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steveniimdefensesquad · 2 days ago
encanto headcanons pt 2
-since it’s canon that bruno was at mirabels gift ceremony, he also comforted her when it didn’t work
-anytime pepa was pregnant dolores would fall asleep listening to baby’s heartbeat
-isabela likes dark and bitter coffee but luisa and dolores LOVE sweet coffee
-isabela and dolores LOVE to gossip
-if you made her laugh hard enough, dolores would slap you on the arm
-camilo pierced his ears(and cried)
-agustín is left handed
-camilo is really close with julieta(he’s still closer to his mamí but let me elaborate)and goes to her about his emotions so he doesn’t worry his mamí too much
-he also enjoys helping tía julieta in the kitchen and never sees it as a punishment(,:
-all of the warm colors children are natural dancers
-camilos favorite piece ever written is All The Worlds a Stage by Shakespeare
-also camilo is EXTREMELY dramatic
-bruno was the troublemaker child
-whenever mirabel sees any of her family in town she reminds them to drink water
-félix dyed his hair blue one time but we don’t talk abt that
-abuela secretly loved it but it sort of tainted the family’s image so she never said it aloud
-dolores used to practice makeup on camilo
-mirabel is starting to do the same with antonio
-speaking of antonio he loves the guitar and wants to learn when he gets older
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lovesgnf · a day ago
kicks down your door hello can i request camilo and the reader coming up with a new play for him and mirabel to perform at the casita
˗ˏˋSHOW & TELL! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Y/n helps Camilo plan a play that him and his cousin are going to perform in casita.
˚ · . camilo madrigal x gn!reader.
✩ i hope you like this, i didn’t know what play for them to preform so i just make a short one up, it’s kinda funny <3 tysm for the request btw!!
Tumblr media
Y/n was walking to the villages market since their mother ordered them to go get some ingredients for a meal their mamá’s making. They entered the shop and read the list of ingredients as they looked around for the foods.
They finished paying for the foods and hummed a tune as they walked back home. As they walked closer to their home someone grabbed them by the waist sort of harshly causing them to scream but when they turned around to slap who ever it was they realized it was just Camilo, their boyfriend.
“Dios mio, camilo! you scared the living shit out of me!” Y/n yelled at the smiling boy who was quick to laugh and apologize. “I’m sorry, mi vida. It’s just that Mirabel and I need your help!” He told them as they rolled their eyes at him and continued walking.
“With what?” They questioned with an eyebrow up. “Well.. you write, correct?” He asked just to receive a nod. “Mirabel and I are planning to preform a play at casita but we have no imagination! We need your help, Y/n pleasee” He pleaded, adding a few more ‘e’s’ to the’please’
Y/n stopped their walking and looked up at him. “And what do i get in return from this?” They asked with a hand on their hip. Camilo thought for a second before speaking, “i’ll take one whole day to hang out with you since i’ve been a bit distant, mi amor” He said and they immediately nodded at his words.
“Deal” They replied and began walking. “Yes!” Camilo put a hand up in the air and grinned. They had already reached Y/n’s house now. “Today at 4:00, okay?” Y/n questioned. Camilo nodded eagerly and kissed their pink cheek. “Goodbye, mi vida” Camilo waved. “See you pronto” Y/n smiled.
                          - ͙۪۪̥˚┊TIME SKIP┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
Y/n pat off any dirt on their typical red dress and knocked on casitas front door, which was opened seconds later by Mirabel and Camilo. “Hola Y/n! C’mon!” Mirabel said and grabbed their arm before they could even say anything.
They ran up to Camilos room since it was bigger than Mirabel’s and sat on his bed. Mirabel sat down, legs crossed with a notebook in her hands. “Do you guys like.. have an idea of what its going to be about or..?” Y/n asked them to cut the awkward silence.
“No, that’s why we need you!” Camilo replied desparately. “Okay, okay! Let’s see.. something simple, right?” Y/n asked, snatching the notebook from Mirabel. They both nodded in reply to her question. “I’ve got a perfect idea.” Y/n smirked and wrote in the page. The two cousins didn’t reply, they just tilting their heads in confusion and watched the writing person.
She wrote for about 5 minutes, but for the two Madrigals it felt like 20 hours. Mirabel was laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling while Camilo was next to Y/n with his hand on his chin, his eyes shutting closed once in a while.
“Ta-da! I’m finished guys!” Y/n spoke causing the two to immediately get up and read what was on the page. “Are you serious?” “No way” The two said at the same time as Y/n just sat there with their smirk plastered on their tinted lips.
The door was slammed open suddenly, the three gasped at the suden loud noise but sighed in relief as they saw little Antonio standing there with a parrot on his shoulder. “Can i help?” His high pitched voice asked. “Of course, this is perfect!” Y/n replied before the other two could deny. The little boy jumped with a “Yay” and walked closer to them.
They planned out the show and they all agreed to start it today at 6:00 pm since it was an easy and basic play.
      - ͙۪۪̥˚┊TIME SKIP┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
“Okay are you all ready?” Y/n asked while fixing Antonios tie. They all replied with a yes and so Y/n left and sat with all the confused Madrigals who were waiting on the show. “When are they starting?” Luisa asked but jumped when she heard the loud entry music.
The background was a jungle (don’t ask how they got a greenscreen so quickly 💀) full with leaves and trees. Suddenly, Mirabel appears with a jungle suit. “Oh look it’s a jungle! Maybe i should explore! I’ll find the magical water that gives powers!” Mirabel said with the worst acting voice in history. Y/n cringed but still watched the play.
As Mirabel was walking deeper into the jungle she tripped into a boobytrap. She let out a fake scream as she tripped. And then Antonio appears with his fancy boss suit. “Intruder! Why are you in my jungle!?” He yelled at the girl causing the audience to gasp.
“Your jungle? i don’t see any sign here saying it’s your jungle-” She started but got interrupted. “Do not talk back or you will get eaten by my jaguar!” He responded, his majestic jaguar by his side. “Alright!” She said as she got up and patted the dirt on her fit. “I was just… exploring” She told the small boy. “I don’t believe you” He simply said.
Mirabel rolled her eyes. “Fine! I’m looking for the magical power water found deep in the jungles” She moved her hands to make it dramatic. The younger boy let out a gasp at this. “Nobody has found that water! My great grandmother died from looking for it, they say there’s a guardian protecting it!” He yelped dramatically.
“Hah! Well i can beat that guardians booty in a second!” She said confidently. The small boy laughed. “Want to look for it together?” He asked her. “Sure, let’s go!” Mirabel smiled. Antonio got on his jaguar and Mirabel carefully got on too. “Let’s go!” Antonio exclaimed as the jaguar took off.
“Here we are” Antonio said, getting off the jaguar. “Woah!” Mirabel exclaimed. “Who are you two?” A loud ‘intimidating’ voice called out. “We are Mirabel and Antonio, the ruler of the jungle and we are here to…” He looked up at Mirabel. “We are here to get that magical water from you! I am useless without a gift- i mean power” Mirabel continued, awkwardly chuckling at the part she messed up on.
“No!” The guardian yelled. Camilo popped up with a fake sword and killed both the intruders. They both dropped down dramatically, holding their hearts in pain. They fell on the ground and stuck their tongues out signaling that they are now dead. “The end” Camilo said with a smile.
The whole family sat there in confusion as Y/n clapped loudly with a grin on their face. Isabela looked over at Y/n and copied their actions awkwardly. Clapping slowly with a fake smile on, and then soon the whole family clapped in confusion.
“This story shows that you don’t need a power to be awesomely amazing” Mirabel bowed with a smile as the other two also bowed. “That was too specific” Agustin said quietly as Julieta besides him nudged his arm. “Ow” He mumbled.
“Bravo!” Abuela grinned.
Tumblr media
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paper-sunflower-lane · 2 days ago
I like to think that one of the things Alma does before and after she gives hugs is carefully squish/cup her babies faces. I know this is only going off of her doing this to Mirabel and Bruno but I think it’s sweet if she does this with everyone.
I think it would kind of be her way of finally showing them that she sees them all and a way for her to show them just how much she really loves them.
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carlaerosie · 11 hours ago
what if Encanto duos played the marble game?
I saw on tiktok “what if those Encanto duos played the marble game” and when it come to Dolores & Mariano the creator said the one who dies would be Mariano but I actually think it would be Dolores
First of all Mariano is stupid, he wouldn’t even know what’s happening (joking)
Now being serious I just think that Dolores loves him so much she would never let him die. But Mariano loves her too right? He also wouldn’t let her die. So I think Dolores would somehow manipulate Mariano into thinking that she is winning but in fact it would be Mariano. I mean he’s is kind of stupid so he probably wouldn’t notice. When the game ends and the guardians come Mariano would still be sure he is the one who dies but then they point the gun to Dolores. Mariano would be like “w-what?” and Dolores would just look at him with tears in her eyes and smile. And then she dies, Mariano cries but he eventually moves on
ay I went a bit dramatic lmao sorry but I wanted to share my thoughts
have a nice day/night <3
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ghostdrafts · 5 hours ago
Hi, this is for Encanto:
🌷Bruno and Mirabel
🌻Bruno (besides his rat children obvs.)
🌱Pepa and Felix
🌈 Camilio
⚡Bruno and Mirabel
⭐The entire Madrigal Family, or whomever you wanna do is fine with me
Oh gosh, hi anon! This was so much fun to write! Thanks for sending this in :) i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it 🌹- how they take their ice cream Abuela - Alma is a very complex woman with a particular taste for things, but her favorite flavor is alphonso mango ice cream. The kind that you can only seem to find in booths at street fairs. She remembers that it was the kind Pedro got the night they met
💐- favorite scents Isabela - You would think that her favorite scent would be roses or maybe lavender, but the truth is, she gets a little tired of that sometimes. Flowers smell nice, sure. But her favorite smell is actually Juileta's apple empanadas. Crisp, sweet, warm. The night after her ceremony, she'd locked herself away and eaten at least half a dozen of them while she cried under the pressure that came crushing down on her with the expectation of perfect. Ever since then, she's latched onto that comfort and it's a favorite of hers.
🌷- what they do to relax Bruno - Bruno is very easily overwhelmed by other people, so his ideal form of relaxation is a quiet evening. A lot of people think that his visions only come with the rituals, but that's unfortunately just not the case. He's learned how to control them a lot better, and more often than not, they're scattered, rapid fired, but suppressing them as much as he does causes headaches that are pretty much constant until they're unbearable and cause sudden episodes where he can't just shut them out anymore. It'll push him to isolate a little, which might not be the healthiest coping mechanism, but it helps him regroup and recuperate without having to worry about upsetting/hurting other people. So, he'll hideout to deal with it on his own, but he's learned a better sense of self care, so when he's coming down in the aftermath of it all, he'll have a bubble bath and a glass of wine while he watches his favorite telenovelas. Mirabel - She likes to sew! There are a couple of different reasons this helps her relax. Growing up, presumably without a gift, it felt like there weren't many ways she could contribute to the people around her, often brushed aside by others, but she learned to create something beautiful with her own two hands! It gives her something to focus her energy into, and feel like she's actually doing something worth while, with the added bonus of being able to gift something nice to the people she cares about! Every single person in the family and even a couple of kids around the town have something she personalized with a needle and thread for them. It's all made with love and it makes her heart swell with so much pride and joy when she sees them wearing it/carrying it with them.
🌸- how they decorate Dolores - Dolores likes soft colors! Sometimes with her enhanced hearing, it feels like all of her senses just go haywire with everything going on around her, it's nice to be surrounded by something not so overwhelming. She likes pastel shades that kind of make her bedroom look like a cozy little dreamland and as time goes on, powder blue becomes her favorite, because she likes the way it looks on Mariano. She likes the way he writes poems about the sky and the ocean, how taken he is by wanderlust at a little thing like that and she falls in love with a color, the same way she fell in love with him. She'd incorporate it more and more into her decorating and she loves anything soft! Stuffed animals, blankets, pillows. She surrounds herself with it.
🌺- creative outlets Luisa - Music. She can carry a piano, but what most people don't know is that she can play the hell out of one too. When she was younger, Augustin would hold her in his lap while he played a melody, and let her little hands sit on top of his, dancing over each key. Sometimes, she'd fall asleep there, other's she'd try to keep up and press notes of her own, making for a slightly chaotic, out of tune duet that was their own special song. Sometimes, Augustin will hit random notes and smile, because it reminds him of Luisa learning and growing the same affinity as him. She loves music. Whether it's playing or hearing it and she gets it from her father. Luisa is a daddy's girl.
🏵️- favorite animal (s) Antonio - His favorite animal is a jaguar! This didn't just start when Parce came along and became the best companion he could ever ask for, but it started a little over a year before he got his gift. He always loved animals, had an affinity for anything with fur. Anything that swam or slithered, everything in between. You name it! But during one of the towns many gatherings and street fairs, he got his face painted like one and absolutely fell in love with them! It was actually Camilo that noticed it before anyone else and got him the first book about Wild Cats In the Rainforest that he could find, and it jumpstarted something incredible. He's gotten many more books, probably with better pictures and cooler facts, but he keeps the one his brother gave him and it's his favorite. Camilo never admits to the way it tugs his heart strings every time he sees Antonio reading it for the billionth time, as if he didn't already have the freaking thing memorized.
🌻- if they have pets Bruno - While he does have his rat children (yes, they have names and yes, he can tell them apart) he actually feeds stray cats around the town. He knows what it's like to not belong anywhere and to fend for yourself, but he also knows how much just the littlest bit of kindness can go, how profound and meaningful it is to have somebody show they care for you, so he becomes that person for all the local strays. Most of them are half feral, but they grow to trust him and they have no problem just climbing straight into his lap and purring. He has a habit of snagging the food Juileta makes, because he wants his feline friends to be happy and healthy!
🌼- habits Juileta - Midnight snacks. She spends all of her time cooking for other people. Family meals, snacks, remedies, catering the town that seems to have new ailments and injuries popping up around every corner, and don't get her wrong. She loves cooking, she loves helping people and knowing that she makes a difference to take care of others around her, but sometimes all that cooking gets exhausting and even when she's surrounded by food, she'll forget to eat for an entire day, until she's left restless with a growling stomach late at night. She won't cook. When I say midnight snack, I mean standing at the fridge in cryptid-like lighting, all dark and casting shadows, eating mozzarella cheese by the handful.
🌱- ideal trip Pepa & Felix - Somewhere sunny, Felix will always suggest a beach to see his missus rocking up in a swimsuit. Mi vita, mírate tan hermosa! They would be out of their minds if they went without the kids, worrying every five seconds, and wondering if they're alright. Pepa risks a category four hurricane at one point because she remembered that she didn't make sure everyone else knew to make the animal noises with Antonio's bedtime story (Camilo knows and absolutely blew it out of the water with all of his impressions- when they get back, Antonio asks Pepa if Camilo can keep tucking him in at night) but after about an hour in the sand, they'd be so deep in the R&R (romance and relaxation, that is). They'd be that couple with matching beach bum shirts, hitting the endless drink and dancing at sunset.
🍃- favorite season Augustin - Oh boy. He'd never give you a clear answer, because the obvious answer is summer, but the fact is that he's allergic to bees. He loves bees! But bees don't love him. He loves to see life thrive and feel the sun on his skin, he loves the way it glimmers in Juileta's eyes, and hearing the kids laugh as they run around late into the evening, when it's still light outside. Summer just feels... magical. And trust him, he knows what being surrounded by magic feels like. On the flip side of that, he loves fall! Crunchy leaves, warm drinks, quiet evenings playing piano and the more chaotic ones spent carving pumpkins and telling scary stories! (Felix tells the best ones, he nearly gave Camilo a heart attack once- and you bet your ass the poor boy didn't sleep that night). The truth is that he can find beauty in everything around him and he can fall in love with every season, as long as he has his family to spend it with him, but those two always seem to hold the most special memories.
🍀- collections Abuela - I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, because I feel like it goes without saying that she collects butterflies. The thing that nobody knows is that her favorite out of the entire collection is actually a callophrys rubi acrylic charm Bruno had given her when he was eight. She kept it in her nightstand for many years, and when he disappeared, she placed it close to the candle. She would pray over it every single night and hope that their encanto would be able to grant her son one more miracle and keep him alive, not knowing where he would go or where he would end up. Bruno cried for about three hours when he came back and realized she'd kept it all these years.
🌈- sexuality/gender Camilo - Camilo is driven by how deeply he cares about the people that he loves and those connections are more profound than anything else, so I feel like he'd be demisexual. He wouldn't be the kind to jump straight into a relationship with somebody, or even develop a crush out of the blue. He can acknowledge when somebody is attractive (there are days he'll carry certain traits/features off of other people- straighter smile, smaller nose, different hair, etc., just because he feels out of place in his own skin and he thinks other people look better than him) but anything dipping into romance would come after months or even years of friendship and nothing will truly develop without that connection. When he falls in love though, he'd never stop and he'd love you unconditionally. He/they.
⚡- hobbies Bruno - Rat Boy is a thespian! He did always used to say that his real gift was "acting", and true to his word, a hobby of his was always creating and performing skits! Since he's come back though, him and Camilo work together. He writes and directs, Camilo performs each character. Together they make the family laugh, cry, shock and awe. Especially Dolores who could overhear everything the whole time and got way too invested in Bruno's telenovelas over the years in the walls! Their love could never be- she was his WHAT? More than writing plays however, Bruno just genuinely likes to write. But at least with the makeshift plays, it’s more quality time with his nephews and nieces and that becomes his favorite hobby. Mirabel - Again, short and sweet. But sewing is her thing! She likes to stitch and embroider, tailor and personalize, give sweet little touches to little every day things, because that's her own way of spreading the magic. Even if it is just the way Camilo's eyes light up when he notices the chameleon sewn into his ruana.
⭐- misc headcanons Any - It was Bruno, whose blessing Augustin asked for to marry Juileta. He was the first of the triplets Augustin befriended when they were young, and he was probably Bruno's first and only real friend. For a clumsy, golden retriever at heart, we all know that Augustin is fiercely protective over the people that he cares about, and he stood between Bruno and his bullies quite often. It was actually how they met. He couldn't stand idly by and see the youngest of the three Madrigal counterparts being tormented so relentlessly for a gift he never even asked for. It was because of his time with Bruno that he met the love of his life in the first place and for that, he'll be eternally grateful toward him. So, of course. When he's ready to pop the big question, it's his dear friend who he seeks the blessing of more than anyone else. He would pay his respects to Alma, but it's Bruno's thoughts that he really cares about.
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adaycalledx · a day ago
pepa headcanon that's been rattling around my head for the last week: when she happy cries there's a sun shower!! it's a nice warm rain and you just know something good happened :)
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twilight-zoned-out · a month ago
Keep going back and forth between these two headcanons:
Bruno asking Camilo to pretend to be him for some event because Bruno is tired of socializing
Bruno refraining from asking Camilo to pretend to be him because he overheard Camilo’s verse in We Don’t Talk About Bruno and has some concerns
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caramellahoney · 13 days ago
You probably won't even see this but- I'd love to see just a CRUMB of something like Camilo rambling to Bruno about how much he adores his darling because he kind of gets the feeling that Bruno won't go running to y/n spilling the tea, but if y/n tries to just "oh hi Bruno!! :)" hE'LL PANIC BECAUSE he doesn't wanna ruin it for his sobrino
Also I love your writing you're very talented
"don't let it slip"
pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader
genre: pure fluff
warning/s: none to note- no proofread
a/n: I had really fun with this! Thank you btw!
Bruno happily sighed as he snuggled into his sofa. It had been a long day and he was eager to get some well deserved rest.
"TIO BRUNO!" And-..there goes his free time. Bruno shrieked, twisting his head around to see who interrupted his relaxation. Camilo had just slammed the door open and stood at the entrance of Bruno's room. A goofy grin spread across his face. Bruno raised a brow, confused as to what the teen possibly wanted from him.
"I want you to read my future!" Camilo shouted, shutting the door of the room. Stomping over to his tio, the shapeshifter plopped on the floor. He sat right in front of Bruno's chair-to make sure Bruno wouldn't try to run away. Dumbfounded, the older man started awkwardly shifting in his seat.
"You know...you know how my visions go Camilo-" Bruno chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Camilo, threw his head back and groaned dramatically. He clasped his hands together and started pleading.
"Pleaasse? I'll owe you one! I could get you some extra food- or do some of your chores-just one little vision?? Pleaasse? It's been like 10 years!" Bruno squinted his eyes at Camilo. Just one, he says? Biting his lip, he tapped his fingers against his couch before eventually letting out a defeated sigh.
"Alright hijo. Let's go."
"You sure about this hijo?" Bruno muttered, spreading the sand across the ground. Camilo nodded enthusiastically, sending the man a two finger salute. Once Bruno finished his ritual, he squatted down on the ground and stretched.
Reaching his hand out, He clasped Camilo's hands with his own. The man took a deep breath and soon enough- his eyes started to glow a deep green. Camilo ohh'd at the sight as the sand around them started to swirl and create a barrier of some sorts.
Bruno narrowed his eyes as the sand started to materialize into figures. Camilo followed his gaze and saw a figure of himself, confused he turned to his uncle.
"Thats it?" Bruno sent him an exasperated look, shaking his head 'no'.
"Be patient- Oh! Look! There's another figure!" Camilo whipped his head around and saw another figure starting to form beside him. Bruno gasped dramatically and Camilo turned to him.
"What??! What's happening tio?!?"
"It's a person! And-and- they're breaking your neck!"
"They're what?!!" Camilo screamed in alarm, gaping at the sand sculptures.
"Oh wait no! Not breaking your neck! It looks like a dance?" Bruno tilted his head in confusion, trying to make sense of the vision.
"Are they breaking my neck or dancing with me?!?"
"Wait yes! A dance!" Bruno grinned, relieved that the vision wasn't about his sobrino getting his neck snapped in half. The figures started to materialize into Camilo and a person dancing together.
He reached out to grab the green slab, wiping away any remaining sand on it. Camilo quickly rushed to his side and curiously observed the vision.
"Ohh would you look at that, they're quite attractive- wait isn't that your lover Camilo?" Bruno pointed out, making Camilo's eyes widen. He reached out and grabbed the slab from Bruno's hands to examine it closer.
Camilo quickly recognized all of your features, It was you! Suddenly, he felt his breath hitch when he realized you were wearing a wedding outfit. Inspecting the slab further, he realized both of you were in a church.
"I'm going to marry y/n." Camilo breathed out, realizing what the vision was about. He snapped his head back to his uncle, a wide lovesick smile on his face. Bruno just shrugged and uttered a 'meh'.
"I mean I don't need to look into the future to see you two would've worked out but-"
"I'M GOING TO MARRY Y/N!" Camilo shrieked making Bruno jump. Camilo giddily stared at the slab again, turning to his tio- he asked if he could keep it. Bruno just nodded, feeling pretty good about himself after seeing how happy Camilo was about the vision.
"You must really like them huh?" Bruno whispered, glancing at the slab then at Camilo then at the slab again.
"You couldn't imagine. They have a smile that rivals mami's sunny days. I could make a poem with just their name alone and it would still sound breathtaking." Camilo softly gazed down at the slab once more before running to hug Bruno
"Oh! Before I go- mind keeping this a secret tio Bruno? I want them to be surprised in the near future." Camilo grinned and thanked his uncle as he skipped away. Bruno hummed, happy for his sobrino's future.
After that was done, he went downstairs and decided to grab a broom to sweep the leftover sand up. He passed by the kitchen on the way, just in time for you to walk in through the back door.
"Señor Bruno?" Jumping, Bruno felt himself tense up as you called out to him. You smiled softly at him, unaware that Bruno was having an internal battle with himself.
"I was just wondering where Camilo was?" Bruno panicked and stared to stutter, avoiding your confused eyes.
'Dont let it slip Bruno, you can't ruin this for Camilo-' Bruno closed his eyes and let out a nervous breath. He smiled at you awkwardly, quickly putting the broom away.
"He ran away! I mean- mierda- he went to go his room." Bruno quickly corrected himself, hoping that you'd ignore his mess up and be convinced. He felt himself relax as you brightened up and thanked him, quickly leaving the room.
"Nice save, tio." In another room, Dolores snickered.
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miss-galaxy-turtle · 2 months ago
Random Encanto Headcanons
I finally got to see it and I’m hardcore hyperfixating
Mirabel may not have a "gift" but her unofficial one is mending the family. She's the one they feel most comfortable talking about insecurities (Luisa, Isabella, etc) and I think her sewing is a metaphor for mending. She's even the one who suggests rebuilding Casita themselves. SHE’S EVEN THE ONE THAT OPENS THE DOOR AND RETURNS THE MAGIC??? LIKE???
Isabela is gay. Mariano knows this and it's another reason he feels guilty and wants to back out of the engagement
Side note Mariano is such a himbo and I love him
When Dolores said she associates Bruno “with the sound of falling sand," it made me think that she has a sound association for each of the family members. Mirabel is the sound of her sewing machine, Abuela is the flickering of the candle, Luisa is straining muscles, etc
Pepa and Dolores are both autistic. Their powers give me overstimulation vibes. Also I'm autistic and I say so
Antonio doesn't actually name his animals because they tell him their names themselves
The other family members will have sleepovers with Mirabel so she isn't always stuck to the nursery
Luisa loves animals and she and Antonio bond over this. I don't even have a justification, I just get that vibe
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camilos-amor · a month ago
i’m totally not here again 👀
buttt headcanons for camilo x fem!reader who calls his gf ‘mi luna’ (my moon) and she calls him ‘mi sol’ (my sun) plus all the madrigals reactions 😭❤️
tysm love u, ur the best ❤️❤️
like imagine camilo’s gf being shy or like always making sure camilo doesn’t get in a lot of trouble and whatnot but camilo tries to help her get out of her shell and tells her to live a little more!
and overtime his gf does get out of her shell and she thanks him and she tells him that they might’ve been made for each other bc no one has like ever managed to get her out of her shell as much as camilo has and she tells him that they just balance each other out and that’s how they came up with the nicknames for each other!!
they literally tell each other cheesy jokes but they don’t care bc it’s just them and their relationship. and when she first called him mi sol he smiled and asked why and she told him that he made her day brighter and she was always happier when he was around.
“hola mi luna.” Camilo said as he hugged you. “hola mi sol. cómo estás?” you asked as you kissed his cheek. “i’m good. cmon they’re ready to see you! dinners soon.” he smiled as he held your hand.
“sit down luna.” he said. “luna? why do you call Y/n luna?” Mirabel asked. he smiled at you, “porque, as she says, we balance each other out and since i’m her sol it makes sense that she’s mi luna.” he said as he kissed your head, holding your hand.
“and hes mi sol because he makes my days brighter and better. he got me out of my shell and i put sense into help while loving him.” you said smiling as the familia cooed at you two. “that’s precioso mijo.” Pepa said, smiling at you. “you guys are perfect for each other. i couldn’t see Camilo with anyone else. ay, you guys should get married in the future.” she said.
“that’s what i’m planning to do.” Camilo mumbled. you blushed. the familia started teasing you two and awing at how cute you two were.
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araminakilla20 · a month ago
I think I haven't see other post pointing this, but in Dolores' part of the "we fear our brother/uncle" song we see Bruno bopping to the song. Except that he is not Bruno. He has his hood on.
That's Hernando.
And yeah, that could qualify as a joke on my part, but let's remember what is "Hernando's" most defyning trait. Hernando is scared of nothing.
Not even facing his family as they talk/sing bad about him and seem to have a better life without him.
Hernando is scared of nothing, so obviously he would bop to the song.
If he was Bruno, he would awkwardly compliment his family's singing voices before going into the walls again to cry.
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multi-bookworm · 17 days ago
I want to think Camilo is only, like, a week older than Mirabel so he can do stuff like say “when I was your age-” and then describe things he did last week.
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kummerquelle · a month ago
Encanto headcanon
Young Bruno was just like Camilo and you can’t change my mind
Both are creative theatre kids, Bruno with his absolutely self-made telenovelas, script, backgrounds, voiceover and all that. He himself said that his real gift was acting and Hernando’s proof. He’s actually very playful and likes to joke altough it can be often misunderstood as with Pepa’s wedding. When Felix or Augustin would come to visit he’d probably screamed “Julieta/Pepa your bofriend’s here” like Antonio in “We don’t talk about Bruno.
Probably as he grew up and became more of an outcast, always blamed for bad events he predicted he got more quiet and withdrawn, more stressed and cautious about the way he acts. But in “All of you” we can see that he still has this big personality within him when he lively explains the wedding situation and his body language completely changes from small, slight movements to much more expressive almost dance-like. Also as we all agreed that Bruno heard WDTAB, I love how after Camilo’s verse “ Okay, so we gonna talk about Bruno?” he immediately picks up, like it’s his cue, with “ Yeah, there's a lot to say about Bruno. I'll start, okay” and jumps in, twirlling around because that’s his moment to shine and finally talk about Bruno
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jcworld · a month ago
English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for any mistake, enjoy the reading.
I think is a little Angst.
Warnings: Abuela Alma screaming at our baby.
Bruno Madrigal Headcanon because I need it to survive, I think Bruno would be very clumsy with his S/O, and would be even more clumsy if his S/O promise to him that she would never leave his side and if she understood that his gift just show the future and don’t make the things happen (Very important this thing because HIS FAMILY DIDNT UNDERSTOOD THAT).
He absolutely loves cuddle with you, and would fall asleep if you touch his hair, he would feel so warm and loved, will make his day 100000% get better. He is shy, don’t forget about it, don’t pressure him to intimate talks before one year of relationship and he is a baby bean só protect him from the world.
I can imagine Alma getting mad and sometimes screaming at bruno to kinda relieve some stress, but she hurts a lot of our baby’s heart. After Abuela scream moment pass, Bruno was already gone, he run to his hideout behind the paintings.
Y/N search for him, and after some minutes/half hour, she finds him, he’s sitting on the corner, crying in fetal position, rats around him, some of they are on his shoulder, and others are on his hair sleeping, Y/N get on her knees in front of Bruno, and whispers very close to him: please mi amor, be strong, you know that your gift is the best, I know you can’t do it, don’t care about the others are saying. Bruno looks up, making eye contact with Y/N, his eyes are red, dry lips, tears that don’t stop falling and he still sobbing. You open your arms and he hugs you, Placing his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat, you start to make imaginary circles on Bruno’s hair, when you look at him again, he fall asleep, you two stay till the night, when you wake him up, and they go to his room, Bruno will avoid abuela for 2 days or less, but if it gets serious he can avoid her a whole week, and that’s better for him, she makes a lot of pressure on him, and while he’s getting better, Y/N don’t leave his side, because she know that he needs her.
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carlaerosie · a day ago
if you were a Madrigal what would you like your gift to be?
ooo that’s an interesting question
maybe talking with the dead ones? you know I would contact with Abuelo Pedro and just gossip with him
but would that be connected with like seeing the ghosts? if yes would I see them constantly? I don’t know I think that could be a tough gift
So maybe something more soft like controlling the fire? kind of basic tho
maybe mind control like Druig from Eternals
what would you like your gift to be? please give me some ideas!
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inamindfarfaraway · a month ago
Whatever you do, don’t think too hard about Isabela Madrigal’s life before the movie.
Don’t think about how she got so deeply fixated on flowers. Don’t think about her playing in the garden, revelling in her brand new gift. She makes every plant bigger and stronger and grows as many new ones as she can think of, so excited to show her family how beautiful her power is, covered in grass stains and pollen and burrs. But when she runs back inside, Abuela scolds her - her new clothes are filthy and torn and her hair is a mess. Isabela, mija, your gift is wonderful, but just try to be more careful with it, okay? So she is. She learns to always weigh up what the perfect thing would be right now before she grows a single plant cell. She learns that everyone likes flowers; everyone likes her when she makes flowers. And they therefore like the family, and Abuela is so proud of her. Flowers are safe. They’re perfect. After all, their entire purpose for existing is to be attractive. If her plants are perfect, she’s perfect, and she needs to be perfect.
Don’t think about her relationships with her sisters. Don’t think about Luisa walking by and Isabela instantly seeing the pressure she’s under. She knows a fake smile, she’s mastered them better than flowers. She tries to think of something to say, a small affirmation that at the very least, Luisa isn’t alone… but then the moment passes, her younger sister swept up in a relentless current of needy citizens while Isabela must keep standing on display. She does nothing. Don’t think about her barely able to concentrate on Mirabel’s latest whining about how she just needs a chance to be special like Isabela is, because Abuela’s critical gaze prickles on her back and everyone is looking at her and all the flowers are suddenly so bright and strong; so when she snaps that Mirabel doesn’t deserve that chance, she means it. Nobody else deserves what her life has become. But someone has to do it and she can’t back out now. And when Mirabel flinches and blinks backs tears, she does nothing. She isn’t hurting her family. She’s always helping it. She isn’t failing as an older sister, Isabela Madrigal doesn’t fail at anything. If she’s perfect, her family is perfect, so she needs to be perfect.
Don’t think about her and Mariano. Don’t think about her swallowing down the bile that sears her throat when she says lies of love. How again, she knows a fake smile, and also knows the looks of a person actually in love, and desperately tries to keep Dolores out of her range of vision if she’s near the two of them (she isn’t hurting her family, she isn’t). Don’t think about the hours she spends in her room practicing fond expressions and body language until she’s sore. Maybe she uses her parent as models. Mariano is a good man and she likes him enough, but he can’t fake; he could never understand that this isn’t love, it’s simply what needs to be done. And she needs to do it perfectly.
Don’t think about the nights she’s restless. The eves of her birthdays soon come to be the most stressful. Those are the days she’ll be pinned in the spotlight like a butterfly on a board even more than usual, full of constant shallow interaction. Oh, and she’ll surely be expected to show off her gift. Should she have a presentation planned in advance? She should, right? But what if she overthinks it and gets it wrong really doing it? Shouldn’t she practice now? Will she have time tomorrow when the whole town wants a piece of her? She forces herself to sleep anyway, ties herself to her bed with vines of flowers and lets their cloying scents carry her off, because she’s going to need hours to do her hair and makeup and prepare her outfit in the morning and she can’t afford to yawn or be bleary-eyed in public. Don’t think about her crying reflexively being subtle and silent, even in private. How the plant life that thickly blankets her room prevents Dolores from hearing noises she isn’t listening for, like Isabela’s tears hitting the bed or her wheezing, racing breaths.
Don’t imagine the number of cracks in her heart her pastel petals paper over by the time we meet her. Please don’t.
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michu-writes · 23 days ago
maybe some hc about Camilo x genreader who is much taller than him :3
A/N: Hello, hello! Sure, thank you for requesting! I'm WAY shorter than Camilo (5'2) so I hope I did this right LMAO
Sorry if this is short!
Warnings/genre: Headcanons, fluff, reader is taller than Camilo
Camilo x gn!taller!reader headcanons
Tumblr media
• Camilo would be kinda chill about it
• A bit jealous, of course. He feels super embarrassed about it
• Felix would reassure him though, and would probably say something in the lines of "It's okay, Camilo. Look at me and your mami, there's nothing wrong!"
• He'd probably make himself taller, it's so cute omg
• If someone said anything about it, he will say "No, it's my real height though!"
• Sometimes he would stand on his tippy toes just to kiss you as well (he gets teased by everyone, pls bare with him-)
• You will have to just bend over to him and give him a kiss instead if he doesn't make himself taller-
• He gets so suprised everytime HAHA
• Acts like he was aware of it though, but you can tell he's lying
• Would literally start stuttering a shit ton
• Also piggy back rides
• He absolutely loves it
• It makes both of you feel so goddam powerful like no joke
• Both you would become a chaotic duo
• He'd scream when he's sitting on your back while you're running
• The other people in town would try to keep you guys calm, but nope.
• Would never happen.
• But anyhow, he thinks it's cool, and it doesn't matter if you're taller than him! He still loves you :>
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twilight-zoned-out · 28 days ago
Just want to talk about Agustín and Bruno because they probably had an epic bro relationship before Bruno left.
The biggest implication for this is the scene when Agustín finds Mirabel with the jade square. The way Agustín reacts implies that he’s also clearly familiar with Bruno’s bad reputation and knows how the rest of the family, especially Abuela, will react to the square. But there’s no evidence that he ever treated or viewed Bruno according to that bad reputation - instead, when Agustín shows up to help set the table in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, he’s the only one who doesn’t join in on the singing. He was probably one of the few people who recognized that Bruno didn’t cause bad things to happen; Bruno just happened to see a lot of bad things.
Bruno and Agustín also share a lot of similar traits. They’re both somewhat clumsy/uncoordinated, have bad things consistently happen to them (Agustín, physically; Bruno, reputation-wise), and are very caring and protective about those they love.
He felt close enough to Bruno to include himself in the triplet hug when Bruno returns. It’s possible that Bruno and Agustín spent a lot of time together, especially if Bruno hung around Julieta when he wasn’t hidden away in his vision cave and when Julieta was home.
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missvifdor · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Ok, so I've read loads of Encanto fiction where Mirabel dies or time travels. And I thought of this: A fiction where Mirabel dies crushed by Casita and the Madrigals wish to go back in time to do better and apologize to Mirabel! And the wish is granted!
The Madrigals go back in time, the day of Antonio's ceremony and Mirabel is alive and now they all have a chance to do better and Bruno is no longer hiding in the walls!
The only one who doesn't remember anything is Mirabel and when she sees her family's new behavior, she just finds it suspicious and thinks it's just a cruel joke on their part.
I would love that so much! A second chance story where the Madrigals relearn how to be a family and regain Mirabel's trust and help her feel like a full member of their family! Please, if anyone likes the idea and has the time and inspiration for it, write endlessly! I so want to read a story like this!! 😫😫
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miss-galaxy-turtle · a month ago
broke: abuela madrigal is homophobic
woke: abuela madrigal is the type to say things like "I could've been gay" or "I had a girlfriend once before I met your abuelo" and never talk about it again
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