be so terribly worried. It would pain them to see her in pain, and she would spare them that if she could. So she thoroughly hoped that no one would enter. If she managed to stop the bleed before anyone came home then she could simply roll down her sleeves until the wound had healed and no one would know.
Except for Agustín. Agustín would see her when she changed clothes, or when they made love. Damn it. She had to find some way to hide it. Surely it wasn’t impossible.
After a while, when the bleeding seemed to have calmed down, she lowered the towel and inspected the wound. She was almost ashamed at how nausea welled up in her at the sight of it. The deep gash ran down her forearm, from her elbow almost all the way to the back of her hand. She couldn’t see how deep it was, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know.
“Ay Dios mío” she sighed.
Was she lightheaded from blood loss or was it the sight of her own blood? There was blood on both of her hands and on her clothes, on the knife that she had left on the counter. So much red, so much terrible red. She hated that colour, she had hated it for as long as she could remember.
She should have been more tolerant to it, she should have learned how to handle it. She was a healer, she took the hurt and the blood away. But she couldn’t stand it.
Somehow she managed to gather enough courage to raise her other hand and touch the cut. Very carefully she put her fingertips to the edge and had to hold back a scream.
“Stitches, I need stitches” she mumbled.
Despite her powers she had also made sure to learn everything she could about medicine. She knew how to stitch, she knew symptoms of illnesses, she knew all medicinal and poisonous plants in the area. She was a healer through and through. For her own sake and because sometimes her food wouldn’t do the trick and she had to take other measures. But she could not stitch herself.
As far as she knew there was only one other person in the town that could. At least that was the only one she would want to stitch her arm. She had to get herself there and hope he was home.
It was with great effort she wrapped the towel around her arm and secured it there. Then she rolled down her sleeves to cover it and proceeded to clean up as much as she could. The towel was very much visible and it was hard to get the sleeve down over it. The pressure it put on the wounds was excruciating, but she would just have to push through it. She had birthed two children, she would manage.
She walked as quickly as her body allowed, even as the world was swaying a little. She could feel herself sweating, and she most likely slouched a little. Julieta couldn’t remember when she last felt so miserable. She wanted to just sit down and cry. It would feel so much easier.
She did not walk on the main streets, walked behind the houses to stay out of sight. She felt as if she had done something illegal. Or like she was a child trying to steal food from the kitchen. But with none of the excitement, only the fear of that Mamá would find her.
It was a relief when she finally saw the house she was going to. Quickly she walked over to the door, knocked and hoped he was home. She did not know if she would be able to look for him.
“Señora Madrigal” he said when he opened the door.
Julieta had never been more happy to see anyone than the old man before her. Time had left his hair and moustache grey, and it had left lines and deep wrinkles on his face, but his soft brown eyes were lively and bright. A kinder face was hard to find, she had yet to meet someone that radiated such comfort.
“Señor Avila” she replied. “I know you are not too fond of me, but I need to ask you for a favour.”
“What can I do for you?”
She held up her arm.
“I cut myself quite badly in the kitchen, and I wonder if you could stitch me up?”
He didn’t hesitate for even a second.
“Of course, come in.”
She followed him into the house and closed the door behind her. He showed her into the kitchen and told him to sit at the table while he went to get what he needed.
While he did so she rolled up her sleeve and unwrapped her arm. During the short trip to Señor Avila she had almost managed to forget the bloody nightmare that was her forearm. She couldn’t look at it without feeling the need to throw up so she kept her eyes on the wall. Señor Avila’s late wife had been a painter, and on the wall hung a beautiful painting of the backyard of the house. A little pond and lots of flowers.
“I figured you would show up here sooner or later” Señor Avila said when he entered the kitchen, carrying a bag.
“You did?” Julieta asked, surprised.
How had he been able to know she would come?
“You can’t heal yourself, can you?” he chuckled. “I had a feeling I would come in handy.”
“I suppose.”
He pulled out a chair and sat next to her, putting the bag down on the table. He reached for her arm and she gave it to him without a word. Still didn’t look at it, kept her eyes on the painting. Tried to find every little detail there was, every stroke of the brush.
“This is indeed a nasty cut, but the edges are clean” Señor Avila said as he evaluated the wound. “It should not be too hard to stitch.”
“That is always something” Julieta responded.
“I must clean it up first, though.”
He got up and returned with a wet rag. He then fished a small bottle out of the bag and put some of the clear liquid in it on the rag.
“This will hurt.”
Julieta barely had time to react to Señor Avila’s words before he had put the wet rag to her arm. She could not help the scream she let out when the rag came into contact with the wound.
“I’m sorry for that” she then said through gritted teeth.
As she said that she became aware of that the reason for that her vision was blurry was tears. She fought against them as much as she fought against screaming another time. And it was one of the hardest fights she had ever been put through. Julieta wanted to leave her body, wanted to escape it and return when it was over.
“Don’t worry about it” the older man responded. “I know you’re in a lot of pain.”
She focused on her breathing, in and out. Deep breaths, she had to keep breathing.
“There, now it’s clean.”
When he said so she looked at the cut. It looked a lot less frightening when there was not an unreasonable amount of blood everywhere. It was like what she had read about in her books, almost fascinating.
“Now, I’ll give you an injection to numb your arm so that I can do the stitches.”
She looked as he prepared his syringe and then watched as he gave her the injection. It hurt, but it hurt a lot less than cleaning the wound.
“I can’t say how grateful I am for this” she said as they waited for her arm to start going numb.
“You don’t need to thank me, Señora Madrigal” Señor Avila smiled.
His smile was warm like a fireplace. It reminded Julieta of her father. She had only ever seen pictures of him, but in the pictures he smiled in a similar way.
“I’m a doctor” he continued. “This is what I do.”
Though not anymore. She didn’t like to think about how she had forced him out of practice, she was too ashamed of it. She hadn’t wanted to. But a doctor sort of became unnecessary when someone else could heal every injury with magic food.
“I’m sorry” Julieta said, and she could feel her cheeks burn.
No one had said it, but she knew that both of them had been thinking about it.
“I know you didn’t choose it.”
He didn’t look her in the eye when he said it, instead began preparing to stitch the wound.
“No, but I took your work from you.”
It had been more than twenty five years, no one seemed to care anymore. Or remember a time before her food. It was so obvious, a natural part of their town. There were no doctors, no one needed them. The one doctor that had survived the escape, Señor Avila, had not been necessary after she received her gift.
“I found other things to do, dearest Julieta” he chuckled. “Turns out I’m quite a farmer. And my wife made a fine painter. We found other things to do, you don’t need to worry.”
“I don’t deserve your kindness.”
He was a doctor, that was what he had done, and she had taken that from him. Her gift wasn’t always a gift.
“Everyone deserves kindness, and you have done nothing wrong. I’m an old man, you’re still young, you and your gift will be here for many more years, so embrace it. Don’t be ashamed.”
“You were not old when I received my gift.”
“No, I wasn’t. And I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t too happy about it at first. But you can do more good than I, your food never fails. So I moved on.”
“Oh yes.”
Julieta felt small again. Like a young girl. When she was little and fell and scraped her knee and Mamá had to put a bandaid on.
She closed her eyes when he stitched her. She could still feel it very well, she wasn’t entirely numb but it wasn’t unbearable. She could handle it. She wouldn’t have been able seeing it though.
For what seemed like an eternity she sat there in silence with her eyes closed while Señor Avila worked on her. He was slow and gentle, as if he had never stopped practicing. She was so grateful for him. She had to make him something as a thanks.
“You’re all done, Señora.”
When she opened her eyes again her wound was neatly stitched.
“I will put a little bandage around your arm to protect the stitches so that you don’t damage them or rip them out.”
Señor Avila carefully wrapped the bandage around her arm and secured it. With the bandage covering it it didn’t look bad at all. And it would be a lot easier to hide under a sleeve than the towel had been.
“You need to keep this dry for at least 24 hours” Señor Avila said, nailing her down with his gaze. “After that you might very gently and carefully start cleaning it. Don’t scratch on there. Don’t put yourself into situations where you might bump or bruise your arm. Don’t get dirt in it. Don’t overextend yourself. I trust you know that if you show signs of infection you must come find me immediately.”
“Si, Señor.”
“And most importantly, rest.”
She had been told she was a terrible patient, but she would be good. She would follow the instructions, and care for it properly until it was time to take the stitches out.
She was still a little lightheaded when she returned to Casita, but she felt a lot better than when she had left. She didn’t know how long she had been with Señor Avila, but it had to be quite long. The sun stood much lower on the sky when she stepped back inside the kitchen. Bruno and Pepa sat at the table together.
“Where have you been?” Pepa asked sharply.
“Hóla to you, too” Julieta answered.
“That wasn’t an answer” Bruno said.
“I’ve been walking, I was in need of a break.”
She looked around the kitchen, saw no signs of the blood bath that had taken place. Casita must have done some cleaning of its own after she left, she hadn’t been able to clean it all up. She had planned to blame it on a bird flying into the kitchen, but it seemed unnecessary.
“You were gone for quite long, we started getting worried” Pepa said.
“I wasn’t feeling that well, so I thought some fresh air would do the trick.”
It was at least partly true, she really wasn’t feeling well at all. She hoped they couldn’t tell. Her arm was beginning to ache a little and she had to resist the urge to scratch.
Julieta saw the moment both her brother and sister changed from annoyed about her disappearance to worried. Which was exactly what she wanted to avoid, she couldn’t bear seeing that look in their eyes.
“Are you alright?” Bruno asked softly.
“I just need to rest for a bit” she said, giving them a smile.
She had mastered that smile, at that point it was more an instinct than a choice. Everything was alright, she was alright. As always.
“Do you think Félix could make dinner today?” she then asked Pepa.
“Of course, I’ll get him. Go lay down.”
Julieta was barely out of the kitchen before she ran into Agustín with Luisa in his arms.
“There you are!” he beamed.
It was like he had never been happier to see anyone ever. For a moment Julieta forgot about her pain, only looked at her husband with their baby. She grew so terribly fast, could already sit and walk on her own. It went too fast.
“Here I am” she smiled back at him.
Luisa also lit up at the sight of her and at hearing the sound of her voice, began excitedly blabbering and waving her little fists around. Agustín had to move his face away from her to avoid having his glasses knocked off his face, and Julieta couldn’t do anything but laugh.
“We missed you today” he said.
“I missed you even more.”
It was true, she despised that she couldn’t spend more time with them. But Agustín and a baby in the kitchen was a recipe for disaster, and she had to spend a lot of time there.
He stepped close to her and pressed a kiss to her forehead. As he did so she moved to take Luisa from him. As she so often did. And she almost had the baby in her arms when she winced from pain and immediately had to push her back to Agustín to keep from dropping her. Which thoroughly confused both him and Luisa.
“Did something happen, mi vida?” he asked, frowning.
Julieta’s heart dropped in her chest when she saw Luisa go from happy to almost ok the verge of tears in the matter of a second. She had hurt her baby. And she couldn’t hold her baby. She couldn’t hold her child. What sort of terrible mother couldn’t hold their own child?
“I burned my arm a little today” she managed to get out. “It’ll be good again tomorrow, I’m just a little sore now.”
After she had said that Luisa began wailing. It was the worst sound Julieta had ever heard. It pierced through her and tore her into tiny little pieces. Normally she would have stepped close to Agustín again and comforted Luisa with him without holding her. But she couldn’t bring herself to do that.
“I’m sorry” she mumbled.
Then she turned her back on her husband and her crying daughter and fled up the stairs. Agustín seemed too stunned to do anything, just stood there and watched her disappear into their room. She slammed the door between them, desperate to shut out the sound of Luisa.
The silence in the room was blessed but also unbearable. Julieta leaned back against the door, tried to keep her breathing calm and failed miserably.
She was suffocating, seeing her family was killing her. She had been fine before but as soon as she saw them she had broken. She felt so weak and tired, but they couldn’t know that. It was her job to care for them, she had to keep doing that despite her pain and struggles. And they couldn’t know. She was so bad at pretending, it was so hard.
With tears running down her cheeks she made her way over to the bed, almost fell down on it. All through the day she had kept herself from crying, had kept the tears inside, and even though she wanted nothing but to weep she kept fighting. She fought until she had suppressed the urge, fought until she could sit up again and compose herself. She was strong, and she wouldn’t be anything less than strong. She couldn’t afford weakness.
Slowly she made her way up again, straightened her dress and fixed her hair. Then opened the door to the room. Only to find Agustín just outside, one hand raised as if he had just meant to knock.
“Mi amor, are you alright?” he asked.
His forehead laid in deep wrinkles and the worry in his eyes was sharper than any knife.
The smile that was her close companion in internal turmoil was on her face before she had time to think about it.
“I am alright, Gus” she said. “Just very very tired. And I’m so sorry for leaving you with Luisa like that, I feel horrible about it.”
She knew he didn’t believe her. It was very apparent, but neither of them pointed it out. He knew she didn’t want to talk about it.
“You need not feel sorry for it” he said softly. “And you don’t have to apologise. I understand you’re tired.”
He wrapped his arms around her and she rested her face against his chest. He was her safety, her rock. She was so lucky to have him.
She noticed his eyes on her through the dinner and the rest of the evening. He followed her like a shadow, never let her out of sight. And that she didn’t mind too much, she was happy to have him around. It was the suspicion she didn’t like. The rest of the family moved on as usual, but he wouldn’t let her go. Which made hiding the wound so much harder.
When they went to bed Julieta waited with changing into a nightgown until Agustín had gone into the bathroom. She did it in a hurry so that her bandage wouldn’t be exposed if he happened to come out.
She was already down underneath the blankets when he exited the bathroom. He quickly joined her, pulled her into his arms and held her there. For a moment Julieta felt at peace when she got to rest her head on his chest, but of course that couldn’t last.
“I know you said you’re alright, and I want to believe you, but I don’t” Agustín mumbled, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.
“You have no reason to worry.”
“Julieta” he sighed. “You can tell me, you don’t have to pretend you’re fine.”
“I’m not pretending!”
She said it much more sharply than she had intended, but she really didn’t want him to keep talking. She couldn’t pretend for long with him, he knew her much too well. And if he was set to find out why she was hurting then she would tell him. And he would comfort her, and that comfort would be so sweet. She yearned for it so much that it hurt.
The notion of that he was trying to look her in the eye didn’t escape her, but she stubbornly kept her head down.
“I see your pain” he continued. “And you are safe with me, you don’t have to be strong.”
Against her will she could feel tears burning in her eyes. Angrily she tried to blink them away.
“I didn’t burn myself” she quietly admitted.
Her husband’s silence seemed to last an eternity.
“What happened?” he then asked.
Julieta took a deep breath and pushed herself up in a sitting position. Slowly and without looking at Agustín she rolled up the sleeve of her nightgown so that her bandage became visible.
“I cut myself” she said. “So I went to Señor Avila to get stitches. And now I can’t hold my baby.”
Her voice broke at the last word and despite her effort the tears came. All day she had held them in, but there was a limit to everything. And it seemed like she had found hers.
Agustín held her as she was reduced to a sobbing mess, crying so hard that her shoulders were shaking and she had trouble breathing. Her whole world was for a while reduced to the pain. Not the pain in her arm, but the pain inside her. The pain and fear and anger that she had felt the whole day, that she had tried to push aside. Suddenly it burst out of her and she couldn’t do anything but let it.
She felt so small and weak and worthless when she sat there wrapped in Agustín’s arms and cried until her throat was sore and her face was puffy. She was better than that and yet she couldn’t bring herself to be.
“I’m sorry” Julieta mumbled hoarsely.
She couldn’t recognise her own voice so thick with misery and tears.
“Don’t you dare apologise” Agustín said with his face buried in her curls. “Don’t apologise.”
“I’m supposed to heal, I’m supposed to be strong and–“
“No, don’t say that. You’re not supposed to be anything. You’re human just like the rest of us, and you’re not supposed to be stronger or more resilient. You’re not supposed to carry all that pain on your own.”
He moved away from her slightly so that he could look at her. Raised a hand to wipe the tears away from her cheeks. The softness of the movement almost made her break down again, she had been in such dire need of it.
“You are not worth any less because you need help.”
Juliet opened her mouth to speak and found that she couldn’t. The exhaustion was too great to make sense of everything that was spinning in her head, she just wanted to sleep.
Her husband seemed to notice that, because he gently pulled her down to rest against him once more. At first she wanted to protest against it, but the moment she hit the mattress she felt exactly how heavy her body was. Heavy and sore and so tired that she couldn’t move.
“I love you” were the last words she heard before she drifted away.
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Tumblr media
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Calling Encanto simps!
One of the things I love about the Encanto fandom, is that there's not many characters that don't have their own fanbase. I scroll through my feed and I see different people simping for different Madrigals and it's so precious to me. Like we all are so in love with fictional characters and it's glorious.
So please! Comment or reblog this post and tell me who you simp for and why! I want you to tell me why that character makes you happy! (Keep it SFW please!)
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~•Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons•~
(Why? Because I said so, okay?! I'm not obsessed with this man, you are! Shut Up!)
Tumblr media
(Okay, yes, I may be in love. But I cannot help it! He's such a sweetheart! But I digress, these headcanons are centred around a gender-neutral [Y/n]. HOWEVER! I will be taking requests and ideas for more content unique to you guys! But back to Bruno!)
Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons
I like to think that Bruno is very paranoid and anxious of what others think of him especially considering how he feels his gift messed up his relationship with his family and the town. So when he has a good relationship with someone, he fears that he's going mess it up one way or another. So when he met you, he was very hesitant with everything.
You met Bruno through Pepa and Julieta, though he saw you playing with his sisters when you both were children. He was just to shy to go up to you.
When you got to know Bruno, at first you were really sceptical about his mannerisms, but then the more you talked to him, you just realised that he was just very quirky.
He used to create different characters to play as when you both where kids, he liked it because it made you laugh. So he'd keep acting them out to make you smile and laugh, it made him feel a lot better as well.
I have this feeling that Bruno has this love language where you make memories and he keeps little trinkets to remind him of those memories. Like for example: He'd have a music box that plays this one song you both danced to. It would just be a comforting thing.
He respectfully cherishes you... Let me explain...
To him, you were one of the only people who saw the best in him and gave him an opportunity to express himself, you even willingly helped him with his visions, helping him focus on things he couldn't see before.
You almost seemed to good to be true, like you were a dream, hence why he calls you 'Mi Sueño'.
When you both were teenagers, he came more out of his shell, wanting to discover himself. But he was still very anti social, considering you, his sisters and his Mami as his safe haven of people to be around.
You've told him plenty of times how much you love his eyes. Regardless of whether they were brown or green because of his gift, you loved how much emotion they held.
This made him melt and love you more.
One of his telenovelas was based of your relationship before he left. How it was always just a pining because he never had the courage to say anything to you. The story of childhood friends turned lovers destined to be forever apart, it was always one of his favourites.
Seeing you again after so many years was one of the scariest things he's ever faced. He thought you would hate him, he thought you would scream at him for leaving but instead, you hugged him, which was even scarier.
Once it was out in the open that Bruno was back, you both decided that you wouldn't let him do something on impulse without at least consulting you first.
And that he could keep the rats.
It wasn't hard to rekindle old flames that you both had but this time you were more affectionate. Or at least tried to be at first.
The man is very touch starved, he will melt if you hold his hand or kiss his cheek.
I cannot stress enough how much he needs love.
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mitzimania · 3 months ago
I imagine Camilo mirroring his parents’ relationship with his s/o. Like I believe he would definitely fall for somebody whose personality is kind of short-tempered and unpredictable. Like father, like son lmaoo. Love your blog <33
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SLAY ANON!!!!! ur mind>>> im not too sure if i did this req justice but there was an attempt LMAO
Tumblr media
it was nearly your last straw. watching kids was fun sometimes, sure, but right now? you were just irritated. currently, you were looking after a herd of 6-year-olds in the town square so their parents could have a few moments of peace.
it had started off nice, sure, but after a few hours, you had gotten sick and tired of their nonstop chatter. there were about 8 kids and each one of them was trying to get you to do one thing or another- you weren't sure how much longer you could put up with it.
you could feel your eyes twitch and your heartbeat pick up, and you were milliseconds away from snapping when a warm hand slipped onto your shoulder and a familiar voice drew the childrens' attention.
"hey, guys! i think tía julieta has lunch ready for you all in her stall, just down there! go get something!"
the kids scrambled away to harass the poor woman, leaving you and your partner camilo alone in the plaza. an exhausted breath escaped your mouth and camilo laughed and gently bumped against your shoulders.
"everything good, y/n?" you shot him a glare to which made him grin further. "you need to stop agreeing to watch the kids for so long- we all know they're a little too annoying for you."
"trust me," you scoffed, "you are far more annoying than any of them." despite your words, you shuffled closer to where he stood and leaned your head on his shoulder, grasping his hand.
your partner feigned an offended gasp, dramatically placing his free hand over his chest. "oh, y/n, you hurt me!"
with a laugh, you buried your face into his sleeve as the two of you watched the wild 6-year-olds sit down on the floor to eat their food, chatting with each other energetically.
little did you and camilo know, his parents had just walked into town to speak with julieta, seeing the whole scene. félix and pepa looked on in pride as two rainbows graced the sky.
"cami's partner reminds me of me," pepa sighed dreamily. félix laughed and nodded, joy glistening in his eyes. he was so unspeakably proud to see his oldest boy so happy and in love- he was glad it was with you.
Tumblr media
this is so slay queen
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camileeon · 4 months ago
♦️ they/them for reader and he/him for camilo ♦️
Tumblr media
After day of a whole workload behind them as the weekend was there to knock them out, y/n greets casita as they walk in. The tiles clinking beneath their feet as casita moved itself to camilo's room for them to enter, sparing them the effort “Thank you casita, such a clever house you are." They praised. Y/n enters the shapeshifter's room with a sight that they never could have imagined seeing
“Camilo?” They questioned before revealing the boy in yellow with their lipstick they used everyday in hand “uh- ah- i was looking for your lip balm because you said i could use it, then i found this and assumed it was the same thing?” All that the chameleon spoke of seemed true by the sight that was seen in front of them. Y/n just sighed deeply and let out a soft laugh, they were too tired to get frustrated really. Besides if they even tried to get mad at him, they wouldn't be able to either. That's how adorable he was in their eyes.
“Oh dear, it's all over you.” they walk in to cup their cheeks and give them a smile before kissing him on the corner of his lips, it left a mark of the same shade because of wearing the same one he now wore too.
Camilo had a dazed and flustered expression as he looked at them “hm.. you're not mad mi amor? Also, can you do it again? I missed you too much you know..” he says in a admitted tone which made them chuckle “why would i get mad at this? The color suits you.” they say in a teasing manner “besides, you are too cute for the world.!” they gave him more kisses like he asked.
Another here.
Another there.
Almost everywhere.
Which resulted into the shapeshifter to absolutely melt, wrapping his arms around them tightly while his face was peppered with a reddish pink shades of their lips.
Oh what a sight to see, they held his face firmly as they finished “that enough?” they chuckled before seeing a sly smirk appear on the boy's face “yep! Now your turn!” he lifted them up to be laid on his bed before laying on top of them and gave twice as much kisses they gave him. Laying each one lovingly on their face and a little on their neck to earn butterflies in their stomach from him, starting to tickle them because of how much energy he still had to mess with them
“h-hey! T-thwis is not f-fair!!” they yelped as they let out giggles and laughter that made him smile as wide as they were “too bad princesa, i don't care.” after a few minutes of chaos, the night ended with you two having matching lipstick stains. Tangled in eachother's limbs as you both laid holding one another closely. They needed their sun and he needed his moon, all they need was one another and it was perfect.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 3 months ago
Pepa, singing: i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22~
Camilo: but máma, you're 50–
Y/N: *shoves an arepa down Camilo's throat* 50 minus 28!
Dolores, from her room: i thought Y/N hated math?
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 2 months ago
Imagine being the first person to tell Camilo he doesn’t need to constantly use his gift to be loved.
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At first you didn't realise how difficult being a Madrigal could be. Having powers sounds all fun and games but when your worth is assigned to them it can quickly become toxic. Your self-esteem becomes attached to how useful you can be and when your gift literally gives you the ability to change every little thing about yourself...well that's an identity crisis waiting to happen.
You noticed Camilo used his gifts the most out of all his family. Whenever a situation could benefit however marginally from his powers he was there, volunteering without even needing to be asked. He did this for anyone, a stranger, family members and his friends which included you. You'd been friends since you were little and you couldn't think of a time Camilo hadn't volunteered to help you. As a child if you were sad Camilo would transform into a teacher and do silly things to make you laugh. When you had bad social anxiety as an early teen he offered to go to your classes as you and take notes. When you first got a job he transformed into several different customers and gave you glowing reviews to your manager. Camilo was always ready to give and change himself for whatever anyone needed and while you loved that quality about him it did make you worry.
You knew how important a person’s identity was and wondered how Camilo’s had developed when he was constantly changing who he was to benefit others.  You knew Camilo loved his gift but you’d also seen him when he let the mask slip. Camilo put on a brave face, after all he was the jokester of the family so what else could he do? But you’d seen first hand his self-esteem issues and how little he thought of the true version of himself. You wish he could see himself as you saw him and worried as you got older his identity problems get worse and worse. You couldn’t just let that happen, you had to try and help so you approached the topic with Camilo. 
"Have you ever gone a day without using your powers?' You asked one day as you were making your way to Camilo’s home. Already on the trip from town he’d used his gift 4 times for other people, largely unprompted. Camilo laughed "a day? I don't think I've ever gone an hour". You smiled but you couldn't bring yourself to laugh "does it ever get...tiresome?" you asked him. Camilo shrugged "sometimes...I mean I wish I didn't have as many chores and could just be a regular teenager". "No I mean the transforming. Do you like becoming other people or would you prefer to just be Camilo?". "Why on earth would I just want to be me?" Camilo asked and your heart broke. Camilo saw your reaction and rushed to explain "don't look upset all I meant was if I was me all the time I couldn't help people. But with my gift i can become taller or stronger, i can help calm crying babies or make people forget their worries for a bit with a laugh". You nodded "yes and that's all great but your purpose in life isn't just to help people...you deserve help too". Camilo blinked surprised and you genuinely don't think anyone had ever told him that. "I...I know that" he said finally but his voice sounded shaky. "However" he continued "I can help people and so I'm going to help as many as I can". You didn't say anything but Camilo could tell you were disappointed. "What's wrong?" he asked "don't you like my gift or something?". "No of course I do but I like you more" you said blushing. "Me? The plain me?" Camilo asked in shock. You shook your head "not the plain you, the authentic you. The original version, the perfect version" you smiled caught up in how much this boy meant to you. "When I look at you like you are right now I see the person I'm closest to in the world and so of course I wouldn't trade that for the strongest or tallest person alive. I don't need anything extra because you're Camilo. That's good enough for me". Camilo stared at you dumbstruck and you blushed. When he didn't say anything for a while you waved a hand in front of his face '"Camilo?" you called "did I break you?". Camilo blinked rapidly as if coming out of a trance and he looked at you "huh? Sorry i’m fine I was just thinking". "Have I upset you?" you asked "I didn't mean to insult your gift just let you know you're so much more than what you can transform into". Camilo smiled "of course I'm not upset I really appreciate what you said. Nobodies ever told me that before" he said placing a hand on top of yours "thank you y/n". "You're very welcome" you smiled and hugged him. Camilo's hand was still on your when you pulled away and you both looked at it before blushing.
After that something changed between the two of you but in a good way. When Camilo saw you he'd get a slight blush on his cheeks remembering what you said. He became more affectionate, not that he wasn't an affectionate friend before, but now he'd sit closer to you and you'd catch him watching you with a small smile on his face. He'd always panic when you caught him, blushing adorably and he'd look away only for the same thing to happen minutes later. Another important difference was Camilo's powers. Following your talk he stopped transforming around you as much. He typically always made himself slightly taller than he actually was and also changed his hair so it was calmer. However, you noticed he stopped doing that when you were alone. He was 100% his natural self and you thought he'd never looked more beautiful.
You both felt the change in our relationship from friendship to...something more and the tension built up between the two of you. Whenever you were alone you could feel it in the air as if it was palatable. Camilo’s family noticed it too. You were over at Camilo’s for an event the family threw every year and like usual you were by Camilo’s side. You were sat in the garden in your favourite spot which was hidden away from everyone and was like your own separate world surrounded by plants and flowers. You were chatting and laughing and even flirting a little. That was a new thing you and Camilo had been doing but you liked it and every time the two of you got bolder. When you were talking you noticed a petal had landed on Camilo’s beautiful curly hair and so you told him to hold still. You leant forward to pluck the petal from his hair carefully and smiled “there” only to realise Camilo was staring at you. You were only inches away from him and you felt glued there under his gaze. The two of you stayed frozen, looking at one another before Camilo’s gaze drifted to your lips and his cheeks turned even redder. He went to speak when you were interrupted. Someone knew about your hiding place. 
“What’s going on?” Isabela asked and you and Camilo flew apart, rushing to explain nothing was going on but the eldest Madrigal grandchild wasn’t having it. “Yes there is, something’s been going on between the two of you for a few weeks now. You’re totally different around one another and I can’t work out why...are you dating?”. You both went scarlet and Camilo jumped up “okay goodbye Isabela” and he escorted/pushed her from the room. He slammed the door shut and leant against it, breathing out in relief “thank god she’s gone”. You chuckled rather nervously and agreed “my thoughts exactly”. 
You and Camilo kept talking but you now felt like the tension was an unavoidable elephant in the room and figuring things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable Camilo had something he wanted to say to you. "Y/n I've been thinking lately" Camilo said and you looked up at him "yeah?". Camilo looked at you and his cheeks went pink again. "About what you said the other day...about my gift not defining me and how I'm enough and I just want to thank you. You have no idea how much your words have comforted me and they've been on my mind most days...as have you" he said watching you for your reaction. You blushed, smiling "I've been thinking about you a lot too Camilo". "That's good" he said encouraged and he continued. "The things you said about me...well I didn't just like them because they were kind things I needed to hear but well I liked specifically that you felt those things about me. That you saw me in that way and hearing you say all those things made me feel something". You felt a shiver run down your spine and you could hardly wait for Camilo to keep talking "ow?". "Yeah" he nodded "you're my closest friend too, the person who knows the most about me and is always there for me. Hearing that you like me just the way I am...well it's convenient because that's exactly how I feel about you. I like you y/n" he said finally "and I want to be more than friends with you". You smiled and Camilo smiled back hesitantly "okay a smile is a good sign I think". "Of course it is!" you cried "I like you too and honestly think I have for ages but just never worked in out until recently. I tried to be subtle about it this week but when it came to telling you how much I like the real you I failed miserably". Camilo laughed smiling "Yeah but in a good way. I've never heard you talk about anyone like that and it got me thinking and hoping...then this week every time I saw you my heart sped up and I got this tingling sensation. I knew I had to do something about it or I'd explode and so here we are". "Here we are" you smiled tracing his hand and Camilo took in the beautiful scenery of his home and village to the wonderful girl sitting in front of him. You both leant in at the same time and met in the middle, you really were a lot alike.
All evening the two of you stayed on your balcony listening to the party below. Camilo had his eyes closed and rested his head on your shoulder. You leant your head against his and traced his hand over yours. Camilo was the most relaxed you'd ever seen him and he wasn't trying to be anything but himself. He was just being and you loved it. "Y/n" Camilo said suddenly and you nodded "yes?". "Tomorrow I'm going to tell my family I want to take a step back from my duties. I want to work out who I really am and what my identity is. Does that sound...stupid?". "Not at all!" you said protectively "I think it sounds like a brilliant idea and I'll help you in any way I can". Camilo smiled leaning into you more “obrigada meu amor" he said, his voice slightly muffled as he nuzzled into you. You laughed and enjoyed the sensation. "You never need to thank me, I can't wait to go on this journey with you and whatever we discover, I just know it's going to be great". Camilo was very nervous but hearing your words made him feel more confident and above all reminded him he wasn't alone. He had you by his side and you could go on this journey of self-discovery together.
So we all know Camilo has identity issues right? Well whenever I find out a character has trauma I always invent a character to help them process it because I hate people suffering so ta dahhh!
Camilo is so sweet, did you know in the original verion he was going to be a moody jerk cousin? So glad they changed that into the quirky charming Camilo we have today.
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lariskapargitay · 2 months ago
“Tia?” a four year old Camilo asked Julieta as he watched her knead out the dough for the arepas, hoping to be first in line once they were done.
“Yes, Milo?”
“Why do you always take your ring off when you cook?”
“I take it off because it’s very special to me, and I don’t want to lose it or get it all covered in flour or grease.”
“Oooh.” A beat of silence, his tiny legs dangling as he sat high in the chair. “Who gave it to you?”
“Your Tio Agustín gave it to me when we got married,” she answered with a smile as she began to form the arepas.
“Because that’s what you give someone when you marry them.”
Camilo pursed his tiny little lips after a while. “Tia?”
“Why did you marry Tio? Was it so you could have a new ring?”
Julieta laughed. She wiped the flour and dough on her apron as she turned to him, leaning against the counter. “No, sobrinito. I married your tio because I love him, the same reason he married me.”
“You love him?”
“Mmm hmm.”
Camilo grinned and watched as she turned back to her arepas. “I’m gonna marry someone I love and get a new ring,” he decided as he watched her sprinkle a handful of cheese in each one.
“I am sure one day you will,” Julieta said as she went to sealing each one. “You just need to find someone you love more than anything and anyone else first, who's your favorite person in the world.”
Camilo sat deep in thought for a moment. “I need to find someone I love more than anything and anyone and then I get to marry them?”
“Someone you love more than anything and anyone in the whole wide world.”
“The whole wide world?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“Even more than I love arepas?”
“Much more than you love arepas.”
Camilo let out a low whistle, or would have if he knew how. “That’s a lot of love.”
Julieta laughed again, taking him by the face and pressing a kiss on the cheek before turning back to the stove. “Never ever change, Milo.”
After Julieta sent him off with a fresh arepa, and another he managed to snag when she wasn’t looking, Camilo hurried up the nursery, a determined look in his eye.
“Mira,” he said sternly to his cousin. She looked up from her drawing, blinking her eyes behind lime green glasses. “I need to make a ring.”
“Kay!” she said excitedly, quickly getting to her feet. “But why?”
“So I can marry someone.”
“Why do you want to get married?”
“Because that’s what you do when you love someone more than anything else in the whole wide world,” he said, with all the smug wisdom of a four year old who knew something his also-four years old prima didn’t. “I need to borrow your yarn.”
Mirabel looked deep in thought for a moment before she gave a curt nod and got out a piece of red, yellow and blue yarn and began to weave the pieces in and out and around each other.
“Isa taught me how to braid,” she said smugly to the sheer utter amazement of the watching Camilo after a while. He grabbed a yellow plastic bead and had Mirabel slip it through one of the pieces of yarn, and when she was done she tied it in a knot and used a plastic pair of green scissors to cut off the ends.
“A ring!” she declared proudly as she held it up. Camilo took it and beamed, thanking his cousin with a hug and a promise to make her a ring whenever she wanted to marry someone.
Armed now with his ring he hurried across the hall to one of the kitchen, aided in his haste by Casita, where he found his parents, Tia and Tios all sitting around drinking coffee and snacking on the arepas Julieta had just made.
With a deep breath to steel his nerves, he walked over to his mother who beamed as soon as she saw him, wrapping him in a warm hug and plastering his face with kisses.
“Hello, papito!” she gushed. “I missed you, I haven’t seen you around much today! Your Tia made some arepas if you’re hungry.”
“Oh trust me he knows,” Julieta laughed. “Not even two minutes after they were out of the pan he was grabbing some.”
For once though, he was not hungry for arepas (well… he WAS, but those could wait for later.) Instead, Camilo Félix Pedro Madrigal de Castillo was a man on a mission, and men on missions didn’t stop for arepas. With a bright smile Camilo pulled out the ring from the folds of his ruana and held it out to her. “Will you marry me?“
His mother melted as a sun glowed bright and warm above her head, his Tia and Tios awwed, and his father laughed, wrapping his arm around Pepa’s waist. “I wasn’t aware I had competition.”
“Milo! This so sweet!” Pepa gushed as she took the ring and slipped it around her finger with a smile and a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for making this for me! But I can’t marry you, Mami’s can’t marry their little boys. Besides, I’m already married to Papi. It would make him sad if I married someone else.”
Camilo’s face fell, all previous excitement gone in a flash. He didn’t want to make his Papi sad but he loved his mami more than anything and anyone else. His mami was his favorite person in the world, just like his Tia had said. “But I got you a ring.”
“I know, Mijo, and I love it, but I still can’t marry you.”
His bottom lip trembled and tears welled in his eyes. Pepa clicked her tongue and wrapped him in a hug. “Don’t cry, papito, it’s alright. I just can’t marry you, mothers can’t marry their sons.”
“But I love you the most in the whole wide world!” he cried as tears fell from his eyes that he tried to wipe away on her dress only to have more stream down his face. “You- you’re my favorite person and you- you’re breaking my heart!”
“I love you too, more than anything else in the world, Milo, but I still can’t marry you.”
“And- and Tia- she said that you get to marry the person you love the most!” he cried with an accusatory finger towards Julieta who, to his annoyance, was trying and failing to bite back a smile. “And- and I love you more than- than arepas and- and you- YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART EVEN MORE!” he finished with a dramatic wail of tears as sobs shook his tiny body,
Pepa hugged him tighter and stroked his soft curls before she took his face in her hands, the sun having gone away and it’s place a light wift of cloud that made Camilo want to cry harder. He knew clouds and rain and storms meant Mami was upset, and he had made her get a cloud. He didn’t want to make her have a cloud, he wanted her to be happy.
“Camilo, listen to me,” she said softly, brushing away the tears streaming down his face. “You don’t understand what marriage is. Marriage is… it’s when two people love each other so much that they want the other person to join their family.”
Camilo sniffed, his lip still trembling but his mothers words started to break through the emotion’s. “But… I’m already a part of the family.”
“Exactly, Milo. You were born into this family, I loved you since the moment you started to grow in my tummy. Your papi though… I didn’t always love him.” A smile grew on her face and she chuckled. “Truth be told, your papi and I didn’t always even like one another sometimes.”
“No no, don’t get it twisted I always liked you,” Félix corrected her with a laugh. “You just didn’t always like me.”
Pepa grinned up at him. “Well you did have a bit of a reputation as a mujeriego.”
“Hmm, but there was only one woman I really wanted to womanize.”
Camilo grimaced in disgust as he watched his Papi kiss his Mami. When he got married, he would NEVER do something as gross as kissing or making those goo goo eyes they were making at one another right now. And he certainly wouldn’t lean over and whisper in his mami’s ears, saying something too low for Camilo to hear but whatever it was it made his mami giggle and bite her bottom lip before they remembered he was still there.
“So you see? In order for us to be married, there had to have been a time when I didn’t know you or love you or like you,” Pepa told Camilo, wiping away the last of his tears. “And I loved you and knew you since before you were even born. That’s why mami’s can’t marry their niños, because they already love them from the moment they find out they’re going to have one. Okay?” She hugged him again and kissed the top of his head. “Come on, papito, no more tears.”
Camilo sniffed the last of his tears away and nodded, resting his head against her chest as he melted into her hug. “Can I have an arepa?” he muttered, playing with the end of her braid.
“Of course.” Pepa reached up on the table and grabbed him an arepa. She held up her hand and smiled, waving her fingers in front of his face. “Do I get to keep the ring?”
Camilo thought about it for a moment. He did make it for her, afterall. Well… Mirabel did, but Pepa didn’t have to know that.
“You can keep it,” he said sadly, and Pepa chuckled before she kissed the top of his head.
“Thank you, Mijo. I’ll keep it forever, okay?”
Camilo said nothing, grabbed an extra arepa for the emotional pain and heart break that would last a whole hour and a half, and ran back to his room.
Years later, when Camilo’s fiancée had been kissed and hugged and clapped on the back and exclamations of excitement about them joining the family, and they were all enjoying a celebratory drink, Pepa just chuckled, holding up a hand where, for the past eighteen years, a ring made of yellow, red and blue yarn with a now faded yellow plastic bead had made its home on her finger.
“Sorry to say,” she said with a grin and kissing her son's cheek, ignoring his embarrassed groans, the same he always let out whenever she told the story. “But you’ll always be second choice.”
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hunterxassasin · 2 months ago
Sleep Talk
Tumblr media
Pairings;; Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader 
Word Count;; 1,024
Warnings;; N/A (not beta read)
Perspective;; Camilo's
Genre;; Fluff 
Request/Prompt;; Hi I thought I’d request a fic. No pressure, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want. But maybe some Camilo fluff where Camilo’s s/o is asleep beside him and they’re mumbling things and he realizes they’re having a dream about him. And then when they wake up he teases them about it?
Notes;; sorry this one's shorter than usual my motivation had been like 0
Tag list;; @itsmesmileyface , @sunnth , @dai-tsukki-desu (ask to be added)
Tumblr media
Camilo flipped the page in the book he was reading, one of Mirabel's she had let him borrow ages ago. He glanced at the sleeping form next to him, a soft smile tugging at the side of his mouth. Y/N was sound asleep, curled under a quilted yellow blanket that Mirabel had made for him recently. She looked so peaceful, one of her hands tucked under her head, and the other loosely laying in front of her. 
The two of them had been cooped up in his room all day, a storm was raging over Encanto at the moment, his mamá was having a particularly rough day and despite everyone's attempts to make her feel better, Mirabel had even ran straight through the pouring rain to come get Y/N, as she's one of the only people who can relax her, but it was to no avail so everyone was riding out the storm inside. 
He didn't know when she had fallen asleep, it had to have been at least an hour ago at this point. The love sick look on his face would have made even Mirabel cringe at him. He just couldn't help it, Y/N was everything he had ever wanted and more. She was beautiful, and so kind and sweet. He could go on and on about every single positive trait she had. Camilo was about to go back to his book, when he heard a mumble coming from Y/N. 
He raised an eyebrow, a smirk forming on his lips. Whatever she said could be used as ammo to make fun of her later on. He waited, listening intently as she mumbled again. "Oh, él es asombroso. . ." His brows furrowed, who was she talking about? "él es mi mejor amigo." Her words made him even more confused. This went on for a while, with Y/N mumbling various things about an unknown person. He racked his brain, trying to figure out who in all of Encanto she could be dreaming of, but no one in particular came to mind. 
Camilo sighed, opening his book again as she stopped mumbling. He couldn't focus on the text in front of him though, all he could think about was who she might have been talking about. Eventually he shook his head, getting more frustrated by the minute. He slammed the book shut and leaned against the headboard of his bed. A particularly loud crash of thunder went off at that same moment, causing him to jump a bit. "Aye . . Mamá. . " He sighed, shutting his eyes as the gentle sound of rain hitting Castia's roof filled his ears. 
He was suddenly jerked awake from another loud clap of thunder, and Y/N stirring beside him. Camilo rubbed his eyes in an attempt to get the sleep out of them.  "Mamá. . .Camilo. . .he's mi vida, I love him ." The sleeping form next to him said softly, a light blush dusting her cheeks. Camilo blinked, a blush appearing on his own cheeks. Had she really just said that? She loved him? No way. Y/N had to be awake, she had to be messing with him. Camilo peeked over his book, watching the rhythmic pattern of her breathing. She definitely was asleep, which meant there was no way she was messing with him. 
His cheeks dusted pink, and he immediately buried his nose back into the book in his hands, though he wasn't actually reading it, his mind was whirling, and he was most definitely thinking of a way to embarrass Y/N as much as she had just unknowingly embarrassed him. 
A few hours later, Y/N woke up with a yawn. She was snuggled up to Camilo, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. He smiled, looking down at her as she began to stir. "Hola dormilona." He teased, adjusting his arm as she sat up. 
"How long was I out? Is mamí still storming?" Y/N asked, rubbing her eyes and letting out another yawn. 
"A few hours, not too long. It's still raining but I think the thunder and lightning have stopped, which is a good sign. She'll be ok, don't worry." He insisted, closing his book and setting it aside. "You know you talk in your sleep?" He asked, a bit more nonchalantly than he had meant to. She raised an eyebrow at him, her cheeks dusting with a soft blush. 
"I do know that. . . What makes you bring it up though? What did I say?" 
A smirk formed on Camilo's lips, and he forced back a laugh. "Oh nothing important, just that you loved me." He flashed her a playful look, but immediately got hit in the face with a pillow. He let out a small huff, grabbing the pillow and throwing it back at Y/N. "What was that for?!" 
"For you listening to me sleep talk! Don't you know it's rude to eavesdrop?" She asked, a playful tone lacing her voice. Y/N threw the pillow back at him, and this time Camilo skillfully caught it and held onto it. 
"Aye! It's not eavesdropping if we're in the same room and you're talking loud enough for me to hear you, Y/N!" He retorted, throwing the pillow back at her. Camilo then pounced, peppering kisses all over her face. She giggled, trapping his lips with hers for a brief moment before pushing him aside. 
"So what if I did say I loved you? You know it's true." Her voice was soft, and there was a real, loving sparkle in her eyes. The blush that rose onto Camilo's cheeks was so dark there was no way he could deny it. His own body language softened, and he let out a breath that he hadn't known he was holding. 
"I love you t-" His words were cut off as Y/N threw the pillow back at him, smacking him right in the face. "Oh you're on now! You should not have done that, I thought we were having a moment!" With a giggle, Y/N just ducked down as he threw the pillow back, her own cheeks dusted with a dark blush.
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alliwriteistrash · 5 months ago
Underneath the stars
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Encanto
Author:  Me (alliwriteistrash)
Length:  2341 words
Prompt: Two anons had a very similar request so I merged them into one! I hope you guys enjoy it!
While most people were not aware of it, a fact you occasionally took pride in, you still were very much an anxious person. It was not as bad as some of the Madrigal family members had it, especially not as bad as Tío Bruno or Tía Pepa. Nonetheless, sometimes you just felt this unsettling feeling spread through your body. On most days, you were able to hide it pretty well. In fact, not even your parents noticed the signs. But on the bad days, the ones you do not want to talk about, you just made a hasty excuse of having to do something important and hid away.
Today was such a bad day, but for the first time you were unable to hide away, because today was the birthday of your best friend Mirabel. There was no way you could miss the celebration and not stand out as a horrible friend for it. At the same time, the mere thought of being surrounded by so many people made you feel nauseated. Trying your best, you attempted to calm your rapid breath without causing a scene. As much as you loved your friend and her family, being around them all in a small space often made you worry. There was so much raw power isolated in this one tiny area… who knows what could happen?! The mere thought of the potential impending doom made you to lose track of your breathing exercise, causing you to inhale sharply.
Thankfully, no one around you seemed to notice, everyone too focused on celebrating the 16th birthday of the miracle that is Mirabel. Without her, the family would have been lost, broken apart like their home once was. If anyone asked you, you would say that her gift was reuniting people. As awkward as she was, she always tried to make everyone feel happy and loved.
Your friendship started with you experiencing his fact firsthand. Looking back, it was silly how the two of you became this tight of friends based on such a small moment.
All the children in the village were playing a giant round of hide-and-seek, and the loser had to perform a dare, something that to you back then was insanely scary. The loser had to enter the church in town all by themselves in the middle of the night. This was, of course, forbidden given the fact that even the Pastor needed to rest. Those “brave” souls who had wandered into the for you ancient looking building talked of terrifying ghosts haunting the place. Back then, the mere thought gave you nightmares. If there was something you hated, even to this day, it was the dark. Who knew what was lingering out there… waiting for you to make one mistake?!
Most children knew of your fear, and the seeker made it their mission to find you first. Children could be cruel, and this one boy had a vendetta against you just because you beat him in a test at school.
Knowing this, finding the perfect hiding spot was hard. Even harder was it to find one that was not pitch black. And just as you were about to be found, still not hidden away but in broad daylight, a small pair of hands pulled you into a bundle of hay. It was then that you realized that your reaction to pure panic was to freeze as not a single sound left your mouth. Luckily, it was not the bogyman trying to steal your soul, but the youngest Madrigal daughter pulling you into her hiding spot. Without her, the neighborhood boy would have surely found you but this way, you won the round as none of them could find either of you!
This silly moment, in which Mirabel helped you out of pure goodness, was the reason why the two of you became the best of friends. Inseparable in fact, to a point where when she did not receive a gift you were by her side, cheering her up to your best ability.
So now it was of course expected of you to be present during this glamorously big celebration. A party that the whole town was attending… You knew if you had told her about your condition, she would’ve helped you escape and constantly apologize for not realizing your discomfort. But you simply could not do this to her! She deserved to feel wonderful on this special day! Instead, you decided to just suck it up and try to ignore your racing heartbeat or the fact that you were beginning to sweat.
However, one person was aware of your anxiety, Mirabel’s cousin Camilo. The trickster was very much aware of the telltale signs of someone with anxiety, given the fact that his Mamá was pretty much the epitome of an anxiety attack about to happen. He also knew just how to help her out, calm her nerves and stop the bad weather that she was causing due to it.
He didn’t care if anyone called him a Mama’s boy. So, what! He loved his mother! His whole family! It doesn’t mean he cannot play pranks on them, that’s just how he shows it. Camilo was however very much aware that not every person needed the same help with their anxiety attacks. Everyone was unique in that sense, and it was not something he could simply copy like their appearance.
Completely lost in your thoughts, you did not notice the shapeshifter casually making his way towards to you. No one would notice if he was not around for a while.
Knowing that you were not aware of your surroundings, Camilo cleared his throat as to not scare you.
“Soooo~, [Y/N]. Care to help me get some more snacks for the party? Can’t carry it al by myself”, he said with a small grin on his face. All he knew was the fact that he needed to get you out of this room. This way, you could relax a bit, and he could cheer you up without anyone noticing.
Ripped out of your mind by the noise, you looked at the curly haired boy. You knew Camilo well, he often accompanied you and Mirabel when you were younger. In fact, you once told Mirabel in private that you kind of liked her cousin. At first, she looked disgusted, asking why of all people her cousin. But then she started to tease you, saying things like you would make a lovely couple. Which is why you tried to avoid being around her when he was near. No need to make her tease you anymore! What if he heard of it?! The trickster would surely mock you forever thinking he would like you… or worse… what if he had pity on you?! So, you made sure that none one, but Mirabel – and Dolores – knew and hid your feelings away.
Unable to speak without making it obvious how anxious you were, you simply nodded, following him out of the room into the hallway. Unaware of your surroundings, you blindly followed the older boy through the hallway, gently holding on to the back of his ruana. It was so dark in the hallway that you could barely see Camilo in front of you. Why he did not turn on the light made no sense to you, but you just assumed that he knew his way around regardless of any light.
It was only when you noticed that you were walking upstairs, not downstairs to the kitchen, that you knew something was up.
“C-... Camilo? Where are you taking me?”, you asked, still walking right behind Mirabel older cousin.
“It’s a surprise”, he simply said in a sing-song voice before adding, “don’t worry though. It’s a nice one”. As he pulled the ladder to the attic down, your heart was pretty much racing. Where was he taking you? Was it a surprise party that Mirabel would join soon?
Carefully walking up right behind him, you entered the dusty and forgotten room. It was so dark up there, you could not see your own hand in front of your face. Pure fear was spreading through your body, shaking heavily, until the curly haired boy turned on a small light. It was only then that he realized your phobia. Instantly, his expression changed from chirpy into one of worry.
“I like to hide here all the time… I guess it isn’t a place for you tho, hm? How bout we do this then!”, he whisper-shouted, trying to give it some secrecy as he opened a side-window of the attic, crawling out of it.
The pure shock of him jumping, or so it looked like to you, out of the window caused you to run to the window, trying to save him. It wasn’t until you had already screamed his name, your hand trying to grab his ruana, that you noticed he was in fact crawling up the roof…
“Sorry [Nickname], did not mean to scare you. Just thought some fresh air might be nice”, he replied, clearly sorry for the scare, before he pulled you out of the window onto the roof with him. There was a small spot with some sort of railing around it, stopping either of you from falling down. However, you could barely focus on it as your heart was now racing for multiple reasons. But one reason was missing, your anxiety. Instead, you were just nervous, being alone with your crush… on a roof! Name a more secluded place, you thought.
Meanwhile, an oblivious Camilo leaned back against the roof looking up at the stars. “I know about your anxiety… you remind me of Mamá with it”, the way he spoke was blunt, yet it did not feel hurtful. “Mamá always needs a cup of tea to calm her nerves but with you, … with you, I thought some fresh air and alone time would be better.”, Camilo explained, now looking at you. “Was I right?”.
Following his suit, you too leaned against the roof but instead of looking at him, your eyes for focused on the night sky above you. It was beautiful. The moon and the stars shining so brightly that no light was needed to see clearly.
“Yeah… I just-…. I didn’t want to ruin Mirabel’s birthday, so I did not want to leave…. But thank you… for helping me”, your voice sounded weak as you took your first deep breaths in what felt like hours. Once the fear had completely left your body, you finally noticed the cold air around you. Your dress clearly wasn’t made for this kind of weather. You were not aware that you were already shaking from the cold weather until you felt a soft fabric being draped over you. Staring at it, you realized it was his golden ruana.
“Aren’t you going to be cold?”, you asked, your cheeks practically on fire.
“Don’t sweat it. I am always hot-… I mean warm”, he replied, at first cocky but quickly turning shy himself.
However, you did not believe a single word he said. You could see that he was shaking as well, after all it was the coldest night of the year so far. Maybe it was a sudden spurt of confidence, or maybe it was just the fact that you worried about him and his well-being. Regardless the reasoning, it was you that pulled the curly haired boy into a hug.
“This way we can share the warmth”, you stammered, not looking him in the face. There was no way you would admit it out loud, at least not right now, but it just felt right. At first, he was as rigid as a stick, as shocked by your action as you were, but soon after he relaxed into the hug. Gently, he pulled you closer to him, causing you to rest your head on his chest.
For a long time, the two of you just rested like this, you hearing his heartbeat underneath you while he softly stroked over your back. It was as if the two of you were always this close… it just felt like it was meant to be this way. It wasn’t until you guys heard his mother call for him that the two of you looked at one another. Both of you had a healthy glow on your cheeks, as you still were in a tight embrace. Quickly, the older boy got up, ready to leave his hideout.
“[Y/N], … do you wanna, maybe hang out together again some time?”, he asked as he let go of you, ready to help you into the window.
“Y-Yeah… I would love to”, you replied, holding onto his hand as you were carefully into the attic.
It was only when you were already halfway down the ladder that he pulled your face up to his, gently placing a kiss on your cheek. The pure shock, although a pleasant one, caused you to nearly fall down the rest of the way, if it were not for Félix catching you.
Quickly their son followed you down, trying to play it cool. However, the two of you very much forgot the fact that you were wearing his ruana. It was like a flashy sign saying Something happened between the two of you, and his parents weren’t oblivious enough to overlook it.
Before they could even start the teasing, you quickly pulled the yellow ruana over your head, throwing it into his arms.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Camilo!”, you shouted, running out of the house with bright red cheeks, excited about the following day but smart enough not be part of that talk. As he watched you run off into the night, Camilo was holding on to his ruana. The soft smell of your perfume was still lingering on it, causing him to smile, all besotted.
“We will talk about this later, Camilito! Hurry up now, Mirabel is waiting”, his mother said, happy that her son had found someone special. The interrogation could wait until later.
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isabelaaaa-encanto · 3 months ago
summary: pretty self-explanatory. just a drabble about isabela and her fem!reader s/o making out, nothing more nothing less
warnings: lowercase intended, mild nsfw, heavy kissing, intimate touches, fluff maybe
a/n: i don't think i should be writing something like this for my first fic, but oh well. enjoy! sorry if this was a bit short =)
word count: 1,007
Tumblr media
isabela trailed hot, moist kisses along your neck, her teeth ever so slightly grazing the sensitive skin, sending a series of sparks wherever her mouth lingered, leaving you breathless.
one hand tangled itself in isabela’s soft locks as a few whimpers escaped your lips, pushing her head further into the crook of your neck, a silent plea requesting for more.
the surrounding air humidified, the temperature rising along with the sexual tension, and it was dizzying, to say the least.
the two of you were positioned on her bed, with isabela straddling your lap, and your back pinned against the headboard. the heat radiating from your bodies was enough to seek competition with the blazing sun.
you let out a deep, staggered breath as shivers ran through your nerves, while isabela slowly glided her tongue up your neck to meet your jaw. she peppered soft kisses along the area, before reaching the corner of your lips.
it was expected, but isabela still somehow managed to knock out all the air from your body when she crashed her lips perfectly against yours, both of you melting into a very much needed kiss.
your lips molded perfectly with hers as you moved in unison with one another, savoring each other's taste while deep, heavy breathing ensued.
the amount of serotonin and oxytocin being released throughout your body was overwhelmingly insane. mere words alone could never amount to be able to express how much love and desire you had for the woman engulfing your senses.
your lips slightly parted itself, presenting isabela the opportunity to slip her tongue in, to which she did with no hesitation, as she boldly grinded herself against you, the simple action turning you into a hot, flustered mess, your stomach twisting into a tight knot.
your tongue danced along with hers, as the kiss slowly started to get sloppier and drip with sexual need, your body yearning for hers.
you pull back momentarily, trying to catch your breath, but isabela was having none of that as she forcefully latched her lips back onto yours, a hand snaking itself around your waist and clinging onto the cloth behind your blouse.
you let out a muffled moan, a shiver rushing down your back as you felt a warm hand slither up your bare waist from beneath your untucked blouse, her hand lightly giving your side a gentle squeeze.
you involuntarily bit her bottom lip, a flame igniting inside of you, as you tilted your head and further deepened the kiss, a slight bruise starting to form on both of your lips.
you trailed your other hand underneath the skirt of isabela's navy blue dress, dragging your fingernails along her bare thigh, and drawing out a soft gasp from her.
her skin burned under your touch, and you could feel her smirk against your lips, her free arm snaking itself behind your neck, as she rocked her hips against you with more force, bringing your thoughts to a haze.
the way her body would move against your own drove you to a high you could never put into words. she was like a drug, an addiction you were not about to quit.
isabela pulled away for a quick moment for the both of you to catch your breath, your chest rising and falling rapidly, hot breaths tickling each other's lips.
you drew back your heavy eyelids, only to be met by what you swore was the most ethereal sight you'd ever seen. isabela's face was a shade of crimson red, her lips swollen and bruised. her eyes, instead of the usual chocolate orbs, were dark and hooded, and were staring down into your own.
fingers gripped onto the hem of your blouse, followed by a slight tug.
"may i?" isabela husked, her voice thick with lust and desire.
"please," you whispered, immediately raising both your arms, and allowing her easy access to take off the piece of unwanted clothing. your lips crash back in to one another's after taking off your blouse, her arms wrapping around your naked waist.
but before isabela could start unzipping your skirt, the two of you were startled by her abuela's loud voice calling out to everyone in the casita.
"time for dinner!"
sexually frustrated, isabela groaned and let go of your skirt as she slumped forward to lean on the crook of your neck, while you sighed in slight irritation of being robbed of your personal time with your girlfriend.
"we'll continue later, isa," you reassured, trying to alleviate isabela's visibly growing annoyance by drawing small circles on her back.
"but i need you now," she whined softly, as she continued to place small pecks on your neck, making you shiver, and it took every ounce of will power in your body to stop yourself from giving in.
you knew one way or another, somebody was bound to check up on you both, and you'd rather stop now and save both yourselves the embarrassment of getting caught than to deal with a very awkward dinner. it was already embarrassing enough that one of her primas had the gift of enhanced hearing.
"amor," you held her face to look at you, before giving her a warm smile. "you can have me all to yourself after dinner, okay?" you give her one last and final smooch, before she sighed and nodded in return, giving back a smile of her own.
after stealing another quick kiss from you, she shuffles off your lap as she fluffed her dress and fixed her hair. noticing that you were looking for your blouse, she scanned her room before spotting it somewhere fairly far away from you two. with a laugh and a flick of her wrist, she grabs your blouse with her vines before dusting it off and handing it over to you.
after the two of you had fixed yourselves, you headed over to the dining room, arms linked with one another, and both unaware that you two were the only ones the whole family was waiting for.
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julietashealing-child · 2 days ago
I imagine Royal!Pepa having the reader in her quarters or her room at all times so you’re always there when she wants it yk and like i imagine one day Pepa comes into her quarters earlier than normal and sees the reader taking a nap on her bed while wearing one of Pepa’s expensive robes and nothing else underneath and just goes 👀👀👀👀 and decides to fuck the reader while she’s asleep (of course with consent beforehand since thats VERY important!) and while Pepa fucks the reader who eventually wakes up from the pleasure and stuff, Pepa would tangle her hand into the reader’s hair and tug so that her neck’s exposed and starts nipping and sucking on her neck while fucking her 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
*sighs in dreaming*
NSFW fellas
Ps: for the pepa simps 👀
Royal!pepa x maid!reader
« 𝒯𝒾𝓂𝒾𝒹 𝒫𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝓊𝓇𝑒 »
Tumblr media
Pepa scoffed in annoyance,one of her hands on her neck massaging off the tiredness that came within the day. Thankfully the dress was easy to remove,otherwise she'd lazily sleep in It and have her mother yell at her again for not being properly like Julieta. And no It wasn't her sister they've had this talk before,it was just their madre...
A sigh groan in her throat before pressing on of her bedroom doors open. The long feeling of pain and irritation switched off upon seeing your sleeping frame tangled in the sheets. You were wearing her rose robe,that you knew hugged her hips perfectly! Pepa bit her lips in mischief as she glanced at your naked bottom,it seemed that you had gotten rid off the restricting underwear,a light bush of hair decorating nicely your slick lips.
Guided by the smell of arousal,Pepa crossed the room determined and boldly,her knees carefully digging into the mattress. Her breath hitched upon untying 'your' robe, her eyes glanced to a certain place...your breasts. The tall redhead leaned gradually over the soft areola blowing hot exhales. You moved in your sleep mumbling something foreign under your breath, at the time you stopped a pair of lips locked withing the softness of your skin,the tip of her tongue massaging the -now- erected nipple in circles
Your moan filled the silence that lulled you before to sleep,your hand automatically reaching for the pillow you were resting your head on. Pepa grinned devilishly at the reaction,she was proud she could make you loose yourself in seconds even if you were sleeping. The older woman sucked once more the reddened numb and placed a kiss in between your mounts and then continued with your other breast sharing the same treatment. Your back arched in pleasure pushing your chest further into Pépa's mouth,your lips parted silently.
"Ay,Linda you can't ever get enough..."
The redhead whispered carefully so as not wake you up from your sleep -as if the wasn't her plan- tracing petite,hot red kisses along your stomach. One by one, she reached your belly removing the silk fabric that covered your abdomen. A freckled hand reached under your straightened thigh ,spreading your legs wider,applying more space for her to make love to you. You rolled your hips,your body craving for Pepa's warm touch-
"Stubborn and helpless as always Chiquita..."
The growl that came within the sentence made the taller woman more vulnerable along with the most exotic view acting out In front of her...she brought her lips close enough to your clitoris,her thumbs spreading your lower lips,to earn farther access to your wetness. Without much thinking,the irresistible princess dived her head to your warmth,sucking in your numb.
You whined in your sleep,perhaps on your 100th dream your brain too caught up by your lovers intimate actions. Two creamy skinned hands trailed on your breasts,squeezing the pair slightly,your nipples caught between long digits. Pepa worked her tongue wisely around your bundle of nerves,suckling the erected rosy numb between her rose red lips
"Su Alteza!"
You suddenly gasped at the shuddering feeling and opened your eyes wide to glance at the woman situated amid your inner thighs,making wonders with her mouth. Your features instantly altered in form,allowing the sensations run freely in your body. You felt dizzy from the red heads undivided attention,drunk up in the sight that could absorb even your whole being...
Pepa stopped just a moment to grasp your hair between her fists,creating enough room to bite onto your collar, easing out the burn with a kiss. You whined at the small amount of pain it caused you,but you couldn't care less; That'd leave a mark
'How scandalous'
" Hermosa Mucho... "
the not so old redhead kissed her way back to your sensitive parts,cutting off your malicious thinking...You didn't know if any other maid had to share this moment with you,as you were informed about Princess Pépa's affairs and tendency to look around for girls. One things was that she made you feel special amongst any other,yet you couldn't share that with any of the woman servants that were taking care of the Madrigals. Pépa was your pequeño secreto pecaminoso (little sinful secret)
You welped in ecstasy as Pepa's couple of fingertips joined in your warmth,rubbing your walls in a fastened rhythm. Your own hands now found their way to your lovers beautifully placed curls,digging your nails to her scalp. Just this time your stares locked,sending shivers down your spine. It was incredible how her eyes burned with desire,that threatened to absorb you in it as well...
"Y-Your highness,I'm close-"
You let a moan escape your throat,as your head fell back,the waves of pleasure now overtaking your body.
"You are Devine Cariñosa. So delectable yet so distant from me..."
The woman in her early 30s responded,parting from your center to inhale some of your sweet scent
"I've seen you (y/n), I've heard you (y/n) late night in your room hidden from everyone,screaming my name with your hand between your legs..."
She proceeded thrusting her fingertips in your wetness
"You think I don't know how you look at me,when I get wrapped up in conversations with useless suitors?"
The redhead determined to sent you to another world,she leaned in to firmly entrap her lips around your numb. She suckled on the organ messily, the most lewd of sounds filling the atmosphere.You assisted your redhead lover by rolling your abdomen towards her thirsty lips enjoying the warming sensation spreading on your belly like hurricane. Your breathing changed,it became more quick,uneven to Pépa's distracting ministrations. For a moment your heard your heart beat increase rapidly,thundering louder than before;And then it came,your body turned to rigid for a few seconds-
An earth stuttering orgasm ruled over your form as Pépa's tongue brushed repeatedly on your sensitive bud,your salty juices flooding her mouth as you rode through your orgasm,squirming and shuddering moans echoing in the room. Before,you could earn back your normal state,a well palm pressed firmly on your chin,accompanied by a passionate kiss. You couldn't help but moan again,tasting yourself in her tongue...
"Suck them clean."
Pepa pressed two slick fingers between your dry lips. You didn't say anything,you complied,taking every last bit of your remains in your mouth. You drew up your hand to cup her cheek,stroking the skin with your thumb
"Let me help you out of this dress my lady-"
The tall woman just cut her off by moving a finger to your lips. Silencing your speech
"Rest Amor...tomorrow there's gonna be a hard day for you."
She smiled taking in your beauty then dragging the cold sheets over your nude frame. Your closed your eyes with a grin on your face,appreciating her lovely gesture. The fact that she refused to aproove of you sharing any affectionate moment with her tonight was something you could only see in your dreams and to even allow you sleep in her bed left you content but waiting for more of her touch...
The doubts kept showering in your mind,only to pause abruptly when the door clicked close. Pepa smiled at your sleeping body. This moment will stay in her head forever she just hopes there won't be any undeniable regrets on her way. Because,she loved you,from the moment she laid her emerald eyes on you... Today she ran out of excuses,she had to let you know and intended on that.
Then Noone would get in her way not even her own mother...
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manehead · 3 months ago
I am not worth a fight
In which Reader has a short temper and will always defend Bruno, no matter what (bit dramatic)
“Tú! How dare you? Stop mistreating and accusing him like it’s his fault! Did he predict something bad about your future? News flash! He can only see what is going to happen, he has no control over it!”, you snapped, feeling everyone’s eyes on your figure.
To be completely fair, you really didn’t mean to cause a scene; you had tried to clench your teeth while you and Bruno were at the plaza watching amused el pequeño Antonio playing with his friends, catching all those people glancing at the man near you, whispering mean comments.
And yet you didn’t react because you knew Bruno’d be too embarrassed and self conscious about having all that attention on himself; but seeing him shifting uncomfortable under those spiteful eyes, gulping nervously as he couldn’t even enjoy his precious time with his nephew, struggling to pretend that everything was fine, made your blood boil in your veins.
Still, you hadn’t say a word — definitely not thinking about how liberating it would have felt to punch each one of them.
That was until some older man decided to ruin the day completely and marched in Bruno’s direction shouting about some vision which had showed his estúpida collection of cactus completely dried out.
“Tù! Aquí estás! It’s your fault! It’s all your fault! You made my cactus die! Él malo Bruno—“
The whole situation would have been almost hilarious, something you and Bruno would have laughed at and shared at dinner with his familia that night, begging Camilo to turn into the man to show how ridiculous he had been, if it wasn’t for the fact that that specific man had followed Bruno around for days in order to get a vision, even though the curly haired man was obviously busy and warned him of the possible consequences — as he always did.
Your head turned around to a worried Bruno, who was attempting to become smaller, hiding in his shoulders, preparing to defend himself as the man looked like he was ready to throw hands at him. It made you even angrier — that was the last straw. So, you finally snapped.
“Él es maldito! My collection of cactus, mi preciosa collection! One whole year of struggles—“
“Oh, cry me a river! I bet you didn’t even took proper care of your plants. Besides, may I remind you it was you who followed him around not caring about what he was doing, questioning and insisting even though he told you clearly it wasn’t a good idea and yet, you are the one complaining!”, you took a step forward in his direction with each word.
“It— it’s not that— I didn’t—“, he stammered, looking around trying to find some back up, his façade quickly coming down as he began to retreat nervously.
“Escucha me, Bruno is way too nice and gentle to say anything, you don’t deserve him, but let me give you a vision myself, if you”, you pointed your finger against all the villagers, “If any of you keeps bothering Bruno nonsense, you will have to deal with me, and I am most definitely not playing around”, you threatened firmly, not trying to hold back the rage anymore.
Everyone looked at you in silence, staring back between you and Bruno, who hadn’t say anything yet, or locking their gaze on the ground, no one even daring to add any other word to your speech.
You couldn’t help but grin at your victory, yet your smile soon dropped when you heard Bruno hissing firmly to you, “Vamos”, grabbing your arm. “Tonito, I bet Dolores is already coming, just wait for her right here”. The little one nodded, offering you a worried smile. Mierda.
The two of you remained silent during the whole trip back to Casita, letting you eventually come to your senses with what you just did in the village.
Maldición, did you actually say all of that? Even though you could have been way meaner— No. Bad idea.
Cursing at yourself for being so impetuous, you wished you could see Bruno’s face in order to find any sign of anger or worst, disappointment, but he was walking a few steps ahead and, honestly, you didn’t have the gut to ask him to stop and turn around.
You went back to the Casita and he hadn’t look back to you even once, he simply continued walking towards his room. Terror was now spreading in your body: not knowing how he was feeling was killing you slowly and without mercy. You felt your stomach twisting and your mouth was dry. What if he is mad? He could be mad. He has the right to be mad. He looks mad. I didn’t mean to overstep, he knows I did mean well. He knows it, right?
“Bruno, please, let me—“, you blurted out once in his room, trying desperately to save what could be saved, but one harsh look from Bruno was enough to shut your mouth. You gulped waiting for your destiny, like you were going to be put through the wringer.
“You didn’t have to say any of that. What were you thinking?”, he questioned bitter, his voice deeper than it had ever been. He was definitely mad. “I am used to it, I am used to being looked up and down and- and talked back, but you— you can’t be the one people get mad at, you don’t deserve that kind of treatment, so what made you think it was a good idea for you to say that? Why did you defend me? Now those people will assume things—“.
“Let them”, you mumbled under your breath. Bruno sighed, shaking his head, not daring to dig any further in that. “No, they can’t. I won’t let them. I won’t let them say bad things about you because you felt pity for me”.
“You think that’s why I said all of that?”, you asked shocked. “You don’t deserve the way they treat you! No está bien just because you are used to it, Bruno!”, you were getting yourself worked up here, again. “Are you being for real?”.
“Sí!”, he yelled, taking you by surprise. “I am being for real, because what is going to happen when people will get the idea that maybe we are—“, he gesticulated with his hands between the two of you, as he searched for the right word “— close, and will start mistreating you for that, and you will eventually grow into hating me like everyone else, and will leave me alone because that’s what’s gonna happen, I know it, I have been there! Èl maldito Bruno deserves nothing but this loneliness—“, your head felt dizzy. You had been so careless. All he cared about was you.
His eyes shifted to a light green because of his intense emotions and you couldn’t help noticing the tears forming in the corners. “Deja. Deja, lo entiendo Bruno”, you begged him.
“I am not saying anything that it’s not true”. He looked at you completely defeated, tired, sad and you hated each one of those people who had ever made him feel bad about himself.
“I promise you I am not going anywhere—“, he chuckled, a knowing, melancholy smile on his face. “Lo dices ahora”, he whispered. You came closer to where he was, watching his eyes light up in surprise.
“Sí, I say this now, but I do know myself, you know me, and when I tell you that I stood up for you not out of pity but because I genuinely care about you, and not because we may be— close, but because you do deserve love and acceptance like everyone else, I need you to believe my words”, his eyes followed attentively your steps, until the two of you were only a few inches away from each other.
“I understand that life hasn’t been very easy for you, but I intend to be part of yours for a long time, if you will let me”, at this point tears were rolling down on both of your faces. You gently caressed his cheek, resting your hand and letting him slowly lay there. “And if you will have me, you will also get these parts, where I will pick up fight with people for how they treat you, or I will get mad at you when you don’t recognise your own worth, and I will work my ass off, reminding you everyday how amazing you are and that you deserve every kindness in this world if that is what it takes to make you believe me”, you stated. His hand was now on yours, a crocked smile forming on his lips.
“…People will assume things—“, he repeated. “Why do you keep saying that?”, you asked. “I don’t want your status to be dragged down because of me”.
“What—?”. “People will assume we are— ay, cómo puedo— you know… together”, he mumbled, spreading butterflies into your stomach just at the thought of the possibility.
“As I said, let them”.
He shook his head. “You don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t want that”, you don’t want me, he wanted to add. Shifting from the previous position, he took a step back, not looking at you anymore.
“How do you know that?”, you uttered, feeling hurt: does he really think that little about me?. “Can you stop thinking about what everyone else is gonna believe for one moment? Could you stop assuming what I—“
“I don’t have that privilege! En verdad, I don’t understand why we are even discussing it in the first place, it is not like you have any feelings for me at all!”. Silence filled the room. His chest was going up and down due to his rage, his heavy breathing the only sound other than your incessant heartbeat.
You felt your ears ringing. Now, you have to tell him how you feel now. It’s now or never: but no words escaped your mouth.
Bruno sighed defeated and started mumbling to himself, fidgeting with his ruana: “Entonces, I will go back to the village and explain to everyone that you really didn’t mean what you said before and everything will be fine—“.
“I do”, you admitted whispering, not daring to look at him.
He stopped his ranting. “Qué?”.
You gulped, fighting to gain the courage you needed to speak up. “I do have feelings for you. I had for a while. So, if people start assuming things it wouldn’t— I mean, I wouldn’t complain”, great speech, you thought.
“You don’t have to say that—“
“Por favor, don’t lie to me—“
“Dios, would you stop assuming things and let me talk!”
Bruno stayed quiet and in order to avoid meeting his gaze, you went on: “It drives me mad that people mistreat you, not when you are so kind and gentle, and I get it, I am a mess, so sí, I wasn’t thinking about how you would have felt about it, y lo siento, I am sorry about that, but not about what I said because I meant it and I would do it again. I will pick up a thousand fights for you, because you are so worth it”, you sighed, the urge of saying how you felt was so strong, winning over all your fears, and all those emotions you had desperately wanted to keep secret, that you had kept locked deep down for so long, were now screaming to be heard.
“Te amo, Bruno. Not out of pity, but truly and fondly and hardly, seriously, sometimes it takes a lot just not to kiss you and— and other things— and, fuck, I had a point, I wanted to give you a big speech about this because it feels big to me, and—“ you had now lost control over your words, praying that the earth could just dig an huge hole and let you fall in it. “And I love you and it feels so good to be able to say it out loud, I love you, and you deserve the world and more, and I love you, no one will ever make me want to not be with you, and I love you and now I have to shut up, fuck, stop—“.
Realising you had been holding your breath this entire time, you exhaled, forcing yourself to look at Bruno’s face, because you had to know: he was left completely speechless, his cheeks still wet with tears but his eyes were now sparkling, and, you wouldn’t dare to be sure, wouldn’t dare to hope, but a tiny smile was now appearing on his lips.
“I am not lying. Por favor, say something”, you begged.
Not dropping his smile, Bruno came slowly closer. “You’re shivering”, he observed. You rolled your eyes, physically forcing yourself not to run away. “No me diga…”.
Bruno cupped your face in his hands, so kindly, so tenderly. “You smell good”, you whispered so softly he thought he imagined it. Regret came across your face and Bruno let out a little laugh and seriously, you were going to combust. “You’re shivering too”.
Your hearts were pounding so hard against your chests and all you could think about was how close he was standing. “Did you mean it?”, you caught that subtle doubting in his voice again and all you wanted was for that to disappear. “Do you really love me?”.
“Didn’t you notice?” you couldn’t help to not let slip out how desperate you were.
“I never dared to hope that, honestly. Not with you, not me”, his voice cracked. He was now caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“Do you— I mean, well… Do you— No, alright… Lo siento, I promise I am better at this, it’s just that you are so close and your eyes are so green and I am mumbling all over again, please show a little mercy on me—“, his lips were now way too close to yours. His smile was so beautiful you had to restrain yourself not to kiss him right there.
“If only you knew for how long I have been waiting for this — These words, from you”, his voice sounded so incredulous. Bruno stared at you for what seemed like years, still smiling, as you were the most beautiful miracle he had ever seen in his life.
“Alright, let me.. I am sorry amor, lo siento if I can’t express well what I feel, but, it feels so unreal—“, he confessed, his voice trembling, “I couldn’t even — How could you love me? I didn’t stand a chance. When you stood up for me, I felt— overwhelmed by all these emotions, fear, love, protectiveness, and I got mad, y lo siento, because I know how it feels like to be left out and the idea of you being mistreated, or even just the thought of you walking away from me— No. You light up every room you are in, you are breathtaking, eres la razón de mi sonrisas, la única—“, you gave a small whimper, smiling tenderly. “The idea of you loving me—”, he shook his head. “Not even en mi sueños”.
“Funny of you to say that, because I feel like I am dreaming”.
You both giggled softly. Your forehead were now touching, his hands still gently on your burning cheeks. His eyes searched yours. “Then I really don’t want to wake up”, he whispered, brushing his lips to yours, so kindly asking for your consent.
You finally kissed him, a kiss you had wanted for as long as you could remember, and it was even better than anything you ever expected. He was better than anything you ever expected. His lips locked perfectly with yours, as you both grinned into it. His hands grabbed your waist, as yours were on his neck, holding each other closer as you could, feeling the need, after all that time, to be juntos.
“Te amo”, he confessed, putting so careful a small lock of hair behind your ear. “Gracias por fighting for me, for not giving up on me— gracias”.
You gave him another kiss. “I will always fight for you, Bruno. You are so worth it”.
“You know, I thought you were going to punch that guy”
“Maybe I should have—“
“Qué? It isn’t like he didn’t deserve it, or do you think I couldn’t handle him?”
“No, mi amor, I am sure you could. I was actually worried about him”
“Ah, a quien lo importa— there’s nothing Julieta’s arepas can’t pull back together”
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espeon-fireheart · 5 months ago
~Bruno Madrigal x Reader Domestic Headcanons~
(Why? Cause I said so. I'm feeling a little down and need the comfort! Also, these are romantic headcanons, just a heads up My lovelies! <3)
Tumblr media
(I love him Your Honour!)
I like to think that Bruno is a little spoon because it makes him feel safe. Specifically when he is close and facing towards you. He will wrap his arms around you and squeeze you when and if he has a nightmare. (I can imagine he likes the 'Honeymoon Hug' the best)
On the topic of nightmares, considering his gift and his fear of upsetting people, I can imagine this sweetheart would have trouble sleeping and suffer from nightmares very often. So when he wakes up at night from said nightmares, you would have to hold him and reassure him that he isn't a bad person and that you really do love him.
He likes being praise and encouraged for the littlest things, like say if he gives you a gift, and you respond with a 'Thank you Bruno', it would give him happy butterflies and make him happy.
So imagine what 'I love you' does to him. He smiles like a goofball and gets all bashful about it, responding with an 'I love you too'
Bruno likes having his hair played with, as I stated in one of my previous posts, it puts him to sleep. You just need to find that right spot and he will just melt and drift off. It also comes in handy when he's upset or can't sleep.
He finds it endearing when you just talk to the rats. Like say if you are just going about your day and have one on your shoulder, taking to it while you do your work, it would just be so cute to him.
On the topic of cute, he has a sweet tooth. He has had one since he was a kid so he enjoys special occasions when the treats come out.
Reading isn't exactly his favourite things to do on his own, he enjoys reading with you. He enjoys sitting or cuddling with you and reading his favourite stories as a form of bonding.
He holds your hand a lot, whenever he can, he will hold your hand. And I mean it. Whether it be sitting down at the dinner table, walking through town, sleeping....yeah.
Bruno still has self-esteem issues, he still has his moments where he doubts himself. It happens from time to time, he will sit on the bed of your shared room and stare off silently.
When you find him like this, you have to sit by him and hold one of his hands, give him time to snap out of it. Just talk to him gently and comfort him.
He will be very goofy and dorky, it's a part of him that you adore. How naturally sweet and funny his personality is. It makes him more lovable
When you guys are sharing some quality time, he brings out his goofy side more.
And I will never be convinced otherwise that he likes to use a special pet name. I’m serious. Call him something endearing and he will answer to it.
He’s not the best dancer, but he has the heart and we love that. He will happily dance with you if you want to.
Your typically the one who cooks, not because he doesn’t want to, he just doesn’t know how and poor baby would probably start a fire. So it’s best that you cook, or at least help cook with Julieta and Pepa.
Bruno loves you with all of his heart, though sometimes he has trouble showing it. If you’re patient though, you’ll see it come through.
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mitzimania · 4 months ago
Camilo is a small spoon. Send ask.
repost bc for some reason it disappeared from tags :(
Tumblr media
camilo has an ego. he's a performer, he needs to look his best. he's got to seem large, confident, bold. appearances were everything, his display of himself was larger than life.
but keeping this up was exhausting. he had to, for his family's sake. he was the funny one. he was sly and confident and happy-go-lucky, and he was tired.
he was so sick of being the bold shapeshifter, he was sick of being special. it was selfish, he knew, but camilo often dreamt of being a normal kid, with a normal life, in an extremely average and ungifted family.
when he met you it was a breath of fresh air. you alleviated him, like a taste of sickly-sweet medicine on a stuffy winter night. your touch was a shock of sweet summer cold on a burning spring evening. you were the perfection of fall and all its wonders. you were his medicine.
sometimes, when camilo wasn't feeling as strong as he should, he would go to you. when he was only feeling like himself and none of his other forms, he'd speak to you. and the two of you would speak for hours.
it didn't matter how late it was or how busy you were. there was always time for him, and he always had time for you. one night, you lay in your bed and he was there too.
the yellow fabric of his ruana pooled on the sheets. you brushed your fingers against his hair. he's facing away from you- you think he might be asleep. his sides are rising and falling like a breathing statue.
he's so tired, you can tell. when he came to join you, his eyes were heavy and his voice was strained. he was curled into you, and now you could feel his body loosening at your touch.
because when he was next to you, camilo felt like he was himself. he didn't have to be anyone else. he was simply camilo, and he could breathe, as deep and as long as he wanted to.
Tumblr media
send me headcannons!
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camileeon · 4 months ago
Idk if this idea is good but here we go :P
Camilo's s/o peppering him with a LOT smol kisses near one of the madrigal family and ended up getting disfunction-ing(?)
Thank you have a nice day:)
tinted affection--- •
(a/n) 2 POSTS A DAY ??? just kidding i think that's gonna be the consistency and schedule of answering requests and making fics then a break the next day to get ready for posting the next day after, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKED HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! TYSM FOR REQUESTINGGG Enjoy! 🍎)
✧ she/her for reader, he/him for camilo ✧
Tumblr media
A quiet evening was shared in the town of encanto. Although it was peaceful it somehow stayed lively from each block to its corner, y/n in a hurry got ready to leave and go to the madrigal's household. she was invited for a dinner with the family along with the Guzmans to talk about how the taken madrigals' significant others were and greet the "new future additions" to the madrigal family.
Y/n was a little indecisive with which clothes suited her more for the occasion, holding a dillemma between a yellow floral dress or a traditional beige blouse and a long flowy red and black skirt. In the end deciding to wear the formal skirt and blouse fit would look best since she would have dinner with two different families. Finally finishing her look with a pair of simple pearl earrings with a handfan in her grasp, leaving her household to walk to Casita just a few minutes a way.
Once she met with the home's doorway, letting out a huff of air she wasn't aware she had been holding in while she held the fan to cover her features below her eyes as the home's doors open to her significant other who wore the same yellow ruana almost always. The boy's eyes looked her up and down and was immediately stunned by how she looked, his warm cheeks being very noticable.
“ hola señorita, beautiful as always i must mention.. though if i may, the fan is a little in the way of such a gorgeous face.” he dramatically bent down to bow and held her hand to lay a kiss, pulling her closer in by the waist with a swift movement “miss my lips that much mi amor?” she says jokingly “always when I'm without you mi vida! Speaking of kiss..” Camilo pointed at his lips, wanting a kiss from her.
Y/n closed the fan and pretended to come closer to give him what he wanted before stopping and putting the closed fan on his lips to prevent him from coming any closer, letting out a small laugh as she played with him a little “Patience my love, i will give you one that's for certain.” she speaks while running a hand through his curls, as the boy followed from behind with a slight pout formed on his lips.
"Dinner's ready!” they heard from the dining area of casita, sitting beside eachother.
Dolores sending you a look beside her with a smile as a greeting “you look great!” she whispered quietly “you do too! I've been stressing over what to wear for the past hour!-” you whisper back before being interrupeted by the clinking of a glass, making your attention go to Abuela Alma who stood up.
“ It's an honour to have you both with us, Mariano and Y/n. ” she spoke looking at y/n and dolores's significant other. A soft smile grew on y/n's face because of how comforting and heartwarming the family always were whenever she came to visit, the boy couldn't help but admire her for a little while. Her glowing features made his poor heart thump so fast, he could've fainted right then and there “psst.. camilo.” mirabel called the attention of her primo “your staring you know.” he snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat a little.
Isabella was across from you, waving her hand to create a red camellia behind your ear appear while letting out a soft chuckle as she noticed camilo's reaction at getting caught staring at you.
The night continued as you enjoyed a hearty meal prepared by Julieta herself, spoke when you were called or when your name was mentioned. Even shared a few laughs at embarrasing moments of theirs, it really felt as if the family accepted you as their own. The dinner had ended and all were left were a few conversations about one another, and a few drinks for the adults
Y/n sighed as she shook her head a little with a smile, standing up and fixed her skirt a little “if i may be excused.. Just need to get some air.” she says, leaning closer to camilo to give him kisses on his cheeks and one on his nose. Stepping out casita for a little while for a little time alone with herself.
On the other hand, after the kisses given by his hermosa. His cheeks immediately grew to be a tinted warm shade of red and the thought of his family was there to witness it made his heart pound so loud, his sister picking up on it. “Ah my camilo! All grown up, you picked a good one mijo! I'm too excited to soon officially call her my daughter in law!”
His mama's eyes teared up a little with her eyes glimmering, showing how she felt through a little rain cloud then a rainbow being followed right after. “HAHA LOOK HOW RED HE IS!! HE LOOKS LIKE THAT RIPE TOMATO FROM ISA'S GARDEN” Mirabel let out a laugh, then followed by Dolores as she tried to hold it in.
Camilo let out a sigh “alright alright stop teasing already!” he crossed his arms, trying to internally calm himself and his heart down and cool his face off. He gets up to go meet with her outside their porch, sneaking his arms around her “you okay mi hermosa? How was the dinner? They didn't make you feel uncomfortable in any way did they?” he spoke, making sure she was okay.
she shook her head in response as she leaned her body against his “no no not at all, thank you for inviting me. They were delightful to be with my love.” she says, facing his direction to cup his cheeks in her hands.
“can i have my kiss now? I was patient wasn't i?”
“alright alright, you deserve it.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 3 months ago
Y/N, shaking Camilo: tell me! how can i calm down?!
Dolores: it's just Tía Julieta!
Y/N, turning to Dolores: that's just it! it's Julieta!
Pepa, storming: calmate! *strikes y/n with lightning*
Julieta, descending the staircase: mi amor? why is your hair as straight as a ruler?
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camilosunshxne · 3 months ago
Marry Me ! ~ Part One
Tumblr media
Pairing : Camilo x fem!reader
Warnings : Can’t think of any, but let me know if there is.
Plot : You, Camilo and Mirabel are all eighteen and enjoying a party for Abuela, a party in which Camilo gets too drunk which results in him making a bet with Mirabel about you. As you put him to bed, he sweetly asks you to marry him, your reply is something he will remember for the rest of his life.
Pronouns used : he/him for Camilo, she/her for reader.
Note : I am not a Spanish native and I don’t know any Spanish, all Spanish nicknames mentioned in this story are translated from google. If anything is wrong PLEASE let me know and I will correct it.
Info : This story happens after the events of Encanto. Mirabel, Camilo and you are all eighteen and are of legal drinking age in this so please don’t be worried about the drinking.
|| part one || part two || part three || part four ||
Tumblr media
You stood, leaning on the doorframe. You weren’t into partying that much, however the Madrigals always threw the biggest parties and this really wasn’t your scene. They were currently celebrating Alma’s birthday. Your two best friends were sitting at a table not too far from your standing position, they were talking over their drinks as you stood swirling yours around your glass.
“Are you not having fun, mija?” You heard someone say. You turned your head to see Pepa, she’d began calling you her daughter around ten years ago, a year after you became friends with Camilo. You’d known Mirabel since the both of you were two years old, however you’d only been friends with Camilo since you were around seven.
You sent a smile Pepa’s way, “I’m fine, mami.” You spoke. This caused a rainbow to appear above her head as she entered the party, you watched her disappear into the dancing crowd before glancing down at your glass and drinking down the last of the red coloured liquid.
Later that night, you were dancing with Pepa who was making light hail fall over the two of you. You laughed with her as the pair of you danced, she’d been like a mother to you ever since you became friends with Mirabel and Camilo. Your laughter seemed to be filling the room as Camilo and Mirabel watched you.
“She’s so pretty.” Camilo sighed dreamily causing Mirabel to flick his cheek. “She’s been helping me make Dolores’ wedding dress.” Mirabel began, getting Camilo’s attention. “She said she’d want me to design her wedding dress, but that’ll never happen.” She continued.
Camilo frowned, “Why not?” He asked. “She’ll never be married, ‘Milo.” Mirabel sighed. “Why not?” Camilo asked again. “She’s turned down every single guy in Encanto. She will never marry anyone.” Mirabel shrugged.
“I bet she will.” Camilo spoke. “Bet she won’t.” Mirabel argued. “Bet she will.” “Bet she won’t.” “Bet she will.” “Bet she won’t.” “Bet she wi-” “What’s going on here?” A voice cut through their betting war.
A squeak escaped Camilo’s throat upon seeing that the owner of the voice was you, “Oh, we were just having a little betting game.” Mirabel smiled. “What were you betting over?” You asked, placing your hand on the back of Mirabel’s chair and leaning over the girls shoulder to grab your glass from the table. You took a sip to hydrate yourself slightly, after being out of breath from dancing.
Camilo’s eyes widened as Mirabel choked on her drink slightly, a squeak behind you suddenly getting your attention. You turned your head to see Dolores, “They were betting whether you will ever get married or not.” She told you. You cocked an eyebrow before turning back to your two best friends, “oh really?!” A playful smirked tugged at your lips as you watched their panicked expressions.
It was getting late into the evening when you heard a clap of thunder, your brows knitted together in confusion as you rose to your feet. You excused yourself from a conversation with Julieta and Mirabel as you headed to find the cause of the thunder.
You didn’t have to travel far, you found Pepa in the kitchen pacing slightly, a dark cloud above her head as thunder clapped. “Pepi…” Félix was trying to calm his wife. “Mami?” You asked softly. The older woman in the yellow dress turned to you.
“What’s wrong, mami?” You found yourself asking. Pepa couldn’t contain the smile that forced itself onto her face, the same smile she had every single time you called her mami. Instead of replying to you, she let out an exasperated sigh before collapsing into a chair. “Papi?” You began turning to Félix. “Camilo got drunk. He’s blackout drunk and to make matters worse, he took off running when he knew that we found out.” The older man sighed.
You nodded before kneeling in front of Pepa. You grabbed the older woman’s hands in both of yours and gave her a warm smile, “Don’t worry, mami. I’ll find him, okay?” You reassured her. Your thumb stroked the back of her hand as her fingers curled around your hands; holding them gently in her own. Her breathing slowly calmed down as she stared into your eyes. She trusted you, she loved you, you were like a daughter to her.
The cloud above her head slowly disappeared as you stared at her, your eyes holding the same love they did when you stared at your own mama. “Go and enjoy your mama’s party, mami. Leave ‘Milo to me.” You smiled, pulling the woman to her feet and hugging her. She kissed your cheek and laced her arms around you.
“Thank you, mija.” She whispered as Félix took his wife’s hand and began leading her back to the party. You watched her go before glancing around, lifting your head and heading to the one place you knew Camilo would go when hiding from his parents.
You left la casita and made your way to the hill behind the building, seeing a very drunk and very happy Camilo staring at the sky. “Knew I’d find you here.” You said as you sat beside him. He turned his head at your voice, “Watching the moon again?” You asked, only to receive a nod in return. “You know, ‘Milo. Your parents are worried sick.” You said as you hugged yourself. There was a cold breeze in the air tonight.
Camilo turned to you once again, watching as you hugged yourself. “Come on amigo, we need to get you to bed.” You sighed. Camilo sent a smirk your way, causing you to roll your eyes. “Not like that, idiota.” You slapped him before grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet.
He swayed slightly, “Woah! No, too fast.” He mumbled as his cheeks bloated slightly and he looked like he was about to throw up. “Okay, no, we need to get you to the bathroom before you throw up.” You groaned as you pulled his arm over your shoulder and helped him walk back into la casita.
You made it back inside and took him to the bathroom as quickly as you could, only just making it as he sat in front of the toilet and began throwing up. You sat beside him, rubbing his back, essentially helping him to get it all out. “You’re such a good friend, (name).” He mumbled. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” You cheekily replied with a smug smirk. He rolled his eyes as he wiped his mouth, you stood up and filled a glass with water from the sink before handing it to him. He gratefully took it and began to drink.
You soon pulled him up and helped him to his bedroom, “You’re my favourite person, amor.” He whispered as you laid him on his bed. “I love everything about you.” He continued sleepily. You watched as he did before seeing him change into a pair of shorts and a shirt, you turned away as he changed; not wanting to invade his privacy.
“I love you too, chameleon.” You smiled as he dropped back onto his bed. You grabbed his blankets and began tucking him in but he grabbed your hand, you stopped abruptly and stared down at him, “I really do love you, mi amor.” He whispered sleepily. “I love you too.” You repeated the words with ease. He was your best friend but he was also the boy you had been in love with for four years.
“You were with me before my gift. You accepted me, you knew the real me. I know we didn’t become proper friends until we were seven but you always had my back, even before my ceremony. You’re the only person who always really accepted the real me, besides mami and papi of course.” He rambled as his eyes fluttered shut.
You stared down at the curly haired boy, “I will always be with you, ‘Milo.” You reassured him whilst running your fingers through his curly locks. This seemed to relax him slightly, his body relaxing under your touch as you removed your hand that he was holding from his grip and finished tucking him in, still running your fingers through his hair.
“(Name), will you marry me?” He whispered. Your breathing hitched slightly in your throat as you stared down at the boy, his hands were clutching his blankets and your fingers stopped in his hair momentarily. His lips were parted, soft snores leaving his mouth. His breathing was relaxed and you instantly knew he was fast asleep.
“Some day, Camilo.” You whispered, leaning forward and kissing his forehead as you slowly untangled your fingers from his curls. You rose to your feet, “Some day.” You whispered once again before heading towards the door and reaching for the doorknob.
“I’m gonna hold you to that.” Your hand paused on the doorknob as you turned your head. Looking over your shoulder you saw Camilo, his eyes were still half closed but he wore a lopsided grin. You smiled softly at him as his burnt chestnut eyes stared back at you, your fingers switched the light switch; turning it off so that the room was in darkness. “Get some sleep, ‘Milo.” You said as you finally twisted the doorknob.
As you left the room, you collided with someone. You groaned slightly before glancing down, seeing your other best friend sitting on her butt and staring up at you with an irritated look on her face. “Were you… Listening?” You asked, cocking an eyebrow at her. She adjusted her green specs on her nose and stood back up.
“No…” You gave her a pointed look. “Maybe?” She chuckled causing you to raise an eyebrow again. “Okay, okay, yes. Yes I was earwigging and you do realise he’s gonna hold that over you for the rest of your life until you do marry him, right?!” She relented before asking.
“Oh, Mira, of course I realise that. And one day, I will say yes to him. When the time is right.” You smirked at your best friend before heading towards the stairs. She quickly chased after you, easily catching up to you.
“You do realise you’ve let him win our bet about you now?” She asked. “Technically, Mira, you also win the bet.” You smirked slightly. Her brows furrowed and her features showed signs of confusion as you descended the stairs.
“What are you talking about?” She asked, chasing you once again. You cocked an eyebrow, stopping in the centre of the floor as you turned to your best friend.
“It was around fou… No, five years ago. We were thirteen and I kept watching him and you said ‘I bet you’ll marry him someday’ when I asked who, you pointed to Camilo so I said ‘I bet I won’t’ and the argument lasted for about five minutes until Isabela told us both to shut up. So, technically speaking, mi amiga, you also won the bet.” You smirked before taking a few steps backwards and disappearing off into the crowd to continue the night at hand.
Mira watched you, confusion etched onto her features as she watched you disappear. That’s when she had an idea, she had an amazing, wonderful, terrible idea. A smirk found it’s way onto her lips as she watched you dancing with Pepa once again before turning on her heel and ascending back up the stairs.
“Time to get started on your wedding dress then, mi amiga.” She whispered evilly to herself, knowing you would kill her if you found out.
Tumblr media
~ Hello, hello, hello! Once again, this has probably been done before but shh, I’m unoriginal okay. I used to have a story like this on Wattpad but decided to change it slightly for this. If anyone would like a part two, please let me know and I will happily create another part to this but please also know I am notoriously bad at writing fluff but I shall try. Anyways, thanks for reading sweeties! Sending y’all so much love and pizza! 💖
Tumblr media
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ichigobunsss · 4 months ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt1)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Fluff/Angst
Tumblr media
The night of Mirabel's Gift Ceremony was a night many did not forget. But for Valeria.. it was the night her beloved husband disappeared...
Everyone was frozen in shock as Mirabel's door slowly vanished from sight. She had looked up at Alma with tears in her eyes, not understanding why a gift wasn't given. But Alma had no answer, but she knew who might. She had taken Mirabel back to her parents, who were watching from the side in complete disbelief, before making an excuse to continue on with the party. Many were dumbfounded, but as music began to play through the house, the guest began to chat and some even dance as if nothing had happened.
Valeria and Bruno however were still staring at the empty space where Mirabel's door should have been by now. Still processing everything that just happened.
"Brunito.." Valeria started. "I.. I don't understand, how could this happen?" she said, turning to her husband. His eyes were focused on the door, but he turned back to her as she spoke, clutching on to his arm slightly.
"I don't know Amor..Maybe.. it's not her time yet?" he said with a slight shrug. Well at least someone was being positive about this... But she shook her head.
"She's already five, And how is everyone just dancing around-"
"Tia! Tia!" a small voice yelled out. She was pulled from Bruno by her skirt by a pair of tiny hands. When she looked down, she was met with Camilo's big brown eyes peeking up at her.
"Camilo, qué paso? Estás bien?!" she said brushing her hand through his curls. Her nerves were up and running as her thoughts raced around her niece. Camilo blinked up at her and nodded his head.
"Si, but where is Mirabel? Why didn't she get a door?" he asked innocently and a bit too loudly. A few guests that were surrounding them had glanced over at her. Clearly they wanted an answer as well. Valeria looked back at Bruno, who gave her a small shrug, not knowing what to say either.
"I.. ah.. I don't know Camilo." she said, lowering her voice. "Donde estás tu mamá?" she asked, looking around for Pepa as she reached down to lifted him into her arms.
"She ran to Tia and Tio with Papa. And Dolores won't come out from her room, she said it's too loud." He said, as he began playing with the necklace around her neck. The bright green gem that Bruno had gifted her already distracting Camilo as he twiddled it around his small fingers.
Bruno stepped toward the pair of them and gave her a small smile as his arm snaked around her waist. He pinched Camilo's nose with the other and Camilo's small giggles and snorts made the pair of them laugh.
"Ya, Tio look, I could turn into you!" said Camilo as he shook his head roughly against her. She held onto his back so he wouldn't fall back, but she was met with him forming Bruno's bright glowing green eyes and nose and a little bit of his beard. Camilo had only formed half of Bruno's face. She laughed loudly and Bruno shook his head beside her.
"I do not look like that." huffed Bruno, trying to hold in his laughter. But Camilo giggled and continued shaking his head and sticking out his tongue at his Tio. If it wasn't for the fact Camilo was her nephew, the three of them looked like a family of their own.
"Ay, que lindos! Oh, Bruno when are you two going to have children? Honestly it's about time already!" said one of the Señoras that spotted the three of them. Bruno's eyes widened and a red hue appeared on his cheeks.
"Ah, Senora, well m-my wife and I-" Bruno struggled, but Valeria quickly spoke up.
"Whenever we feel like it." she stated calmly, not taking her eyes off Camilo. The Senora huffed, and went on to others in the party. If it was one thing she hated, it was pressure to pop out babies as soon as two of them had gotten married. Bruno squeezed her side as a thank you, and she smiled over at him lovingly. But their moment was short lived as Alma appeared behind him.
"Bruno. Vamos, I need to speak with you." she said firmly, but quiet enough for the guests not to hear. Bruno immediately tensed beside Valeria as he turned to look at his mother, before glancing back over to his wife, a worried look in his eyes.
"I-I'll be right back." he said, a tremble in his voice. Valeria frowned, and glanced at Alma from behind Bruno's shoulder. She raised an eyebrow at her, as if to challenge her authority, but Valeria looked back at Bruno and gave him a chaste kiss, earning a groan from Camilo. Sure, she respected and loved Alma, but she didn’t always agree with how she treated her sons.. her husband's gift.
"Hurry back." she whispered against his lips. Bruno gave her a small smile before turning to Alma as she led him away from the party, already whispering in his ear. Valeria watched as Alma led him up the grand stairs, but Camilo tugged on her shoulders for her to listen to him, pulling her eyes away from them.
"Tíaaa, por favor dance with me! I'm soooo bored!" said Camilo, as he dramatically sighed. Valeria laughed and nodded her head.
"Ya, okay, okay!" she said. When she glanced back up to the stairs, Bruno and Alma were already gone. She tried to ignore the tense pit forming in her stomach, as Camilo jumped from her arms and pulled her to the dance area.
Something did not feel right.
Bruno hadn't returned till late that night. Everyone had already left the Casita and the air was cold and quiet. The flash of Mirabel's door fading playing over and over in Valeria's head as she gazed out the window and into the night sky.
Thinking she was already asleep, the door of the room slowly creeped opened and Bruno quietly tiptoed inside backwards, but froze as he turned once he saw she was sitting by the window. The moonlight peering through the windows being the only thing lit in the room.
"Querida, I-I thought you were sleeping.." he said, closing the door behind him gently.
"I was waiting for you.. Are you alright?" she asked, getting up from her seat and making her way over to him. As she got a closer look at him, his eyes looked tired, and there was a trace of smeared dried blood under his nose. She cupped his face in her hands and he let out a sigh, his shoulders dropping from their tense stance.
"Bebe, what happened? Estás bien?" she asked worriedly.
"Si, si." he said. "I was doing visions for... Alma." he said quietly. Her eyebrows furrowed. He never called his mother by her name unless he was angry. .
"Bruno, what do you mean visions? How many did she make you do?" she said, pulling him towards the bed.
“She had.. questions about Mirabel's door. I-I asked if she could wait till tomorrow, then we got into a fight and . . Ah well, it doesn't matter now." he said, flopping his back down on the bed with a huff.
"Ay Dios, Bruno. You know I hate it when she forces you to do so many. Doesn't she know it hurts you?" she said, laying down next to him.
But Bruno stood quiet as he stared up at the ceiling in deep thought.
He blinked out of his small daze, and glanced over at her. Reaching up, his fingers lightly traced her furrowed brow as she stared at him. He glanced down at the gold chain that hung around her neck, the green gem staring back at him with a shimmer.
"Te amo.." he whispered. Valeria sighed, and leaned into his hand.
"Y yo a ti, mi amor." she replied. He smiled sadly at her and lifted himself up to brush his lips against hers. Valeria happily responded to his kiss, but pulled back when she felt wetness on his face. Tears were silently falling down his face, as his eyes glowing slightly.
"B-Bruno, Que paso-" she tried, but Bruno quickly wiped the tears from his face.
"Nada, nada." he said shaking his head quickly and smiling, pulling her back to kiss her again.
"Te amo." he repeated against her lips. She tried to reply but he rolled on top of her, as he began ravaging her neck with sloppy, desperate kisses. She knew he was hiding something, but his kisses and little nibbles against her neck were starting to distract her from that.
"Te amo.. Te amo, Mi cariño...Mi vida.." he said over and over again against her flushed skin. His hands wandered under her nightgown and squeezed her body closer to his, as if someone would take her away from him. It was rare when Bruno took control like this, so Valeria let him roam her body as he wished. Her thoughts no longer focused on the nights dreadful events, only on Brunos soft touches and gentle whispered sweet nothings against her skin, as he took her for his.
Later that same night, he had slipped away from her arms as she slept. Nothing but a whisper of love and a kiss against her brow. He had silently begged the Casita not to wake her, as he felt the tiles begin to nudge him away from the door. It was as if the home was begging him not to leave. But Bruno took one last look at her peaceful sleeping form. Forcing his eyes away from Valeria, he turned with tears in his eyes and into the darkness of the Madrigal home.
"Please, forgive me, Mi vida.."
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Well that was depressing😭
I had this random thought in my head of Bruno redoing his vision over and over again about Mirabel, but it always turning out the same :(
Also I think Camilo was the same age as Mirabel?? So that's why he sounds like he's a tiny bb lololol.
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