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maydelineg16 · a day ago
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Nuevo dibujo con Luisa ❤️🛐... No puedo evitarlo 😬❤️...
Ea que ella es tan linda ✨❤️
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acewithapaintbrush · 2 days ago
Isabela was kneeling in the grass behind Casita. Her new dress, the one Abuela had bought her, was getting dirty but she didn't care. It was pink. She didn't like pink. Abuela said the color suited her but Isa didn't even know what that meant.
She just knew that she had wanted the blue dress and didn't get it.
How unfair.
The little girl stared at the grass between her hands and watched a daisy grow. And another. And another. She let a dozen little daisies grow and bloom.
And then she crushed them. One after another and after the last one was gone she buried her head in her knees and started to cry.
It was all so unfair.
She tensed when she heard footsteps behind her. Oh no. Abuela couldn't see her like this. Her face must be so blotchy and her dress was ruined.
Before Isabela could consider running away she heard a hesitant "Isa?" and relaxed.
It was just tio Bruno. Tio Bruno wouldn't scold her for a dirty dress or for crying. Her mama always scolded him for his tattered ruana and he just shrugged that off. And her tio sometimes cried too, when he thought no one saw, when he had a vision that wasn't very nice.
Had she ever actually heard of a nice one?
No matter. He wouldn't scold her for crying or for her dress.
"Isa, mi corazon. What are you- oh Dios Mio are you crying? Please don't! I have no idea what to do with a crying child!"
He sounded so scared that Isabela started to giggle through her tears.
"Silly tio Bruno."
"Well, I'm happy my mortification amuses you."
Read the rest on AO3
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lunathekahuna · 2 days ago
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Papa Bruno Au is such amazing alternative version Of Encanto. I can totally see Why people Love it.
This is my View on The Au and how Coco's 'Remember Me' can help me imagine the most adorable & touching scene that could make you cry.
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cipherscriptures · 16 days ago
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I had the idea of “what if Mirabel made some dresses for her family with more design elements on them instead of just the ones they had.”
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its-kiripima-to-you · a month ago
Coming in hot with new ideas for Disney:
Tumblr media
If this goes ANYWHERE remember me, friends....
Because I think it's already starting
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meanya · a month ago
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Girl help
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noirzip · 25 days ago
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light1021 · 27 days ago
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ohheinc · 16 days ago
I like how the ending photo isn't perfect to show that the family itself isn't perfect compared to the first photo
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nblaunchpad · 25 days ago
Dolores thinking she's gotten the message to Mirabel about Bruno:
Tumblr media
Dolores when her baby brother immediately starts telling ghost stories about him and scaring Mirabel:
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writing-fanics · a month ago
@simpforjesus I have a Bruno x female reader request/idea. What if before he disappeared, Bruno was in a secret romantic relationship with the reader. They are madly in love and are constantly meeting in secret and Bruno keeps using his gift every day to see if they will get caught because he's afraid that if people knew they would shun the reader. Before he disappeared he and the reader secretly get married and he takes her with him and when he is reunited with his family, he introduces her and their child
Ooh yes! So I changed it slightly. So when Maribel had her gift ceremony Bruno was 40. Making y/n 39. Making him 50 when he met Maribel 10 years later and y/n 49.
Tumblr media
Bruno and (Y/n) were madly in love with each other. Despite the fact that he was in his fourties’ when they began their relationship. They loved each other more than anything. Meeting each other in secret constantly because the towns people already didn’t speak highly of him, and if her family finds out about their relationship they’d force them apart.
Bruno bit his finger nails nervously, to the point they began to bleed. “B-Bruno?!” She exclaimed. Taking ahold of his hands and reaching into her satchel. Grabbing the cloth and wrapping it around his finger tips, “Be more careful mi amour,” she whispered. Kissing him on the lips.
“Bruno, what’s wrong?” She asked calmly, placing her hand on his cheek and gently caressing it. He looked down not saying a word his a family didn’t shun him, he wanted to leave on his own terms to protect Mirabel from the vision he had.
But he didn’t wanna leave his family behind, “Marry me!” He exclaimed, holding her hands in his own. She gasped looking at him in shock, “R-Really? Y-You want me to marry you?!” She stammered in shock.
He nodded, “W-Where would we live?” She asked curiously, staring into his eyes. Bruno didn’t know where they’d live maybe in their own house, in the country side near the house. No.. he wanted to check on his family.
Maybe secretly in his room? No all those stairs, well they could make a pulley system but he can’t watch over his family that way. He began to think..
“You remember that secret room I showed you in the house?” He asked. She nodded remembering seeing that room, the room where they’d sometime spend moment in each other’s arms without worrying about the family finding out.
“We live in there? B-But Bruno.” She sighed, unknowingly. Turning towards her lover, “I know it isn’t ideal. B-But I want to keep an eye on my family. From a distance. Behind the walls to be exact.” He said, she placed her hand on his cheek and smiled.
“Okay, It’s not ideal but if you want to watch over your family. Then I’ll be there with you to help.” She giggled. Kiss him on his nose, then wrapping her arms around him tackling him to the ground.
“Yes! I will marry you!” She exclaimed. Kissing him all over his face while laughing. Not longer after they got married in secret doing their own vows, it wasn’t anything extravagant but it was the best day of their lives.
(A/n: living in the walls in sorta impossible trying to keep them quiet)
So Bruno would use his gift to see into the future if they’d ever get caught. And luckily they didn’t except the fact that Dolores knew they were in the walls the entire time for ten years.
(Also yes Dolores did hear them doing the deed)
(Y/n) walked towards the Madrigal family. While holding the hand of their five year old son, Pedro. For whom they named after Bruno and his triplet sisters father.
“A-ah, this is um?” Bruno stammered, nervously. His wife placed her hand on his shoulder encouragingly, giving him a warm smile.
“This is my wife Y/n, and our son Pedro.” He said, and everyone’s eyes widened and mouth dropped.
“I knew they were there the entire time,” Dolores said.
“H-Hello,” (Y/n) said nervously, picking up her son.
“H-Hi.” Pedro exclaimed, sheepishly. Julieta and Pepa hugged Bruno, and then pulled (Y/n) and Pedro into the hug.
Bruno being welcomed back into the family. His wife and child being welcomed into the family. Pedro already had the entire family wrapped around his tiny little finger, he looked just like his father.
When helping rebuild Casita (Y/n) got to know the family more, and grew strong bonds with everyone. Pedro played with Antonio and Abuela would, sometimes tickle little Pedro sometimes seeing her late husband in his eyes.
Bruno was so nervous introducing his family to his own. Not knowing if they’d even accept them into the family. But he was happy that his thoughts were wrong.
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fihella · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
I love them✨💕
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in-brainrot-hell · a month ago
I'm in a encanto brainrot rn and I really want it to get like a tv show cause there's just so much potential! So here are some prompts of Camilo and Luisa mostly I'd like to see as a show
(I'm not the first one to do this obviously but I just wanted to throw in my ideas too and if some were already mentioned then I did not mean to copy them I swear)
Camilo and Luisa bonding as middle children
The Madrigals trying to take over Luisa's tasks for a day so she can relax but they fail miserably
Camilo cheating with his gift in hide and seek
Luisa and Isa planning a surprise for Maribel but they can't decide what kind of surprise
Pepa family on a trip. Just them doing something together.
Julieta family on a trip. Just them doing something together.
The Madrigal Boys home alone causing chaos
Grandkids bonding episode
The triplets doing fun shenanigans together
Camilo getting sick and his gift gets out of control (Julieta and Pepa activating Mama-Mode)
Luisa trying to get closer with Isa
Agustin/Luisa day. They need more interaction
Madrigal Girls relax day
Isa growing a cactus plantation in her room
Camilo trying to cheer up sad Antonio
Camilo, Antonio, Dolores bonding time
Isa, Luisa, Mirabel bonding time
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royaltysuite · 24 days ago
Encanto Camilo Dating Head-canons
OK, let’s just say....this boy is just like his dad
Very flirtatious
Makes it his personal mission to make you flustered
But, he’s also very kind
He’ll comfort you when you sad and upset
When you’re angry, he’ll want to talk
But, he’ll also give you space if that’s what you need at the moment
Doesn’t really like to argue
He’ll find it to be too stressful and nerve-wracking
So you guys just talk through your problems to avoid any arguments
His mother is in love with you
She sees you as a perfect fit to her prankster son
Felix also adores your relationship 
It reminds him of when he and Pepa started dating
Back to Camilo
Respectful to the max
No matter how much he teases
Camilo respects any boundaries you may have
He tends to get nervous though when it comes to PDA
Down to cuddle though
He’ll also have to bribe Dolores from telling anyone that he sneaks out to see you
But, in the end
It won’t matter since you’re already apart of the family
Just wait until the wedding
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marquainequeen · 7 days ago
Luisa and her poor hot chocolate
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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azural83 · 27 days ago
Disney should turn encanto into a musical show on Broadway just like they did with frozen
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latte-cant-spell · a month ago
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noirzip · 27 days ago
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mavecolors · 15 days ago
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𖥻 ⌯ ⨳ ⟡. 🎣 𝐌α𝖽ɾ¡𝗀αƖ 𝐅𝖺ꪑ¡𝗅𝗒 𝗶𝗰𖦹𝗻𝘀 ↷
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꗃ ˃̵ᴗ˂ ꕤ ᆝ🈖황 🐈🎣 ꪀꫀ᭙ ρꪮ𝘴𝗍 𖧧 ☁️ 𖠗
❪ 𝗰 ❫. 𝗿3𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗦 𝗺ꫀ [ 䕽 [ l♥︎v3 ◡̈  › 👖ᨎ ♡︎
◖💿❟ ⿻ 𝗟!𝗸ꦌ 𖦹𝘳 ꢯᴥᩚ𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝗉𝗅𝖾𝖺𝗌𝖾 ៳ ╰╮𖣯
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michu-idiotic · 25 days ago
Encanto incorrect quotes (+ reader in some parts)
Tumblr media
⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: These dialouges are not mine!
A/N: Happy New Years everyone <3!
Tumblr media
Bruno doing parkour inside the walls and actually falls really hard with Mirabel
Mirabel: "Holy fucking sh- are you okay?!"
Bruno: "What?"
Mirabel: "What do you mean what? Didn't that hurt?!"
Bruno: Yes, why?
Tumblr media
Mirabel: "Can I ask you a favor?"
Isabella: "Can you ask me a favor? Yes. Will I do it?"
Mirabel: "You haven't even heard what I was going to ask-"
Isabella: "No."
Tumblr media
Dolores introducing Camilo to her friend(s), only for him to shapeshift and act like them
Camilo: "Never underestimate the power of a well-timed prank, young padawan”
Dolores: "This is why I never introduce you to people."
Tumblr media
Mirabel wanting to introduce (Y/N) to Bruno
Mirabel: "Oh, so you aren't looking forward to meeting him."
(Y/N): "I can't think of people who actually are."
Tumblr media
Bruno: "Somehow you must not have heard all the bad things said about me."
Bruno simps: "I've heard them all twice, but I'll make my own judgements."
Tumblr media
Mirabel: "Well, What do you think?"
Isabella talking about Mariano: "He's nice."
Mirabel: "And?"
Isabella: "I hate him with every fiber of my being."
Mirabel: "Why am I not surprised."
Tumblr media
(Y/N): I need your help.
Camilo: "Which kind? The 'Yes officer, they were with me all night' kind, or the 'Make sure you bring gloves and a shovel' kind?"
(Y/N): "Actually I was looking for something more a long the lines of the 'You being the accelerant, I'll bring the matches' kind."
Camilo: "Oooh~ Been a while since you've needed that kind of help. Good thing I'm always prepared!"
Tumblr media
Mirabel: "Am I crazy or-"
Alma: "Yes."
Mirabel: "...You didn't even hear what I-"
Alma: "Don't need to."
Tumblr media
Mirabel: "Does anyone care what I think?"
Alma: "I know I don't!"
Bruno: "Hold my beer."
(Y/N): "This is a Capri-sun."
Mirabel: "Who buys 25 packs of balloons?!"
Bruno: "Leave me alone, it's been a rough day!"
Dolores: "Can you just-"
Camilo, shapeshifted as Dolores: "cAn yOU jUSt-"
Dolores: "Stop!"
Camilo: "StOp!"
Dolores: "One of these days I am going to kill you."
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