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encantoheadcanons · 20 hours ago
Pepa now makes sure she doesn't take any day with Bruno for granted. She's still scared he will leave again and she couldn't go through that again
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hyrques · 2 days ago
luisa becoming fond of reading books (especially romances) in her spare time after the events of the film. pepa would lend her some of her own and they'd gush about them together. they'd even find themselves buddy-reading whenever they have the time.
imagine bruno also giving her some of the books that kept him preoccupied while living inside the walls. maybe he accidentally includes a draft of one of his telenovelas, so now she pesters him about the ending.
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bird-likes-to-fandom · 2 days ago
hc that julieta knew bruno was in the walls the whole time because they were the closest out of the family and she had that older sibling intuition, so when she tested out new recipes (not even healing ones, just new recipes in general) she always set them out for Bruno to try
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luisa-madrigal-magic · a day ago
I was talking with someone about Luisa yesterday so I'm just gonna copy n paste what I said since it's about her.
Why not.
In A Relationship:
To me, I kind of think Luisa would at least be a bit obsessed with her partner. Always checking on them (When the both of them are just chillin there, during sexual and intimate acts, and even her just showing up to their house randomly to check on them).
She's always showing them affection, always carrying them on her shoulders or arms. She'd be a bit possessive but wouldn't force them to hang out with her or wouldn't allow them to not talk to others or anything of the sorts. She'd be a bit whiney (More playful whiney than baby whiney tho) when they have to leave her side for any reason because she loves having them around her.
She simply loves their presence and touch.
Just knowing they're in the same room with her soothes her.
Whenever she's free from chores, she'll spend a lot of her time with them relaxing or having random fun! Preparing picnics, walks, horseback riding, and just anything together. Especially napping in the grass together on the hill.
Luisa definitely loves cuddling and holding their hand just because. The partner could just be standing there, or they can be talking to someone and she'll just hold their hand and stand there like a child lol (Or even hugging them for a long time while they have a conversation with someone, even holding on while her partner is trying to walk or work). I like to think Luisa would be very playful with them, kiddish kinda (Cuz I don't think she had much of a childhood), like play fighting (ALWAYS careful with them cuz of her strength), poking at them, playing with their hair, admiring their limbs (Especially your hands and fingers), and just asking them all types of questions.
She likes kissing on her partner a lot! Their head, hands, face, legs, arms, feet, ankles, everything! She loves giving affection but I think she wouldn't really understand receiving, so she would just be a blushing fit whenever they did anything romantic or even at times a simple kiss or holding her hand themself (Not all the time, but sometimes).
She'll walk around holding their hand, walking with a bounce and telling everyone that walks past that that's her partner with a huge smile on her face! She'd shove ya hands in people's faces to show ya hands intertwined as well while doing it. She'd be SO proud of you and wouldn't be able to understand how she got so lucky.
I personally don't think she'd be insecure about how she doesn't deserve her partner. I think she would have a neutral mindset about that like the average person. I don't think she would think she deserved them or didn't deserve them. I think she would just think she got lucky and does her best to keep her partner in love with her lol. Doing basically anything they ask of her.
I'm not good at coming up with headcanons purely on my own, it's really easy for me to come up with headcanons and stuff like that when people ASK me specific things so if you want to hear more headcanons I have about Luisa, ask me some questions if you want! Please do honestly lol.
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forciela · 23 hours ago
warm family headcanons masterlist !
Tumblr media
- pepa ☀︎︎
pepa madrigal relationship headcanons
- félix ♡︎
félix madrigal relationship headcanons (w/pepa)
- camilo ♡︎
camilo madrigal relationship headcanons
- dolores ♡︎
dolores madrigal relationship headcanons
- antonio ♡︎
antonio cute family headcanons
Tumblr media
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lxvely-jinx · 2 days ago
I love your writing so much and it's made me so happy- I know that your requests are closed but when they re open could you do cg!mirabel?
Just bcus this made me really happy have it rn
Tumblr media
#ʚCG!Mirabel Madrigalɞ
Tumblr media
↳ Mirabel Madrigal, Agere, X Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ She's an amazing cg have you seen her
☆ She loves telling you stories! Whether about her family or not
☆ She's up for anything you want to do
☆ You make her feel like she has purpose
☆ She'd be a very playful cg
☆ Also makes tons of stuffies for you!
☆ Or anything really
☆ She has a special design for you too
☆ Basically considers you a Madrigal
☆ Her bag is honestly just full of your little gear
☆ She's prepared for anything you throw at her
☆ + She's always ready for a vent regression
☆ Gets Julieta to make you snacks
☆ Calls you "Little fire" or "Sweetest" + The normal stuff
☆ In conclusion Cg Mirabel is amazing
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal from Encanto is autistic, submitted by @iwillstabyou!
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greatmarta · 2 days ago
Agustín's family in Encanto
We know that Agustín is a city man, “from somewhere similar to Bogotá” (Bill Schwab, Art Director, Characters). We also know, from Jared Bush’s twitter, that “Their families live in the Encanto” and “There is more of their families in the Encanto for sure” (referring to Agustínand Félix).
Which leads us (or at least me) to the only logical conclusion – Agustín’s family moved to Encanto when he was at least a teenager. It’s also possible that he had discovered the path to Encanto first (due to his clumsiness) and had his family join him once he became sure he was staying there for good. Either way, that’s an extra set of grandparents for Mirabel and her sisters :-).
Derivative headcanons:
Agustín’s mother is a voracious reader. She home-schooled him all throughout primary education, because “school is a dangerous place for my poor little precious boy”. After moving to Encanto she began to teach the local children. She’s the one who installed the passion for mythology in Luisa.
Her over-protectiveness was one of the reasons why Agustín left his natal home. He wanted to become self-sufficient.
Agustín’s father was a merchant and spent most of his children’s childhood traveling. On the occasions he got his son to himself, he encouraged him to play, get dirty and not worry about getting hurt. Agustín’s mother berated him for it, but without much effect (“He won’t get any less clumsy if you coddle him. Let the kid get something out of this life.”).
Secretly, Alma finds it very hard to hear her grandchildren call Agustín’s and Félix’s fathers “Abuelo”. She realizes it’s her problem and does her best not to let it show.
Agustín gets his nose and hair from his dad. Dad is shorter and bulkier than Agustín, with a golden bronze skin tone. His jawline is similar to Luisa’s. The mom is tall and slim, with a longer face, which she passes onto Agustín. She is pretty light-skinned and has brown hair.
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encanto-side-blog · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
More head-canons/analysis thingys
Luisa and Mirabel have a really great and sweet relationship. Luisa seems genuinely very kindhearted and like she takes her role as big sister seriously. She also doesn't treat her differently for having no powers.
When she gets in the way of Luisa, she responds with “careful sis”, unlike Isabela who responds with an angry “what is your problem!?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And unlike Isabela who is jealous and thinks Mirabel has it easy, Luisa is never seen showing that kind of attitude despite being probably one of the most overworked Madrigal, to the point of being compared to a mule (beast of burden).
The one time we see her yell at Mirabel, she apologizes immediately saying “uh, wow... sorry, that snuck out there”, showing that she almost never gets angry at Mirabel, if ever.
In Surface Pressure she tells Mirabel to give her burdens to her and Mirabel smiles for a split second (while Luisa worries about things that will hurt Mirabel). They also don’t have the kind of animosity that Maribel had with Isabela at the start.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And finally, I mean... look at this 🥺
Mirabel looks so uncertain, I’m wondering if they forgot her again but Luisa noticed and dragged her into the photo.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I hope if a series comes out we will get to explore this dynamic more.
Tumblr media
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one-more-fangirl · 26 days ago
i like to think with each gift come other things to each of the madrigals
so like, how Isabela knows all these different plants even when she's never created them, she didn't look them up and study them, she's always known. just like she knows the perfects conditions for every plant
camilo's acting skills were always there, and he can get into any character in record time, being able to interpret them perfectly. he can also tell when someone is being genuine or faking
dolores differentiates between different sounds even when they're all going off at the same time, and she can hear each and everyone clear as day and differentiate between them. she can also imitate sounds and voices
luisa will tell you the exact weight of smth just by looking at it. and she'll have a look at you and tell you what your body needs to work on for better muscle or will know what muscle you've pulled. gives amazing massages
Pepa can tell you the forecast. she'll wake up and go "today is going to rain, not gonna be my fault. it will rain for like an hour, at 6:39 in the afternoon" so accurate.
Julieta knows the recipes by heart, she can read any recipe in any language and memorize it forever, but only recipes. reads at the speed of light too, and knows some recipes already that she just knows.
Bruno will have tiny predictions that come true even when he isn't using his powers. like "i swear, if that kid scores I'm wearing purple tomorrow" guess who's wearing mirabel's favorite poncho the next day? or he'll randomly pull someone aside before a bird poops where they were standing before.
Antonio is an encyclopedia for animals just like isa is for plants. he knows it all, even from fantastical, mythical, and extinct species. he can also imitate their sounds, which he doesn't need, but you know
and mira lights any room she walks into
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dos-oroguitas · 24 days ago
madrigal grandkids in minecraft headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would be off to a flowery hills/ plains biome in order to pick flowers and.. get a bucket of lava? Not sure where she's going with this but anyway..
Usually in the nether? for some reason? Maybe she likes the flora there.
Most likely be armor-less with bonemeal and flowers the only things in her inventory.
She wouldn't be the builder, rather she'd be the decorator. She would fill the Minecraft houses up with flowers.
Favorite flowers? Probably Allium, Cornflowers, and the Wither rose.
Bonus (flower?) block: Cactus
If her builds get destroyed, she will lure you into a false sense of security and then place lava on your feet.
Aesthetic skin for her character.
Luisa would most likely be the one who gets her siblings and cousins some gear.
Most likely to be decked out in armor. And in the first in game day no less.
Storage room extraordinaire. Luisa would most likely have an auto-smelt/ auto storage room system.
Would probably be in charge of fighting mobs, especially when it comes to Isabela who's practically running around and only armed with flowers.. plus a bucket full of lava.
The actual builder of La Casa Madrigal in Minecraft.
Inventory is filled with different blocks to build, build, build.
Especially loves the loom and would most likely hoard sheep wool to make pretty banners. Most probably would make pixel art or banner art in Minecraft.
Most likely to die first in game. Probably from running around and not seeing a massive ravine in her path.
"Ay! How should I know that the ravine was right there!"
Probably has Mizuno's texture pack installed.
Has a YouTube tab open for relaxing songs to vibe with while playing Minecraft.
Probably tamed a parrot so she could quickly be informed of nearby mobs.
Absolutely loves note blocks and the juke box, pig step supremacy.
Fills her Minecraft room with parrots.
Mutes the group call since it's always composed of Camilo shouting that he was being chased by mobs, and Mirabel and Isabela arguing about their builds.
Has his siblings/ cousins skins saved in a folder so he would trick them in game, to give them free stuff.
Most likely to rig someone's base with red stone connected to bells he stole from villages he passes by. Only to annoy.
Though he would accidentally manage to set a build on fire..
He was promptly banned by Isabela before he begged to be let in again with the condition he'd be careful.
Would probably get lost since he can't figure out how to navigate with the coordinates. Even with the help of the compass.
/spawn or /teleport is on because Camilo can't find his way back when he wanders around.
Randomly attacks his Tio Bruno.
Sweet little baby Antonio would have tamed every tamable mob in Minecraft.
Of course with the help of Mirabel.
His Minecraft room has every mob you can think of. From ocelots to axlotls. It's crowded but he says he likes it that way.
With the help of Camilo, he manages to build cozy homes for each mob.
Constantly has dogs following him everywhere he goes.
The baby uses default Steve Skin.
Bonds with the kids in this block game.
Lives in a square dirt shack next to Mirabel's gorgeous and aesthetic build with a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.
Most likely to wear only leather armor he finds while looting the villages with the kids because for the life of him he can't figure out how to craft other upgraded armors.
Probably has the 'Rats Mod' installed.
Can never understand why he's being attacked by Camilo but just goes along with it since hey, it's bonding with the kids!
Achievement unlocked: Best Tio Ever.
Tumblr media
Don't ask how I came up with this. I was playing Minecraft then poof! Headcanons.
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encantoheadcanons · 12 hours ago
The triplets all looked after the kids in turn.
She is the oldest of the Madrigal kids so she was fussed over by the whole family. Julieta would constantly worry sick about her daughter but she would always trust her siblings. Pepa, pregnant with Dolores, would hold baby Isa and they would both be very calm. Needless to say, in those moments there would be a rainbow over the Casita. Bruno was overjoyed to have a little niece but was scared of hurting her but Julieta assured him he wouldn't. Even without a vision, he always knew she would be beautiful both inside and out. When she was only about six, she asked him for a vision. Of course Bruno was scared because of the many bad visions he's had. This one, however, showed Isa laughing and growing cacti and swinging from vines. He told her that her powers would grow and that she would be happy
Julieta, although preoccupied with a baby Isabela, would often check up on her sister and if Pepa ever needed a break, would take both girls with her. This made the girls be very close as toddlers. Bruno was the first one to empathise with Dolores after she got her gift, so would spend more time with her while everyone else marvelled at Isabela's gift. Unfortunately, he did scare her when she asked him for a vision and he saw that she would be heartbroken. Little Dolores started sobbing and ran to Pepa, who in turn got angry at her brother for telling her daughter such things.
Pepa would often be entertained by little Luisa and would often tell her fairytales and made up stories of unidonkeys which would make her make rainbows. Luisa absolutely loved them and loved the unidonkeys. Bruno would take Luisa out for donkey rides around the town. He enjoyed the time alone with his niece as she was the only one who wasn't too bothered about prophecies.
The first son of the new generation of Madrigals, Camilo was very much a favourite for a short while. When he was a baby, Julieta would do the same as what Pepa did with Isabela as she was pregnant with Mirabel. She would often cradle baby Camilo in the kitchen. Pepa blames his love of food on this. Truth is, Camilo would always be seen in the kitchen helping his Tía out, especially as he knew he got to try the food first! Bruno, much more removed from the family now, would often entertain Camilo with impressions and putting on characters which would make Camilo laugh uncontrollably.
Mirabel was always kept protected and safe by Julieta, much like she did her other daughters but this time she was more reserved towards Bruno. Pepa would often babysit Mirabel and Camilo as those two would get up to no good. This stressed her out quite a lot so Mirabel saw a lot of weather changes which made her giggle. This would immediately put a smile (and some sunshine) on Pepa's face. Bruno would look after Mirabel when everyone else was busy and Camilo was causing mischief and bonding with his older sister. Bruno always saw Mirabel's big heart and he loved looking after her. Much like Luisa when she was younger, Mirabel didn't judge Bruno or see him differently despite the rest of the family growing distant towards him. She would confide in her Tío when she was feeling sad or worried, especially before her gift ceremony (she was scared of all the people that would be there, remembering when Camilo had his ceremony a couple of months prior). When Bruno left, she was very upset and confused (much like the rest of the family) but as noone talked about him since, she lost a lot of the memories to do with her Tío.
Antonio is the baby of the family and was always showered with love from his siblings and cousins and all the attention was always on him as a baby and toddler. Julieta would also often cook with him as all of the older kids would go about their tasks and using their gifts to help everyone around. Bruno watched this close bond and wished he could spend time with the nephew he never properly met. He sometimes sent a rat or two of his through to the kitchen to tease and scare his sister and to feel like he was a part of something in a way. Julieta was always frustrated about the rats, wondering where on earth they're coming from whereas little Antonio would point at the rats and smile. This was the first sign Antonio was really interested in animals and it was all thanks to his Tío but noone would ever know
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encanto17 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi hello look more confirmation that Bruno is neurodivergent coded!
I’m obsessed with “he thinks differently, he sees things differently”. Such a beautiful representation!
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ricosbrainrot · 7 days ago
imagine thirteen-year-old dolores having a breakdown and everyone thinks it’s because she got overwhelmed and try to comfort her but really it was because bruno killed off her favorite rat in his telenovela
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amissy-art · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I did it lol✨
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levithestripper · 16 days ago
I have no shame, anonymous thingy off, can you pls write for Cam <3 no specifics tbh I just love him
Misc. Romantic Headcanons with Camilo Madrigal
✩ Masterlist! ✩
✩ Warnings: gender-neutral reader ✩
✩ Taglist: @ban-canram ✩
✩ Length: 1.2k || Read on Ao3 ✩
✩ A/N: hey i love you and i love Camisole here you go <3 expect a part 2 soon ✩
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo is singlehandedly the most clingy boyfriend you’ve ever met. He refuses to let go of your hand. Doesn’t matter where you are. You’re holding his hand, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. When Cami has something he wants to show you, he laces your fingers together and pulls you along.
Kisses. Kisses all day, every day, constantly. Nose kisses, forehead kisses, kisses on the back of your hand, kisses up your arm like Gomez from Addams Family. Camilo gets the last one from his father, who does the same thing to Pepa.
Camilo’s love language is physical touch and acts of service. He makes the bed in the morning, makes you breakfast, even does some of your chores for you if he has time. At dinner, he sets a place for you next to him at the dinner table so he has an excuse to a) constantly bump your hand when he passes you stuff, and b) so he can easily press his leg against yours underneath the table.
He lets you wear his ruana!!!! He sees you shivering one day when you forgot to bring a jacket, so he slips his off and puts it on you. Cami wraps you up like a lil’ burrito <3 He also uses it as an excuse to hug you from behind.
One day, Cami finally convinces you to have a sleepover with him, so he plans the entire day with cute, couple-y things to do. The day begins with breakfast with his family, then right after he speeds through his chores, he takes you on a walk through the forests surrounding Encanto. Camilo leads you to a secluded spot where he had an entire picnic already set up, a wicker basket chock full of his tía Juliet’s arepas, empanadas, and other various snack foods she decided to pack for you two.
While you were eating, Cam notices that you had gotten food on your face; so being the little romantic devil that he is, instead of simply telling you about it, he kisses it off of your cheek. He loves how flustered you get when he does it <3
The rest of the day consists of Cami dragging you around town shopping and watching people perform in the town square. When the sun starts to set, Cam brings you back to Casita, where Isabella was waiting for him with a smirk on her face.
“You having fun, loverboy?” she teases him.
“Isa, shut the fUCK UP—”
When you actually do get to the sleepover part of your day, Camilo is all over you once he gets you inside his room. If you think he’s glued to your hip when you’re out in public together, you won’t believe how glued to you he is in private. Cam’s hands cup your cheeks when he kisses you, the pads of his thumbs stroking your cheekbones. He doesn’t go past aggressive make-out sessions, however. Mostly because he doesn’t want to rush the relationship, not wanting to push your boundaries.
Camilo is so lovesick, it’s disgusting. He literally looks like a cartoon character with heart eyes. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he pushes the food around on his plate because he’s too caught up in his own head thinking about you. Abuela thought he was sick, so she asked Julieta to cook him something but, Dolores spills the beans about his crush on you.
Now, the whole family is invested in Camilo’s crush/relationship with you. Even Casita is in on it. Whenever you come over, Casita moves the tiles so you’re now standing directly in front of Cami. Like, nose to nose, can feel his breath on your skin, kind of close. It makes Cami super duper flustered, which is a wonderful bonus. Whenever Casita does it, you simply kiss Camilo on the nose and smile at him.
Dolores tells you all about Camilo, even things he thought no one knew about. Like how his heart beats really fast when you’re around, or how his palms get really sweaty when he’s waiting for you to arrive. Or how he paces around his room at night when he’s nervous.
Dolores loves to tease her younger brother about you, elbowing him in the side with a knowing smirk. At dinners, she’ll purposely bring up embarrassing things that Cami’s done, just to see him grow flustered and hide behind his hands, pulling his hair down in front of his eyes. Specifically, embarrassing things that he’s done because you were around. One time, he saw you shopping on your own in town and he stared at you instead of looking where he was going. He ran right into a wall, causing his gift to glitch, making him look fish-eyed.
Camilo loves to entertain you with his gift! He enjoys shapeshifting into people and putting on little skits to make you laugh.
“Hey, mi vida?” he asks, his head cocked to one side.
“Who’s your favorite person?”
You didn’t even have to think about it before replying, the answer obvious. “My favorite person is you, silly.”
Cami asked you who your favorite person was so he could shift into them to use them in a skit, so he wasn’t expecting you to reply with such a sweet answer. It made him feel all soft and mushy on the inside, almost as if he was going to melt into a puddle right then and there. Camilo moves to sit on your lap, his arms wrapping around your neck. “Mmm, cariño,” he groans, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “Te amo tanto, mi vida.”
He’s so genuinely in love with you it’s not even funny. In the big foyer of Casita, he’ll teach you how to dance if you don’t already know how. Even if you do know how to dance, he’ll show you new moves he’s made up recently, or he’ll just opt to sway around with you like a slow dance. Camilo stares at you unabashedly when you’re looking down at your feet as you try to match his footsteps, only looking away when you catch him staring. Once you get the hang of it, Cami’ll spin then dip you, allowing him to smirk and kiss you like the romantic he is.
It’s always either early in the morning before everyone else is awake, or later at night when the sun is setting when he dances with you. He chooses those times specifically since he loves the way the rising/setting sun washes over your pretty features. And it’s typically when most of his family is out of the house, giving you two some alone time together outside of his room.
Camilo will fall asleep in your lap sometimes when you two’re snuggling together. At first, it starts off with him resting his head on your shoulder before it eventually evolves into him sliding down enough for his head to fall into your lap. You always run your hands through his soft, curly, golden-brown hair. Whenever you do, a smile appears on his face, even when he’s sound asleep. You keep a hand free, so you’re able to trace the soft curves of his face, the pads of your fingers running back and forth over the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lxvely-jinx · a month ago
Flirty Camilo Hcs
Tumblr media
Fandom : Encanto
Characters Included : Camilo Madrigal
Type : X reader, Pure tooth rotting fluff
Warning(s) : None, Short
Prompt :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You knew before getting into a relationship with Camilo he could be quite the flirt
But dear god not to this extent
Every single time he sees you, you leave the conversation with a flushed face
It's either super cringy, or sickeningly sweet, no in between.
You'd been in a relationship with him for a year when it finally occured to you
You've never seen him ever close to how flustered he got you
And so you decided it was time for some revenge
And oh boy, Camilo was in for a RIDE
You'd gone to Casita to spend the day with him, the routine going on as usual.
Aka he'd flirt with you
Though there wasn't much of a reaction this time.
When you actually flirted back poor boy didn't know what to do with himself.
He'd attempt to hide his face in his poncho
Pls he'd go from super confident and flirty to a stuttering blushing mess
He'd be the one to do those really long dragged out "stooooop"s while hiding his face in the crook your neck.
He's super adorable more at 11
Once you've left he'd just continue thinking about it and flustering himself.
Ps : You've doomed him to a life of pure hell, he's being teased by Dolores and Isabela as we speak.
Tumblr media
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acewithapaintbrush · 24 days ago
My last post about how Bruno got something in common with every one of the Madrigal kids?
How about I take that a step further and make it angst?
What if the sisters notice?
What if Pepa sees her little Dolores listening and snickering at something and when she asks about it Dolores says "Tio Brunos stories". And Pepa will suck in a breath and scold her for pretending and Dolores sees her mother getting upset and the skies turning dark, the clouds growing heavy with tears rain and she will stop mentioning Tio Bruno as she grows older, like they will all stop talking about him soon.
But as the years go by Pepa will still see her daughter tilt her head to listen and smirk and do that little "eep" sound her brother always made when he was surprised by something and even though Dolores always says "It's nothing" when she asks Pepa will keep watching and wonder.
Always wonder.
And she will applaud her Camilo when he shows her a play he has been writing where he plays all the characters himself and she will remember her little brother, pretending to be someone else and desperately insisting that his real gift is acting as the green still fades from his eyes and his brows are knitted over tearfilled eyes in a headache. And she'll see Camilo rubbing his forehead after overdoing it with the shape shifting and her heart aches in sympathy.
And then there is Antonio and his animals. Always so tender and careful even with little bugs, just like her Brunito was careful with the rats he always seemed to find and nurse back to health. She will remember her brother, whispering with the rodents long after he stopped talking to the rest of the family, feeding them crumbs under the table, trying to ignore Mama's disapproving stare. And when she sees her son playing with a rat or a mouse, her heart rate will pick up and she looks around, expecting to see... But she never does.
She never does.
And Julieta looks at her daughter Isabela and how hard she tries to impress her abuela, how every little mistake and imperfection leads to a meltdown until there are no mistakes anymore and her little girl fashions herself into this woman, a blank canvas, walking around town, gifting her flowers to her admirers without pausing, without lingering with anyone or meeting anyone's eyes. An untouchable goddess, just like her brother was this untouchable pariah, sneaking through town not pausing, not lingering, not meeting anyone's eyes but always on the lookout for Mama and her approval.
And Julieta can't stand seeing the same look in her eldest eyes and concentrates on her food and the little injuries because that is something she can fix.
At least this, she can fix.
And Luisa, carrying too much, answering every call for help, no matter how inconvenient no matter how tired she is. No call goes unanswered because helping the town is her duty, this miracle demands a sacrifice for all the wonders it brings them. Just like her mother always forced Bruno to leave his room, urged him to answer every call for a prophecy no matter how much he begs not to. "They will blame me" he always said when he was still small enough to think what he wants should matter. "You are supposed to use your gift. That's why the miracle chose to give it to you" their mother would say and usher him out the door.
And with the years his protests fell silent and he started to shrink right before Julietas eyes until he was gone for good one morning.
And Julieta looks at Luisa and her beloved daughter looks so strong, and present and just "there" and sometimes she looks like she will disappear any moment and Julieta suddenly can't breath.
Mirabel is so much like Bruno, it sometimes hurts to look at her. Their personalities are so very different but their spirit, oh their hearts and souls, they shine with the same warm light.
Julieta often remembers that dreadful night, the tears and the disbelief and the shock and she remembers Bruno, kneeling down by a shell-shocked Mirabel and ruffling her hair and saying "It's okay, Miri"
And she will only later realize that he was the only one.
Everyone else had said things like "It will be okay" or "We will figure this out". Even she herself had held her crying child against her chest and whispered "I'm so sorry corazon. Please don't cry" and her little girl had cried even harder.
But when her brother said "it's okay" her youngest had stopped crying and stared at that tall, disheveled man like he was her whole world and only too late will Julieta realize why.
Her brother was the only one who said what Mirabel needed to hear.
It is okay. You are okay. Nothing needs to evolve into "okay", there is nothing that needs to be fixed. Nothing to be sorry about.
You are perfect, just the way you are.
Julieta doubts that Mirabel remembers. Too small and too traumatized by that night but sometimes she wonders if maybe her daughters heart still remembers after all. When she walks with confidence through the town, when she talks back to a prickly Isa, when she declares, loud and proud, how much she loves her Familia.
Julieta hopes so. She tries to right old wrongs, tries to overshadow her own careless words that night by repeating over and over again how perfect her Miri is, just the way she is.
Julieta fears it's not enough.
Julieta wishes her brother was here to ruffle her daughters hair.
Julietta wishes for a miracle.
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ghost-in-a-flowercrown · a month ago
sometimes i think about the fact that antonio's gift was kind of foreseen because he always really liked animals. like how did this play out with the others? how did they show their signs?
like just imagine all these chaotic tiny little under-5-year-olds
camilo, looking up to all his family member and wanting to be just like all of them at the same time, and also being super theatric, putting on little shows for everyone. no matter how bad they were (and they were usually bad), dolores would always clap the loudest
dolores always listening in on adult conversations she wasn't a part of, chiming in at random times. much to the adults' amusement, they called her their little recorder. she thought it was the coolest and whenever someone would swear she'd be like "i'm RECORDing!!"
isabela, perfect and kind and sweet but also adventurous. sneaking out into the wilderness whenever possible, loving to just exist with the plants and talking to them. julieta would always make sure to heal her before alma could notice her scraped knees.
luisa, trying to help everyone out really really young, constantly saying she could hold and help with things she clearly couldnt, and being upset that she couldn't do more . agustín would scoop her on his shoulders so she could reach higher places , which made her happy
julieta following alma around the kitchen before she was even old enough to walk, just watching with excited eyes, and having an intense sense of empathy for people. you always had to watch out with julieta, if you were crying she would quickly follow suit
pepa being obsessed with the skies, giving the stars her own names and trying to predict when it was going to rain. she was usually wrong but she didn't care, the few times she was right the triplets would get SO hyped
bruno, reclusive and shy, teased by the village kids a lot. in public he'd stay quiet, julieta and pepa coming to his rescue, but in private he'd be pleased with the idea that they would get what was coming to them. karma's a bitch, after all
and mirabel, who was always the one to get the family together, running down hallways yelling that it was mealtime or lights out or whatever it may be, always getting excited to be the big announcer
so basically i am thinking intensely about All of them
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encanto-side-blog · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
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