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carlaerosie 2 days ago
Brunito says no to incest
Tumblr media
be like Brunito 馃憤馃徑
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milfcove 2 days ago
in the encanto art book it says something about bruno being the town favorite as a kid and i personally think his fall from grace is more interesting than him being an outcast his whole life, just the sibling hierarchy shifting from bruno julieta pepa to julieta pepa bruno creates an angsty dynamic i really like
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camileeon a day ago
hii! idk if your requests are open but if they areee
could i get camilo x fem!reader who acts like meg from hercules ? tysm 鉂わ笍
馃嵉- 鈥渢his is too cliche, I won't say i'm in love..鈥
馃- FemReader! X Camilo
鈥淣ot so pretty after all huh? You'll never be one of us.鈥
A young girl exclaims before shoving another down to the pavement which happened to be y/n being picked on by some spoiled brat and her underlings. They had been messing with her because she wasn't like them, didn't have looks and wasn't good enough. Though honestly, she was the type to care less about how other people seemed of her, but was just a little bit too careless to let people like them pick on her.
鈥渨ho said you three were pretty to begin with anyway?鈥 a boy in yellow stepped up to the center in between them both, crossing his arms in defense as he eyed the group as they fled after getting the message he was trying to give before turning to the girl on the cobblestone
鈥渁re you okay? They didn't treat you very well did they..鈥 he spoke with concern before helping her up 鈥渋'm good actually.. you didn't need to. Unless you're supposed to be my hero or something mister...?鈥
she answers before giving a glance at him, expecting a answer and was responded with a fumble of words. 鈥渙-oh me? I'm u-uh uhm..鈥
鈥測ou don't look very fluent in.. speaking your own name?鈥 she jokingly retorted, before being answered with a rushed response
鈥淐amilo! y-yeah yes yes.. A madrigal you know? The shapeshifter!鈥 demonstrating proudly using his gift, trying to impress her as he shifted into many familiars.
鈥淢hm mhm, don't worry i know you.. It's y/n by the way. See you around wonder boy.鈥
She gave him a small smile and a wave before turning around to leave. She never had forgotten him since then, neither did he.
As the years pass, she stayed away and maybe avoided him a little bit. She matured as so did he but nothing ever changed, admiring from the shapeshifter afar and was tempted several times but never had any gut to just talk to him. She's held how she felt for so long and the regret never failed to hit her once in awhile..
Not until the first gifting after the one that received none, the whole town of encanto was invited for the newest and youngest boy in the family. During preperations, camilo had heard from his mother and father of the guest list and had heard the name of who his heart desired for oh so long, the name of the person who he could never get sick of even if it was repeated in his head for a billion times. Picking an outfit to impress and to show well for the occation, bugging her sister a few times too much just to get some tips on how to "be more attractive as if you were trying to impress someone but not make it obvious" well, you get it. She knows. And her primas too because she can hardly keep something like this only to herself. They knew y/n through non other than camilo, he practically yipped yapped about her 24/7 and already knew how much he loved her from the very beginning.
As the night of the celebration commenced, his gaze just looking for that familiar pretty face that he had fallen head over heels with 鈥淐amilo, your eyes look like their about to pop out of your skull.鈥 His sister, Dolores the super hearing gifted spoke up as she nudged his side
鈥淵ou still looking for her?鈥
鈥渨hat do you think I'm doing?- 鈥 before beginnibg once more, he gets shaken by her sister with her finger pointed at the figure in the crowd. Seeing her once again after a few years, reliefs his heart that thumped loudly against his chest.
鈥淥ooooooooouuuu mi hermanoooo's so in looovve鈥 Dolores exclaims as she practically watched the boy's pure happiness walk through the crowd 鈥淗ermana shhhhhh! Agh.. she's something else isn't she..?鈥 he bashfully responded, his ears turning a shade of bright red. Quickly thinking up a plan before pulling him aside once more
鈥淎ll right listen well, if you're gonna get her, here's what we're doing...鈥
Camilo shuffled his way through the crowd to near her, clearing his throat before facing her with an akward-ish smile 鈥渉ola princesa, anyone bothering you this evening? Hopefully i'm not one of them.鈥 Camilo states as y/n looked his way with a bright expression, the way the shapeshifter's smile never changed and how the ruffle of his curls tried it's best not to cover his eyes made her heart squeal internally. The loud thumping of both their heartbeats assured dolores the plan seemed to hit it off more than perfectly.
鈥淵ou have some nerve to call yourself a bother in the first place.鈥 She lets out a little chuckle before placing a hand in the boy's hair to give it a slight ruffle. Sending camilo's heartbeat even increasingly faster, lightly clutching his chest to try to calm himself down a little 鈥渋t's been too long.. well a few years just pass b-but you know, maybe you'd like to come over tomorrow..? For lunch? O-only if you're free of course!鈥 he stammers slightly, a noticable amount of a crimson shade burnt up his cheeks while he admired her features while expectantly waiting for an answer.
鈥渨onder boy, when do you ever think I'm busy? I'll be happy to.鈥 She answers, finding the brightest expression of the boy in yellow so adorable it made her feel so soft and vulnerable just seeing him.
Camilo listens to their response with the biggest smile to ever cross his face, reaching out to the pillar behind her that was grown with flowers before plucking a velvet red camellia to hand to her. Hearing his abuela's calling for him to tend to something, he quickly gave her a peck on the cheek 鈥淭hen, I'll be gladly waiting y/n.鈥
It stunned her almost immediately, a smile just permanently carved on her lips. She snapped out of her thoughts. No no no no no no, am I in love? Surely not right? Jeez emotions are confusing, just a phase?? Clearly not.
She walks through the hallway which didn't seem to flood unlike the other places she wandered through, quietly twirling the red camellia between her fingers before hearing a few steps following her as well
鈥 Ahh mi primo, y/n yes? I think you and I have the same thing in mind right about now.. you like him don't you?鈥 Mirabel emerges from a corner along with Dolores, Isabela, and Luisa surprisingly.
鈥淎ren't you supposed to be with them?鈥
鈥淣ot when you're on about this no, stop denying it! I can hear your heart beat faster than lightning a mile away!鈥
鈥渋 don't like him!鈥
鈥淓xactly! Because you've loved him. Ever since!鈥
"Who d'you think you're kidding
He's the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey we can see right through you
Girl you can't conceal it
We know how you're feeling
Who you thinking of!"
鈥淣o chance no way! I won't say it, no no鈥
"You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh"
鈥淚t's too cliche I won't say I'm in love..鈥
"Girl you can't deny it
Who you are is how you're feeling
Baby we're not buying
Hon we saw you hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When you gonna own up that you got got got it bad"
鈥淣o chance no way I won't say it, no no鈥
"Give up, give in, check the grin you're in love"
鈥淭his scene won't play I won't say I'm in love鈥
"We'll do it until you admit you're in love"
鈥淵ou're way off base I won't say it
Get off my case I won't say it鈥
鈥淕irl don't be proud it's okay you're in love鈥 They all finally started to leave her alone one by one, giving her the glance of "see you tomorrow"
She hummed softly before, stroking the flowers petals as she pondered on casita's railings, watching the boy from afar.
鈥淎t least out loud I won't say I'm in love..鈥
@destinydrawssometimes @camilolovesroxiie @i-more-need-books @aphrodicts-imagination @s1mpysstuff @yoursimpingfan
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camilosangelita 2 days ago
Separate head cannons of dating Mirabel and Camilo. What are they like, love languages, how the family reacts, what they like to do with their s/o and what would they love the most about them
Dating Headcanons.
note 銆 not proofread, grammer and spelling mistakes will be corrected in a little while. i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dating Mirabel Madrigal would consist of..
1. Her Adding you to her "Family Madrigal" song.
"Tio Felix married Pepa, and My dad married Julietta!"
"And now I'm dating mi vida! Let's go! Let's go!" You posed with the family, before being pulled away by Mirabel to let Abuela sing her part of the song.
2. Her sewing little designs on your clothing.
"Hold still [Name]!" Mirabel exclaims, sticking her tongue out to finish the sewn in butterflies that were on your shirt.
"Okay, okay, okay!" You laughed, holding still until she was done, leaving you to admire the finished product. "Sooo.. what's this for?" You asked, watching the smile on her face grow wide.
"Well.. since I have so many of your symbols sewed onto my skirt, I thought it was only fair for you to start wearing some of mine."
3. Her love language being acts of service and words of affirmation.
Mirabel would do anything, and I mean anything for you!
You're hungry? She'll bring you a backpack that's filled to the brim with her mother's homemade empanadas and arepas.
You wanna hear about how much she loves you? She's already on it, as she can happily talk about how much she adores you for hours on end.
4. Her family approving of you.
To see someone view Mirabel the same way they did was what made her family approve of you so fast. You loved Mirabel for the way she is, gift or no gift. All they wanted was happiness for Mirabel, and they clearly saw that you would be the person to give it to her.
5. Hanging around on Casita's rooftop.
When you two want to spend some quality time alone together, you both immediately climb up Casita, to reach the place you two loved the most - the rooftop. You two would then admire the stars together, laughing about anything silly that happened that day.
6. Her favorite part about you being your ability to fully understand her.
Sometimes, Mirabel finds herself still being insecure about not having a gift. As a result, she would often confine in you, hoping you'd give her the reassurance she desperately needs.
"Mirabel you don't need to prove yourself to anyone." You say softly, rubbing her back as her head rested on your chest. "You're perfect, just the way you are."
Mirabel could only listen to your words of encouragement, thinking about how lucky she was to have found someone as amazing as you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dating Camilo Madrigal would consist of..
1. Him teasing you more than anyone else
Come on, this is Camilo Madrigal we're talking about here. You think him teasing Isabela about Mariano was bad? Just wait until you two start dating, then you see how bad it really gets.
"Stop! Please!" You cried out, laughing your head off as Camilo tickled you mercilessly, a grin plastered onto his face. "Say it."
"Camilo is the best boyfriend in the entire world!" You yell out, the tickling only getting even more intense.
2. Him buying you some of his clothes.
The day he caught you wearing his ruana was the day he almost died of cuteness.
You watched your love scramble in his pants for his wallet in confusion. "Camilo you can have your ruana back, I wasn't planning on keeping it."
Camilo looks at you in shock, as if you had just stabbed him in the heart. "You weren't?!" He blinks a couple of times, before dragging you outside.
"Where are we going?" You asked, surprised by his sudden actions.
"To buy you some of my clothes."
3. His love language being physical touch.
Whether it's kissing or cuddling with you, Camilo's way of his expressing his love towards you is through physical touch. He might've gotten it from his family, considering that they're the most expressive out of the two.
He might even go as far as tackling you in the middle of the town's plaza, whispering sweet nothings into your ear while kissing you everywhere, just because he didn't get to see you that morning.
4. His family also approving of you.
Rainbows appeared everywhere around the encanto once his family found out about her son's relationship, as they were more than thrilled to see him find true love. After they made sure you were the right person for him, they welcomed you into their family with open arms.
5. Pulling pranks on his family members.
Since he was the most mischievous one in the family, something he personally likes doing is playing pranks on his siblings and cousins. He would drag you into it, because when the pranks would go as planned, you two would laugh your heads off as if there was no tomorrow.
6. His favorite part about you being your ability to always make him happy.
You never failed to make Camilo happy. You could send a small smile his way, and he would think about it for hours. Usually, Camilo is the one to bring happiness to everyone living in the encanto, making him often forget he deserves happiness as well.
"Camilo, you do realize that you deserve to be happy too right?" You asked while playing with his hair in the process.
Camilo could only give you a nod, being thankful that he had someone like you to bring him happiness, just like how he did with others.
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artsploon 2 days ago
doodle based on some hcs i had (hcs aka rambles listed below)
Tumblr media
i won鈥檛 lie a good chunk of this was based on my own experience with siblings,,,don't mind my rambling it鈥檚 just how i think
squabbles just squabbles
bruno is a cocky lil shit with his family he only really gets anxious with outsiders
bruno has good comebacks !!!!!聽
playful arguments where they just throw meaningless insults at each other and giggle about it after
i heavily believe that pepa and bruno were the ones to have the most spats among the triplets
don鈥檛 get me wrong they care for each other but also keep in mind they鈥檙e siblings
pepa tends to overreact and bruno can be a lil shit when he wants to be
bruno likes to tease his sisters聽especially pepa, again, she has big dramatic reactions
but also pepa can hold a grudge and i wouldn't be surprised if at one point they got into a petty argument
bruno would be quick to apologize but let鈥檚 be honest if pepa is really upset she will say something really hurtful in the spur of the moment
will she regret it immediately after? oh, absolutely聽
probably calling him a curse or restating the mean things the pueblo has to say about him, and bruno just kinda goes quiet cuz,聽damn that hurt
the realization hits pepa, she clamps a hand over her mouth and flees, i imagine she needs to calm down before she tries to apologize
julieta in turn is the type to pick up on the lil things, she鈥檚 a cargiver obvs she鈥檚 gonna notice bruno鈥檚 shift in demeanor
she鈥檚 the one to comfort bruno because she knows pepa just needs time to cool off and bruno takes these kinds of things to heart, especially seeing as it came from his sister
it鈥檚 just a lot of back and forth talk
i imagine it鈥檚 hushed whispers of reassurance from julieta, trying to reaffirm the facts that way bruno can鈥檛 deny them, and a lot of what if鈥檚 from bruno
julieta has to throw hands with bruno鈥檚 self-loathing when big arguments happen聽
in the end i believe julieta and bruno would have this closeness/quiet understanding between them
pepa and bruno are close too ofc but well i guess there鈥檇 be some tension btwn them
at the end of the day they all care for each other and i would die for them
the end :)
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esmiblood90irisglimmer 21 hours ago
Julieta: *cooking in silent and chopping harshly*
Agustin: *confused*
Pepa/Bruno: *holding onto each other scared*
Agust铆n: Why are you two holding each other?
Bruno: Julieta is angry. This is her getting the stress out safely in the kitchen. So we must not disturb her.
Agust铆n: What happen if we disturb her?
Pepa: Trust me on this. You don't wanna know. Bruno, don't tell him. You shouldn't have told me, but you did. Now, I'm telling you. You don't wanna know
Bruno/Pepa/Agust铆n: *quietly walking away from the kitchen to avoid Julieta wrath*
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illuminatedlover a day ago
Julieta and Agust铆n being jealous would be like:
I want both of em to want me this bad <3
Tumblr media
It isn鈥檛 often that they get jealous, they鈥檙e very secure people. They love you and they know you love them just as much.
Everyone is human though! So whenever it does happen you find it a bit funny, you find it endearing how much they鈥檙e all about you.
Agust铆n is like a schoolboy who doesn鈥檛 want to share his toys he often gets jealous the most
Anytime he sees you with a friend that seems a little too friendly with you. He bounds over wrapping his arms around you making an emphasis to draw you closer.
Lots and lots of pet names 鈥淐oraz贸n who is your friend?鈥 鈥 Mi Cielo! There you are!鈥
Loves to shower you with affection always kissing you and holding onto you. You often tease him by purposely ignoring him, seeing how long he can keep it together.
He always tries to win over your attention always trying to one up the other person you鈥檙e speaking to
Expresses high emphasis that you are his novio/Novia
Absolutely denies his jealousy whenever he鈥檚 confronted 鈥淎y! I wasn鈥檛 jealous, I was just making sure you wouldn鈥檛 get lost!鈥
鈥淎gust铆n you carried me through the plaza鈥︹
Julieta is more subtle she鈥檚 not one to cause a scene. It isn鈥檛 often that she鈥檚 jealous, but when she is she鈥檚 too precious.
She doesn鈥檛 like when others get too touchy with you it鈥檚 usually when she walks up to see how you鈥檙e doing. Mainly because she鈥檚 overprotective.
She鈥檚 the type to politely smile at your friend while tucking you into her side letting them know you鈥檙e hers and you aren鈥檛 going anywhere.
Constantly asking for your help with something in order to pull you away from your friend who鈥檚 interested in you.
鈥淎mor! Could you come help me in the kitchen?鈥 When you get there all she does is pepper you with lots of kisses leaving you dazed but happy
She鈥檒l sit and pout somewhere watching you from a distance while she worries her bottom lip. Agust铆n thinks it鈥檚 hilarious. Often betting that she won鈥檛 say something (dude is an instigator)
You typically end up abandoning who you were with to go sit with her and kiss her till she stops pouting
鈥淎mor you don鈥檛 need to be jealous鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not jealous, I鈥檓 just making sure you鈥檙e having a good time that鈥檚 all.鈥
鈥淲ell, why don鈥檛 I have a good time with you instead.鈥 That earns you a tiny smile and you spend the rest of the evening enjoying each other鈥檚 company.
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prankprincess123 2 days ago
Dolores/Mariano Headcanons:
Dolores became so accustomed to falling asleep listening to his poetry from across town, that without super-hearing allowing her to do so she can't fall asleep
On one of their first dates she falls asleep mid afternoon listening to his poetry. When she wakes up she's super embarrassed and frantically reassures him that she loves it and spending time with him, but she just hasn't been sleeping well since everything happened. He thinks it's adorable
That night he just 'happens' to work on his poetry across the street from where she's temporarily staying. She falls asleep easily for the first time in weeks
He may be a total himbo, but between the impromptu nap and what she said during her confession, he can add 2 + 2
Even after everyone regains their powers he'll frequently sit under her balcony to read or work on poetry
Once they're married he'll whisper it to her as they cuddle in bed
Despite her "slow down" response to his first proposal, they're so smitten that it's barely been a month before Camilo and Maribel have created a betting pool for when they'll actually get engaged
Isabela wins the bet
Between courting and engagement theres only about a year before they get married
During their courtship at some point they kinda have to adress the fact that he was in an arranged betrothal with her cousin. Somehow this spirals to the 'five babies' comment.
Dolores was totally just messing with Isa when she claimed he said it, and he almost falls over laughing at hearing the story
Despite never actually saying anything along those lines, Mariano does want a big family though. Given that she's effectively the second of six kids in her family and is used to the chaos, Dolores is totally agreeable to the idea
But at the same time, Dolores is one of six kids in her family, and no one ever moves out of Casita. They agree that they definitely want multiple children, but they'll see how big the family gets and how things go, and adjust their plans accordingly
At one point during their engagement Antonio is suddenly very clinging to her, and practically growling at Mariano. Turns out that one of his friends in town mentioned that their older sister moved out after getting married, and it sent him into a panic. They're very quick to reassure her 6yo brother that she's definitely not moving out, and Mariano is instead moving in with everyone. This calms Antonio down, but he's still wary of the situation.
Resultingly, Mariano has to be reassured that he will not be mauled by a jaguar for taking Delores across town for a picnic.
Their Serenata is a poem he wrote for her and had her papa and tio Agustin help him with music for. She pretends to be surprised, and that she hasn't had all the words memorized for weeks from hearing his nervous rehearsals.
Isabela is obviously in charge of flowers for their wedding. She has to be talked down from several slightly unhinged ideas in the planning process, but Dolores doesn't want to stifle Isa's newly re-found creativity, and Isa wants to make sure its Dolores' dream wedding. The compromise is that Isa can go wild, so long as it's within the wedding colors, not carnivorous or otherwise dangerous in any way, and not going to get pollen/sap/anything staining everywhere
Dolores has never really seen Mariano wear colors before their wedding, when he surprises her with embroidery on his shirt in her signature red. Mirabel practically squealed when he sent her a note requesting her help with such. After they're married he always has at least some red in his outfit
Pepa manages to hold back her tears and the rain till everyone's inside, but there's definitely sun-showers for most of Delores and Mariano's wedding day
He obviously takes the Madrigal name
At some point during the reception Camilo manages to get ahold of some aguardiente, and the results are a hysterical mess to say the least. He swears off alcohol permanently, and frantically apologizes to his sister the next day fearing that he ruined her wedding, but everyone including the newlyweds are still laughing at his antics so much that his words are drowned out
Mariano takes to his new role as house-husband instantly. It's not much different than town himbo other than that everyone now knows he's 110% off the market. Within a few years he decides he enjoys being a stay-at-home-dad even more
She finds out she's pregnant the first time by hearing the baby's heartbeat
That's also how she found out about both brothers and Mirabel, and will find out about her neices and nephews, but it's a little different and earlier when the sound is coming from her child.
That said, with her second child it does throw her for a minute when she wakes up and can hear two new heartbeats suddenly, before realizing that only one is from her, and that she's going to be an aunt for the first time too
Their oldest is a few years older than the next cousin, but by the time they have their third kid the nursery is pretty busy
They debate for a few years about having a fourth kid before agreeing to try
Madrigals come in groups of threes though, and multiples run in the family
They're thrilled. Shocked. But thrilled. Everyone is thrilled.
Casita expands the nursery
Her brothers and cousins tease them that they were playing with fire in trying to break tradition, thus why they end up with double the kids of anyone else.
The 'playing with fire' teasing only gets worse when the youngest of their triplets ends up being a pyromancer...
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cartoonfangirl444 2 days ago
I can just imagine a young Bruno feeling left out because he鈥檚 the only boy in the Madrigal house at the time. He also doesn鈥檛 have a lot of friends because he was already building up a bad rap of making bad things happen, so the only people he was close to were his sisters.
Cause of this, he felt really left out when they were kids, as Julieta & Pepa would do so called 鈥榞irl鈥 stuff. So as a way to include him, Julieta & Pepa would dress Bruno in some of their extra dresses, when their mam谩 wasn鈥檛 around. Then they鈥檇 just sit their and braid each other鈥檚 hair (cause y鈥檃ll know Bruno鈥檚 hair is long enough to braid)
Then, when they were teenagers, whenever either Julieta or Pepa (mainly Pepa, cause she had a lot) had a crush, he鈥檇 just calmly listen to them go on and on about who they liked. And when either of the two were on their period, he鈥檇 always try to do whatever he could to comfort and make them feel better.
Bruno was 100% supportive when both his sisters started dating and when they got married. Actually, Julieta & Pepa both supported Bruno when he was told them that he didn鈥檛 really want to get married cause he didn鈥檛 really seem to like anyone in town.
Like these three constantly supporting each other is so wholesome. And I imagine that after Bruno 鈥榣eft鈥, whenever they celebrated their birthday, the two would act happy during the celebration...but then afterwards Julieta & Pepa would hold each other and cry.
Also, their first birthday after Bruno 鈥榣eft鈥, was the hardest and they didn鈥檛 even actually celebrate their birthday that year
Like, I swear, the Madrigal Triplets are amazing!
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myohmyimanxious 21 hours ago
Encanto headcanons part 2!
- Camilo has to sleep with a weighted blanket so he doesn't shapeshift in the night
- Camilo also eats loads more bc his gift takes a lot of his energy, if he doesn't he'll crash completely and be found sleeping somewhere weirdly in the casita
- Luisa and Antonio always make time to watch films together
- Bruno reminds abuela of her husband sometimes and when he does she won't look at him
- When Camilo is anxious or stressed he shapeshifts rapidly and it can be both tiring and painful
- It also happens if he drinks coffee
- Mirabel made little stuffed toys for everyone in the casita based on animals or things they like
- Antonio acts as a translator for Bruno's rats
- Bruno and Camilo put on shows together in camilo's room as it has a stage and perform said shows for the family
- When Camilo has a she/her day she has to get Dolores or Isabela to do her makeup bc she just pokes herself in the eye and it takes forever
- Camilo once shifted to look like Pedro to surprise abuela but it made her mad and upset and it's the first time his gift made someone cry and he felt very guilty afterwards
- Antonio loves the muppets
- Bruno has always been extremely anxious and his gift exacerbated that tenfold
- When doing visions with Bruno, the other person can only make out foggy details, the finer details are only clear for them if Bruno is also looking at them essentially the can only clearly see what Bruno is looking at in the point of time, and if his attention shifts to another detail that's what the person will also see
- When trying to de-stress, camilo, Dolores and Antonio also tend to mumble "clear skies, clear skies" like their mother
- If Bruno does too many visions at once he goes temporarily blind
- Shapeshifting has left camilo with incurable chronic pain
- Much like their mother, Antonio and Camilo have a quick temper
- Agust铆n and F茅lix are the pun masters and it drives everyone crazy (except for maybe Luisa and Antonio)
- Antonio is actually a massive trouble maker too, but gets away with it all the time much to camilo's annoyance
- Like it's okay when Antonio is singing defying gravity at the top of his lungs at midnight bc it's cute but camilo ends up with extra chores as punishment? Nah not fair man
- Agust铆n, F茅lix and Bruno are best mates, like ride or die
- Agust铆n, F茅lix and Bruno have a secret handshake bc of this
- Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel do as well
- But no handshake is more complex than the one Camilo and Mirabel have
- Either Camilo or Antonio have bruno as a middle name in honour of their uncle
- Something that Bruno cries about every time it's mentioned or he thinks about it
- Pepa, Juileta and Bruno have designated sibling days for them to make up for all the missed memories
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ahmnom 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Some more papa Bruno (Au by @renrenlady )
This is the conversation that鈥檚 going down:
Mirabel: papa! Look what I can do! Look! Look!
*Mirabel then proceeds to surf down casitas stairs, giving Bruno a giant heart attack*
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lanawinterscigarettes a day ago
Pepa Madrigal when she gets upset
Tumblr media
A/N: my first time writing for Encanto, so please be nice 鈾
Warnings: slight mentions of self depreciation/insecurity, hurt/comfort (kind of)
When Pepa's upset, its immediately made pretty obvious by the constant rain cloud that follows her around
She usually tends to keep to herself when this happens, not wanting to upset her family, but after meeting you she allows herself to be a bit more open with how she feels
She's been repressing all her negative emotions for practically her whole life, so its difficult for her to immediately want to open up and start talking about them
You know this, so you never pressure her into talking if she doesn't want to
Often times you'll wait for her to come to you first when she gets upset, but every now and then you seek her out instead, knowing how hard it can be for her to ask for help
At first, she'll refuse to tell you what's wrong out of fear of you getting angry at her if the storm cloud above your heads gets you wet, but once you take you her outside to a nice open area where her storm clouds can't bother anybody, she begins to relax a little
With some convincing, you coax her into telling you what's wrong, which leads to a full out rainstorm as she rants and raves about whatevers been upsetting her
Whether it has something to do with not feeling good enough for her family or just everyday stress, you're happy to sit there and listen to her talk, even if you end up getting soaking wet in the process
She turns her attention back to you after getting everything she needs to off her chest, and its only then that she realizes the pouring rain that ensued while she was talking took no prisoners
"Oh no! Mi amor, I got you all wet"
You laugh as she frets over the state you're in, reassuring her that you don't mind getting a little wet
Its only then that the sun finally comes out, the faintest of rainbows streaking across the sky
As much as a burden and hassle Pepa is convinced her gift is at times, you wouldn't have her any other way
Taglist: @try-cry-why-try
Lemme know if you wanna be added to my Encanto taglist <3
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carlaerosie a day ago
Did you know? Luisa Madrigal edition
Did you know that the first time Luisa Madrigal was playing football she kicked the ball to hard and it never stopped turning? The ball was the Earth
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal never lies? The truth is just wrong
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn鈥檛 read books? Books read themselves for her
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal counted to infinity? Twice
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal is the one that makes onions cry?
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn鈥檛 breathe? She holds the air hostage
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal can make one minute rice in 30 seconds?
Did you know that once there was a man named Chuck Norris and his character was inspired by Isabela Madrigal?
now you know
Tumblr media
there was also a kid named Thor Odinson. Luisa Madrigal gave the hammer to him
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thornology 2 days ago
just an indulgent short fic for myself, where tio bruno and dolores bond. not sure if i鈥檓 too late for this but here you guys go anyway. :)
when tio bruno leaves, dolores is confused about why her mama鈥檚 face is twisted with anger while a dark rain cloud hovers over her head. what do you mean, mama? tio bruno is still in the house. he鈥檚 still here!
shush, dolores, tio bruno left. shush, they say, we don鈥檛 talk about bruno.聽
eventually, dolores learns. she learns not to speak of her nervous uncle, with his incredible, humbling gift. shush, dolores, don鈥檛 speak of tio bruno, she says to herself. shush, dolores, they鈥檒l get mad.聽
but dolores knows tio bruno is still there. she can hear him muttering to himself, knocking on the wood, talking to the rats, throwing salt from tia julieta鈥檚 kitchen over his shoulder. he鈥檚 harmless, dolores learns. he鈥檚 just a little man who鈥檚 scared of everything and himself.聽
dolores lets it go, she stays quiet but sometimes, she can hear his stomach rumbling after days of going without food. sometimes, she can hear him tossing and turning at night. sometimes, she can hear him pressing against the wall when he hears one of the kids laughing. sometimes, she can hear him crying for his mama. sometimes, she can hear him calling for his papa.聽
one night, after everyone has gone to sleep, dolores goes to the dining room wall where she knows tio bruno is living.聽
鈥渢io bruno? it鈥檚 me, dolores,鈥 she calls softly.
his breath catches and his heart begins to thunder.
鈥渋 know you鈥檙e there. i don鈥檛 know why you鈥檙e hiding. come back. everyone thinks you鈥檝e left.鈥
dolores waits, listens to him shift nervously.聽
鈥渋 can鈥檛,鈥 he finally whispers. 鈥渋鈥檓 not. . . no one will want me back. not after what i鈥檝e seen.鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 get it.鈥
鈥渋 know. . . my gift. . . it鈥檚 not- i鈥檓 not helping, dolores. i鈥檓 only going to upset everyone if i come back. do you understand?鈥
dolores frowns and shakes her head. 鈥渘o but if you don鈥檛 want me to tell, i won鈥檛.鈥
there鈥檚 a pause where she hears him take a tremulous breath. 鈥渢hanks.鈥
a few days pass where tio bruno and dolores don鈥檛 talk. mostly because tio bruno is busy patching cracks or something. she attempts not to listen to him for the sake of privacy, and tries to keep up with her chores.聽
鈥渉ey dolores,鈥 tio bruno鈥檚 voice calls over the din of the family working.聽
squeaking, she hurries to the dining room, ignoring camilo鈥檚 confused stare. looking around to make sure no one is near, she mutters, 鈥渉i, tio bruno.鈥
he laughs softly and dolores smiles. 鈥渉ow鈥檚 mirabel? y鈥檏now after her ceremony.鈥
dolores sighs, shaking her head. 鈥渟he鈥檚 trying to be brave for tia julieta and tio agustin, but she鈥檚 been crying all night for weeks.鈥
鈥渉as abuela been hard on her?鈥 he asks, voice meek.聽
鈥渟he hasn鈥檛 spoken to mirabel. she hasn鈥檛 spoken to anyone at all. abuela. . . she鈥檚 really sad that you鈥檝e left. she keeps asking abuelo where you鈥檝e gone and why you left. she鈥檚 really worried, tio bruno.鈥
he takes a shaky breath. he leaves to sit with his rats. dolores lets him. he鈥檒l call her when he wants to talk again. dolores spins and hurries back to where her brother is, who is now playing with mirabel instead of doing his chores.聽
time goes by. mirabel accepts she will not get a gift. luisa and isabela vie for abuela鈥檚 attention so mirabel will not fall under her scrutiny. bruno gets more and more anxious. abuela becomes stricter. antonio is born.聽
tiny, sweet antonio is born and dolores realizes that tio bruno hasn鈥檛 met him. horrified by the thought, one night dolores steals antonio away from the nursery. thankfully, both mirabel and antonio stayed asleep.
鈥渢io bruno.鈥
startled, he shouts, knocking things as he jumps two feet off the ground. dolores wonders how tio bruno managed to hide for so long without anyone else in the family knowing.聽聽
鈥渉uh, dolores?鈥澛
鈥渉i, tio bruno.鈥
鈥渨hat are you doing here? it鈥檚 the middle of the night.鈥
鈥渋 know, but i wanted you to meet someone,鈥 she whispers. holding antonio a little higher, she moved closer to the wall. 鈥渢io bruno, meet antonio.鈥
dolores smiled when she heard the man gasp in delighted shock.聽
鈥渁ntonio?鈥 he asks and dolores can hear the emotion clogging his throat.聽
鈥減epa chose that name?鈥 he asks.
鈥渃an i tell you a story, dolores?鈥 he suddenly whispers after several long moments. antonio snuffles, his tiny hand curling over a ruffle of dolores鈥檚 nightgown. she nods and tio bruno inhales a long breath.
鈥測ou know, when we were younger, pepa and i liked to sleep in julieta鈥檚 room. we used to stay up all night, gossiping about everything like little girls. we talked about agustin and felix and they used to bug me all day and night, asking if i had somebody.
鈥渙ne night, pepa asked if i could give her list of names for her future babies. i couldn鈥檛 decide on any so i went to my vision room and i saw the names she gave you three. dolores, camilo, and antonio. i gave her those three names and she smiled so wide, it was like the sun had come out to greet us.
鈥渋 always thought she would break my streak and name you guys something else.鈥 he huffs a sad laugh.聽
鈥渋 like my name,鈥 dolores declares fiercely, her voice resolute. 鈥渋 wouldn鈥檛 ask for a better one.鈥
there鈥檚 a long, long moment of silence. she hears tears splashing gently against her uncle鈥檚 cheeks.聽
鈥渢hanks, nena.鈥
dolores leaves, cradling her little brother closer to her chest. as she walks into the courtyard of casita, she glances up at the candle, glowing softly in the window. she presses her lips into a thin line before opening her mouth again.聽
鈥渁buelo pedro. please, please, find a way to bring tio bruno back to the family,鈥 she whispers.聽
she stares a little longer, before heading to the nursery. as she walks away, she hears a soft voice say, 鈥渋 will.鈥
and dolores smiles.聽
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camilleisdrawing 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
besties since 19xx for real 馃憣
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artsploon a day ago
:) okay, I'm passing on a lil idea then to get your take on it! (pls feel free to ignore if you want)
Prompt: madrigal triplets + first gray hair(s)
waha imma pile onto this one (ramble below) + a doodle based on said ramble
Tumblr media
i'd place the triplets in their late 30's i think (timeline-wise camilo and mirabel would already be born)
pepa would be the one to get them first with how much she has to stress about her gift
bruno follows, man is anxious and i bet his visions stress him out (poor rat man)
and then there's julieta, i think she embraces them tbh
it's less noticeable on pepa seeing as she's a ginger, while bruno and julieta have dark hair, but when pepa notices she notices
cue pepa's thunder, bruno and julieta in the kitchen like "????"
pepa walks in and they're hit with a huge gust of wind
i imagine juleita tilts her head inviting pepa to explain and pepa just bursts out "a gray hair, julie!"
to which bruno snorts, he's gotta save himself from choking on an arepa he'd been snacking on
pepa is quick to turn her gaze onto bruno, sending him a deathly glare
julieta swears she's about to witness a murder (she's got the arepas ready tho)
pepa is quick to grab at bruno's ruana and tackle him to the floor (casita softens the fall for them dw)
for a second bruno thinks pepa is actually gonna throw hands so he crosses his fingers and holds his breath
imagine his surprise when pepa instead moves to grab his hair looking for a gray hair
she finds it quickly (again it stands out more on dark hair) and lets out a triumphant yell
bruno chuckles when the realization hits and he playfully calls her "vieja loca", to emphasize the gray hair situation
pepa definitely punches his shoulder at that comment to which he begins his dramatic lil attitude
"OH *insert a telenovela gasp* how could you wound your own brother! pepa, how could you do this to me! after everything we've been through together"
he plays dead and julieta is not amused, reminding them that they're taking up kitchen space
bruno doesn't move, pepa snorts at her brother's antics and watches as julieta pulls up her sleeves ready to pull bruno up
it's there that pepa notices julieta has a gray hair tucked away, "julie, you have one too!"
bruno is quick to sit up ready to tease julieta to which she raises an eyebrow, ready to revoke his food privileges
bonus: f茅lix and agust铆n are their respective wife's #1 hype man, they also hype the cu帽ado but bruno gets embarrassed when they do
honestly this was fun! i had to draw something for it as soon as the ideas took over
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camileeon a day ago
馃嵉- 鈥渕aybe it was fate to meet you.鈥
馃- GN!Reader x Camilo
馃崐- HELLO DISCLAIMER!! i am not an expert when it comes to tarot reading, i simply searched up the tarots and their reading and picked the ones that were appropriate. If i did make a mistake please don't be shy to point it out to me! PLEASE ENJOYYY!!
The mysterious town of encanto, everyone is familiars with everyone while the walls have it's ears to listen for word to spread. Good old news, gossips, and rumors to keep the town's people up on their heels as to entertain themselves. But especially infamous for it's magical gifted family, each of the gifts could not possibly compare to a simple reading or perhaps it could..?
Word speaks once more from the informant, also known as the chismosa/chismoso of the wondrous encanto "a new stall opens!"
Indeed there was a new addition to the centre of the town's bustling heart filled with carts and stalls of miscellaneous ways for entertainment. "A fortune reader? Their not trying to get bruno's spotlight are they?" Well since it's just a "reading" after all, it can't be certain, isn't proven and is just a hunch to give it that fling or flaw point for mystery.
Camilo had been walking through the town's stalls the same ones he passed by everyday, hearing a few town's women calmoring in the distance at a certain stall others seemed to clamor about.
鈥渕y omen's too disappointing.. bad luck??!鈥
One exclaimed before worriedly pacing towards a town house, the others had good and other had the opposite. Like said, fates like these aren't proven to be true, Camilo wondered what could be the worst that could happen if his fate was read? He walked up to the stall to find a strikingly attractive lady, seeming to be his age as he scanned her features. They covered themself in a vibrant magenta cloak as they sat on their knees while watching the boy in yellow enter the tarped stall 鈥淎 madrigal? One wonders why you're here.. don't you have your Tio Bruno to read your omen for you..?鈥 They speak as they take hold the stack of tarot cards in hand, their eyes fixed on the shapeshifter's astonished expression before letting out a chuckle
鈥淗e's busy with Tia Julieta today, he also took a break with doing fortunes for awhile ever since he came back.鈥 He spoke as he ran his hand through his hair
鈥 i suppose we haven't met personally.. it's camilo, as you already know.鈥
The fate reader chuckle as they started to shuffle their cards
鈥淚'm aware, you're quite famous around these parts you know? It's y/n l/n, from a long line of omen readers.鈥 they answer before laying out a scatter of cards facing downwards, gesturing for him to pick three from the scattered deck of cards.
Camilo looked carefully through the cards, choosing the three ones that drew him close. He slid the cards towards him and as he finished, y/n was compiled all the unchosen cards in a swift movement once more to set it aside and remain her focus on the madrigal and the cards.
鈥渨hat good choices.. are you ready?鈥 she looked deeply into his eyes, lending out her hands for him to hold due to his wandering expression before commenting once more
鈥測ou seem awfully nervous, i take it this is your first time. Don't worry, they won't bite.鈥
Camilo's expression changed into a more relaxed one, letting out a huff of air that he wasn't aware of holding. Slowly sliding his hands in hers, fingers intertwined and locked together as if it was destined fate.
The fate reader carefully flips the first card for it's face to show, The hermit upright.
鈥漼ou continue to find and learn yourself along the ways of life, this leads to somewhere greater for you.鈥
She speaks, slowly nodding as she pondered before feeling the other's thumb brush over her knuckle with a small smile on his face 鈥渟ee? So far so good.鈥
Y/n then proceeds on to the middle card's face, The magician upright.
鈥測ou have great potential at whatever comes in your way. You are decisive and say what must be said without hesitation. Shoot your shot at whatever faces you.鈥 She speaks fondly.
鈥渢he magician huh? Seems fitting.. i'll take the advice then.鈥 He says proudly, puffing up his chest as he shifted into them and his other relatives. Earning a light laugh from the reader sat in front of him as their hands stayed eachother's grasp whilst the boy shifted to see the gorgeous smile she owned.
Lastly it came down to one, they carefully lifted and flipped the card to see it's face. The Fool Upright.
鈥渘ew beginnings, you stand your ground and have a clear path filled with great opportunities in your way. Don't let it go to waste. What an amazing omen.. the best one i've read up to date.鈥 they motion their hand to slide the card torward for him to scan it, especially The Fool.
鈥渘ew beginnings huh? Well, are you up to starting a new one with me?鈥
鈥渉mm.. alright then, you're treating me.鈥
鈥淎nything for you mariposa.. indeed, a fool I am.鈥
@destinydrawssometimes @camilolovesroxiie @i-more-need-books @aphrodicts-imagination @s1mpysstuff @yoursimpingfan
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illuminatedlover a day ago
Pepa and F猫lix being jealous would be like:
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e always jealous!!! Always so overprotective!
They鈥檙e such passionate lovers and people to be with, they can鈥檛 help themselves. They just love you a lot.
Pepa let鈥檚 anyone know that you are hers and when you鈥檙e invited somewhere people know Pepa is going to be around. Rarely lets you out of her sight.
She鈥檚 very big on pda always touching you, kissing you, making sure whoever is with you knows that you鈥檙e spoken for
If se sees someone being too friendly or too touchy she鈥檒l instantly cause it to start thundering or raining. Drenching the person and scaring them off.
鈥淧epi! We were just talking!! You don鈥檛 have to be so jealous!鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 like the way he breathes near you.鈥 Cue you rolling your eyes because she鈥檚 so dramatic
You always tease her asking if she鈥檚 afraid of a little competition. which riles her up. She鈥檚 always trying to show you that she loves you more than anyone else could.
She would definitely pull you into her lap while you spoke with someone just to make a point.
Heavy makeout sessions <3
F猫lix is usually the one to pull her away before she does anything she might regret
She absolutely owns her jealousy, she will be the first one to say it
F猫lix is a very relaxed guy, he鈥檚 more protective than jealous because he knows no one can make you smile/ feel safe the way he does
Will absolutely cut in when you鈥檙e dancing with someone else, letting them know he knows your body better than they do.
Always scaring people off with stories of how he wrestled a wild animal or how he was in a fight club when he was younger. (He鈥檚 totally bluffing he鈥檚 a softie, but they don鈥檛 know that)
He always checks in to see how you鈥檙e doing and making sure you鈥檙e not being bothered or feeing uncomfortable.
鈥淥kay Mi Amor, I鈥檓 right over here if you need anything.鈥 Definitely stares down whoever you鈥檙e with to let them know he鈥檚 watching.
鈥淚 just want you to know how much I love you鈥攈ow much we love you.鈥 He is so soft <3
Loves to hug you and hold you close to him. He just wants you to know he鈥檚 there, and he likes showing off that you鈥檙e his.
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encantoheadcanons a day ago
Pepa and Bruno are polar opposites but they have always been best friends and they wouldn't trade that for the world. Bruno is happy now he knows his sister doesn't actually hold a grudge against him and Pepa is relieved that Bruno wants her back in his life after everything that happened
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strawberryuji a day ago
Hi how are you doing? May I please request a Dating Mirabel headcanons?
dating mirabel headcannons !!
(*岽椡 爽岽椡)陼*.锞
pairing : mirabel madrigal x reader
genre : fluff ( and angst if you squint )
warning(s) : mentions of insecurity
Tumblr media
- this girl loves sewing w you !! most of your free time is used in doing arts and crafts w her
- she loves showing you off to the kids all of the time.
- instead of finishing her chores ,, she鈥檇 end up talking to you and earning a scold from abuela (掳 鈥 掳 鈥欌)
- as gifts ,, she'd give you pieces of clothing, stuffed animals or accessories she made herself
- when she gives you flowers, they're def self-grown, there's no way she's asking isabela to grow her some.
- so many hugs. she nuzzles into your neck and sometimes tries to lift you up ( bonus points if you're shorter than her !! )
- she loves hanging out in town !! don鈥 t get me wrong, casita is a wonderful place , but mirabel just needs to get away from her family sometimes :))
- every time she鈥檇 feel insecure about not getting a gift, you鈥檇 litter light kisses on her face , making her giggle and ( hopefully ) lighten up the mood ><
- 鈥 you are the most important thing in this world to me , mi vida .鈥
- she鈥檇 totally add you to her 鈥 welcome to the family madrigal 鈥 song . change my mind.
- definitely the type to break into spontaneous dancing w you :,))
- not one of your clothes are spared of her adorable embroidered animals . you 鈥 d be looking at yourself in the mirror and suddenly see an embroidered tiger on the back of your shirt ( ;////; 蕥) you can鈥檛 get mad at her though , its cute 釙扁憛釙
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