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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto - Headcanon - How The Miracle Works
So, I’ve seen a few headcanons floating around about why Mirabel didn’t get a gift and I’ve also seen a headcanon about how Mirabel is meant to be the next ‘guardian of the miracle/Abuela’ whatever you want to call her. Abuela’s replacement basically. 
So, let’s expand on this.
How the next couple of years work for the Madrigals.
After the casita gets rebuilt - which takes a year - they end up with a new front door and every member of the family who had a room before gets that room restored. For some of them (like Julieta and Pepa) their rooms look just the same as before. For some like Luisa and Isa their rooms are changed slightly. Isa's now has more catci-type plants and all of Luisa's stone furniture is replaced by soft furnishings.
Mirabel, however, still has no room. This promote a family discussion because what with Dolores and Mariano now dating it is assumed that at some point in the future they will end up with children of their own which will go in the nursery. That Mirabel is currently living in.
Alma's theory is that the magic will realise this and will either grant Mirabel her own room when Dolores becomes pregnant or maybe a new nursery will appear seeing as the nursery is is considered (by the family) to be officially Mirabel's room.
Augustin - being practical - says that that may well be but they don't know that, therefore a back up plan is needed.
After much discussion it is decided that they will decorate Mirabel's room and make it more 'grown up' and she will remain there until Dolores becomes engaged. (Dolores having told the family that she wants to date Mariano for at least another year before getting engaged, so they would have been going out 2 years [22-24] by that point) If all goes well Mirabel will be 17 at that point. (The reason she doesn't share with her sisters is because they tried that when she was younger and the room refused to allow another bed in there, simply sliding said bed out onto the floor. Same for Dolores. Camilo wasn't considered for obvious reasons)
Working together it takes the whole family 6 weeks to re-decorate Mirabel's room. It's painted a mix of purple and light blue.
1 year later Dolores and Mariano get engaged. [Dolores is 25] Nothing changed with the house.
At this point Augustin became very concerned - fearing that when Dolores had children [which would be very soon after they got married, from what Dolores had told them] the nursery would either exclude Mirabel from it or that she would literally live the rest of her life in the nursery. So he organised building Mirabel a house. It was a pretty standard house, not as fancy as what the Madrigals lived in, but it was built adjacent to the main family home so that Mirabel wouldn't be very far away [and hopefully wouldn't feel excluded] and it was designed with a main bedroom for herself and any partner she might end up with and another bedroom for any future children. [The idea being that if Mirabel had more than one they could expand the house.]
Mirabel was both very excited and very nervous about the idea of having her own house. On one hand she'd be on her own, on the other her family had made it very clear that not only was she welcome to come back any time she liked but they were planning to visit a lot. "You won't be able to get rid of us." Luisa had joked.
By the time Dolores and Mariano got married Mirabel's house was complete. She was 18. She was very nervous to move out - even thought the house literally couldn't be any closer without actually being in the casita - but she took it slowly and by the time Dolores was ready to give birth [about 11 months after she got married] Mirabel was 50 percent there. It helped enormously that she ate with her family and really only slept in the house during that first year.
Dolores and Mariano's first child was a little boy - who I'm thinking they call Bernardo [Guzman-Madrigal] - and nothing happened. There was no room for Mirabel. She cried a bit about it and expressed her frustration, but thankfully she did have a house and a place to call her own, so the sting was taken away a little.
Over time more children were born - including Mirabel's own son [I'm thinking the name Inigo] - and all of them gained their own powers.
The next shift came a few years after the Triplets 60th birthday [so 10 years from the film]. Basically - I'm still figuring it out - I think Isabela ends up with twins [and another older child] and her twins [who I've given the names Kale [Boy] and Teanna [Girl] inherit Pepa's and Bruno's powers respectively. [Bruno was horrified]
The next big shift after that was that Alma died at the grand old age of 90, when Mirabel was 30. The image on Alma's door of was replaced by a picture of Mirabel and her husband on it. The rest of her family [understandably considering the history] celebrated this and started talking about Mirabel [and her family, of course] moving back into the actual casita. I'm not sure if she does or not, I've not got that far. If she does, then it's simple, she moves back in and her old house is just kept as an asset. If she decides she prefers her own little house, with her husband and child then I'm thinking she may ask the house to make her room either a spare room [so if any future child ends up without a gift they won't be stuck in the nursery] or a kind of 'room of requirement’ for each family member.
After that the next child who gets a gifts is Inigo [Mirabel's son]. He inherits Julieta's. I should point out Pepa, Bruno and Julieta all still have their own gifts. They didn't lose them, another generation inherited them.
The next child after this was Camilo's oldest child, Nacio [Who - in a weird coincidence - was only a few months younger than Inigo] It was thought that he might inherit Isabela's powers [as the next oldest after the triplets] but he didn't. He got a completely separate power from the rest of the family again.
Now, this next bit took a few generations for the Madrigals to work out but eventually they worked out that 60 seemed to be a key age for the family. Everytime a family member turned 60 [or would have turned 60, if they died younger than that] there gift would be inherited by the next child to receive a gift, SO, going back to Mirabel:
This is why she didn't end up having a gift and why it was HER specifically. After Alma's 60th birthday, she was the next child to get a gift.
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evils-corner · 4 days ago
People weren't seeing my additions to the first Q&A post I made with more answers, so I figured I'd make a separate post with some more answers in it! I'll keep making these posts as I find more cool/interesting lore and character answers from Jared Bush, director of Encanto.
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Pt. 2/?
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soimarriedanaxemurderer · 12 days ago
Listen I’m not saying Pepa and Félix just wanted to talk about their wedding in we don’t talk about Bruno but I am saying Camilo is a theatre kid and he must’ve gotten it from somewhere
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soullostinspaceandtime · 14 days ago
Everyone: We don't talk about Bruno, -no, -no, -no. We don't talk about Bruno
Everyone: BUT-!
Everyone: We do sing about him
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zephyrzonee · 15 days ago
Camilo: I made tea.
Musica: no thank you, I don’t want tea.
Camilo: I did not make tea for you. This is my tea.
Musica: Then why are you telling me?
Camilo: It is a conversation starter.
Musica: That’s a lousy conversation starter. *smiles*
Camilo: Oh, is it? We are conversing. Checkmate. *smirks*
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rysttle · 6 days ago
More encanto meme redraws :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Bonus from the previous meme collection : 
Tumblr media
Also im sorry for the watermarks folks :(, you know i hate putting em but my previous memes has been reposted without credit too many times in too many social medias so yeah hjsnsakjmsak 
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priscaren · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
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2uselemon · a month ago
⚠️flash warning⚠️
dolores just wants to sleep
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swedenis-h · 21 days ago
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7ft frame origin story
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carlaerosie · 5 days ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto - Question about surnames
Hey. So. I’m curious. As we know from watching the movie and looking at source materials the Madrigals appear to be ‘The Madrigals’. All of them have the one surname, Madrigal. Except from what I’ve read about Spanish culture [and yes, it’s via Google. It’s the best I can do, the books I’ve managed to get my hands on about Colombian culture seem to not include information about the name side of it] they should have two names? The fathers first surname and the mothers first surname, I believe, is that right?
So - because this is how my brain works - I’ve tried to come up with a way that this might work and fit the facts. A few things to consider though:
1. There is no sauce material to support what I’m saying from Encanto itself. Except that the family are known as The Madrigals and on there portraits it says their first name and the surname Madrigal. No mention of another name.
2. It seems the Madrigals are in charge of their village so that may make a difference. [A theory on the ‘headscratchers’ page of TV Tropes is what with the Madrigals being extraordinary and all living together that might be why people focus on that part of the name?]
So. We’ll start with Pedro and Alma. We’ll assume that Pedro’s fathers surname was Madrigal and his mothers was Martinez. Alma we’ll assume that her first surname was ‘Gomez’ and her second ‘Serrano’. [It may be that Alma also has the name Madrigal, of course, but I’m not sure how common a name Madrigal is and I’m also not sure of that would then make them related?]
Alma does not change her name to Madrigal [because I’ve learned that that is not how it works in Spanish culture, please correct me if I’m wrong]
So Julieta, Pepa and Bruno have the surname ‘Madrigal’ from Pedro and the surname ‘Gomez’ from Alma. [Madrigal Gomez] Now, here’s where the theorising comes in, what with Pedro tragically dying it may be that Alma decided she needed to preserve his memory and promoting the Madrigal side of the name and somewhere along the lines the Madrigal triplets ended up being known as that. 
So cue Augustin and Felix. Now, it has been stated that the two men married into the family and assumed there names. Is that a thing in spanish culture? It seems from what I’ve read [again - via google. Information could be debated]  that it is not, in which case the focus might be on the theory that they knew they would be forever associated with the Madrigal name and powers and chose that life anyway. Either that or maybe they really did change there names to Madrigal, but it sounds like that might not even be possible? 
So, the 3rd gen. 
It looks like the traditional way that names work is the first surname from the father and first surname from the mother, if Alma’s surname doesn’t involve the name Madrigal [as is unlikely, I believe] then what the 3rd gen should have is Felix/Augustins first surname and Pepa/Julieta’s first surname, which is Madrigal. 
So Dolores, Camillo and Antonio despite being known as ‘Madrigals’ are actually the Martinez-Madrigals and Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel are ‘Hernandez-Madrigal’, but everyone focuses on the Madrigal names.
The issue now comes with the 3rd gen. As the headscratcher pointed out the name would die out with the 3rd gen, which if they stick to tradition makes sense. Take Doleres and Mariano for instance. We’ll assume his first surname is Guzman and that’s the one that ends up passed on. Dolores should pass on the name ‘Martinez’ which means any children they have should be ‘Guzman Martinez’.
This would presumably be the same for Camilo and Antonio as well as Isa, Luisa and Mirabel. [Not sure if Luisa actually ends up having children yet, still working that out. Leaning towards ‘no’ though]
So looks like the Madrigal name would die out with the 3rd gen? Unless - would it change if one of them entered a same-sex marriage? Not sure how that would affect things. 
Basically - is there a way for the Madrigal surname to carry on, or not?
[Another thing I’m considering is that maybe by marrying in Felix and Augustin agreed that the ‘Madrigal’ part of the name would carry on, somehow? I’m not sure how that would work though, because, as outlined above, it seems to go against expectation. However I can see Alma getting wound up about Pedro’s name not getting passed down and Julieta and Pepa getting upset about seeing there mother upset, and there devoted boyfriends [at the time] figuring out a way to make the Madrigal name thing work.
But yes, these are my ideas - they may well be wrong. If someone who has more of an idea as to how this would work could explain it, that would be great. Especially how the 4th gen’s surnames may work, as that would help enormously with my daydreaming. 
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soullostinspaceandtime · 14 days ago
Me: I have to write my portfolio!
My brain: 🎵seven foot frame🎵
Me: He's not even that tall!
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rysttle · 14 days ago
More Encanto memes! As promised but im half sorry for making these shnasjnksa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Listen,,, I’m going to make more... that’s inevitable jsakjmas
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thebrownssociety · 21 days ago
So, any headcanons on what happens when each of the Madrigals are sick? Maybe weakened/out of control powers?
Okay so:
1. Luisa - Her powers just get weakened when she’s sick and she acts a lot like how she does in the movie. Upset, tends to hide away in her room. Prefers people not to come in unless they absolutely has to. Refuses to do favours for the villagers. 
2. Isa - tends to go either way without much of a pattern. She will either not be able to grow anything at all [or only very small plants, like literally one single flower and even that will take a lot of effort] or her room will be overrun by plants making it resemble a jungle. In a few instances she’s been known to create thorn across her door so it’s impossible for anyone to come in without injuring themselves. Of course her family aren't going to leave her to stew and not even check she’s okay, so Luisa usually gets some gloves or something and pulls the thorns away. 
3. Camilo - he doesn’t get sick often, but when he does it’s pretty much like what we saw in the film. He shapeshifts into random people and doesn’t seem aware he’s doing it. He will sometimes shapeshift into one of the village children if he’s feeling particularly vulnerable. Pepa usually sits by him and gently strokes his hair.
4. Antonio - his animal friends get the message that he’s sick and keep guard over him. Which may sound cute until you’re Pepa and Felix trying to get past a tiger in order to bring Antonio soup or just to comfort him. 
5. Dolores - the only one who considers being sick a positive thing, because her super-hearing goes away and she’s left with peace and quiet for once. She likes to lie in bed when this happens and just enjoy the peace and quiet. 
6. Julieta - the worst when she’s sick, mainly because she usually doesn’t feel like cooking so can’t make her healing food. If she made some earlier that can sometimes help heal her, but if she hasn’t the other Madrigals just have to wait until she’s better in order to have healing food again. She has tried to make her healing food before when sick, but it’s like her powers are saying ‘No, you need to rest’ and just refuse to work. Complete bed rest is often the only way to get Julieta back to full health.
7. Pepa - she’s usually sad/distressed when sick, so either her room will resemble a waterfall and she’ll have a raining cloud above her head for ages, or her moods will go all over the place and she’ll be raining one moment, shining the next, then hailing. 
During this time she usually doesn’t want to see anyone except Felix and Julieta. Julieta because she’ll be the one too bring the food, and is also very sympathetic and will stroke Pepa’s hair and try to calm her down and stuff. Felix because she feels better when he’s around and he will always try to look after her. Occasionally though Felix has to so other things or just needs a break, so Camilo will shapeshift into his father and take over for a few minutes.
8. Bruno - no one really knows what Bruno’s powers do when he’s sick, because Bruno normally doesn't want anyone near him except Julieta [for the same reasons as Pepa] and Alma. Bruno is something of a mother boy already, but it gets amplified when he’s sick. 
His visions tend to get worse, but rather than actually seeing the far future  he tends to see what will happen in the next few seconds which can be annoying for him, because he gets a sense of deja vu which unnerves him. 
The sand in his room will also become a sandstorm. As well as the whole ‘not wanting anyone around thing’ his room is flat out dangerous when he’s sick and Alma is one of the few people who can handle it. 
9. Mirabel - Everyone smothers her in attention and can’t do enough for her. Luisa is the worse for it, always wanting to help Mirabel and get her things and so on. What usually ends up happening is that either Julieta or Augustín would have to tell everyone to leave her alone before they drove her crazy. 
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kinschi · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They just wanted to test the limit of Julieta's healing powers... and Alma's nerves
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