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sleeplessdreamer14 · 2 days ago
imagine Mirabel finding a photo of you in Bruno’s room in the walls
Tumblr media
“Yeah, I always knew I wasn’t good enough for them. But I.. I love them a lot. Y’know?”
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zafirosreverie · 2 days ago
Future looks great (Pepa x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW-ish? There’s nothing explicit, but just to be safe
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"If you want to burn me alive you could just throw me in the fire. It would be faster" you joked
Pepa jumped a little at your voice and blinked rapidly. Did you catch her?! Did you know what kind of thoughts she was having?! But then she saw you fan yourself with your hand and then she understood that you meant the hot environment that her powers were creating.
"I'm sorry" she said quickly, trying to calm down.
"Baby, it's ok, I was just kidding" you said, giving her a kiss on the cheek "you know I love all your climates"
Pepa didn't say anything, but the room got even hotter. You see, she loved you too, very much, and she had always been happy with the relationship you had. She took care of you like the most valuable treasure and you never asked her to control herself. You lived each and every one of her emotions with her.
And she could never thank you for so much. She didn't need more and it wouldn't be fair to ask you for something else after everything you gave her. But the thing was, she really wanted more. In the last few months, a deep desire had grown in her. You were beautiful, okay? And one day you had put on that pretty sundress that came down to mid-thigh. And suddenly, your sweet kisses felt so little, holding your hand was no longer enough for her. She needed more, she needed you whole.
Pepa had been struggling with her perverted thoughts of you, but you made it too hard for her! From the way you looked at her, the innocent way you whispered in her ear, the way your chest rose and fell and your breasts called out to her. All of you were a growing temptation and she couldn't for her life work up the courage to tell you.
What if you got mad? What if you weren't ready yet? She didn't want to pressure you or force you to do something you didn't want to do. So she just suffered in silence while you did all those things that drove her crazy.
Bruno jumped as thunder rumbled behind him and a hand grabbed his shirt. Her sister looked upset and he wasn't sure what to do, Julieta wasn't home so he couldn't hide behind her.
"I need a vision" Pepa said hastily, already dragging her brother up the stairs.
The redhead didn't give him a chance to protest as she practically threw him into his room. She knew she was being unfair to her brother, and she would make it up to him later (preferably before Julieta found out), but she needed to know.
"Ok, ok. What are we looking for?" Bruno asked once they both sat in his cave
"Y/N" Pepa answered, nervously fiddling with her braid "I need to know which...direction our relationship is going"
"Why? Did you fight?" he asked carefully
The thunder that sounded above her heads made them both jump and Pepa had to take several breaths to calm down. Her brother only saw her worried, not knowing what to do.
"I'm sorry, Brunito" she said "I didn't want to be so hard on you, it's not fair. It's just that..."
The youngest of the triplets could see that her sister was struggling with her words, so he gently took her hand.
"I-it's fine. You don't have to tell me" he assured her "Let's see what happens"
Pepa smiled at him gratefully and made a mental note to pay him later. She really had the best siblings in the world. She watched in fascination as her brother went through this strange ritual before sitting down across from her again.
Bruno took a deep breath and took his sister's hands, then his eyes glowed with a neon green light. He searched and searched in the veil of the future, until he found a familiar face. It was you.
"I see her!" He said "she's...she's happy! And she's with you!"
Pepa watched as the images formed in a whirlwind around her. She saw just what her brother had said: she saw you, beautiful and smiling as always. You seemed to be in your room, sitting on your bed.
Then, she saw herself, moving closer to you as you wrapped your arms around her waist, pulling her closer to you. For some reason, the Pepa of the future seemed nervous. But you smiled at her, trailing kisses down her neck.
Pepa couldn't help but blush and from the way her vision was beginning to waver, she knew that Bruno was uncomfortable. But it wasn't until she saw herself start to unzip your dress and you pull up her skirt that she stopped seeing.
Sand fell around the siblings as the eldest jumped to her feet, snatching the prophecy from her brother's hands. Her cheeks were red hot and for a few seconds she didn't know what to say. The image on the plate was quite suggestive.
"You didn’t see anything!" she told her brother "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"
Bruno didn't have time to respond before a reddish whirlwind swept past him, knocking him hard to the ground. That was going to leave a mark.
Pepa looked at the emerald plaque on her bed. She still didn't know how to feel about it. She was relieved, now that she knew her deepest desires would be fulfilled. But with fear, for precisely the same reason.
What if you didn't like her? What if she made some mistake while you guys were in bed? What if she wet everything with her rain and ruined something in your room and you got mad at her?! She should have let Bruno see more?
No, definitely not. There was no way she would let her brother see you naked! But now she would have to suffer while she waited for the vision to be fulfilled.
The redhead paled when Julieta's voice was heard from downstairs. She had completely forgotten poor Bruno!! And look, she loved her brother and she would always defend him from everything, but she also knew that there was no person more terrifying than her older sister when someone hurt Brunito.
"Mieeeeeeeercoles" Pepa whispered.
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wolfofwritingstreet · a day ago
Part 3 pls of dinner tricks where it takes place at the argument before the downfall of casita
Prompt: Maribel and Abuela fight, leaving you scrabbling to reach the candle and save Mirabel from getting hurt.
Tone: Angst + Sad
Warnings: No warning
Word count: 1.4k
A/N: The final part is finally here to help you in the final bit of the working week, yes I will say final one more time. I hope you enjoyed this three part Encanto story, the reader character was very fun to develop. This is my last Encanto fic, so we are ending on a good note!
I am currently sick at the moment and am waiting on a PCR, so writing this cheered me up a lil bit. Sweet words to everyone else in the same position, or worries about Covid. We are now on 193 followers, which is almost doubt my January goal. Can we get to 200 before Feb? Stay healthy all 193 of you.
// Part 1 // Part 2 //
Tumblr media
You were milling around your bedroom, watching as the walls changed from a baby blue to a light yellow as you breathed in deeply. Today you would be calm and collected, and nothing would ever-
“Uh What?” You stand perplexed, spotting an odd shaped succulent stretching in through your window. On closer inspection, you notice that it has small pink flowers on. “Isa.” You breathe, gently touching the irregular plant incase it was only apart of your imagination.
“Woah!” You jump back from the window, as Isabel soars passed on a vine, followed by a shouting Mirabel whose grinning from ear to ear. Before you’ve pulled yourself together and have charged out the door to go and see what’s happening, a large pile of flowers sprout in the middle of the Casita and your cousins fall into it.
“Guys?” You call down, not stopping yourself from smiling at the warmth that heats up your body like heat from the sun. Happiness. This is when your gift felt like a gift.
“Y/n, look what I made.” Isa holds up a cactus, giggling when it pricks her finger. You don’t know what Mirabel did, but you were exhilarated at the fact there wasn’t a drop of negative emotion in the air. Sometimes, even the walls felt sad and lonely.
“What is going on!?” Abuela shouts, storming up to your cousins with such anger you flinch back at the crackling. Mirabel and Isabela are up in a second, your older cousin at once emitting a salty smell that forces your smile into a frown.
“Abuela.” Mirabel begins with a large proud smile, “It’s ok, everything’s ok. We’re going to save the miracle. The magic-“
“What are you talking about?” Abuela interrupts, throwing her hands accusingly around her. Cautiously you start to move for the stairs, ready to help the situation. “Look at our home, look at your sister.”
“Please, Isabela wasn’t happy.” Your older cousin doesn’t speak, instead tries to subtly brush off the vibrant colours that have stained her normally pristine dress.
“Of course she isn’t happy. You ruined her proposal.” Mirabel denies this quickly, looking to Isabel for support. By this time you are halfway down the steps, still not spotted by your Abuela.
“No, no. She needed me to ruin her proposal, and then we did all this and the candle burned brighter and the cracks. That’s why I’m in the vision, I’m saving the miracle.”
“You have to stop, Mirabel!” You grip the bannister, your stomach aching from what felt like a forceful punch. You had to get to one of them, calm the situation down. That was what was needed of you, your gift was made to help others.
Mirabel goes silent at once, and you are happy her back is turned to her as the last of the warmth leaves your body. Louisa had now come out of her room, and stood by Isabel whose arms were crossed across her body in a comforting manner.
“The cracks started with you. Bruno left because of you. Louisa is losing her powers. Isabela is out of control. Because of you.”
“That’s not fair.” You call, wincing as Abuela’s eyes find yours.
“You should have controlled this before it got out of hand.”
“But they were happy.” You defend, “Finally, they were happy.”
“You squander your gift every day. It is not about who is happy, it is about what is best for the Encanto.”
“She’s trying.” Mirabel says, and Abuela turns her attention back to your slightly younger cousin.
“I don’t know why you weren’t given a gift, but it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family.” The room goes silent, the only sound that echoed louder then the silence was the sound of tiles splitting open.
They spilled around the floor, and you groaned as one split right under your foot causing you to fall back onto the stairs. A rush of searing pain ran up your body as you used your hand to soften your fall, and it didn’t stop as you whimpered again trying to move from the floor to get away.
“I will never be good enough for you, will I?” Abuela said nothing, not even when your aunt and uncle appeared behind her. Your auntie looked to your Abuela, perhaps desperate for her to reject what Mirabel was saying. “No matter how hard I try.” Another crack formed, and you gritted your teeth. “No matter how hard any of us try. Luisa will never be strong enough. Isabela won’t be perfect enough. Y/n can never help enough. Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him.”
“Bruno didn’t care about this family.”
“He loves this family.” Mirabel defended, and at this point you were beginning to feel light headed. You forced your palm into the floor, letting the pain seize your arm and slow down the cracks in the house as the argument spiralled further. “I love this family, we all love this family. You’re the one that doesn’t care. You’re the one breaking our home.”
“Don’t you ever-“ Abuela shouted, but this time Mirabel was too fired up to let her continue.
“The miracle is dying because of you.” There was a pause as your Abuela gasped, and just as you managed to calm the house down; the largest pain you had ever felt took your body, and in retaliation you brought your plan off the ground. With a deafening crack, a line spread between Mirabel and Abuela.
“No, no, no.” In your weakened state you hadn’t notice your family arrive, and your mama was waving frantically at the candle. Her panic only rising, when she spotted you slumped across the staircase. “Y/n? Dolores, grab her now.”
“The candle.” Your papa called, and with a groan you stood up, watching in horror as the candle rolled onto its side. Mirabel charged for it, commanding Casita to get her up.
“You head her Casita, get me up there.” You copy, holding onto the house as the staircase steps build you a almost vertical staircase to climb just missing Dolores’s hands.
“Y/n, no!” Your mama screams, but you are too set on helping Mirabel to reply. From the corner of your eye you spot your brother also charging for Mirabel, using his gift to weave in and out of the falling debris. Isabela also moves for the candle, but when she tries to swing from one of her veins the house rumbles, and she is left falling to the ground.
“Y/n, get down.” Camilo yells, trying to jump for you but in the mid air he switches back into his original body. You scream as he plummets to the floor, missing one of the steps you are left hanging by your hands, as Casita makes drunken moves to help you regain your footing.
“Mirabel, slow down.” You cry, managing to get back up and follow her. Your gift wouldn’t help you get to her, but that didn’t stop you freezing when a numbness washed over you. You stopped, turning with terrified eyes as you suddenly couldn’t feel anything. Not a drop of happiness, a splash of anger, the sweet smell of love. It was empty.
“Mirabel, Y/n!” You hear screams of your names, but you are too close on Mirabel’s heels to quit now. You couldn’t feel anyone else’s fear, and that meant that for once you could do things by your own emotion. And you would get that candle.
“Leave it, leave the candle. Get out!” You ignore them, getting under Mirabel so she can use your boost to try and reach the candle.
“Come on, Mira. Stretch, we don’t have time.”
“I’m trying!” She calls back, and you grimace as she digs her foot deeper into your hands.
You screech as the house suddenly collapses, leaving you soaring in the air as Casita works desperately to save you. You hear your families screams as they spot you falling, and your eyes widen at the debris about to hit you. You wrap your arms around Mirabel and bring her into your chest, whispering words of comfort as your gift would no longer aid you.
With a breath of air...
The candle went out.
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pepa-madrigal-enthusiast · 2 days ago
Pepa: :(
Félix: Mi vida, are you okay-
Félix: ….
Félix: *wraps a towel around Pepa*
Pepa: Why'd you do that? Félix: So you don't get wet, mi amor!
Pepa: :)
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bozowrites · a day ago
a,b, and j for camilo pls?
letters : a, b and j.
character : camilo madrigal
a/n : done my exams so expect some fanfics 👌
event | masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
A is for Affection (how do they like to show affection?)
hugs, hand holding, pecks on the cheek. anything and everything honestly.
Tumblr media
B is for Beauty (what do they admire about their s/o?)
Tumblr media
J is Jealousy (do they get jealous?)
from time to time, and it's morso on the insecure side. he doesn't like to make it obvious, but he isn't great at hiding it either. just give him a peck and he'll be all good :)
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solcamilo · 5 hours ago
okay camilo with an s/o with a contagious laugh thank u 😤❤
camilo with gen!reader having a contagious laugh would include...
So you and Camilo had been dating for a while (around 5 months)
But you had only been to a Madrigal dinner like once when he first introduced you to the family.
Now would be the second time you were going to have dinner with la familia Madrigal and you were a nervous wreck
Although you knew them from the town and - occasionally - helped them out with chores, you still didn't know them
Especially Alma Madrigal
Oh boy did she scare you shitless
When the two of you arrived he sat you down next to him and his older sister right in the middle of the table
Opposite of Isabela
No offence to her, she was gorgeous and you were sure she was so sweet and nice
Didn't mean she didn't scare you as she stared you down
You awkwardly laughed and looked to the side, squeezing Camilo's hand lightly (a habit you had actually picked up from him when he was nervous)
To your luck, Julieta and Mirabel placed the food on the table and the dinner had finally begun
Camilo grabbed you a big portion and (obviously) an even bigger portion for himself
Small talk and chatter filled the room for a good 20 minutes in during eating
You didn't really join in, only replying to questions asked towards you and making small comments about how good the food was here and there
You were trying to focus on a single conversation but found it difficult due to the amount of them being made around you
Until you did and just so happened to be Agustín's (maybe sad) attempt at making a joke
More so a dad joke
But luckily for him!
You secretly loved dad jokes
"Hey kids!"
"What papá?"
"What's the best thing about Switzerland?"
"Oh god not another dad joke-"
"Come oooon! What's the best thing about it?!"
"Uhhhh what is it?"
"I don't know, but the flag is a big plus"
And as if on que everyone in the room stops talking
It just reeked of it as everyone was eyeing Agustín
Poor man was the only one laughing at his own (kinda bad) joke
Until you opened your mouth
And you just started laughing really really hard
We're talking about the 'i have to clench my stomach and wipe my tears' laugh
Agustín naturally just started laughing harder since at least one person found his joke funny
Bruno couldn't help himself but laugh when he heard your laughter
And soon enough everyone just started joining in and laughing as hard as you and Agustín were
Your laugh was so contagious it was pretty hard not to join in
Camilo always thought of your laugh as pretty (sometimes a little too loud but otherwise pretty)
You on the other hand had always been self conscious about your laugh
Some girl had said you had a 'if a chicken had a love baby with a donkey' laugh when you were like 6
And ever since then you had a fake laugh to cover up your real laugh
But because of Agustín you couldn't hold it in and now everyone was laughing along with you
"See?! Y/N, they have taste!" Camilo's tio let out as everyone was catching their breath
"They don't but okay-"
"What? It was funny!" you let out with a small giggle still thinking about the joke
"You're just so cute!" Camilo exclaimed next to you, leaning over to pinch your cheeks
"No, I sound like the chicken's and donkey's love baby" you frowned
"Y/N that was when we were 6 now we're 15"
"It still sounds like that though-"
"Antonio!" Pepa shushed her son and motioned for Camilo to continue
"Still.." your frown deepened
"Mi vida you and your laugh are the cutest thing to ever exist on this world" he pecked your forehead and moved in to peck your lips
"Ahem!" Abuela coughed loudly, side eyeing both you and Camilo
But she failed to hide the content and knowing smile that was growing on her lips
You noticed how late it was and kind of panicked because last time you came super late to your house and your parents accidently locked you out
And then you had to awkwardly make your way back to Casita and crash at Camilo's room (with parental supervision of course)
"It's really late I think I should be going now. Thank you for having me over and thank you for the delicious food!" you smiled as you stood up, the Madrigal family standing up in turn
"Thank you dear for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed your time here" Abuela said warmly
This woman wasn't as scary as you thought she would be
You proceeded to hug each family member and made your way to the exit of the house
Hand in hand with Camilo the two of you walked back to your house where he dropped you off (after making sure you weren't locked out again)
"Thank you for inviting me" you let out softly
"Thank you for accepting" he smiled cheekily and moved to kiss you
"Ahem!" you mocked Abuela when he was only inches away from your lips
The both of you laughed and he moved in again to finally kiss you
The two of you pulled away and rested your foreheads on each others, both of you smiling like idiots
"I really love your laugh by the way did I ever tell you that?"
You laughed, lifting a hand up to his head to caress his hair
"Yeah you've said it about 100 times"
"Well then make it 101 because I really do"
And with that he kissed you tenderly once more before you both called it a night
The dinner didn't go so bad after all
a/n: sorry this wasn't a fic but i honestly didn't know how to make it one, again i'm sorry! but this as a headcanon was so cute :') also sorry i keep forgetting to tag people
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu
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deardolores · 2 days ago
Memories Pt. 3 (Bruno Madrigal x Fem! Reader
Part One  Part Two
wc: 0.95k
“You never left?” (Name) breathed, numb. A flurry of emotions flew through the middle-aged woman. Disbelief that the love of her life stayed inside Casa Madrigal’s walls for an entire decade. Anger that he didn’t seek her out until now. Disappointment that Bruno didn’t take her with him. Sadness that he felt he couldn’t have told her. Most of all, (Name) felt resentment towards herself for wanting to forgive him
“(Name), you have to understand,” he said, kneeling next to her. The two were back in her house after safely returning Mirabel home. Construction on Casita had just begun but the Madrigals let (Name) drag her fiancé away.
“Bruno, that’s the problem! I do understand!” She yelled, fed up with the graying man. “I desperately want to hate you, Bruno Pedro Madrigal! Do you have any idea how many nights I lost sleep over you? Do you know how long I fell asleep waiting for you by Casita’s door? Do you know how hard I have worked to try and find someone to be with, but none of them compared to you? Too damn long and hard is how much. However, I would still give up anything to be with you,” (Name) cried, finally letting out years of pent up betrayal. Tears slipped from her eyes as she fell into Bruno’s arms. He quickly wrapped his arms around her.
“Lo siento mi vida,” he apologized. “I never wanted to leave you. You have no idea how many times I almost ran to you,” he confessed, rubbing her back.
“Then why didn’t you?” She asked, pulling away from his embrace.
“You know why,” Bruno sighed as he took a hold of her hands. 
“Why didn’t you take me with you? We could have been together, away but together,” (Name) questioned, jerking her hands out of Bruno’s grip.
“You had a life here. Your brother just had Leah. Your dad was getting sick. It would have been more selfish of me to bring you,” he explained, not meeting her eyes. “Plus someone needed to be here to look after Mira.”
“Why couldn’t it have been us?” She whispered softly as she cupped his face .
“Because I wasn’t brave enough,” Bruno whispered in turn before breaking. Sobs wracked the man’s petite frame. He collapsed into his former lover’s arms. (Name) took what was Bruno’s place earlier and simply held him. “I never meant to hurt you,” he wheezed, clutching onto (Name) for dear life. He was afraid she would leave, although he did deserve it.
“I realize that now, mi amor,” she cooed. “Everything’s going to be okay now. I’m here. Julieta and Pepa are too. You’re home,” (Name) assured, trying to keep everything together for him. The couple sat like that for a long time, holding each other as the other cried. All of the anger, betrayal, and misery escaped, leaving only the pieces of their love. It was now up to them to put it back together.
Tumblr media
Six years later...
“Julieta”, have you seen Miguel?” (Name) called out to her sister-in-law. “He’s not in the nursery, Antonio’s room, or our tower,” she explained, trying not to panic. Today was her and Bruno’s son's fifth birthday. The only problem was she couldn’t find their son.
“No, lo siento hermana,” the brunette frowned, taking out the beef for the kababs. “Have you checked the walls? He sometimes hides in there with sus primos.” The younger woman sighed at this. She hated going into the walls as they served as her husband’s hiding place for a decade. 
“No,” she grumbled before making her way up to the portrait. (Name) shuffled in and out of the decoration party, greeting familiar faces before ducking into the wall. The woman knocked slightly on the back of the portrait’s frame before following the tunnels. She let out a shaky breath before journeying into the dark. Bruno’s rats skittered past her feet, along with Antonio’s smaller furry friends. They all purred and squeaked at the Madrigal who carefully made her way around them. As the woman reached a corner, she could see a candle lit.
“Miguel, mi vida,” she called out, entering her husband’s old hideaway. “It’s almost time to get ready...” (Name) trailed off, seeing the sight in front of her. Her curly haired husband sat in an old armchair with their son fast asleep. Bruno held up a finger to his lips as his wife grew nearer. The younger woman crouched down beside the piece of furniture. 
“My boys,” she cooed softly, running a hand through Miguel’s hair.
“I heard you earlier but I didn’t want to wake the little guy,” he reasoned, pecking her forehead.
“No worries. His door ceremony isn’t for another hour or so. I just wanted to find him,” she explained as she threaded her fingers with his.
“Can you believe it, mi vida?” Bruno smiled. “Our Miguelito is finally getting his gift? It feels like we just found out you were pregnant yesterday,” Bruno chuckled, squeezing her hand.
“Gracias a los dioses that Casita is magical or we probably wouldn’t have,” she sighed, letting her head fall onto his shoulder. 
“To think that I could have missed all of this,” he muttered.
“I’m glad you came home,” (Name) hummed in agreement, closing her eyes.
Tumblr media
Memories are a strange thing. The hold they can have on other people is terrifying. Whether they’re the best or worst moments of someone’s life, they can play on repeat for what feels like an eternity. At least, that’s how (Name) felt. She can still remember the exact moment he came home. He is her husband of five years, Bruno Madrigal. As the woman woke up, he was there. “Buenos días,” he smiled sleepily.
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patient-steadfast-steady · 2 days ago
cld u do a dolores x gn reader where the reader tries to be a romantic but ends up failing every time bcos of bad luck nd clumsiness? or just fluff in general pls,, maybe some awkward pining and dates?
ofc i can!! dolores is bae hehe i hope you enjoy, and thanks for requesting! <3
warnings: none
note: this is so cute aaaa i tried to combine a little of all of your ideas, i’m sorry that it’s a bit long and all over the place oof | sorry this took a bit to get to, i’m still getting the hang of this request scene hehe
♪─── ★彡 ────♪
dolores stands beside her aunt, smiling sympathetically at the villagers passing through for an arepa. she’s quietly listening when she catches your voice amidst the noise.
it’s a soft “ow,” but she knows it all the same, and suddenly her heart is louder than before, and she politely excuses herself to julieta.
dolores has known you for only a short while, but she immediately took a liking to you. your clumsy awkwardness is every bit as endearing as it is funny, and she feels herself slowly falling.
she only has to wander a small distance before she spots you. you are, in fact, on the ground, scraping something up frantically.
dolores silently sidles up to you, unable to see what you’re stuffing into your mochila. “do you need help?” she offers gently.
you jump and yelp, causing her to step back with a squeak, and the two of you stare at each other for a millisecond.
“hey!” you quickly greet, scrambling to your feet, brushing hair out of your face.
dolores smiles fondly, offering a greeting; unable to miss the hastening of your breath and the reddening of your cheeks.
“what are you doing?” she offers in the lull.
“oh, uh, nothing,” you giggle nervously, clutching your mochila close. dolores pretends not to hear the clinking of glass. “i was just on my way to the market.” you add with a nod.
“may i walk you?” she asks, letting the glimmer of hope seep into her tone. she blocks the world out to listen to the fluttering of your lashes as you blink.
“yeah, i-i would love that,” you answer, smoothing your shirt.
she offers her arm to you and giggles when you trip on your own feet taking it.
as the two of you walk, dolores has a thought she has never even considered before. as conversation upon conversation filter through her brain, she suddenly wishes she could also hear thoughts.
she steals a glance at you, who catches her eye and veers the two of you to the left with your haste to pretend you didn’t. you stumble and dolores steadies you with a laugh.
no, she thinks, she only wishes she could hear yours.
you fiddle with the strap of your mochila, looking a bit saddened. the market draws nearer, and before the business of it overwhelms her, dolores asks: “did you break something important?”
you seem surprised, then smile. “yeah, actually, uh,” you hesitate, “it was something for you.”
dolores stops your trek and takes your hands. “for me?” she asks, a little dumbfounded. she never supposed you thought of her enough to bother.
you blush and your palms are very sweaty against hers. she doesn’t care.
“bad luck caught up to me today.” you say, pursing your lips.
she could tell it really upset you, and she didn’t like the crease in your brow. before she could offer words of sympathy or encouragement, you drew the broken glass out of your bag.
it was the remains of a coffee cup, painted with her signature reds and golds, with fractured designs peaking amongst the ruins.
she felt like crying. “it’s beautiful.”
“it’s broken,” you emphasize.
“it’s still important to me,” she picks up a piece, “because it’s from you.”
you drop the remaining pieces in your fumbling, sputtering. the shattering of glass echoes in her brain and dolores slaps her hands over her ears, dropping the piece she was caressing.
the two of you stare at it for a moment, then laugh together awkwardly, dissolving into genuine snorts and gasps. you step away from the shards, shaking your head.
“thank you,” you breathe out after your fit, making meaningful eye contact. “the cup meant a lot to me, and i wanted to gift you something special.”
dolores smiles and- seizing the opportunity- she adds, “we can paint one for each other.”
you beam, clasping her hands in yours. “would you like to do it together?”
dolores is blushing now. “i’ll make time tomorrow.” stars above so help her, she’ll make time tomorrow.
“then it’s a date!” you rush away with a wave, definitely bumping into somebody with an absentminded sorry.
dolores wanders her way back to julieta in a daydream, her thoughts of you finally drowning out the noise about her.
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mikalei · 11 hours ago
For the adventures of baby Y/n Madrigal: her first boyfriend/girlfriend please? Like when she’s still little enough it’s not a serious thing but the family’s reactions?
Hi! Yes I can do this, but I still want the sequel to have its own plot even if the sequel is just a bunch of filler chapters of what happen before and after Y/n's gift ceremony, so I will probably make this happen a few chapters later, maybe this will fall into the "after the ceremony" part so it might be a long way to go. But I assure you I will write this.
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someonehelplia · 2 days ago
Breaks||Luisa x GN!Reader(Part 2)
Part 1
Request: “because I can’t send anonymous asks 😭 could you write Luisa x gnc reader where you both are trying to deal with the pressure of your lives where your family wants you to act like your agab and obviously her always being the strong one it could be angst or fluff”
Summery: In which Luisa and the reader were dealing with personal issues. Luisa decided a break is needed for her. While the break helped Luisa a ton it did the opposite for her partner. When luisa decides its time to get back together, the reader isn’t convinced.
A/n: I AM SO SORRY FOR LEAVING YOU ALL WITH ANGST! I meant to make a part two but was busy! Here is the final part :)
Genre: hurt/comfort (last time had a lot of hurt, this one will focus on more comfort
Warnings: Angst with comfort, stress, relationship problems, a tiny bit of swearing 
Falling for Luisa was like getting hit by an unexpected wave, but you always made it to the surface, full of adrenaline, with your girlfriend right by your side. Now you were drowning and Luisa was nowhere to be seen. 
You told her to go. You had wanted to be left alone. So why did it hurt so much that she was gone? You hadn’t seen her for weeks. When you went into town she had already finished her chores. It hurt. It hurt so much.
After a particularly long morning, you found Mirabel by your front door.
“Mirabel, it is unexpected of you to be here” you said. While you would have told her it was nice to see her while welcoming her with a big hug, seeing any ties to Luisa hurt.
“Ah Y/n! I um... was asked to deliver a special invitation to you! My family had wanted to see you since its been so long and it just so happens that my mom is cooking your favorite food. Which was not on purpose by the way! Um so please please join us at dinner tonight!” She hurried away without waiting for an answer or one of the many excuses you were currently coming up with to get out of it.
This was going to be a shit show.
So here you were, at the Madrigal’s dinner table, as in Luisa’s dinner table, as in your ex-girlfriend’s family’s dinner table, well not ex girlfriend- actually you weren’t sure were you two stood now.
It was silent. Luisa was nowhere to be seen
The usually load and cheery Madrigals were as quiet as the rats in the walls. You couldn’t stand it.
“Im sorry. Why am I here? You have all collectively said two words and no one has looked at me.” you were met with more silence until Pepa spoke up.
“Well we just um... we were-” Her excuse was cut off by a very stressed Dolores.
“Luisa asked us to invite you for dinner cause she has been so upset since you two broke it off. She was supposed to eat with us but she is freaking out upstairs because she thinks you hate her!” she yelled while standing up. 
If the silence from before was bad, this was so much worse.
No one said anything for eternity till you pushed your chair back and stood up. They all watched as you left, heading to Luisa’s room.
There she was. Standing in front of her mirror muttering to her reflection. It wasn’t until casita nudged her foot that she turned around to see you. But when she did she broke down.
“Y/n I-I am so sorry. Please I feel awful for what I did. I didn’t think how leaving you alone would hurt you. I was being selfish and I am-” You cut her off with a hug. It was the only way to quiet her long enough to get what you wanted to say out.
“I know Luisa. I know. While I was and still am hurt about how this break turned out, I am glad we had this lesson. Letting things pile up without discussing it with one another only hurts each other. I am sorry for getting mad. Now we can focus on helping one another and not repeat the mistakes of the past. I love you very much Luisa.”
“I love you too. I am so sor-” You cut her off again. But this time with a kiss. There was no use in apologizing again. As you two broke apart you could feel yourself come up for air. You hadn’t been drowning all alone like you had thought, Luisa was right there with you. But now you two resurfaced together, better than ever. 
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certaincollectionlandblog · a month ago
Tumblr media
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squeamishdionysus · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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zafirosreverie · a day ago
Take my hand (Julieta & Bruno)
Tumblr media
a/n: I usually don’t write non-x reader fics (at least not on this blog) but this one’s for a special friend. @hectic-hector hope you like it!
songs used: Toma mi mano by Belanova and Two by two from STF
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hearing noises at night was not uncommon, especially when you lived in a sentient house. And 10 years living in the walls had accustomed Bruno to the soft sounds of his family. But there were still sounds he couldn't face, sounds that broke his soul.
That's why listening to his sister's sob made his blood run cold.
It was nearly midnight, and he had simply wanted a late-night snack before heading back to bed, but he hadn't expected the sight of his older sister curled up in a ball in the corner of the kitchen, shoulders shaking, soft sobs carried by the wind.
Bruno had no idea what to do. He had never been good at interacting with people, much less comforting them, but this was even worse. Growing up (and after understanding that Alma would always put the town before them), he and Pepa would always go to Julieta for comfort, and she had always welcomed them with open arms and a warm smile. She had always been the mother figure to them, even when she was only a few minutes older. She was always willing to listen, to hug, to heal. Everything was always better when she was with them.
And now that image was slowly fading in front of him. There was no trace of the warm and maternal aura that characterized his sister, but rather a broken, cold and needy one. She was only a lost child. And he didn't know what to do.
He thought for a moment about going for Pepa or Agustín, but leaving Julieta alone didn't feel right. And look, he wasn't the best at this and he'd rather not have to, but he loved his family, he loved his sister and he'd be damned if he didn't at least try.
He awkwardly walked over to her and sat down next to her, not knowing what to say. The woman didn't even give any sign of acknowledging his presence.
"Think, think, think" he told himself.
A particularly pitiful sob from his sister seemed to activate his brain and thousands of memories came to him. Perhaps his gift was seeing the future, but the past was coming to help, remembering all the times that Julieta had comforted him, he could try what she did.
"J-Julieta" he whispered carefully. Still, his sister jumped.
Julieta looked at him with wide eyes and tear-stained cheeks. She hadn't felt him coming. She quickly tried to wipe away her tears and force a smile on her face, but it was too late.
"Julieta, what's wrong?" he asked
"Nothing, Brunito" she lied "just...it doesn't matter. Go back to bed, I'm fine"
Bruno frowned as her sister stood up, pulling him along with her. This was not right. He carefully but firmly put his hands on her shoulders making her look at his face again.
"You're not okay" he told her firmly "Just tell me what's wrong, Julita"
The woman froze for a moment at the nickname. It had been years since she had been called that, it brought back thousands of memories of her and her siblings spending time together and for some reason, it just made her cry again.
Bruno blinked and had to brace himself against the stone bar to keep from losing his balance as Julieta practically threw herself into his arms and buried her face in his neck. Her hands had a firm grip on his ruana and he really didn't know what to think. He wasn't used to being the big brother! But he didn't have much time to think when he heard his sister's murmur.
"S-sorry" he said "Can you repeat that? I didn't hear you"
"I said I burned the empanadas" Julieta whispered a little louder this time.
Bruno frowned again. What did that have to do with the fact that his sister- Wait…Of course! Julieta had been too busy this week, with Mirabel's birthday in a few days and the usual influx of people who needed her magical food. Come to think of it, he had rarely seen his sister out of the kitchen these days, even when they had agreed not to push the family so hard. Of course Julieta, the older sister, the real mother of the family, would be the first to break the agreement.
No wonder his sister cried over some empanadas. It wasn't the burnt food, it was the stress taking its toll on her. Bruno chided himself for not seeing it sooner.
"Hey, hey, it's alright Julita, it's alright" he said softly, awkwardly patting her on the back "W-we can do them again. Tomorrow, when you've rested a bit"
The woman simply shook her head and wrapped herself more tightly in her brother's ruana. Bruno tried to think of something else. There had to be something that could calm his sister down! What did she do when he had anxiety attacks after his visions? She used to hug him, ok, ask him what was going on, ready, listen to him, aha, try to give him a solution, what else? And when it didn't work?
She took him from where he was. She would take him to her room or some safe place. She whispered comforting words and sometimes sang to him. It was worth a try.
Julieta protested a little when her brother began to move her slowly, but she quickly allowed herself to be guided. She didn't know where he was taking her, but she trusted him. She always had.
Bruno didn't take her to his room, because most of the rooms were back to normal even after rebuilding, and he wasn't going to make his sister climb 1000 stairs in the state she was in. Besides, he didn't even sleep there that often, so he took her to his real room.
The woman blinked a little when her brother moved the picture from the kitchen to reveal a room very similar to the one he had used while he was hiding for so many years. It was almost identical, except it really felt like a room, it had a queen bed and everything!
Bruno carefully helped his sister, who was still sobbing a little, up onto the table, through the hole and into the room. Julieta couldn't help but feel that there was a huge difference between this place and the rest of the house, as if she was entering a different world, a safe place.
Neither of them said anything as Bruno led her to sit on the bed with him, pulling her into his arms and letting the cascade of tears flow from her chocolate eyes again. He felt more confident being in his territory and felt more able to give his sister the support she needed.
He released her bun and ran her fingers through her curly hair, hoping it was a comforting gesture for her. From the way Julieta relaxed in his embrace, he knew he was headed in the right direction.
"Take my hand, everything will be alright, you must not cry" he sang softly.
It was a song that Julieta used to sing to him and Pepa when they felt bad. His voice was raspy and didn't have nearly the same warmth as his sister's, but it was having the desired effect. The woman was still sniffling, but it seemed that the tears were slowly stopping.
"I know it's hard, but I'll be here, don't feel alone"
"If everything is wrong, and you can't take it anymore, you can find me" Julieta sang softly, her voice trembling.
"I know that you, in my place, would do it too, without second thought” Bruno smiled "I know, it hurts to fall, but I'm here for you"
"Like yesterday, like today"
"You know you can find me"
Julieta sniffed and let out a soft, tearful laugh. She snuggled deeper into her little brother's embrace and felt the weight on her chest lift a little.
"Thank you Brunito" she murmured
"That's what we're here for, Julita"
The two of them lied in bed like when they were children and waited for sleep to find them. But it was someone else who did it.
The siblings jumped a little when the painting moved and Pepa's red hair appeared, shining in the soft light of the candles behind her. The woman brought pillows and blankets and said nothing as she tossed them to her brother and closed the entrance behind her.
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm your triplet, you idiots, I'm forced to feel your miseries too. Now move, Bruno, I want the soft pillow" Pepa said, probably angry at having been woken up...or maybe because none of her siblings had come for her.
The redhead got on the bed with her siblings, pushing Bruno and using Julieta as a pillow (the soft pillow). The other two simply rolled their eyes affectionately and rearranged themselves, snuggling up to each other like when they were children.
If Bruno and Julieta heard Pepa's voice finishing the last verses of the song, neither of them said anything.
"When you feel sad, call my name and I’ll find you, no matter what we have to face, I am for you, you for me. Three by three".
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magicalencanto · a month ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Camilo's s/o having powers like Pepa ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader who can control the weather
✎ ⁞ requested by @nelefibata
✎ ⁞ date: 27.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were already dating Camilo for two years. You both were very close, because you were the same age and basically knew each other your whole life.
At this point, you've officially met his family, both as a Camilo's friend and girlfriend. Fortunately for you, they immediately accepted you as on of their own.
The same had happened with your family. Your parents knew that Camilo was one for you and already gave him their blessings.
So, you could tell that you both were living your dream life, where your love grew stronger everyday.
Although all Madrigal's were really happy to have you, Pepa still outshined them with her vivid rainbows and bright sun, that suddenly appeared whenever her wide eyes had found you. It could be even just a glance but that was enough for her to grow all happy.
Because in her eyes, you were already like her daughter. You were just so cute and polite, that she had often wondered how her son had managed to get someone like you. But anyway she was happy for you two.
One day, Pepa woke up with fierce determination to hand out with her future daughter. After she had a beautiful dream about your and Camilo's wedding, she was sure it was a sign for her. A sign to start working to make this dream a reality.
This day the sun shined especially brightly and no cloud could be seen in the sky. It meant that Pepa was in a truly happy mood. A rare sight to see.
Madrigal's, although very happy, were also very curious. During breakfast, everyone asked Pepa what got her in such a good mood. When asked, she chirped happily that it was nothing, and continue to eat. Everyone deadpanned, seeing a rainbow appearing above her head but decided not to investigate further.
But her eldest son, Camilo, eyed his mother auspiciously. He knew his mother was planning something and his gut was telling him that it involved him. Don't get me wrong, he loved his mother to death, but he knew that he and his mother shared this... sneakiness. And he got a bad feeling about what she was planning.
And unknowingly to him, his gut was right.
After breakfast, without another word, Pepa rushed out of the Casita, on a mission to find you. It didn't take her too long to find you, because you were just peacefully minding your business and being in the middle of the walk.
When her eyes found you, a rainbow appeared over her head and she practically sprinted to you, smiling widely.
You just blinked and Pepa suddenly appeared before you, making you flinch a little, because you had no idea where did she came from.
❝ Hello, mi hija! Let's spend some time together! ❞ Pepa exclaimed, before dragging you to her favorite spot, which was a small meadow before crops. You, still confused, only watched the hyper happy women before with confusion clearly written on you face.
You were used to Pepa calling you her daughter and after a few first times, where your face turned into a bright red tomato, you just started to accept it. Camilo also didn't mind that. In fact he often teased you about already being a Madrigal.
But anyway! You and Pepa found yourself sitting in that meadow, talking about anything and everything. It was fun and you had to admit, that you were enjoying yourself.
And just when everything was going smoothly...the shit went down.
Some children were playing nearby and throwing mud at themselves. *sigh* One of those children, already fully covered in mud, took a big scoop of it, and threw it with all his might before him. Unfortunately for him, some mud got in his eye, and he couldn't see where he was aiming. *Another sigh* And, my dear readers, guess who the mud had hit?
❝ Ack-! ❞ Pepa gasped, feeling something cold hit her back. Both yours and her eyes widened, as you both tried to comprehend what had just happened.
You covered your mouth, seeing Pepa slowly turn around, revealing mud sliding down her beautiful orange dress.
Pepa felt anger bubbling inside her, as the very familiar cloud appeared over her head. The cloud turned dark and rain started pour down on her. Her dress...your meeting...was destroyed...
❝ Pepa, are you alright-? Ack-! ❞
A small lightning accidentally struck you, sending a electrical shock through your body. But unlike you had expected, it didn't hurt. In fact, you felt something new unlock inside of you.
Pepa gasped loudly, horrified. She just struck her daughter! She will leave her, and then break up with her son and there won't be any wedding or grandkids or-
❝ Mami, breath! ❞ Pepa heard your soothing voice, and felt your smaller hands softly grasping her own. ❝ Breath in, breath out. ❞
A small hurricane that started to appear around her, disappeared as she followed your instructions, taking deep breaths. After a few more minutes of calming down, a cloud above her head also disappeared and the sunny weather came back.
With one last breath, Pepa opened her eyes and looked down at you. Your hair was standing up because of the statics and you eyes were full of worry for her.
❝ Oh my...! I'm so sorry, mi hija! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you alright? Do we need to go to mi Hermana? ❞ Pepa gasped softly, putting her hands on your shoulders and looking up and down at you, checking if you're hurt anywhere.
❝ No, no. I'm alright! Thank you... ❞ You assured her softly, feeling more than alright.
Pepa sighed in relief but then a rainbow appeared over her head again, as she recalled what you had said earlier.
❝ You called me mami! ❞
And for the rest of the day, the same rainbow reminded above her head.
But that wasn't the end. O no, no.
The trouble started later that day, when you were with Camilo on a date. You went outside Casita to stargaze and you both had a good time. Your date went perfectly well...until you had accidentally hit your toe on a rock.
❝ Ack-! ❞ You gasped painfully, holding your leg and hissing in pain. Camilo send you a worried look and dived to help you.
But then, he had noticed a shadow looming over both of you and slowly looked up...only to discover a very familiar cloud above you. Camilo gasped dramatically, and pointed at it, making you look up and also gasped.
❝ Are you kidding me? ❞ You deadpanned, already knowing what was wrong with you.
❝ Can I call you a sunshine now? ❞ Camilo teased, quickly coming to terms with the fact that now you were sharing gift with his mom.
You deadpanned again, and struck him with your own lightning.
The same night, his family found out about your "gift" and now, you could officially say that you're a Madrigal now! No 'if's and 'but's. You're a (name) Madrigal!
Alma, suprisingly, was happy to find out that her daughter gift was lend to you. She had already accepted you in her family and now you could help around the town, by controlling the weather.
Pepa, although shocked to the core, was more than happy to share something with you. Of course, she grew worried when she had found out about the whole ordeal, and asked you a numerous of times if you were alright. She also apologized for causing it but you said that it didn't matter and you were more than okay.
Camilo, love of your life, fell even deeper in love with you. He had always admired his mother and her gift, so now he felt happy that it was 'passed' down to you.
The rest of the family was also happy buut...they knew that they had to be prepared for more wether changes.
After that day, Pepa and you became even closer. She helped you by teaching you about her gift and how to avoid certain... situations.
You both took turns when controlling the weather. When Pepa was feeling down, you took her to her room, where she could let it all out and you cleared the cloudy sky she left behind, bringing back the sunshine and clear skies. It worked both ways.
Since you weren't as emotional as Pepa, you had more control over your gift. But don't get me wrong, when you felt something, you were force to be feared.
Once, something had angered you so much, that even Pepa's door couldn't fully conceal your anger. That day the raging strom in Encanto was so violent that no one dared to step the foot outside their house.
❝ Maybe you should go and try to calm her down? ❞ Nervously aske Mirabel, while sitting with the whole family and eating dinner in their Casita. Everyone were feeling nervous, because lightnings were hitting the ground every few minutes, making everyone flinch at the loud crack. Poor Dolores had to wear ear plugs and ear mufflers not to go deaf.
❝ And die? No thank you. ❞ Answered Camilo, while taking a bite out of his food.
Pepa was strangely calm about this whole situation, but inside she felt extremely worried for you. She didn't know what had made you so angry but you needed to calm down, at least a little. Because at this rate, everyone in Encanto wouldn't be able to sleep.
Without another word, Pepa stood up and went to her son. Taking him by his ear, Pepa began to drag him towards her room, ignoring his protests.
Before Camilo could say another word, he was shoved inside his mom's room and the door shut behind him.
Camilo gulped while seeing the violent storm raging inside. He loved you to the moon and back and even tried to comfort you this morning. But when he saw your scary glare, he chose his life.
That day he discovered the difference between his mother and you. While Pepa was emotional woman and found a ways to let her emotions out regularly, you bottled it all inside until you bursted. And when you did, everyone should ran for their life's. Especially now that you shared your gift with his mother.
❝ Camilo? ❞ The said boy heard you, and saw you looking at him. The storm around lessen a little, and lightnings weren't as violent as before.
Taking a deep breath, Camilo send you a soft smile.
❝ Hello sunshine...what made you so upset?❞
Your expression softened and you feel your anger slowly disappearing, before being replaced by sadness. A stormy clouds were replaced by lighter ones, from which a soft rain started to fall down, just when a tear run down you cheek.
This time Camilo didn't hesitated to run to you and pull you into a comforting hug, letting you cry it all out in his shoulder. He wasn't bothered by the rain. All he cared about was you.
❝ Let it all out, mi vida. Breath in, breath out..❞
Meanwhile the whole Encanto sighed in relief, seeing the skies clearing up and the usual sum appearing from behind the clouds again. Madrigal's too, calmed down and Dolores could finally unlock her sensitive ears.
Pepa smiled softly, while looking outside. She knew what she was doing, because the only person who had always managed to calm her down, was no one other than her beloved husband, Felix. And in your case, it was Camilo.
❝ Ah, the wedding will be beautiful... ❞ Sighed dreamily Pepa, now being more than sure that her dream would someday become a reality.
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simpscripts · a month ago
Bruno: *watching his rat telenovelas*
*all the commotion from the engagement dinner*
Bruno: * hits pause on rats* Woah oh oh what’s this? Looks like the other channel just got interesting.
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bozowrites · 29 days ago
camilo x reader ; bruno x reader : they have a crush.
a/n : i do this for literally every fandom i join
masterlist | navigation
Tumblr media
sometimes when he’s around you, he changes randomly out of nerves.
he laughs it off though.
makes tons of flirty jokes and messes with you a lot.
he either has all his attention on you or none.
sometimes he just can’t handle the pressure of talking to you!
romanticizes literally every interaction with you, its almost sad.
pepa knows, which means dolores knows, which means the entire family knows now.
he sighs longingly a lot when he’s around you or just sees you from afar.
he does get flustered a lot if you reciprocate any flirty comments.
smiley boy when you are around.
he can get jealous from time to time when he sees you chatting with someone else your twos age.
doesn’t dare show it though.
"well, well, well look at what la casita dragged in~"
Tumblr media
flustered a ton, like as red as a tomato if you will.
daydreams about you a lot.
watches you from afar, like staring and just watching you interact with others.
doesn’t mean for it to be creepy.
everyone in the family knows about his crush on you and make an effort to bring you around la casita so he can be around you more.
hernando isn’t afraid of anything and that includes talking to you.
gets awkward talking to you and makes jokes that don’t make sense.
likes showing you all his telenovelas with his rats. if you like them, he is overjoyed.
tells you really dramatic stories with dramatic expressions and just everything dramatic.
is a little afraid of how people will treat you if you two ever got into a relationship.
refuses to have visions about you. doesn’t wanna see something that could shatter his heart.
"have you met jorge?"
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hup1hty · 28 days ago
Baker Boy
camilo madrigal x fem!reader 
Summary: your boyfriend adores all of the sweet treats you make for him and tries to return the favor
The smell of smoke wafted through the air as you walked towards Casita. You could hear Julieta cry,
You hesitate before you twist the doorknob, contemplating turning around. Before you could make that decision, the door opened and revealed a thundering Pepa. The rain stopped for a moment when she saw you, her face lighting up momentarily. 
You greeted your boyfriend’s mother as she ushered you inside of the house, where the smell of burning became more prominent. You coughed into your sleeve before being embraced by Camilo. Ashes and soot covered your body as he held you tighter. Wrinkling your nose at the smell of him, you gently pushed your boyfriend off of you. You looked at him expectantly, wanting an explanation for why the house was in ruins. 
Pepa was using her rain cloud to put out the rest of the fires near the stove and Julieta was desperately trying to recover her ingredients. Camilo chuckled awkwardly and said, 
“I was trying to cook for you, you know, like how you always make stuff for me.”
You laughed, exasperated. Your boyfriend’s sweet gesture turned his house upside down, his cousins laughing at the chaos and his siblings helping the adults rid the kitchen of smoke. 
You could see Pepa staring daggers at the back of his head and you were sure the moment you left Camilo would get lectured. Brushing some ashes out of his hair, you led him outside, thinking he could do with some fresh air.
“Next time, leave the cooking to me.” You joked, intertwining your fingers together. 
“Really? I thought the cake tasted quite nice.” He laughed.
Your face twisted into one of disgust.
“That was cake?”
i kind of just rushed to finish this 
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deardolores · a day ago
Receiving a Gift After Your Ceremony HCs
requested by anon!
- (Name) was Mirabel’s twin. They were the only two Madrigals to not have been blessed with a gift. However, (Name)’s door didn’t disappear like Mirabel’s.
- Instead it simply shimmered as the girl tried to open it. The door stayed put, glowing.
- As the girls grew older, (Name) would often try to open it when no one was around. The door would just shimmer like usual.
- It’s now 1950. (Name) and Mirabel are 15.
- As the girls are coming home from school one afternoon, Señora Rivera lets out a loud shriek and bolts out of her cottage.
- (Name) immediately rushes up to the older woman and asks her what’s happen.
“There’s a huge spider on my counter!”
- Sighing internally, (Name) hurries inside to rid of the arachnid. However, Señora Rivera was right- the spider was huge.
- The eight-legged creature was about the size of a baseball. It had a strange red marking on its back.
- Steeling herself, (Name) slipped off one of her flats. She held it carefully above her head as she snuck up to the counter.
- Darkness floods her vision suddenly before she’s even halfway. All she can feel is a sharp pinch.
- (Name) wakes up in the Riveras’ living room. She’s laid out on a couch.
“Finally you’re awake mija. Eat up.”
- Her mother, Julieta, hovered above her before shoving an arepa into her mouth.
- The girl bolted right up, choking on the stuffed arepa. She threw her arms up to her throat. An odd white substance immediately flew out of her hands.
- At this, (Name) spat out the corn cake as her parents, Señora Rivera, and Mirabel stood in shock.
- Mirabel slowly inched towards the white string-like glob on the wall. She cautiously touched it only to find it was a cobweb.
“It’s a cobweb.”
- The trio of adults rushed to see what the 15-year-old had flung. (Name) slowly slunk back against the couch, terrified of what she had done.
- Agustín and Julieta shared a look, knowing what this meant.
“Let’s get you home, mi vida. Sorry Señora for the …mess.”
- Her parents rush her home, Mirabel in tow. Julieta led the group to (Name)’s door where the rest of the Madrigals were gathered.
- Where there had once stood a glowing door, now stood a door with a carving of (Name). She was surround with cobwebs and spiders.
“Mamá, what does this mean?”
“It means your uncle was right. You would get a gift. The spider that bit you gave you, instead of the candle.”
- The entirety of Encanto gathers at Casa Madrigal that night to celebrate its newest gift. They all dance and laugh in (Name)’s new room.
- Her new room was made up of several different chambers connecting like a spiderweb. Each room had various features such as a rock wall, a structure made of rope for (Name) to climb, and a lofted bed with a place for her to sew.
- (Name)’s night was full of laughter, showing off, and dancing. Abuela had even spun her around.
- However, as the Madrigals took a picture for the newspaper, (Name) noticed her twin on the other side of the camera.
- She rushed over and dragged her sister into the picture despite her protests. The photographer finally snapped the picture but Abuela looked somewhat displeased.
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y2fandom · a month ago
Step into The Sunlight — Camilo Madrigal
Tumblr media
→ Summary: Camilo is the center of your universe. The sun shouldn't pay attention to Pluto, but he does.
→ Genre: Camilo Madrigal x Introverted!Reader | No pronouns | There's mutual pining, there's a little angst, there a lot of shy fluff it's all very light-hearted.
→ Warnings: You call Camilo dummy twice.
→ Word count: 1.3K / Less than 7 minutes read
→ A/N: First Encanto fic let's go! I wrote this in like a day so keep that in mind
English is not my first language and this is not beta-read, please let me know if there are any mistakes
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Tumblr media
The village works as its own little universe, at the very center is the Madrigal family, the sun of everyone else's planets. It is what it is and, honestly, no one seems to mind. How could they? It is not something up for discussion. The planets go around the sun. No one ever thinks "hey maybe the sun should let other's shine once in a while".
If someone asks you though, you wouldn't completely agree. The sun of Encanto is Camilo.
Anyone with eyes can tell, really. He goes around town with a smile on his face and a sunny disposition; ready to help anyone who needs him. He grabs children in his arms with eyes flooding with a warmth anyone would love to bask in. He brings life to every street and every house.
Even he seems to know his place in the center of their universe, always wearing that bright-colored poncho of his that makes him impossible to miss.
And miraculously he remains humble. Never demanding others to regard him differently, instead, he strains himself to help everyone around him.
You are close to him, friends even. But you really want to grow closer to him, and apparently, so does everyone else in a hundred-mile radius, if the way everyone flocks toward him is any indication. By the time you've even considered getting closer and gathered the necessary strength to strike a conversation, he has already disappeared in a sizeable crowd of people.
You sigh and stand on your tiptoes in hopes of seeing over the crowd. You start to consider weaving through the crowd but the mere idea of it is so outrageous to your brain you give up on it before even trying it.
You give the crowd one last longing look before you take off and, impossibly, Camilo’s eyes meet yours. Despite the warm sun rays on your back chills run through your entire body. You try to smile at him. He brightens, giving you a goofy smile back.
You laugh. The action is enough to startle him and make him lose his grip on his power for a second. He disappears from your field of view before appearing again. This time he looks determined, and he tries to —very gently— push his way out of the crowd.
The villagers notice his attempts and balk at them.
“Camilo, wait!”
“Wait Camilo, we just want to talk!”
He hesitates for a moment and you consider walking away to keep him from worrying about talking to you. You see the second an idea comes to his head. It’s all too obvious really, his subtle expression changes give everything away.
“Please excuse me, I want to talk to Y/N.”
Your face heats up at the same time the town’s eyes shift to you. You reconsider the “taking off” plan again, it sounds so tempting right about now.
Curious eyes turn into teasing smiles as the villager’s part to let Camilo reach you. Though you can’t take your eyes from him you are all too aware of the murmured teasing happening between the villagers. You hear someone mention ‘lovebirds’ and it takes all your self-control and at least 5 years of your lifespan to not scream and run away.
“Hey, Y/N,” Camilo says, and he gives you the same goofy smile. Somehow, this expression makes your heart stutter, “I wanted to talk to—”
You don’t let him finish. You grab his hand without a word and drag him away from the audience he had garnered. No one follows you, thankfully. Though you are able to hear a not-very-subtle ‘novios’ thrown in there that makes you grab his hand tighter and take faster steps.
You come to a stop under the shade of a house, safe from the heat and prying eyes. You let go of his hand and turn on your heel to look at him. You almost crash against him but you don’t acknowledge it.
“Why did you let go?” He pouts and you don’t know if you wanna smack him or kiss him. Both? Both. Both is good.
“Why’d you do that?" You are trying your darndest to not combust in shame. In the back of your mind, you worry he could mistake your embarrassment for anger but you're too busy feeling a shame greater than that of all your ancestors combined to take a second and explain.
Thankfully, Camilo knows you well. He smiles with ease, putting a hand to your shoulder and letting you breathe. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you in the spotlight."
You exhale. "Thank you, I'm sorry too."
He snorts, "Sorry for what? That was cute."
The heat returns to your face and for the nth time in the incredibly long morning you've had you consider running away. Your feet stay planted on the ground and you just give Camilo a smile that is hopefully more "ha that's funny" and less "I am rethinking all my life choices".
He smiles back and you swear the twinkle in his eyes means he is enjoying every second of your suffering.
"I'm sorry because now everyone thinks we are dating." You explain, looking everywhere but at him.
"Now, now, that wouldn't be so bad would it?"
Your eyes go back to him to try and gauge if he means what he has just said. His face shines with so much open sincerity and warmth it makes you feel like you are looking directly at the sun. And like any fool doing so, you look away when you feel the beginnings of tears burn in your eyes.
"Don't joke like that," you mutter.
"I am not—"
You don't let him finish. "Back there, you said you wanted to talk to me about something."
Hurt flashes in his eyes for a second at your attempts to redirect the conversation. Camilo is stubborn though and pushes through your —admittedly very weak— walls.
"I wanted to invite you to Casita. On a date." He says.
You freeze for a second. You've never seen him like this, so determined and sure of what he wants. It makes your heart beat faster in your chest. You so desperately want to accept the warmth he is offering. But it is too much.
You shake your head no and Camilo crumbles.
"I'm sorry Camilo, it's just—"
He shakes his head, rushing to reassure you even after you've practically rejected him.
"Hey, no, it's okay," he places his warm hands on your arms, "I'm sorry. I misunderstood the signals. I just thought maybe you— maybe you liked me as much as— as much as I like you."
"But I do," you are now trying to reassure him. You grab his arms, forcing him to look at you, to see how much you mean every word.
"It is okay Y/N. You don't have to lie. We can be friends I promise I won't make it weird."
"Listen to me, dummy!" You can't help but laugh a little at your situation, he finally looks at you, "I like you, so much, I just hate being around lots of people and I would like to be able to talk during our first date!"
He stops for a second. Then, what you said visibly sinks in. His mouth forms an "o" at the realization.
"That… makes a lot of sense."
You laugh’ "You should've let me finish, dummy."
He smiles sheepishly. "Would you say yes to a picnic date?"
You nod this time, "That sounds amazing."
"I'll get my Aunt's arepas. You are going to love them."
You giggle, giddy with the love rushing through your body, "Today?"
He nods, visibly getting more excited each passing second. "Meet me in the outskirts, two hours before sunset. I'll set it all up."
"What should I bring?"
"Don't worry about it. Anything you want to bring will be perfect," he hesitates for a moment and then plants a stomach-fluttering kiss on your cheek.
He waits for your reaction and when you give him a little kiss back his smile widens.
He runs off. "See you in a little!" He shouts, turning to wave and smile at you.
You give a few steps forwards leaving the shade of the building and basking in the warmth of the sunlight and your budding relationship with Camilo. You wave and smile back.
Tumblr media
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camilos-amor · a month ago
hello! can i request an imagine of camilo x fem!reader where the reader is overall very sweet and kind and helps with the family's chores and is very close with all of the family members
and basically camilo is very smitten and tries to woo her but it never works bc she gets distracted or smth and camilo complains during dinner w his family and they all step aside so he can do this grand gesture
Enamorado de ti
camilo x fem!reader
Tumblr media
he watched as you helped Mirabel fold clothes and cooked with his Tia Julieta.
Would you ever notice how head over heels he was for you? because it seemed like you were oblivious to it.
every. single. time. you didnt react. were his pick up lines that bad? you completely ignored them and didn’t react.
he went to go ask Isabela for help. “What do i do?” she sighed. “you guys are friends right? do something special. maybe take her on a date or straight up ask her primo.” she told him.
he later went to you with a rose. “for you mi vida. it’s almost as beautiful as you, but you’re gorgeous.” you hummed and nodded as you took the rose. you didnt smile or get flustered.
this happened everytime.
— —
“Y/nnn. are you a time traveler? because i can see you in my future. 😏”
“Y/n! come help me with the arrangements!”
“sorry Cami! i gotta help Isa.”
— —
“hola amor. i was wondering if you were a photographer because i can picture us together. 😏” he said while holding your hand.
“i’m busy Cami, maybe another time okay?” you said as you let go of his hand and continued to play with the baby.
he came behind you and wrapped his hands around your waist. his chin on your shoulder.
“you’re the reason my life feels so perfect.” he mumbled.
“Cami! i can’t right now okay? i’m making something important. maybe later okay?” you said as you tried to shoo away Camilo.
he groaned loudly at the dinner table, trying to think of ways to finally tell you or make you realize he likes you. did you think he was joking?
or were you just that oblivious? “whats up with you Camilo?” his dad asked. “i’m completely head over heels for Y/n and i’m trying to give her signals by trying to woo her but it always back fires because she either has something else to do or she doesn’t react at all! and i don’t know if she’s just oblivious or she just doesn’t wanna reject me!” he said.
his dad smirked at him. “she’s got you whipped huh? since when were you a softy?” he said as Camilo started blushing, thinking about her, thinking about you.
“she’s just perfect. she’s kind, helps out, and she makes me feel happy.” he said.
“Y/n! come here!” Dolores yelled. “going!” you responded.
“what do you need?” you asked. “so you know about Camilo right? maybe it’s time for you know 😏”
“my confession?” you asked. Dolores nodded. “Oh. uhm. i’ll leave you two alone.” she said. you turned around to see Camilo.
“So.. I got you this. and hear me out! it’s completely fine if you don’t feel the same way or anything but just listen to me. you’re the kindest, perfect, amazing person i’ve ever met. i want to be yours and i want you to be mine. it’s hard trying to say stupid pick up lines when you don’t react or you’re busy but- that’s.. that’s all.”
he looked down as he handed you the bouquet. you smiled. “i want to be yours if you want to be mine Cami.” he looked up flustered. “what? really? you’re not joking?!” you shook your head as you kissed his cheek.
“i actually was always flustered when you would tell me a pick up line. i just don’t know how i hid it so well.” you said as you smiled.
“so. you’re mine and im yours?” he asked once again. you nodded. “yes im yours Camilo.” “im so lucky you’re mine amor.” he smiled as he hugged you.
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