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nuggiesnoogie · 12 days ago
Hey I do not mean to be a bother but I love your isabella stories and was wondering since requests are open(I am new to tumblr forgive me). If you can make a story surrounding one of your headcannons with her and the reader. Specifically this one if that is alright.
"Loves to tease you, especially during times when it’s not the best. Purposely flipping her hair in a certain way you like, walking a certain way, referencing specific things in her casual speech that would leave others confused, but you a steaming and heated mess
᪥ She hates being teased in return and will pay back ten fold behind closed doors until you’re worse than you were before"
If it is to much then no problem please take your time.
My Turn 
Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: yess!! It’s not too much at all, I really like that idea!!! Sorry for the wait, but it was pretty fun to write. AND you're not bothering at all, no worries. Hope you like it <3
-> Reader insert//female reader//innuendos at horrible times//girlfriend to magical Isabela//party planning//teasing Isabela//oh snap she said that
Warnings: innuendos galore and a pretty heated scene at the end more so 14+ this time around
Desc: The local party planner was put in charge of planning the birthday of Alma Madrigal, the grandmother of her long term girlfriend, Isabela Madrigal. Unfortunately, to make sure she impresses, she had to sacrifice time from spending time with her, which spelled nothing but future trouble.
Tumblr media
Alma Madrigal’s 71st birthday was coming up and per every Madrigal birthday, the whole village was invited in on the celebration. 
Although, unlike every birthday, someone outside the family was going to be planning it; [Y/n] [L/n]. She wasn’t inexperienced, of course. She planned things from personal family baby showers to large and jubilant Quinces, ever since the age of seventeen and all went out without a hitch. She liked to joke that it was her own little gift. 
It was also around that time that she caught the eye of and asked out (more so the other way around) her love and light, Isabela Madrigal, the granddaughter of Alma Madrigal. 
Alright, maaaybe she wasn’t too outside the family, and she hoped to close that gap even more, but it did not make her any less nervous when Señora Madrigal herself showed up on her doorstep and requested the event to be planned two months ago. 
And ‘requested’ is frankly generous as the way she said it, there really wasn’t a choice. At least with her nerves, it felt like it. Ever since then, [Y/n] had been planning out what food to be served, who would be able to attend, lighting, decor, theme–everything she could think of. The only thing that rang through her mind was if she failed, not only would it ruin her reputation among everyone, but Isa would never forgive her for ruining her grandmother's birthday.
That meant she had been over the Madrigal’s casita more often than before, which she didn’t think was possible. Despite that, nearly none of that time was with Isabela. 
It ached her heart, but the thought of failure and losing Isabela completely hurt worse. And it all led up to this moment. A few hours before everything was supposed to begin. She placed the food Julieta prepared onto a dining table in the backyard, but halted before setting it down and snapped her head up. Not too far away, Isabela had been talking to a person setting up a pole for where the hanging lights would be. 
When did she get here? This was the first time she saw her ever since arriving. She could hear her angelic laugh toward the woman, twisting her hair around her finger. [Y/n]’s eyebrow twitched as she stared longer, a stirring of jealousy in her heart and butterflies chest. She then shook her head and finally placed the bowl down, then looked away. Isa can talk to whoever she wants to, of course, but she only twirls her hair like that when she’s talking to her. Not that it bothered her. She shouldn’t let it bother her. Maybe she did that more often than she realized, is the lie she wanted to tell herself.
She went into the kitchen and retrieved another plate, Julieta leaned on the counter, dabbing away the sweat on her forehead with a cloth. “Finished the last one. You really picked a good menu for this one.”
Julieta often helped cater for her. “Great! I know it was a lot and a bit challenging, Thank you, Julieta.”
“I appreciate everything you’re doing. You are a sweetheart. Would you like me to help carry some out?”
“No, you don’t have to you did a lot already-“
“Nonsense, I’ll gladly help more. It’s my mother. Now show me.”
They walked out and once again, Isa was talking to the same woman as before. Her girlfriend laughed once more, sweet and light, flipping her hair. With the flip, a very specific one that was slower than her usual flow, that she loves, [Y/n] caught Isa’s beautiful brown eyes momentarily as flirty mischief bounced in them. It took everything to not go over there. Her face became hotter.
“Are you alright?” Juli inquired. “You look a little flush.”
“I’m fine, thank you.” She said as she placed the plates down. 
“Ah, here she is, my love.” Isabela said as she came around. She halted but held an awkward smile as Isa extended a hand her way. “This is my girlfriend [Y/n],” she introduced. But before getting a word out, she continued, “You know we were talking about babies, mi rosa. The Escobars gave birth, finally.”
“Oh that’s-“
Isa turned to the helper, “I love babies,” 
[Y/n] scrunched her eyebrows. “No you-“
“But they whine and cry a lot. I mean, I’m used to dealing with criers,” Isa gave her a knowing and teasing glance, “but it’s their first so I hope they’ll be alright.”
Huh? Did she mean Mira or Luisa? She would have been young but she could remember things like that. But what did that glance mean? Was she making a joke about Antoniooo, no, no, no… 
[Y/n] could feel herself malfunctioning, overheating as if a loaf of bread left sitting in the oven.
“Antonio was a handful. Ah but the way they look at you from below. It’s wonderful.” Her girlfriend continued. 
“Sweet Jesus…” [Y/n] murmured and planted a hand on the table to keep her steady, her head hung low as her body and mind tried to reset.
“Is she okay?” The helper asked. 
She felt a soft hand on her forehead. “Dios, you feel like you put your head into an oven. You need to sit down.”
“Don’t forget to clip their nails either. It can hurt sometimes, you know?”
Her eyes widened. “Isa-“
Said woman began to walk off, “oh, well, I have to go now. Nice chatting with you.” She swayed her hips in a hypnotic motion that could rival pocket watches. She knew deep in her heart that was, like everything else just then, on purpose.
“That’s it, come now, I’m going to get you to sit down.”At that point 
She hadn’t seen Isa since then, but at least she was given more time to recover before the party began. And it went off without a hitch! Blessedly. People and mingling, all of the madrigals had come up to her with praise and thanks for how wonderful everything looked, and Señora Alma herself had given a personal graciousness with a grateful gleam in her eye. 
Right now she stood in a corner in the backyard where people mostly resided, talking to a few of the other party goers, but rather half heartedly as Isabela still hung on her mind. She didn’t understand if she was mad and trying to make her jealous or some twisted payback, but whatever it was, it was working and she had nothing but Isa on her mind. 
Although she hadn’t seen her since earlier. She tried asking around but had been roped into longer conversations about future celebrations for them and their families. Each time she finally pulled away, she was smacked into another long talk. 
At some point, someone prompted for speeches and people went around telling stories about Alma and other meaningful topics. As it captured the attention of most, she finally spotted Isa in the back, drink in hand, and boredly paying attention. 
She held a brightened look and was about to travel over before someone called her name and all eyes were on her. Included Isa’s, who seemed far more interested, but still rather heated, than moments prior. She then whipped her head away and apparently found the nearby tree more interesting. She clenched her jaw, a new fire in her, then smiled brightly with a kind wave to all, “hello. Yes, I thank everyone for showing and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate another strong year for Señora Madrigal.”
“Not abuela yet?” Someone from the crowd yelled. The crowd laughed as did she with a glance to her girlfriend, her brown eyes were completely focused on her. And she wanted to keep it that way while getting her own pay back.
“No, unfortunately not.” [Y/n] said with a chuckle, casually rolling a corner of her lip between her teeth, catching a swoon then tenseness from her girlfriend in the crowd. “Hopefully soon. I really do love Isabela very much, her radiance reaches every deep corner of my being and brightens my life.” Isa spat out her drink, which gained the attention of few, but the majority kept their eyes to the front. “But it’s not about us, it’s about tonight. But I would also like to just wanna give thanks to everyone that helped.” Claps ensued as she walked over to the buffet table and dipped a chip in a lot of dip with a somewhat inadequate bite, “sorry, couldn’t help it. Hopefully, you eat some of every delicious dish up here, of course thanks to Julieta.” 
The crowd laughed and clapped for Julieta, who stood up and waved. There was a little something on her cheek she left until she went back to the center to make sure it was seen. “Ah,” she gave eye contact to Isabela and licked the counter of her lip and lightly her finger. It was indescribable the expression that Isa’s eyes held as a cold but excited shiver ran up the planners back. “Don’t know how that ended up there but with how I’ve been eating, it was bound to happen.”
Even as she looked away, she could feel the death stare. In that moment it felt like she had Bruno’s gift, because she could see her future and it didn’t look very good. Maybe she shouldn’t have went that far. 
Nonetheless, she cleared her throat and awkwardly chuckled. “Just to wrap things up, let's raise our drinks to another glorious year for Señora Madrigal.”
It was quick the way Isabela grabbed [Y/n]’s arm and swiftly dragged her to her room without a word, slamming the door behind herself. Faster than she could process, the Madrigal pushed her girlfriend against the door, then trapped her with both arms on either side of her. She leaned into her ear close enough to feel the tickle of her somewhat labored breathing on her ear.
“You are in big trouble, lily.” She darkly threatened in a low and slow tone, “I swear I’ll make you do so much more than cry.”
“You started it.” [Y/n] retorted, pushing her up a bit before flipping their positions. “I felt like I wanted to kiss and kill you at the same time.” She said and leaned her forehead on Isabela’s.
“You started it with the whole party mess.” She bit back. “I feel like you love my abuela more than me.” She said after, hurt and anger in her voice.
[Y/n] winced and brought her hand to Isabela’s face. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Really, really, sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I was afraid if anything but perfect happened tonight… I just wanted things to be perfect for her.”
Isa shook her head and sighed. “I know you were stressed, and it’s sweet how much you care, but besides you and me together, nothing is perfect. I wish you would have just come to me, love.”
“You are right as always, Isa, I’m sorry. Though you did not make it easy for me to function properly tonight, I may have deserved some of it. I acted foolishly before.”
“Si, and the fact you tried to get me back made me very angry, petal.” She responded, though, it was filled with anything but anger and rather want and tease. “But you are my fool. And it becomes a problem when anything cuts into my time with you.” She followed lowly, slowly leaning from their position to her neck, first placing chaste kisses along her shoulder blade before becoming a little rougher, nipping and biting, marking numerous sections that wouldn’t fade for sometime. Those worries faded, however, and so does her strength, as if Isabela’s kisses were a sedative.
[Y/n] relaxed then bit her lip before a low moan escaped as she tilted her head to the side to give more access. In a yearning to get more physical contact, her hands were about to rest on Isa’s wrist before vines quickly wrapped themselves around her wrist and brought them above her head.
She whined and Isa brought herself up, bringing her lips an inch close, but no contact. [Y/n] tried to close the gap but vines also wrapped around her neck and legs, firm and sturdy. Her breath hitched as Isa’s hands began to wander around her body.
Finally, her sweet voice graced her ears. “I hope you aren’t doing anything tomorrow,” her delicate hands glided up the side of her body, “or the next,” back down, “or the next,” up once more, “or the next,” rested at her shoulder. At this point [Y/n] was glad the vines were able to hold her up because she could feel herself get weaker and weaker the longer Isa’s poisonous touch remained on her. “Because it’s my turn to get you back.”
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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto - The Series - Chapter 3
[The 3rd gen madrigals have a sleepover]
It was Antonio’s idea to have the sleepover. He got it from one of his animal friends who explained the concept of a ‘colony’ to him.
“I want to have a colony!” He exclaimed - out the blue - to his somewhat surprised Mamá.
After some gentle questioning Pepa realised what he meant and suggested he have a sleepover instead. She was kind of hoping he might invite children his own age to this sleepover, but Antonio decided to invite his siblings and cousins. He got some card and made special invitations and everything, slipping them under his family members doors.
[In Mirabels room] 
Mirabel had been planning out the design of her new room [her family had agreed it was way overdue for redecoration] when she caught sight of the letter pushed under the door.
Curious as to who would be communicating via notes - especially as they all lived in the same house - she picked it up and smiled as she read it.
Mirabel. Por favor, ven a mi pijamada. Es a las 7 de la tarde. Por favor, traiga comida. Me encanta Antonio*.
Still smiling she looked at the clock and saw it was already 5:30. They’d be having dinner at 6. Why would they need food afterwards? She also couldn’t help giggling at the very early time, but of course it made sense seeing as Antonios bedtime was 8. 
She nevertheless went to Antonio’s room and told him that of course she’d attend. She was rewarded by a wide beam and her young cousin clapping his hands in excitement. 
Leaving his room, she almost collided with Camilo who nodded and waved his inviation at her. “You got one to, huh?”
Mirabel giggled. “Has he invited everyone?” She asked lowering her voice as to not be overheard by Antonio. 
Camilo shrugged and responded, in an equally low voice. “He’s invited Isabela, I know that. I overheard her complaining he’d scheduled it to close to cena*”
Mirabel rolled her eyes. “Is she coming?” She asked, impatiently. 
Camilo shrugged again. “Búscome. Ahora, si me disculpas, tengo una invitación que devolver ...*” and he waved said invitation at her before disappearing into his brothers room.
Mirabel went downstairs to establish exactly who else was coming to this sleepover. Short answer everyone.
“You realise he’ll just be asleep by eight, right?” Mirabel clarified. 
“Yeah, so?” Isa said, as she helped set the table. “We can stay up, can’t we? Unless you also want to go to bed at eight....?”
“¡No es posible!*“ Mirabel called as she hurried into the kitchen to help her mamá. 
“Then stop ¡lloriqueo!”
“You’ll be glad to know Mamás agreed to have less cena today.” Luisa commented, as she swerved around Mirabel with plates. “She even agreed to let me make us some Enyucado*”
“Does she want us all to have food poisoning?” Isa asked, dryly.
Luisa glared and snapped, hotly. “That was once and one of the ingredients was off!”
Isa snorted. 
“It’s true!”
“Girls.” Julieta’s voice came floating from the kitchen. “¿Puedo recordarles que ambos son adultos?*”
Exchanging glances Isa and Luisa carried on setting the table in silence, Mirabel helping while trying to avoid eye contact with either of them. 
After dinner the parents all left in order to allow the older children to set up the Salón*. Pillows and stuff were brought downstairs and arranged so it looked quite cosy.
“We need to tell scary stories!” Antonio explained to his older cousins, seriously.
“Oh, do we now?” Mirabel said, with a grin and a side ward look at Camilo. 
Camilo’s eyes shone and he rubbed his hands together gleefully. “Can I go first?”
“No.” Dolores, Isa and Luisa snapped together. 
Mirabel burst out laughing at her cousins mock-outraged face. 
“I’ll go first.” Dolores said, taking charge. She proceeded to tell a age-appropriate story that was tailored to Antonio’s connection with animals that had him enchanted. 
Isa went next and struggled. Telling stories was not her strong suit and she visibly struggled until eventually she gave up and passed it to Luisa.  
Luisa took the threads of Isa’s story and spun it into something more coherent and better. Mirabel suspected that the subject matter may have helped - a girl who was controlled by plants may have hit to close to home for Isa, but for Luisa it was more fictitious - and Luisa was better at linking the beginning, middle and end together. 
Mirabel remembered her and Camilo begging Luisa to tell them stories when they was younger and the older Madrigal always obliged. She sometimes even snuck into the nursery to tell them stories, much to their mamá’s displeasure. 
“Mirabel!” The teenager jumped and snapped.
Isa gave her a look of ‘are you kidding?’. “Your turn.”
Mirabel made up a story about monster who lived in the mountains, but like Isa she struggled. How did Luisa and Dolores DO this!? 
By the time she’d finished Camilo was jiggling impatiently. “Now it’s me!” He declared and instantly shape-shifted into Bruno. “Once upon a time, far far away there was a giant rat-”
“Bed time.” Pepa said, sticking her head round the door. 
Camilo let out an audible groan. “¿¡Estás bromeando*!?”
Pepa stuck her hands on her hips. “¿Perdona?*”
“Not you, Mamá.” Camilo said, hurriedly. “We were just...” He trailed off, picturing his Mamás reaction if he told her he was trying to scare his younger brother.
“Just what?” Pepa asked, eyes narrowing as she looked at Dolores and Isa who were struggling to keep straight faces.
Camilo sighed. “Going to bed.” He said, dejectedly.
The two oldest girls had the common sense to wait until Pepa had left the room before bursting into giggles.
“Alright, alright!” Camilo said, glaring at them. 
Antonio looked confused. “What’s so funny?” He whispered to Mirabel, who in turn gave an exaggerated look around he before whispering in his ear. 
“It’s just adultos* being weird.”
Antonio nodded and yawned.
Seeing this Dolores ordered them all to bed and off they all went. 
Antonio fell asleep pretty much as soon as he hit the covers, as did Camilo.
Mirabel rolled her eyes fondly and looked over at Isa and Dolores who were giggling like 13 year olds about something. She looked at Luisa who was lying with her hands behind her head studying the ceiling intently. She didn’t look very comfortable.
Mirabel sighed and whispered to her. “Luisa, I’m sure Antonio won’t mind if you go to your actual bed.”
“I’m fine.”
“You don't look very comfortab-”
“I said I’m fine.” Luisa said, a note of warning in her voice.
Dolores caught Mirabel’s eyes and mouthed. ‘Leave it’ at her.
Mirabel sighed and picked up the book she’d had the foresight to bring along with her. She hoped Antonio had enjoyed this sleepover, because she had a feeling it wouldn’t happen again. 
*Mirabel. Please come to my sleepover. It is at 7 in the evening. Please bring food. Love Antonio.
*Search me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an invitation to return...
*No way!
*This is a traditional recipe from The Atlantic coast of Colombia. It is a cake made with shredded yuca, cheese, coconut and star anis seeds and is sweet with a wonderful texture. [Description from a website about colombian deserts] 
*May I remind you you’re both adults?
*Living room. 
*Are you kidding!?
*Excuse me?
*Adults/Grown ups
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blizzahra · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
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balkanbitch · a month ago
Episodes I would want to see if we got encanto tv show
- Isa and lusia competing on who's the better older sister
- lusia having to babysit Antonio for a day
-bruno trying to bond with all his necies and nephews
- mirabel needing to be two places at once and asking camillo to go to one of them but he also had to be at another place at the same time so hes just bouncing between these places
- the triplets going on a road trip type adventure
-an episode about the triplets childhood
- bruno having a crush on a guy from a the town over and mirabel and dolores trying to set him with him (with a bit of help from there siblings )
- mirabel getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and all her siblings/cousins giving them the shovel talk
- isa and lusia (once again) competing on who can get mirabel the better gift for her birthday
- camilo trying to help mirabel impress all the townspeople
-bruno trying to get on the good side of the town's people and learns he doesn't need there approval
- how felix and pepa met
- Antonio and bruno trying to put on a show with rats for the family or a festival but they can't agree on the plot
- Bruno predicting something like one of his nieces/nephews dying, trying everything to prevent it only to realize it was a play they where gonna put on
- Dolores starting a business where she sells gossip she hears until it gets so out of hand that most people in the village hate eachother and she has to get help from her family to fix it
- camilo still being scared of bruno and bruno trying to make him less scared of him but everything he does makes camilo even more scared
- the kids are are home alone for some reason and they spend the whole time sitting in a circle telling scary stories
- felix insisting that there should be a "boys trip" and dragging all the boys in the house out for a disaster
These are just some of the ideas I came up with I might do more later
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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dikanamai · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can't express how much I love this moment, with Isa and Dolores’ side embrace and intertwining their hands as a proof of sincere love and support. Even if Dolores is secretly in love with Isa's fiancé, she's like "fuck it, it's not her fault", and she keeps loving her cousin and being close with her.
After all those stories of women fighting each other for a man's attention and treating each other like shit because of men, this hit me so hard I almost cried.
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datemates · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
im a goof and didnt realize i was spelling Agustín’s name wrong so im making it up im so sorry sweetie i cant believe ive done this 😩
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maradeur · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
for my isabela enjoyers 💐✨
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stasammen · a month ago
look i’m not saying that alma was projecting onto isabela because she saw herself in her oldest granddaughter and wanted her to live the perfect life she never could
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but i’m also not NOT saying that
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novaneondream · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
What Else Can I Do?
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year2000electronics · a month ago
before watching encanto: oh haha nice! they made a ‘villain song’ using a loophole that everyone sees bruno as a bad omen. nice.
after watching encanto: we don’t talk about bruno IS a villain song bc it’s not REALLY about bruno, it’s about the true ‘villain’ of the movie- the family’s refusal to communicate with eachother healthily about the pressure to conform to the familial expectations, which is what is weakening the magic
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senoritaimperfecta · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
What else can she do?
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marii-pily · a day ago
Tumblr media
Quería probar dibujando un poco a Isabela 🌺🌵🌹
Se me hizo tierno que la bandera de Colombia se pintara en el vestido jsjs 💜
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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto - The Series - Together We Walk.
Introductory Episode
Isa decides to spend some quality time with her sisters. 
New year, new Isa. Isa looked at herself critically in the mirror and straightened her dress. The miracle fading has scared the life out of her, to be perfectly honest, and she was determined it wouldn’t happen again, especially now she knew the whole key to it was relationships. That should be easy enough, she’d watched her sister’s grow up after all, she knew what they were like. 
She went for Luisa first, knocking on her immediate younger sisters door and waiting. 
Dolores stuck her head out from around her door, “If you’re looking for Luisa she’s doing her chores.”
Isabela gave a look outside, wondering why Luisa was STILL doing her chores at this relatively late hour. “Is Mirabel here?” She asked, instead.
Dolores nodded slightly. “Room.” And pointed. 
Isa took deep, calming breaths as she headed towards her youngest sisters room. Since the whole incident the two sisters had grown closer but they still weren't completely there yet and Isa wasn’t entirely sure how to make them closer. 
She knocked on Mirabel’s door and waited.
The door opened and Mirabel looked surprised. “Isa! ¿Estás bien?*”
“Por supuesto que estoy bien.” Isa said, irritably. “¿Por qué no lo estaría?*
Mirabel made a face and opened her door fully. “Alright, alright, I was just asking. Cielos*.”
Isa flicked her hair and folded her arms, before remembering she was meant to be there to be nice and quickly unfolding them. “Mirabel, is there anything you would like to do today?”
Mirabel looked confused. “In what way?”
Isa resisted the urge to strangle her sister and said, patiently. “Would you like to go into the village for a walk, or cook something together, or read to each other like we used to, you know-” She said, voice growing steadily more irritable. “-vínculo, como*.”
Her youngest sister took a few seconds to think then smiled widely and said. “Well, it would be nice to take a walk. Who knows - podemos recoger a Luisa en el camino.*”
It didn’t take them long to find Luisa, considering they weren't  particularly looking for her. Their sister was attempting to right one of the masculino* houses which seemed to be trying to slip down into the next house.
The man who owned it - a Señor Diaz - was looking particularly anxious as Luisa moved his house back and forth and back and forth, but made no move to help her.
Isa and Mirabel exchanged a glance and walked up to their sister. “¿Qué pasa, Luisa?*” Mirabel asked, giving Señor Diaz a sideward glance.
“Everytime I try and get this thing straight it moves!” Luisa burst out, eyes wide and body-language extremely irritated.
Mirabel frowned slightly and examined the house. “It’s at an angle.” She pointed out. “I think you need to bring it forward and then it might stand a chance of being level, but I’m not sure. It just might not work.” She directed this last bit towards Señor Diaz, who had the grace to admit it may be better to leave this until tomorrow.
“Vamos, Luisa*.” Isa smiled, linking her arm with her immediate younger sisters. “Únase a nosotros para dar un paseo*.”
The strong women looked pleasantly surprised at being asked and allowed herself to be led away. Mirabel ran behind them to keep up. 
“How’s your day been?” Isa asked.
Luisa sighed deeply. “Ni siquiera vayas allí. Juro que esos burros escapan deliberadamente*...”
While listening with one ear Isa smiled to herself. This was quite nice, they'd have to do it more often.
*Are you alright?
*Of course I’m alright.
*Why wouldn’t I be?
*Bond, like
*We may pick up Luisa along the way.
*What’s up Luisa?
*Come on, Luisa.
*Join us for a walk.
*Don't even go there. I swear those Donkeys escape deliberately...
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the-awkward-feistypants · 2 months ago
Madrigal sisters headcanons:
Isabela is a lesbian and the first person she comes out to is Mirabel who is 120% supportive but teases her everytime a cute girl is around because it's her job as a Little Sister™ to be a little shit (Camilo joins too of course)
Luisa is the cuddler of the group. She's very affectionate but she's also scared to accidentally hurt one of her family members, so she doesn't show it frequently. After learning to relax more she also begins to feel less stressed about her strenght, and starts to give random hugs to all her family members
The town loves the Madrigals, but some people (dumb teens mostly) still bully Mirabel for not having a gift and "not being special" or "being usless for the community". When Isabela finds out she goes full on Poison Ivy on them and Luisa really has to restrain herself from punching those brats
Mirabel loves her sister, but still has some resentment for how she treated her for the past 10 years. Isabela knows and understands this, and tries her best to make it up to her. They also have a heart to heart chat about their respective problems and how both of them had been blind to the other's struggles
Isabela grows some baby cacti and decides to gift one to each member of her family: they're all pretty good at keeping them (especially Bruno since he already took care of his mice) but sometimes she would pass near a not-so-lively one and lends a hand to not let it die lol
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auroraqueenofdreams · a month ago
It's really like people just closed their eyes during the scenes of Alma's backstory or otherwise somehow forgot that in her 20s this poor woman witnessed a senseless attack on her home, the love of her life slaughtered, forced to run away to start over and raise 3 babies by herself. Have some freaking empathy.
Tumblr insists loudly how much they want complex female characters and coos over female villains who have done genuinely horrific acts. Some of you are so forgiving and protective towards characters who are objectively far eviler than one traumatized old lady could ever be.
An old lady who clearly loves her family even if she made the mistake of expecting them to have shining images for the town all the time. The absolutely villainy. /s How ever will her family forgive her?
Oh, wait, they already did! So y'all can stop.
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dikanamai · a month ago
I've supported the lesbian Isabela headcanon since the Encanto fandom was born, tbh, but recently I saw someone pointing out that Isa has a lot of aroace vibes and I'm in full galaxy brain mode since then.
I mean, her plants are everything for her, the life of her dreams she mentions in WDTAB has to do with her plants, she just want to be with her plants and grow more plants and enjoy her plants and plants, plants, plants, Isabela Madrigal literally is like:
Tumblr media
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soft-and-exhausted · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m not sure if anyone has posted the early punk!Isabela art from the artbook yet? I think it’s very important to have seen her once in your life 
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itttsstarry · a month ago
Mirabel: So what pronouns do you want us to use?
Camilo: most creative one wins
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valsnotfound · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀❀ ˚ . ┊ isa icons
rb or like if you use !!  ᥫ᭡ ˖
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oc4everything · a month ago
Tumblr media
Saw Encanto this weekend! Y’all are sleeping on this ship.
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