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kinschi · a day ago
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Fave strong gurl
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Julieta, after winning a fight because someone insulted Mirabel: I have gone through the most grueling training on the planet. Where have I studied? It was the school of life. I have raised three girls...and one husband.
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incorrect-fandomquotes · a day ago
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We stan giant muscle lady
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clwnstim · 2 days ago
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encanto icons! (part three of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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princesa-alisakura · a day ago
You gotta love the subtle glances Disney sneaks in!
Tumblr media
She looks like she wants to yell at that woman for telling her to do the impossible. But being who she is, luisa will do it.
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Did you know? Luisa Madrigal edition
Did you know that the first time Luisa Madrigal was playing football she kicked the ball to hard and it never stopped turning? The ball was the Earth
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal never lies? The truth is just wrong
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t read books? Books read themselves for her
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal counted to infinity? Twice
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal is the one that makes onions cry?
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t breathe? She holds the air hostage
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal can make one minute rice in 30 seconds?
Did you know that once there was a man named Chuck Norris and his character was inspired by Isabela Madrigal?
now you know
Tumblr media
there was also a kid named Thor Odinson. Luisa Madrigal gave the hammer to him
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moon-arts02 · a day ago
Luisa : You have to apologize to Mirabel
Isabela : Fine.
Isabela : ’Unfuck you’ or whatever.
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majestickitty-si · 2 days ago
So glad the artists won the fight
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hurricaneonanesthesia · 15 hours ago
Encanto Incorrect Quotes as Things I've Heard in My Math Class
Mirabel *to the village kids*: I’m not a person who gives you the help you want. I give you the help you need, do you guys understand that? So anyway, I have a bag of Mexican candy for you guys.
Bruno: In high school, I wanted to be that guy who would go in front of a homeless person and burn a $100 bill and say "Life choices, buddy."
Camilo: *grins* I am that guy.
Camilo *to Bruno*: Hey, you seemed really nice in theory. *sips coffee aggressively*
Bruno: The fuck does that mean?
Isabela: *pointing to the instrument case in Mirabel's room* Is that a violin?
Mirabel: No, it’s a violation.
Isabela: Yeah, Mirabel's not mature enough to…
Camilo: Give up?
Isabela: ...to want to learn.
Camilo *in school*: Hold on a second, I need to check my notes...but I don't take notes.
Camilo *still in school*: We killed so many trees! It’s not fair! It’s not fair! *trips and bangs into a locker*
Bruno: You broke the movie projector!
Mirabel & Camilo: There weren’t enough buttons, so we pressed them all.
Bruno: wELL tHeN fiX iT!
Bruno: What's your name?
Camilo: C-
Bruno: Wait, no, let me guess. Christopher?
Camilo: ...Camilo.
Bruno: Well, it turns out that Christopher in Spanish directly translates to Camilo.
Camilo *at 3 am*: bAiLaNDo!
Felix *trying to help all the kids with math homework*: It’s going to screw you on the homework—actually, I shouldn’t say the phrase ‘screw you’ because some of you guys are weird.
Camilo, Dolores, and Mirabel: Heheheheh
Felix *still trying to teach his kids math*: r is to…
Antonio: Seven.
Felix: Seven, what the hell…
Julieta: These are mentally healthy cows so you don’t need to worry.
Luisa: Damn, mentally healthy? That’s better than me.
Agustin: *concerned* Woah, woah.
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ameamaranth · a day ago
Luisa: okay! That's enough, you people have potty mouths. And I don't like it when you're all cussing near Antonio. Stop it
Mirabel: ok, I'm sorry. Isa is the worst one
Isabela: what? Fuu-fu-funny that you should say that! You cuss as much as me!
Mirable: well I would never!
Isabela: yes you are! You're a lying female dog!
Mirabel: I never thought my own sister would have the courage to call me a female dog!
Isabela: well you are! And why am I the only one your attacking?! Camilo and Dolores cuss as much as us
Dolores: [Bangs her fists together]
Camilo: wow way to throw us under the ducking buss!
Isabela: what? I'm fraking correct aren't I? Why are you all so offended?
Dolores: because you don't let cousins down you uneducated weed!
Luisa: well I guess I got what I asked for
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veethewriter · a day ago
I noticed you were taking requests sooo i was hoping that u could do camilo x reader? Its about what would reader's reaction to camilo having a man bun? Gender neutral if ur ok with it 👉👈
i saw it somewhere that someone edited camilo with a man bun and i couldn't stop thinking about it evee since ahebwhssha
Of course!
Tumblr media
Both of you had decided to try different hair styles on each other. You had started with camilo first, trying small braids before going with a simple bun deciding he looked best with that.
You stare at him for a while just admiring him before he asks what your doing. Blushing you quickly just say nothing before starting on your own hair.
You think he looks amazing with a bun, very cute. After doing your hair in a bun too for the fun of it. You both laugh as you take colorful hair bands from his cousins and sister to put in both of your hairs.
After a full day of joking around and removing everything from each other's hair. You two will relax. Of course you mention how handsome he looked with his hair up and say he should do it more often.
I hope you like it! Sorry it's so short I didn't really know what to do but I tried my best! ❤❤❤
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orioncoast · 12 hours ago
If you’re still in the Encanto fandom don’t interact with @encanto-for-white-ppl they are extremely racist 
Tumblr media
She has recently been bothering a Latina blogger, @carlaerosie​ (she/they), who made a flag for “gringohaters”. Gringo is a slur that is used in Latin America to describe a white person. In the post below Claudia accuses Carla of being xenophobic and racist, from this we can assume that Claudia thinks white-racism is a thing, which does in fact  puts POC at harm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Claudia is also a pro shipper, meaning they are fine/support ships that are pedophilic and/or incest.
Tumblr media
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Mirabel: Let's distract them by setting their couch on fire.
Luisa: That's stupid.
Isabela: Setting the whole house on fire would be far more effective.
Mirabel: Hell yeah!
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thomas-is-a-snorlax · a day ago
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I felt sick yesterday again, so I mostly spent it sleeping, but now it's nearly 2:30 a.m. I can't sleep, and I wanna draw.
I got this suggestion from @lafamilia-madrigal , but there's no way I have enough braincells to draw a full scene. My head still hurts
Should probably draw someone else, but I can't help it.
[-Also I finally found a place that does piercings with anesthesia but it's kinds expensive :( - ] [ Check out my redbubble so I can actually get them done]
The suggestion:
Tumblr media
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redlover411 · a day ago
Surface Pressure but Jazzy ~🎺🎷
Tumblr media
Heavily inspired by this art from @b4artist , as well as Jessica Darrows jazz cover of the song
Reblogs > Likes
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random-fandoms-fanfics · a day ago
Hello! I came across your stories and I wanted to say I love them. I was wondering if you could do a Luisa Madrigal x male reader. If not it's okay.
Keep up the fanfics!
Have a great day!
Hope you like this my friend, and I'm more then happy to write for Luisa.
Holding up a pair of golden semicircle earrings you curiously stared at them, too focused to notice the woman standing next to you, as she tapped your shoulder you jumped, quickly turning you smiled down at her, “how much for these?”
“One thousands, nine hundred and sixty pesos for those, so thirty two thousand nine hundred and twenty seven all together,” (about $1595 us, I think) after giving her the right amount you placed the earring back into their container and left the store, boxes in hand and gleaming at the three pieces of jewellery.
“Hi,” standing up straight Luisa looked around her, spinning the donkey that was on her shoulder until her eyes landed on you sitting on a brick wall with a jitty smile on your face, “hey you,” placing the donkeys down she walked over to you, her arms resting on your shoulders as one of your hands grabbed her waist “what are you doing here?”
“Can’t I just see my amazing girlfriend,” removing an arm she held her hand out with a cocked eyebrow, “I know, I know but I think you’ll like these, they’re nice and a plain rose gold,” pulling out the blue box you opened it up, showing her the pair of earrings, “a bit big,”
“They were the smallest size they had, but they’re a nice size for you, I assure you they’ll look perfect on you,” she rolled her eyes at you before removing her studs, placing the hanging earrings in, “happy?”
“You're such a dork,” as you threaded your fingers with hers she pressed a kiss to your cheek and nuzzled her nose against hers, “but you love this dork don't ya,”
“mmm,” sitting there for a few seconds the two of you enjoyed each other's company, until Luisa pulled away, fiddling with the new jewellery, “so you’re bringing dessert tonight?”
“I’ve been practising Alma’s favourite for months, of course I’m bringing dessert,”
“You try way too hard to impress her,”
“I have too, she’s old, basically royalty and has magnitudes of power in the palm of her hand and I’m dating her most prized granddaughter,” she rolled her eyes before pulling away from you and walking back to the donkeys, “fair enough but now if you excuse me I have work to do and you have bribery cookies to make,”
“Guess who brought polvorosas,” Casita bursted open it’s door, dramatising you and your mothers’ entrance, “(Y/N) mi querido,” Julieta came up to you hugging your waist before turning to your mother, “Mrs (L/N), you’re looking incredible tonight,” as she led you to the dining room, she whispered into your ear, “you ready querido?”
“Ready mama,” entering the dining room you saw the whole Madrigal family standing there, waiting, as you sat your mother in the chair next to Alma, you placed the plate of biscuits down on the table, passing one of the polvorosa over to Alma, “early polvorosa senora?”
“Oh, thank you (Y/N),”
“No problem Abuela,” sitting in between your mother and Luisa you felt your hands covered by their hands, giving your mother a smile you turned to Luisa, seeing her decorated in some of the jewellery you’ve gotten her over the years, an extravagant bib necklace consisting of blue beads with red and green bead highlighting it, a pair of matching earrings, three gold bracelets on one wrist with one having an emeralds embedded in it and one bracelet on the other wrist embedded with aquamarines.
Your mother, Julieta and Abuela were deep in conversation, something about the future and grandchildren while you were talking with the rest of the family, the typical topics were discussed until Bruno cleared his throat, “so (Y/N) are there any plans for marriage? the two of you have been together for how long now?”
“Friends since ten, together for about three years, that’s a decent amount of time, right?”
“Yeah a really long time, too long, so are you ever gonna propose or?” Camilo rolled his hand, stopping himself from saying something his shouldn’t, “I will propose when I want to,”
“I bet you don’t even have a ring yet,”
“Jokes on you I got one this morning,” the room went silent with everyone staring at you, who was now standing, frozen in your victorious pose, “you what?” turning your head to Luisa you could see the blush covering her face, “I bought a ring this morning along with your earrings,” your eyes looked around the table, seeing the older members of the family egg you on, “and I made plans with your mother and abuela to ask for your hand in marriage,” pushing your chair out further you hoppled down onto your knee, “but it seems like those plans were ruined,”
“By your big mouth,”
“By my big mouth, um so Luisa Madrigal, um,” stumbling over your words, you pulled out the small black box hidden pocket in your jacket with shaking hands, “the love of my life, my ray of sunshine, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife,” opening the box you showed her the rose gold ring with an aquamarine as its main gemstone and small diamonds surrounding it as a halo, “I know it’s a bit big but-,”
“It’s a nice size for me, plus it’s beautifully simple,”
“Just how you like them,” she leaned down, grasping the box and your hands with her own and pressing her lips to yours, not only was it the confirmation you craved but it feel incredible, somehow betting your first, in the background you could hear her family celebrating and feel flower petals falling over you, pulling away you stood, plucking the ring from the box you slipped it on her large finger, holding onto her jewelled hand you admired her as the rose petals falling around her until she pressed her forehead against yours, resting there before she looked into your eyes, “happy?”
“You dork,”
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awakefor48hours · 13 hours ago
Currently going through an Encanto brain rot and I’m dragging all my followers through it. But I’m going to add my own experience with Encanto.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mirabel lookalike
Antonio lookalike
Luisa lookalike
You may or not have seen some of these but this makes me so happy as a black woman. Growing up, I never got to experience this. I was never able to look at the TV and say “she looks like me” but seeing this makes me so happy that I actually cried.
Growing up as a nuerodivergent black girl in a nuerotypical white dominated society messed me up more than I thought and I think Encanto would’ve been a great movie to have in my childhood. To finally see Mirabel, an awkward girl that doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family would’ve been great for me as I feel the same “out of place” that Mirabel did as I am the only person in my family with ADHD. Luisa, a strong/muscular woman with very sensitive feelings would’ve helped me a lot (showing that big strong girls DO cry); and Isabel, a dark skin woman that’s portrayed as “beautiful.”
(Of course everyone else is important but these three would’ve helped my degrading mental health A LOT)
Something else I haven’t seen anyone else mention is that the animators even made sure they added the lighter palms to the darker skin characters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know this might sound stupid to some people but I felt self conscious about my lighter palms because in all the animated shows/movies I’ve seen didn’t add this and I thought that it made me look weird or wrong. I even considered wearing gloves to cover them up at some point (considering where I lived it would’ve been weirder to wear them)
POCs are finally being put into the spotlight accurately and now more kids like me are able to look at the screen and say “look, it’s me.”
Essentially, the entire Encanto soundtrack is playing at my funeral or I’m not dying.
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moon-arts02 · 2 days ago
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The Sisters
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iamsharktastic · a day ago
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I really like Luisa.....
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strawberriandromeda · a day ago
Hhhhh my first time drawing them, my favorite characters from Encanto (altho Isabel is not rlly my favorite favorite but she's too pretty not to draw)
Tumblr media
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